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  1. You know, you personal behavior of stolen other password from other site that SUCK!

    Are you color bind or sth? Then see it again and stop this already.


  2. Hi,

    I think you misunderstood something that I've made HUGE MISTAKE with the password but It was not.


    Since Dec 25, 2015,

    I already told YO members that all my links before "Jan 2016" will be no longer sharing. Then all of them would be locked up by NEW PASSWORD with INTENTION and some been deleted.

    But some friends in here kept asking me to unlock so, I did fixed those links for them until now. Didn' t I kindly enough?


    In the future will be the same, if you find some different pw again, you can assume that I already shut up those links. Plz ask to re-up at the re-up section.


    Have a nice day.

  3. Hello :) sorry to reply all your mentions late, 'cause lately I'm pretty seldom in here. But don't worry & plz enjoy the manga. Have a nice day!

  4. hahaha, everything that Pink! Thanks for add me back again XD Confused? I'm not back just ransom ;P Have you seen Hana boobs? He already has it!!!! So angel!!!









  5. What exactly that you waned to send me a mgs on a raw thread?

  6. PW HERE -> notime4L0Zrs


    please don't share in public if you need to tell other this password just do private only, ok?


    Please let me know it's work or not.


    And I've created a one-short collection of Harada sensei which posted here, you can go to grab those file if you like it HERE


    For personal I kinda tend to Nii-chan story of Harada sensei more than others. DO you like Harada's works?



    Have a nice day :D

  7. @AoiKagamine Heyyyyyy how ru? long time no see, where have you been? Everything's fine?

    Lately Ogeretsu sensei's works have been translated frequency it's yummy of us but too bad I didn't up all them files >< and I'll re up "Yes it's me" soon be patience :D


    Need anything just drop me a line,ok? Ahh I like Hana & Baozi XDDDD

  8. Hello alexia__, how are you? Thank you always for manga upcoming update dear!

    Actually I'd like to ask your help for something. It's Hidaka Shouko's sensei new manga its called"Anti Romance" would you plz write its news for this manga please? Sorry to bug in your responsibility but I'm just too exciting about her works(I'm her big fan). I've already posted the first Chinese chapt. in here too. Sorry for make you're in trouble and plz don't mind if it's not interested enough. Let's it be a suggestion of Hidaka's fan ok?

    Thank you in advance :D

  9. Hello, I didn't mean to punch on you or anything dear just want you to got the file as everyone else. Try copy & paste slowly when you highlight them ok? Hope it'd be work now. Have a nice day!

  10. Ahhh you've changed the avatar~

    I've the same picture too. It's cool!! I like it too!!


    His belt's Vuitton,,, hahaha,,, how're you lately? seldom in here?

  11. Hello Grave, How ru?


    Sorry for bothering you now. At least I'd like to Thank you for all the thanks that you'd given me. It was really wonderful each time thanks again. But for the pw issue hope you'll understand and we'll still keep on playing together in here too.


    Plz feel to free to talk directly to me, you're always welcome dear!

  12. Have a plan for tonight? I've posted a lovely cat's picture here but it seems the cat's too dark XD



  13. Hello elmae13, how are you? Thanks for accepting my friend request. Nice to meet you :D Have seen you wrote that you're a newbie in here then giving you a big warming welcome dear! If you need any helping or guiding around just let me know. I'll help!


    Thank you for all the Thanks that you've given me it was a huge support XD

  14. Hey~stress7777, Congrats dear! wow hearing some family things is making my heart warm.


    And Glad to hear from you again & so nice that you liked the card. It's cute :)


    My Spanish's still not going anyway....so many things to handle...

    Would you mind to help me once about this phrase "a pesar de que eso es lo que se habia pensado" . I'm not exactly sure how to be in English.



    Sorry to make you in trouble, Gracia!

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