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●REC [Eng Sub]


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●REC (알이씨)




Title: ●REC (알이씨)


Released: 2011


Director: SO Joon-moon


Running time: 1 hr 6 min


Language: Korean (English & Korean subtitles)


Starring: JO Hye-hoon, SONG Sam-dong


Synopsis: To celebrate the 5th anniversary of the day they met, Young-jun and Jun-seok spend the night at a hotel.

Saying one year of a gay equals ten of a straight relationship, Young-jun seems eager to honor "their fifty years" with a small party and lots of sex, insisting to record everything with his camcorder to have an everlasting memory.

At first reluctant Jun-seok soon seems to like the idea of a lewd little shooting. However, it eventually turns out to be much more than that. Fooling around, conveying their feelings, reminiscing about their past and indulging in passion, they experience emotive hours none of them will ever forget.

Their turmoil of emotions subsides with the rising sun, which brings something unexpected to light...




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