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  1. Title;スキャンダラス・ダーリン 1巻 Author and/or artist;いつきまこと Publisher;シガリロ Magazine/imprint;シガリロ Release date/year;2020/07/22 Language of the scans;Japanese Scanner;SenkiSakura Summary;「とびきりの夜にしようじゃないか」通訳の黛(まゆずみ)は、来日したハリウッドの人気俳優・ルイス提案で、なぜか東京案内することに。自由奔放なルイスにキスを見せつけられたり、滞在先のホテルに連れ込まれたり――!? 映画よりドラマティックなスキャンダラス・ラブスタート!! 【本作品は単話「スキャンダラス・ダーリン」Scene1~Scene3を収録した電子合本版です】 DOWNLOAD LINK; Chapter 1 & Chapter 2 : https://mega.nz/folder/q09niKCL#txxLNITKJ2l3J2voDJkNHQ Chapter 3 Onwards : Stay Tuned ! * Please do not share outside this forum . Thank you for your cooperation ! If face any problem, feel free to let Senki know. Wish you have a great day ! !*★,°*:.☆( ̄▽ ̄)/$:*.°★* 。
  2. Title;男爵ジャニスの怪しいお仕事 1巻 Author and/or artist;佐崎いま+高瀬ろく Publisher;芳文社 Magazine/imprint;花音 Release date/year;2018/10/10 Language of the scans;Japanese Scanner;SenkiSakura Summary;「で、しますか? 今」落ちぶれ男爵家に仕える執事のルーは、人間と見まごうほど精巧なアンドロイド。当主のジャニスは幼い頃から彼にずっと片想いをしている。不毛な気持ちを抱えたままルーと屋敷を守るべく危ない仕事をする毎日だったのに、突然ルーにはセックス機能もあると告げられて!?(でも、アンドロイドのスパダリ執事は恋心がわかりません…?) DOWNLOAD LINK; Chapter 1 & 2 : https://mega.nz/folder/68cx2IKI#kv6PotDl4Rdsqyz4eHNk1Q Chapter 3 Onwards : Stay Tuned ! * Please do not share outside this forum . Thank you for your cooperation ! Today is 12th June 2021 and that means we are celebrating the Loving Day today ! o(^▽^)o I'm happy that I'm able to celebrate this wonderful and awesome day with you guys as today is a day that commemorates the idea that no authority can dictate who can and who can’t love. ( ╯▽╰) Love doesn't care who are you, what are you or even how you look, we all are free to love and to be loved ! (/≧▽≦)/ Since I had read BL comics for few years, I had been exposed to variety of pairings including seme cat with uke normal person, seme young people with uke old man, seme android with uke normal young boy and so on, these pairings all are lovely and their love stories were been created and told by the artists in vary pleasingly way. But all the stories I think are telling one fact is that we all are free to love and to be loved ! ( ゚∀゚) ノ♡ So, in order to celebrate this special day, I will share a BL love story that happen between an andriod and a young man, hope you guys will enjoy it ! ╰(*°▽°*)╯ Well, this is quite a long message and if you guys are able to read until here, I'm feeling very pleasant about it as you guys are willing to spend some time to read my message ! I appreciate for the time that you guys spend on reading my message ! (u‿ฺu✿ฺ) Last but not least, wish you guys have a great day ! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ If face any problem, feel free to let Senki know.
  3. So this is a little project I'm working on. I've already got a cast of talented va's and I'm about to start posting teasers on youtube so the fans can get a taste of what the butlers, and of course Tomoaki, sound like before we release an English dub video of the introductory portion of the actual game. We are planning to fandub more scenes for youtube as well as the 18+ scenes (these will probably go on Patreon so any donated money can go straight back to the va's for more scenes.) Can fans of the game share this around? I really want to get everyone hyped up but I'm not exactly sure on the best way to go about doing that. Day 1: Sakuma's English Voice https://youtube.com/watch?v=l3SSn7TOF1Y&feature=share
  4. Title: Indigo (first volume of my Remnants of Yesterday Series) Prologue Hinageshi Red Light District, Shinkano City – June 10, 2012 Damn frog rain! Nori cursed as he ran through an alley. His right hand pressed over the wound on his side. His thin jacket did nothing to ease his anxiety. He felt cold to his bones. The plan had just been another night out when evening began. The usual gathering of seven friends down their favorite pub. Instead they found the bar closed off for renovation, which prompted them to venture across town to a lesser frequented territory. More like they didn't frequent it anymore; not since they outgrew their delinquent high school days. Shinkano's red light district, Hinageshi, used to be the happening place for them. Drugs were the one thing they stayed away from. Other than that, they'd come here to do all sorts of evils. From the crazy karaoke parties to taking girls into love motels, and the underage drinking along with illegal gambling. To add on was the constant fights against rival gangs. The fights were the worst due to the escalating level of violence. However, after losing one of their friends to a deadly encounter against a rival gang, they decided it was high time to walk the straight path. The loss had been too great of a tragedy to bear. The incident had altered them all one way or another. They were all now twenty-one-year-old adults. Good standing citizens of society. Which came to say, they should have stayed where good citizens stayed. They shouldn't have revisited Hinageshi district because just thirty minutes after entering a random club, they ran into old foes who had not forgotten or forgiven them for past transgressions. The confrontation escalated to heavy verbal insults and shoves, which got them all kicked out by the club manager. The face-off continued outside and hell broke loose when they failed to talk their way out a physical brawl. New faces arrived on the scene to add to the mob of thugs. These newcomers even had their choice of weapons from various knives to sledge hammers. Their group's only exit strategy was to scatter in different directions. Forget the cars since they wouldn't make it passed the parking lot alive. They each ran for their lives and kept doing so even as the night worsened with a downpour. **** By eleven, Nori had run his way south of Hinageshi, entering into the Aokata slums, a decaying territory on the eastern outskirt of the city. There, a trio of thugs caught up with him and cornered him into a fight. Despite having become a good citizen, he still possessed the same fighting edge he had back in his delinquent days. His fast reflex and the speeding velocity of his punches were still his kill act. He'd always been quicker than most fighters he'd fought in the past. And that hadn't changed. He fought them with everything he had and ended up with a knife grazing his side. He took them down fast to avoid staying in the rain any longer. He'd been running in the wild storm far longer than his body could handle and felt himself becoming weak from it. While the thugs braced the cold concrete, struggling to get back on their feet, he took that second to get away. Cutting through corners and alleys, he went on until he felt he was out of the assailants' sight. Using that small window of distance, he found himself a hiding spot. The backstreet he stepped into was even darker than the last. The narrow lane was a dead end with a stack of wooden crates against two dumpsters by a ten-foot iron fence. The alley stunk like a thousand dead rats. Never smelled such horrid odor before but he figured the sinister scent was worth the comparison. Nori did the only thing that came to mind. He climbed up the crates and hopped into one of the dumpsters. Survival was primal when facing a do or die situation. It made swimming into a pile of rotten-god-knows-what garbage ideal to getting stabbed to death by a bunch of psychos. The moment Nori jumped in, he fell onto something unexpected. Nevermind the death polluting odor. What suck the living out of him was the person pulling him down as they sunk further beneath the ghastly waste. Nori struggled against his assailant, causing his wound to tear a bit more. The sting had him hissed a grunt through gnashed teeth. "Shush!" The voice hushed and a hand covered his mouth. Nori's heart receded to its steady pace and he stopped moving. "Sen. What the fuck, you ended up here too," came his murmur. It was his best friend. Outside, a pack of thugs ran up to the alley's entrance. Two of them came towards the crates, shouting Nori's name. They kicked and smashed the wooden stack off as if expecting to find him hidden behind it. They opened one of the dumpsters and the smell shooting up their noses had them cursing out loud. One of them was mad enough to kick the dumpster. Before he could open the second one, the comrades from afar called out to move on. Once the thugs left, only the ambiance of a grumbling sky remained. Nori drew a breath, teeth gnashing again. "Fuck." "What's wrong?" Sen asked. They toppled one another under piles of nasty torn plastic bags and wet cardboards. Sen shoved a few things aside to give them the much-needed room for air. "Fuckin' bastard had a knife at me earlier." Nori told. "Shit. How bad?" "Dodged most of it but I ain't gonna lie, it stings as fuck." "We'll move when it's safer. The fence is our only safe way out. Can you climb?" Nori palmed Sen's forehead to stop the latter from fondling where his wound was. "Quit fussing. The cut's not bad." "Well shit, just making sure I won't have to haul you on my back that's all." Sen retorted. Although Nori knew he would. Sen would do more than carry him over a fence – the guy would carry him across a battlefield if needed. And he'd do the same in return. There was this unspoken rule that existed between them. "You reek of feces." Nori uttered. Sen scoffed. "And you're all Sakura bloom yourself." They fell quiet again just listening to the heavy rain. A while later when the coast was safe enough, they crawled out of hiding, and climbed over the fence. They landed onto what appeared to be the back alleyway of an abandoned textile shop. "Call your driver." Sen advised. Nori shook his head. "Lost my phone in the struggle earlier. You?" "Out of battery." Sen replied. "B'sides, I can't just phone up home and tell them I got myself into a ditch again. Our last little adventure still has me off the old man's books, he's been leaving me dry lately." Nori reminded Sen. "Aw shit, yeah." Sen fumbled through his pocket for whatever cash he had left. "How much on you?" He asked and Nori pulled out a few bills. "900 yen," he said as they put their money together. "Fuck! That's not even enough for a cab fare past this shitty territory. Damn, it's moments like these I wish I had a plastic card." "Sorry, mine's not working at the moment, but maybe this cash is enough to buy us a night here." Nori thought up. "Remember the old eatery we use to frequent during high school." "Mushino Noodles and Express Food? It closed down years ago." Sen recalled. "Yeah but the establishment behind it is still open." Sen's brow drew. "The dump-hole? Even then it's across this slum to the east of Hinageshi! That's a freaking forty-minute-walk." "No phones, no car, no money. We're fucked. I'd rather try for a shitty place than freeze my ass running any longer. We can't return to the club's lot, Sen. Those fuckers are sure to guard our car, if they haven't already beat it out." Nori declared. Sen couldn't argue that so they maneuvered through the slum with caution, stopping to hide whenever they sensed danger. A careful travel took them longer than the regular stride – better safe than dead in their case. Once inside the inn, or dump-hole as Sen called it, the old woman at the counter gave them a split-second glance as if the brisk arrival of sodden strangers oozing of foul odors was an everyday norm. Considering decadency was the inn's ultimate appeal, perhaps it was. Without a word, she took the money they tossed up. Then eyeballed them. A scowl vivid on her face as her hand extended forward asking for more. They had nothing else to give so her gaze settled on Sen's necklace, which he refused to give up. Irked, she threw the money back at them and waved her hand at the door, directing them to leave. Nori drew up the one item he had on him that was worth anything. His name-brand wallet which would still sell for a good five thousand yen. He emptied out the content and pushed it towards her. "This high-end leather wallet should get you enough to cover your expenses for a day. Just give us a room for tonight, please. Please, mam." "Nori—" Sen protested but felt his friend's hand latch around his wrist. She looked at them, reluctant to take the bait but the young man's desperation won her over. She figured whatever they were running from was probably life threatening enough for them to look like drowned rats. And that name-brand wallet alone told her they weren't from this part of town. She didn't want dead privileged kids within her vicinity who'd attract people from the bureau. Decidedly, she took both money and card before ushering them to the smallest room she had available for the amount she was given. What braced Nori and Sen was a space resembling a bathroom with its pasty white concrete walls. It even came with its own tiny area of a drain pipe shower and toilet. A tall slim cabinet with a microwave-sized TV sitting in its hollow space, and an old wooden chair with chipped legs sat by the door. Neither furniture did anything for comfort, and were probably only there to lessen the atmospheric lavatory feel though failing miserably. The bed was a single mat rising a good foot off the floor, which to their dismay seemed rather crowded for two people. Still, anything was better than freezing in the storm. As soon as their bedroom door closed, Sen began with, "Sorry. I couldn't do it—" "If you had given it up," Nori cut his friend off, "I'd have beaten you bloody. I was there that day. When your mother said her last words, and gave you that charm so don't fuckin' degrade what she left you with by apologizing. Money's only paper. And it's my old man's papers so there's plenty more where that came from." Sen flopped down on the bed. "Acting all high and mighty, shit," he smiled, "thank you." Nori flicked the latter's forehead. "Blockhead." He said shifting his gaze to the shower. Sen looked up. "Pokerfaced." Following suit, he knew what Nori had in mind. "Dumbass." Nori retorted with and began his move. "Deepshit." Sen countered. On cue, they both attempted to dash toward the shower for first use but intercepted each other in a wrestling match onto the bed. They horsed around until Nori emitted another painful groan. "Shit, your wound. We gotta clean it up." Sen admitted defeat, moving off Nori. "It's fine. I'll do it myself." Sen shoved him back onto the bed. "Don't fuckin' know how to let me act high and mighty for once, do you?" Nori chuckled and obliged. "Guess I can play the obedient patient for a night, so hurry up and patch me up." "Patching coming up." Sen fetched the small hand towel from the cabinet then opened the cupboard to see if there was any antiseptic solution or something close to it. All he got was a small bottle of bleach. He looked at Nori and back at the bleach in hand and sighed. Rubbing alcohol was preferable but they weren't in the luxury to be picky. Besides just a few drops of bleach should be fine to help with disinfection. "Strip." He knelt next to Nori and waited for the latter to expose the cut. The wound wasn't deep but did run down long. Looking at it made Sen want to pound his fist into the bastard who carved the mark onto Nori. "You'll have to do with this bleach shit." "No choice. Let's get on with – FUCKIN' SHITTY MOTHER OF BITCHES!" Nori's entire body clamped down from the sting as he grabbed a handful of Sen's hair. "Fucking warn me, stupid bastard." "Alright, alright, let go of my hair, asshole!" Sen kept shoving against Nori's chest. "You fuckin' did it on purpose." They broke from each other's hold. "What, quit accusing me," but his grin gave him away, "fine, fine. I thought it'd be hilarious to watch you make a dump-face." He laughed hugging his sides. Nori kicked the taller man a few feet off him. "I'll get you, don't forget." "Yeah, yeah." Sen moved on to grabbed the extra bed sheet on the shelf and tore off a sliver for bandage use. "I'll help you wash up – can't risk getting it any damper." He got up to toss the bloody towel into the bin. "We help each other. Wash my back and I'll wash yours." Nori offered. "Guess we can both use an extra hand. Hell, every inch of us needs to be scraped off. Freakin' stench is cause enough for a rat infestation in this room." Nori wore a put-off expression. "Don't even want to imagine what that dumpster was home to." "Better not to." Sen concluded. They went on to disrobe and get on with showering. To Be Cont...
  5. Kohaku tsubasa

    i am bored can i have a partner?

    please will some one rp with me. i have a couple ideas. anyone i just need a partner for these ideas because i am bored also i would like to make friends. hope you don't mind yaoi i want to do yaoi but i will do straight.
  6. Title: Uncontrolled Love2 Released date: 20 August, 2016 Origin/ Language: China/ Chinese Sub: Yes, ENGSUB Starring: Meng Rui & Wang Bo Wen Story: [VOLUME 2 _ 下] By giving the ring, Xie Yan made a promise of a lifetime commitment. However, Xie Yan didn't show up on the night they agreed to run away together. Shu Nian realized that all the happy time before were nothing but just for fun. (by Anne Noh) Download Link (1.68 GB) Related file: Uncontrolled Love Season 1
  7. 0rochi

    ♤ Love Is In ♤ {18+}

    In big cities, you always have to be rich to get somewhere. However, there's plenty of people on the streets begging for food just to survive for another day. What if someone was kind enough to rescue one from this life and bring them into the glamorous life? Name: Darren Ludington Age: 23 Appearance: Backstory: Raised up rich and spoiled by his parents, so he always makes sure that he gets what he wants, even if he has to fight to get it. He runs a few television channels and owns a huge mansion all alone. ----------------------------------------------------------------- It was a long night for Darren, as he had directed 3 episodes of a new hit series he was working on. After the crew went home, he cleaned up a bit of the set and locked the door of the building. Shoving his keys in the pocket of his pants, he strolled down the street to find where he had parked his obsidian Mercedes Benz. However, he bumped into something and almost tripped over. Darren Whipped his head around with a face of disgust. "Hey you better watch where you're-" He trailed off as he stared into the eyes of the homeless man staring back at him. "Oh, I'm so sorry sir. Here, you must be freezing." He lifted the man up and helped the man towards his car. Cleaning up the passenger seat, he let the man sit there. "Sorry about that. You know what? I'll let you stay with me." He flashed him a smile as he began to drive towards his mansion. Once returning home, he brought the man in with him. "Samantha, Jeeves!" He shouted, "Come here this instant!" The maid and the Butler soon appeared, waiting for commands. "Direct this man to the bath and let him bathe, get him some extra clothes and direct him to the spare room on the second floor." Both servants nodded and direcTed the man up the stairs....
  8. Kohaku tsubasa


    ~Warning~ Though confusing this story does go from the girl dreaming to the boy who becomes the main character. There is violence in here such as rape, slavery, gang violence, blood and guts. Some parts do not make sense. Also some scenes may be written again because the world started over and or it is different in some manner.no one really dies in this story even when the world ends they all come back except bad guys. - - - Updated - - - ~Dreams bio~ A girl named Michelle Elizabeth Jones is in dreamland like Alice in wonderland it feels so real. In the dream is this boy Samuel Lee Denver takes the spotlight. Trying to survive the world that looks just like our world. So many this happens that makes no sense like his gem and his 112 character profile inside. His supposed father is always trying to kill him. If you do not believe in ghost,magic,monsters,demons,shadow people,leaf men,fairys and any other mystical creatures you might believe now. Join us in the adventures of sam and his friends.
  9. No Time For Losers Ltd.

    Love Goes Dancing (New Town) // Ogeretsu Tanaka [EN]

    TITLE: Love Goes Dancing (New Town) Alt.name : 恋が踊るニュータウン/ KOI GA ODORU NEW TOWN Written & Drawn by : Ogeretsu Tanaka Published serialized in : Canna Magazine Release Date : 2015 Original Status : on going Language : English Groups translation : Must Be Endless Scans Translating status : on going READ Love Goes Dancing (New Town) Online Love Goes Dancing (New Town) DOWNLOAD Love Goes Dancing (New Town) Manga ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C.1 >> USERSCLOUD l SENDSPACE [15.1 MB] Description: Cross-dresser x cross-dresser BL! Plain and shy college student Iijima’s secret hobby is dressing up as a woman. Having found work in a cross-dressers’ bar, he meets cross-dresser Rina on his first night at work. But Rina looks an awful lot like the handsome boy who was the object of his one-sided love in middle school…!
  10. MyukiT

    Love me Forever

    I'd love for every yaoi/ shounen-ai anime/manga lover and those exploring the topic to go check out my story, it's a work in progress but I'm open for critique. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11494447/1/Love-me-Forever
  11. Title: Love, Like Ghosts (Bay City Paranormal Investigations #7) Author: Ally Blue Plot: Truth. Lies. A century-old mystery. What a tangled web… A Bay City Paranormal Investigations story. At age eleven, Adrian Broussard accidentally used his mind to open a portal to another dimension. Now, ten years later, he’s successfully harnessed his strong psychokinetic abilities. In the process, he’s learned the lessons which have become the guiding principles of his life. Absolute truth. Absolute control. Always. Sticking to his personal code of ethics has never been a problem, until two chance meetings—one with a hundred-year-old ghost, one with a handsome, very-much-alive man—turn his orderly existence upside down. Having grown up in a family of paranormal investigators, Adrian is intrigued by the spirit of Lyndon Groome and determined to solve the mystery of his death. Greg Woodhall, however, affects Adrian in unpredictable ways. Not only does his every touch challenge Adrian’s hard-won control over his abilities, his company quickly becomes a light in Adrian’s lonely life. As the mystery surrounding Lyndon’s death turns sinister, Adrian’s relationship with Greg deepens into something serious. Something Adrian wants to keep. But intimacy isn’t as easy as honesty, and when the heart’s involved, the line between right and wrong can blur.
  12. Virdian*

    Yaoi recommendations

    Hey there! I know this question has probably already been asked a trillion times, but still I just need to watch some Yaoi anime ;p So, do you have any recommendations as far as Yaoi animes are concerned? I have already watched: ● Junjou Romantica ● Sekaiichi Hatsukoi ● Kirepapa ● Tight Rope ● Gakuen Heaven ● Papa to Kiss in the Dark ● Haru wo Daiteta ● Winter Cicada ● Angel's Feather ● Koi Suru Boukun ● Okane Ga Nai ● Ikou no Romatan ● Hey Class President! ● Love Stage!! ● Gravitation ● Maiden Rose ● Uraboku ● Saint Beast ● Level C ● Close the last door ● Enzai ● Boku no Pico ● Seikmatsu Darling ● Kizuna Some Animes that I do not categorize as Yaoi/Shonen Ai: ● Yami no Matsuei ● No. 6 I am currently watching: ● Hybrid Child ● Monochrome Factor ● Togainu no Chi It would be nice to see some real love, not just some soft flirting if you know what I mean... Oh, and please no ancient animes that don't offer decent visual quality. Thank you some much! xoxoxo
  13. New to the site overall it been a really cool interacting with a lot of people and exploring the forum. As I was exploring I found the there is a bara manga section, which brings me to my question does anyone visit/use it? I'm sure that if it provided in this forum somebody does visit that section (based of the principle of supply and demand), but my general curiosity has to do more with who, what and why. By the way, I'm not sure if this topic is General BL talk I wasn't sure where to place it, I was really hesitant even to ask/post particularly because I know sometimes bara --by many individuals-- is consider worlds apart from BL. Actually, that leads to another question what in your opinion makes BL and bara different? As for potentially posting in the incorrect location as the saying goes, "curiosity killed the cat " so I'll accept any repercussion.
  14. Rikimaru

    Courting Count Enance

    Red is the color of Roses and Rubies. Sweet is the color of Chocolate Love is the color a Box, a Bouquet and a Ring ought to Bring who I show it to but not Him not the Man my Heart beats for... No coin can buy a Gem that shines Bright enough to win his Eyes, His Smile glows with the purest Light and Priceless kind replies His Laughter Cracks open the windows at the Corners of his grin, A Flash Flood of warmth Follows, and Swallows me within Filling my lungs until I Choke on Jokes and giggles I am soaked up to my Tongue and Wrung out into squiggles He is Smooth with his movements and Glides like a phantom As misty Blue tendrils of magic enchant Him Gracing the walls of the path laid before Him Leaving in Shadow, the scores that adore Him He peers Far Deep into my watery Soul as the Sparks of my Trinkets slowly grow cold not a Tsar nor a Stranger does this Demon see, his Arms reach out for the Angel in me...
  15. [ Status - Private RP- 18+] +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Mend My Heart ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Snow battered the windshield of the old jeep as it barreled along the long road that would lead him home. The wipers cadence thumped softly with the song that poured out softly from the radio. Winter had come quick this year; and he could only be grateful for the schools now releasing the kids back to their families for the holidays. As a Teacher he enjoyed the children and their ever changing faces- but as a singular person he also enjoyed the time for himself -without the constant chaos. A time for solitude and relaxation. That above all else could be the best gift received for the season. Silverton was a moderately large town, but growing steadily thanks to a few new attractions. A large shopping center and world market could be reason for the ever growing increase in new residents. A promised movie theater all the hype in the next years plans and budget. He'd had a few new faces in his class this year, and was happy to see his home town offer shelter to newcomers. When he was growing up the place had been extremely low-populated, so everyone knew each others names and their business. If you were a stranger, well, people knew it. Not so much now. Eren lived a ways out, where the houses were scattered and the farmlands were rich. His family home had once been a farm for wheat, but now due to a change in residency and the times, he'd laid the tractor to rest and let the land flourish back to a natural woodsy habitat. More like overgrown weeds and the start of tree's, but hell it took years for things like to progress. And he was not one for yard work. That's what paying the professionals were for. Even on his budget he could afford to be lazy if it pleased him to do so. With a squeal of brakes he skid to a stop at the circular drive that brought him right up to the main doors of his home. As much as he'd like to park the jeep in the garage, it was a separate building out back- and again he could afford to be lazy. Or rather, had learned to be lazy. With a clunk the door opened and snow rushed in to greet him, swirling around his face as a leather-bound hand grabbed the obsidian cane from the drivers seat. Sliding one leg out, then the other, he sunk the cane into the gravel and eased his way out of the car. Taking a moment to get his bearings, he grabbed his briefcase next and shut the vehicle door; slowly trudging to the steps leaving both footprints and small dots next to them. Carefully thunking up the steps with help from the porch railing, he reached the door; juggling a few things in order to remove his keys and slide the gold one home. With a click it opened and soon he found himself inside, the excited bark of a chocolate lab echoing down the hall. His girl had obviously been napping with her Master gone. Smiling he waited as she galloped towards him, tail batting the air ridiculously fast. He was ready for a hot bath and a warm fire complimented by supper; but first a greeting to his pride and joy.
  16. blade3

    Theres No Peace

    April 23, was Akemi's birthday. In Japan, there was a temple where Japanese people worshiped a Dragon that was said to keep everything in balance in, the dragon was apart of Akemi's spirit. The young male died about a thousand years ago in battle and it is said in a legend, if on his birthday, if his death wasnt celebrated. he would come to life and establish a strong empire controlling other nations, and bringing destruction mainly to that one 1 nation that he mostly despised. Japan would be very strong for a long time, however, it would all end badly eventually, but for the best. However, Akemi refused to believe that, he felt deep in his heart he would reign forever. It is also said in the scroll, that Akemi's spirit was locked away in an ancient tomb, but nobody remembers where it is. ..On April 23 the US bombed Japan. Japan was being destroyed badly, and when it blew up the temple of Akemi, he didnt come back to life at all. After the war the US had won, they captured the Japanese putting them in concentration camps. And it seemed like weeks before the temple answered anybodies prayers. A lot of people started to realize maybe the scroll just wasnt real and Akemi's spirit wasnt coming back. But then eventually something happened that didnt make sense, something resurrected the lives of the Japanese that lost their lives in the war. There spirits were brought back from there tombs, and people vanished, they were brought back from being capture from the US to Japan. He hated America with a passion, he felt they werent right. Akemi's dragon rebuild the temple back up, that was the first thing he fixed. He sat Indian style on the floor, meditating inside the temple. He had Jet black hair, tan skin, golden eyes, he looked about 19 and he wore a tunic that was black and red with no shoes. A lot of people had noticed that the temple was the only thing that was restore for now. People cheered and celebrated Akemi, making there way up to the temple they couldnt believe that he was alive inside.
  17. 〜キキ〜

    Love confessions (In Japanese!)

    I thought it might be fun to try making love confessions in Japanese, you know, for language practice and such... rabbit13 anyway, if you have an idea for a confession line, post it in the thread; even if you're not entirely sure you're getting the sentence right (like me most of the time lol), post it anyway because practice makes perfect =] OK here's mine; 「先輩がかっこいいを思いますから、僕の恋愛を受け入れてください!」 「Senpai ga kakkoii o omoimasu kara, boku no ren'ai o ukeiretekudasai!」 "I think Senpai is really cool, so please accept my love!" (I'm not sure whether I'm using the right word for "love" so if anyone knows whether this sentence makes sense or not please let me know! =])
  18. I put together a really cute video of the cutest gay movie couple on earth and wanted to share with you guys. :hamtaro-005 (5): Please check it out. It's really really really really cute. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rshyzwit7G8
  19. Hehehehheheh, okay. Now seriously, I'm in LOVE with this manga... It's so well-written and the art is marvelouse, So who else enjoys this as wel? Or do you have another opinion?? Do reply, pretty please? rabbit13
  20. welcometothedarkside


    OMG Yoneda, Kou has done it again, her stories... Gosh her stories... I'm so.... My heart is still fluttering out my chest... Oh My gosh, I'm just dumb founded on how she can write good stories. even if I can guess the ending it still makes my heart flutter...just gosh... http://myanimelist.net/manga/16061/NightS rabbit0leaf4:_red_fox 8foxy2foxy1onionn5:cuteonion45::cuteonion50::valentine32: So many emotions I caught the feels. I hope everyone has their ticket because we're taking a feels trip.
  21. Dear I remember those sparkling time how joyful and happy am I those moments where we first met where there is only you and I. Love you'll always by my side like a knight in shining bright you'll be there even when I asleep like the moon accompany the sun and never had you betray me that is what I thought. Hate when I need you the most you left me behind gaping at the sky never did I felt anger before until you stay there glued to the ground. Destroyer my heart is broken torn to pieces my mind is out of my life I throw you out over and over again but I find its hard to let go of your hand. My dear my love my hate and my destroyer. My phone... [Hahahaahaha, sorry. I can't resist it. I am very sorry. ]
  22. Full Name: 寺地 心夜 (Terachi Shinya) Nicknames: Shinya, Shin-chan Age: 35 years old Born: February 24, 1978 Origin: Osaka, Japan Occupations: Musician, composer, record producer Instruments: Drums Height: 170cm Weight: 42 kg Personality: He claims himelf "cool", then kami no ke o sawaru Bio: When he was in school, he didn't like to study English. Later though, he decided to learn it when he came accross Doraemon written in English. He found out it was a bad idea to learn the language from the comic book because he couldn't understand it. So he bought a textbook for English learners, and was able to learn a few easy sentences from that; however, he tends to forget them easily! He tried to use his English when the band was in Europe, turned out he couldn't understand what others said if they didn't speak slowly; and others couldn't understand him at all because of his pronunciation! Shinya is the "baby" of Dir en grey, him being the youngest and most serious member. Allegedly he is the most stubborn in the band, so the others allow him to do almost everything he wants. I find it amazing to hear him playing on the drums, such a powerful sound coming from a seemingly small person. He is the only one in the band who doesn't smoke, and likes to keep a healthy diet; he also likes to solve riddles. It is quite hard to get to know anything about him, as he doesn't give straight answers in interviews. Because of his quiet nature, he never volunteers any information about himself. In fact, it was 6 months before the others found out what his phone number was! Also it is a rare occasion to see him flashing his pretty smile. He's also very shy and not talkitive. He also has girly features. Other Band Members Of Dir En Grey: - KYO - DIE - KAORU
  23. Ulquiorra Cifer

    What is the "heart"?

    The heart - one's feelings and emotions - where is it? Is the heart tangible, or not? Does it exist at all? Before love can be spoken about in any manner, the existence of the heart must be determined. For, what is the point of discussing love between two men, or people in general, if there is no heart. In other words, if we have no heart, we cannot love, and without love the many shounen-ai (boy love) stories we share on this forum are without meaning. For this reason, I suggest we strike up a discussion on the existence of the heart, so that we can begin to validate the supposed meaning within our beloved shounen-ai. That meaning being that the love between two homosexual men is not only acceptable, but also desirable – we can be happy when the protagonists are together at the end of the story. There are many perspectives on the issue of the existence of the heart/mind/ soul. I would like to present one topic presented by my username's namesake, Ulquiorra Cifer of the anime Bleach. Cifer is a nihilist, one who rejects the existence of all things that he cannot see with his own eyes. In the following excerpt we see him explaining his initial philosophy on the existence of the heart: "Hearts, you say? You humans are always so quick to speak of such things. As though you carry your hearts in the very palms of your hands. But this eye of mine perceives all. There is nothing that it overlooks. If this eye cannot see a thing, then it does not exist. That is the assumption under which I have always fought. What is this "heart"? If I tear open that chest of yours, will I see it there? If I smash open that skull of yours, will I see it there?" (Bleach manga, Chapter 317, pp. 20) The Russian philosopher and novelist, Ivan Turgenev wrote in his book Fathers and Sons, “A nihilist is a person who does not look up to any authorities, who does not accept a single principle on faith, no matter how highly that principle may be esteemed.” In our discussion, the “esteemed principle” is the faith humans have that the heart exists. The nihilist, Cifer, outright rejects the existence of the heart. This is because he must determine on his own accord that the heart exists, as he will not take the word of any higher authority. The “heart” cannot be perceived by the eyes though, as it is made up of the intangible thoughts and feelings. This is suggested by notion of the heart is suggested by Orihime Inoue, Cifer’s antitheist. In his death though, Cifer comes to an epiphany. He acknowledges the existence of the heart, as Inoue reaches out to him. His final words were, "I see. This. Yes. This thing in my hand is the heart?” The cause of his quick turnaround in his philosophy is unknown, but may be due to the fact that in that moment he could sense Inoue’s emotions; feeling her heart. One can only ponder on why it is only at this moment he changes his mind, but even the nihilist the one who rejects all he can’t see – eventually accepts the notion of the heart, or at least in this specific case. This is a discussion though. What are your opinions on this matter? Is Cifer’s initial philosophy that the “heart” cannot be seen and therefore doesn’t exist. Or is his epiphany, the heart being “in his hand,” –his physically disintegrated hand - correct? Share your thoughts on the matter, so that we can all come to a better understanding of the heart. The heart, without which, you can have no love – or shounen-ai in our case. Videos of Ulquiorra Cifer explaining his philosophy:
  24. Does my best friend like me too? I have a friend who is the same age as mine (16). Btw you graduate high school at 16-17 here in the Philippines. We both graduated in the same school and the same class. Been classmates with him for years. Around the time I was 12, we both ran around in the classroom with him chasing me. Haven't talked or made any contact with each other since until three months before graduation. We became partners in a report so we got to know each other and ever since he kept on requesting the teachers to make us partners. Then the sleep overs started after a week after we got to know each other. I really didn't like him that time. Going to his place was awkward. I didn't knew what to do. So every time at school he keeps on asking me to go with him everywhere. Like at the cafeteria, restrooms, and any possible place at school. So he is the kind of guy who doesn't like being alone. He keeps on trying to find people who he can be with. That's what I thought at first. So I thought he was using me. So lets fast forward this a bit. Graduation came. Btw he belongs to one of the wealthiest families in the school, actually maybe the wealthiest.Before the ceremony started his mom was there and I was supposed to bless her hand (It is custom to do that to an elder here) She refused and asked me to do a cheek to cheek kind of kiss. So after we got our diplomas they had a family picture at the stage. He insisted me to be included in the picture I refused. Because it's his family not mine. He looked pissed and he didn't talk to me for a while. So he threw a graduation party at his place and when it ended I told him that I'm going to go home now. He said wait and called my mom and asked her if I could sleep over. My mom approved and she text-ed me about it. So this is when the hugging started. While I was sleeping he hugged me and I noticed it so I decided to move and he detached from me quickly and looked the other way. I started to like him a bit before but I keep on telling myself that I am not gay.. Since it was summer I always had sleepovers with him. Even when my classmates or friends rented a villa for a party he kept on saying that we should sleep together in this bed. I asked myself why can't I resist to sleep next to him? Am I starting to fall for him? So I noticed something, every time his family asks me to go with them to a resort or something, he doesn't sleep next to me. I felt lonely seeping alone and him sleeping next to his cousin (a guy). My heart ached and I shed a tear. I realized that I don't like but I love him. He was always an asshole or a douche to other people but he's very kind to me compared to other people. He gets mad if I didn't go to an outing with our friends. Then he started dating again because lots of people are saying that we were in a relationship. Because he never had any real friends, well some but it's about 3 only including me. I didn't feel jealous of the girl he was dating. But he keeps on making me a third wheel.. During their dates his been making out with her. I didn't feel jealous at all.. I just felt pissed because they should get a room. Well yea I am jealous ahahaha. So they broke up around a week or two. So I never felt jealous ever since because his dates lasts for a week only. But there was this one girl who was very beautiful which he started courting. He courted her for about two months and I was always in their dates, gosh I cried lots of times because of that. There was another overnight stay with our friends and we got drunk. He got really fucked up. He started blathering out stuff. I didn't remember all of it and me and my friends taught that he should really get some sleep now. So I brought him to the bed. He pulled me in and hugged me. My friends were shocked and I told them To give him a pillow and he looked at them and hugged the pillow instead. I told them that "He hugs anything he sees before sleeping ahahha" So after minutes they were gone and I decided to hug him back, so I did. He turned and faced at me with our foreheads touching. Then after a while he puked right at me. Oh God, it sucked. I brought him to the bathroom. Our friends didn't want to wash the puke out of him. So I decided to wash his face and shoulder. I changed his shirt and I changed my shirt to. He tried to puke again and he suddenly told me "You're different than the others, Your one of th------ *Pukes*" Well that was a cliff hanger. we got back at bed and after a few minutes he faced me and he was slowly trying to kiss me and a friend got in he looked up. GOD WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN, I WAS SO CLOSE. That's the end of that part now back to the girls he was courting. The girl was very strict and she always treats him like his the wrong person all the time. Then his heart was broken. He started to cut himself. The cut was a writing of I'm Sorry. I saw it on Facebook then I called him but he wasn't answering. So I went to his his house. The cuts were deep and he drank lots of pills. One of true friends came in. It was a girl and she started to talk some sense to him. She cried first then I cried too he saw me and he didn't show his face to us but he started crying. Then when we finally got some sense into him, he kept on sticking beside me. Then a few weeks has passed and I told him that he was hugging me while sleeping. He said with a questioning face "really?" I said yes. And ever since he didn't hug me again. I was disappointed and I regret telling him. Then a few weeks more we kept on fighting. Not physically but through texting. So now we are okay but we haven't seen each other for weeks. Actually tomorrow I'm going to meet him again with a couple of friends. I can't wait to ask him if I could stay at his place for the night in the weekend. I wanna see if he missed me. So I want to know your opinions if I should tell him what I fell or wait for him to tell me how he feels or just give up..
  25. Tsukino Jun. The one who communicates differently then others. Despite his unabbilties, he is a strong-willed and talented young-man. There is just one thing. He is gay and badly wants to meet someone who understands his way communicating.. Who understands his passion for music. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't find someone who thinks exactly the way he thinks. The first day on college, changed his whole life, when he met someone. Too bad that it is his Sensei.. @Yaoiloverxxa & @rainbowman
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