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Miss RED

.:: Bottom Of The Well ::.

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Miss RED

.:: Bottom of the Well ::.


You dare look into the well

Dark and deep, uncertain, unknown.

Though, even if you knew

Yet another, was push aside.

How foolish, utterly.

Little did you know,

Just around the edge

Something, someday, waiting eagerly

For you to thread over

To have a glimpse, a glance

If there will ever be

The bottom of the well

That never seems to have an end


And so you did,

Inside the well, there was only you

Broken and bleeding black,

Heart gouged out,

Staring with those soulless eyes,

Absent from the breath of life, and light.


Because, you knew, finally

Something, someday, they no longer wait

Since, the one who was looking into the well

Was no longer you

Now, you knew,

Foolish indeed.


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i like the text. Im not good at poems,I'm not a poem person but it was good, cuz i could understand a littel of it.

*thumbs up*

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