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Light in the Dark :)

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Summary:I never thought of writing anything again, but since i was sick in bed for more days than i thought i could manage, this came out somewhat, naturally...

I have to say this, because i wish to be the most honest possible in this kind of situation.

The story will be about yakuza, and has a lot(really really really a lot) of faul language and violence.


It is not a sweet story.

Don't expect(please) the same as Spell... or anything alike.


I just wish you like reading it...

Well, if you end up really reading it... :D

Well enjoy ;)



Status: Dropped[/color]


Warning: This fiction is rated +18! It contains strong language and explicit sex scenes.




How would you describe your life….?!



Not bad?




For Shouji, his life is probably, your worse view of life, your worse nightmare…

Even so he goes on living, one day after the other like the river that no matter the obstacles, still flows into the sea…

His story is like so many other stories of struggle, pain, loss and love…

Love… He never really knew how he yearned for it…

Does love truly change anything…? Isn’t love just an illusion, a shadow, smoke that floats between your fingers never getting thick enough for you to grab a hold of it?


Shouji had a miserable life, indeed…

He could however, and against all odds, find the smallest amount of happiness, in what people nowadays, despised, or better, didn’t pay attention to anymore…


A 19 year old guy that works for his food, get’s beaten up, as soon as he get’s home… Money snatched away, days starving, sleeping in the streets, bleeding, always bleeding, inside and out…

This is one of those daily times when, as soon as he steps inside his broken down home, his somewhat father beats the hell out of him, asking for all the money he battled for during a hard passing day… Money that, every time he try’s to say he doesn’t have, he get’s smashed against the floors and walls, until he gives up…


“Shit, that mother fucker got m’a face again…Fuck!”


These were his days and his nights…


Telling his story doesn’t mean that you have a lesson to learn or that this is meant to show you the inner strength of someone, who all his life had nothing, but each day struggled for survival… The sort of thing he has to go thru, the situations he manages to escape, getting beat and beating the people he despised the most, were his reality.

When reasoning wasn’t enough, his fists would work on bringing people to an understanding…


“Hi there kid… Wanna win some cash… It’s easy money, wanna come?”

“Ya old fart get your stinking hands the hell away f’ram me, ya sick fuck… If ya want someone to suck your dick go to a fucking whore house. Damn bastard…”


The pick up lines were always the same, he knew them by heart… It would be so easy to win a warm bed, and some cash to eat the day after… But he never gave in, no mater how hard it was…


“What the fuck… Am i that fucking good-looking or something… Shit, bastard, mother fucker… gotta find another place to crash now…”



After rejecting a guy’s advances he always had to find somewhere else to sleep…

Even if it was the street, the places he could lay his head in peace were not many.

He kept looking up to the sky… The emptiness of the large space, made him wonder many times if his heart wasn’t in a similar state… Cold and empty…

Usually by now his eye lids would start to become heavy, and he would fall asleep… Today however, something deep in his mind wasn’t allowing him to have the usual peaceful break.


He never felt sorry for himself. He tried the best he could, he would battle the hardest his body allowed him to, it just wasn’t easy.

The young boy, had strong health but faint feelings…

All was sadness and pain. He prayed for the joy to come, at least for a bit, each and every night.

If not joy, at least the emptiness…

Felling nothing was better than to feel too much.

The tears were not from the pain of his bruised and damaged face, no, these tears recalled long ago pleads, pleads he never got an answer or seen fulfilled.

This pain was an old one, the times he remembered his mother were always the worse.

Remembering the woman who died protecting his life, and left him alone to face the harsh world of guilt and blame surrounding him.

He never asked for it, never asked to be saved, however, he was, and is now, living the twisting, painful despair.

How many times did his father blame him? How many times did he get hit for that same reason? How much guilt and cruelty can a child bear within his heart…?


He heard a car stop…


“Shit another fucking lunatic… This one I ain’t gonna forgive, I’m gonna kick his balls so damn hard he’s going to forget about getting laid in no time…”


“Hey kid, do you have a light?”

“What th’a fuck do ya want you sick freak…?”

“Wow wow, calm down boy, I’m just asking for a fucking light.”

“You fucks all say the same damn fucking thing…”

“Wah… Ahahhah, ya think I’m a pervert, oh damn I didn’t laugh this hard in quite some time… Shit kid, ya really funny.”

“Funny my ass you asshole… I’m outta here…”

“Hey kid wait, wait… What are ya doing here at this time…? If ya hate those fucking perverts bastards this is not the place f’o ya kid.”

“What the hell. Do ya wanna get your face smashed?”

“Y’are a feisty one…eheheh… C’mere kid, I ain’t a pervert, just come…”

“What th’a fuck do ya want…?”

“Talk. Just sit there… Are ya hungry?”

“Fuck do ya care?”

“Well I don’t, just asking…”

“I’m fucking starved, if y’a have some with ya give me… pretend I’m a homeless or something…”

“Well, aren’t you fucking homeless…? If not what th’a hell ya doing in a place like this in the middle of the fucking night?”

“Ain’t your fucking business…?”

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“Oi punk that’s where ya wrong, cause ya see, this is my territory and no fucking homeless shit get’s to cross it unless I say so, ya feeling me…”

“What the fuck, are you freaking Yakuza or some shit like that…?”

“Yeah… ya can say so…”

“Gramps I don’t want trouble… I just wanna get some place to crash.”

“Well if your fucking language didn’t change all of the sudden…”

“Th’a hell, then don’t say your freaking yakuza gramps cause that shit scares anyone off… So are ya?”

“Am what, punk?”


“Why th’a fuck you wanna know? Ya didn’t tell me what the hell is wrong with ya for sleeping in the middle on the fucking street, and ya asking shit to me?! Ain’t answering brat!”

“Ain’t no brat…”

“Oh really…”

“Fucking really, yeah…”

“You got spunk kid I give ya that…”

“Ain’t no fucking kid either gramps…”


“Toshiro, go to convenience store in the back an get this punk some shit for him to eat… He’s gonna starve.”

“Sure Boss.”


“So y’are the Boss hu… This is serious shit! Are ya gonna kill me…?”

“Fuck! If I’m gonna waist any bullets on a piece of shit like ya, no way…”

“Ain’t gonna say that I’m not relieved…”


“Here Boss…”

“Give it him not to me, asshole!”

“Sorry Boss! Right away!”


“Hey gramps… Thanks!”

“Yer…what d’a ya know… You know how to say thanks…”

“Why th’a fuck shouldn’t i?! Ya gave me food, I’m fucking happy… Unless is poisoned…”

“Ahahaha, like I would spend any fucking time in wiping ya off… Eat kid!”


The bread was great, and the juice, which he much rather he bought beer, was turning just fine every time he drank it.


“So, ya better now?”

“Sure am gramps…”

“Ar’ya gonna stop calling me fucking gramps, I ain’t that fucking old…”

“Oh really, how old ar’ya then?!”

“I’m in my best years kid, you’ll know when ya get there…”

“Stop stalling gramps, what’s y’ar age?”

“I’m fucking 34, I ain’t old stop calling me gramps punk!”

“Shit” Y’are old… Ahahaha.”

“What the fuck, talking to a yakuza like that you punk…”

“Sorry gramps, didn’t mean t’a hurt y’ar feelings…”

“Shut up… Eheheh…”

“And that’s my line… I gotta find a place to crash gramps. Thanks a lot f’o th’a food.”

“Hey kid, ya gonna sleep in here, really?! Aren’t ya going home?”

“I ain’t welcomed there, besides, I got my face beat the fucking enough for one night, don’t ya think?!”

“Your old man did that?”

“Well, sure wasn’t mom since she lives in fucking cemetery…”

“Fuck… Sorry kid.”

“No prob gramps, I’m used to this kind of shit any way so…”

“Say kid… Wanna crash at my place tonight?!”

“The fuck gramps, ya said you weren’t a fucking perv…”

“I ain’t that shit punk, I got pussy and ass dropping on my fucking feet if I wanna, why tha fuck would I want a skinny, beat up prick like ya’rself? Get a grip, just wanna be nice to ya…”

“Ya for real? Ain’t gonna have to pay and shit?!”

“Pay with what punk?!… Y’ar feet is half way in to a fucking grave. Just fucking come, and be appreciated that someone is willing t’a help yo freaking ass!”

“Ya gonna turn me in a yakuza or some…”

“Kid, never in this life would’ya be a fucking yakuza… Y’are to fucking skinny. Ahahahha.”

“The hell, I beat the crap of anyone who messes with me, I’m tough. I’m telling y’a I’m strong…”

“Yeah, yeah… Just come punk… I’ll lay a futon f’o ya once we get there.”

“Ok, but I’ll be sleeping with an eye fucking open all night…”

“Ahahh, that’s the spirit kid… Never let them get’ya…Ahahahha.”



As it was said before Shouji, had a difficult life…

As up today, he’ll face the battle of his life.

Being in love… He yearned for it, but does love truly bring happiness…?!

And, as the life paths are crossing, new things will be brought to light, right from the darkness of Shouji’s heart.



Okei this is it for now...

Hope you liked it :)

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It's very diff from Spell, that's true, but still I liked it. Many British writers used opium to write their darkest & violent stories, you just needed a little bit of temperature. I liked it Bel, very much

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@ Bridget


Thank you dear :)

Yes it is very very different from spell, and it'll be worse :p

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@ Bridget


Thank you dear :)

Yes it is very very different from spell, and it'll be worse :p


waiting for it.....

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wuahh...LOVE IT!!!...gosh im so curious to know what happen next...

wuwuwuw...Bella im sure u will do a great job again..

please Bella...amaze me again...*really cant wait*

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@ Junnie


Thank you so much dear :D

You guys support it's what makes all this fun :p

Yep the story is definitely different, it's very agressive, violent and yes it won't be sweet as spell, i'm trying to show other things with it...

I just hope you'll like it, since it'll be so different from the previous one... :D


I'll keep on posting it...

I already writen a lot...

In 3 days i wrote 4 parts :D

I'll be posting another today... :p


A big kiss :*

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hey, wicked, keep it up ^_^

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You finally came up with a new story Belita!!! :D


You was right, this one is absolutely different from Spell. But, like this is even more interesting :p


I like it!

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@ Matti


@ Misakixusagi


Thanks guys :p

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Hey there :)

Here's part two, hope you like it.



As they stepped out of the black car, Shouji couldn’t help and stare...

Everything was big.

Big car, big house, big trees, even big fucking body-guards.


“Hey Boss, this is y’o house?”

“This’s where i live yeah, why?”

“What th’a fuck!! Ya live with a fucking army or something?!”


The line of people standing at the entrance of the house was in many ways overwhelming and scary as hell.

He was shaking all over... The guy had been friendly, but you always have to be aware of a yakuza. You never turn your back to them... You may be dead the second you do.


“Hey Boss, ar’ya sure that’s ok me being here?”

“Wh’ya asking?”

“Cause these fuckers keep giving th’a fucking look, that’s why!”

“Ahahah, never mind them. Besides it’s their job to be suspicious of anything different... I would take care of them up if they didn’t!”

“Th’a fuck!! You would kill y’ar own people?! You yakuza are freaking insane, i tell’ya...”

“It’s m’a fucking job punk!Don’t forget that!”

“Sure... Ain’t forgetting!”


The inside of the house was even scarier than the outside...

Shouji kept looking around wondering how in the world people could manage to own so many stuff, and still not being happy about it.


“This look like a fucking museum...”

“Ahahah, it’s just a bunch of old stuff kid. But don’t ya dare lay y’o fucking paws in anything, am i clear?!”

“Yeah Boss, who th’a fuck wants old stuff anyway!”

“Yeah, ya better...”


Walking around the house, Shouji kept looking like a lost kid to everything around him, but what called his attention were the pictures hanged in every single wall of the house.

Old pictures, modern ones, he felt like he was learning the clan history just from looking at the vivid contrast between the withered and the new photographs.


“Hey Boss, is this y’oself?”

“Yeah... i look like shit though, ahahahha”

“Eheheh, ya do... a little.But you sure look like... handsome, with th’yo hair combed like this, don’t even seem look th’a same person...”


Shouji felt his face warm up, when he looked attentively to the man’s face…

He never called anyone handsome, nor did ever say a girl or a woman was pretty.

His harsh life, didn’t allowed him to have that kind of thoughts.

All men were perverts and women unreachable, because to him, no one would want to have so much for love a piece of shit like himself.

So why wasting time in shit he couldn’t change.

He liked a girl thru his years in high-school.

He never confessed.

He didn’t like her face, nor her body.

She was nice to him. She would greet him when at school, and would talk to him about unimportant things.

He felt happy when she did.


Shouji’s mother died when he was a first year in high-school.

Until then, Shouji was what you could call a normal kid, his parents were poor, but they managed.

His father, was still the biggest piece of crap alive, he wouldn’t work, he wouldn’t do anything, but he never bugged Shouji.

The only thing that hurt him was seeing his mother go thru all the shit with a smile on her face.

How could she?!


Shouji asked himself that question many times.

He tried once to ask her, why wouldn’t she leave the asshole, but the answer she gave only made him more furious…

“I love him Shouji.”


That son of a bitch didn’t deserve her love, he didn’t deserve her, he didn’t deserve anything she would do for him…

But he had to understand that she was happy like that.

He had to let it go.


Shouji’s view on love, was that it was waste of anyone’s time.

Something you shouldn’t give much though… and even something you should forget.


Calling a man handsome shouldn’t be much of a big deal, so why would he feel disturbed…


He decided to drop the thought.


“Shut up.... I was forced to take th’a damn thing, dress this stupid thing and comb m’a hair... If i didn’t dad would kill me...”

“Y’o dad?! Is he the head of th’a family?!”

“No punk i am... Dad got shot two years ago... I had to take over...”

“Sorry Boss, i...”

“Never mind that. Let’s go, gonna ask Mimori-chan to lay a futon f’o ya...”


“Kind of like th’a house keeper. Wha… think i was the one cleaning this gigantic fucking house?! Ahahhaha!”

“Course not Boss! I knew ya had like people to do that kind of shit f’o ya... I ain’t stupid...”

“Ehehhe, messing with ya kid... “


“Welcome home Kai-sama... “

“Oi Mimori-chan... Eheheh”

“Kai-sama, even if you’re my master i won’t allow you to treat your elder like your best friend... Behave boy, i’m still able to spank you enough to put some sense into you.”

“Always so harsh Mimori-cha...”


“Ok ok, never mind y’o my favourite obaasan, so sorry if i want to spoil ya a bit...”

“Watch your language; you look like you were raised on a dog pound...”

“Ahahhaha, weren’t i?!”


“Sorry Mimori-SAN, just having a bit of fun...”

“So what’s this... another stray dog you brought home?”


Pointing at Shouji who didn’t really like to be called a dog, the truth was he looked like shit.

Clothes all dirty and bloody, not to mention he looked like he got hit by a fucking train…

He gave a quick glance at the man before him, at the screaming difference between them made him blush again…


He looked like a dirty rag, and this guy looked like an elite.

He felt bad, so bad he couldn’t hold the words bursting from his chest…


“What th’a fuck do you want obaa-san…?! I ain’t no fucking dog, ya ear me…”

“Wah… Is that a way to talk to an elder… You’re really a stray dog and the worst kind there is.”

“Hey, hey… drop it! Mimori-san, please arrange a futon for the lost dog here, and prepare a bath… If he’s sleeping here I wanna get rid of the smell first, ahahah.”


“As you wish, Kai-sama…”


As soon as the old lady went on her way Shouji kept his eyes on Kai.

He looked a bit dazzled, but a bit confused as well…


“What is it punk?!”


“Nothing huh…”


Truth was Shouji’s was hiding his embarrassment.

He was feeling too self conscious, and the fact that for his 19 years he looked like he was 15.

He stooped growing at some point, and he hated that, he was very skinny because he couldn’t have proper meal, and that made him hate his father even more.

It was all his fault, all the evil in the world was his father fault.


“What’s wrong kid, what’s with that face?”

“I said it was nothing, just drop it… And don’t call me kid, I’m almost 20.”


He didn’t know why he told him his age.

The desire to tell him, unconsciously made him blurt that shit out. He wasn’t boasting, but for some reason, he wanted him to know.


“Oh… so you’re almost 20… I see. Then how many do you really have…?”

“Ain’t telling…”

“Punk I told ya my age! Spill it!”

“Why should i?!”


The man came closer… Shouji noticed he was really big, compared to him he was a giant. He had a big body too, he must be muscular…

But what made Shouji gasp were his eyes…


Boss was wearing sunglasses at night, Shouji could never guess what were behind those lenses, and the photographs were black and white…

The water coloured eyes the man had made Shouji step back, and turn his head away…

It was just too much…

He wasn’t expecting it.

It was just a guy… Just another fucking guy…

So what the fuck was wrong with him?!


“Are ya spilling it or not…?!”


Shouji had his pride, but not to the point of keeping refusing a yakuza…


“I’m fucking 19! Now back off!”


He may sound tough, but he couldn’t stop shaking…

Was because of fear, or those eyes that felt like seeing thru him…?


“Oh… 19! Good age… But why should I back off?! Are ya scared of me?!”


The man said the line with a snicker hidden behind the words, but Shouji felt shaken by them. As soon as he tried to face the man standing before him, his body froze.

He never felt that way.

He felt disgust, he felt powerless… And he hated it…


“Well, 19, almost legal age, that’s cools right?!”


Somehow the guy backed off on his own, and in some fucking weird way was somehow giving the feeling he was disturbed by something.

Shouji felt relieved, but not safe yet.

There was something strange there, he couldn’t bring himself to name what the fuck was.

The air between them became heavy, and looking to the broad back the man showed Shouji decided to let himself find out just what the fuck was going on.


“Yeah, almost fucking legal… Not that it will change any shit though.”

“Why don’t ya change your fucking life kid? Get a job…”

“I have a fucking job!”

“Oh yeah, doing what?!”

“I work at a restaurant, I’m sort of a all kinds of job guy… I do what people need, I clean, I help waiter, I close the shop, I buy shit… ya know… restaurant shit!”

“Ahahah, I see… That’s a good job kid!”

“Stop calling kid, fuck…”

“Well ya look like one… I would bet my fucking head saying you didn’t have more than 15 ahahahha.”

“Don’t laugh! I know I’m short, and I know i look like this, but I ain’t getting any of this shit…”

“Hey, c’mon slow down punk… Just messing with ya… Ya really look like a kid ya know that, then ya gotta understand why people messes with ya…”

“I ain’t got to understand shit…”


The man came closer again, Shouji felt endangered…


“Look, let’s put this way then…”


He put his hand on Shouji’s shoulder and the younger man felt like something being stolen from him… Was it his strength?! Were did it go? He felt numb. The man’s hand was big, heavy, but warm…



“I’ll call ya…. What’s y’or name really?!”


“Well Shouji, I’m Kai, nice to meet ya.”


For a moment there, all Shouji could see were green sparkling lights, hovering him…

He saw nothing else…

He forgot to answer…

He was lost in the deep green colour of Kai’s eyes.



That's it for now...


Thank you for reading


Big Kiss :*

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wuwuwuwu....cant wait for the next part...gosh i feel so curious of bout what will happen next...Bella good job!!!!

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Kai is cool! :p Let's see what Shouji will do next :p It remainds me a bit of Viewfinder *_*

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@ Junnie


@ Matti


Thank you for reading it guys :D


Here's a thank you kiss :*

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Here's part three...


Enjoy :)




“Shit punk… you do STINK…”



That broke Shouji’s alienation in a second!



“Well sorry f’o stinking, I ain’t showering f’o 3 days now…”


It may have seemed Shouji was completely himself again, but the awareness of the man in front of him was too big to be unnoticed…

Everything was green now, the same colour of Kai’s eyes, all was hot, and Shouji was wondering if at some point, when being beaten to death, he damaged something in his fucking head that was making him feel and see weird shit that he never felt before…


“Kai-sama, the dog bath is ready.”

“Eheheh, thank you Mimori-san… Always so nice…”


“Can I go now?!”

“Yeah, ya can, don’t make a mess in th’a bathroom, or I’ll make ya clean it with y’o dog tongue…”

“What could I do in th’a fucking bathroom besides, taking a damn bath?!”



Shouji left the room, behind Mimori-San…

He was feeling hopeless, he didn’t know what to do anymore, the only thing he wanted was to run away from that guy…

He was giving him the creeps… The way Shouji felt around him just wasn’t normal…


He made a decision, as soon as it dawn, he would get the fuck away from that place as fast as he could never to turn around…

It was too big for him…

It was crushing him, being overwhelmed as he was.

He didn’t like it!



“Shit… I really needed this…”


Shouji began taking his rags off.

Yeah you couldn’t even call it cloths because they were torn beyond any kind of repair…

But he would still need them, so he folded them the best he could and put them on top of the sink.


He looked to the image in the enormous mirror in front oh him…

He felt like an ant, comparing his small, mistreated body to the imperial size Kai bore… The difference even with cloths on, was monstrous making Shouji feel even worse than he already was…


“And why the fuck am I comparing m’self to that guy?! I’m me and he’s him… We don’t belong in th’a same world… There’s nothing to compare… we’re different shit anyway…”


At that same time the door made a small crack sound and was opened before Shouji could even cover himself.


“Hey, I just wann….”

“What th’a fuck… Close the door, GET OUT…”


Kai didn’t move an inch.

He stood there looking at Shouji butt naked, and making the most embarrassed face he had ever seen…

At first he wanted to laugh… The punk with a sharp tongue was making a “lady in distress” kind of pose, and his face…

Kai looked again at Shouji’s face, but the will to laugh went away…

Awe appeared, when he realized the punk had the most fucking delicious erotic expression he had ever seen too…


He swallow it dry, he remembered… The kid hated pervs, what could he do…?!


“Shit kid! Sorry about that, I though you already went in the tub, ya know, and I was just comin’a ask ya if ya want some…ya know, some shit t’a wear…fuck man I can’t think like this, put some… towel or som… t’a cover ya…”


“What the hell… I would have, if ya’t least fucking knocked!!”

“Well, will ya need or ya don’t?

“Yeah, cause mine are torn…”

“Yeah…. Sure. I’ll bring later… Look do ya want me to look at y’o wounds, they look pretty bad kid…”

“NO! No that’s ok, I’m fine…”

“What th’a fuck ya mean y’o fine?! Look at ya, all fucked up… GO TAKE THE DAMN BATH, AND I’LL COME BACK AND I’LL GIVA SOME SHIT TO WEAR AND I’LL TAKE CARE OF…THAT!? GOT IT?!”


Slamming the door on the way out, Kai was wondering just what the fuck was happening with him…

Shouting with the kid like that, getting all pissed off… Why?!


Meanwhile Shouji was standing, still looking at the door that had just been slammed trying to understand what the fuck was that all about…

Well… He couldn’t.


Shouji got in the water and felt bliss…

Soaking in the hot, fragrant water he wished to remain just like that for as long as possible…

He could feel the limbs stretching and aching from the latest beatings…

He started to realize they were getting worse…

He wished that piece a heaven to last for a bit more, but before he could feel totally restored, someone started ramming the door like no tomorrow, and the peace was over…

It was him… He was back!

What the hell did he want now…?! To scream some more?!


“Are ya fucking decent now?!”


Shouji laughed quietly, to the realization that the tough yakuza boss was being as gentle as he could for his sake…

It was weird, gentle and Kai didn’t seem to go hand in hand…

Shouji dressed the bathrobe hanged in one of the door holders…


“Yeah… Thanks f’o askin’ this time…”

“Well fuck you!! Y’o in my house, don’tya dare making fun of me, or I’ll kill ya…”


Kai entered, but didn’t even raise his head…

He was afraid he might feel the same way again…

He tried to focus on the kid’s injuries and nothing else, but that was an impossible thing to accomplish…

Shouji sat on the tub and took the top of the bathrobe so that he could treat his wounds… The bad thing was that the damn kid was again wearing that same devilish face as before, giving him no time to think, so much to be cautious…

Besides the difference between the dirty and the all cleaned up Shouji were ridiculously severe…

After the bath, Shouji looked like somebody else…


Kai felt his body react..

It wasn’t the first time he was with a man… His younger years made him curious and he had plenty of male sex to satisfy his curiosity…

But this was different, this went beyond lust and curiosity…


He wanted to fuck that kid so badly his member was killing him. The huge pressure in his pants were causing him sordid pain…

He wanted to ravish him, destroy him, right there…right then…


How would he manage to touch him without fucking him to his last hair strand?




Hope you liked it... :)

A big kiss, and of course thank you so much for reading :*

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I think I'm going to get hooked on this, I just have the feeling. I only just finished the first part yet but I commenting anyway.

The dialogue between Shoji and the old man was nice, and I already have a lot of expectations. Also, I really enjoy the accents and all the cursing, however; I think you shouldn't use so much swear words near each other, because it kind of makes me laugh instead of taking it too seriously. I suggest you keep using it a lot, like you're doing, but more spaced. It's just my opinion, of course. I think it would give a more serious vibe.

I liked how you started right away talking about Shoji's life and everything he has to go through. The depression was there. (:

And I have to say that it was just the first chapter and I'm already feeling sorry for Toshiro; because I actually had a clear mental image of the story as I was reading and when I got here:

“Here Boss…”

“Give it him not to me, asshole!”

“Sorry Boss! Right away!”

it ripped a laugh out of me. (x


Gonna read the rest now; I'm totally going to stalk this story, Bela.

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@ Jenow


I think I'm going to get hooked on this, I just have the feeling. I only just finished the first part yet but I commenting anyway.

The dialogue between Shoji and the old man was nice, and I already have a lot of expectations. Also, I really enjoy the accents and all the cursing, however; I think you shouldn't use so much swear words near each other, because it kind of makes me laugh instead of taking it too seriously. I suggest you keep using it a lot, like you're doing, but more spaced. It's just my opinion, of course. I think it would give a more serious vibe.

I liked how you started right away talking about Shoji's life and everything he has to go through. The depression was there. (:

And I have to say that it was just the first chapter and I'm already feeling sorry for Toshiro; because I actually had a clear mental image of the story as I was reading and when I got here:

“Here Boss…”

“Give it him not to me, asshole!”

“Sorry Boss! Right away!”

it ripped a laugh out of me. (x


Gonna read the rest now; I'm totally going to stalk this story, Bela.


Before anything else, thank you for reading it rabbit0


You are so right about the cursing :cuteonion24:

That's what happens when you write stuff on meds that made you feel like you're drunk :D

Yes the part one and two are the cursing of the year, and i tried to change at least a bit the parts 3 and 4 to be less agressive, and make the story flow a bit more naturally...

For some weird reason the first chap of anything i write never goes well O_o

Bad thing was i realized it had too much once i posted it, inner thought of that time were...."Ok maybe this is way too much...", so i decided to have it reduced in the other chaps that were already written, but still not posted.

I'm so glad you liked it, and now i'm really hoping to do a good job on this :cuteonion44:


A very very big thank you kiss :leaf3:

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my favouite one so far.....

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This was supposed to be posted yesterday, so i'm sorry about the delay... :(


Here's part four... Enjoy ;)





The guy was looking at him, like he was a piece of meat waiting to be devoured...

Why was Kai wanting this guy so badly, was a fucking mystery.


You couldn’t find any coherent reason for it.

The kid was a miserable individual, with no kind of positive aspect to compensate for all the negative ones... Then why?!


If you look thru the sex perspective, he wasn’t that appealing either, since back in the days of forbidden lust Kai only searched for partners of rare beauty. Someone with something unexpected, or rare.

Shouji was just you’re ordinary guy with too many problems and an overall, shitty life!

Then why the fuck his face was making him feel like the kid was the best meal ever, just waiting to be tasted...


“What is it?! Lookin’ at me like that?!”

“Huh?! Oh nothin’, nothin’ just stay still...”


Just what the fuck was he going to do, the hand he hold the tainted cotton was shaking so fucking much he looked like a fucking sissy.

It would give him away in a second.

He needed to cool his head off.

He was a pathetic sight right now. The guy that was known to be the an ice cold bastard anytime he needed to wipe someone’s ass was actually in a hell of a fucking awkward situation.

The kid managed to mess him up, he’ll give him that.

He was horny beyond words, and the kid would never give credit to a dirty old bastard like him for sure.

And the “Green Dragon” wasn’t the type to push someone down, when he felt like it, cause actually he didn’t need to...

People would fanatically advance on him, with no need for subtleties whatsoever...

Being man or women! Even if women were the main attacking population...

Which was a pity, pumping a good male ass was just too good...


“Hey boss do i need to stay like this for long?! Gettin’ cold here?!”



He let his mind wander too much, he didn’t want to scare the boy but he was reaching he’s limits...


“Say punk... What do ya think of stickin’ around... I mean, yo hate y’o old man’s ass, i got room t’a spare...”




“No thanks...”


The kid’s reply made him feel more pissed off than he thought he would be...

What the hell! The punk was living in the fucking street, not eating not showering, and he still rather live like that to have a roof?!



“And why’s that punk?!”

“I just donn’ wanna...”

“Why’s that?! What else can ya find that’s better than here...”

“I ain’t saying i’ll find better... I’m saying i... i don’t feel right here, i feel fucking weird...”

“What’s that suppose t’a mean?!”

“I dunno! I dunno... I wanna leave, tomorrow i’ll leave... Thanks f’o everythin, but tomorrow i’ll go back...”


Kai got up, looking like the fucking devil on a beserk spree...

He felt like he was spitted on, like he was made fun off...


“Ya got a lot of nerve talkin’ to me like that punk... Ar’ya really gonna refuse me?”



And for the first time Shouji felt fear because of Kai’s exploding attitude...

The green colour of that guy’s eyes were even more impossibly potent than before, those eyes made Shouji feel like a fucking mosquito just waiting to be crushed...

He never experienced this type of fear, a fear you can’t control, you just feel it...

It hurts your fucking bones so badly, because you can’t stop shaking...


Shouji felt bad, he didn’t dislike Kai... Quite on the contrary.

But the empathy created between them, was going to be crushed, and it was going to be crushed now!

He was dead meat, because those eyes expressed pretty fucking well, just how pissed off the Boss was...

The guy was scary beyond fucking words, and Shouji was having second thoughts because he really, truly didn’t want to be wiped off...



“I’m fuckin’ asking if ya really gonna refuse me? Ya see, i ain’t no freakin’ perv that’s for sure, but i gotta say, ya managed to ring some bells on my boy bellow... And yeah, i wasn’t going t’a ask f’o anything since this shit was out of fucking charity, but right now, i feel like fucking eating you alive...”


Kai reached for Shouji’s shin, giving it a bit of a tight squeeze... Shouji couldn’t help but look away from the guy’s face...


“What th’a fuck y’o talkin’ about...”

“Talking about this...”


Kai took Shouji’s hand and shove it between his own legs, the swell was so god damn obvious the kid felt his hand burning from the thumping and the sensation.


“Ya managed to put me in a really good mood... Now ya gonna have t’a help me with this...”

“No fucking way, call y’o girlfriend or something, i told ya i ain’t doin’ this shit...”



Shouji’s face looked even more alluring to Kai now, the fact that the kid was rejecting him, was making him want him even more...


He looked closely at Shouji...

He was now feeling somewhat regret for pushing the kid with this shit.


Shouji looked confused about something, and Kai thought of breaking that off, and send the guy to bed, enough for today...

He was pushing it, he knew it... The kid was a target to that kind of crazy shit every day, and now the fucker who offered him a helping hand is trying to do the same thing those fucking losers did... He wasn’t capable of such! He wasn’t the same kind the other bastards were...

Not even close enough!


Kai wanted him, yes...

But Kai would give it some time, and take everything for himself later, that was Kai way of making things...

That was the fucking hard ass yakuza boss he was, there was no playing around him, there wasn’t a single fucking soul that would be, even the slightest, out of their freaking mind crazy, to mess with him... You would be dead, before you knew it...

He was used to hear, “like father, like son...” His old man was a mean fucking bastard as well... He only kept the legacy alive, but let’s face it, the guy matched the part like a fucking glove!


Son of one of his father mistresses, Kai had a foreigner part in him...

His mother was half-Japanese, half-British, but Kai’s eyes came from his grandmother, who owned the same colour eyes he did...


He was called the Green Dragon, among the yakuza world...

A name you don’t mess with, a name everyone learned to fear...


He always thought that it was the most stupid fucking name, but never really truly disliked it ...

A good sounding name could create fear, repulse, empathy, trust...

Kai’s point in accepting this name was only one...

Don’t fucking mess with me....


And that message was definitely understood perfectly!


“Fuck... Sorry kid. Ya got a too good of a fucking face to be truth... Ain’t going to attack ya... Go to sleep. Mimori-Chan is waiting f’o ya outside t’a tell ya where y’o crashing... Forget this shit, ok... I’m just pissed and i’m takin’ out on’ya.”


“I mean it kid, relax...”


Well Shouji didn’t, who the hell could guarantee him the guy wasn’t going to sneak on him, while he’s sleeping...

He was fearing something like that happening, but decided to go and keep quiet.


He would sneak out first thing tomorrow...




That's it for now, i hope you liked it...

A big thank you kiss for all :*

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I starting to like the Green Dragon a lot. Thanks to you for your effort & work.

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ohohohoh!!!! love it...itz getting hotter...cant wait for more...>.

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I like this fiction! Very captivating! :leaf3:

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Thank you so much for reading *__*


A very big kiss :*

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Here's part five... :)


Enjoy :p





This was just fucking wicked...!


The kid really managed to get away from a fucking yakusa home, completely unnoticed...

Or the punk was good at this shit, or their surveillance was lacking some major beatings, because this is a big time screw up...


“Gonna kill these bastards...”


The punk was a fucking sneaky cat. Kai was on the verge on breaking on laugh when he got to the room where the kid was supposed to be sleeping and found it empty, futon and blanket folded like a good kid would have done it.

Almost no trace he was in the house in the first place...

Only the remains of his rags and bloody bandages were around and Kai was about to burn that shit.


“Son of a bitch... Think it’ll be this easy brat?! In y’o fucking dreams...”


Kai remembered the all shit from the night before and thought the all fucking situation was just plain hilarious...

He’ll find that punk, and slowly he would give him no space to spare for anything else, he would be his fucking slave for all that matters, even if he rejects Kai again, he’ll definitely wouldn’t drop the will to take the kid for his own.

Not a chance, not in this life time.

He will have a taste of that, in the easy or the hard way, that was up to him.


“Fucking brat... Playing hide’ seek... I’ll search f’o ya! And when i catch ya i’m gonna play with ya just a bit.”


“Mornin’Boss! Looking good today as well.”

“Fuck you Toshiro! Go get the fucking car, NOW?”

“Shit ok Boss. Is everythin’ ok Boss, ya look pissed...”


Now that thru Kai over the fucking edge.

Toshiro got punched so hard he couldn’t even realized what came to him...


“Fuck you, ya son of a bitch! Drive!!

“T’a where Boss? Man, ya shouldn’t be so violent in th’a morning Boss it’s bad f’o y’o stomach.”

“Stop worrying about my fuckin’ stomach, and drive to Shibuya, y’a bastard...”

“Sure Boss... What are we doin’ in Shibuya so early Boss, ya goin’shoppin’?!”

“What th’a hell is with the fucking inquiry?! Ar’ya m’a fuckin’ mother?! Just do what i told’ ya, and do it the fucking NOW?!”

“Sorry Boss, ain’t askin’ anymore...”


He was a total creep now, and he knew it. Toshiro was one of his best guys and the reason he was being a pain was because, he knew he was always concerned about him...

Kai father died in Toshiro’s disability of doing anything at all…

The guy swore before Kai’s dead father’s body, that he would give his life to protecting the old son’s boss.

And it has been so, since that day…

Toshiro was a quiet guy, but you shouldn’t let appearances mislead you, the guy was deadly, and quite a fucking heavy arm, when it came to punching…

He would kill any son of a bitch, who would come in their way, as easy as you say die!


“Ne Boss, what about ya finding a good woman…?! Ya been alone f’o quite some time now…”

“Toshiro, and what about y’a minding y’o fucking business and leave me the fucking hell alone!!”

“Sorry Boss!”

“I’m sorry man... I’m kinda pissed off, right now, ok... Just don’t mind me, if i say too much punch me in th’a fucking face, so i can put up some fucking sense...”

“Boss, ya know y’a can talk to me right...? I mean, i ain’t that smart and shit but i can hear ya out, right?!”

“Fuck ‘shiro saying these shits like this, wan’ me ta fall in love with’ya...? Ahahha”

“Fuck no Boss, just sayin’ ok...”

“Yeah, i know man, thanks...”

“Sure Boss, anytime.”


Kai’s mood lightened a little, and he started to wonder about Shouji the night before...


“Shit, that kid was really something huh...? How the fuck am i gonna do this?”

“Wah Boss...?”

“Say Toshiro? Am i a good lookin’ guy...? Be honest just don’ say shit cause i’m y’o boss...”

“Sure ya are boss!! I mean y’o fucking Japanese with green eyes, y’o cool, ya dress stylish, and ya have a bunch of cash, y’or a great catch boss, y’o th’a fucking lottery ticket f’o the lady’s boss...”

“Yeah... I think i’m good looking too, right?! I mean i don’ wanna brag, but i do look good, right Toshiro...?!”



Toshiro energetically nodded his head, and Kai felt the guy was just too funny.


The fucking bloody hell, Akio Kai was feeling fucking depressed, and needed reassuring...??

This was unseen, the kid hat to be a fucking devil, bringing havoc and destruction to Kai’s self-esteem, like nobody ever did before...

He was gonna pay, and he was gonna pay, good and hard...

That skinny ass would be not enough payment for making him feel like shit right now!


“’shiro, turn left here. I need to go to that restaurant...”

“Boss c’mon there’s got to be better places f’o ya to eat...”

“Toshiro!! Go preach to that fucking corner over there will ya...”


As soon as they turned, Kai felt his face get hot like freaking lava was poured in him...

What the fuck was this all about?!

Was he so freaking delighted to meet that punk he would have this tingling things inside of him feeling like a fucking Christmas tree twinkling?!


“You got to be shitting me?!”


The restaurant Shouji worked was kind of a slum...

The waiter on the counter looked like a freaking sweaty pig, with too much body hair, and somehow the smell his body released was just downright nauseating...



“Hey... Does Shouji work here?!”

“Who th’a fuck ar’ya?”

“That doesn’t concern y’or fuckin’ ass... Does Shouji work here or not?”

“Wha?! I ain’t answerin’ questions from a fuckin’ “Gaijin” ya hear me...”



Next thing he knew the waiter or whatever the fuck he was got his ass on the floor of the restaurant.

He surely messed with wrong fucking guy, he just didn’t knew how dead he was yet.


“Ya sure ya wanna keep this going y’a fucker?! “Gaijin”...I AIN’T NO FUCKING “GAIJIN”...”


That moment Toshiro got in the restaurant, it was unusual for Kai to lose his mind over small shit, and he went to have a look.


“Boss, is everythin’ ok?!”

“Outside ‘shiro... Wait the fuckin’ outside!”



Toshiro was used to this, when Boss wanted to “take care” of something alone, you shouldn’t meddle, or you would be in deep shit, and you bet you didn’t want to be in that kind of shit.


“I’m gonna count to five, if y’a ain’t tellin’ me where th’a fuck is Shouji i’m gonna start knifing y’a...Y’a feeling me?!”

“WAIT, WAIT FUCK... The kid went to by some shit at the market. I told him to go and by some stuff... It’s veggies day and they come out cheaper today... Ya can wait f’o him, he’ll should be here anytime...”

“Thank you! Now that’s much fucking better... Are ya his boss, do ya own this pig-hole?!”

“No man, i’m just the cook...The place looks all fucking rundown but the food is good and we got a lot of people comin’ here...”

“I see... Where’s y’o boss then?!”

“Upstairs... He lives upstairs... Why?! Y’or freaking yakuza right? Look man, boss ain’t got much, and we already have to pay a fucking collector, we should be cleared man...”

“Stop freakin’ out pussy, i ain’t here for money, i just wanna talk to a kitty cat that ran away from me yesterday...”


“Never mind that...”

“Hum, look man, did the kid do something?! I mean... He’s a good kid, he get’s beat up a lot, he’s always dirty and shit but he’s a good kid... Did he do somethin’?”

“I wonder...”


That moment Shouji walked in the restaurant...

The moment his eyes laid on Kai, the kid just wanted to run, but he knew that wasn’t the best option, so he just stood there... Looking at the floorboards, like an idiot...


“What th’a fuck d’yo want?!




Big kiss thanks f'o reading ;)

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wuwuwuw!!!! itz killing me...i keep wanting to know what happened...

Bella ur story is awesome!!!!

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