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Between Ghosts Novel

Novel: Between Ghosts

Author: Garrett Leigh

Genres: Romance, Military

Released: 2016

Part of Book Series: Standalone

Summary: In 2003, journalist Connor Regan marched through London to add his voice to a million others, decrying the imminent invasion of Iraq. Eight months later, his brother, James, was killed in action in Mosul.

Three years on, Connor finds himself bound for Iraq to embed with an elite SAS team. He sets his boots on the ground looking for closure and solace—anything to ease the pain of his brother’s death. Instead he finds Sergeant Nathan Thompson.

Nat Thompson is a veteran commander, hardened by years of combat and haunted by the loss of his best friend. Being lumbered with a civilian is a hassle Nat doesn’t need, and he vows to do nothing more than keep the hapless hack from harm’s way.

But Connor proves far from hapless, and too compelling to ignore for long. He walks straight through the steel wall Nat’s built around his heart, and when their mission puts him in mortal danger, Nat must lay old ghosts to rest and fight to the death for the only man he’s ever truly loved.

Post’s Author Opinion:
Note: This is a personal opinion, it does not reflect YaoiOtaku’s official position towards the novel.

After reading this novel I feel educated, assuming everything is correct. I don’t know much about military stuff, so I couldn’t tell, but it does make a lot of sense to me.

I enjoyed this novel quite a lot and Garrett Leigh is closer and closer to becoming one my favourite authors.
I liked all of the characters and felt sad when some of them departed. I liked the relationships built between all of them, and the absolute trust they had in each other. The trust was not unexpected, that’s a given, but it was still nice to read about it.

Then there’s Connor and Nat’s relationship which develops at a steady pace since they lay eyes on each other. There was interest almost instantly and I found it all to be believable. They were helped a bit by the circumstances, but I think the result would have been pretty much the same even if they would have met in a park somewhere.

I’m not convinced they were actually in love with each other. There is plenty of lust and definitely falling in love, but I don’t think they were there just yet. I’m not upset about it either way, it’s just how it felt to me, they need a bit more time, but they’ll certainly get there.

I won’t spend too much time analysing it because bottom line is that I enjoyed it a lot, I liked the glimpse into military life and I definitely liked Connor and Nat.

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