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Fair Play Novel [All’s Fair #2]

Novel: Fair Play

Author: Josh Lanyon

Genres: Crime, Thriller, Romance

Released: 2014

Part of Book Series: All’s Fair #2

Summary: Fifty years ago, Roland Mills belonged to a violent activist group. Now, someone is willing to kill to prevent him from publishing his memoirs.

When ex-FBI agent Elliot Mills is called out to examine the charred ruins of his childhood home, he quickly identifies the fire for what it is–arson. A knee injury may have forced Elliot out of the Bureau, but it’s not going to stop him from bringing the man who wants his father dead to justice.

Agent Tucker Lance is still working to find the serial killer who’s obsessed with Elliot and can’t bear the thought of his lover putting himself in additional danger. Straightlaced Tucker has never agreed with radical Roland on much–“opposing political viewpoints” is an understatement–but they’re united on this: Elliot needs to leave the case alone. Now.

Tucker would do nearly anything for the man he loves, but he won’t be used to gain Elliot access to the FBI’s resources. When the past comes back to play and everything both men had known to be true is questioned, their fragile relationship is left hanging in the balance.

Post’s Author Opinion:
Note: This is a personal opinion, it does not reflect YaoiOtaku’s official position towards the novel.

I’m not even kidding when I say I’ve been wishing to read this type of novel for a really long time now. This is two of my favourite genres in one and it’s written so well and more than compatible with my wants and taste. It’s great!

In the previous book in the series, Josh Lanyon laid out the premise for this one so quietly and so smoothly. I didn’t really think of Roland as anything more than Elliot’s radical, but very caring father. I surely didn’t anticipate the whole storm that was coming. I didn’t even think much about his house smouldering until it became clear it was arson. This is also a perfect and beautiful example of why I don’t read synopsis or why I hold onto a book until I can only vaguely remember that there was something I liked about it, but I can’t say what.

The second book in the series is a mix of mystery and emotions just like the first one. Elliot is in a rush to find out who wants his father out of the picture, all the while trying to balance his relationship with Tucker and to understand his boyfriend’s point of view.

I must say I was mostly on Tucker’s side in this one, but I still (or maybe that’s why) like Elliot. I understand where he’s coming from and I understand it’s hard for him to come to terms with his limitations, all the while navigating a new relationship (surely, the fact that he’s never been in a serious relationship before doesn’t help), and he is trying. I would like to say he is trying hard, but he’s way too stubborn for that. If anything, Tucker’s the one with the most awareness in this relationship.

And I love them both so much, they are so great together and I bet it’s sometimes so frustrating for Tucker to make sense of what goes in Elliot’s head, but at the same time he is so attentive and so compatible with Elliot. Elliot needs more time than Tucker on some matters, but he’ll work it through at some point, of that I have no doubt. Good thing Tucker is so patient and seems to get a better grip of what Elliot needs and how he functions.

What I’m saying is that in almost every relationship there’s one person who tolerates a bit more than the other, and in this one that person is, unequivocally, Tucker.

Now, to take a break from me gushing over these two, I liked the mystery a lot. Roland surely did some stuff—bad, frowned upon, questionable stuff—in his youth and has his share of secrets that someone does not want to come uncovered. With a pretty impressive list of suspects, some of them Roland’s own good friends, how could someone bring the truth to light? The answer to that is with some perseverance, stubbornness, and an ability to ignore warnings. Who is all that? That’s right, Elliot.

Saying that Elliot cares about his father would be an understatement. They had their fair share of ruffled feathers, but there is no doubt of the love they carry for each other. Elliot tries to keep his father safe, and Roland tries to keep his son safe. Of course, those can’t really co-exists, so more clashing ensues.

The novel took an interesting turn rather quick and I loved speculating and trying to figure out who was behind it. I can also see some hints to what might happen in the next one and I am equally excited to read the third and sad that it’s the last book in the series.

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