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  1. OMG!, I will die if they make a 13 ep ank. like literally just pass out and then proceed to die a very VERY happy death! like it's soo good, I hope they get the budget.cheetah7
  2. Thank you for the friend request ^^

  3. thank you for joining the ERIRI fan club. we shall be starting some club activities soon so we look forward to your participation :). xx

  4. forever erenxlevi ERIRI IS LIFE! ERIRI IS BAE! ॓_॔
  5. no.6 was really good. I wish there were more episodes dealing with shion and nezumi because I saw the other one which was sort of the "second season" but it had new characters and it had nothing to do with nezumi or shion which was a massive let down .....but yeah, no.6 was amazing.
  6. ahrielle_xx

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    an interesting journey guro
  7. aaaaaaaahhhhh ok, that makes sense. because if it ended on chapter 12 that would have been one of the worst endings in living history lol but now that I know there will be more, the universe has been put right again THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR CLEARING THIS UP FOR ME!!! (。◕‿◕。)
  8. wait what, so there are more?!?!? but on their website they're only selling up to chapter 12. so how many chapters are there?!?!? is it the one called 'wrapped around your finger' or is it just called 'chapter 13' (sorry for the really late reply :3, please don't hate me >.
  9. ahhh ok, I thought so but does that mean then that we never find the true identity of the killer and that chapter 12 was the end of the manga?
  10. So I recently just read the last 3 chapters, 10 to 12 and I am really confused as to what just happened? first of all, I still don't know who the killer is, 2nd of all why was there a jump between chapters 8 to 9 (I thought it would be clarified in the later chapters but it wasn't. when katsuya realised the guy wasn't actually the serial killer who had kidnapped him but was the detective who is investigating the murders, and then it cuts to chapter 9 where they're meeting for the first time and he asks katsuya for his help with the crime...what was that all about exactly and why wasn't the ending of chapter 8 every clarified)and is there going to be a third volume or is this it? I am just really confused and slightly annoyed as to how this is the end (if it is the end). If someone can explain to me like the progression of this manga I would greatly appreciate it because I am really confused right now and it's slightly annoying me -_-
  11. oh my god, YES!!!! lol, thank you, I've been trying to find it for a friend of mine who I was telling her about it. thank you so much >.
  12. aaaarrgghhh, this took wayy longer than I thought it would to write, I'm so sorry :'S also I still haven't found a picture of the type of person I'm looking for but I will post once I do (excuse the misgivings of a first time rp-er) Name: Astrael Cahpernum Age: 25 Gender: Male Position: Seme Greatest Fear: Not being in control Occupation: Corporate Lawyer Background and History: Astrael grew up in the lush green English country side. For the beginning parts of his childhood everything was nothing less than perfect. He lived in his parent’s Edwardian mansion which was filled with warmth love and laughter. However, all of this changed when his father died in a plane crash when Astrael was 7 years old. From then on his mother would lock herself in her room for days on end, leaving Astrael to the various nannies, cooks and cleaners she had hired. It was then that Astrael realised that life was a choice; for even though we are all born into this world, we still are given the choice of whether we want to live it or not. We can either forge our destiny, or become disengaged and not truly live. It was then that Astrael key traits began to take root. He believed in not relying on others, on remembering he was his own creator, and to ultimately be in control of his life. It took his mother a couple of years to get over the loss of her husband. However by that time Astrael was already the perfect honors student, captain of the fencing team and also chairman of the Debate Society. His overachiever’s attitude landed him a place in Cambridge University where he studied Law. It was there that he realised that he was bi-sexual. Having gone to an all boys highschool he had had flings and highschool romances with some of his classmates. But on arrival at Cambridge, he realised that he was also attracted to women. After Cambridge he got a job working for a the leading law firm in London, Bakers&Aurington. He specialized in corporate law which entailed spending most of his time trying to find ways for various companies to escape from liability and in bending the law as much as possible leaving room for his clients to use such liberties to create profit. When his mother told him of her plan to remarry, at first the idea made him uncomfortable, but then he accepted it and was happy for her. It was around that time that he started to feel as though he might be in love with his girlfriend Amy. However, this feeling of love quickly dissipated when he found out that she had cheated on him with two other guys. With the whirlwind of breaking up with his girlfriend, and then losing a case for the second time at the House of Lords after an appeal, the bachelor weekend away which had been organised for his mother’s weekend away was a much needed distraction. It was on this trip that he met [name] and consequently slept with him. [name] was not like the other people he had dated, he was something, new and different, like a breath of fresh air. Something which is pure and untainted. However, with the memory of his last relationship with Amy, and a loss of control which he had over his life over the past couple of months, an unsettling feeling of distrust is growing within Astrael, and he is started to feel as though something drastic must be done to keep his life from falling apart.
  13. ahh ok good. thanks. character info should be up soon
  14. yeah, sorry for the wait. It should be done in like 30-40minutes...hopefully oh and btw where do people usually get their pictures of their characters from? are they personally drawn or simply taken from the internet, because since I don't draw would it be ok if I just got mine from the internet? :S
  15. I've ben trying to find this really weird yaoi manga which I read a while back but I can't remember what it was called. It was a oneshot yaoi manga about a highschool guy who goes home to, I think it was his grandfather's house or something, which is like a temple. Upon arriving at the house he's really hungry so he takes the food which has been left out as an offering to the god. When he bites into it, a miniature man appears (like a barbie doll sized man, not a shota or a dwarf), who is the god. One thing leads to another and he starts to fondle the guy with one hand and masturbates with the other. He then wipes some of his cum onto the doll man's mouth which the dollman tastes/drinks which then turns him into a normal sized human. so yeah, does anyone know of this yaoi manga? I know it sounds really weird, but it was actually pretty good and cute lol. thanks
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