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The Omega King Novel

Novel: The Omega King

Author: Libby Clarke

Genres: Non-Shifter Omegaverse, Royals, Romance

Released: 2018

Part of Book Series: Royal Omegaverse (#1)

Summary: He was never meant to be King.

When tragedy strikes the Royal Family of Devaux, the country of Allard is reeling. Their King—and Alpha—has died in a plane crash with no heirs and the next in line for the throne is his younger brother.

Prince Adrian never expected to lose his brother—let alone rule his country. He’d always been content as the second son, he never wanted power, he was happy being a valued member of his brother’s court without the responsibilities of ruling. But now, he must find a way to be the kind of King his beloved brother would be proud of.

There’s just one problem: Adrian is an Omega and the old-fashioned, rigid Parliament laws state that a Royal Omega can only rule if they have an Alpha Consort by their side.

To rule, he must marry.

Bonding and children have always been far off in Adrian’s plans, but now, if he wants to keep the throne from his conniving extended family, he must find an Alpha to marry and produce an heir to secure the Devaux line before parliament—or his greedy relatives—make a move.
Determined to do his duty, Adrian arranges for the most eligible noble Alphas from across Europe to attend a ball at the Winter Palace. He thinks he’ll find someone—maybe a Duke or a Count—who is willing to be a dutiful husband while understanding Adrian will never be a typical Omega.

But Adrian never expected him.

When Callum Forsythe, the 15th Viscount of Roebuck arrives at the Solstice Ball, Adrian is shocked. Years ago, the two butted heads on their posh boarding school’s debate team. Now his boyhood rival is all grown up and then some. The animosity—and heady attraction—that simmered years before bubbles over when the two are face to face again.
But Callum is the kind of Alpha who demands a true partner in all ways. He won’t be ruled—not even by his King. Can Adrian let go of his fears and let his heart rule over his head, just this once?

This sweet and steamy 80K MPreg novel has it all: modern royal intrigue, plots against the Crown, royal weddings, royal babies, a hot-as-hell Alpha and a sweet and sassy Omega!

Post’s Author Opinion:
Note: This is a personal opinion, it does not reflect YaoiOtaku’s official position towards the novel.

The Omega King is one of the best omegaverse books I had ever read. The reason for this was because I felt the story, the characters and everything in between was very well thought of. While reading this book, the setting was so detailed which made it so easy for me to believe the portrayal was as genuine as to the real life royals.

The story was about an omega prince who was suddenly saddled with the responsibility of taking over the throne due to the unfortunate passing of his alpha brother. Adrian wasn’t even given enough time to mourn his loss since the vultures around him were already making plans to get rid of him. But Adrian was an omega who was cherished and well taught by his late brother. In order to honor him, Adrian put a plan in motion to ensure his rights to be king was secured. Surprise came in the form of unexpected allies, and one of them was his former rival and love interest, the Viscount next door, Callum.

I liked the French and English influences in the names, places and setting. The depiction of how royal traditions work was written in an interesting way which really captured my attention to the story. There was a good amount of drama and suspense that worked very well with the plot. Did I mention I really love how the scenes on the royal events were described? It was really beautiful. I loved the author’s imagination on these things.

It was a book I thoroughly enjoy and I have no complaints to make other than the cover could’ve been better and I secretly hope for his brother to turn out alive somewhere. If you’re a fan of this genre, I suggest adding this book to your list and read it soon.

What’s your opinion on The Omega King novel? Please let us know in the comments below.

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