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Welcome to my travel blog, from time to time I will post here pictures from the travels I make, they can be from far or from short, travelling is where your heart takes you, nature or urban cities, everything is beautiful.



I will start with my travel America, so much to say, so much to see, it's a land like no other, I'm still baffeld. We flew from Schiphol/Amsterdam towards Chicago and we passed over Greenland and Canada. The first pictures are taken from the plane, as I found the outside world magic like, out of this world.


















The first step into America was Chicago, And I got to say, from our Dutch perspective, this city deserves it title as windy city, and the worst part for me was that the sky scrapers move, I almost threw up at the 96 floor. I love the different styles of architecture in Chicago, the old and new mixed together make a lovely picture. Also a thing what I noticed is how wide spride the cities in America are, everywhere you look there are houses, but unlike our cities, they all got land added to it which would be impossible for our small land nation.






















I ate my first and last American burger in this city, it was so fat, that my whole stomach turned upside down, caused me to poo water for days. I think we Europeans are not used to the amount of fast food they eat here or something, we also got a McDonald etc, but still the difference in preparing the burgers and stuff is so different.


More pictures will come later,

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Thank you for sharing

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! The pictures are awsome ! Especially the view from the sky.

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Thank you guys


These pictures might not be the most beautiful ones, but I like being on the road, so I took allot of road pictures. We were even on road 69, what more do you want in life:cuteonion26:














I can understand what Trump means with the infrastructure being a mess, Chicago and New York and also Philadelphia had real shitty highways, and sinkholes all over, in my country that would be unbelievable, even a tiny hole will result in repairing or replacing the soap.


Here are some more pictures, one I have taken from the back window, good think there wasn't any police around.




^I love these farmhouses, just don't know love em


And these water towers too, there so dynamic, like their from outer space or something






And my first time in a Walmart, OMG :1onion49:they sell no liqueur, but they do sell weapons, I'm like, your not old enough to get drunk, but old enough to shoot someone :cuteonion51:





^I love these traffic lights onion3


More pictures will come later, as the journey continues.

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The photographs are all so beautiful! Looking forward to more! :In love:

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Are you serious about Walmart selling weapons?? Gosh, I saw some people on IG posting glue they bought to make slime from there. And I read a few books mentioned about the characters buying shirts from there, I thought it was like Tesco in my place.


Also, thank you for the beautiful & serene pictures! I especially love those on the plane you took!

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Yes it was a strange experience, Walmart is not like anything i had ever seen before in my life.


The next day when we left Elyria we went for Buffalo and Niagra, the weather that day was rain rain and more rain.




Here in Holland we don't have these kind of towns, I'm really looking my eyes out, you will see much more pictures like these




The Niagra falls, we went to the Canedian site, funny thing was, the way in Canada was really easy, the way back in America thou is a whole different story, we had to answer so many questions and they inspected every inch of our truck.


Anyway here are some Niagra fall pictures






Sorry I also have an obsession for street lamps :D








It really does look like a mouth which going to swallow you






The American site, on the right is Goat island




And here on the left






And here we were going back to America




So I can also say that I was in Canada :D:D:D just for 2 hours XD but who cares I got a stamp to prove it XD


More pictires will come soon

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Ok i will start taking this on again, but thise time the destination will be Japan. I will try to update it while being in the country. I will fly this Friday so stay tuned.

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Wow!!! That's awesome! I've never been to the US and this is the first time I'm seeing pictures like these, I'm really intrigued. Thanks for sharing! ^^

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I was so bussy in Japan that I totally forgot to upload pictures. I can't upload most of them since there sill being selected and put onto a usb. which takes some time which I hardly have. So here are some from my phone.


I really loved the difference between the country side and the urban cities/ Altough it was very very crowded at certain area's in the Japanese Alphs it was quitte still. Been to allot of onsens and we have eaten allot of local food. Which was splendid, wherever you eat and how much it costs, even if it is just less then 3000 yen, all the food it super well made.


The only thing I found dissapointing was that in the urbal cities the housing was poorly build. You have nooks and crannies which where awsome to find, but overal the outskirts of Tokyo and Osaka where just plain ugly. Kyoto was ok but also had from time to time places which where just bad to my eyes.


For people who want to do everything in a perfect way, they let there environment quite down, maybe because they dont't care about how they live, since they work all the time maybe their home doesn't need to look good or something. I just can't seem to figure it out. The only explanation I can think of is because of the amount of people who live there, which is allot. But still then they way they live could still be better.


Anyway the trip was absolute wonderful for me, I got to see the land I was dreaming of since I was little, and it defintly didn't dissapoint me. I just hope they will be able to control the tourism, because it was quite bussy and really crowded and I'm afraid in 20 years form now it will be doubled. Which is a reason for me to reconsider ever going back, I just could barley handle all impressions I got this time. With my autism I'm afraid that when I get older it will be just to overwhelming for me.


Anyway here are some pics, I will try to upload some more when I got the time.





















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I also went to a Sumo wrestling game, which we were lucky to see, since there are only 15 games a year and only in may. And in Kyoto we saw a Geisha show, which we didn't got pictures off, since it would be disrespectful to take them while the show was going on. I will try to post some sumo pictures later when I got em on my pc.









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