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  1. Lustsora


    Summary A BL situation drama featuring lots and lots of dirty talk! Over 138 minutes of content! [Characters] Amber Hoshimiya (CV: Ryou Katagiri) 28 years old, 170cm A young businessman with a great body. He's been a model most of his life, but now he's focusing more on his role as a CEO and influencer. He's popular and successful, but most of his relationships are one night stands with other men. He never gets attached, though. Or so he thought... Hideyuki Yamashita 23 years old, 185cm A young man with a strong sense of justice. He became a police officer so he could help people, and is well-known around town for his good looks and popularity with the local ladies. However, one day he meets Amber, and his life changes completely... [Story] Hideyuki is doing his duty at the local police box when a beautiful young man comes in saying he lost something. But as the man's questions get more and more flirtatious and risque, the case develops in an unexpected direction. Eventually, the trail leads to the young man's hotel room... [Track List] Track 01【出会い】(7:24) Track 02【その後、ホテルに誘われ……】(33:04) Blowjob, nipple teasing and handjob, fingering masturbation, cowboy sex rape, piledriver, dry orgasm, multiple climaxes) Track 03【家に帰ったら不法侵入されてた……】(15:44) (Footjob) Track 04以降のご紹介はプレイ内容のみとなります。 Track 04:(32:24) (Spanking, nipple orgasm, ass-licking, dry orgasm, sumata) Track 05:(34:14) (Multiple climaxes, squirting, dry orgasm) Track 06:(17:06) Download here : Mega I bought it from DLSITE by myself, SO PLEASE DON'T REPOST OR SHARE THIS FILE ON THE OTHERS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!
  2. AshaSHX


    Title : Afurete Koborete Gaman Dekinai [溢れて零れて、我慢できない] Release Date : February 26th 2020 Seiyuu : Nakajima Yoshiki(中島ヨシキ), Yashiro Taku(八代拓) link https://www.musicjapanet.com/Music/Product/Drama-Cd-Yoshiki-Nakajima-Taku-CD-4580166733265 https://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/FACA-326 I need this one because I love this manga :') pls reply if you find it 🙏 any file type is fine , but pls share it as MEGA or GoogleDrive or MediaFire
  3. shamelessfujoshi92

    Takane no Hana wa Chirasaretai

    Takane no Hana wa Chirasaretai Mangaka: Sakyo Aya Cast: Tadokoro Hinata x Terashima Takuma Release year: 2021 Download: MEGA Omegaverse. The manga is pretty nice, go check it out! 😉 PLEASE DON'T REPOST OUTSIDE OF THIS SITE. THANK YOU.
  4. Lustsora

    Begging for Rape, Bewitched by Sex

    Summary A situation drama for adults with lots and lots of dirty words! [Characters] Shizuka Saikawa (CV: Daisuke Shindou) 25 years old, 173 cm A young yakuza boss. He's young, proud, and handsome, and thanks to his cool demeanor and fighting strength, he's fearless. He's also well-liked by the people in his neighborhood, and makes sure not to run any businesses that might hurt anyone. He never smiles during business, He plans to live his life in a way that people respect. But a certain incident with a detective puts everything at risk... Satoshi Tsuda 28 years old, 185 cm A young police detective investigating a drug-related incident. He often visits Shizuka in the course of his investigation, and soon discovers he has feelings for him. He's a good detective and always gets the job done... but will his luck run out...? [Story] When Shizuka catches word that some of the younger guys were selling drugs, he's furious. But when he confronts them, he gets a taste of THEIR own medicine and ends up in quite a state... And as his humiliation continues, he begins to beg for it on his own... [Track List] 01【土下座懇願】(04:00) 02【強制口淫】(07:19) 03【号泣合掌レイプ】(14:48) 04:【お清めセックスで本気処女喪失】(16:35) 05:(22:13) 06:(15:03) Download here : Mega I bought it from DLSITE by myself, SO PLEASE DON'T REPOST OR SHARE THIS FILE ON THE OTHERS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Mitsukun

    Meikyuu BAD END ep3 (Voice Drama)

    [Summary] The voice drama version of the popular PINK BAT comic "Meikyuu BAD END ep3 "! Rammy fights in the labyrinth's arena for a chance to escape, but he falls prey to the trap set within and gets r*ped in front of the spectators. What will become of him? [Download] MEGA [Track List] トラック1:「人気者ラミー」 トラック2:「ふたりの最後の試合」 トラック3:「公開レイプショー」 トラック4:「迷宮闘技場」 トラック5:「フリートーク」 [CV] @Buttered_Inu (as Rammy) Ataru Nikaisen (as Glam / Werewolf) UmanamiPegasus (as Ant) I bought this myself, so please DO NOT share outside this forum! Enjoy~
  6. feloosha

    Bouai Friendship

    Bouai Friendship + bonus track and free talk, no booklet Fifth Avenue | Released 2/13/19 Satou Takuya x Shirai Yuusuke Download (mediafire) My own copy, no password. I uploaded this around the end of August but it may have been wiped with the transfer of the site because it's nowhere to be found and I only just realized this lol. The files are raw, so pretty big; if anyone wants to compress them to MP3s and provide a link feel free to do so. Enjoy!
  7. Idk if anyone has done this already..... but I can't find this CD anywhere so here we are Circle: KZentertainment Release date: Apr/19/2020 Voice Actor: AKITO / 羽矢杉夜狼 / 二回戦中 / 鬼頭包 / 機動力 Product summary: Shimabuue's popular comic is back with a voice drama! [Synopsis] Aoi, a young man in the village who lost his parents when he was young and was raised by his father-in-law who is the village chief One day when "Ookami-sama" disappeared from the village, he was appointed as "Ogami-sama" from his birth. Aoi agreed with the village and for his father-in-law, but the reality of "Ookami-sama" was very different from what he had imagined ... There are elements such as bondage, father-in-law attack, multiple person attack, aphrodisiac, foreign body insertion (Higo potato stalk), pleasure fall, etc. Link: https://www.dlsite.com/bl/work/=/product_id/RJ283987.html Note: It also has a sequel called "Ookamisama: Attraction" and comes with manga (image down below). If someone is able to buy these, I would be very very appreciated. Thanks in advance! Sequel "Ookamisama: Attraction" Manga:
  8. shamelessfujoshi92

    Fuck Buddy

    DOWNLOAD: MEGA This is my first time posting, so please let me know if there's any problem. And... PLEASE DON'T REPOST OUTSIDE OF THIS SITE. THANK YOU.
  9. "I've never cried in my life, and yet I am now... How did you do this with your touch alone? I want more... teach me more... there's so much I don't know." [Characters] Chiya (18) - CV: Akitsuki Yuto 167cm Occupation: Shrine assistant An orphan raised his whole life to be a sacrifice for a god in a village that still practices the old traditions. Thanks to essentially being treated as a sex slave, he sees himself as inherently impure. The only thing that keeps him going is thinking of the day he'll finally be at peace, the day of his sacrifice. He doesn't often display emotion unless he's being used for sex; that's when he moans loudly. His emotions start to return to him after the Moon God ends up not devouring him. The Moon God (appears about 20) - no voice 190cm Occupation: God A misanthropic local god. Even though the village he protects still clings to tradition, many are still moving away and belief is growing worryingly thin. After 20 years without a sacrifice, he instead takes pity when Chiya is presented to him, and decides to treat Chiya like a real spouse. He usually takes human form, but when he gets emotional he'll forget himself and change into a beastly shape. He's returned all previous sacrifices to the village, or sent them to the next town over. [Story] In the modern era, belief in the gods of old is waning. But in a certain rural village, traditions still live on. A young man named Chiya has been chosen as a bride (really a sacrifice) for the local deity. Abandoned in front of the village gates since birth, he was picked up and subjected to endless sexual abuse. His only hope was that one day he'd be devoured by the deity. But when that day comes, he's moved by the spirit's plight, and his feelings begin to change. MEGA (decryption key is in the hidden contents bellow) [Track List] Track 01 (04:55) Track 02 (13:42) (Kissing, blowjobs) Track 03 (20:41) (Masturbation, handjob) Track 04 (27:06) (Half beast transformation, creampie) Track 05 (23:57) (Display, sex, creampie) Track 06 (20:12) Hey guys, it's Yaoyao. I'm back with another amazing work by Akizuki Yuto. Man this one is a true tear-jerker *sob* Also please pay attention to how Chiya's voice changes from his first encounter with Moon God to the moment he finally learns what true love is *wink wonk* You know the drill, NO REPOSTING anywhere. I don't want to be discouraged from sharing with you guys at all ; v ; Have fun listening!
  10. ReasonBlack10

    Mitsuhada Bijin (蜜肌美人)

    Si algun alma caritativa encuentra este CD DRAMA o lo tiene descargado ya que fue uno de los primeros que he escuchado y mi comienzo en el mundo fujoshi. Me hablen por privado o en los comentarios lo suben, el link que puse en youtube esta en la version casi completa pero aun así esta igual de bueno que el original. LINK YOUTUBE: https://youtu.be/hiIjZWbQkCo Let's Start Listening To At 1:00:00 Synopsis: Rakui es un estudiante universitario con un fetiche de piel. Se enamora de Yukimura, que tiene una piel hermosa. ¿¡Pero el otro lo trata mal, casi como a un perro...!? Pairing: Kondou Takashi × Nojima Kenji ( 近藤隆 × 野島健児 ) Autor: Takami Jiro (隆巳ジロ) Release Date: 2010/01/27
  11. Guest

    Coyote ( RE-UPLOAD)

    Download : broken link Password : giamBYKFEEkGPnO_Lp_VeA ( The cd is complete - all track + Mini Drama + free talk)
  12. Fgcc

    Looking for this blcd help !!!

    Hello! I recently found a that goes like this: two guys are doing it in a storage room of some sort but the neighbors arrive next door and they have to be quiet for a bit while the neighbors look for something. Then they leave and the seme, because he was holding back, starts doing the uke roughly until both cum. Their names were Kei and Haruka I think, does anybody know what manga it belongs to? Or the name of the CD?
  13. 作品紹介 ★135分の特大ボリュームでお届け!!★ 「これより僕は、旦那様の従属悪魔……え? ぁ、はい……お嫁さん、です……」 魔界から嫁取り!? クラスメイトの性奴隷化していた落ちこぼれ悪魔が、魔力の強い旦那様に召喚されめちゃくちゃ 愛されちゃうBLシチュエーションボイス! ★愛妻家魔力チート攻め × 自分に自信のない不憫悪魔受け★ ■キャラクター 受け:アクマ君 悪魔学校に通う青年悪魔。 座学は優秀だが、魔力をほとんど持たないため実戦がてんでダメな劣等生。 クラスメイトから日常的に暴力を振るわれ、休み時間や放課後はもとより授業中ですら犯し尽くされている。 元々純粋で天真爛漫な性格だったが、そんな生活を送る内すっかり萎縮し周囲全てに怯えるようになった。 とある放課後、寮の部屋から人間界へと召喚され、召喚者である攻めと従属契約を結ぶ。 炊事洗濯等の家事は大得意で、契約者の旦那様のために甲斐甲斐しく働く。 攻め:旦那様 魔界から嫁を召喚する、という一大決心の元、独学で黒魔術(悪魔召喚)を習得した三十路男。 人間界で普通に生きる分には全く何の影響もないが、実は魔力が底無しに多い。 魔法陣から出てきたアクマ君に一目惚れしその場でプロポーズ、それを契約命令と受け取ったアクマ君と従属契約を結ぶ。 本人は結婚したつもりでいるため、アクマ君には『旦那様』と呼ぶよう望む。 ■あらすじ 魔界唯一の教育機関、悪魔学校に通うアクマ君は、生まれ持った魔力に恵まれず、クラスメイトか ら底辺以下の扱いを受けていた。 日々の暴力や陵辱に絶望しながらも、完全実力主義の悪魔学校では誰に相談することもできない と思い、心を殺して受け入れている。 ある日寮の部屋で輪姦されていた時、突然体が光り出し人間界に召喚されてしまう。 そこで待ち受けていたのは……従属契約(プロポーズ)だった。 契約によって手に入れた膨大な魔力と、旦那様の優しさに戸惑い、受け入れ、彼は徐々に心を開 いてゆく。 生きる意味すら見失っていたアクマ君が、愛する人と幸せを手に入れる物語。 ■収録内容 ・トラック01.蹂躙と召喚 (10:24) (プレイ内容:モブ悪魔に犯されるアクマ君 イラマ、輪姦) 「ふぁっ……はぁっ……はぁっ……ごめんなさいごめんなさいごめんなさい……あっ……んっ……」 「僕みたいな下等生物が……んっ……生意気にも射精しようとして、ごめんなさい……」 「ぅ……皆様にたくさんお尻を虐めていただいて、気持ち良く、なってしまいましたっ……」 「ただ無意味についているだけの、使う予定もない童貞ちんぽから……」 「無駄種を、吐き出そうとしました……っ……申し訳っ、ございませんっ……んっ、んっ、んっ……」 ~~~ 「んっ……ふ……ぇ……? な、なに、僕の体が……光って……る?」 「これは……召喚魔法……!?」 「あ……いや……助け、て……召喚、され、ちゃ……!?」 ・トラック02.プロポーズと従属契約 (19:30) (プレイ内容:フェラ) 「……やだ、殴らないで……ごめんなさい……」 「僕にできることなら何でもします……! おちんぽにご奉仕するくらいしか能がないけど」 「それで良ければ僕の身体をどう使ってもらっても構いません!」 「お願いします、痛いのは、嫌……いや、なの……」 「……ぇ?あの……その、箱は? ……指、輪? お兄さんの左手についてるのと、お揃い……?」 「ふぇっ?! ……お嫁さんに、なって、欲しい?」 ~~~ 「んっ……濃い匂い……これが、興奮した人間の、におい……っ」 「んっ……くちゅ…んぅぅ…」 「ビクビクしてる……もう、少しっ……」 「……ご、くん…、  ふぅ……ぺろ……」 「人間の精液……悪魔のより、、凄く、美味しい……んっ……はぅ……」 ・トラック03.契約の完了とフェラ (21:12) (プレイ内容:フェラ) 「っ……?! ぁっ……なに、を……?!」 「んっ……あ、だめ、旦那様……旦那様が僕の汚いちんぽ、咥えるなんて、いけません、ふぁっ!」 「あっ! あっ! あっ!旦那様のお口、あ、つい……っ!」 「なんで……どうし、て……そんなこと……あああっ、ああああっ……!」 「だめ、だめだめ、出ちゃい、ますっ……ゴミちんぽから、劣等ザーメン、で、ちゃうぅ」 「あっ……だめ、射精は、だめ、なのぉ……無駄種、出したらっ……出したら、お仕置きっ……」 「痛いの……熱いのぉ……やだ、だめっ……射精だめぇ! っあ! ああ、ああああああっっっ!!!」 ・トラック04.新婚初夜と漲る力 (12:05) (プレイ内容:旦那様との初セックス) 「旦那様っ……旦那様ぁ……っ……もっといっぱい、奥、突いてぇ……」 「あひゅ……あっ、あっ……きもちいおちんぽで、掻き混ぜて、僕の中グチャグチャにしてぇ……っ!」 「いいっ……いいいっ……ぐ、うぐぅ……イく、イっちゃう……射精しちゃうっ……」 「旦那様のおちんぽに、射精、させられちゃううううぅぅぅっっ!!!!!」 ・トラック05.一時帰宅と遠距離エッチ (19:22) (プレイ内容:魔法による遠距離セックス、モブ悪魔による強制イラマ) 「それじゃあ、行ってきますね」 「こっちに戻る時は僕が魔法陣を発動させます」 「転移の魔法は召喚より必要魔力量も少なく済みますし」 「用事が全て終わったら、ちゃんと自分で戻って来るので大丈夫!」 「しばしの、お別れを(短いキス) では……」 ~~~ 「うっ……ぐ……なに……?!」 「……ぁ……な……あなたたち、どうしてこんなところに?!」 「 ……ぇ、僕のこと、ずっと探してた……?」 「ぁ……ぁ……ち、違うんです……! 逃げたわけじゃなくて! 偶然、あの時召喚されてしまって!」 「本当に、僕の意思で、皆様から逃げたわけじゃ……!」 以降の詳細は是非本編でご確認ください♪ ・トラック06.旦那様と告白 (12:51) (慰めキス、フェラ) ・トラック07.特殊魔法と淫紋 (19:00) (分身フェラ 陰紋で子宮を生成) ・トラック08.おねだりと種付けセックス (16:17) (プレイ内容:子作り本気セックス、中出し、連続絶頂) ・トラック09.アクマ君と幸せな新婚生活 (4:17) (エピローグ) Download here: Mega I bought it from DLSITE by myself, SO PLEASE DON'T REPOST OR SHARE THIS FILE ON THE OTHERS PLACE!!!!!!!!!! I'll tell again for whoever don't know, I already added 'SEX with YOUR FRIEND! ~A Hottie 's ANAL becomes a PUSSY~' that have a script. Link is at the REPLY of under that topic when June 9th.
  14. BLCD: Unmei no tsugai ga omae da nante/運命の番がお前だなんて ("It's Your Fateful Turn") RELEASED: 2021 AUTHOR: Haruta BRAND: Movic STARRING: Okitsu Kazuyuki x Masuda Toshiki Pretty desperate for this one lol thank you in advance!!
  15. Lustsora

    Twins ~Pretending Master & Servant~

    "Let's have some different sex." Twins in a relationship have flirty-dirty sadomasochistic car sex! A BL voice drama that a voice actor plays two characters. 3 tracks + 1 cast's commentary track Production: Eisyodo CV: Eito Illustration: Shiroma Download here : Mega I bought it from DLSITE by myself, SO PLEASE DON'T REPOST OR SHARE THIS FILE ON THE OTHERS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Lustsora

    Nurtured by Gourmet Demons

    A delinquent bottom catches the eye of some incubi and is cumsucked gently and forcefully by turns in this 3-way story. CAST as Hiroshige: onenight_love as Hideyoshi: Takezou Koike as Hokusai: Ataru Nikaisen Download here : Mega I bought it from DLSITE by myself, SO PLEASE DON'T REPOST OR SHARE THIS FILE ON THE OTHERS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Lustsora

    Innocent Dog Volunteers for Training

    The training begins in the Master's underground chamber... Minoru has found his ideal master, but before he can become his dog, he's got to complete one week of training. Can he do it...? Minoru: A college student who discovered his masochistic leanings the day his senpai raped him. He has a thing for being mistreated, and so he lets his partners totally control his life. Master: A man in his early 30s. He's had no pet since his previous pet betrayed him. He prefers to enjoy lots of different pets at the SM Club. He's quite a sadist and prefers to control his partners This is a hardcore SM audio work. Please check the content before purchase. Download here : Mega I bought it from DLSITE by myself, SO PLEASE DON'T REPOST OR SHARE THIS FILE ON THE OTHERS PLACE!!!!!!!!!! Recently, I'll post my BLCDs that I have alternate with BLCDs that I want someone to post in YaoiOtaku. P.S. Covid made me do something weird
  18. 魁皇月

    BLCD Request

    BLCDリクエスト: Afurete koborete、gaman dekinai(溢れて零れて、我慢できない) 優先ホストリンクサービス:MEGA リリース日:2020年2月26日 出演:なかじまよしき、やしろたく https://e-fifth.net/spsite/afurete/ 本当に欲しい...‪(T_T)‬
  19. 40日間の調教開発生活 (40 Nikkan no Choukyou Kaihatsu) Dlsite PLEASE!
  20. Please do not re-post/share on other sites and platforms. Thanks! あの日の放課後、僕たちは。 二人が近づくトワイライト 皓太×陽貴 Based On: Original BL Drama CD Scenario Illustrator/s: 真嶋しま、イコ Release Date: 2020/08/26 【 作品紹介 】 陽貴と皓太は、とある田舎町で一緒に育った幼馴染の仲良しコンビ。 高校3年生の今年、大学受験のため勉強にあけくれる日々を送っていた。 「春になったら、この町を出て離れ離れになる」という漠然とした不安を胸に秘めていた11月のある日、 帰路の途中で起こったある出来事をきっかけに、二人はお互いに向ける感情について自問自答を始める。 この想いは友情なのか、それとも……二人がたどり着く答えとは……? ≪出演≫ 藍羽皓太 : CV.伊東健人 茜陽貴 : CV.石谷春貴 Pairing: Itou Kento × Ishiya Haruki (Regular Edition) Source: animate-onlineshop MEGA Heya guys! Here's the second part, Kouta × Haruki! Haruki × Kouta ver. can be found here → LINK Ripped from my own copy. I saw that no one has shared this one yet so I just bought my own. Enjoy~ DO NOT repost. If I see this elsewhere, the reposters will be warned and/or directly reported. I'll remove the link if others won't abide by the rules. No re-uploading of the files allowed.
  21. Link and Ring(リンク アンド リング) Auther : Yuruko Tsuyuki   Cast:Kazuyuki Okitsux Kenji Nojima Release: 2019/12/27 MEGA Hello,I want to share the CD I bought recently. It's a good and soothing CD. enjoy!!
  22. Original Name : オリジナルBLCD「インモラル・トライアングル」 Case2.ネトラレ トライアングル Release Date :Feb 08, 2017 Artist :Tarusuke Shingaki, Takuya Sato, Makoto Furukawa LINK
  23. Horny Pilot's Sex Flight [Sequel] ~Joining the Mile High Club~ DLSite Link Description from DLSite: ● StoryThe two have come to an understanding.However...The pilot finds himself unable to resist the advances of the forceful co-pilot,who offers to give him “special training” that will build his resistance to temptation...What special in-flight programming does he have in mind?!● Bonus Tracks!CV Daisuke Shindo’s cute No-no list, and an unscripted Cast Talk!● Track List01 TRACK1 (24:07)02 TRACK2 (25:22)03 TRACK3 (21:06)04 NG集 (02:27)05 CAST TALK (07:41) I've been a lurker for a while but I finally bit the bullet and purchased a few CDs of my own 👀. I tried to check and see if this has been posted before, but I couldn't find it so...! The first of the series was one of the first CDs that I downloaded from this forum so I decided to buy and share the sequel if anyone else was looking for it! Enjoy! This is my first time posting so let me know if anything's gone wrong and I'll do my best to fix it! ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Link *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
  24. Product summary Title: A True Story! The Super Heaven Incident ~A Savage Sex Club's Plan To Brainwash A Member Of The Football Club~ Story Part 1: Ichijo brings Shintaro into the bathroom. He decides to move beyond Super Heaven members and have Shintaro sleep with the Football Club instead... Blindfolded and with headphones on, Shintaro starts sucking off the strange men around him... Totally unaware that they're his own teammates. *In the second half, Shintaro's girlfriend back home gets to see the action live in a video call. Part 2: Shintaro's been left alone in an old school building. He's gotten a lot of use out of his ass lately. The Football Club decides to have some fun by forcing him to put on a one-man show with a dildo. Ichijo makes a guest appearance and turns it into another step of Shintaro's training... *Shintaro's hypnotized state is even stronger now! He's trained to ejaculate endlessly on command just by counting! Part 3: Ichijo's brainwashing is finally complete. Shintaro is set to perform onstage at a group sex party organized by Super Heaven. His body is pushed to the limit as he continuously performs a number of unusual sex acts. However, he can't see any of it as it's happening... Ichijo gets Shintaro out of the venue and changes his state of mind... This is a video record of the Super Heaven scandal that occurred at W University. Production:UNDEAD WORLD Illustration:Yuuto Hashimoto Main part:43minutes Screen size:1280x720 (Text: English / Voice: Japanese) Download here: Mega I bought it from DLSITE by myself, SO PLEASE DON'T REPOST OR SHARE THIS FILE ON THE OTHERS PLACE!!!!!!!!!! I'll tell again for whoever don't know, I already added 'SEX with YOUR FRIEND! ~A Hottie 's ANAL becomes a PUSSY~' that have a script. Link is at the REPLY of under that topic when June 9th. PS. You can tell me which my file that can't download. I usually save my CDs in Mega but I'm not update it to become Premium, so it has a limited storage.
  25. Volume 1 BLCD Link It's a google file that should work and have all the tracks. Each tracks follows along from the chapters. I wanted to share the BLCD of Volume 1. Depending how this goes or if the link works or not. I will do volume 2. Let me know if it works or not
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