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Request Points for Uploads

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In this thread you can request points for your uploads. Please state the size of the file when requesting points for uploads. The post should look like this:


Manga: link to the manga you uploaded (x MB)

Game: link to the game you uploaded (x MB)

Drama: link to the drama you uploaded (x MB)

Other: link to whatever you uploaded (drama cd, novel, ost...) (x MB)



I'll review and give you the points each day.

Note: Since now the points will be given depending of the size of the file you uploaded as follows.

10-50 MB - 200 points

50-100 MB - 300 points

100-500 MB - 500 points

500MB - 1GB - 800 points

1GB - 1000 points

2GB - 2000 points

3GB - 3000 points

4GB - 4000 points

5GB - 5000 points



NOTE: For all non-yaoi uploads, you still receive points, but half the sum received for yaoi uploads.


NOTE: All the files for which you request points must be uploaded by yourself, not stolen links from other sites.


I'll start offering the points from today. Old uploads won't be rewarded.


EDIT: Those who upload 20 files in a month, or 500MB, get the rank Guru Uploader.


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Manga: Love Prism



EDIT: 300 points given


- I added you the points for your donation as well, 20000 points

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Drama CD :http://www.yaoiotaku.com/forums/threads/1822-Tsuyogari?p=31537#post31537

Drama CD :http://www.yaoiotaku.com/forums/threads/1823-Aoi-Hitsuji-no-Yume?p=31542#post31542

Drama CD : http://www.yaoiotaku.com/forums/threads/1824-1K-Apartment-no-Koi?p=31551#post31551

Drama CD :http://www.yaoiotaku.com/forums/threads/1826-Tsuki-Yadoru?p=31554#post31554

Manga : http://www.yaoiotaku.com/forums/threads/1825-Tsuki-Yadoru-(eng)?p=31553#post31553


EDIT: 1100 points given

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