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Trace Evidence Novel

Novel: Trace Evidence

Author: Alexa Snow

Genres: Crime, Mystery, Cops, Romance

Released: 2013

Part of Book Series: Standalone (originally published in To Protect and Serve)

Summary: Mitch is a police detective with a life that should be smooth sailing; unfortunately, his boyfriend is getting on his nerves, he has a murder to solve, and he has a mysterious stranger telling him details no one but the killer could know. Can Mitch make sense of the chaos before the killer chooses another victim?

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Note: This is a personal opinion, it does not reflect YaoiOtaku’s official position towards the novel.

Initially, I didn’t expect much from Trace Evidence, judging from the summary. Sure it has the cops element that I like, a little mystery as well as romance, but so do other books I’ve read. Surprisingly, after a few pages in, I found that the plot is quite good. It focuses on Mitchell Anderson, a police detective who is working on a murder case and at the same time facing relationship problems with his long-time boyfriend, Clay Walker.

I wanted to hate Mitch so much for his cowardice in not talking about the issues he thought he was having with Clay. Perhaps the “Seven Year Itch” is a real thing for couples, but from where I stand, Mitch was just looking for things that weren’t there. It got to the point where cheating almost happened, but the “almost” part was only thanks to one of the parties involved having a clear mind to stop.

Mitch’s redeeming qualities extricated him from my hatred. He is a good police detective and his concerns for the victims are real. He also owns up to his mistakes and that might have saved him from a lifelong regret.

Like most novels where the characters screw up with their partners, I would prefer if Mitch groveled some more and Clay stew in anger for a little longer. But overall, I liked that the crime investigation feels real, the characters’ struggles make them seem more human and I’m sure some good messages are thrown in there as well. The dogs and the paranormal bit are good additions to the story too. I’m not sure whether it is appropriate to say this when there had been (fictional) murders, but it was a nice read.

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