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Summary: The continuation of Kenta's and Ryuu's love stories as well as their friends adventures and misfortunes.

Status: Complete


Chapter 1







“No, I don't want that there.” I ran a hand through my hair trying my fucking best not to smack the shit out of the man. Why couldn't they follow the simplest directions? I'd decided that moving was not worth the hassle. No fucking way it was worth days of moving things around and unpacking. It didn't help that my wonderful, if somewhat spoiled, boyfriend had went out and bought all new furniture. I'd gotten along for years with nothing but a futon and some boxes of clothes.


“Put it along the wall there.” I pointed to the spot and watched the men wrestle the dresser into place. It was nice looking, I had to admit that. I'd never in my life owned anything remotely this nice. Except my motorcycle. I took a moment to glance around what was going to be our bedroom. I felt my mouth lift in a smirk as I looked at the giant four poster bed. Gonna have some fun on that. Well, when the idiot doc said I could. Fuck it to hell. There was a loud thud and a string of cuss words from down the hall. Shaking my head I went to see what had happened.


“You broke it!”


“I so sorry, I didn't see it.”


That was coming from what was going to be the band's practice room. Peering inside I saw the drummer Hasu, fists clenched at his sides as he faced one of the movers. I lunged forward just in time to grab Hasu before he attacked the poor guy.


“Let go Kenta!” He flailed against me and I suddenly realized that I wasn't as strong as I'd been. So I let him go and grabbed his hair instead to keep him in place. He yelped, but the pain seemed to drain away some of his anger. I shook him slightly as he tried to turn and look at me.


“What tha fuck are you doin', Hasu?” I growled and let him go. He rubbed his head and shrugged, not looking at me.


“He stepped on my drum.” He gestured behind him and I glanced at the now ruined drum and the very sorry looking mover.


“Ain't like he did it on purpose Hasu.”


“I-I know . . . I'm sorry. I just . . .” he shook his head and I saw tears on his cheeks.


“Fuck Hasu . . . don't do this. We'll get you another drum. Why don't you go find Sora, it's about lunch time and I'll get us some food, okay?” I took him gently by the arm and lead him out of the room. Hasu and I had been friends before everything, but now we were even closer. He'd been kidnapped, beaten and threatened with rape. I had to give the kid a break for being upset that his drums were fucked. “I know you are still dealing with stuff, but you can't take out your anger on other people, Hasu.”


“Now you sound like Sora.” He pouted, but didn't pull away. “I'm sorry. I didn't mean to lose my temper like that, but . . .”


“It's alright, you don't gotta explain.” I squeezed his arm lightly before letting go. I understood all too well exactly what he meant. “Maybe later this week you and I could spar a bit.”


He glanced at me the dark eyes wide. “Y-you sure? Did the doctor clear you for that kind of stuff already.”


I shook my head. “Nah, but we'll take it easy.”


He nodded slowly before stopping and giving me a quick hug. I could tell he was careful not to hug me as tight as he used to. It made me kinda sad. Then again it had only been three weeks since my old cellmate had tried to kill me. Had it really been three weeks already? Sometimes, it felt like yesterday. Those were never good times. After settling things with the foreman about the cost of the drum I looked around wondering what to tackle next as I stood in the living room. I realized I was rubbing my wrist and looked down. The rope burns were gone as were the bruises. I still had stitches in sensitive spots, but the doctor said I was healing good. It could have been worse. I shuddered, then jumped slightly as strong warm arms wrapped around my middle and I was pulled back against a lean solid body.


“You alright? You were doing it again.” Ryuu's voice breathed into my ear.


I nodded, leaning back into him. “I'm fine. Hasu's upset.”


“Yeah I heard the yelling, that's why I came upstairs.” Soft lips brushed my ear and he kissed my neck.




“I know, I know but who cares if there are people here. I've missed you.”


“It's been less than an hour Ito.”


“So . . .”


I sighed, unable to help the smile as I turned to face him. “You are such a fucking weirdo.”


He tapped my nose as he grinned down at me and I felt a chill run through me. It still amazed me that he'd not only asked me back but to move in with him. “Ah, but I am your weirdo, Ken-chan.”


“Don't call me chan.” I tried to glare at him but then he leaned down and kissed me. Not a quick peck but a slow gentle yet very seductive kiss. By the time we parted I was breathing hard and trying to figure out how to keep anyone from seeing my boner. “Fu-fuck Ryuu . . .”


“Mmm yes please. Maybe once everything is put away we can make that new bed really ours.” He pulled me into a hug and I felt him laugh. “Shall we go in the bathroom and take care of your problem?”


That was when I noticed the men staring at us. “Fuck off or I ain't gonna fucking pay your lazy asses!”


Ryuu just chuckled and kissed my forehead which got him a glare. “You are so adorable when you get all bossy.”


“You know how I feel about people wa-mmff-” I shoved him back, breaking the kiss. “Stop it already, we got stuff to do.”


He laughed and gave me a peck on the cheek before heading into the kitchen. I shook my head and watched him look through boxes for a moment. I almost had to laugh at myself. It was hard to believe that after everything that had happened the past month things could be so normal. Normal was fucking good after what we'd been through. I turned hearing someone clear their throat behind me. The man looked like he'd just drank a gallon of soy sauce. I would too if I'd had to agree not to charge for my work because one of my guys fucked up.


“We are finished putting the furniture and boxes in their rooms. Did you need anything else?”


I shook my head. “Nah, I think we got it.”


He stood there for a second like he was expecting something more then finally shrugged and went to gather up his crew. I headed into the bedroom to make sure they'd put everything where we wanted it. This room looked nothing like the other apartment, something Ryuu and I had both agreed on. After all the shit that had went down at his penthouse, not even his parents wanted to keep the place. Last I knew the landlord was gutting it to make a ballroom or something like that. Whatever, I didn't give a shit. It had been a nice place, but I liked this better already. Ryuu and I had spent a long time figuring out what we wanted. I'd never realized that there were so many types of furniture to choose from. More than once I'd told Ryuu just to pick something, but he'd said no, that this was for both of us and he wanted my input. The idiot really knew how to make me feel wanted.

Deciding I had no idea what to do with all the boxes in the bedroom I headed back to the kitchen.


“Oi! Get the fuck out.” I grinned at Ryuu as I pulled him away from the box he'd been rummaging through. “You ain't got a clue what any of that stuff is, so just leave it.”


“Hey now! I've been learning you know! I had Hasu teaching me how to do stuff while you were in the hospital.”


I laughed and got a grin in return. “Right and that's why the hotel offered us free room service as long as you promised not to ever try to cook in the room again.”


“There was a kitchenette you know, you make it sound like I lit a fire in the room or something.”


“Pretty much.” I smirked at him, then yelped and jumped back as he grabbed for me.

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I turned around and ran smack into a very solid chest. I stepped back, rubbing my nose and looked up. “Oi, Sora, don't fucking sneak up on me like that!”


He raised his eyebrows at me and shook his head. “You guys are supposed to be playing around. Ryuu, you are supposed to be taking care of him.”


I could hear the pout in Ryuu's voice. “I wasn't going to let him get hurt.”


I crossed my arms over my chest and gave Sora my most intimi-imit . . . my hardest glare. He grinned.


“You know . . . when you try to look tough like that you end up looking rather seductive.”


I blinked, my arms dropping to my sides. Ryuu was giggling behind me.


“He does doesn't he!”


Sora laughed and reaching down grabbed me and picked me up. “Let me down you fucking shit head!”


“Nope, it's time for you to go rest. You've been on your feet all day and you are wore out.”


“I am not!!! I'm just fine!”


“Sure you are, you can't even get down can you?”


“Damn you, you fucking bastard.” Why did the giant red head have to be right? It was just fucking awkward getting carried around like a cripple. Though now that he'd pointed it out, I was exhausted and starting to ache. “Just put me down, I can walk you know. Besides, this isn't very comfortable.”


He grinned at me, the bright green eyes glittering. “Sure, go rest alright. Oh and where is Hasu? I can't seem to find him.”


I tugged my shirt down as Sora set me back on my feet. I sank down on the couch letting out a sigh as overworked muscles were finally allowed to relax. A few months ago and Sora would never even have thought about doing something like that. Just showed how much things had changed, I guess. “He's upset. One of his drums got ruined.”


“Oh shit.” Sora swore softly. “I better go find him. That set is his most prized possession.”


“Yeah he almost attacked the guy when he stepped on it.”






So here is the first part of Chapter 1. I hope you guys enjoy it.

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ah my god, im a happy bunny, i missed u ryuu n kenta * sigh* ^____^

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I was so comfortable at the moment. Our new couch was beautiful and not white thank goodness. I’d had enough of white furniture. No this was a very nice pale blue with cream and gold and was even more comfortable than it looked. When I’d walked through the living room and seen Kenta lounging on the coach, the temptation to join him had been irresistible. He was currently nestled between my legs, his head on my chest while I played with his hair. We were both watching Sora and Hasu try to hook up the new entertainment system. It was amusing watching them especially since Hasu seemed to be in a much better mood and was tormenting Sora at every turn. Probably not intentionally though.


“Okay, this line goes to the sub woofer.”


“Got it. Okay, that’s the last one right? Can we play games now?”


Sora chuckled and patted Hasu on the head his affection for the younger drummer practically glowing in his eyes. “Yeah sure, what were you wanting to play?”


“I don’t know . . .” Hasu looked around the room at the stacks of yet to be unpacked boxes. “Where are the games?”


I frowned. “I’m really not sure which box they are in Hasu.”


Hasu frowned and headed for the closest box. Before I had time to say anything he’d opened it and was busy unpacking it.


“Ah . . . Hasu, you don’t have to do that there are too many boxes to worry about tonight.”


Sora shook his head at me eyes narrowed. Okay . . . “B-but I guess we could get started at least.”


I went to sit up and there was a disgruntled noise from Kenta. I looked down to see him blinking sleepily at me. “Stay’ere.”


And with that I ended up laying on the couch snuggling my boyfriend while my two best friends unpacked for us. Sora found the alcohol somewhere along the way and got us each a drink. By then Kenta was fast asleep one hand lightly clutching my shirt.


“I found them!” Hasu crowed holding up several game cases.


“Shhh! Kenta is asleep.”


“Oh . . . sorry.” He grinned sheepishly at me. “So can we still play?”


“I don’t know Hasu, it’s getting pretty late now, it’s after ten and you’ve got school tomorrow.”


Hasu made a face. “It’s not that big a deal. I usually stay up late playing games at home anyway. It’s not like my graduating at the top of the class is going to matter anyway.”


Sora and I looked at each other. He spoke up first. “Hasu, school is the most important thing right now. You are way too smart not to graduate at the top of your class. Hell, you’re even a grade ahead of other kids your age!”


I nodded. “Sora and I both graduated at the top of our classes. There is no reason you can’t.”


Hasu set the games back in the box and got to his feet. “I appreciate the concern guys, but it’s not something I’m that worried about.”


“You should be. Ryuu and I have talked about helping you pay for university, you won’t get into a good one if your grades slip.”


Hasu looked over at Sora, the dark eyes puzzled. “Why would you guys do that? It’s not your responsibility.”


“Maybe not, but you can’t pay for it by yourself and I’m sure there is something you’ll want to study further.” I smiled at him, wishing there was some way to erase the worry now etched on the cute face. “Believe me, it would be for the best. It’s very difficult to get along in society now without a degree of some kind.”


Hasu shook his head and I frowned recognizing the stubborn set to his jaw. “So. It’s my decision ultimately. Like I said I appreciate the input but it’s really none of your concern.”


“Hasu, we just want what is best for you, we are your friends.”


He shrugged and headed passed me toward the kitchen. “Thanks, but I’ll do what I want.”


I sighed and looked at Sora. The deep green eyes looked pained. I shook my head looking down at Kenta. Hasu was still too young to understand that the decisions he made now would affect the rest of his life. Looking at the dark head pillowed against my chest I wondered if it would help to have Kenta talk some sense into Hasu. He knew firsthand how bad things could be if wrong choices were made. I’d have to ask him if he’d feel comfortable talking with Hasu about school and explaining to him why it was so important. Since everything that had happened the two of them had spent a lot of time together. Hasu looked after Kenta like a worried younger brother. Kenta put up with him a lot better than I’d thought he would at first. Though Kenta had mellowed out a lot in the past few weeks. Nearly dying might do that to a person. An unwelcome chill ran through me and I rubbed a hand over my eyes.


“Hey, why don’t you go to bed. You look beat.” Sora’s gentle voice reached me, pulling me back from the memories. Opening my eyes I had to blink a couple of times.


“Yeah that would be good . . . uh, do you mind?” I gestured to my sleeping boyfriend who was effectively pinning me to the couch. I didn’t want to wake Kenta, god knew he needed his sleep. He’d been doing entirely too much and I was worried that it was hindering his healing.


Sora was already on his feet and it only took a little maneuvering for him to gather Kenta into his arms. It always made Kenta look so petite and vulnerable in my eyes. Something I was still getting used to after years of only seeing the tough yakuza façade he always projected. I wouldn’t go back for anything though I wished he hadn’t had to suffer so much this past month. He was taking everything so much better than I could have. Then again he was just a stronger person. He had to be with everything he’d dealt with growing up.


Following Sora toward the bedroom I looking into the kitchen to see Hasu sitting on the counter with a jar of mayo resting on his lap a distant look in his eyes. Reaching out I grabbed Sora and motioned for him to be quiet, nodding my head in the direction of the youngest. His heavy sigh made me sad. Sora loved Hasu and I understood how much it hurt to see the one you loved looking so lost and alone. I knew Hasu had suffered a horrible trauma but something else seemed to be bothering him. Something that none of the rest of us knew about or realized.


Once Sora laid Kenta on the bed I thanked him and crawled up in it myself. Our first night together in our brand new apartment and we weren’t even going to have celebratory sex. It would just have to wait I guess. There were more important things than sex. Less fun . . . but more important.

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The story is so cute! They couldn't celebrate their first night in the new appartment .. :( I can't wait to see the next part. :D

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aww it really makes me smile, its a cute start, n i could get used to this :D

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I really really like this story and I love Kenta and Ryuu.

You are really good at writing and I get so happy everytime I see that there is something new you have posted xD


Hug hug

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Brohne, I am so happy that you decided to write more about Kenta and Ryuu! *hugs* foxy3

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Love love love your stories! Thank you so much for sharing. Can't wait for more :D

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Morinaga's Girl

Brohne, you made me so happy continuing their story! :leaf3: I was missing Kenta and Ryuu so much! leaf4

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Yey you continued the story :D Thanks dear!

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Chapter 2








I was mad. Not just upset but fucking mad as hell but there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it. Well I could but it was going to cause a huge problem.


“I am not fucking spying on Hasu!” I glared up at Sora who sighed and rubbed his forehead. Yeah I was getting a headache too. “If he finds out you guys-”


“Kenta! Shut up for a minute and listen!” I took a step back startled as Sora yelled at me. He lowered his voice but the look in his eyes kept me pinned where I was. “I'm not asking you to spy, I'm asking you to keep an eye on him and make sure he's alright. Isao said there have been some weird comments on the forum and on his blog lately but he won't talk about it.”


I scratched my head thinking for a minute. “Umm . . . what'sa blog?”


Sora shook his head, his shoulders slumping. “Ryuu . . . this isn't going to work.”


“Ken-chan,” I turned to face Ryuu ready to tell him off for using the nickname but the look on his face stopped me. He was really worried. “What we need is for you to just keep an eye on him when we can't. You've got more free time than we do.”


I groaned. “Guys . . . I get it that you are worried, but Isao and Hayate got each of you your own bodyguards, why do I have to do this?”


Sora and Ryuu exchanged looks. Ryuu came over and wrapped an arm around my shoulders and kissed my cheek. “Don't pout, please. His bodyguard can't enter the school grounds. You can.”


“Eh? No I can't!”


“Kenta, calm down.” Ryuu held me in place. The urge to bolt for the bedroom was squashed as he gripped me. “We've already spoken with the director and the principal and gotten you special access. You'll be going with him to school just until we find out what is going on.”


I wiggled out of his grip and turned to face the two of them. “You did all this without even asking what I thought about it. So fuck you, I'm not going to some fancy ass school to get made fun of and- ow!”


Sora was giving me that look I really hated. I rubbed the back of my head and looked up at Ryuu who didn't look very happy. “Kenta, we need you to do this-Hasu needs you to do this. What if he's got a stalker? He must be completely freaked out after what happened last month. I wouldn't ask you to do this if it wasn't so important.”


Dammit why did he have to make total sense? Hasu was my friend too but going so far as to follow him to school seemed a bit much. I was worried about the kid too, but he had all of us looking out for him. I hadn't had anyone looking out for me at his age. “Ryuu this isn't going to work.”


“Actually it wasn't my idea. Isao set it up.”


“Fuck!” That was it, that man seriously had it out for me. “Why did he do that?”


Sora chuckled, “Ah well, he said something about not allowing you back to work until you'd learned your kanji.”


“Fuck him! I've gotten along just fine without . . .” My voice trailed off as I realized Ryuu was giving me that look. The look that said I'd just made a fucking idiot of myself once again. “Dammit . . . you really are going to make me do this aren't you?”


“You really have to ask?”




I was so fucking bored it felt like I’d died and gone to hell. The drone of the teacher’s voice sounded more like a fly buzzing against a window. I’d laid my head down a long time ago. It was starting to cloud up outside and was probably going to be raining by the time school let out. Fucking hell . . . this couldn’t be real. There was no way I was actually sitting in a fucking classroom.


“Arakaki-kun, would you like to solve the problem on the board?”


Sighing I raised my head. “No and fuck off.”


There was a collective gasp and I realized what I’d just said. “I-I mean . . . uhh-“


“Arakaki Kenta we do not speak to our teachers like that!” That was Oda, the class president or whatever. He was glaring at me like he’d like to shove his pen through my eyeball. I glared at him till he looked away, his cheeks turning red. As if some little kid like him could intimidate me. Hah! Got it right that time. I turned back to see the teacher walking down the aisle toward me. Ah fuck, what now?


“Arakaki-kun.” He looked down at me, just like every adult had ever looked down at me. “I do not tolerate that kind of talk or behavior in my class. You can either solve the problem and take a zero grade for the day or go see the director.”


And people wondered why I thought school was such a fucking waste of time. “What problem? I don’t see a fucking thing on the board.”


He set his jaw and I flinched as he pointed for the door. “Out. Now.”


I made sure to slam it on my way out, hearing a couple of yelps from the girls. God, what a bunch of- . . . my eyes widened as I realized Ryuu was standing in the hallway looking very, very put out. He just shook his head and crooked a finger at me. Oh fuck. He was silent as we walked toward the main office. We stopped at the door and I fidgeted for a moment trying to figure out what to say.


“Listen, Ryuu . . .”


“Don't say it Kenta, okay. Just don't. I guess I should have trusted Isao when he said you'd do your best to get out of this by acting out.” He glanced sidelong at me, the gray eyes disapproving. “I really thought you had Hasu's best interests at heart Kenta.”


Ouch, that hurt. “Ryuu I do, its just . . . I dropped out of school when I was fourteen, this is just a lot to deal with right now . . . okay. I-I promise I'll try to do better, but I don't get any of this high school stuff.”


Turning to me Ryuu put his hands on my shoulders and leaned down slightly so we were eye to eye. “Kenta, don't play dumb. I know exactly how smart you are. You can do this. I know you can. Prove Isao a liar and show him that you can stick with this. Please.”


Numb I nodded slowly. “Okay, but can I not have math class?”


Ryuu chuckled and kissed my forehead. “Sorry my dearest, but that's part of the standard curriculum. Akira could tutor you, he's really good at math.”


“Fine. Whatever. But, I'm only doing this until we figure out what's up with Hasu.”


“Sure thing. I already miss having you at the house and we haven't even started getting unpacked!”


I snorted. “Its all your shit anyway, you can unpack it.”


“Hey now I tried to get you to pick out stuff but all you'd do was just gripe about how there was too much shit to pick from.”


“Fuck off.”


He giggled and kissed me lightly. “Maybe later. Oh and don't forget your doctor's appointment is tomorrow”


“I remember. You probably shouldn't do that where people can see you . . .” I could feel my cheeks heating up as I met the startled look of a teacher behind Ryuu.


He straightened up and followed my look. He grinned and waved. “Good morning!”


Her face suddenly went bright red and clutching her papers to her chest she darted into the office, all but running into the door in her haste. Ryuu and I both laughed and I leaned up to kiss him again. “I better go. I'm more than ready for this day to be over so I can get back home.”


“Awww so cute! You do miss me!”


“Shut up and go home, dork.” I couldn't keep the smile off my face. Fuck me but I'm hopeless when it comes to the weirdo.


The rest of the day dragged by. By the time I got home I was sick with a pounding headache and the nearly overwhelming urge to break things. Ryuu greeted me at the door, but his smile disappeared almost instantly.


“You are in pain! Go sit now.” He barely gave me a chance to get my shoes off before he was pulling me over to the couch. The sudden movement made my head swim and I stumbled against him. “Kenta! Are you alright? What's wrong?”


“Justa fucking headache.” I sank down on the couch and laid my head over on the cool pillow. My eyes felt like they were going to explode out of my head with the pounding in my skull. I opened them a few minutes later as a hand was placed on my forehead.


“Here, some water and an aspirin.”




“Was today really that bad?” Ryuu sounded worried as I took the pills. “You look beat.”


“It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, but it's weird. The teacher would be writing stuff on the board but I couldn't see anything. I finally just gave up after a while when my headache got too bad.”


Ryuu was frowning, his eyes unfocused as he seemed to be thinking. “I think we need to talk to your doctor about this tomorrow when we go. You shouldn't be getting headaches like this.”


“Yeah, okay. Do I have to go back tomorrow?”


“Yes I'm sorry.”

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more more more more more more ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ kawaii

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Love it :D Oh dear wonder what is wrong :( .

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Kenta didn't fight me about going to the doctor like I'd thought he would, but then again he'd come home from school with another massive headache. Sora was nice enough to drive us since I was still working on getting my license.


“I know it's only been two days, but have you found anything out?” Sora looked apologetic as he glanced in the rear view mirror at us.


Kenta shook his head. “No, sorry. Best I got is that he's one of the more popular guys at the school.”


Sora chuckled. “Well that certainly stands to reason. Not a lot to dislike about Hasu.”


I had to agree with that. Hasu was sweet, sensible and kind. Not to mention adorable. He was a fan favorite and had the most comments on his blog of any of us. I was a little worried though, because none of the fans knew his real age.


“Not dislike, but plenty to be jealous over.” Kenta's soft statement startled me. I knew he was observant, but it never occurred to me that he'd understand that much. My boyfriend really was amazing. I leaned over and kissed him. He gave me one of his adorable pseudo-glares.




“Nothing, I just love you.”




“Yes but I'm your weirdo.”


That got me a smile and he pulled one of my braids. The rest of the ride was spent talking about our upcoming concerts. It was odd to think that Kenta wouldn't be there as my bodyguard anymore. I was still getting used to that idea. I'd asked him how he felt about not working for so long and the best I'd get was a shrug. Well at least he was more vocal about other things now. I really hoped the exam went well today and the doctor gave him a clean bill of health. He wasn't the only one feeling a bit pent up from no sex. I wouldn't let him mess around just incase things went too far. The doctor had been very specific about how serious, even life threatening, his injuries were. After his surgery, I'd hidden in the bathroom and cried for hours in the hospital. I laid my head over on his shoulder for a moment just needing to feel him near me.


He patted my hand where it rested on his thigh. “What's wrong?”


“Nothing, just hope things go well today.”


“Fuck yeah. I'll punch that doctor if he does what he did last time.”


“Kenta, he had to check you and make sure things were healing correctly. Sora told you what to expect.”


“Yeah but it still didnt' help when he stuck that cold metal up my ass.”


“It's called a speculum.” Sora stated dryly.


“What the fuck ever. Not doing that again. Was embarrassing enough having my legs spread like some fucking chick.”


I shook my head trying to suppress my laughter. He'd cussed the doctor until he was blue in the face and every nurse within earshot was pink from head to toe. I ruffled his hair.


“You'll do whatever the doctor tells you to do.”


“Fuck you.”


“Not until the doctor says you can.”


“God dammit Ryuu!!”



The exam went much better than I'd hoped. Other than the fact that Kenta had been very upset about having to submit to a digital exam by the doctor. At first he'd cussed then pleaded and I'd finally had to stand beside the exam table and hold his hand before he'd agree to it. It made me sad that he was still so scared of having anyone touch him. At least the doctor had good news.


“You are almost completely healed Kenta. Give it another couple of weeks and you'll be as good as new.” Kenta jumped his fingers tightening on my arm as the doctor checked the stitches along the perineum. “You are fortunate the tearing didn't extend any further through. How's your pain? Is the medication helping?”


“When he remembers to take it.” I interjected for him. I smiled sweetly at the doctor, catching Kenta's sour look out of the corner of my eye.


“And you both are still going to the therapy sessions?”


“Yes.” Kenta growled.


The doctor chuckled and took Kenta's feet out of the stirrups. Kenta immediately scooted back and sat up yanking the gown down over his knees.


“Why don't you get dressed now Kenta.” The doctor smiled and rolled his chair out of the way.


“Ah Doctor,” He paused and turned back to me. “There was one other thing he was needing to discuss with you.”


“Oh? What's that Kenta?”


Kenta looked at each of us and I wondered for a moment if he'd forgotten. “Oh . . . about the headaches. It's no big deal.”


“Kenta! You've come home from work two days in a row with headaches so bad you have to go lay down.”


“Headaches you say? What do you think is causing them?”


“I only get them when I try to read to look at stuff far away. It's not that big a deal.”


The doctor frowned for a moment and taking a pad of paper out of his lab coat pocket wrote something on it and handed it to me. “Go downstairs and get an appointment, they might be able to see you today.”


“Another doctor? What the fuck? Forget it.”


“Hush Kenta.” I chided him. “Get dressed so we can go.”


He was pouting, but I wasn't going to let that sway me. Something was wrong and I was determined to find out what it was.




I blinked at the receptionist. “Ah . . . alright, how soon-”


“She can see you now actually. She just had a cancellation.”




“Please have a seat. The nurse will call you in a moment.”


Kenta didn't fidget but I could tell he was nervous. “I've never been to one of these doctor's before.”


“You'll be fine. Its nothing that's going to hurt.”


I didn't get a chance to reassure him any further as we were called back. By the time we were done, Kenta looked thoroughly bewildered and unsure of himself. I gave him a quick kiss that I hoped was soothing. He looked up at me, and I sucked in a startled breath at the lost little boy look, the dark eyes full of uncertainty.


“Ryuu . . . I never realized . . .”


“That you were missing so much?” I finished softly, stroking the back of his head.


He nodded, his eyes roaming about the room. “So umm . . . what now?”


“We pick out some killer frames for you and get them fitted and then they'll put the lenses in and we can go home.”


“That's it?”


“Yes that's it.”


Sora was waiting outside to pick us up when we came out. He did a complete double take and then walked up to Kenta looking down at him for a moment.


“That look really suits you Kenta.”


The corner of Kenta's mouth twitched but he didn't quite make it to a smile. “Fuck off.”


Sora looked over at me. “We should have realized he needed glasses a long time ago.”


“Yeah I know. Now that I think about it, it was pretty glaringly obvious he couldn't see very well. I'm surprised he passed his driver's test.”


“Wait . . . there's a test for that?”


“And so now we know the truth.”

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I love this turn of events! Glasses AND school? FTW!!!

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haha brilliant ^_^

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I just love this sentence : “Yes but I'm your weirdo.”

Kenta wearing glasses.... delicious.....

great job

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*Having a very violent attack cause there isn't more to read *,____,*


More please.................I'm addicted now and i'm needing a good dose of Kenta and Ryuu :D


So so so cool...can't wait for more hun :*

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I was still in shock the next morning. Getting dressed and ready to leave I found myself continually reaching up to my face to touch my new glasses. Glasses! Fuck me, I'd never in my life imagined I'd be the one getting them, but hell if it didn't make a huge difference. I was seeing things I'd never realized were there before. Everything was clearer and sharper and it just blew me away.


I was grabbing a bite to eat, standing at the counter in the kitchen when Ryuu came into the room. “Hey, Isao is on his way over to pick you up and take you to school.”


I nearly spit out my rice. “What? Why? I'll just take my bike-”


Ryuu's eyes hardened and he shook his head. “No, you aren't taking your bike until you get a license mister.”


“Ryuu! I've been driving that bike for almost four years now! I don't need a fucking license!”


“No way Kenta. If I can get my license, so can you.”


“Ryuu . . . come on . . .”


“Don't whine.”


“I'm not fucking whining.”


“You must not be able to hear yourself then.”


“Goddammit! Why are you doing this to me? School, glasses, a license! What's next? A fucking office job?” I was being mean and I knew it, but I was pissed. Throwing all this stuff at me at once was not fair. Hadn't I been through enough lately? Slamming my bowl down on the counter I stalked passed Ryuu. I was surprised when he didn't try to stop me. Even as I gathered up my stuff I kept waiting for him to call me back or come stop me from leaving. He didn't. Slamming the door to the apartment, I leaned against it for a moment wondering just what the fuck was wrong with me. Why was I so upset?


I nearly ran full into Isao who grabbed my shoulders to stop me. I shoved him back glaring, my heart beating too fast as I tried to get calmed down.


“Rough morning?”


“Fuck you.”


“I'll take that as a yes.”


Oh my fucking god, I felt like I was going to start crying any moment. I'd never in my life been this emotional. Gulping down air I closed my eyes dropping my chin to my chest. I just wanted to got back home and curl back up in bed with Ryuu.


“Must have been a very rough morning.” A hand rested on top of my head. I was not going to let Isao be the one to make me feel better. No fucking way. “It's alright to be upset Kenta. This is a lot to put on you so soon after everything, but I wouldn't have asked this of you if I didn't think you capable.”


Capable? Me? I tried to laugh but it came out more like a sob. Since when did Isao think I was able to do anything but fuck up? “Fuck off you sonofabitch, the last person I wanna see is you right now.”


“Fair enough, but I'm taking you to school.”


I raised my head to glare at him and suddenly realized we both wore glasses now. Fuck. My. Life. “I ain't fucking going.”


“Really, then why are you all dressed with your bag ready to go?”


“I really fucking hate you.”


“I wouldn't expect any less.” He grabbed my arm, pulling me along. “Now lets go. I have to smooth things over so you can stay. Oh and I have something for you to read on the way there.”


I cussed him out all the way to the car, but it didn't do any good. Once in the car, he shoved a folder in my face. I rolled my eyes but took it anyway. There were quite a few computer printouts and the name Yabuki Hasu was highlighted several times along with another name that didn't make any sense. BoyLuv3r92. After looking over the page I went back to the top to read through it.


“This is fucked up. Someone is actually saying this kinda shit to Hasu?” Looked like I'd been right about some people being jealous. These comments were really hateful and directed at Hasu himself. I'd never seen his journal thing before but how someone could get that he was a stuck up spoiled brat from him just talking about cooking? What the fuck? Seriously?


“Yes, and those aren't the only comments either. The forum had a whole thread attacking Hasu before I found it and shut it down and banned the user who'd started the topic.” He glanced sidelong at me and sighed. “You don't have a clue what I'm talking about . . .”


“Well . . . no, but I get it. Someone has it out for Hasu and that's why ya want me at the school.”


Isao reached over and patted my head. “Good boy. Shall I get you a treat.”


“Fuck you.”


“No thanks.” Isao chuckled and gave my head one last pat. “Please don't get into trouble today, this is costing us a lot of money.”


“It's not like I go out of my way to find trouble.” Isao gave me a flat look, the dark eyes clearly unbelieving. “I don't! Okay . . . maybe just when I'm bored . . . or in a bad mood . . . or a good mood . . . dammit stop looking at me like that!”


Isao chuckled. “I guess you can be cute when you want to be.”


I shuddered and pretended to gag. “Don't ever say anything like that to me again.”




Had I just joked around with Isao? Wow . . . that was fucking weird, but felt good in a way. Maybe someday we might actually be friends. Yeah right. We walked into the school together and he left to go talk to the director while I went to class. It was so odd to be able to read the posters on the wall and see the classroom signs before I was right on the. Everything looked so clear and bright. It was giving me a headache.

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Flopping down in my seat I groaned. Why couldn't I be at home helping Ryuu unpack? Surely there was a better way to find out who was bothering Hasu. Shouldn't they have a way of tracking down whoever BoyLuv3r92 was? Oh well, I knew fuck all about computers. That much was pretty evident. Hayate had always teased me that he was surprised I could work a phone. A phone I could afford. A computer? No. And I hadn't died from not having one yet. I shook my head and grimaced having to push the stupid glasses back up my nose. Now that was going to get fucking annoying. Contacts. Why couldn't it have been contacts instead?


“Wow look who actually came back? And . . . oh my god! You got glasses!” I glanced over at the girl who was staring at me. I narrowed my eyes at her and her's widened, her cheeks getting pink. “A-ah . . . excuse me.”


Sighing loudly I watched her run back out of the room. This was why I hated being early. I didn't want to have to talk to anyone. I was just supposed to stay under the radar and see what I could find out about how things were going for Hasu at school. Why had Isao ever thought this would be a good idea?


“Kenta-kun . . .” I rolled my eyes and tilted my head to the side to look up at the teacher. Fuck but he couldn't be any older than Jiro, maybe twenty-six or twenty-seven. “I'd like to talk to you before class starts. Follow me.”


Shoving away from the desk I got up and followed him out of the room. The halls were starting to get crowded and I noticed a few people staring, but didn't think much of it. It was only my third day after all. Even with the glasses I couldn't look that much different. Before I realized it he was holding open the door of one of the unoccupied art rooms. Why we needed to come here for a talk was beyond me. I stood there looking around the dim room wondering why it seemed no one used it anymore.


“Kenta, I didn't want to bring this up where any of your classmates could hear, but . . . I checked your records.” He was standing in front of the door, arms crossed over his chest. I knew that look. Knew it entirely too well. “If you act out in my class again, will we have a problem.”


I shook my head. “Whatever. I ain't gonna take shit from you.”


His eyes narrowed, thick brows nearly meeting over his nose. “That is exactly the kind of attitude I won't tolerate in my class. I don't care if you pass or fail, but you will not disrupt my class and ruin things for the students who really want to learn.”


I put on my best glare but it wasn't easy when I had to look up so far. Damn, how tall was he? “You'll only get what you dish out, so don't fuck with me and we're cool.”


One eyebrow quirked and his chuckle sent an unwelcome chill down my spine. “Don't fuck with you huh? You don't have clue, boy.”


He caught me by the front of my shirt and jerking me around slammed me into the wall. I grabbed his arm intending to break his wrist if he didn't let me go and that's when he backhanded me. My head snapped to the side and I blinked several times wondering why everything was suddenly blurry again. There was an odd tightening in my chest and I couldn't get anything to move.


His voice growled in my ear, his warm breath making me shudder. “You better be the one not to fuck with me. I know your type. You think you are tough shit and that you are better than everyone. Well, I'm here to tell you that you are nothing, you will always be nothing and if you get in the way of my good students, we'll be visiting this room more often. Just remember Kenta-this is entirely your fault. I wouldn't have to hurt you if you'd just do as I say.”


I slowly turned my head back to look at him. My glasses were crooked, but I didn't bother fixing them, just stared at him. I was shaking, the desire to see him on the floor bleeding difficult to control. “You ever fucking touch me again and I'll-”


He slammed me back into the wall again, knocking the breath out of me. Fucking hell! This wasn't how a teacher was supposed to deal with a student! Though obviously he didn't think of me as his student, just someone getting in the way. This was why I fucking hated school. No one really cared unless you had money.


Clenching my fist I drove it into his gut will all the force I could muster. He grunted and dropped to his knees.


“I said don't touch me. You wanna fuck around and beat on kids then I'll make sure you know what it feels like to have someone fuck you up just for shits and giggles. You got it you fucking sonofabitch?”


“I-I'll turn you in, you'll go to jail-” He gasped.


I laughed. “I've already been there and no cop in Kobe will believe you, not with the contacts I've got. You wanna keep your job then you keep your hands to yourself.”


Flinging the door open, I stalked out. My face was on fire and I desperately wanted to call Ryuu.


“Hey . . . are you alright?”


“Fu-Fine.” What a fucking lie. I was shaking like crazy, my stomach doing these weird flips. What the hell had I just done? I headed back to the classroom. Getting my bag I grabbed out my phone and hit 1 to speed dial Ryuu as I walked back out.


“Kenta? Did you get to school alright-“


“I’m coming home.”


There was a moments silence. “What’s wrong Kenta?”


“I’ll tell you when I get home.” I hung up and slammed open the front doors, stalking out. I was not going to put up with this kind of shit. I’d find out what was going on with Hasu my own fucking way.

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Yay!! Yay!!! So happy to find these new chapters :D

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Woo been looking forward to new stuff :)

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YaaaaYY :D

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