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24/7 Unriquited Love...

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Seventh Hour




I just wanna get home, take off this damn suit and take a long bath…

I just want the water to wash these damn thoughts out off my head.

I keep going around and around what he said and I still can’t figure out what the hell was that all about.

How come that guy sleeps with me, and it was his first time at that, ignores me the next morning, and just tell me to forget all that?!

AHHHHHH, damn!

I don’t get it… I really don’t…



Hey, Mei… What’s up?!

Hum… drinking… tonight?! I don’t know Mei… I’m kinda tired today so…

What?! No it doesn’t have anything to do with what happened yesterday, so don’t worry about it…

(Well it kinda has something to do with yesterday but not of what happened with you… some other bothersome thing is taking all the space left in my head, and I can’t think of anything else actually…)

Ok, then… So don’t you worry, I’ll come for a bit… but only a bit ok, now that I think about it a drink would be nice…

The interview?

I failed… yeah, I kinda sucked.

Ahahha, yeah, I mostly screwed up everything they told me to do so, no hope there.

Yeah… better luck next time I guess…

Ok, see you guys later then… ok, bye.”

Guess I have no way out, right? She’ll worry that I might be down because she refused me yesterday…

Now that I think about it, why the fuck ain’t I down cause of that?

Why is that guy, the only thing I can think about?!




The way home seems to take forever…

For some reason these streets are taking longer than usual and I just want to get home.

I can’t believe that I became what I always wished I would never become…

I was horrible to someone, who’s not at fault at all for me being a freak.

That’s right… I am a freak.

I am unnatural. A monster…

*sigh* Home finally…

Guess I better take a shower…

Oh my god, what is all this?! These… these marks…?

Did this happen yesterday?

I remember… I’m remembering… what he did to me.

The way he touched me, the way he kissed me…

It was so hot at the time…

The more pain I felt the hotter it got…

The touch of his hand all over my body. The caresses… They were so sweet…


Why am I like this…? Why couldn’t I just tell him that it was special what happened between us.

That he was special…

I just pushed him away, because I am so scared anyone finds out about me.

But he didn’t know… He’s not at fault.

He gave me such a precious memory, and i…



My cell… it’s buzzing…



Yes, I’m already home.

Yes, yes… Thank you for your concern, I am alright.

I’m just a bit tired, I’ll rest for today and I’m sure I’ll be alright tomorrow…

About the interviews…?

Hum, I still don’t know.

Yes, that’s right. I wasn’t paying much attention.

Call them all again?

NO! No… I mean, I don’t think it’s necessary.

I’ll go thru their résumés again tomorrow and I’ll make a decision…

The young guy? What young guy?


(His name makes weird things to me… He told me his true name… I deceived him. He’ll never look at my face again…)


I didn’t agree with such thing…

I did not say he was perfec… Sachou you told me i was going to be…

Do not do anything until I get there.

Of course I’m heading there immediately… You’re doing weird things again without my consent.

I’ll be there in 20 minutes.”

That damn Boss…



Hiro and friends drinking gathering



“Hey guys… what’s up?”

“Hey you missing in combat person… What’s been happening to you, you disappeared these days… we missed you, right Mei?”


“Awww you guys love me so much…”

“The hell man, that’s gross… Stop trying to kiss me… Kiss Mei instead…”

“Nah, Mei’s a good friend, you guys are the ones I enjoy bullying… ahahha”

“You bastard, bullying huh, wait and see what you’re gonna get for that…”

“Yeah, yeah… then let’s go. Have you choose a joint…? I need a cold, big beer…”

“Yeah, Yamazaki’s already has a table set for us. Today we drink and eat to our hearts content!”

“You’re such a drunkard… Jesus…”

“Hum… Hiro, mind if I talk to you for a bit?!”

“… Sure Mei, what is it…?”

“Oooooh, we’ll go… we’ll go, let the lovebirds talk…”

“Shut up you loser’s… Come here Mei. What is it?”

“Hum, say… I was really worried about you yesterday. So I kind of gathered everyone to come drinking to cheer you up… Not only because of what happened between us, but also because of that job interview… Since you failed you must be quite down, right?”

“Nah… well, yeah a bit. But I’ll live! Besides is not like I won’t find something else…”

“But that company… It was the one you really wanted right?”

“Yeah… Those guys are huge, and they have a grow rate above any other company in the same field. Their accountant is a freaking genius…” (Why did I think of him?! Shit… this is not good)

“I see is really too bad you didn’t get it… Did they refuse you right on the spot?”

“No… They haven’t chosen anyone on the day, at least that I know off, but I don’t hold any hope actually, so it’s ok…”

“That’s too bad…”

“Say Mei… I know you’re doing this out of concern but don’t worry ok. I am alright. Really am. I guess I’m not as down as one could think when you’re in this kind of situation because, I think I was seeking a easy way out in you. Like, I imagined a perfect life, you know… Girlfriend, a good job, then marrying, kids… you know the normal kind of crap… But, truth is that, if I really, really loved you I would be way depressed than I am. My reason for being down is different, so don’t worry, ok?”

“Am I being mean when I say that I’m relieved by hearing that?”

“Ahahah, not mean at all. I actually kind of get you… A good friend proposes, you have to say no, you don’t wish to stop being friends with him, and you don’t know what to do, right…?”

“Geez, you actually can also read my mind…ahahah. Hiro… the reason I was so afraid of all this is because I really do see you has a good friend and almost like a brother to me. It would hurt a lot if you wished not to see me or talk to me anymore, so yeah… I’m really relieved.”

“Damn, I’m sure the best pal in the world… I didn’t even made it hard for you… Forgave you right off! You’re special Mei, you’re always gonna be so don’t worry…”

“Hum… ok.”

“Say… now that we’re on the subject is there a special, more than myself of course, in your heart?”


“Hey!!!! What’s with that face?! You’re read as a tomato…”

“There is… But he’s an idiot. He can’t see a damn thing ahead of him…”

“Oh god… the way you’re talking… It’s that airhead Rihito, right?!”

“Don’t say anything to him Hiro… He’s…”

“He’s stupid, he ain’t ever gonna get there if you don’t tell him…”

“Ahahah, I know… but I’m still preparing my heart in case he refuses me. It’s gonna hurt…”

“Well yeah, but… What’s life without some hurting, right?!”

“Pfff, you’re not much of a philosopher but yeah… makes sense.”

“Course it does… I’m a genius…”





Sachou should just stop fooling around and worry about important matters…

What’s got into him to just accept Hiro’s interview without my consent?!

He’s going to get it, when I get there I’ll be sure to give him an earful…

Besides, it’s not the best option to let someone I did so much harm, to just come and work for us…

Especially when he’ll be working right beside me.

He’ll hate that. Having to see my disgusting face all the time. Having to talk to me, about work…

Crazy thing is I don’t hate the idea.

I’m scared… But I would be happy… To see him…

Oh my god, what the hell am I thinking.

I told him to forget everything and now I’m willing to take all that back…?!

This isn’t good…

I’m wishing I could speak to him again…



He’s with a woman…

And he seems… happy.

What is this…?

Does he have a girlfriend?

He said… he said…

I can’t remember…

But… it could just be a friend.

No, no… they look so happy together…

It’s hurting… It’s getting harder to breathe…

Am I going to be left alone again?

*sigh* what am I saying… I’m already alone… I’ve always been alone…

I don’t want to see this… I don’t want to look…


“Hey, you’re finally here… So how can I convince you to just accept the guy…”

“Sachou… give me his phone number.”

“Huh?! What…”


“Are you going to dismiss him, if so I’m not…”

“No. I’m not. I’m going to offer him the job.”

“Oh! That’s great. Oh then, here you go…”

“Thank you. Can I tell him to start tomorrow?”

“Already? Well, it’s fine with me but… isn’t that a little rushed? Yui, are you ok?”

“I’m fine. If that’s so then I’ll leave it to him if wants to come tomorrow or not, but I’ll say the initiation starts tomorrow. It’ll be up to him to take it or leave it.”

“Man, you’re all fired up… Ok, then. Call him up.”

“Atsushi, mind leaving for a bit?”

“Calling me by my first name? I wonder what’s got into you, not even when I beg you to, you won’t do it… I’ll leave then… Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen…”

“Thank you…”


Yes… I told him to forget everything.

I told him to just forget about me and last night.

But I can’t forget anymore…

You have a girlfriend…

But I don’t want you to…

I want you for myself… I want you to be here…







Hello guys :D

Long time no see, right?!

Yeah this story was being neglected.. sorry about that :)

I managed to write a little something, something... hope you guys like it ;)

A big *Hug**, and thank you for reading :**

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A little smth?? A great chapter! I enjoyed it very much Bela. Great work as always. Waiting for their first meeting after the phone call :)

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Thank you sweetie :D


I was afraid people forgot about this cause i haven't written a sigle word for it for too long >_

Glad you like it dear ;)

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I just found this fanfic today and I am in love! Balita, your writing style is awesome and I love your characters so muchy much! :msn_red_fox 15

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Macy's thank you so much... :D

Glad you liked it ;)

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I am in the mood of reading fanfictions! :)

I like how Yui got suddenly jealous! I am waiting to see how it will turn out their meet at work :))

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Just a small reminder:


'Hiro thoughts'

'Yui thoughts'





“Hello, Hiro?”

“Yeah, this is Hiro… Who’s this?!”

“Hello…huh… this is Yamashita Yui from HT Enterprises… hum, I’m calling you…”

“Wait wait wait…!! Yamashita-san is… Tatsuya-san… right?!”

“Hum… yes…”



“I’m here… I’m just surprised you actually called me…”

“Yes… well, I actually had to, because… you see after long consideration on every part, we decided to choose you as the person who’ll be working as my assistant. And…”



“WHAT?! Are you saying I passed the interview?! Like… I sucked balls, and still you chose me?! Are you making fun of me or something? Or are you eventually giving me the job out of pity for the guy you just made fun of…”

“Wait please, Hiro-san… wait! It’s not like that. Actually it was Hanada sachou who chose you for the place, he just told me to call you saying that if you accept the job, you should come tomorrow, so we can settle the last details, and so we can…”


“Hum… yes.”

“What are you saying, Yamashita-san?! I can’t believe you actually forgot what happened between us! How can you talk to me, in that calm manner when something so… out of this earth, happened between us just yesterday?”




My body heated up the second he mention last night.

It just wasn’t normal, the way that, everything we went thru just flashed before my eyes and all the feeling were so very fresh I could almost feel him there… right beside me, just whispering and caressing me the way he did just last night…




“No… Hiro-san, please! I know well we had…well, I just wish we could be professionals and deal with it, as co-workers… “




He’s fucking playing with me!!!

I can’t find any other logic explanation for this!

He kicks me from behind saying “No more!”, then he just calls me, like nothing freakin’ happened and tells me he wants to work side by side with the guy he just had a one night stand?!

God fucking dammit…. I don’t get him!! I don’t get him…

But the honest truth is that the thought of being near him…




“Besides Hiro-san… I believe it would be a very good opportunity for you, right…? Like, you might prepare for your life, and even marry or get together with your girlfriend if you wish to… since you’ll have the chance to do so…”

“Just what the hell are you talking about?!”

“Well… I’m talking hypothetically, if you wish so…”

“Yamashita-san… just let go of that subject please… And do not ever mention it with me. I do not know you well enough to go talking and opinionating about “my personal life” the way you’re doing and I hate it…”



I had to be harsh!!! I had to!

He just doesn’t get it… How can he talk about girlfriends and marriage, when i told him I had no one!

He probably thinks I’m some sort of scumbag like him… who lied and hid thing… The way HE did…

Ahhhhh, shit!

Well… all I know is, I won’t lose this chance! I just won’t…




“I’m sorry, Hiro-san… I won’t ever mention it again… I’m very sorry…”

“Very well… Yamashita-san?”


“You may count on me tomorrow! I shall take this opportunity, like you said… It surely is a great chance for me and I’m in no condition to refuse it. So yes… If you allow me so… Please, take care of me from now on!”

“Hum, yes. Of course. Then, Hiro-san… shall we schedule our meeting at 09:30 am tomorrow?!

“I am totally free Yamashita-san so, yes! Of course I’ll be there. 09:30 am… Count on me.”

“Yes… we’re agreed then. See you tomorrow, Hiro-san.”

“See you tomorrow, Yamashita-san…”




It’s troubling… but in some way, I’m happy he’ll be with me from now on.

Well not actually together with me… but, just the fact that he’s close it’s good enough, I guess.

Who knows if maybe…

No, no, no… he won’t.

The phone call just now… it showed so well that he hates me so much for having lied to him and deceived him.

But… he might have done the same, right?!

I mean… he was with… he was with a girl. Laughing, and feeling happy when together with her…

It isn’t fair!

No… it is fair! I deceived him… he deceived me back.

I mean… I could actually ask him if…

No, no, no… he told me never to talk about these things with him again…

I don’t know how am I going to find out about this.

And it’s troubling me…




I need to get a grip!

I mean, this is no joke, right?!

The guy just offered me a job, in the company I always dreamed off.

I just can’t let this opportunity pass.

I need to grab it with both hands… grab it hard and…

Shit… and then what the hell am I going to do about him?

I mean… he’s so calm and collected! Even after all that, he’s still acting like nothing after…

I really don’t know if I’m going to be able to just let it go…

With him there, right beside me.

I can’t even begin to think what am I going to do, if I have a chance to feel his skin again…

Or smell him… his neck, near to his ears… It had such an amazingly, alluring smell that i…

NOOOOOOOO! AHHH, god dammit… I’m hard now….

I’ll be totally screwed, the moment I get near him… if I do this again he’ll notice and I’ll be fired on the spot…

Shit… I better jerk off a lot today…




Hey guys... yeah, it's a small chapter, let's says it's a preparation for their next meeting and real start of the story... :D

I started it a few weeks ago but then i stopped and kind of forgot what i wanted to do with the chapter... >_

I promisse i'll finish the story... it might just take some time :p


Hope you keep following Hiro and Yui's story... :o


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Thanks Bels :)

The final part is quite funny :p

Waiting for the rest to come patiently :)

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I love both Yui and Hiro! I can't wait for their meeting! :leaf15:

I like very much the tention between them! Totally my cup of tea! :D

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I missed this story! I'm glad to find a new chapter :D

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Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.
Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.


Thank you guys, for your words. :D

And for not forgetting about this story, since i spent so long without updating it.... xD


A very big and and kiss :***

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I was waiting for this chapter! :) I have to say that it totally worth the waiting!



Shit… I better jerk off a lot today…

This made me laugh so hard XDDDDDDDD


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This is great to read a new chapter from one of the stories I follow here on YO! Thank you Belita sama! :cuteonion41:

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Ninth Hour



“Stop daydreaming Yui… So, how was it? Did he say he accepts the job?!”

“I just don’t understand why is it you’re so focused on the subject of my assistant, Sachou. I mean, am I doing such a bad job that you think…”

“Just stop right there old fellow. Nothing to do with such thing, you mood killer. I’m just proud to say my dear and good friend is one of the best accountants of this country, and I even have the pleasure and good fortune of having him working at my small family business. I couldn’t be luckier. And stop calling me Sachou, Yui.”

“One of the biggest import/export companies in Japan and he says small family business...”

“Ahahaha, yeah. But it was a small, family business. It was thanks to a lot of hard work we got here.”

“Yes, I know. And as far as am concerned you are the Sachou… Eventually, if we’re outside I might consider calling you like a good friend would, but inside the company, the matter takes a whole new direction… Sorry.”

“Damn guy, so stubborn. You, Yui… you’ll never be happy that way. Loose yourself a little more, my friend. Life’s too short you know. And honestly, the only thing you do with your life is working. It makes me so sad, it brings tears to my eyes…”

“I never really understood what was it that Kaori, a brilliant, beautiful, modern and strong woman, married you… a baka…”

“Wha… Kaori loves me very much…”

“Yes, she does. Wonder why she does, but yes… she does.”


This guy is my childhood friend for as long as I can remember.

His family had a small business that with time started to grow and became one of the biggest import/export companies in Japan.

But the most important thing about this guy is the fact that his family never let him forget his roots.

And even if now they’re filthy rich, he’s still the same hard working, honest and trusting person I met more than 25 years ago.

I couldn’t have chosen for a best friend, in fact, he might be a hair-head but he’s the most reliable Boss I could have asked for.

When he first invited me to work here, I was overwhelmed, because it would be such a huge responsibility.

He was all full of crazy ideas to make the company grow but honestly they worked better than we ever thought they would, and all his plans bore so much fruit he couldn’t be overlooked.


“Besides, I honestly believe Kaori only chose you because of your good looks… Otherwise I don’t see any other redeeming quality for that annoying childish behavior of yours.”

“Noooo, oh my god! What is my best friend of all times saying to me?!”

“The truth. Only the truth!


The fact of me making fun of him or being mean to him is, well it was, in fact a way of hiding my own embarrassment.

Truth is I had a crush on him a long, long time ago.

Nothing worth mentioning now, but falling in love with Atsushi was what made me realize I was gay in the first place.

As soon as I started to think of him that way, I went to the farthest college I could manage and the truth is I could forget about the feelings I had for him completely.

I had other crushes, I had other heartbreaks and I managed to do the thing I wanted the most which was to completely let go of him.

I never managed to be in a relationship, since I hid the fact I was gay like my life depended on it.

I focused all my attention on my studies.


I never gone out, or even made friends while I was there.

Teachers considered me an outstanding student, students didn’t even know who I was and that worked just fine for me.

When the time came and that he found a girlfriend, I could honestly wish him happiness from the bottom of my heart.


I don’t know what I would have done if I couldn’t forget him.

Truth is that he actually married this outstanding woman, Kaori.

She’s a hardworking woman, who’s very responsible, beautiful and extremely independent.

I never thought she would give him a second look.

But she did, and today they’re the best friends I could wish for.

Looking at them together is like looking at a perfect painting.

I’m not jealous of them.

I’m not jealous of what they have. I’m jealous of what they accomplished.

Against all the difficulties, they’re still together and happy.

The fact that they love each other so much…


I can’t help to feel a little hurt for never had had the opportunity to have something like that.

And never will have… by the way things are going.

It’s quite unlikely that I come to love a woman.

So I guess I’ll be single, alone and bitter for the rest of my days.

And now this situation with Hiro-san…

I mean… let’s face it! I only decided to hire him because… well mostly because I felt cheated!


Oh my god… what am I saying… I felt cheated?!

I was the one who cheated first, right?!

We had sex… I lied and hid things so… he could very well do just the same…


I feel… depressed!

I wonder what’s going to happen tomorrow…


‘The next morning…’


“Morning Yamashita-san. As you requested, here I am.”

“Hum… yes! Good morning, Maeda-san.”

“Hiro, please! It’s not like we’re strangers and besides you’re older than me…”

“I guess… then, please follow me please”


Now what?!



Hi there guys! :D


I'm really happy, i'm managing to write something! xD

So... this chap it's not really much, it's a bit boring even because i kind of wanted to explain Atsushi's and Yui relantionship better.

Dunno why but kind of felt the need to.


Ok so, i'm continuing the story soon, and full of Yui and Hiro moments so, THANK YOU so much for reading! ^^


Big HUG!! :***

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I don't think it's boring, and we understand better Yui and Sachou's relationship now. :D

Can't wait for Yui's meeting with Hiro :p

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Happy to find a new chapter out Belita sama! :cuteonion41: The perv me is waiting for Yui x Hiro san moments! :7yoyo10:

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I'm also waiting for Yui's reaction when he'll meet Hiro. :Red_fox7: I liked this chapter too!

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I want to read it, but I'm still at work...

I'll read at night!! Can't wait!! :DDD

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= Oh my gosh! I am loving the story. Amazing job. I will be waiting for the next part.

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Oh my!!!! :cuteonion57:


Thank you so much, for reading it and liking it! :D

I'm not much of a writer but i'm still overjoyed when someone likes my crazy stories! xD

I've been away for some time, unfortunatelly and since i've been really really really busy, i still dunno when i'll be able to write again, but i'll do my very best, so... Thank you once again! :cuteonion8:

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No its not a promblem I can wait. I think you are an amazing writer and i hope to see more whenever you arent as busy and have time. I like new things and love to read. I dont mind at all.

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Your story is AWESOME!!!!!!!! :) It is the best story I have read in a while!! :)

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Hiro's thoughts are 'Blue'

Yui's thoughts are 'Red'

All mutual and aother characters dialogue are in 'White'



Tenth Hour


I swear…

I didn’t sleep a wink last night.

My head’s a mess and it’s entirely his fault, and my fault as well for being such a stupid asshole!

Who told me to actually act like I own the place, like “I’m the man” when I’m nothing but a poor, dejected and pitiful fellow… I can’t believe myself sometimes…

I just don’t get why I was even chosen for the job…

Guess I did something they actually liked or perhaps I’m just one lucky son of a bitch… *sigh*

I just hope he didn’t pull some strings in order for me to actually get the place.

Cause if that’s how it rolled I’ll be really pissed off.

But still… I feel I’m just entertaining hopes…

One thing I don’t get.

He looks, acts and is, of course, elite!

So why the fear?

Why the undeniable repulse he has for what he is?!

We didn’t have any sort of deep conversation since we met, but I can actually tell, he’s more of a scaredy cat than a scaredy cat itself…

I don’t get it.

Maybe some bad experiences…

No, no…

He was totally inexperienced, and I had the proof of it when we…

Oh, shit… better not think about it.

Every time I remember… all I want is to ravage him, again and again until all the heat comes out of me.

If the heat actually leaves… which I strongly believe it won’t.

*sigh* I’m screwed…



Now that the deed it’s done there’s really not much for me to do but to just go for it and endure!

Yes, quite a lot easier said than done, but that’s the harsh reality of things…

I spent all night going thru a plan in order to keep us busy with work related issues and topics so that “we” never even come up…

I don’t know if it’ll work… especially because I really wanna know if he’s actually dating that girl or if they’re just friends… good friends…

Oh… here I go again, getting depressed over my own thoughts.

I can’t seem to hold my feelings in check so it’ll be troublesome to even actually speak.


But… I really want to.

I really want to try.

At least, if it could work out as a companionship it would be great.

He’s the only person on this earth who knows “that” thing about me.

To be frank, just the thought of having someone to talk, to vent… my heart can’t even take the possibility.

It’s like a dream come true.

But I’m really scared he rather cut all ties with me and just wants to keep it on a professional level.

I’m mean… Yes I know we’re supposed to keep it that way, but I can’t help think that would be such a waste…

I like when he looks at me when I talk…

Even if we were both working on alcohol that time, it felt good… somehow.

Maybe if I weren’t such a useless coward I could tell him…

I could tell him all about my fears, about why I’m like this.

Maybe he could understand me better and won’t hate me so much…

Maybe I could get him to see me in a different light if I did so…

Or maybe… it wouldn’t change anything, since I did such a horrible thing to begin with…


I better calm down.



“Hiro-san, hum… Today we’ll be checking all the departments you’ll be working alongside with.

I want you to meet all workers there so that if you’ll ever need anything you know where to go, to whom to go as well.

We have a very basic foundation here, so it won’t be hard for you to grasp how methods and our work plan.

This here is my office. If you ever have any doubt or any problem at all ,you can come and ask me.

I’m usually… always here...."


“Yes… usually here, and always alone…”


“His expression… it changed. A lonely feeling… He must be always alone…”


“Hum… well, moving on.

This is the main accountant’s room. This will be your work post every time you’re not with me.

“Oh! Good morning Yamashita-san. How are you today?”

“Nisha-san! Go…Good morning…”

“Beautiful day today, isn’t it?! After that storm the other day the air really cleaned up didn’t it?”

“Hum… ye, yes. Yes you’re right…”


“Hey… Hey!!! What’s with that expression?!

And that stammering… What the hell’s that?!

Do you have a crush on this fellow or something…?!”


“Bad timing… really bad timing!

I can’t believe I forgot about Nisha-san…

Funny how just the other day, finding out that he’s going to get married tortured me so…

But today, even if it still squeezes my heart a bit, it doesn’t hurt how I think it was going to hurt.

All thanks to him.”


“I don’t like this…

I really don’t like this!!! What’s with this two-goody shoes guy…

You’re being way too friendly with him!!!!

Talking about the weather… cliché much?!”


“I heard you’re getting married Nisha-san. Congratulations!”

“Oh… hu, well… ahahah, I just proposed and she accepted Yamashita-san. The marriage plans will still take a while.”

“Even so. I wish you happiness!”

“Oh… thank you!!”

“And by the way, this here is Hiro Maeda-san. He’ll be the second in charge accountant together with me. I’m just giving him a tour around the office so that he can get to know the basics, but please if he ever needs help, I’ll ask you to please guide him.”

“Oh… wow, second accountant! Welcome on board, Maeda-san. You’ll be working with an outstanding person, you know. Yamashita-san is one of the best professional accountants out there.”

“Thank you very much, please guide me in the future. And yes, I already heard of Yamashita-san’s reputation. I’m one lucky graduate.”~

“Graduate?! You only finished college?! Maeda-san you should be outstanding yourself, since Yamashita-san chose you.”

“Nah, I’m quite a normal graduate. I’m actually quite astonished how I ended up getting this place as well Nisha-san.”



“Well… heat of the moment. But you do have qualities… And don’t look at me like that, bet you think you’re here because I chose you for bad reasons and that’s not true…”



“Even this guy thinks it’s weird I got in. And to this post even…

Dude, you’re not the only one wracking your brains over this matter!!

And you… You better also give me some sort of explanation about all this… And the sooner the better”

“Well… Should we continue Maeda-san?!”

“Yes, of course…”

“Well, excuse us Nisha-san. We’ll talk some other time.”

“Oh, yes, yes! Have a good day today!”


“You too Maeda-san. Hope you get used to this fast.”

“Thank you very much…”


“Quite a friendly fellow.”

“Huh, yes. Nisha-san is very friendly. You can ask him anything at all if you ever need help as well.”

“Hum… Say do you like that guy?!”


“Shshsh… Keep it down.”

“Y..y..you’re the one w..w…who asked such an ab…ab..absurd th..thi..thing…”

“Really?! If anyone sees the way you react no one would believe it’s absurd.”


“Dear god!

Am I that transparent?!

It’s like he could clearly see thru me!

What will I do?!”



“Shit… Bulls eye, huh?!

Now I feel like crap…

But honestly, it was like I already knew the answer. But I still wanted to listen to him saying it.

Aaaand I guess I found out another great quality about myself! I’m a fucking masochist… And apparently I love to crash and burn like some idiot.”

“I did once…”

“Sorry, what?!”

“*blush* I… did like him… once. *blush*”

“Once? Not anymore…”

“*blush hard* It… still… hurts a bit. But is… different now…*blushes even harder*”


“Will he be satisfied with this answer?

It’s not like I’m lying to him. But is so hard to talk about this.

My throat is dried. So much it’s like all the words that come out of my mouth are sand, prickling and scratching my throat so hard it’s almost impossible to let words out.

Still, I don’t wish to lie to him, or hide things from him…

Such a weird feeling, really.

Still… it’s comforting somehow. I like this… very, very much.”


“… he answered!

He actually answered it!

And to top it off, he says not anymore… with that face… like he’s giving me some hint to something I’m supposed to know…

Hell, if I’m leaving it like this…

Hell, if I won’t do something about it!!”


“Say Yamashita-san… What do you think about us getting dinner tonight? I think we have a lot to talk about, right?!”




“So embarrassing! But as soon as I heard him say that, all my body ached to say only one possible word.

I do want to be with him more. I do want to talk to him more… but what if he wants to do that?!

I didn’t think about that.

But I don’t think he wants anything besides talk.

How can someone repeat what happened the other day… especially with someone like me…”



“Wowww, instant reply!


Today, besides the conversation I’m aching to have, I swear!

I’ll have my way with him. I know he wants me too, he’s just shy…

But that'll go away realllly fast cause... i'm gonna do this... and that... and definitely can't forget to do that...

It'll be impossible for him to forget about it afterwords...

I'm gonna make you pant and moan... shit, just the thought... I so want to be inside him...

And just thinking about it, I can’t wait for the night to come.”





A new chapter!! :D

Actually, i was going thru the stuff i'm supposed to be writting and i saw that 24/7 was almost done so i just decided to finish the chapter and post it. :)

I've been very very busy, but i do not forget my stories... you can believe me! ;)

I kinda got a cold, and since i'll probably stay at home, i swear i'll try move the story a bit forward and develop the characters a bit more too. :)


I really hope you guys like it, and i hope you guys continue to read it.

So.... Thank you!!! :D



foxy3:_red_fox 4

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I liked it very much! :Red_fox:


I was missing Yui and Hiro! I can't wait for the next chapter to see how their dinner will go. :p


PS: I'm sorry to hear you got a cold! Take care and be healthy! foxy3

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I'm happy you decided to finish the chapter. This is one of my favorite stories! :D


I like how you manage to describe their thoughts and feelings.. amazing.

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