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  1. Blaise narrowed his eyes at the comment Fang made with the implication that he had troubled him just by showing up to work. Although he knew it was true, that it would be troubling, he didn't like hearing it from the bartender. Those were not words of praise coming from the other and that was enough to bother him. He continued walking beside Fang while his eyes stayed glued to his path ahead of him. They were entering the business district where their workplace was located. The entrance to the club was in a dead-end alley, easy to miss if one were not paying attention. Blaise had, more than a couple of times, missed his destination before and wandered around aimlessly in confusion until he realized it. He didn't want to do it this time because he was sure Fang would point out his mistake. He already felt a bit embarrassed with him not knowing that the werewolf worked every other day. He just wasn't that attentive to who was working behind the counter at any given time. Was that a serious remark? Anyone would be hot in this weather being completely covered like he was. "It's tolerable," was all he said, then continued on after a pause, "I don't think you want to see what's underneath." Blaise laughed, revealing the reason why he was dressed in such a manner. He was bold enough to wear his work clothes under a covering but not bold enough to show the public, nonpaying customers, his attire. Diamond let out a quiet, yet audible, snort at how embarrassed Asta was. He wasn't even the one who was reading the said erotic novel and he was slowly turning beet red. It was as if he was the one acting so daring in public when, in reality, neither of them were doing anything illegal. Reading was certainly not a crime, even if Diamond had been reading an erotica. The most he would get would be odd looks, innocent reactions similar to Asta's, and public reprimands. They were nothing he couldn't handle since he didn't get embarrassed easily. Not as easily as Asta at least. Exactly. Diamond was not a sportsperson, whether it be an indoor sport or an outdoor sport. He was much more active in activities that didn't require a lot of physical strength or agility, such as writing or completing jigsaw puzzles. They were rather boring hobbies, admittedly, but he preferred them over a game of basketball. So, he really didn't want to play the sport, and he was glad his reluctance showed. Plus, as he mentioned before, he was not a big fan of sweating. The feeling was simply gross to him. He didn't know how Asta could play on such a sunny day and want to work up a sweat. Well, to each their own, as they say. The English major furrowed his brow but said nothing as the other forced himself on the bench. Asta was a bit more clueless than Diamond had expected. He slightly moved away from the basketball player, leaving a gap between them, and grabbed his messenger bag so it rested on his lap with his arms wrapped around it. He listened to Asta as he addressed his questions. If basketball was supposed to be played with more than one player, he wondered why Asta was playing alone. Had he been expecting a second player who just didn't show, or did he originally come by himself? Why would he want to play by himself? That seemed a little lonely. The thought almost made Diamond want to throw the ball just once, but that was a fleeting thought. "Oh, yes, I love to people watch," he joked with Asta, "But, sadly, there aren't many people worth watching." He let out an exasperated sigh as his eyes followed the direction where his colleague was staring. It was a strange sight to see the same person he had met several days before walking with another individual. Where was the companion when he was buying groceries? He seemed like he would have been helpful. What was the other's name again? The questions that went through Diamond's mind were just questions due to normal curiosity. The sight didn't bother him as much as it did Asta, and, looking at the other shake his head, he could tell he knew the passersby. "Do you know them?" He asked gently. "I met the taller guy at the grocery store several days ago. His name was Fang, I think. I offered him a ride home. I don't remember giving him my name though." Diamond's voice trailed off in thought before he continued talking. "He was a bit standoffish, but he seems like a decent guy." As he said this, he returned to look at Asta, still curious if he knew he pair. "Do you know him, or the other guy?"
  2. I wasn't able to eat dinner today but I boiled some eggs...so I'll pack that for tomorrow
  3. Yesterday Santa drank at the bar and bought some weed and fishhook, I then went away and got in the beer.
  4. I much prefer doing the opposite. Do you like staying up late (past midnight)?
  5. [video=youtube_share;oBpvsSeBh54]
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