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Alexia Featherchild

Koisuru Boukun: Island Enchantment (Morinaga, Souichi)

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Alexia Featherchild

Finally, the facility that was being built upon Kowaku was getting its finishing touches and as the students of Nagoya University stood in one of the already completed rooms they both smiled.


Tetsuhiro had an arm wrapped around the blond haired bespectacled man he had spent so much time pursuing who in turn leaned slightly against him for a only a moment. It was more than enough for the younger man, for it hadn't even been a possibility before when his beloved had been struggling to come to terms with his feelings, besides if he did too much, Senpai could still pack a whallop.


While the older of the two was preoccupied by preparing a slip slide and then proceeding to look through the microscope at it, the dark head bent to brush his lips over the back of his senpai's neck. He knew the research obsessed blonde only wanted to learn more about the plants, animals and anything else that might only now exist on this particular land. Yet that still didn't keep him from wanting to show his affection.


However the blondes head spun around, his pony tail whipping Tetsuhiro in the face, amber-gold eyes glaring at him. "What do you think you're doing?"


Tetsuhiro smiled softly, "Kissing the back of your neck."


Those eyes narrowed, "Well, stop it."


"Why, when I know you like it?" And as Tetsuhiro asked that question he watched as his lover blushed all the way up to his ears. He could only think 'He's so adorable.'


The blond cast his eyes back to the microscope, "Not when I'm busy."


The dark haired man could only smile at him, would Senpai's first love always be research followed by him after, he supposed that wasn't so bad.


As he was about to join the older man and the bit of research they could now do with what they had on hand within the nearly finished facility, which only needed the interior to be finished with more lab equipment his cellphone started to go off.


Souichi while gazing down through the microscope found it difficult to place all his concentration on the microscopic findings when Morinaga hovered over him like that, especially when the younger man might try kissing him again then and there. That wasn't what the research facility was for.


However he lifted his head turning around to listen as Morinaga flipped open his cell.


"Nii-san?" Green eyes blinked as he listened to what Souichi knew had to be his brother on the other end of the line.


"Tashi did?"


At the mention of that blasted woman's name, a small shudder of ill-contempt shot through Souichi, his lips twisted into a scowl. Now there was a bitch of a woman if there ever was one.


"So a five year sentence, with possibility of parole in three? Well, while she certainly deserves to be placed in prison I think she should be placed in a mental ward."


Souichi grunted, "More like she should get a lifetime sentence," but then though she had stranded him and before that been just fucking annoying, he was alive and inadvertently without her even meaning to, he had found Morinaga.


Those green eyes blinked, gazing into dark honey irises, then smiling he nodded in agreement. "Did you hear that Nii-san?" He chuckled at what his older brother said over the phone. "Looks like we all agree then."


As he was about to say his goodbye for now, Kunihiro spoke up again causing those green eyes to widen, the pupils to dilate for all of three seconds. The corners of his mouth quirked into a smile. "I'm happy for you. I wish you and Masaki-san luck." And moments later they hung up.


Souichi narrowed his eyes, not quite sure what the last had meant. "What's going on with your brother and Masaki?"


His smile was practically beaming, "Oh, they're moving to Canada," as though that were the greatest thing in the world.


"Why?" Then he recalled something from his own two month stay in that country, blinking, "Are they getting married?"


"Yeah, but they're going to stay there, it looks like they got some sort of job opportunity that neither wanted to pass up..."


"Why are you so happy, when..."


Morinaga shrugged, "That's all in the past and I have you." At the last of what he spoke, Souichi felt his face heating yet again. Only to glare when the younger man placed an arm on either side of him and he was pressed up against the counter.


Before the younger mans mouth could make contact with his, he covered the others mouth glaring at him. "What did I tell you!"


Ugh there went those eyes starring at him like a sad little puppy that he'd kicked and he hadn't even lashed out at him either. Pushing him away he returned to what he'd been doing prior to Morinaga getting a call from his brother.


He heard the younger man sigh, but it appeared that he was going to prepare another slip slide for viewing. He blinked lifting his head up only a little so that he wasn't looking directly into the microscope, but at it still. As he spoke he swore his face was going to burn off one of these days, his ears too as he whispered, "Tonight..." before dipping his head back down, engaging himself in research.


Tetsuhiro stilled what he was doing upon hearing that single whispered word, a small smile curving his lips. He wanted to wrap his arms around Souichi right then and there, but knew somehow that he would not be pleased. It would be torturous to wait after his lover had said that, but he'd manage, somehow to get through the rest of the day.


With that thought he continued to work on helping with the research, more to keep his hands and mind busy even while it was difficult not to imagine what they'd get up to later.



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Wow!!!!! Cool!!!!!!! I'm only on the second page yet, but I love it so far!!! :leaf3:

It's one of the longest fanfics I've ever read! :hamtaro-005 (5):

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Alexia Featherchild

I'm glad you're enjoying it! It's the longest I've ever written.

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