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  • Human, All Too Human
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  1. The training begins in the Master's underground chamber... Minoru has found his ideal master, but before he can become his dog, he's got to complete one week of training. Can he do it...? Minoru: A college student who discovered his masochistic leanings the day his senpai raped him. He has a thing for being mistreated, and so he lets his partners totally control his life. Master: A man in his early 30s. He's had no pet since his previous pet betrayed him. He prefers to enjoy lots of different pets at the SM Club. He's quite a sadist and prefers to control his partners This is a hardcore SM audio work. Please check the content before purchase. Download here : Mega I bought it from DLSITE by myself, SO PLEASE DON'T REPOST OR SHARE THIS FILE ON THE OTHERS PLACE!!!!!!!!!! Recently, I'll post my BLCDs that I have alternate with BLCDs that I want someone to post in YaoiOtaku. P.S. Covid made me do something weird
  2. AndressaPacheco

    BLCD Request: Sankaku Twilight

    Title: Sankaku Twilight (さんかくトワイライト) Author: Hakata Release Date: 2024/02/28 Cast: Masuda Toshiki (Hara Ikkei) x Horie Shun (Hasegawa Miki), Furukawa Makoto (Aoba Wataru)
  3. ドSおばけが寝かせてくれない 3(中島ヨシキ×白井悠介) 発売日:2022年5月18日 原作:ときしば 出版:メディアソフト Charles Comics ブランド名:フィフスアベニュー ■キャスト 松坂雄二:白井悠介 寺田康祐:中島ヨシキ 松坂遥:堀江瞬 秋山拓実:深町寿成 川村大地:古川慎 松坂一代:原島梢 正志:熊澤玄徳 園原:本橋隼 先生:喜多田悠 刺さる我慢の先の先――……。 「頭の中、康祐でいっぱいだ」 康祐のことを想いすぎて、雄二が××に……!? ■ストーリー 付き合って半年。康祐の受験が終わり、 ようやく本格的に恋人気分を味わえるようになった二人。 日々過激で熱烈になっていく康祐の執着ラブで、雄二の強気デレも加速する。 そんないちゃップルな二人のもとに、 雄二に激似の美少女!?がやって来て――……!! ドS幽霊高校生×開発進む強気童貞リーマンの超人気BL、第3弾!!2枚組でCD化!! ■トラックリスト 1.第1話 2.第2話 3.第3話 4.第4話 5.第5話 6.第6話 7.第7話 8.おまけ ■特典トラック 「キャストコメント」…白井悠介、中島ヨシキ。堀江瞬。CDに収録されたおまけキャストコメント。 ファイル形式(mp3/256k/rar):DL LINK(mega) PW:yaoiotaku-akiaki22.10.06 Hi~ I purchased it myself = ̄ω ̄= ※ Please don't use the mp3 for other purposes! ※ Please don't reupload or share anywhere outside yaoiotaku! Thank you! Enjoy~ (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ 【PS: If the subject is repeated、please let me know. Thanks~】
  4. Chainee25

    Gochisou Omega ha Chuu to Naku BLCD

    Gochisou Omega ha Chuu to Naku Release Date: 10/19/2022 Sachio Kurumizawa: Kenji Nojima Shinobu Ukano: Kazuyuki Okitsu Tomo Yoshiki: Yusuke Shirai Master: Daisuke Hirose Kobi: Kodai Sakai All CD's I uploaded, I Bought it!!! Please don't uploaded in other plataform without permission! https://mega.nz/folder/RBgRTIzI#H9cdZ4p_HoJicpTduJD0Mg
  5. Boku no Omawari-san (My Pretty Policeman) BLCD Drama CD of "Boku no Omawari-sani" Manga by Niyama. Download Links: MEDIAFIRE : password: Policeman Contents: Disc 01 (Tracks 1-6) INCLUDES BOOKLET Cast: Seiji Tajima: Tarusuke Shingaki Shin Nakamoto: Makoto Furukawa Pairing: Makoto Furukawa x Tarusuke Shingaki
  6. Yamashii Koi no Hajimekata [やましい恋のはじめかた] Illustrator : KOTO Sato Release Date : 2021/01/20 Thanks You T^T.
  7. 腐男子召喚~異世界で神獣にハメられました~ 3巻CD付特装版 special episode「凪と琴音のセッ●スしないと出られない部屋」 原作・イラスト: 藤咲もえ 発売日: 2021年04月09日 再生時間:約17分 キャスト: 凪:佐藤拓也 合津原琴音:石谷春貴 ストーリ: 腐男子召喚~異世界で神獣にハメられました~ 3巻CD付特装版(CD付書籍) 累計20万部突破(紙+電子累計)の大ヒット異世界BL、待望のドラマCD化!! ドラマCD収録のスペシャルエピソードは「凪と琴音のセッ●スしないと出られない部屋」編!! 「神獣の御子」として、男しかいない異世界に召喚された腐男子・合津原琴音。 壁になるはずが神獣・凪と恋に落ち、青龍とその御子として番(つがい)になったのだった。 子宝にも恵まれラブラブな2人だったが、ある日、凪からのプレゼントのバングルをなくしてしまった琴音は、屋敷の怪しい部屋に足を踏み入れてしまい…!? ファイル形式:mp3(rar/256k) DL LINK(mega):https://mega.nz/file/YdtFRZrC#8zZZOolO-WRWI2Gzqpx6vqx4grycJ8npbBqRHdRLf9I PW:yaoiotaku-akiaki22.06.08 Hi~~ I purchased it myself. Please don't reupload or share anywhere outside this site! Thank you! Enjoy~ 【PS: If the subject is repeated、please let me know. Thanks~】
  8. ≪キャスト≫ 合津原琴音:石谷春貴 凪:佐藤拓也 由亜:三月華月 ジル:一条和矢。 ドラマCD収録のスペシャルエピソードは「由亜とジルのプレゼント大作戦」編!! 凪と琴音がケンカをしていると誤解した由亜は、仲直りができる「ラブラブの果実」を取りに行くことを決意。ジルと一緒に冒険へ出発することに!? 一方、その果実にはHなヒミツがあって、ノリノリの凪は?由亜とジルの活躍と凪と琴音のイチャイチャがたっぷり詰まった特別編!! 【本編内容は通常版と同じです。】 DRAMA CD: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1F5Gt4OLq9XPU2LVCjf9Q4cfsmLGFfQib?usp=sharing
  9. DL SITE : https://www.dlsite.com/bl-touch/work/=/product_id/RJ01099351.html
  10. Did anyone have this CD? https://www.dlsite.com/bl-touch/work/=/product_id/RJ01123074.html I tried to listen from the sample and it is really really good. No wonder it's so popular on DL site i wish someone who have this want to share the joy with us
  11. JenovaVII

    Doushiyoumo Nai Keredo BLCD

    Title: Doushiyoumo Nai Keredo Cast/Pairings: Kusunoki Taiten x Takeuchi Ken Download Doushiyoumo Nai Keredo Drama CD: | Drama CD| Booklet | -- The manga can be found here. For download re-upload requests, post here so the staff notices them. Note: Please only ask for re-upload if none of the download links work after checking ALL the pages of the thread. Thanks! YO Staff
  12. Title: Kitayama-kun to Minamiya-kun (北山くんと南谷くん) Author: Satou Sugar Release Date: 2024/03/29 Cast: Nishiyama Koutaro (Kitayama Yuki) x Hirose Yuya (Minamiya Ayumu)
  13. Lustsora

    Ninja's Hole ~Iga Ninja Trainee~

    Summary Yosuke's from a ninja clan, but he's not exactly in fighting shape. Even so, he wants to take the ninja test... of lovemaking!? No matter what happens, he can't react -- even though the proctor is his childhood friend Choujirou! Yosuke will do anything to be a ninja... but his overly sensitive body and his friend's expert techniques may put that dream on hold! - An erotic BL audio work - Audio features Yosuke only. - Includes wet and thrusting SFX. Characters Yosuke Kouzuki (CV: Yuusei Noki) A modern-day descendant of a prestigious ninja clan. But he's not very fast... or good with shuriken... Despite his clumsy nature, though, everybody loves him. He wants more than anything to be a ninja. Choujirou Murasame (Unvoiced) Yosuke's handsome and talented childhood friend who's already a ninja. He has feelings for Yosuke and wouldn't let anyone else proctor his exam. He's worried about Yosuke's ability to pass. Track List 1. 下忍試験の巻 14:06 2. 下忍試験追試の巻 9:23 3. 仕返しえっちの巻 11:17 4. 初任務の巻 16:09 5. 救出の巻 22:13 Download here : Mega I bought it from DLSITE by myself, SO PLEASE DON'T REPOST OR SHARE THIS FILE ON THE OTHERS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!
  14. shamelessfujoshi92

    Takane no Hana wa Chirasaretai

    Takane no Hana wa Chirasaretai Mangaka: Sakyo Aya Cast: Tadokoro Hinata x Terashima Takuma Release year: 2021 Download: MEGA Omegaverse. The manga is pretty nice, go check it out! 😉 PLEASE DON'T REPOST OUTSIDE OF THIS SITE. THANK YOU.
  15. kumatan-chan


    Please do not re-post/share on other sites and platforms. Thanks! 25-Ji, Akasaka de (25時、赤坂で) Based On: Manga Author: 夏野寛子 Release Date: 2020/12/16 【 作品紹介 】 新人俳優の白崎由岐(26)は、大学の先輩で超人気俳優の羽山麻水(28)と同性愛ドラマで共演することになった。 ゲイ役の芝居感が掴めない白崎は、男に抱かれてみようとハッテン場へ。 そこでなぜか羽山に捕まり、相手を買って出られる。 即物的に始まった関係だったが、精緻な美貌と圧倒的なオーラの羽山に 甘く、心ごと抱き込まれ、白崎は恋心を自覚した。 しかしドラマ撮影は終わりに近づき――。 ≪出演≫ 羽山麻水 : CV.佐藤拓也 白崎由岐 : CV.斉藤壮馬 Pairing: Satou Takuya × Saitou Souma (2 Disc Set) |Track List| DISC 1 1.scene.1 2.scene.2 3.scene.3 4.scene.4 DISC 2 5.scene.5 6.Bonus track①「あの日のその後」 7.Bonus track②「パリにて」 8.Cast comment |Download| MEGA One of the few CDs I left in my drive and almost forgot about it 😂. I had to dig this up 'coz the second vol. is going to be released this year!! My heart is at bliss but my wallet is hyperventilating XD. Please tell me if there's something wrong with the link/file and I'll fix it. ENJOY! Ripped from my own copy. Please consider buying your own if you can to support the author! DO NOT re-post/re-share/hotlink or else link will be removed.
  16. Shangri-La no Tori BLCD シャングリラの鳥 Birds of Shangri-La Story/Illustrator: Zariya Ranmaru Voice Actors: Matsuda Kenichirou (Top/seme) x Nakajima Yoshiki (Bottom/uke) Characters: Apollo (Top/seme) x Phi (Bottom/uke) BLCD 1 Release Date: 10/28/2020 Length Duration: 1 Hour 21 Minutes Track List: 2 Discs DISC 1 1. Act 1 2. Act 2 3. Act 3 DISC 2 1. Act 4 2. Act 5 [Please note that the any English translated scripts for BLCD’s can be enjoyed with or without the use of audio/BLCD.] NO AUDIO TRACKS. NO BLCD. BLCD 1 SUMMARY: Apollo, a straight man, is employed as an entertainer at “Shangri-la”, an exclusive male brothel. It is a sort of paradise for gay men seeking sexual fulfillment and thrills. Apollo is taken under Phi, one of the big shots at Shangri-La. Unfortunately in Apollo’s case, he’s never even had experience with men before. His mentor’s personality is promiscuous and often teases Apollo in jest. This leads Apollo to question whether or not his mentor is competent. Then one day through unexpected circumstances, Apollo gets entangled up in Phi’s advances which leads to… SHANGRI-LA NO TORI CD 1 ENGLISH TRANSLATED SCRIPT CLICK HERE
  17. Saezuru tori wa habatakanai Drama CD Vol.7 Paring: Hatano Wataru x Shingaki Tarusuke Description Release Date: 07/28/2021 ◆BL/Yaoi Genre Specifications: 2 CD Set Catalog Number: FFCL-51 ≪Cast≫ Tarusuke Shingaki Wataru Hatano Toru Okawa Kazuyuki Okitsu Takuya Sato Yoji Ueda Kenta Miyake Toshiki Masuda Yuko Mori Toshiki Iwasawa ...and more mega link Password: thetahaaa~ofmirioissocute
  18. anhemiruki

    Eto irokoi zoushi

    Eto irokoi zoushi(十二支色恋草子) auther : Machio isami Release date :2020/11/20 Cast:Shingaki tarusuke x Saito soma MEGA Don't upload to other sites. please enjoy!
  19. I want to purchase some cd dramas but I don’t want the physical disc (I don’t want to pay for the shipping hshs) so anyone knows where can I purchase them in digital format? 😩😩
  20. Title: Front Seat Funeralwear Fuck ~Student's Secretly Slutty Salaryman Virginity Loss~ Author: 悶絶納豆汁 Release date: 27/01/2022 CV: Kappagari Synopsis High schooler Kaname is a mourning-wear fetishist. It all started 5 years ago when he saw his beloved cousin Yu having sex in mourning wear after a family member's funeral. The thick, black, brand-new mourning-wear falls away, revealing arms, legs, and genitals shining white in the moonlight. It was in this moment, where he saw the euphoric expressions and the heavy panting that seemed so out of place, that he had his sexual awakening. Kaname's cousin Yu was hiding his true self from him!!! And that is... That he looooves having sex, and that he has a super high libido! And that his hobby is collecting sex toys! The two reunite one day at a funeral home. "If you're such a nymphomaniac, have lots of experience, and love sex, then take my virginity." The story about a pure and innocent high schooler with a mourning wear fetish getting his cherry popped in a car by an office worker who's secretly a nymphomaniac starts here! [Uke] Kaname Ozeki CV: Kappagari Height: 163cm Occupation: High schooler A pure-hearted black-haired boy with a fetish for mourning-wear! He believed that his cousin Yu was a dependable older brother-like figure, and has been in love with him. He witnesses Yu having sex in his mourning-wear when he goes to a family member's funeral in the countryside, which leads him to become a mourning-wear fetishist. He works at a funeral home. Whenever he masturbates at home, he sniffs the incense on his work clothes and imagines Yu having sex in his mourning-wear. He is secretly a masochist and a pervert. [Seme] Ozeki Yu Age: 26 years old Height: 180cm   Occupation: Office worker He's dependable, and has a puppy-like innocence to him. But underneath that facade, he loves having sex. He has a strong libido and is quite the sadist. He is secretly exploring the world of sex, and his partners range widely from those who are younger than him to even his own uncle. His hobby is collecting sex toys. He loves looking at websites that sell adult goods while at work. Because he lives with his parents, he keeps his collection of toys hidden in his car. Because he is an only child, he was happy to take care of Kaname as a younger brother. He wants Kaname to keep thinking that he is a dependable and kind older brother-like figure. Track List Track 1 (04:40) Contents: Masturbating to a fantasy "Huff, huff, huff, huff! I came again...! Huff!" "What would Yu say if he saw me? Would he coldly call me a pervert like on that night?" "Huff...! That was dangerous... I almost came just from imagining it... Even for me, that's a little..." Track 2 (20:10) Contents: Forced masturbation while sniffing Yu's mourning-wear "Huff, huff, huff, alright...! I'll look into your eyes while I jack off...!" "Eep...! Uh, uh, huff, huff!" "Y-you'll punish me i-if I look away...?! I-I'm not little anymore...!" "Y-you're wrong...! I-I'm not getting turned on from hearing the word 'punishment'! I'm not a masochist...! I'm not...!" "Eep! Urgh! *Sniff* Urghhh! Ah! Huff, huff! Urgh, ah! Y-Yu! Yu! I love you, I love you!" Track 3 (30:34) Contents: Nipple play, dirty talk, handjob, fingering, penetration, anal orgasm, repeated orgasms, bullet vibe on nipples, anal beads. "Ah, ahhh! Y-your fingers are coming inside me! Uh! Ah! When you move them that much, I...! I can't help but! Ah, ah...!" "Eep! Ah, ah?! W-what is this? S-some kind of bump is pressing against me inside! W-wait, Yu! Stop...! I'm scared! Aaaaahhhn!" —— "Aaaahhn! Eeep! I-if you rub it inside me, I...! Ah! Ahhn! I can't help but tighten up around you! M-my ass is gonna take on your cock's shape!" "I-it'll be your personal ass pussy...?! A-are you stupid?! Ah, ah, eep nghhhhh...!" —— "Eep! You're still going?! I've already cum! Y-you can tell it hurts when my asshole clenches down on the beads, right?! *Sniff* Ah, ah! Wait! Please wait! Why won't you wait?!" Track 4 (14:52) Contents: Handcuffs, bondage, electrical anal beads, exhibitionist, light cumming, repeated orgasms, bitch orgasm, kissing. "No! I don't want to admit it! *Sniff!* I-I'm not a slut...! Ahh! Urgh! No! Don't touch my cock right now! Aaaahhh!" "Auuugh! Not my clit penis...! It hurts when you move the onahole so hard! Urghhh! No! Not my nipples too...! I'm seriously gonna go crazy! Ah! Aaaahhhn! *Sniff* Ahh! I'll die, I'll diiiiiiiiie!" "Whyyyy?! I'm crying so hard and begging you to stop! No! Urghhh! Stop! I said I can't do this anymore! Ahhh! It's painful when you touch both at the same time! I'm sorry!" Track 5 (02:36) Listen to this audio for even more enjoyment! Total playback time: Approx. 1 hour and 12 minutes DL: https://mega.nz/folder/85Mg0ZBK
  21. Volume 1 BLCD Link It's a google file that should work and have all the tracks. Each tracks follows along from the chapters. I wanted to share the BLCD of Volume 1. Depending how this goes or if the link works or not. I will do volume 2. Let me know if it works or not
  22. ljun

    Beloved Enemy

    Please don't don't don't don't upload again❗❗❗REUPLOAD, OR SHARE ANYWHERE. THANK YOU! The original BL work "Shinho Taiketsu (English title: Beloved Enemy) Season 1" by Shui QianCheng, a popular Chinese author, is starring a popular voice actor. As a Japanese version voice drama starring Ono Yuuki and Nojima Hirofumi.This time is very, very long, please listen patiently. https://mega.nz/folder/IElgGRKR#5EcKqtWzWpq-SXexKgO94A
  23. Please 🥹🥹 re-upload DLsite : https://www.dlsite.com/bl-touch/work/=/product_id/RJ01090801.html
  24. Original Name : オリジナルBLCD「インモラル・トライアングル」 Case2.ネトラレ トライアングル Release Date :Feb 08, 2017 Artist :Tarusuke Shingaki, Takuya Sato, Makoto Furukawa LINK
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