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Guest syaoran-puu

(Private RP) Mission of Fate <<M-jow & syaoran-puu>>

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Guest syaoran-puu



Name: Finthir Tinuviel

Nickname: Fin

Age: 20

Birthday: 20th March

Height: 6”0

Eye colour: Ice blue

Hair colour: White

Position: He believes he’s a Seme but turns out to be a Seke.

Abilities: He specialises in elemental magic, as his skills grow he’ll soon realise he has more of an affinity to ice... but it is possible for him to become consumed by it if he lets it get out of control. If that happens his spirit might become trapped and lost forever.


Likes: Order, control and predictability. He likes to take control and be the leader, but often this is a coping method to hide any insecurities.

Dislikes: Mindless violence, people messing or moving his things and bees. He has a slight fear of the little creatures.

Favourite possession: His rarest spell book.

Brief Bio: His father is one of the seven lords of the land, he had a very strict upbringing that has left him liking and craving order and perfection. This can often leave him agitated when things don’t go right and perfectly!


Fin earned a place at the prestigious school of mages. He’s still only training but getting closer and closer to graduating. Within the school are other disciplines, generally Fin ignores and avoids the knights. This is partly because of an incident that occurred when he was much younger. He is extremely determined to be seen as one of the best mages in elven history. He is often alone and struggles to make friends. He tells himself he doesn’t want them, that he chooses to be alone... but the truth is he’s rather lonely!



Finthir stood in the courtyard, his mission bag strapped to his back. He couldn’t claim to be ecstatic about needing it, but perhaps it meant he was finally ready for the next step? To be trusted with more. His tutor approached him and Fin ensured to keep his expression soft and open. He didn’t want to give off the wrong impression. What surprised him most was that Master Daylor seemed to be missing his gear. Was he not mean to be joining him? Had Fin somehow misunderstood?


“Good morning, Finthir.” His master smiled, but right now Fin wasn’t trusting what he saw.


Still, he bowed his head. “Good morning, master.”


“I imagine you’re curious about what’s going on? About what I’ve summoned you here for?” The man smiled, but he’d hit the nail on the head. Fin didn’t comment though, he’d learnt better than that over the years. Sure enough, Daylor continued. “I am sending you on a small mission. A test if you like. I need you to retrieve these items.” He took out a piece of folded parchment and handed it to Fin.


Fin let his eyes scan the list making notes in his head about each one, “dragon scales? From a stone dragon? But such creatures are only found in the mountains...” and magic or not, that was a lot of ground to cover and a lot of creatures standing between him and his prize.


“Indeed,” that typical kind smile upon Daylor’s face. “That’s why you are being paired with one of the knight trainees. You’re both close to graduating so it is an excellent opportunity to showcase your abilities and build new partnerships. He should be here any moment to join you.”


“Master? Is that necessary? Surely I can go alone.” He’d rather go alone! He wasn’t a fan of the knights, he caught glances of them but mostly avoided them.


“It is.” Daylor chuckled, “cheer up, Finthir. I have been assured your partner is a very competent man who should suit your style well. We believe you are a good pair who will compliment and complete each other’s weaknesses.” He offered, clearly trying to sooth his student.


But Fin wasn’t really in the mood to be placated! He looked at the list again, eyeing the medicinal herbs and plants he was also required to gather. “Is this everything?”


“It is. Now cheer up. You’ll do well. You are one of my most competent students ever.” That did sooth some of Fin’s ache but he was still uncertain.


Looking around he tried to spot who this knight might be, “who will be the lead on this assignment?”


“No one. You’ll be a team. Communication is key. Remember, this is a test too.” Great. That didn’t appease him at all! He was known for being a bit of a control freak sometimes, especially when he was stressed and struggling! He’d just have to put this knight in his place and take over!


He ran an uncertain hand through his white hair, the random braids falling between his fingers. It was a nice distraction, no matter how minor....

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Guest M-jow



Name: Callon (Doesn't have a surname because he is an orphaned)

Age: 20

Birthday: 14th Januar

Height: 6?0

Eye colour: Ice gray

Hair colour: Amber

Position: He is confident with his skills in bed with the ladies. But never had any male lovers before. He might be intimidated at first to bottom, but if he love the person he can do it.

Abilities: Swordmanship, he is the only trainee who got in couse of his skills.


Likes: Going on adventures. He likes people, just not noble asshole.

Dislikes: People who looks down on him or think they can simply treat him as dirt because he isn't on their level. He one and only fear is water. He baths but can't swim.

Favorite possession: His sword, as those are his livelihood..

Brief Bio: Callon was found as a baby. Lying on riverbed, on a piece of driftwood and crying his eyes out.

Growing up without parents was harsh and tough, but Callon was always the type to make friends quickly. As a kid he dreamed to be someone big, who had a place to belong and who could experience lots of exciting adventures people would talk about. A knight, the armor and protector of the people.

He was often teased and others kept telling him that he couldn't become a knight. little Callon simply thought 'Well no, not right now, but someday I will be!' He didn't get why he couldn't, and no one told him he could train swordsmanship by watching the knights train and practicing everyday.

He didn't have swords or money to get them. So he made his own out of sticks he could find on the ground.

When Callon became older he started to understand that only nobles and people with wealth could become knights. That broke his hops, but to his luck his skills hadn't gotten unnoticed. He bested all the other young men in the yearly battle tournament, among those were the four trainees.

of course the guys had been pissed since they saw it as Callon had made fools out of them. so later on at the same evening all four tried to kill him in an ambush.

Callon caught himself some scratches but at the end of the night what hurt the most, were the four noble mens pride.

Next thing he knows the knight captain Rowan shows gives him a handful coins, and tells him to get some proper swords if he wish to be a knight.




Callon stood in the middle of the ally and waited for he's seniors to exit the brothel. From the door walked men and soldiers out, smelling of sex and booze. Some were still in a high mood while others groan from a sore head or other things. They cleared out of the way and went about their day quickly like normal.

Callon leaned up against the brick wall with a bored expression on his face. It had grown into an habit, to pick the knights up like this almost every morning.

The elve sighed as he saw the first man turn up in the door. He had an gorgeous lady under each arm, to keep him upright enough to walk out in his heavy armor.


"By the spirits" Callon groan as the other joined after. Most of them looked energetic and laughed, and were being so loud other people passing by stopped to stare at them.

Callon tried turning his face so the audience wouldn't see his it as he walked over to the knights. He held his fist up over his heart in greeting.

"Morning sir. May I ask you to move more quickly, we are late" he asked a senior who looks to be alright.

The knight simply barely looked at him, before he waved Callon away dismissively.

'Prick' Callon cursed at the guy inside his head and tried again. "My lord. The knight captain would be rather angry if you are any more late and will surely cut your wages"

The blond knight sent him an annoyed glance and raise his hand to smack him. If the guy had been sober, he might not have been slow enough for Callon to grab his hand before it could connect.

Another knight bellowed from the group to the knight in front of Callon. "Let the lad be, his is right anyway, lets go men!" A big heavy knight called out and all the others agreed. Maybe because there still was the thread of a cut in their wages hanging over their heads.


Though Callon were training to become a knight himself, he didn't wanted to join the group as they turned their noses towards the grounds. Instead he walked a couple of feet behind them so he didn't have to get their nasty smell all over him.


The knight captain stood ready with five other trainees, all lined up as the group walk in.

"Thank you Callon." The captain said as he got in line with the others. He then turned to the late nights and yelled something out very loud in ancient elvis.

Callon caught on to most of it, but the language was far too advanced for education he had received at the orphanage.


The captain dismissed them after a good long round of scalding and sent each knight off to be punished.

"Callon, is your gear ready?" The captain asked him.

"Yes sir, everything is packed" Callon tapped on the gear on his back and weapons around his waist. He had gotten instructions to pack for a long trip but that had been all he was told.

He could see none of the other trainees had anything to show for or packed and that made Callon even more curious.

"Sir, why am I the only one packed?"

"Maybe they are finally gonna kick him out" one of the trainees called Gavin. A real city lord who had grown up on a golden plate, whispered to his friend on the side. All the young men chuckled, but. the second the captain looked their way the stilled.

"You are to go on an mission with a young mage from the royal school of magic, to gather ingredients our protective barrier. The two of you will be going on your own and work together to finish this task. Now.. the mage is properly already waiting on you so we better be off." The captain explained loud and clear for the others to hear him as well.

Callon could barely believe it. This might just be the chance he would get to prove himself. All the others looked at him with envy as the captain signaled for him to follow.

"The rest of you is gonna do 10 rounds till I come back." The captain called over his shoulder to the group.

Callon couldn't suppress a smirk as he hear their groans behind them.


When they reached the courtyard they were meet by two elves of mage class. Callon greeted the men beside his captain and his superior introduced them.

"Your lordship, this is Callon, the young man I spoke to you about." The captain spoke to the older mage.

The old mage smiled and rested his hand on Finthir's shoulder. "Ah yes and this is my disciple Finthir Tinuviel."

Callon lifted his hand to his heart as the traditional soldier greeting and send the mage a friendly smile.

He could tell just by the man's robs that he was a lord too but the master hadn't bothered to mention it.

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Guest syaoran-puu

Fin looked over at Master Daylor, he wasn’t going to pretend to be happy about this... but he supposed he should be happy to be given the opportunity.


When the knight, Callon apparently, greeted him he quirked a brow. Unease clearly in place. His discomfort around knights might have got the best of him except he refused to embarrass himself. Deciding to ’play nice’, at least around his master, he held his hand out and inclined his head as a blue spark rose from his hand, transform into a butterfly and then flew away before fizzling to nothing once more. Each mage used a different animal, colour or flower for their greeting. Blue had always been Fin’s favourite colour and the butterfly was complex enough that it hinted at his power.


“You may address me as Fin, I suspect we’re going to get to know each other quite well.” He didn’t smile, but his face was still soft and accepting.


Daylor laughed at Fin’s words, “Indeed Finthir. You two will get to know each other quite well. Protect each other. Have each other’s back and we shall see you upon your return.”


Fin wasn’t exactly hoping for a parade but that farewell felt rather lacking! Oh well, nothing he could do about that now! “Let’s go then...” he put a hand on the strap of his bag, as if checking it was still there before heading away from the group. He figured Callon would join him once he was ready.


In his head he tried to imagine the route. He was glad he’d packed a map, he nearly hadn’t! However, his mind soon wandered to his companion... the knight. He would admit that the man was easy on the eyes, his skin seemed naturally tanned and those eyes? Dear wood nymphs! Those eyes were stunning! But Fin wouldn’t and couldn’t let himself be distracted by a pretty face! Every knight he’d ever met had proven to be the same.... Fin simply didn’t like them! This was going to be a long, long, long trip!


Still, he paused and glanced behind him, checking for Callon. No surname? Or had the older knight simply neglected it during the introduction? “So, you’re a knight?”

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Guest M-jow

Callon stared eyes wide at the spell that bloomed in the.mage's hand and looked in a aw as it transformed. He had rarely seem a mage greeting and this was the first one directed at him. More over the details were far more complexed than any other he had seen. And he liked the colour, Callon thought it suited the man's bright eyes.

"Fin a pleasure to meet you" Callon smiled to the man eventhough the other didn't return it.

He guessed he would discover the truth behind that face expression along the way. But inside he hoped they could just get along.


When Fin turned and started to walk off. Callon send the knight captain Rowan a worried smile. Rowan noticed it and slam his big hand on the trainee's back hard enough to send the air out of Callon's lungs.

"Off you got now boy, if you don't hurry yo might loss him" the big man grined. Rowan never treated him differently from the others under training, he would rough and strick on him just like the others. But ever since the first time Callon had meet the knight captain, he knew the man really cared for him in his own way.

"Like I could loss the track of someon sir" Callon grined right back before turning on his heels to follow the mage.

He caught up to him by taking long quick steps and stayed behind the other's back to get a better view of their surroundings as tey got closer to the gates.


Callon knew very little of where they were heading but since fin's nose was stuck in a mape he guessed he knew. He was just about to ask when he head the other asks him something instead and noticed Fin looking at him.

"Trainee" Callon added, since there was no point in hidding it from the other he thought. "I haven't yet been knighted. But do not worry, I could probably best them all if we were to fight now" well most of then had just turned sober so not a complet lie.

"What about you, how long has you been an apprentice...um,Tinuviel. I'm sure i've heard the nameTinuviel before."

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Guest syaoran-puu

Fin folded the map, pausing a moment to frown at that reply. Why did knights... or knights in training... have to brag about themselves so much? It really was just the same as before. Postulating and claiming they’re the best. How could Daylor and Rowan assumed they would get along? Fin really wasn’t so sure!


“Long enough. I graduate soon. This is apparently going to be tested... so I guess I’m stuck working with you.” Fin frowned, “nothing personal but I’ve never.... liked.... knights.” They might as well get that out there now. Not that he planned to tell him why!


The elf tucked his long white hair behind his ear. Great... his name, just what he needed. He didn’t want to be treated differently because of his father! “Indeed, my father is Lord Tinuviel, one of the seven lords. But before you go assuming I ride his shirt tails, I don’t! I earned my spot in the academy on my own merits.”his ice blue eyes just dared the other man to refute him.


Clearing his throat he opened the map again, “we need to gather some fairly easy herbs and medicinal plants.... but the hardest thing we need are scales from a stone dragon. The one we seek can be found in the Southern mountain. It’s at least two weeks on foot.”

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Guest M-jow

Ah there it was. The bratty behaviour of an lord.

Callon held his hands up in surrender.

"Well on that point we can agee" Callon took another step forward till he was standing right infront of Fin.

"I'm not gonna treat you any different just because you are an lord. Once we are out of those gates, I don't care who your father is" Callon lowered his hands and smiled again, but this time it was only for show to those watching as they walked by.


He didn't mind when the focus were changed back on the mission ahead. In fact, he welcomed it.

"Ah" Callon's eyes light up with excitement like a childs. He had never seen a real living dragon before. But he did know much about them from stories and his training with the knights. Apparently the species was very rare and therefore there wasn.t allowed to be killed. Magic had almost no affect on them so it was really hard to take one down.

"I've never seen a real dragon before! I wonder if it's really as big as they say" Callon grined, where a normal person might not have looked that happy to be send to deal with a dragon.


Just as the were about to reach the gates, a small voice called out "Callon". The knight in training turned and smiled as an group of children in dirty clothes ran towards him. Everyone eager to get their hands all over him as the reach him.

"Callon Callon come play with us." The kids said in the mouth of each other.

"Sorry you guys, I can for a while." Callon tried to explain but the group interrupted.

"Eh why not, why not Callon where are you going? You rather play with that guy over there?" Some of the children looked at Fin, but didn't try to approach him.

"Well I'm off on a mission as an matter of fact. To battle dragons and mosters" he sounded exaggerating, but knew the kids would suck it right up.

"Wow really!" The boys around him started jumping saying they wanted to go too. The girls not so much but told Callon to be save and come back soon.


Callon smiled as the kids waved them goodby from inside the gates.

He was in a much better mood after seeing their faces and it gave him a warm feeling inside to know there were people who would miss him.

""So which ingredients should we head to collect first sir Fin" Callon askes as he stretched his arms behind his head.

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Guest syaoran-puu

Finthir quirked a brow, he hadn’t asked the other to treat him different. If anything he’d tried to make a distinction about not needing his father to achieve things! As sons-of-lords went, Fin wasn’t exactly typical. Then again, nor was his father.


He was about to make a comment when he heard Callon’s name on the wind. For a moment he worried that it was his fellow knights about to come to tease or be overly boisterous... but it wasn’t! It was... children. He watched silently. The children were filthy, in need of a good wash, but they seemed happy. There was something about the innocent interaction that was sweet and endearing and.... not like typical knights.


It wasn’t until they passed through the gate he spoke once more; “you’re not from a lord family? Are you?” Fin looked him over curiously then snorted, “just Fin. And for the record, I don’t want to be treated differently. I stand on my own two feet.”


He took out the list and shook his head. “I think we’d be best walking to the dragon first. Unless we spot Holliever, since it’s rare, I think we should leave the rest so it’s fresh upon our return.” He held the list out in offer to the other. “Also, you do know we’re not going to fight the dragon. Right?”

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Guest M-jow

Callon simply turned his head to look at the other as he asked him where ever or not he came from an influence family.

It didn't matter to Callon that the other knew, since everyone else knew.

"No, no I don't" He answered quit straightforward, but that was all he was willingly to speak about the matter.

Callon smirked amused. Fin might be the inly person he had meet, whom had told him to drop his title.

"Fine with me, Fin." He winked at the guy.


Callon took the list and was amazed over how much was on it. Simply finding each ingredients could take weeks if they were lucky. And travelling between them took time as well.

"I know dragons are protective species, but it's still on the list. How do you expect we get them? I bet such huge things would wanna kill us on sight"


"Also we might wanna go a different way" Callon said pointing to the mape. "That is troll territory. They don't take kindly to others walking on their lands. The road around only takes two more days on foot and is safer."

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Guest syaoran-puu

“I see.” He said simply, eyeing the man a moment as if trying to figure him out. He really was uncomfortable with this whole situation.... but Daylor has given him orders, he couldn’t refuse.


Fin didn’t care what the other thought him odd. He didn’t need his title constantly to know who he was, besides! Out in the wilderness, did such things make much difference?


“They are.” He agreed, only to chuckle. “We ask.” Fin winked, “dragons often malt their scales, we’ll look for any shredded ones first. If there’s not enough.... I have a few ideas that might help. Including a spell that could assist us in the matter. I’ll research it in my book when we stop for the night.” Stone dragons and swords... never a great mix. “It won’t be easy pulling a scale from their body.” Fin was least looking forward to that part!


He looked at the map a moment and frowned, how had he missed that? “Fine. We’ll go around.” He replied gruffly, but mostly because he’d made a mistake. Fin enjoyed perfection and predictable. He was starting to wish they weren’t on foot!


“How much notice did you get?” He asked curiously, he’d only been informed yesterday. “I had assumed Master Daylor was accompanying me....” he suspected that the old man had done that on purpose, to prevent Fin refusing. If he’d known then what he knew now? He wouldn’t have come... probably.

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Guest M-jow

Callon tilted his head to the side. "Ask huh?" He had no idea what Fin mean with that. It wasn't something he had learned from his classes. "If it's that simple then i guess it will be a quick task" to be honest thr idea didn't sound all that bad. Well he did feel like he would be missing out to not do battle with the beast. But maybe that would be for the best.


"I was told to pack just last night after training. The captain didn't tell me much more than, I should pack for long term. It is fairly normal procedure and I didn't ask into it. I got told just before meeting up with you and the mage master." Callon said as he watched the sun on the sky throught the tree tops. They would have daylight for a few more hours before sunset. Which meant they would reach the troll borders by nightfall. He knew parts of the forest from his training, but not beyond it.

The forest was home to lots of monsters, some more harmful that others and trolls were definitely on that list.

They were know to not be particular picky about what they consumed. Other creatures or elves could easily fill in that big hunger trolls possessed.

The closer the got the more alert Callon became. It would only have taken them one day in all, if they weren't on foot.


After two hours Callon suggested they stopped to camp before they got any closer.

"I'll rather not spent the first night out in the open with trolls" Callon admitted as he scanned the area. He hear a creek not far off and figured this place could be as good as any to stop before nightfall.

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Guest syaoran-puu

The ‘talking’ had Fin meant was a spell, spoken in an ancient language believed to be Dragonese, he assumed the man would get the joke, yet it fell on deaf ears. Did Callon simply not know that much? All muscle and no brains? Maybe no formal education due to his status? Whatever, he didn’t need them to be friends or to have the man know everything to do this mission. Just focus on the mission, then you can leave him behind. he reminded himself.


The same then. Fin just nodded, no words needed. They hadn’t been given much notice to prepare.


Looking around Fin frowned at Callon, “we’ve only been travelling for a few hours... if we keep stopping we’ll not be back home for five moons!” That wasn’t a feeling that appealed to Finthir at all!


Still he looked out over the forest, “I guess...” he sighed. Trolls were never good! He could use magic to protect or hide them for a time but he needed to keep well rested and reserved to ensure that they could rely on his powers when they most needed it! Fin wasn’t well known for ‘roughing it’, he’d been on overnight missions before but this was the first for so long and without one of the masters...


Glancing at the stream he moved over to it and dipped his hand into the cool, fresh water before taking a sip. He let his fingers play in the liquid before looking back to Callon. “Here should do.” He agreed, not that the knight had asked, but Fin liked being in control of things. Rising to his feet he brushed his damp hand on his robe before holding both his hands face up. He mumbled a small incantation, the wind rising and a perfect space cleared ready for them to make their bunks for the night. At least he wouldn’t have to worry about stones in his back all night! Sliding his bag from his back he opened it up and rolled out his gear. “I saw some fruit on a few near by trees. We should eat fresh food while we can still find it.” The mountain wasn’t known for being lavish in food!

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Guest M-jow

Callon had to stop himself ftom rolling his eyes when the other caught on to his drift.

He tried no to say anything and let the mage think what ever he wanted. In the end Fin still agreed to his proposal.

Callon stayed where he was, as Fin played with his hand in the water. He already knew the spot was ideal, and even more so as the place was fixed nicely up with magic..

He whistled amazed as he lay his bag in the grass. Magic really did make life more easy, he thought as he ensured his swords wasn't hanging loose in his belt.


"I agree, we should save our provisions and eat fresh as much as possible" Callon said as got a small thin black metal rope out of his back pocket. He rolled it onto his palm as he looked in between the trees.

"I think I can get a hold on some meat too. Would you be alright by yourself for an hour or two?" He asked Fin, though he got the feeling that he should be more worried for the creatur who walked up on Fin than the other way around. He had once seen a monster gettin burned from the inside simply from one thought.

But if anything he wanted to get a break from the mage as well.

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Guest syaoran-puu

Fin just shrugged, “I could go some meat.” He agreed, and if Callon was already going to get some... what was the harm in sharing?


He started to prepare his bedding and put the rune stones around it. They’d stop the rain and wind, producing a little bubble around him. His bedding roll was well used but his, threads of sparkling gold woven into the material for added warmth. Magic could help with so many things.


He watched in brief fascination at the others equipment then shrugged, “I’m fine on my own. I’ll prepare the fire and gather some wood.” Then Fin would sit and read while he waited.

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Guest M-jow

"Great then" Callon said as heh finished rolling the snare and turned."See you in a bit"


Once he was far enought from camp en breathed out a little easier. Man, Callon hadn't noticed how tense he had been until he put some distant between him and the mage.

He couldn't really put a word to it. But something about the male's body language, clearly told him Fin didn't want him there.

Well that just sucked, Fin didn't even know him. And already thought trashy of him. 'Great' the young male might be more down to earth than most nobles but inside a lord was a lord.


Callon took in a deep breath and pushed all those thoughts out of his head. He closed his eyes and focused on his other senses.

A pheasant were scraping in some dry leaves on the forest floor for insects. And a couple of heavy birds picked at the leftovers.

The hunt was on.



The sun had just set when Callon walked back into the clearing. He had been able to spot the light of the fire between the trees abd smell the scent of smoke from half a mile away.

With him, Callon had the pheasant he had caught early on and two small doves, all plucked and cleaned away from their camp.

Fin looked to still be reading as he got near the fire. Callon was just fine with that and just speared the birds on each their own stick. Then he pushed the other ends down in the ground and let the meat cook over the open flames.

He then gathered his bag and moved it closer to the fire.


Callon didn't lay out any sleeping paths or bags. All he had was his cloak and that would be enough. In his bag were rations and other small things that didn't take up that much room. There were also a small purse with medical herbs, which he alway made sure to keep fill with fresh supplies.


Callon wrapped himself up in his cloak as he watched the birds meats juices dripped down the dark brown skin. The smell alone was amazing and made the elve's teeths water.

Picking one of the birds out of the fire Callon held the end of it's stick out to Fin.

"It's ready if you got time to eat it" The male said and took the other bird to himself. He turned the pheasant once more for it to cook evenly through.

The bird had a lot of wild tasty dark meat on it, compared to how small it was.

"So, what's with the book?" He asked curious.

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Guest syaoran-puu

Callon disappearing gave Fin time to breath and think. His hatred for the knights was really getting to him, even though he could see clear differences between them and Callon... he couldn’t bring himself to just accept it so easily!


He was good to his word. Gathering wood and berries and making a fire between their two bedding spaces. He set up a pile that would continue to feed the fire overnight, keeping them warm and cozy.


Done with that he took out his magic book and started to research stone dragons and everything they needed to know in order to gather the scales.


Finthir mostly ignored the knight when he first returned, not caring if he came over as rude. He would admit that the meat started to smell nice as it cooked. Looking over at the fire and then Callon when he spoke to offer him food Fin just nodded. “Thank you.” Accepting the stick. “It smells delicious.”


He examined the meat a moment and decided he couldn’t pull the meat off with his fingers... instead he used his teeth. It was succulent and juicy. Not bad at all.


He glanced at the book, “it’s like asking what’s with your swords.” Fin shrugged. “It’s a spell book. I was researching stone dragons and practising the language.” He said simply.


Fin nodded to the bag he’d placed between them, “I collected fruits and nuts while I gathered the firewood. Help yourself.” He offered gently.

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Guest M-jow

Callon scratched the back of his head with a clean hand and smiled at himself. "So that is just a mage thing huh." He felt kinda stupid. Words were a mage's weapon and that required knowledge.

"It might seem silly to me, who would rather bring a sword than a book to a fight. But I'v seen what can be done wih just a few spoken words. If my swords is a part of me I guess a mage would feel the same way with his books."


"Thank you" Callon looked at the fruits and nuts and picked a few he chewed before ripping piece of meat off his bird. The sweet sure berries served as a sauce that melted with flavour in his mouth. He swallowed before asking his next question.

"How do you speak dragonish? How does it sound like" He asked curious and Callon's gaze landed on the spell book. He wouldn't dare touching it, but that didn't mean he couldn't look at the open page. It was words he had no idea how to pronounce let alone read.

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Guest syaoran-puu

“I don’t know about that... but it’s definitely a me thing.” The mage shrugged, tearing off more of the flesh and letting his gaze wander towards the other and then to the fire. He frowned at that. “You believe my books are silly?” And yeah, this was part of why he disliked knights. So darn arrogant! It ruffled his feathers just thinking about it. “I am not powerless just because I do not wield a sword.” He frowned. “My books are my life. I have only brought one with me. But given the task at hand... it’s necessary.”


He held out his hand, a flame forming a moment. He made it change forms, a wolf running circles before he closed his fist and it disappeared. “Don’t go thinking you’re going to have to protect me. I can fight too.”


Fin looked at the other. He wasn’t the biggest fan of performing on request, but Callon seemed more curious than teasing. “Non mwen pa janm fasil pou di e pap janm bliye.” He purred out the language, it had a slightly hard twang to it in places and yet managed to be almost lyrical. “It translates roughly to... My name is never easy to say and will never be forgotten. It’s something the dragons apparently said to each other in greeting. I do not know how true that is.... or even if it was the dragons that spoke...”


He finished his food and fed the stick and carcass to the fire. “The meat was pleasant.... thank you.”

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Guest M-jow

Why was the guy always bending his words to something bad? "I didn't mean it silly in that way!" Callon frowned annoyed and tried over having to defend himself all the time. 'Man the guy was tipsy'

He watch the little demonstration of fire play on Fin's palm. And though he was amazed to see it, he wasn't in a mood to let it show on his face.

"Then don't worry about it in the future" the knight in training replied coldly as he feed the rest of his meal to the fire.


“Non mwen pa janm fasil pou di e pap janm bliye.”

The thought the words sounded kind like an ancient song. He was amazed Fin even wanted to tell him this. It sounded kind of erotic the way the words came out over his lips. "Thank you I'll try to remember it" he said, trying to to sound like a complete fool.

“The meat was pleasant.... thank you.”

Callon could just manage to look at the other but didn't say anything. He was annoyed and didn't want to give Fin another reason to bitch about what came from his mouth.

Instead Callon simply said. "I'm going to sleep now"

He stood and walked over to a nearby tree. He pulled his hoody up over his head as he sat between the gentle giant's roots.

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Guest syaoran-puu

Fin could tell this was going to be an incredibly long and horrible journey. They clearly didn’t get on! But it didn’t matter. They had a task to complete and Finthir wouldn’t fail it. They didn’t have to like each other to complete it.


He felt rather dismissed when Callon moved away to ‘sleep’. Whatever! It was his decision. Fin would enjoy the warmth of the fire all to himself! Though he had to wonder what Callon disliked so much!?


He put his book away, clearing his space and removing his outer robe with care before climbing into the bedroll. Fin rolled so his back was to Callon, his mind alive with thoughts of today. Closing his eyes Fin just wished for the day to be over!


Sleep didn’t come easily. But it did come.




The next morning he woke extremely early, the sun still not risen. Gathering his belongs up he packed them away and then striped off his undershirt, leaving him clad only in trousers. Fin had a nicely toned body from years of training. A glance at Callon made him believe the other was still sleeping. Good. Leaving his belongs together he stepped back into a near by space and started to do his morning routine.


The moves were similar to martial arts. There was a fluid grace to his movements at he practically danced from one to another. Punches, kicks and spins all performed with practised grace. But that wasn’t all, as he moved his body summoned different elemental magic.


One punch was flame, a spin and a kick of water that merged into earth as he landed. The magic an extension of himself as it continues to float from one form to another. He lost himself to the actions. The rest of the world drowned out.

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Guest M-jow

Callon was taught to always sleep with one eye open when not in a safe location. Which meant he only got some light sleep. Dawn broke through the sky rather slowly. Callon felt the dim light on the other side of his eyelids. He was awake but simply resting his eyes as he noticed his partner had awoken.

Callon kept his eyes closed for a while as he heard the sound of an bage opening and closing, clothes beeing dropped and then fir a good minut nothing.


Callon peeked his eyes open enough to see through his eyelashes and noticed Fin standing half naked no too far of.


And then something happened. Something Callen had nerver expected to see Fin training. He blinked as he watch te fellow shadow boks and kick his legs like he was trying to center himself. It was a beautiful display of strenght and magic combined. Fin's movements were practiced by routine and Callon could see the combined tactics from tree typs of fight art mixed in.

The performance made his heart race faster, like when he was fighting in the arena. Only this time he was watching as the long white hair and pale skin radiated magic from his prower play.

Callon thought it almost looked like Fin was dansing the way his body moved with it's surroundings.

Fin was beautiful, stonge and clever. He could make the hair on his arms raise in aw and admiration. And he would held his breathing when fire shot out of his palm.


Callon shivered with chills not because of fear but because watching Fin's display he felt a rush of excitement.

The man frowned annoyed with himself, why couldn't he seem to take his eyes off Fin? The guy annoyed the shit out of him whenever he opened his mouth. Yes, he was a pretty sight to look at, and his form wasn't.. terrible.

But that didn't mean he had forgotten what had gone down between them yesterday.


Callon shook his head as he riped his eyes off the other's naked skin. He got up and moved walked towards the little stream. He pulled off his cloak but otherwhise stayed dressed and he gathered water into his palm to wash his face and to calm his head the fuck down. He had seen lots of naked men before with out any of that effected him and Fin was no different! Callon lied to himself as he looked at his own reflection. He was use to see that dark face staring back at him. He knew some women that thought his looks to be both exotic and mysterious. But amoung the other male's in the village he had alway been simply drifferent. Elves had light beautiful skin that was said to reflect the stars. Callon's skin wasn't like that, an fact he had alway been very aware off, but in the end just chosed to except. He could still fine women with his charms and the fact he was darker than others seemed to work in his favour more often.

He hadn't fathered any children with any of then though, he had been careful around that since he didn't know if he ever wanted children.


Getting back to the camp site he took out the pheasant from yesterday. It had been wrapped up in a sheet with a piece of coal inside to keep it cooking from the inside.

He unwrapped it and let the steam out.

"Hey, breakfast" Callon called out loud as he cut the bird in half with a knif.

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Guest syaoran-puu

Absorbed in his movements Fin was only briefly aware of Callon moving.... and was ashamed to admit his next move fumbled before he caught himself and continued. Of course Callon would wake! It was just his luck.


When the other man called him over, there was a fine sheen of sweat upon his flesh from the mornings exertion, he’d wash before he got dressed, but for now? Food sounded appealing. Closing the gap back to their camp he sat cross legged next to his packed belongings and watched Callon tear the animal in two.


Fin had to wondered if Callon ate wild game often? He seemed adept at skinning and cooking it. The ambers from their fire were only just starting to fade. It seemed he’d collected the perfect amount of food. Finthir was rather proud of that fact! Being outside the city without an elder was new to him.


“Good morning.” He accepted the meat, once more realising there was no delicate way of eating it. “I assume you’re well rested?” He let his teeth sink into the flesh and tear a little off. It was sweet and succulent.


After a few more bites he spoke again, “my master claims we are well suited for each other.” He said bluntly, “what skills do you excel in?”

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Guest M-jow

"Morning" Callon greeted as Fin sat down. He could smell the scent of sweat. He was so use to the smell that it didn't bother him. Training side by side up against big sweaty men was an everyday thing. But none of those didn't look nearly as good as Fin.

Callon had to admit the guy looked rather sexy with pearl of sweat glistening in the raising sunlight.

Fuck! Callon's head seemed to be stuck somewhere today, cause he really didn't have it on his shoulders right now.

He wasn't really listening when Fin talked to him. He was to busy trying not to look at the mage. But when he felt the other's eyes on him, waiting for a responds.

Callon blinked as he gathered the pieces together he had heard.


"Mnh, my skills.." Callon tilted his head as he thought abou what to answer. In all, those skills he had, it wasn't something he had a list of. He excel in surviving though any means necessary. He could react quickly, keep a cool head when in danger. He could listen to orders as well as take charge, but that wasn't something he could put down on the table.

"I've never thought of listing down the things I can. Well I'm confident with my swords and my fighing skills. But not anything amazing if that is what you were expecting. I've been trained to focused on the things I can't do, to do better. 'Cause if one stayes with only what one got, one can't get better' as the knight captian says."

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Guest syaoran-puu

Finthir had the distinct impression that Callon was distracted... but why? He frowned a little, looking down to focus on his meat for a moment.


The answer that came wasn’t the most reassuring!

Why was Callon being so cryptic? “Nothing amazing? Are you not the top of your class then?” Fin looked up again and sighed, “sounds like something Master Daylor would say too....” he offered a small smile. “Okay then, what two things would you say are your biggest weaknesses?” What did Fin need to watch out for? Daylor had said something about complimenting each other’s weakness after all... his eyes flickered to the man’s blades. “Do you fight with both at the same time?”


He continued to eat, not wishing to waste too much time lingering here. “Once I’ve eaten I just need to freshen up quickly before we leave.” He could walk around sweaty, but since there seemed to be no danger right now, he saw no need to! His muscles ached slightly, a pleasant reminder of his workout.

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Guest M-jow

"We don't get ranked that way. Each trainee is skilled enough to be there. I fought them and won, but knights isn't just judged on their physical strength alone, social and political skills is needed to . I lack on the last one because I arn't a lord or has connections" Callon explained as he thought more into it.

"I think that could be seen as a weaknesse if you put it like that" Callon knew he really only had one big weaknesse, that being his fear of water, but that was too personal for him to share. But that wasn't just because it was Fin. No one knew, and he liked to keep it that way.


"Yes" he nodded as he drew out both blads. "I original practiced with one sword and shifted it with both hands. The captain got frustrated and told me that I might as well use two blads at once." he turned the sword around so the handle were turned towards Fin. "they are solid but light at the same time so it can be carried with one hand."

"What about you any weaknesses, you would like to share?" He asked with a teasing grin as he draw back his swwords and continued his meal.


"Sure, you do that. I'll gather some of those nuts and berries so we can wall while eating lunch."

It would also be a good idea to not being near and give the other some privacy.

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Guest syaoran-puu

“I see....” he frowned, “I ignore most things involving the knights...” Finthir admitted. Still, he wondered about that. “If you do not have a political connection, can you truly graduate? If it’s so important to your course, I mean...” was that what Daylor had in mind? To help Callon gain a political connection in him? Too bad he hated knights.


Fin quirked a brow. Yes, Callon was indeed being cryptic. Not exactly answering about his weakness. It made him feel a little defensive... still, he decided to offer an olive branch and be honest, to actually reveal something real. “If I am reading and focusing on a spell from my book, I am rather vulnerable. Some spells can’t be cast and protected at the same time. The cost of such power.” In other words, he would potentially need the other to guard his body while he cast.


Fin just added the remains of breakfast to the ash and stood. Dusting off as he walked towards the river to clean up. “You do that. We should be able to walk quite a distance before lunch time....” a break to eat might not have been terrible, but he’d go along with anything. “Don’t forget to fill up your water canister before we leave.”


At the river he washed up. Using his powers to manipulate the water a little. Already he felt much more relaxed and refreshed.

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