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Ai ga Kami wo Korosu Toki Manga

Manga: Ai ga Kami wo Korosu Toki, 愛が神を殺す時, 孽愛殺手, A Love That Conquers Gods, 사랑이 신을 죽일때

Author: Akira Honma

Genres: Drama, Romance

Released: 2006

Status in Country of Origin: Complete

Scanlator: Cross the Oceans Scans, D_moonchild, Sherry

Summary: On his trip to New York City, college examination student Takeru gets lost in the wrong part of town. He gets attacked, but is rescued by a man named Ray. Touched by Ray’s kindness, Takeru can’t help being attracted to him. But then Takeru discovers that Ray is the second-highest-ranking mafia man in New York City. Can love overcome such odds?

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Post’s Author Opinion:
Note: This is a personal opinion, it does not reflect YaoiOtaku’s official position towards the manga.

I read this manga a while ago, but the last chapter was missing so I had it on hold until recently. Now that I read it… I kind of wish the last chapter would have been lost somewhere because I did not like it at all. It’s a side story, not related to the main characters at all and it’s just awful. It soiled all my good experience up until then. So I’m going to force myself to forget about it and instead focus only on Rei and Takeru.

Ai ga Kami wo Korosu Toki was way better than I expected it to be. Reading the synopsis I would already form an idea of what’s coming, and I honestly wouldn’t have been too keen to read it, but I thought I’d go ahead and be done with it. While the plot seems to be same as countless other mangas, it was is so well written, I was delighted to read it. If anything, I would have liked for the manga to be longer and properly go into all that was happening.

I liked the characters, Rei and Takeru made such a nice pair and I loved how considerate Rei was. I would really like more manga characters to resemble him, he was great. Takeru was a little out of his element here and definitely could have used his judgement more, but his actions are understandable.

Also, I agree that the relationship between Rei and Takeru advanced very, very fast, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt and say it’s not impossible and unheard of. I also really liked the consensual part of it and because of that I am willing to see past whatever else.

The art is also really nice, and I enjoyed everything about this manga*.
*sidestory not included

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