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24/7 Unriquited Love...

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New Chap!!! Awesome!! I missed reading smth by you! More! More! :p

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Thank you guys! :D

Glad you still stick to the story, even though it takes forever to update! >_

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Looooooooool dear, laughed my ass off with that gif!! xDDD

Glad you liked it love! :*

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More, more! rabbit4


'I can’t wait for the night to come' I agree with Hiro. rabbit16

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ooohhh noooo!! It is too emotional or I am to emot.... keep uploading XDDD

please... the story is truly good!!


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Are you very busy? I miss badly to read a new chapter. :_red_fox 6

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Forgive my lateness in replying and for the tardness of a new chap...

I've been very busy indeed sweetie... :(

Baby stuff, work stuff... well all sort of stuff... :p


I have next chap like... half written ( xD) so i'm gonna try to finish it as soon as i can and post it.

Oh and... the story's gonna have a little twist... I'm in a mood to be a little mean! onionn6


But please, keep on reading these guys story, i swear i'm gonna try finishing at least this chap so you guys don't forget about them! >__



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I'm happy to read this. Of course I'll read the new chapter. :Red_fox:

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[Reminder: Yui thoughts in Red / Hiro toughts in Blue / Conversations and other characters dialogue in White]



Eleventh Hour




“I’m a mess!




I can’t tell right from left and I’m definitely getting sicker as time goes by.

My face already reflected all colors of the rainbow and threatens not coming back to normal any time soon…

If only I gave it a little more thought when he asked me to dinner, I wouldn’t be in this situation.

But it might be a little too late to regret now. I can’t cancel on him, at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself for the last two hours…

Since I left the company I entered this zombie state like, and I can’t seem to focus or even think clearly, and all that’s been going around in my head is him

Like… what should I tell him…?

What will he want to talk about…?

What kind of questions will he make me answer…? Because I just don’t know if I’m ready to be that open yet.

Even if he was my first experience. Even if he was my first man. I don’t know yet how far will my heart take until it’s too much.

And besides… that pending question on whether he has a girlfriend or not.

I mean, doesn’t really matter my feelings. If he has someone he won’t want me. And that is certain.

And just the thought hurts.

I don’t know how I feel about him, what should I care if he has someone already?!


Do I love him?

I seriously doubt that. Too little time, to actually say I’ve fallen in love.

However, I can’t deny the fact that he is special… Somehow.

I also can deny that I crave for him. I don’t exactly know yet if I only want his body, in order to satisfy my disgusting desires or if there’s something else there.

I’m such a mean, awful person.

Yet, the fact that he knows the truth about me, gives me a sense of relief even when I’m fighting against it.

I think…

I think I should just go and…


I’ll just leave before I change my mind…”






Ready to go!

I’m still kinda stuck to the feeling I rushed into this a little too fast…

But… oh well…

He did say yes… so, I guess I’m good. I guess we’re good, right?!


At least I’ve been chanting this for a while now… I mean, he could have just accepted in order to sort things out, but…

And that sorting out might not be up to my liking.

I can’t shake of the feeling he’s hiding sometin’ from me, and I wanna know what it is.

I really want to get close to him. Even if he has no feelings whatsoever for me, I just…


Ever since that night I just can’t fucking keep him away from my head!

Everything about him makes me crazy.

I can’t be close to him or I’m gonna lose my mind and this shit’s just not normal.

I mean, he’s a dude for fucks sake.

I can’t remember even once, even remotely close, feeling like this for anyone.

Anyone being chicks, cause I don’t remember ever… I mean ever, being infatuated for a guy but… for a dude?! For me to stay this uncontrollable, unfocused and so ready to lose myself is just fucking weird.

He managed to stir somethin’in me I didn’t even know existed…

Shit look at the time.

I gotta run or I’m gonna be late…

And my pulse just decided to go wild on me again… Shit!”



(Meeting at the restaurant)



“Hey. Sorry did you wait long?”

“NO! I mean, no… I just got here myself…”

“Still kinda cold isn’t it…? Let’s go inside? I already called the place, they should already have a table set for us so we won’t need to wait. Are you hungry? They have really good food…”

“Hum… yes, I mean… Yes I’m hungry…”

“Yamashita-san, you don’t need to be so on edge. I won’t do anything that’ll make you feel uncomfortable… we’re just gonna talk. There’s a lot we need to say before starting to work together, don’t you think.”

“I do. I’m sorry I’m so weird. Forgive me… Would you believe me if I told you this is all new to me? I don’t really know how to act, and I can’t seem to calm down. Despite my age, I act like a teenage boy having his first crush.*smile*”

“So you’re saying you feel nervous around me because I make you feel like you have a crush on me?!*smile*”

“PLEASE… please don’t misunderstand! I don’t even know, what a crush really is. I…”


“So embarrassed…”

“Well, I strongly believe we’ve passed that point, don’t you agree?”*smile*

“…*smile* Yes…but the truth is that, it’s still very awkward.”

“I agree. I mean, things between us… Well, let’s just stick with the politically correct… It’s complicated.”

“*smile* Indeed complicated…”

“It’s nice, you know…”

“What is…?”

“Your smile.*Smiles*”

“*Strong blush* Wha…”

“Sorry. Wasn’t my intention to make you feel even more embarrassed but I couldn’t help it.*smile*”


“Hey Hiro! How’s it going…?”

“What’s up Tako-san… Say I called earlier and…”

“I know, I know… table’s all set. I don’t seem to know this young man here!”

“He’s Yamashita Yui-san. He’s… my new boss.”

“Ooooh, got a job already Hiro! Good, good!”

“I… I’m not his boss. I’m only is direct coordinator. Our Boss is someone else.”

“Well, Yamashita-san you are my direct boss. I’ll be under your orders. Isn’t that correct?”

“Well, yes but…”

“It’s ok. We’ll talk about work later. For now let’s just enjoy the food. Tako-san here makes delicious dishes… You’ll see.”


“Say Yamashita-san…”


“Excuse me?”

“Call me, Yui. It’s weird you calling me like that.”

“Well, for once you’re my senior. And also, even with all that happened between us, I still feel I’m not completely comfortable calling you by your first name.”


“Ok, so how’s like this… Yui-san?!”

“*blush* if you are ok like this, I don’t mind…”

“Ok, so Yui-san it is.*smile*”




“Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, anything…”

“Do you… I mean, a man like yourself has one for sure, right?!”

“I’m not sure I’m following you?”

“… a girlfriend, or someone… I mean, someone you hold special… something like that…”

“Oh… I don’t.”


“I don’t. I don’t have a girlfriend. I did have someone special to me until not long ago, but she kinda dumped me so… we agreed that we would be just good friends… We’ve always been friends, and I guess I jumped the gun on that. You see, I always had this sort of dream… Like having a perfect life, and so far all things were really going great. I dreamt about a good job when college ended, a beautiful girlfriend who’d I marry, big wedding, big house… kids, even a dog… the whole package, you know. Well, life sure has its own plans sometimes…*smile*”

“I see…”

“Yeah, well… and the day she dumped me…was the same day I met you…”


“Yeah… the day we met was like the worst. And then that damn weather too… It was like a mirror to my soul. You know… I was feeling so crappy then, that when the rain and the wind came I honestly thought that all my suppressed feelings inside just came rushing out…”

“Sure is unbelievable…”

“Well… I like to think that even with all the bad things, that day turned out to be a good day… Cause I met you.”

“Don’t tease me… I was so drunk… and desperate, I was acting like a complete idiot… I really must excuse myself for behaving like that… I…”

“Well, if you excuse yourself you’ll only make me feel worse, so don’t. And besides… what’re you’re saying? You regret meeting me? You regret what happened between us?”



“I… don’t know. Please understand. I never, ever experienced anything like that, for me it was like something happening… some sort off… out of body experience… The pain… the pleasure *blush* the… feelings, I know… I’m absolutely sure they were real… but at the same time, I don’t know if… they really were because I never felt, anything… anything like that. It was so…”

“Wait… ya said it was painful?!”

“Well… yes. In the beginning… I thought I was going to die… just a little…”

“Shit! Really?!”

“Yes… but, no but… After a while it was… *bluuush*”


“Please don’t make me say it…”

“Oh you bet I will…*smile*”

It was really, really, really good…*bluuuuuuuush*”

“Oh, guess… I’m relieved. *smile*”


“I have a question for you?”

“Please, go ahead.”

“Do you love that guy from finance we met this morning, huh… Nisha-san, I think was his name?”

“Wha… wha… well….”

“I see… you do, huh…”

“I…. i… don’t… anymore. I told you that…”

“Well, I had to make sure again…”


“Well, because I want to propose something to you.”

“Propose something….”

“Yep. But I’ll leave that for later… for now, let’s eat!”








“A proposition…?

I don’t know what he means with this, but I’m now I’m so curious…


I like being like this… with him.

Even if it’s so embarrassing I’m about to die… being with him like this, it’s like I’m breathing for the first time in a very long time…

I hope this dinner… lasts longer.

Longer… and maybe… who knows, we’ll meet again like this again…”




“Well, once big lump disappeared from my throat.

He’s being more open about everything and I’m really enjoying his company.

I really thought he would go all mystery man on me, and wouldn’t even open his mouth… but I’m surprised…

It’s easy to be with him… too easy…

I can’t stop myself from making him blush and be all embarrassed…

It’s so lovely…

It’s like I’m back in high-school and I’m courting a very, very shy girl…

It's almost like i'm bullying him actually!


He’s a man. But he’s still…

Well... lovely!

Yeah… I’m screwed!

When I pop the question… I wonder how he’ll answer.”



Hum so, besides being late as hell!! (forgive me!!!!) my laptop decided to die on me taking with him to the other world the chapter that was pratically done.

Which means i had to write everything from scratch, and of course i forgot a bunch of stuff too... ;___;

Well, the main idea is there and so is where i kind of wanted to get, i just feel like in the other chap i wrote i got to the point i wanted much faster... while on this one i kind of rolled around too much on things...*sigh*

So forgive me... -___-

I added some new stuff like the images, it was just to... kind of give you an idea how things actually feel... i think... -__-

Well, an image is worth 1000 words...or something like that! xDDDD


Hope you like it, and of course... THANK YOU SO MUCH, for reading my story. :)


Kisuuuuuu! :D

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The chapter is amazing! Love the images you inserted! :Red_fox: I also like Yui's shyness. Yui - Hero is one of my most favorite couples.

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Glad you liked it sweetie! :D

To be honest even with the mistakes i made along the chapter (and only noticed later -__-) i kind of like it too.

It gives a feel of them getting closer, and that's what i was hopping for. :p


I'm really, really glad you liked it, thank you so much for reading their story!! :D

Next chap Hiro is going to be a little mean... >_

Wonder what that means??!! xDDDD

Big HUGZZ!! :*

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I also liked this chapter!

I like how cool Hiro is! He being mean only makes me anticipating more. :hamtaro-005 (5):

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Ehehe! Yep, Hiro's a bit of a hunk and hot bastard so i just wanna poke him with a stick a bit... xD

What i'm saying is... for a bit i'll make Hiro... the bad guy... >_

Just for a bit but i think the story will be really inteesting! :D


Thank you so much for reading dear, truly! :*

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What a great story! I'm curious what the proposition will be *__*

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, Thank you so much! :D

Glad you liked it.... ;)

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It was a very good chap, Bels, funny one with their reactions at the restaurant. Waiting patiently for the proposition :p

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I just finished reading the new chapter. Great work Bel! :D


I like the way you described their awkwardness while they were talking at the table. Ahaha I'm waiting to read how will this dinner end and what Hiro's preposition will be and to see Yui's reaction, of course. :p

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Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.
, than you guys! ^^


Now i'm kinda hopping to not let anyone down! :D

Got to work hard on this chap!!! xDDD


Anyway, thank you for reading dears... Really! :*

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like how the story goes

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Only just recently did i read this fiction! my thought were "Where in hell have i been until now?" XDD

i swear!!! i looooooove it!! it's sooooo great!!

Just... everything! i love everything!! *_*

The way their personalities are so different and how you show those differences on their thoughts and on their actions! Just brilliant!!! :D

Also the story is awesome!!!

I can't wait for your next update!!! But I'll patiently wait!! ^_^


Now, i'm really curious to find out what propose will that be...

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Heya Shiro! :D

Thank you so much, glad you like the story! :D

New chap is a little late... >_


Thank you so much again! :D

Big, big HUG!! ^^

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I also wait for next chapter! Love this pair. rabbit8

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[Reminder: Yui thoughts in Red / Hiro toughts in Blue / Conversations and other characters dialogue in White]



Thirteenth Hour


“My hands turned cold a long time ago… my heart… became ice the second I realized his intentions, and the path they were leading me.

I kept trembling… I’m still trembling…

And the tears just don’t seem to stop… Maybe they never will. So pathetic!

Maybe… I’m destined to be perpetually crying.


Why is it that misery just doesn’t seem to let go of me?

If I’m supposed to be alone forever, then don’t make me cross paths with people I’ll be certain to fall in love with.

My heart is once again… broken…. Shattered.

And frankly this time I believe there isn’t a way of mending it.

It was all a dream… and then, everything just vanished beneath my feet…slipped right thru my fingers... Scattered in the wind as it blows.

What was I thinking…”


‘6 hours earlier’


“So… you were talking about a proposition…”

“Oh, yes. First let me ask… Did you enjoy tonight?”

“Yes *blush* It was great. The food’s delicious and…”


“The company was… delightful… *blush*”

“I’m really glad you liked… both!”

“Don’t tease me please…*blush*”

”Yui-san this will be more of a request than an actual proposition, but I’m really expecting you to say yes.”

“Well, I’m all hears.”

“I was… hoping you would consider having a… physical relationship with me.”

“Excuse me?”

“Well, I was kinda thinking that… we could have some sort of intimate connection, you know... feeling good together?!”

“Hiro-san! I… don’t really…”

“Look, Yui-san... We barely know each other but we, in my opinion, kinda clicked … you know… physically. And I was thinking, since neither of us is seeing anyone… we could be together like that.”

“Like… that…”

“Yeah, you know… I think it would be a waste to just forget what happened between us…”


“So… what do you say…?”

“I… don’t…”

“Yui-san… let’s go to your house like we did last time.”

“My house?”

“Yeah, look… we could have a cup of coffee… talk a little bit longer and then maybe I could help you decide on that… I would take you to my house but I live in a dump, so…”

“Hiro-san… i… don’t know if…”

“C’mon… at least, try it out…”


“Well, I laid my cards on the table and played my game.

I sure can’t wait for him to say yes!

I mean… As prospects go, I think I’m handing him quite a nice deal!

The sex was so… so awesome, I definitely want to do that again… and more.

Still… I’m wondering if I’m being a bit...

I mean, I just said “let’s get laid” not exactly in those words but… pretty much the same meaning.

Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea…

But If I don’t so something… I keep thinking… it’s such a waste…


I’m keeping my own, I’m sure he’ll be in for it!”


“So this is his… proposition?

Let’s be… what, sex friends?!

Let’s feel good together?!

I don’t understand!

Do I give off the air of being so desperate I would actually go on board with such a ridiculous thing?!


I see.

I do.

To his eyes I’m a lone soul with no one and nothing to care for me.

So of course…

Of course it’ll turn out like this.

Maybe he’s not being rude, maybe he took pity on me and actually thought of this outrageous thing for what he believes to be, for my sake…

I fell… crushed.

I feel… so much pain, that all the good things involving him so far had just vanished.

I feel no floor beneath my feet…

But still…

What’s my other option?

Regret I didn’t take this chance to feel the warmth of other at least for a little while…

He’s the only one! The only one, who knows the deep, filthy secrets of me and he proposes to keep feeding my lust, my lack of human touch… Maybe I should just accept it.

It hurts though… so much.

My own thoughts betray me.

How can I think like this? What will become of my heart going thru all this?!

Still… other than my heart… my body aches for something he awakened in me.

The sweet caresses he marked so deeply in my skin, it still burns.

Everyday… I burn… Of want, of desire and lust for him.

So… even with a wrecked heart… I’ll say yes… for the sake of the body and for the burn I so want to carve even further in all the cells of my body.”


“He’s taking too long to answer…

I screwed up…

Shit… I screwed up big time!

He’ll say no, and he’ll probably won’t want to see me outside work anymore.

God… Please let him say yes…



“Hiro-san… Even if all this is new for me, do you know what kind of thing you are proposing or “requesting”?”

“Yui-san… listen, before you say anything… i”

“I accept your request.”


“Yes… Hiro-san… I’m a very inexperienced man, so perhaps this won’t actually be a bad thing. Maybe I can’t take this opportunity, better, take your “request” to learn and try things so that someday, when someone special comes my way I won’t be so inexperienced anymore. Is that… alright with you?”

“What’s this?!

When someone special…

What th’a fuck’s that supposed to mean?!

You’ll fuck me, but if you find someone else you’ll just dump my ass?!”


“I lost my mind for a minute there, and said something cruel…

But that can perhaps… hide the fact that I hurt so much right now…

I want to return to 10 minutes ago and forget this has ever happened.

I really want to…

I want only to remember the smile, the warmth and the gentle way he treated me…

Not the fact that he only wants to fuck me for fun and for the sake of feeling good.

Because that’s how it is, right?!

He just sees me a new toy, and since he’ll find a girlfriend in no time, I’ll be left behind alone again, bearing the fact that we were together, that we made love to each other and that we spend such precious time together… and soon… it’ll mean nothing.

I’ll be left empty again.

I’ll be like I always was again.


Not exactly the same since I’ll carry the weight of the memories he’ll leave behind…

And it’ll hurt…”


“I dunno what to say to him…

I feel like shouting “Fuck you” to him but I won’t!

I don’t get what he’s thinking… If he doesn’t want this, then why can’t he just clearly tell me??”

“Let's go then!”


“Yui-san… I’ll take on that “offer” of yours… I want to be with you, and I want to have sex with you so… I’ll meet your terms!”


“You say it so carelessly…”

“No Hiro-san… I’m not careless in the least.”

“Then you’re saying all that to piss me off?”

“No. I answered your request truthfully. What were you expecting?”

“I expected nothing. Like I said before I really wanted you to accept, but I meant as a way for us to feel good together and…”

“And we will… won’t you come to my house like you said before?”

“Do you want me to go?”


“After you then...”


“I’m blowing a fuse here!

I dunno what th’a fuck’s goin’ on that head of his, but I won’t let the chance slip…

Oh no, my friend. Tonight I’ll make sure you realize just how much you left me hanging since I met you…

And thru our bodies I’ll make you understand just what I want from you… You’ll see!”


“I’m being so cold to him.

I was never like that to him.

I adopted the professional mask and I’m sure he’s angry with me.

But why?

Why is he mad and when I’m the one who wants to cry at what he just said to me?

I don’t know what to do… Won’t this hurt our work?

And now home… together…

We’ll be likely to sleep together again…

Do I want that?

Oh… I see. The body is honest. And the body does not forget.

As soon as I remembered that night, the fire starts creeping back up again…

And of course… like always… I’m going to get burned.”

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“We got to my house and he has barely spoken a word.

Well… I’m the hurt one, I still don’t understand the reason why he’s so upset.

The person who came up with that “proposition” was him, so why the moodiness?

Still… I’m treading water here.

I don’t know what to do…

I was quite drunk the other time, so I have no idea what should I do…”


“Oh I’m pissed!!

I know I was an asshole for not open my mouth all the way but HELL!!!

I would say stuff I would regret later.

And I want to take my sweet time telling all that stuff to his body!

He looks as stiff as a stick…

Bet he’s lost in thoughts of what to do.

And I ain’t helping you with nothing.

I’m going to make you ask for it!”


“Would you want something to drink?”

“No thanks…”


“I wanna fuck… Can we do that already?!”


“He’s holding no punches…

And he’s seriously hurting me.

I think I better call this out because the way things are going, it’ll turn up bad…

For me and for him…”


“You want romance?!

Ya ain’t getting none of that… not tonight!

Tonight I’m going to teach you… I’m gonna teach you to want only me!

You won’t be thinking about anyone else any time soon, mister!”

“I see… Then, would you mind if I take a quick shower?”

“Be my guest! But you’ll be plenty sticky when I’m done with you Yui-san… Do you think it’s alright?!”


“What the hell?

What is wrong with him?

I’m so bothered with the way he’s speaking I don’t even know what to answer him…”


“Shower or no shower I just wanna start, what I have in mind for you…”


“Still… I rather have one.”



“Oh god… what is happening…

And what’s wrong with me…

Why am I turned on when he speaks to me so coldly?!

I must be out of my right mind!”

“Let’s get down to business… Shirt off… Pants off… socks off…

Shit… All armed and ready to go, I see.”


“Hum… Hiro-san…”

“Come here…”

“But I…”

“Shhhh… Don’t think about anything now. Just feel… feel everything…”


“His cold finger running thru my arms are making me shiver… and the way he’s making me get close to him, seducing me… is making me combust and we still haven’t touched more than his finger running up and down on my arm…


“I’m in the mood for teasing…

Forgive me Yui-san… But I’m seriously so turned on I’m starting to see white.

I wanna have my mouth all over you, but that will have to wait.”


“He pressed his chest against mine and I felt even angrier with the fact that he truly resembles a man… but me… what do I resemble?

His smell… so hypnotizing, and the way he breaths on my neck are making light headed and I start feeling strange from my waist down…

I’m blushing… I’m sure I am, because I’m so embarrassed!

My erection is touching the top of his thigh and he doesn’t even seem to be affect in the slightest…”


“He’s so aroused… I can feel his temperature rise and his firm erection touching my leg…

This is giving me more pleasure than I thought!

Shit… I want to kiss him…”


“I hold on to his arms and look at him, maybe it’ll give him some sign that he’s leading me of the edge… I can’t keep standing, naked like this in front of him… I want to hide!”


“That’s my limit!

The way he looks at me now is just asking for trouble and I just loose myself in that face…

I launch myself on his mouth and I ravish it in all ways I know possible, even ways I didn’t know I could…

It’s intense… It’s one hundred fucking degrees now and I’m burning…

I just turn and shove him hard on the bed… Hell, I’m losing my mind!”


“Oh my god!

What did just happen?!

He just turned into an animal…

But what’s with me going along with him?

I can feel it… Everything…

His tongue is going all out inside my mouth and I can feel it there…

I’m almost there… if he so touches me, even the slightest… I’m going to come.”


“Looking down at him like this… I can totally see that he’s almost having an orgasm…

He’s so close…

And that just makes me want more… and more…”



He started to rub on me…

Supporting all his weight in his hands his rocking himself on top of me not ever taking my eyes of me, and I start feeling weird… something is growing, my vision blurs and suddenly I am lost in this feeling…”


“Shit… this is no joke…

I almost came when I saw him come…

Lips parted… the delicious red overflowing his cheeks and chest…

The panting… It’s all mind blowing…

I manage to hold my own release, and I grab both his legs up…

Party’s just starting dear…”


“I’m still regaining my senses when I feel him touching my legs…

While caressing them, he pulls both legs up and is now licking his fingers…

Never taking his eyes of mine…

Like he’s making me understand something… but what…”


“I wondered if I was being too sudden… but looking at him like this, I don’t think he’s gonna complain…

I shoved two fingers inside of him and started moving… slowly…”


“OH GOD!!!

I remember this feeling… from before…

And it’s sweet… it’s so hot right now…

Oh god… Even if it’s so wrong… I want more…”


“I slip the third finger and he moans even louder than before…

Almost like telling me he’s ready…

And I don’t wait a single second…

My erection was waiting for this for too long.

I give myself a few strokes and I push myself inside of him…

And shit, isn’t this heaven… Fuck… I’ll come right away if I don’t calm down…”


“Ah… This is… so good…

I can’t believe I’m actually having sex again…

A conscious act this time… And it’s so real right now I’m almost there again…

He’s playing me… thrusting shallowly and slowly, then pushing hard and fast next…

He’s enjoying his torture but I can say exactly the same about me.

Even with all these twisted feelings inside of me, i want this so badly…”


“I pick up the pace…

I’m starting not being able to hold any longer…

I grab both sides of his hips, pull him up and he screams…

That’s enough for me…

I fall on top of him… completely out and satisfied!”


“The moment he puts me on top of him, the creeping heat just overwhelmed me and I came instantly…

I know he finally came as well…

And now he’s smelling even better than before…

I hold his head for a moment and the tears finally start…”

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Noooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then???

You can't do this Bels!!!!

Liked them veeery much!!!! Brid wants more! Brid wants more!(hihihihi)

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Please Update your Story Soon...


I want it so much and you did a great job in it... So lovely

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