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  1. Hi! I saw that a few years ago you uploaded a raw of the manga Crossover Love, I would like to ask permission to use them and be able to translate the manga into Spanish.

  2. 7 weeks quarantined with my family- Lost my job (Numb to it now) but over all ok since all my loved ones are ok Now preparing a friend’s BD via video call
  3. how come your father was ok to ruin the blood line by marrying your foreigner mom ? me: with a smile "Because we are not descended from an emperor family" was being sarcastic.
  4. just passing by to say hi ^_^ it’s been a while

    Hope life isn't too hard on you :Wink:

  5. true. I like running and I watch wrestling Next person has a driving license
  6. not working for the first time in a full month -_- just relaxing
  7. Joker - Send In The Clowns [video=youtube;YCfrS-lpn-A]
  8. Playing Video games while drinking coffee(indoors) going out somewhere(outdoors)
  9. making new partnerships with different places
  10. when you are working in a Start up business, you need to be careful that it doesn't eat your life away -_-
  11. finished my shower now Re-Playing Omerta code Tycoon.
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