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  1. Have class at 8am and 2 assignments need to be hand in But meh here i am at 1.37am trying to find the mood to care hahaha
  2. Wew bro i saw what u did for Darkness event. Damn nice ah the art as usual. And the Hell flower is a nice touch xD

  3. I wanna visit the McDonald's all over the countries just so i could try all the Mcflurry flavors...
  4. was reading Star x Fanboy and hnnnnnggg ITS SO FLUFFY I CANNOTT HAAAAAAAAH
  5. 3 months of doing absolute nothing. only 2 weeks have gone by.
  6. my brain: sleep u damn vessel. me: no.
  7. even as adults me and bro still fights over who ate the biscuits. at freaking 2am ish. how the hell our mom manage to raise buffoons like us hahahaha
  8. waking up knowing i have class is the worst feels
  9. haha i feel sorry to my bro getting the brunt of my mood swings and appetite when im on my period xD - - - Updated - - - basically whatever you want. how's ur day, or what u feeling or doing, even the clouds if you like. You can also chat with others xD
  10. cooking porridge is such a hassle -3- but the taste so worth it
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