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YO Festivals

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.::What are YO Festivals::.


There will be four festivals,one for each season;

- Spring

- Summer

- Fall

- Winter


Supposedly the themes will be freestyle,as long as it gives the feeling of the certain season away.

All festivals will have a deadline,mostly two months for each. It'd be stated ''from - to'',don't worry. (:


.::How to apply for YO Festivals::.


The application will go along with each thread we create,for all four festivals. So all of you won't have to come back here to see how to apply.

The gathered materials though have to be used only in fan made videos,of course,made only by you yourself and no one else.


.::What materials to use::.


You can use images,drama sequences,anime sequences and background music to your likes.

The effects,we leave to your likes as well. If you wish to put any,of course. (:


.::Where to upload/forward the finished video::.


You can upload them on YouTube,Veoh,DailyMotion,Photobucket or other video sharing sites -as long as the video IS NOT set as private.


.::RULES of YO Festivals::.


- No explicit content;

- You can forward us only ONE fan video;

- The finished product MUST be made by YOU;

- Minimum length of your video MUST be at least 1 minute;

- Maximum length of your video IS 3 minutes (No need to be precise,it can be 03:05. No worries) ;

- You have to mention in the video at least once "For YaoiOtaku Festival";

- Be creative.



All who participate will get 2,500 points.

For the winner:

* 10,000 points;

* New special card that can't be bought;

* A set of signature and avatar made by me.


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