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Alexia Featherchild

Koisuru Boukun: Island Enchantment (Morinaga, Souichi)

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Alexia Featherchild

Summary: Morinaga is visiting Souichi in Canada. Morinaga's flight finds some difficulties and the pilot has to do some emergency landing. Meanwhile Souichi runs off the airport when he hears in the news about the accident. Will be they reunited?

Status: Complete


Disclaimer: The characters found within this fanfiction belong to Takanaga Hinako, the manga-ka behind the series Koi Suru Bo-kun and Challengers in which one will find said characters. I would suggest that you purchase your own copies of The Tyrant Falls in Love and yes they are being released in the English Language. Try Barnes&Noble or amazon.


A/N: This takes place after the end of Volume Six and will differ from the following volume(s)




Shifting uncomfortably in his seat, Tetsuhiro cast his eyes out the window as the plane flew over the Atlantic. He wasn't really paying any real attention to the endless blue ocean, letting out a weary sigh. Had the upcoming seminar not been mandatory, he never would have left Japan. Not when he wanted to be with Senpai, especially not after their last and most recent encounter.


Senpai had been wonderful, calling his name, with his arms wrapped around him. At that thought his eyes closed half way as a smile formed on his visage. Recalling that time alone could send him into a state of arousal if he weren't careful. Shrugging his shoulders, he leaned back into his seat with yet another sigh. It wouldn't be appropriate to be turned on amongst the rest of the passengers. When they landed and he was able to book into the hotel he could take a moment for himself. Although it would never be as good as actually having Senpai in his arms and writhing beneath him. Without further thought, his eyes drifted closed, not wanting to embarrass himself among the rest of the individuals whom had chosen to fly over the Atlantic that day.


It had seemed only a moment ago that he'd drifted off, but he wasn't able to snooze for long, because the plane began to shake. His head bumped against the window. With a groan, he placed his hand where he'd hit his head, "Ouch..." but the airplane continued to shake. His heart took a dip as he felt it take a nosedive, picking up speed. They were moving too quickly for his liking. He heard too, the frightened murmurs of the other passengers as a voice was heard over the intercom.


"Please stay seated, we've hit a bit of turbulence and are working to correct this matter. We may however be in for an emergency landing, so please brace yourselves."


Despite the reassuring voice of the captain, not many of the others had calmed down, though the stewardesses were trying their best to alleviate the passengers fears.


Tetsuhiro himself was worried, but unable to voice his anxiety as his heart pounded an uneven tempo. He didn't quite believe that the captain and his co-pilot would be able to correct the matter. Furthermore he could have sworn he'd heard the faintest quiver in captain's voice.


It became even more worrisome to him, when he gazed out the window. He couldn't see anything, it was pitch black, and finally his ears had registered the strangest sound. It was unlike anything he'd ever heard before, it was loud and frightening and was only getting louder.


His gut clenched as the plane started to spin, around and around, turning upside down and back again. Every movement was too quick, too sudden, far worse than any roller coaster he'd ever been on. At least one could prepare themselves for that, but the current situation, one could hardly have prepared for it.


He was sure then too, that the pilots had lost control of the aircraft and all of their lives were in danger. The only thing left that he could do was pray for a miracle of some kind, because he didn't want to die or for anyone else to perish for that matter. Some of the passengers were just little kids after all, they'd hardly begun life. 'Please, let us get out of this alive. I want to be able to see Senpai again, I am not prepared for death.' As he thought this, he reached above his head for a life jacket. He wanted to be prepared for any eventuality.


Again, the captains voice came in over the intercom. "It looks like the worst of the storm is over, but one of the engines blew. We're going in for an emergency landing. However since there is no land, it's going to be a bumpy landing, so please bear with us and prepare yourselves."


Just at that moment however, the plane took another dive as Tetsuhiro finished putting on his life jacket. One could feel the pilots struggling to at least keep the plane in a position that would help keep the damage minimal. It felt like they were going to have a crash landing, Tetsuhiro would just be happy if everyone got out of it alive. He did doubt however that there wouldn't by any serious injuries, but as long as there were no deaths he would be somewhat content.


A moment later, the plane hit water, bobbing for a moment. At the moment of impact, Tetsuhiro's head hit the window again, but this time it hurt like hell. His eyes rolled back into his head, so that only the whites of them could be seen, just before his eyelashes fluttered and they were closed. A trickle of blood ran down over his temple, trailing down his cheek and dripping from his chin.




Souichi stretched an arm over his head, his eyes turning to look toward the clock. Morinaga should be half way across the Atlantic by now. It's the first time I'll be here alone for such a length of time. He frowned, wondering why he was even dwelling on that. In order to take his mind off of that direction, he picked up the remote off the glass coffee table and hit the red button at the top.


Color faded into the blank screen and as he was about to flip the channel the news castor spoke earnestly. "Flight 103 from Nagoya, Japan to Windsor, Ontario has hit turbulence. The flight towers have been unable to get in further contact with the pilot, but we fear that the plane has crashed somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean."


Souichi's grip loosened on the remote, the sound of glass shattering wasn't even noticed as he stared wide eyed, mouth agape at the television. "No way..." his hand went over his heart, feeling as though one of those shards of glass had pierced through him.


Souichi had been stunned by the news which had been announced even as he'd turned on the television. It took him a few moments before he came out of his stupor and finally realized that he'd dropped the remote and that in doing so, glass had scattered across the floor. It was lucky for him that none of the glass had ricocheted toward him, but that would have been less painful than the possibility of Morinaga being...


Before he could finish that thought he turned sharply toward the door, his fists clenched so tight that his nails were digging into his palms. He had to know exactly what was going on and why the hell they airport towers couldn't get a hold of the pilots. Under his breath he muttered some unintelligible words between his clenched teeth, which reflected his frustration as he hurried toward the train station which would take him to the airport. They were in for an earful.

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Alexia Featherchild



Tetsuhiro felt a sharp tattoo close to his temple. Just for a moment he wondered what had caused it, but then his heart seemed to skip a beat before picking up an uneven rhythm. Too quickly he tried to get up, but as he did so he groaned, his head swimming, unable to see anything but darkness. Slumping back in his seat, his fingers gripped the arms, turning a deathly white.


Everyone's voices seemed far away and he tried to speak, to gain their attetion, but no words made it past his lips. Even the slightest movement sent knifelike pain shooting through his head, so intense that he seemed to completely black out again. He couldn't even hear the whispered murmurs of the passengers who were passing him as they were lead from the airplane outside into one of the lifeboats that the captains had prepared for them.


Tetsuhiro didn't even know that they had decided to think the worst about the injury he had sustained, because there seemed to be a loud and resounding echo which only he could hear. Nothing of what the people were saying was getting through to him other than some jumbled half words every few words that were spoken and whenever he tried to move or to speak, he couldn't.


Outside the plane, the captain and his co-pilot looked over the passengers. One of them asked the stewardesses, "Mai-kun, Hino-san, is this everyone?"


The stewardesses cast a wary glance at one another, before the elder of the two, Hino-san spoke. "Captain, there was one passenger still in the plane, but there was blood and he was so pale. We thought it best to get everyone else out first."


The Captain frowned, "We'll have to go back inside for him then. It doesn't matter how serious his injuries are, we are not leaving any passenger unaccounted for."


Hino-san frowned, "But what if he's... you know..." she could not even bring herself to say it.


Once more the captain frowned, he did not wish to abandon anyone, even if they were no longer alive. It would only upset the persons family more when they learned of it. However, before anyone could return to the interior of the air craft in order to retrieve the body of the last remaining passenger, the plane began to tilt. While it had been lucky that the airplane had managed to land on a rock that was beneath the surface of the water, it looked as though it wouldn't hold for to much longer.


Mai gazed at the pilots and navigator. "Don't go getting any wild ideas of being a hero, we need to get away from here. It's dangerous." Perhaps it was selfish, but they also had to think of themselves as well as that of the other anxious people whom had been on the plane. The very plane which was slowly sinking even as the lifeboats began to float away.


It would be too difficult to get inside the plane now, but it looked like the Captain was going to try anyway. However Mai grabbed his arm, even as one of the other passengers did. Apparently someone else shared her sentiments over the matter, although the Captain struggled to get free of the hands which held him back from what they saw as pure foolishness on his part.


"It's too late, lets just get everyone else safely away from here and hopefully a rescue helicopter will find us, if not then lets hope we find land where someone's cellphone will work."


The lifeboats drifted further and further away, the navigator using his compass to determine which direction they were headed so that they wouldn't be turning around in circles. Even the sun had begun to set and the airplane they had left behind was soon no more than a speck in the distance.


There had however been a hush amongst the passengers when they realized that someone had been left behind to go down with the plane, possibly having died on impact. They whispered quietly amongst themselves, some of them having had noticed that there had been someone on the plane whom had looked as though if they were not already dead they were at deaths door and they didn't have a single doctor among them.


None of them knew how far their crashed method of transportation had sunk, but they tried not to dwell to much on it. It seemed far easier to make themselves believe that there had been no hope of saving the man whom they had stranded and whose body might never be found. Silently they mourned for their fellow passenger, feeling guilty over not even gathering what they thought was a lifeless body so that his family and friends would at least have closure.


'How long have I been out this time?' wondered the dark haired man with dried blood covering one side of his head. Although there was still quite a bit of pain shooting through his head, it had somewhat dulled since earlier.


Slowly green eyes flickered opened, and upon looking around his mouth dropped open for the tilted plane was empty of anyone else whom had been on the aircraft. 'They left me behind?' His eyes widened, but in doing so he gasped, scrunching his eyes closed as he held the side of his head in his hand. 'Damn it... why?'


As the sharp pain which had afflicted him began to subside, he reluctantly opened his eyes again, not wishing to believe the evidence before him. When a few moments had passed he began to realize that the plane every so often shook, moving ever so slowly. Something wasn't quite right, and gazing down at the slanted floor he noticed the soaked carpeting, water was beginning to overtake the interior. Never in so short a time had his heart been under so much strain, other than when dealing with one very tyrannical and reluctant lover. 'I have to get out of here. Now!'


Since the plane was on a rock hidden partially beneath the waters surface the plane didn't completely get submerged. Hours later Morinaga had awoken, the lifeboats nowhere in sight, and with the water ebbing away from the rock, the plane rocked precariously. There was one lifeboat left, luckily and he used it, but not sure which direction to go. This would be how he ended up on an island that decided to make him the tribe leader, due to some prophecy or another.





Souichi, upon his arrival at the airport had not waited for anyone to let him cross, even though there were those security guards that were running behind him, trying to stop him as he made his way to the tower. He was quick footed and breathing erratically, more from being upset than from being out of breath.


He simply had to know what was going on, and he aimed to hear what the idiots in charge of the airport towers had to say about the latest predicament that flight 103 had fallen into. 'How could they know absolutely nothing!? Don't they have some kind of tracking device? Damn airport...' he glowered silently as those thoughts ran through his head.


Just before one of the security guards was able to catch a hold of his arm, he crashed the door open to the airport radio room at the top of the tower, startling the people inside.


The security men behind him tried to apologize to the people working inside the radio room as Souichi stomped inside without a smile, his eyes moving over everyone in the room with an angry glint in his eyes.


"Exactly what the hell is going on?"


The radio workers cast a glance at one another, then gazed back at the obviously angry individual whom had just invaded their workspace. Although the guards had caught his arms by then, he seemed to be an unmovable force, as they each shivered from fear at the aura he emitted.


One brave soul, answered his question with another. "Do you mean about the missing airplane?"


Souichi continued to glower, as he grunted, "YES!"


"We don't know that yet yourselves, but rescue helicopters have been sent to search for them, since at the time of turbulence they should have been around a specific latitude and longitude."


Despite hearing that, the angry man was not at all satisfied, "And when do you think they'll find the plane?" His voice was low, but frightening, although the person speaking to him didn't seem to be that scared, perhaps due to the security guards there to make sure nothing got out of hand.


"It may take a couple of hours. As long as the plane didn't sink, or if it did we can only hope that the survivors were able to get out and use the lifeboats."

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Alexia Featherchild

Souichi's eyes widened for a moment at the word survivors, or the possibility that the plane had sunk and no one had gotten out. He felt a sharp painful jolt, but clenching his teeth together he tried not to think so pessimistically.


"Then, until you know, you wont mind me staying here... will you?" He said that with such a hushed tone that it again sent shivers down the workers spines, even the security guards.


Those in the radio room looked from him to the security guards. "That's not possible. People who don't work in this department, let alone people who don't work here at all are not supposed to be in this room."


Souichi was about to take a step forward and raise his fist, but the security guards stopped him from doing so.


"You can however wait in the waiting area, we'll send a security guard to tell you whats going on... if you need to know whats going on that badly."


Although Souichi was shaking with rage, he whirled around, out of the security guards grip, "Fine! You had better hope however that that plane is found and there are no casualties..." although his main concern was for Morinaga, he was not so cold hearted that he'd wish for others to have died in a crash.


Walking to the area where he'd been directed, he took a seat and noticed the colorless faces of others who were waiting. He didn't think everyone was waiting for their plane to arrive, because some of them seemed quite shaken. Perhaps they were friends and family members of the other passengers whom had been on the same flight as Morinaga.


'Idiot, you'd better be okay.' He tried not to let the fear of the worst get to him, especially not in front of a bunch of other people, even though his eyes were beginning to water. However he did not allow the tears to slip from him, if they did start, he could however use one of the washrooms available.


The waiting however was torturous and one minute seemed like an entire hour and an hour seemed like a lifetime.




Overhead the Captain and the passengers whom had made it safely away from the scene of the crash heard a whirring sound. Lights reflected off the ocean surface as the evening had grown long, no one speaking other than to perhaps calm the young children who remained confused and frightened. There too were a few women and even a man or two who remained quite shaken, in a state of shock, but luckily there were those who tried to keep them calm. It didn't seem as though they would be in need of a sedative and for that the Captain was relieved otherwise it could have complicated matters still further.


Looking up, they saw what had caused the whirring sound and the bright blinding lights. A couple helicopters had spotted them, but neither were large enough to carry everyone to land. The people determined that the pilots of the helicopters, once having found them would send for a rescue boat, however many were needed.


Several hours later, their assumptions were correct as a large rescue boat appeared for them. There were warm blankets and hot cocoa to warm them, even a doctor or two to help those whom had been in to much a state of shock to really realize what was going on and to help anyone else who seemed to notice it.


Once things had calmed down a bit, as they were on there way back to the closest land, the Captain and his crew were asked if everyone was accounted for.


The stewardesses eyes met one each others with a frown, worrying their bottom lip between their teeth even as the Captain spoke.


"No, not everyone is accounted for. We are missing one passenger, who apparently died on impact of the crash."


Mai and her fellow stewardess confirmed this, "Yes, the man was white as a ghost and there was a pool of blood flowing from one side of his head. Then before the Captain could do anything, the plane began to sink." They failed to mention how they had kept the captain from trying to endanger his own life by returning for what was believed to be a corpse.


Their conversation had been caught on tape, recorded live as it was played across news channels, including a television which had been turned to the news where sat the people waiting to hear about flight 103 and its passengers. They could only wonder at that moment which passenger it was whom had been left to go down with the plane.


Only a few moments later, was the name of the passenger revealed as someone had gone around to collect the information on those who had escaped from the crash with nothing more than a few scrapes and bruises.


"The missing passenger, presumed dead on impact appears to be one Morinaga Tetsuhiro."


The was only one pale face which remained in the waiting area where others had gathered as they awaited the news about the passengers of flight 103.





Although his head still ached, he didn't have time to tend to his wounds, not if he wanted to escape sinking with the airplane. His life was at stake and there was no one around to help him, but at least it seemed that the others had gotten away safely, even if they had left him behind. There was no time for him to dwell on just why they had done so as he got up, very slowly despite his mounting panic as he looked around for something he could use to get him to safety, or at least safely out of the ever sinking vessel.


As he moved through the slanted isle, holding onto the back of each seat with every movement he made in order to keep from loosing his balance, something caught his attention out of his peripheral vision. Turning his eyes toward the bright orange, he heaved a sigh of relief. Reaching up he grabbed the folded up polyurethane coated fabric, holding it beneath his arm as he made his way toward the still open door.


When the plane began to rock precariously again, Tetsuhiro fell forward, but caught himself by gripping the handles of a seat. Cursing beneath his breath as he carefully got onto his hands and knees, making sure not to lose his life line, he finally managed to make it to the exit of the craft. His pant legs were soaked as the water began to seep inside at a quicker pace. With trembling hands he untied the knot wrapped around the bright colored fabric, pulling on a black string, holding it in his hand as it began to expand.


The dark haired man fidgeted as he watched the once folded material turn into a life raft. He prayed that there were no holes in it, because then he really would be in trouble.


Once the inflation of the flotation device was finished, Tetsuhiro got on, even as he heard a loud grunting sound as the plane slipped off of the rock it had landed on hours ago. The tide had gone out, the water no longer helping to support the weight of the craft. Hearing it, he winced, holding the side of his head in his hand, while the other gripped the side of the boat. The final movement of the plane sent the water in all directions, nearly unseating the injured man from safety, sending the boat spinning in an unknown direction.


The whole thing had taken a bit too much out of Tetsuhiro as he fell back moments later in the boat as it drifted to some unknown and unheard of location somewhere lost in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.




Among the sighs of relief, the sound of a chair clattering to the floor was lost on the ears of those who had reason to rejoice.


Souichi had suddenly stood, his fist clutching his shirt over his chest where he could feel the beat of his heart. It was a painful tattoo, the likes of which he had known truly, but one time before, when his mother had passed.


'This...this can't be true...' He couldn't quite bring himself to believe what he had just heard on the news. He wanted to deny that he'd ever heard it, to scream, to hit something or someone. He didn't know quite what to do, how to react, it was just too painful to bear as his knees wobbled due to the overbearing grief which assailed him. Dropping to them, he just stared at the television screen blankly as it echoed over and over again in his head.


As it repeated itself again and again in his head, he clutched at what others might have considered to be nothing more than a straw, the word presumed. His eyes narrowed as the wheels in his head turned and he stood up, but before he could do anything one of the security men caught his arm. Apparently they had been keeping an eye on him and had noticed the tumult of emotions cross his face once the news had been cast.


"We're sorry sir, but we're going to have to ask you to leave."


Souichi turned one of his heated glares on him, and if only looks could kill, the security man surely would have been a goner.


At least the security people realized that the man was simply to shaken to realize what he was doing. "We'll have someone escort you home. You should direct your questions to the search team when they return. We're sure that they'll look for the sight of the crash to gather more information, until then you might want to get some rest and confer with your family."


Souichi irate though he was, shrugged his arms and grunted, "Yeah..." In that moment he felt too exhausted to do anything, even though he'd been prepared to break into the radio room again and demand an explanation. He could only hope that those morons had been wrong in their presumptions and that the plane would be found not fully submerged, with a still living Morinaga, even if he'd have to spend time in the hospital.

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Alexia Featherchild

While he didn't like the possibility of Morinaga being hurt, he liked even less the possibility that the man really and truly was dead. He shuddered at the unpleasant thought as one of the security men offered him a ride home as he was going off duty. Souichi accepted it, though he didn't seem to be aware of him or his surroundings. Those who knew him, would have thought his attitude very strange, since it was quite unlike him. Then again, he was still in a state of shock and it wasn't unusual for someone to act out of character under those circumstances.


It took a few moments for him to realize that the driver had been speaking to him, but he finally caught what he was saying.


"Huh, what?" He blinked.


"This is your place, right?"


Souichi turned his head to gaze at the apartment complex. It was the first night he'd ever spend alone in that place, thinking that, he nearly told the driver to take him somewhere else. However, with a weary sigh, he mumbled his gratitude and exited the car.


"Take care now," said the man behind the wheel of the car before driving off as Souichi made his way to the door of the apartment he shared with Morinaga. His hand trembled as he gripped the door handle.


'I hate this...' his eyes scrunched shut as he opened the door, a tear trickling from the corner of his eye as he entered the building and shut the door behind him. Opening his eyes, without even realizing that he was crying. Never before had the apartment felt so empty, or so lifeless.


Completely exhausted he walked into Morinaga's room and fell onto the mattress, gripping a pillow between his hands, burying his face in it. 'That damn idiot, what was he thinking? If he's still alive I'm going to kill him for this.' With that he fell into a restless sleep.




Somewhere, a bright orange raft landed on uncharted territory, causing a stir among the locals as they gazed down at the unconscious body of a dark haired man.




Tetsuhiro groaned as he felt himself being lifted up by any number of hands. However, when he tried to open his eyes again, they felt far to heavy, shivering as the cool air hit him. He was unaware of his surrounding, though he could hear whispered murmurs, though he couldn't quite make out what was being said. Again he shivered, perhaps he should have removed his soaked clothes when he'd gotten onto the lifeboat instead of passing out first.


However when he felt himself placed onto a soft surface and someone beginning to remove his clothes, his eyes opened and he jumped out, "What are you doing!" He blinked at the strangers which stood around him in the room he assumed they had brought him too.


"Ou-sama, you must change and get some rest."


He was relieved that they were removing his clothes out of concern for him, despite never having met before, but one word caused his brows to furrow. "Ou-sama?" He wondered why they had called him that, maybe they were trying to be funny, although it really didn't seem funny in any way at all to him.


Once they had stripped him and placed the covers over him, one of the women replied. "Yes, Ou-sama. We have waited a long time for you to return to us."


"Uh, I think you've mistaken me for someone else."


Everyone in the room shook their heads as the older woman continued. "No, we have not mistaken you, our Ou. It has been several centuries, but we would know you anywhere. The prophecies never lie."


Tetsuhiro wondered if perhaps he'd hit his head again, or that he was still dreaming and hadn't quite come to yet. He tried to deny it once again, but his words were stifled by the woman's finger as she shushed him, while using a warm cloth to wipe away the blood which had dried onto his skin.


"Get some sleep now Ou-sama. When you are stronger and well rested we shall speak again. I am sure you must have many questions, but for now, please try not to think and sleep." With that said the elderly woman turned and dismissed the others from the room, following quietly behind and slowly shutting the door, leaving behind an utterly confused Tetsuhiro.


Still, he was unable to keep his eyes open for long, something he'd found to be an irritating habit as of late and caused him to lose all sense and track of time.




Souichi, as the evening grew later into the night, he shot up with an anguished cry. It was such a haunting sound that for a moment he was too startled to realize it had come from him. Holding his fingertips to his lips he blinked, shuddering as he recalled the nightmare, where Morinaga's body had been found, ravaged by the creatures of the ocean till he was near unrecognizable.


Drawing his knees up, his arms wrapped around them, he placed his head upon them as he rocked back and forth, the painful pounding of his heart slowly subsiding. He couldn't recall ever having had such a horrific nightmare, he wasn't even sure that he'd ever had any, at least he didn't remember them.


However, as he became aware of his actions, he glowered, 'What the hell am I doing? Acting...acting like...' Rolling off the bed, he stopped from going any further with his thoughts as he prepared to leave the apartment. Although the hour was late, he was certain there was a bar somewhere still open where he could at least for a little while numb his mind so that he wasn't constantly drawn back to those all to painful and terrifying thoughts. He didn't want to be alone either, but he had pride enough to where he didn't want to cause Kanako or Matsuda-san to worry. Yet he really didn't have anyone else he could turn to, it was usually family or... "Morinaga," he wasn't even aware he'd whispered his name out loud.


The bar he stopped in front of wasn't one he'd ever been inside of before either, and without noticing the sign he walked in, ignoring everyone as he made his way to the counter and sat down in one of the empty seats. His eyes turned to the television above the mirrors, which was turned to the news, apparently the bartenders attention was on it.


"Excuse me..."


The bartender whirled around with a smile on his face, although he too looked quite pale, "Yes, how may I help you?" However upon seeing who was sitting at his counter his eyes widened in disbelief as his voice trailed off, but noticed that the mans eyes were glued to the screen even as he asked for a drink.


The rusty haired bartender wondered, 'Did he even see the sign? Does he realize what kind of bar he's in?' Gazing at the man again, as he fulfilled the order he thought to himself again, 'He looks as terrible as I feel...'


"You're worried about what they said aren't you?"


Souichi looked at the bartender startled, "Hnn?" Then upon a longer inspection asked, "Have we met?"


If Hiroto didn't know any better, he might have thought that to be some sort of pick-up line, but knowing who the person sitting in front of him was, he did not believe that likely –- at all. "Sort of, I'm one of Angel-kun's... I mean Morinaga's friends."


Souichi winced, "Oh..." he really didn't know a whole lot about Morinaga's private life, despite having been intimate with the man... though he himself had never gone out of his way to learn anything. He hadn't wanted Morinaga to misunderstand, but as he thought that, he drank down the beer before him in just a few gulps.


Hiroto sighed, feeling sorry for the man, but he was too afraid to say anything about that, just in case. 'Until everything is figured out, I'll keep an eye on your Senpai Angel-kun.' It was the least he could do he supposed, but to keep his own mind from thinking of the possibility that his long time friend might have really become an angel he decided to ask the blond a question.


"Uhmm, do you know what kind of bar you're in?"


Souichi blinked, "Huh, what do you mean?" even as he paid for another drink. Hiroto had to agree with Angel-kun, the man really did drink too fast as he refilled his glass.


"I asked, do you know what kind of bar you're in?"


"It's just a bar isn't it?" He turned his head around to look, but the only people he saw were men, some of them sitting quite close to one another, a couple even kissing in a dark corner. He turned around in his seat to stare at Hiroto, "Don't tell me..."


Hiroto nodded, "Yeah, but don't worry, I wont let anyone bother you."


He wanted to get the hell out of there right then, but with so many homos around he wasn't sure that he'd be safe leaving by himself. Nor did he trust the bartender, since it was a gay bar, and he was certain that everyone inside, including the staff were all homos.


Hiroto, realizing the stress that the truth was causing the blond, "Hey, I wont do anything either. When my shift is over I'll walk you out, not that I think anyone would try anything... but you're drinking quite a lot..."


Souichi stood up, but when he felt eyes boring into his back he sank back down, "Fine..." he quickly finished the glass in front of him, a bit too weary of leaving or doing anything, because there were so freakin' many of the homos.

'Why the hell did it have to be this bar that I walked into!?'


As he thought about what Hiroto had said, and recalled that Morinaga at times went to a bar where his friend worked, something was slowly beginning to dawn on him.


'Shit, this is where Morinaga goes all the time...wait...'

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Alexia Featherchild

Souichi as he had drawn to the conclusion that the bar he sat in was the one which Morinaga usually frequented alone where his friend worked, the bartender he'd just been talking too, he felt very uneasy. An uneasiness that was more bothersome to him than the fact that the bar he was in was in fact a gay bar. A type of bar he'd never even for one moment in his life had ever imagined he'd walk into. Yet he knew Morinaga to be a homo, but to frequent a gay bar, where there were other homos, was somehow quite unsettling, even painful to think about all the possible implications.


Throwing back yet another beer, loosing count of just how many he had had, he wasn't sure where to direct his mounting anger that rose from the anxiety caused by thinking about that. Had Morinaga and any of them... 'No, don't think about that. The bastard wouldn't do that...would he?' He didn't think so, but he wasn't too sure, and the remote chance that he had just seemed to twist a knife into his already tattered heart. 'Heart? What the hell am I thinking...'


Before he was able to answer his own question, the news caught his attention once again.


"We have an update on flight 103, only the nose of the plane was not submerged into the water when it was found. However upon the crew pulling it out of the ocean, the body of one Morinaga Tetsuhiro was nowhere to be found. It is assumed that he lay somewhere at the bottom of the ocean. We will be doing a dive for the missing body."


Both Souichi and Hiroto looked as pale as a newly bought bed sheet, although Hiroto recovered more quickly than Souichi.


Hiroto turned to Souichi, "I don'na know what ta think, but my shift is over. Lemme see you home, kay?"


Souichi was perhaps too shocked by the news, on top of being even more drunk than usual, even for him as he just nodded in response.


When Hiroto had everything he needed, he stood behind Souichi, before one of the more annoying of his late time customers appeared. "Let's go Tatsumi."


Souichi just stood up, barely able to stand, but he wasn't prepared to take anyone else's help, especially not from anyone inside the bar. Hiroto just walked beside him, he'd catch the man if he had too. He didn't want to get his head chewed off for trying to lend his help when the blond was so adamant about not doing so.


Hiroto was a little shocked to hear the man speak again, since he'd been so quiet and seemingly lost in thought since the news update, other than to vehemently deny needing help.


"He's not dead."


"I'd like ta think so too, but it doesn't seem ta be too likely."


That earned him one of the man's infamous death glares which Angel-kun had mentioned to him a time or two. He winced at the sight of it, 'How did Angel-kun put up with that?'


"He's. Not. Dead." He spit out each word, trying not to slur them. "No body." He had to believe that, otherwise the heart-wrenching agony he'd felt before would have been a thousand times worse, no even worse than that. Even getting drunk had not dulled the pain or direction of his thoughts at all.


Hiroto sighed, frowning, "But what if they..." before he could finish, the blond's hand swiped in front of him, it was lucky he hadn't hit him, as he jumped back.


"Don't. Say. It." He glowered at the man, gripping the street light to keep from sinking to the ground. If Morinaga were there, but then he doubted he'd have gotten into such a state if he had been. "The idiot prolly got hmmself out..." his mouth felt weird, as though it weren't quite listening to his head, as the words came out a little strangely.


Hiroto stared at him, "Hmmn, maybe you're right. I can just see that, but then where da hell did he disappear ta?"


"Shats what eed leek to kneeu." He shook his head, he couldn't recall the last time, if there was one that he'd ever gotten so drunk that he couldn't even speak right. He was certain he sounded like an idiot and he hated that.


Hiroto, "Well, lets just get you home, kay? Once you're sober, I'm sure ya'll think of somethin'." 'You owe me for this Angel-kun.' He looked toward the sky, wondering if maybe it was true, that Angel-kun was alive, that he had somehow not died on impact and had had to fend for himself. He hoped so, but he didn't want to raise them to far only to have them completely dashed.


He turned to look at Souichi again, only to notice the man was across the street. 'What's he doin'? That ain't the way to his apartment.' Then noticing the building he was going into he cursed. 'Walk in there, they wont let ya out until ya've got a tattoo, even if ya changed yer mind. Although I don't think he went in there for that being as drunk as he is.' Making sure that no cars were coming, he crossed the street, too late to stop the man from going inside.


'Sorry, you're on your own. I ain't goin' in there, so I'll just wait out here.'




Tetsuhiro sat up, startled, wondering for a moment where on Earth he was. However after a few moments of consciousness he recalled the bizarre situation he'd found himself in. The people kept calling him Ou-sama, but he was no Ou, and he wondered how they knew Japanese, although it sounded like an older dialect.


Beneath the sheets he wore not a stitch of clothing, but his eyes were caught by the cloth at the end of the bed. 'Guess those are for me...but I don't want to dress in something like that.' The material was a deep shade of purple with a white fur trim. Yet it was the only thing available for him in the room to wear and so he reluctantly dressed in it. It was cool against his skin, but he still felt weary about the whole thing. He had to explain to them, that he was not who or what they thought him to be.


He turned around as the door creaked open and there stood a young woman, giggling as she bat her eyes, dressed in the strangest getup. No, not quite strange, but something that reminded him of what concubines had worn in past ages. As realization dawned on him, 'Oh no...'

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Alexia Featherchild



The dark haired man was disturbed by what he saw, a young woman dressed up as a concubine. 'This isn't good.' However before he managed to speak the woman had made her way toward him, shooting him coy glances from beneath her lashes. Backing up against the dresser he gazed down at the girl. "Uh, excuse me, what are you doing?"


The woman's arms had gripped his hips, "I only wish to please Ou-sama." She reached up on tip-toe to try and plant a kiss upon him, however he turned his head so that it landed on his cheek instead of his mouth. The woman stood back with a frown. "Ou-sama is not pleased with Li Li?"


Tetsuhiro didn't want to hurt the girls feelings, but he wasn't interested in what she was so apparently willing to offer. 'Probably because she and everyone else thinks I'm this Ou-sama.' "It's not that you're not...lovely, but... the thing is... I'm gay."


The long haired, dark eye'd girl blinked. "Ou-sama is gay?" her brows furrowed, though she didn't frown for long as the corner of her lips curled upward. "Then Li Li will get her brother!"


Before Tetsuhiro could stop her, she had whirled around and sped out, "Wait!" He called after her, but there were others who came into the room, including the elderly woman whom had spoken to him before.


The old woman gazed at him, "Hmmn...so you easily admit to such preferences this time around Ou-sama."


"Please, would you stop calling me Ou-sama... I'm not that person, I'm just Morinaga Tetsuhiro."


The old woman sat down in a chair next to the bed, and with her hand pat the bed, "Let us talk then, for you seem to have forgotten, but then we are not allowed to recall our past lives."


Green eyes remained befuddled, as he sat down, wondering how he was supposed to make it clear to this woman and the others that he just wasn't whomever they believed him to be.


"Ou-sama, the prophecies do not lie. It was time for you to return to us. I realize you may be confused, because you do not recall the past. It has happened before, but you truly are our Ou." She placed her hand up to prevent him from speaking. "Let me continue. We, the people here have awaited your arrival for nearly a hundred years. I was but five when Ou-sama met the end of his last cycle, yet I would know you anywhere, Ou-sama. You look exactly as your portrait from that last life when you were here."


Tetsuhiro still could not believe what was being said, but wondered if maybe it had been an ancestor if he looked so alike, but then people often had at least one look-a-like somewhere in time. Yet the elderly woman would not allow him a word in edgewise.


"Ou-sama, even if now you still do not believe, everyone on this island is sure that you are. With you here, the prophecies may be fulfilled, and our world will not sink into the dark abyss which has threatened us ever since you had left us." The old lady smiled as she rose, "Please enjoy yourself while we prepare a feast fit for you." With a bow she left the room, followed by her helpers.


It appeared to Tetsuhiro, that no one was willingly to hear his side or to believe him, even blaming his disbelief on the theory that one who has been reincarnated could not recall a past life. 'This is...too much.' He sank back against the pillows on the bed, he had to get away from the island, to get home, to return to Senpai.


The door creaked open, and startled Tetsuhiro looked up. He'd forgotten about Li Li and her earlier declaration. It was clear that she had meant what she said, because inside the door was a young man that looked very much like her.


"Ou-sama?" The young man fidgeted, a crimson color rising from his neck to his temple.


'What am I going to do now? This situation...' Still he had to say something. "I'm sorry, but, I'm rather tired still." 'I don't want to hurt his feelings, but I should have said something clearer than that.' Although the boy appeared to be relieved as he bowed and hurried away.


Someone who'd been posted outside his room, without him knowing, looked in and asked. "So Ou-sama has no interest in that young one?"


Shaking his dark head, "No..."


"I wonder then, what Ou-sama's type is. Everyone on the island will be curious to know and I am certain they will all try to offer themselves to you."




"Well, you are the Ou. It is only natural that your subjects would wish to please you."


"I'd prefer them not to do that..."


The guard stared at Tetsuhiro overlong, making him quite uncomfortable with that piercing gaze as though he were trying to see into the very depths of his mind, his soul.


"Ou-sama is a strange one, but I do not think that will stop any of them from trying, especially those who seek to become a part of the harem."


"...Har...em...?" The guard had closed the door, before he'd been able to question him. It only caused his head to throb, being caught in such a strange situation. If all this really were true or if he could never return, there would always be only one person whom he'd want, but that person wasn't with him and just the thought that there was a possibility of never being able to see, to hear, to hold him again depressed him.

'Though he'd look adorable in one of those harem costumes, but he'd probably kill me if I even told him that.'




Souichi was startled when he felt someone tug on his arm and push him into a seat. "Whhaat sha heell!"


The tattoo artist chuckled, sticking out his pierced tongue between his teeth, "Ah, so another customer who needed to get drunk before coming in here, huh Ren?" He looked at his assistant who helped him strap down the blonds arms. "Well then, what kind of tattoo ya want?"


Souichi glowered, but his glasses were crooked, to the point where he had double vision, and due to having drank so much the room began to spin. The state he was in, he blamed on Morinaga, "Shzat iiidot...Mori...naga."


"Ren, could you make out what he said?"


"Not really Kei, but I think there's someone outside waiting for him," he'd looked up and had seen a figure outside the window. "Maybe we could ask him?"


Kei turned around, "Well then, you watch the customer while I do just that," he walked out, "Excuse me sir..."


Hiroto was startled, backing away from the building slightly, "Uh... yeah?"


"Does the guy inside belong to you?"


With a weary chuckle, the red head held up his hands, "Uh... no... not really. I'm just keepin' an eye on him for a friend of mine."


"Oh... well then, whats the name of this friend?" Even if the customer kept inside couldn't say what he wanted, he had an idea now of at least what it could be. Not that he was going to ask, because sometimes the customers chickened out or weren't too sure what they wanted, but he was going to make sure that anyone who stepped foot into his shop received a tattoo. Well, unless they were underage, because he didn't want too much trouble.


"Uhm... Morinaga Tetsuhiro... but why does that matter?"


The artist just grinned and turned around, walking back into his parlor, despite noticing that the customer was struggling to get free of the bonds that kept him tied to the chair, he wasn't about to let him go free.


"So, Kei, what do you intend to do?"


"Ren, I think a nice heart outline would be good, on the left shoulder."


Ren just chuckled, shaking his head, "Really, not even going to ask him about that are you?"


"He-ll no, he's too drunk to understand, but he came in here, so... but did he have a wallet on him?"


"Yeah. So... just a heart, or are you going to do something else with that?"


"Of course," he smirked, "Inside it's going to say I belong to Morinaga Tetsuhiro, isn't that just perfect?"


Blinking his assistant chuckled after a moment, "You really are naughty, but it sounds fun... but why a guys name?"


"That's because, the guy outside said he was keeping an eye on him for whoever the name belongs too."


Souichi hadn't really been paying attention to their conversation as he growled, straining at the restraints, though he felt quite dizzy. However when he felt a jab in his arm he yelled. "What the hell do you think you're doing!?" That had appeared to sober him up a little... at least enough to be understood.


"Ren, looks like we might need to use a sedative on this one."


"Right, on it."

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Alexia Featherchild

Souichi wasn't sure what was going on, but he knew one thing for certain, he didn't like it. He glared at the two men hovering over him, one with a needle of some sort and the other with a small white cloth. Once again he struggled against the restraints, but they were so tight that doing so sent sharp threads of pain through his dendrites. As the cloth came closer to his face, he turned his head, the smell repugnant. With a cough he was about to ask what the hell they thought they were doing, but the damn thing covered his nose and mouth.


Trying not to inhale whatever the cloth had been soaked in, his eyes closed as the world turned dark. It was some time before he came to.


Ren grinned, as he looked at Kei's handiwork, "As always, you've done a beautiful job."


Kei smirked, bowing, "Why thank you Ren. Although it's a good thing you made him pass out, otherwise it might have come out not looking so great hmmn?"


"I suppose you might be right. I've already rung up his bill and put his wallet back. Best to give him to the guy outside before he totally wakes up, don't need another rowdy customer messing up the place."


"That's right... okay then, help me," he said as he unbuckled the restraints and lifted the guy up with his assistants help.


Hiroto had been waiting outside, worrying his bottom lip between his teeth. There had been a few times he'd nearly stepped inside, but from what he'd heard about this particular tattoo parlor he'd just not been able to do it. 'Sorry Tatsumi, and sorry Angel-kun...' but he was starting to get even more worried than before, since it seemed to be taking a really long time, even for an unwanted tattoo. However the tattoo men came out.


"Hey, you should take your friend home now."


"Uh... yeah..." he frowned, he knew Tatsumi had been drunk, but he hadn't thought he'd pass out... plus there was a strange smell. "What did you do to him?"


"Oh... nothing... just had to knock him out so that he didn't move to much, guess he's pretty sensitive, didn't like the needle much at all."


Hiroto took a hold of the blond man and shook him, "Hey...Tatsumi..."


The man gave a grunt, "Ugghh..." which relieved Hiroto, but he managed to glare at the tattoo artist and his assistant.


"Really, I don't think you two should even be in business. Also, when he comes to fully I'm pretty sure you're gonna wanna high tail it." He began walking Tatsumi across the street and toward his apartment as the two men gazed after them somewhat dumbfounded and wondering what the hell he'd meant by that.


As they walked, the cool air seemed to help Souichi sober up and become conscious again. "What happened? My arm is freakin' sore..." he looked up at the apartment complex, apparently he was almost back home again... in that empty share devoid of that idiots usual presence. He turned his head to stare at his shoulder, wondering why it stung so much as Hiroto let him go. "What the hell is this?"


Hiroto nervously chuckled, "Uhm... well you... uh... walked into a tattoo...parlor...and that's what they... did."


"What the fuck!?" He glowered and turned around, but he didn't remember which way the place lay in. "I'm gonna kill them!"


"Tatsumi-san, I don't think that's such a good idea." That earned him yet another of those infamous death glares which caused him even more unease. "Hey... don't get mad, I'm just sayin' that ya should get some rest first and deal with them later. If ya go back there, they might just use something on ya and give ya even more tattoos."


Souichi was far from being pleased, he was furious, but he didn't know which way to go and he really was tired. The pain in his arm however bothered him, "Damn jerks," he muttered. "Fine." He swerved and stomped up the stairs to his and Morianga's apartment, not even yet realizing what the damn tattoo said, just that it was there.


Hiroto heaved a sigh of relief, shaking his head as he turned to head back towards his own place. He felt terrible about not having done anything to help Tatsumi, but then again he could have just made things worse for both of them. 'I think maybe... Tatsumi really needs Angel-kun... a lot more than either of them have ever realized. I truly hope for Tatsumi's sake that Angel-kun hasn't become a real angel.' Tomorrow he had to work again, even having already taken an extra shift for someone else, so he needed as much sleep as he could get.


Once inside, Souichi shut the door behind him, looking around the empty apartment again. 'I miss your presence here...never thought I would...so much...' He wondered why that was, but he determined that it was probably because he'd never actually lived on his own, other than that time in Canada and that had been just temporary.


Again tears began to well up, because despite his earlier declaration that he didn't think Morinaga to be dead, it was still a very real and painful possibility. Rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand he took a quick shower, careful to lean against the wall as he did so due to being not quite sober. He didn't even bother with a change of clothes as he wrapped the towel around his waist.


As he walked toward his bedroom, he thought that if Morinaga were there, he might have tried something. At that thought he bit his lip, neither laughing nor scowling. Turning around he instead entered Morinaga's room, where his scent still lingered. It was something he hadn't really paid any attention to before, but now that he dwelled on it, he recalled that the man did have his own unique scent.


Laying down on the mattress, staring up at the ceiling he frowned as his shoulder grazed the pillow where he'd received an un-wished for tattoo. Turning his head to look at it, which from his angle was upside down, he made it out, I belong to...Morinaga Tetsuhiro. He blinked, "What?"


The long haired man sat up in the bed as that one sentence ran through his head again and again. At first he was angry, but as he continued to think it, for the words to reverberate through his head over and over again his heart began to beat unevenly. It was becoming difficult to breath as a lump formed in his throat, and trying to suppress the tears, his body shook as they slid down from the corners of his eyes. Grabbing one of the pillows he hugged it to him, burying his face in its contours.


He hated crying, it made him feel like a fool, yet he couldn't help it as the sobs racked painfully through him. 'I'm an idiot...' his curled fists pounded into the mattress beneath him, before falling into yet another restless sleep.

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Alexia Featherchild



Pacing back and forth in front of the bed, Tetsuhiro wondered how he was going to get out of the mess he'd wound up in. At least he was alive, but he was stranded in a very odd place, and no matter what he said the people apparently were going to continue to believe what they wished to about him. Any of his protests were put down to not recalling any of his past lives, even though he wasn't sure that reincarnation was even a possibility. Even if it was, he didn't feel as though he belonged on the land which he had come to be at.


Another night had passed, but he hadn't been able to sleep, since there had been a couple of incidents where someone sneaked into his room and into bed next to him, startling him awake. They all said the same thing, male or even female, that they only wanted him, their Ou to be happy. While he'd been as polite as possible in declining, each time it occurred he became more and more irritated. It had led to him being wary of sleeping at all, just in case someone else tried that. He wished they'd quit, because he simply did not have that inclination toward any of them.


Without any fitful rest, his head felt heavy and there was a low, but annoying buzz in his ears. Flopping back onto the mattress he stared up at the ceiling. There had to be a way to get back home, where he could wrap his arms around the only one he had any desire for; the one he had loved for about five years, even if things weren't perfect between them.


When he heard the door bang open, he sat up in the bed, round eyes turning to stare. Luckily it was just the old woman, who didn't seem inclined to try anything, and for that he was thankful.


"Good morning Ou-sama."


"Good morning..." he blinked as she placed a wheeled in tray before him, with a variety of fruit and a couple hard boiled eggs on it.


"Please eat."


"Okay..." he smiled, though it didn't quite reach his eyes, because he didn't know these people and the thoughts that had only moments ago been circling inside his head. "Thank you..."


With a bow, the woman sat in one of the chairs that were in the room. "Ou-sama, were you disturbed last night?"


He looked up, after having taken a bite of mango. When it was polite to reply, "Uh...yeah...sort of..."


The woman sighed, "I see, for that I most humbly apologize. It is only that the people of this island wish to please you, and they do not find you unattractive. I am sure there are those too, that wish to be your life-mate."


"Life-mate?" There was only one person in the world he'd be only to glad to have as a life-mate, but he didn't think their relationship was yet stable enough for him to even ask that of him. Besides, he was sure that if he did, the man would become angry and probably hit him - as usual. Still, just the thought itself of him ever agreeing to that caused his eyes to glisten as his mouth curved into a smile. The only problem was, was how to get back to him, and upon wondering that, he let out a frustrated sigh.


"Ou-sama?" The elderly lady tilted her head at a curious angle as she stared at him. "Do you not want a life-mate? There is a harem room instead if..."


Before she could continue in that venue, he had raised his hand in front of him as he shook his head. "No, I don't want a harem. I prefer to be monogamous, it's just the way I am."


"I see, then shall you choose someone. The people will not discontinue their pursuit of you, until you have decided."


That only caused Tetsuhiro to frown again, as he poked at the food on the tray with the chopsticks he'd been given. "The one I want as a life-mate, isn't on this island."


Standing up the woman sighed, "I see, but knowing that, I am sure that they will still try to get with you, if only to console you, because of that." She turned to glare at the door, as a couple of pairs of eyes had peeped through upon hearing the conversation. "Especially with eavesdroppers like those gossipy twins." She stepped toward them, but they ran off, though she continued to follow them.


When Tetsuhiro was again alone in the room, he stared down into the breakfast, suddenly not feeling at all hungry. 'But I have to eat, that way I can stay strong and alert. There has to be someway to get back.' Although it seemed that no matter what there was always going to be someone following him around for one reason or another. He just hoped that the following nights would not be like the previous.




The brunette cursed as he watched the culprits escape as the sirens could be heard in the distances getting closer. However when he went to rise, pain shot through his leg and he fell back onto the concrete, his gaze turning toward the lighter haired man. Who would have thought he'd run into him on his way to see his parents after learning of very disturbing news about his little brother.


Masaki appeared to be unconscious, but otherwise unharmed. 'They must have drugged him...or something' He didn't think they'd had any good intentions, when they'd tried to pulverize him, and although he'd put up a good fight it appeared that they might have broken his leg. At least he'd been smart enough to dial the police first before jumping in before they could run off with their victim.


When the police car stopped nearby and came up to him, he pointed in the direction the three other men had run. "Those men were up to no good..."


The officers partner called in on his radio for an ambulance for two, the other taking off in the direction the men had run. Kunihiro had no way of knowing if they'd find the ones responsible. He was sure that his parents would show up at the hospital if they knew what had happened, even if they were disappointed in his divorce. He had to know if they knew about Tetsuhiro and what they were going to do about it.


It wasn't too long before the ambulances arrived to take him and Masaki to the hospital, and luckily it looked like at least one of the culprits had been apprehended. The police before he was sent off to the hospital told him they'd be there the next day to speak with him for their report.

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Alexia Featherchild

His parents had indeed been on the first train to where Kunihiro was in the hospital. Yet he had to wonder if they were really concerned or if it was all just for appearances sake. Lately he had come to think that maybe they really didn't have any real love for either himself or Tetsuhiro, because throughout his whole life he had struggled for their approval. Their coldness, their bias had always influenced him, but his little brother just hadn't been the same. He was certain that it hurt his brother as it had always bothered him, though he hadn't quite realized how much until recently.


He looked up at them, "I'm sorry that you had to come all the way here from Fukuoka."


His father lifted his hand, even as mother stood beside him. "We had to make sure you were alright," but there was no reassuring smile on his face, Kunihiro couldn't even recall when either of them had last genuinely smiled.


Kunihiro sighed, knowing they were about to ask what had happened exactly, but he didn't feel like telling them all the details, he'd have to relay it to the police in the morning anyway. So instead he cut them off, even though it was rude and quite unexpected from him, but he wasn't in the mood to be interrogated when something else was troubling him. "Did you hear about Tetsuhiro?"


His parents shifted uncomfortably as they looked between each other.


"I'm taking that as a yes. Do you intend to do anything about it?" He watched them through narrowed eyes, wondering how Tetsuhiro had managed to put up with them –- and him.


It was his father who spoke first of the two, "What can we do? There's a search team looking for..."


His mother placed her hand on his fathers arm. He wasn't sure if it was because she didn't want to think one of her children were dead or if it was just because she didn't want to hear about a dead body, no matter whose it was.


Such detachment however only caused an ache over his own heart. He supposed they had had children, because it was the natural thing to do, but unlike some families they had little if any real love to spare. "So you're not going to do anything to help? Besides that, why didn't you try to inform me when you learned of this?"


His mother glared at him, something which was rare as he had tried to be the perfect son for them, to make her and father proud. Despite that, whenever he disappointed them, even if it wasn't often it would earn him such a cold response. "Kunihiro, there is nothing else that can be done, other than to prepare a funeral."


He stared at the two of them, confounded still by their attitude. He would have thought they would at least grieve for Tetsuhiro, he was also their son after all, the baby of the family. However, they stood there before him talking so cooly about a funeral. While he wanted to yell at them, as uncustomary tears swam before him he uttered under his breath, "Please. Get. Out."


"Kunihiro?" They questioned, but he was not in the mood to talk to them, to discuss anything with them.


"Just. Get. Out. Now!" He glared at them as they backed out of the room, both looking confused and not quite sure what to think, because he didn't usually treat them in such a way. Luckily they left, probably thinking it had to do with the injuries he'd sustained earlier that day. Once they were gone he sank back into the pillows of the hospital bed, releasing a shaky breath.


'They're so ready to put Tetsuhiro to rest, even without a body! What if he's still alive?' He really hoped that he was, because despite everything, he did love his little brother. Not that he'd realized how truly stupid he'd been until the last few months, or that he'd really been nothing more than an extension of his parents ideal. With the divorce he'd already fallen from that particular pedestal and although he was sure to continue to fall further from it, he didn't give a damn anymore. 'I wonder how his partner is taking this...' Once he was released and had given the police their report, he was determined to go speak to him, especially since he couldn't go searching the Atlantic for his younger sibling himself with his broken leg.


While he did wonder how Masaki was, he wanted to first see to the matter concerning his little brother.




Turning over, with a frown, the long haired blond stilled. The pillow beneath him felt damp, and his eyes stung as he slowly opened them. Rubbing his eyes, he reached for the bedside table where his glasses lay. As he sat up and put them on, his gaze coming into focus he recalled the events of the past twenty-four hours or so. The bed he was in was missing something important, as it was Morinaga's bed. It was Morinagaless, and while usually he thought that any bed was good that way, he wasn't able to think that way at that moment. As he wrapped his hand around his opposite arm, his eyes were cast to the side on the bed.


He frowned, because he actually found himself missing those arms which he'd often found wrapped around him in the morning after engaging in certain acts that he'd disapproved of. It took a little while before he managed to talk himself into getting up and getting ready for the day. However, he didn't feel like going to school, because there too there wouldn't be that idiot kouhai of his and it wasn't a simple absence either.


He wasn't completely sure what he was going to do, but he decided to visit Matsuda-san's first before anything else. Hopefully Kanako had gone to school and hadn't heard the news and hopefully it wouldn't be talked about at school, although she hadn't known the flight number. He didn't want the news to worry her, it was the end of the week. He'd tell her when she got back, since he was certain she was already on her way to school.


Matsuda-san opened the door, "Oh Souichi-kun! Come in, I just read the newspaper." She frowned, because to her Souichi looked very upset, in such a state she hadn't witnessed him in really since they'd all lost his mother Hana.


Souichi kept his head down, "Did Kanako make it to school?"


"Yes, she left before the paperboy came by, so she doesn't know."


"That's fine, I'll tell her about it when she gets home." He stepped inside and sank down onto the couch, feeling exhausted due to his uneasy sleep.


"Have you head breakfast yet? If not, I'm sure I could whip something up for you."


"No... no thank you. I'm not...hungry."


"But you should eat something, at least a piece of toast or fruit. I know the news was upsetting, but you shouldn't skip meals."


"Maybe later...Matsuda-san."


"Alright Souichi-kun, but please do eat something today."


"Okay..." was the reply Matsuda-san received. To her he didn't seem lively at all, but then she could hardly blame him for losing the only friend he seemed to have as she turned around to prepare something in the kitchen.


Souichi, just stared at the floor, his hands gripping his knees, as everything continued to replay in his mind yet again. 'Fuck.'

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Alexia Featherchild


Souichi hadn't moved from the spot on the couch since that morning, not until he heard the door opening and the familiar voice of his little sister shout, "I'm hoooommmeee!"


He stood up as she came into the room, after discarding her shoes. He saw her blink at him.


"Welcome home Kanako..." but his voice was weary and cracked. Matsuda-san had tried her best to get him to eat something, and though he'd taken a nibble of two off a piece of toast, it had tasted like cardboard.


Kanako continued to stare at him wide-eye'd. She was quite an intuitive young lady. "Nii-san... is something wrong?"


The blond sighed as he sat back where he'd been, "You might...want to sit down..."


Kanako hearing that frowned and hesitantly sat down. She didn't like where this was heading, it meant something terrible had happened. However until she knew what there was nothing she could say or do to help her big brother Souichi. "What... is it?" her voice wobbled slightly.


"Morinaga's plane... yesterday it crashed."


Kanako's eyes widened in shock, "What! I didn't know that. I had heard about a plane crashing, but Morinaga-san was on it?"


He could only manage to nod his head once. It was even difficult to talk about, but not as difficult as it would have been yesterday or even earlier that day.


"Is he okay?" The question his sister asked was the one he wanted to know the most, because there had been no body found, but the people had presumed him dead. Yet none of them on the plane had been doctors. They probably hadn't even taken the time to check his pulse, too worried about their own safety, acting like moronic cowards.


"Nii-san?" He heard his sisters voice again, this time with an anxcious inflection to it. Taking a deep breath he looked up from the floor into her eyes.


"I don't know Kanako." He watched her grow pale, he realized then that she'd been even more attached to Morinaga than he'd ever imagined, accepting him easily as part of their family. Yet to think of him as that himself, he didn't have time to dwell on that, so he pushed it to the back of his mind.


"Was he the one who..." her choked breath at even the possibility stopped her from finishing the question, but when he nodded she broke into a cry. "That's terrible!" Her eyes, Souichi noticed were turning red and tears began to fall unceremoniously down her face as she leaped up and wrapped her arms around him.


Souichi, "There might still be a chance that he's...still alive."


Kanako backed away a little and stared at her big brother, "Really?"


"They never found a body, and you've said before that he's skillful haven't you?" He didn't like to see his little sister cry, especially when it involved the possibility of someone who'd been a part of their lives for so long being gone -– forever.


Kanako took a deep breath and nodded, "That's right! He is skillful, he must have gotten himself to safety..." she tilted her head to one side, hand over her mouth, "but where?"


"That's the thing, no one knows, but I'm going to find out... somehow." He just needed to acquire the funds to go search himself. He had no faith in the search team what-so-ever, not after the flight tower and their pilots themselves had failed to keep everyone safe.


Kanako having that hope still in her heart was able to eat dinner later that night. While Souichi didn't eat nowhere near as much as usual, he did manage to get a few small portions down before having an early night at Matsuda-san's. She'd insisted on him staying there the night, and it had been easier, because if he went back to the apartment he'd feel doubly lonely.


He was too exhausted for more tears, to the point where he fell into a very deep sleep, far beyond the point where dreams or nightmares could reach him and for that he was thankful. In the morning he'd put in a leave of absence, he was sure the University would understand, though him doing so was very unusual, but this was a special case.




As the sunlight hit his eyes of the brunette laying in the hospital bed, he grunted as he went to turnover. However as he did so, he stilled as pain shot up through his leg. Gritting his teeth, he didn't dare move for several moments, before slowly shifting himself. He'd hit it against a bar, but just then a doctor came in to tell him he was going to be released shortly and that a couple police were outside the door to question him.


"Let them come in, I'll talk to them while you prepare the paperwork for my discharge... but is Junya Masaki okay?"


The doctor nodded, "He's fine." The doctor wouldn't reveal anything more than that, but it still offered Kunihiro relief.


As the doctor left the room, the police officers entered the room.


"You're Morinaga Kunihiro, correct?" Asked one of them, while the other held a clipboard and a pencil to note their conversation.


"Yes, that's me. Son of Morinaga Ichiro and Kunihko." They asked him what had happened the night before and he told him what he had seen. Three men had been carrying the body of Junya Masaki, and he'd noticed him struggle, but he was sure they'd either put something over his nose or had hit him to knock him out. It had been dark, but he'd at least seen their faces under the street light as he'd gotten closer. He tried to describe them in as good a detail as possible.


"Thank you for your time Morinaga. We'll be speaking with Junya as well so that we can make sure the person we caught fits both of your descriptions and if so hopefully he'll help us get the other two."


Kunihiro just nodded in response to that, "I hope so too." It was a lucky thing he thought, that after they'd left his discharge papers had gone through and he was walked out to a cab, after receiving crutches. They were slightly uncomfortable, but it wasn't like he didn't know how to use them, though it had been quite some time since he'd ever had a need for such things.


He gave the cab driver directions to the University that his brother had been attending before the incident, because he didn't know where else to find his Senpai that he was quite certain was his partner.


Stepping out of the cab, he looked around. Now he just had to figure out where he could find Tatsumi.

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Alexia Featherchild



That morning, Souichi had risen early and had returned to the apartment he had been sharing with Morinaga in order to get a change of clothes. A quick shower had refreshed him, but it had not alleviated the tightness of his chest. Each movement felt as though it were in slow-motion, as if time had slowed down to less than a snails pace. He had just wanted to hurry up and get to the University so that he could personally put in his request, because he doubted he'd be able to concentrate at all after receiving such horrific news.


It had been lucky for him that they had understood his dilemma and weren't about to hold it against him, though they didn't realize that he also had planned to somehow find a way to search for Morinaga himself. 'I have to get the funds from somewhere though...but where?' While thinking that as he exited the building, he wasn't paying any attention to where he was going as he stared at the ground blankly, lost in thought. Not until he nearly ran into someone.


He glowered as he looked up, frowning for a moment, though he'd been about to open his mouth and yell at the other person. Yet that face belonged to Morinaga's elder brother, so the words had died in his throat.


Kunihiro blinked, straightening his glasses. "Sorry about that," even though Tatsumi had been the one not paying any attention, but he couldn't say he didn't blame him if that absentmindedness was due to what he thought it was. "Tatsumi isn't it?"


Souichi nodded, "Yeah...what are you doing here? Your brother..."


"I know, it was you I came to see."


"Why?" asked the blond suspiciously of the other man, wondering what he could possibly want to see him about.


"Well, you see, after learning about my brother and the fact that his body has not yet been found I wanted to go search for him myself, however something came up." He indicated the crutches he held under his arms, which finally drew the others attention.


"I see... but what does that..." before Souichi could finish the older Morinaga cut him off by explaining.


"Since my parents don't seem to concerned about it and I can't very well go search for my little brother in this condition, I thought perhaps I might enlist your aid... being my brothers partner and all."


Souichi stiffened at the last few words, blushing profusely at that. "What? Who said that!?" If Morinaga had told his brother that, but unfortunately he wasn't there to clobber him. 'I really need to find him, if only to punch him for this!'


"He didn't exactly tell me, but his behavior on the phone from my questioningly left me in no doubt."


Opening his mouth to tell Morinaga's brother otherwise, he closed it again, recalling that he'd said something about searching for that idiot and wanting his aid. He figured it might be better to hear him out rather than argue the point, just in case the man withdrew from that.


Kunihiro himself, taking the other mans silence to mean he'd been correct in his assumption, not that he would retract it anyway if the man had denied it, he continued. "I've quite a bit of money saved. Enough to hire a boat, someone to drive the boat and supplies. I would go myself, but as you have already noted I'm sure, I can't do that. So, would you be willing to go in my place to look for Tetsuhiro?"


Here was the perfect solution to the quandary he'd been in only moments ago, the one he'd been in since first thinking of it. At least if he were able to try and find Morinaga he felt sure he'd find him long before those idiots did who were only starting a search party so that they didn't look bad on national television. He on the other hand had a reason to find him, that had nothing to do with wanting to look like a good samaritan. 'He's got to be alive, and when I find him...oh when I find him!' but trying to remain calm in front of Morinaga's brother he replied as evenly as he could. "Of course. I was just wondering how I'd be able to go off looking for him myself, and luckily for you I already put in a leave of absence from the University."


Kunihiro smiled, sighing thankfully. "Thank you. I've already hired the boat, the supplies should be ready sometime before nightfall too. When do you think you could be ready?"


"I just need to pack a thing of clothes and get my Passport, since you seem to have everything else under control." The sooner he started the search the better. "You do know where the plane crashed, right?"


The brunette nodded, "Yes, so does the person who'll be stirring the boat. They came highly recommended, although you'll be the only two on it, unless you plan to take someone else with you?"


"No, I don't plan to take someone else with me, that would just slow me down and I don't want to disturb my families routine either."


"Very well, here's the address where you can find the dock, the name of the boat and its captain. I'm sorry I wont be there to see you off, as I have someone else I have to see too. However, please be sure to call me if you run into any trouble. My credit card is at your disposal as well, as long as it has to do with finding my brother."


Souichi took the cards that the other man had taken out of his wallet and handed to him. He didn't think he'd need to use the credit card, but he didn't want to offend him, so he quietly placed it in his own wallet for safe keeping. Each of them going their own way as they prepared for the rest of the day.


'Just you wait Morinaga.' Was the last thing the light haired man thought as he packed his suitcases and left for the address that had been on one of the cards Morinaga's big brother had given to him.




The dark haired man dressed in the purple clothe given to him by the people of the island sighed as he gazed out the glassless window at the small village. He didn't know how he would get away, but surely the lifeboat he'd been on hadn't been ruined. It was possible though, but there had to be something he could use on the island if that were the case. Turning his head, he stared at the door with a frown, 'But first, I need to get past those guards.' He had a feeling that no one was going to want him to leave the island, not when they thought he was their Ou.


Just at that moment, one of the guards looked in on him, "Is there anything you need Ou-sama?" Despite Tetsuhiro having mentioned his name to them, they still were determined to refer to him by that title. A title to which he had not been born to and nor did he want, at least not when he couldn't be with Tatsumi Souichi and the fact that he was worried he'd disappoint them all in the end anyway.


"I'm fine, but... is there any way to get a... tour of the island?" Perhaps that would enable him to learn a bit more, maybe even find something to help him escape the bizarre situation he had been thrust into by a quirk of fate.


The guard grinned, "Of course Ou-sama. You are perhaps becoming more interested in your land and its people?"


He didn't like to lie really, but he was sort of interested, though he didn't want to stay there for long. It wasn't home to him, not when home was where the heart was and he'd left it with Senpai whether or not Tatsumi Souichi had wanted it.


The guard called for someone and soon there were two more men, these ones big and burly. Tetsuhiro was certain that they must have worked out everyday since their youth to get quite like they were. Along with them were three young ladies who stared at him coyly. That only made him more nervous, because of what the elderly woman had told him earlier.


"These two are Shirou and Takashi and their cousins Kiki, Keke and Koko. They'll be your guards and tour guides."


There was little Tetsuhiro could think of to say, other than, "Thank you..." because he did not wish to offend them and he had said he wanted to get out and see the island. The way that those women were staring at him just unnerved him. He didn't think they were interested in his person either, but because of his title, though either way he wasn't interested in them. He'd already let it be known that he was gay, but he supposed he could be thankful for them not being men who were interested in him. The guards at least, so far didn't seem to have an inclination toward him. For that he was also thankful as he was led out of the room, down the hall and out the door into the thick foliage of the islands wilderness behind the village.


Shirou, the darker of the two men cut through the foliage, with Takashi at the very back, Tetsuhiro between everyone as they made their way around the island. It wasn't too big, but it wasn't a small island either.


He had to admit, though he wanted to be back home in Japan, the island did have its own allure and vibrant colors. He stilled as he saw something, which he didn't think should be there. He recalled Senpai's father talking about the plant, but it was an extinct species, Adiantum lianxianense. Had it not been for that, he probably would not even have noticed it. Maybe there were other such discoveries yet to be found on the strange island. Why hasn't it been found before now? Sometimes even modern technology seemed to overlook things, and people thought everything that could be discovered had already been.


The others had stilled when the one they called Ou-sama had done so, each of them gazing at him and finally once voiced, "Ou-sama...? Are you alright?"


Tetsuhiro nodded, after a moment, of course they'd been asking him that, but he still wasn't used to being referred to as Ou-sama. "Yes, I'm fine, but that plant."


"It is just a plant, isn't it?" asked one of the young women who had been walking with him and the guards.


"That may be, but it's listed as extinct throughout the rest of the world. Such a discovery would be monumental, especially if there are more things here that can no longer be found."

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Alexia Featherchild

"That is sad," spoke Keke, the taller of the three women. "To lose something forever, for it never to be seen again. It makes one realize that humans too are just as fragile and could one day become extinct."


Kiki and Koko glared at their sister, "Don't say things like that!"


Tetsuhiro sighed, "But it's true. There's something I'd like to know... why doesn't anyone else know about this island?"


It was the guard, Takashi who spoke in a deep and foreboding voice. "That is because, we are in a zone where none of today's technology works. My mother was also like you and wound up stranded here. She, as you are, was lucky."




"Yes, you see, the people here do not take kindly to strangers who come here without permission, even though there is no way to get that permission since no one knows. They will lock them away or kill them, if neither of those they might sell them to someone who lives on the island. My mother was sold to my father, but lucky for them they had fallen in love at first sight and my father had saved up enough just barely to save her from the clutches of someone much crueler."Throughout that, Tetsuhiro's heart had sank at the thought of any of that having happened to him. Maybe it was a good thing they had mistaken him for the reincarnate of their Ou. While he mulled over that tidbit of information, there was a loud bang heard in the distance and a blood curdling scream of terror. It startled him, but not thinking, he ran toward the sound, only because it seemed as though something had happened to someone.


"Ou-sama!" The guards called after him, trying to catch his arm, but he was just a little to quick for them. "Don't, you'll be killed if you go near there!"


Tetsuhiro paused only for a moment, but continued, it was wrong to abandon someone, and he was sure whomever had screamed was frightened, as he had been when he'd found himself completely alone on that plane.


As he rushed through, the branches scratched him, pricker bushes catching onto his pants leg, but he shrugged it all off, holding his arm in front of his face as he came into a clearing. What he saw, caused him to still in shock, 'What the hell...is that?'


It took a few seconds for Tetsuhiro to realize what that creature was, but he'd never seen one so enormous before. It was a crocodile, of frightening proportions and he had a feeling that many a villager had likely lost their lives to it. His eyes shot to the tree it was trying to bend, catching sight of someone up in the tree. For a moment he felt dizzy as he realized what that hideous reptile was munching on, a human leg. Yet it seemed the person was still alive, but for how long he couldn't say if that wound wasn't taken care of soon and if not that... there was still that crocodile that seemed bent on finishing off what it had taken a bite out of.


He shuddered, wanting to turn around and run away, but he just couldn't do that and leave a still living being to die, even if it seemed no one else wished to help. He quickly looked for something and finding a pile of rocks, he threw it as hard as he could at the crocodile, once he was close enough, hiding behind a boulder. He just hoped that the reptile didn't see him. Each time he threw one, he bent down out of sight. He was shaking, because of the insane thing he was doing, as it could put his own life in jeopardy and he really did not want to end up in the belly of a crocodile.


The guards Shirou and Takashi had snuck up to him. Although it seemed as though they were following his lead.


Takashi, "Shirou, if that monster comes this way, take Ou-sama and the girls and run for it."


Shirou frowned, "Takashi..." but when the other man glared at him, he nodded. Tetsuhiro was just glad for the help, but he didn't want anyone to get left behind. Although as he was about to say that, the crocodile had turned and seen them. If someone had a gun, they could be rid of that beast.


While he might not like the thought of killing a wild animal, if it was dangerous to the lives of others, that was another matter. Slowly the back down huddling behind the boulder. The crocodile hadn't made its move toward them, perhaps because of the wounded in the tree.


They hadn't realized that the girls had left only to return with the other villagers carrying rocks and spears.


Tetsuhiro shook his head, as he realized why. It's not because of whose in the tree, it's because of me, but if this helps save that person in the tree then I'm glad.


The crocodile snapped toward them, but with so many spears and stones being thrown at it, and one hitting it in the eye it sank back into the water, and Tetsuhiro without thinking went up and climbed the tree.


The young man appeared to be too frightened and shocked to notice him, and struggled when Tetsuhiro tried to help him down. However the man looked at him and cried. "Ou-sama!" and clung to him shakily, as Tetsuhiro moved down the tree, the guards below helping him down as he got near the bottom. Shirou took the young man and everyone began to leave.


Tetsuhiro, "Don't you want to get rid of that crocodile?"


"Crocodile? You mean that monster?" When Tetsuhiro nodded, the villager continued. "Of course, but we have tried, and though we've wounded it, it always goes back below the water where we cannot get to it without risking our lives. Since we're unable to be rid of it, it is how those who commit a crime punishable by death meet their end."


"That boy wasn't..."


"No, he's just foolhardy is all. He says he likes adventure, but I'm sure after this he'll have had a change of heart... his leg and all. Shirou has taken him to the doctor who will be able to seal the wound. Hopefully he'll live, but there is a chance."


Tetsuhiro frowned, not liking that at all, "We need to get rid of the crocodile before it hurts anyone else, and to punish someone that way is too cruel."


The villagers smiled slightly, "But there is no way, we have tried everything."


"Have you tried firearms?"


"Firearms? What is that?"


He should have known, they wouldn't know. "It's guns, using gunpowder or bullets. If used correctly you could be rid of that reptile in no time."


"We do not have that..."


"Unless..." spoke one of the other villagers, which had Tetsuhiro's eyes zeroing in on her. "We often get things from the sea, boarded up in squares of wood. We don't know what is in them, but maybe there could be something like that. We have never opened them, for the elders determined that only the Ou could do so, and that is you."


"Then... show me to them, perhaps we'll find something of use with which to be rid of the creature so that no one need fear being eaten again. Is that the only one of its kind on the island though?"


"Yes, it came to us in such a square as well, and we only opened it for it made noise. The elders said it had been tiny eighty years ago."


"I see," Tetsuhiro frowned, so the crocodile was that old, no wonder it had gotten so large. It wasn't in its natural habitat, though perhaps this area it lived in was similar to it. Had he had a way of contacting a wildlife reservation or something like it he would have, but there was no way to do anything else other than to kill it. It was better that than having it eat even more people be it just their limbs or whole. "Well then... where are the boxes or crates... that's what you call wood shaped into squares which have things in them."


Some of the villagers wanted no part in what was being planned, either because they didn't want to have to deal with the crocodile, or because they preferred to use it as punishment. Perhaps there were those who simply liked it, even though it did take the lives of others. However there were still those whose eyes had sparkled with hope that they might finally be able to rid themselves of the terrifying beast, especially those whom had already lost someone close or whom had small children to care for.


It didn't take them long to reach the area where they kept everything that had washed ashore, which appeared to include pieces of wood and boats. There wasn't a whole boat or one without damage to it, but Tetsuhiro thought there was a possibility he could use it to construct one that he could use to leave. That would however have to wait, he wanted that beast gone before anyone else got hurt. "There's a lot of crates," he remarked as he looked at the piles of them, it had even made a partial maze. He hoped they were somehow marked to make it easier to find something. The sooner they found it, if there was any, the better off everyone would be.

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Alexia Featherchild



Some of the villagers looked a little skeptically at the crates, wondering what could possibly be in them that could do away with the creature which had taken countless lives, both innocent as well as guilty. How many children had suffered the loss of a parent or sibling, how many parents had lost their child to the hideous monstrosity that had plagued them for more than eighty years. Would there be such a thing they wondered, that would enable them to finally be free from the fear of being eaten alive or having a loved one snatched from them with a single snap of that creatures jaw as Ou-sama had predicted.


They watched as he painstakingly looked over each crate, checking for a sign and if there was none they had heard him say, then they'd have to pry each one open.


Tetsuhiro had noticed the several eyes on him, he wasn't sure he'd ever get used to that and really hoped that he wouldn't have to do so. He had a feeling that being an Ou came with great responsibility among other things, not to mention the continuous coy glances from some of the men and women who didn't seem to care what he'd said about the matter. He didn't want a repeat of the night before though, but he had a feeling he might not be any less sought after when it was time to sleep again.


As he thought this, he nearly missed something, but stopped to have a closer look. He read gunpowder. "This crate, carefully take it down and place it over there. We just need to find a gun or two to go with it now, then we can be rid of the crocodile."


The villagers seemed to perk up at having found something that Ou-sama thought would help, even if it was only part of what they needed. Someone asked however, "What do we do with the body? Wont it smell after awhile, even in the water?"


That was something they hadn't considered, not even Tetsuhiro. However he replied, "There are people who eat crocodile meat, although I've never had a chance to myself."


They gazed at him in awe. It had been awhile since they'd had enough meat to feed the entire village for a real festival. They'd mostly eaten fruits, vegetables and fish. Only recently had they had a famine, but it had started to get better, but this was surely a sign that it was all because of Ou-sama, before and after his arrival. They whispered as much to each other, but Tetsuhiro heard it and smiled strangely, wary of the whole thing, but he knew that he couldn't talk them out of their interpretation. They had already proved that by their insistence that he was indeed who they thought he was. Which was probably a good thing after what he'd heard from Takashi.


It didn't take too long before he came across a box marked firearms. "Finally, this is it. Take this and put it near the gunpowder, but be careful. If the gunpowder is moved to much or set afire it could explode."


The people looked nervous, but there were still those who followed his instructions. Now the only thing left to do was open it and prepare for battle.




Souichi had gathered everything he needed from his place, making sure to give Matsuda-san an extra key so that she could take care of it bi-weekly while he was away. He couldn't have very well left without saying anything to anyone, and although she and his sister looked worried, he'd tried his best to reassure them. He had however not called Tomoe, because he wasn't there and didn't often call. He had told Kanako however that if he did call, she and Matsuda-san could tell him what was going on.


Having been dropped off at the dock and began to look for the 'Dancing Butterfly' When he came to it, he stopped. It didn't look very big compared to some that he had passed, but at least he'd packed light, with just a few wilderness survival items his father had taught him about some time ago as well as a couple changes of clothes. The only other things that were on the boat, now that dusk had fallen were those which the older of the Morinaga brothers had bought for the trip. He wondered though where the captain was.


Someone whistled from behind him and he turned around to see a woman in thigh-cut jean shorts and a sleeveless white shirt tied at the midriff. The woman was also wearing of all things a captains hat, with only a few strands of dark brown hair peaking out from beneath it which read 'Dancing Butterfly.' He didn't care that the captain was a woman, but the way she was dressed made him wonder about her morals, even more so when she began to talk.


"Heya sweets, you Tatsumi Souichi?"


"Uh, yeah... and you are?"


"Captain o' the Dancing Butterfly, Miss. Natasha-Lee Marie Smythe. That's smee-thee not smith."


He blinked, this woman was strange, but she was the captain. It seemed dangerous to be a female captain when one dressed like that, depending on the morals of the rest of the crew or passengers. Kunihiro had said though that there was only the captain, not having told him it was a woman either. He didn't have time though to go back and find the man and punch him for that, the sooner he left to find his kouhai, Morinaga, the sooner he'd find him –- he hoped.


"It's nice to meet you Miss. Smythe," apparently she was a foreigner with a name like that, he wondered what she was doing there, if she was usually around or if Kunihiro had hired her from wherever she came from. There wasn't time for that kind of questioning either.


"Please, call me Tashi," she smiled at him beneath half closed lids, before hoisting herself up the steps of her boat. Souichi picked up his bags to follow, not even realizing the exaggerated sway of the woman's hips.


Once they were both aboard, "Well Souichi, do you have everything?"


"Yeah... but when did I say you could call me that?"


"Aww come on, whats it gonna hurt? We're gonna be alone on this boat ya'know while we search for that friend of yours, whats the point of being so formal, hmmn?"


Before he could answer she entered the Captain's pit after untying from the dock to start the boats motor and begin the search. Somehow though, he didn't have any good feelings about this at all.




Tetsuhiro as he helped a couple of the villagers pry open the crates, he wondered how to get the crocodile to come out of the water, because he didn't think the gunshot would work so well in that element. However he didn't want to use anyone as bait, so he was trying to think of what they could use to attract the reptiles attention, so that it would surface long enough for them to shoot, right between its eyes. Some shot that would instantly kill it he hoped, but wasn't certain it would be possible, but he'd rather it didn't suffer by slowly dieing from whatever wounds might be inflicted upon it.


He blinked when he realized that both crates were open. He instructed them to follow his lead as he took out parts of a gun and set them out. There were about ten in one crate, along with bullets. It was a lucky thing that he'd learned how to put them together, because of a family member who'd passed away sometime ago, before it had become known that he was gay. He doubted that person, had they lived longer, would have been as unforgiving as his parents over something he simply couldn't control.


Finally the guns were ready, but he didn't think any of them knew how to aim it, so ten guns were really useless. He knew how to use them, but he'd never shot a living thing before. Fake targets and moving bottles yes, but a living and breathing creature, no. "These are too dangerous for those who don't know how to use them, to use them. Therefore, those who wish to help me evict the crocodile from this life should bring their spear with them, and some sort of bait to get it to come back out of the water."


"Bait?" they looked at each other.


"Not one of you, like some kind of animal meat that you normally yourselves might eat." Then again, how was he to know whether or not the people of the island were cannibals, because wasn't that also a possibility. Just that thought worried him.


"Oh, like the cawing birds?" Tetsuhiro could only be thankful that some of their words were so easily recognizable. He wondered how long the people had been on the island, but from what Takashi had said, there were those who did get stranded here other than himself. Perhaps that was why, but most of them looked Asian and spoke mostly from what he could garner an older form of Japanese. Well, at least they could communicate with each other, it might have been far more difficult if not for that.


"Yes, if that is what you eat, although crocodiles like fresh meat, but it would be better to cut off its head now than for it to suffer in the monsters jaws or be swallowed hole and slowly die one way or another."


They grimaced at that thought, especially with the reminder of really small children who had been lost to the jaws of the large crocodile. "We will get the cawing bird for you then, wait here. Lang will have some for sure!" A couple of them went off in the direction of wherever this Lang person was.


'It's fortunate that these things somehow landed here, but unfortunate if it means there were so many crashing planes or sinking ships, although if its just the cargo that went overboard that better than a life being taken by the sea.'


Soon, he'd be able to try and rid the island of the dangerous creature, although even shooting it could cause a problem with the possibility of the gunshot ricocheting. 'It would be good, if I dealt a lethal shot the first time without that happening.'

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Alexia Featherchild



The breeze coming off the water was chilly, despite the warmth of the evening the further they got away from port. Souichi shivered, but the woman didn't even seem phased, not even wearing the getup that she was. "Aren't you cold Smythe?" He didn't feel comfortable calling her Tashi, even though she'd asked him too.


She quirked a brow in his direction, her lips forming a pout, "Aww, too set in your ways to call me Tashi? Or perhaps just shy? But nah, I'm not cold, I'm used to this. Although you could always warm me up later ya'know?" She winked.


The blond man blinked, twice. He didn't know how to respond to that, but he was even more uncomfortable than he'd been earlier. Plus he couldn't even jump out and swim for shore as they'd gotten too far for him to be able to do that realistically.


"It's the way I and my fellow countrymen were raised. As for your last question, I don't think I can help you, unless you want a jacket?" There were some things he would have liked to ask or to say, but she was being paid for the use of her boat and time. 'This is Morinaga's brothers fault... no it's Morinaga's fault. If he hadn't gotten on that plane, none of this would ever have happened!'


He didn't notice the frown on the captain's brow, nor the thinning of her lips as he turned around thinking that and went down to his quarters below. It was too bad that the captain had a key to every room, because that meant locking the door would be a useless task if that woman hadn't been joking.


'If she wasn't she's certainly a loose woman, she doesn't even know me, only just met me and already is making those kind of suggestions. I would never consider anything with a woman like that even if I didn't belong to...' he blinked, proceeding to shake his head, as he placed his palm over the area on his arm where that tattoo had been placed upon him. He groaned, for it still stung 'And what am I going to do about that? It'll have to wait, but I can't believe I was so stupid!' he clenched the fist of his other hand into the bed which was bolted to the floor.


Wearily he drifted off to sleep, the current gentle rock of the boat on the water lulling him into a deep doze. He didn't even realize that the captain had intentionally started to turn the boat in a direction other than she'd been specified to go by the directions given to her by Kunihiro and her current passenger.


Tashi smirked, "I wont let you find your friend until I've got you begging for me my pretty haired man." She chuckled, "No one's been able to resist for long before, and then when I have you deep in my snare, that's the only time to release a man. Leaves them dazed and confused and begging for more." Then she whistled as she anchored the ship for the night in order to get some sleep, not that she needed much. She'd turn the boat back around before they got to far, since she didn't want to run into anything that might be suspicious.




It was getting hotter as the sun appeared to be directly overhead. It was sometime in the afternoon and Tetsuhiro had not yet had lunch. Although he couldn't think of eating with the man-eating crocodile running loose. When he'd noticed a couple of toddlers had followed their parents, he'd been even more determined to rid them of that which caused the greatest amount of fear.


He had told the parents that it wasn't a good idea to even have the children there, because everyone who was participating in the extermination of the reptile could get hurt if the bullet bounced off the creature. It all would depend on how much the beast moved and if he'd be able to get a shot in in the right place.


It wasn't long before someone returned with what he'd asked for, a freshly killed animal, what the people referred to as a cawing bird. It looked as though it might be a relative of a crow, but it didn't have its head, so he couldn't be sure. It was a sad sight, although he ate meat too, he usually didn't see it still with feathers on, but at least he didn't have to look at its head. "Could you tie it on the tree branch? I'm going to sit up there, I think it might be the best angle to get a good shot in."


"But Ou-sama, that is dangerous, even the boy lost a leg while in that tree."


"It can't be helped, it's better that I risk losing a limb than to risk that of so many other lives," though he had to admit, he was frightened at the very thought of what they had implied. However he wasn't about to tell them that, least they try to dissuade him from his course. He knew they were worried about him, but they also appeared to be in awe of what he'd just said.


"You truly are our Ou-sama, always thinking of the people before oneself." What the villagers said caused him to grimace, though he'd been working on preparing the firearms he'd chosen, a rifle, as well as a thing of bullets wrapped around his waist in case he needed more. Were they going to interpret everything he did as an act that they believed their Ou would do he wondered. Still it was no time to be thinking about that.


With the rifle strapped over his shoulder he began to climb the tree, although his heart was pounding, since it was close to where the crocodile lived, and where the boy from earlier that day had lost a leg. 'I hope he'll be alright, he lost a lot of blood and I don't think they have a red cross or anything like that around here.'


He was glad to have the help of some of the villagers, and luckily they had understood what he'd said about even the shooting being dangerous and that they should hide behind thick trees or boulders. He didn't want them to be hit with a bullet should it ricochet off of the crocodiles skin. Although he realized he was the one most in danger of that, being the one with the gun and it possibly pinging back toward him. That caused him to shudder as he positioned himself on the tree branch; the birds body dangling from the one below it.


'I hope it takes the bait, the sooner this is over, the better.' There too was his hope that he'd be able to even pull the trigger, if not, he was in really deep trouble.


Patiently he waited for the frightening giant man-eater to emerge from below the surface. It however seemed to be taking its time, and Tetsuhiro wondered if perhaps it was taking a nap or if it was smarter than people often thought animals were. Then again animals had a sense of danger, so maybe the brute sensed that if it came out there was some danger. Yet the dark haired man in the tree was determined to wait it out if necessary, wondering how long it would take before the crocodile took the bait. It was only a matter of time, and as long as no one made any noise at some point the reptile had to appear.


Suddenly, water splashed upward, drenching Morinaga. Luckily the rifle didn't get too wet due to it being between the tree branch and his body. Although that water was cold in comparison to the afternoon heat. At least the crocodile appeared to have taken the bait, and although Tetsuhiro was uneasy that it might not be the meager offering that had attracted it, but himself as it seemed to stare up at him.


Gulping down the thickness that had arose in his throat, he aimed the rifle between the crocodiles eyes, his finger pulling back on the trigger and as he heard the click he closed his own eyes, unable to watch.




Souichi whimpered in his sleep, recalling the day Morinaga had left for that conference overseas. Watching him, he reached out, "Don't go..." however when he heard a strange feminine chuckle his eyes snapped open and he sat up.


He looked down and noticed that half of his buttons were undone and that there were a pair of hands with crimson nail polish dangerously close to the v of his legs. His eyes narrowed as he glared at the woman, "What the hell do you think you're doing Smythe?" He slowly grasped her hands and placed them back at her sides.


Tashi pouted as she gazed into his eyes, "That's not nice, after you asked me not to go."


"What? I didn't say any such thing to you! Now get out of here." If she weren't a woman he would have punched her already. 'Morinaga isn't the only one with issues over their control, but he never did this upon first meeting me either.'


Tashi lifted a finger and traced down Souichi's chin, to the middle of his chest. He backed away at the touch, it didn't feel right, and he couldn't hold back that line of questioning either, "Would you stop? Are you some fucking whore that you need to spread your legs before any and everyman you come into contact with?"


At that the woman drew back with a dark frown, "Now, that's no way to talk to a lady."


"A lady!? You've got to be fucking kidding me. There's no way you're a lady if you go around acting like a bitch in heat for just anyone." Why couldn't the stupid woman have just left him alone, she wasn't acting like a professional at all, trying to come on to her client. He hadn't rented the boat and he was sure Kunihiro hadn't rented it for this sort of purpose.


Tashi glowered at him for a moment, ready to hit him as evident by the clenching of her fists, but taking a deep breath her frown turned into a frightening smirk. "Are you a prude? I don't know too many men who would refuse such an offer." She looked at his hands, "You don't have a ring, so I don't think you're married. Perhaps you're a virgin, now that would be interesting." She leaned toward him on her hands and knees above him as he sank back into the pillow.


He took hold of the woman's arms and pushed her away. "That's not any of your business!"


"Aww, seems like you are."


"I'm not! Now leave me the fuck alone. Don't you get it? I don't want you!" The sleeve of his shirt fell to reveal the area around his shoulder and it seemed the annoying woman had caught sight of it.


"What's that?"

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Alexia Featherchild



Having closed his eyes, Tetsuhiro didn't know whether or not he'd hit the crocodile, but he was sure he'd hit something, because of an awful noise, like something cutting through flesh. He heard a loud splash and only then opened his eyes. There had been no ricochet, the others with spears came out and began to throw them at the large reptile which was half in and half out of the water, with a very large hole between its eyes.


"Be careful!" He warned the people, because he'd heard tales of some crocodiles who were able to live after such horrific incidences. Once such reptile had had the back portion of its head blown off, but had escaped into the water, only later to be seen again with the wound healed. He didn't want anyone else to get hurt, or worse eaten, although he didn't think that the creature would be thinking about a meal at the moment.


Carefully he climbed down the tree and slowly backed away from the body of the reptile he'd shot. Once he was some distance away, he threw a rock at it, to see if it would respond. The only thing it did was flinch, but it didn't move either. Obviously the shot had hit its target well, but the poor thing was probably suffering since it hadn't been lethal enough to instantly depart the land of the living. Even the motion of breathing seemed to slow, but Tetsuhiro wasn't sure if that was a tactic of the creature or if it was truly dieing.


Someone else had brought a large butcher like knife with them, although it looked a bit more like a small sword and handed it to him. "Ou-sama, if it still lives, this may help to end its life and its suffering that has been caused by the wound that was inflicted upon it. Then the people can feast upon it so that it died for more than the purpose of saving future mishaps like that of earlier today."


Without hesitation, he took the blade and crept up to the crocodile whose life was fading, perhaps had it not been in that state it would have been one angry reptile bent on revenge. He prayed that it wasn't that strategic as to play possum and snap in its jaws any who dared to come near it and finish it off.


Before getting closer he prodded it in the side with the butt of the rifle he still held in his hands. It seemed to want to move, but it only managed to twitch. Tetsuhiro despite that, was still nervous as he got to the neck and lifted the large knife up and brought it down to slice through the beasts neck. At that moment the creatures eyes had seemed to look directly toward him, but they became distinctly cloudy as death claimed it and took it out of its misery.

'I'm sorry crocodile, but hopefully you'll enjoy the next life.' Although he still wasn't certain that reincarnation was possible, but the islanders sure seemed to think that, at least where he was concerned.


The villagers who had watched him in awe came up to him and stared at the monster that had been the cause of countless lost lives, the creature which they had feared for over eighty years. They nearly couldn't believe it, but there it was, with part of its head blasted off by what their Ou had called a gun and a knife through its neck.


He sighed in relief however, because it meant that the crocodile was no longer a threat to the people of the island. Turning in the direction from which he had originally came that day. Shirou and Takashi were still there and led him back.


The elderly woman was there to greet him with a smile, "Welcome back Ou-sama. I have heard a great thing. The thing you call a crocodile has been vanquished and it is all thanks to you. Tomorrow will be your coronation, for we are more sure than ever that you are our Ou returned to us once again. First you will need to bathe, a bath has been prepared for you already, and then we shall feast upon the beast."


Tetsuhiro didn't quite know how to respond to any of that, apparently no matter what he said, especially after that had been done, no one would believe that he wasn't the person they believed him to be. That was the reason he remained quiet, but decided to take a bath as Takashi led him to it. However he had not expected to have attendants and there were five of them in the bath house, the three women from earlier and two men. What am I going to do? This situation just... ugh!




Souichi blinked and then went to cover his arm back up, but the blasted woman had grabbed him before he could do so, causing him to gasp in pain.


"Ah, its quite a recent tattoo isn't it, if its causing you pain." Tashi just giggled when he glared at her. "What does it say though, it looks like Japanese kanji rather than it being a picture of anything."


He had no intention of telling her what it said, the fact that he had it was embarrassing enough without having to explain it, even to a damn annoying stranger. However it appeared that she was able to make out what it said even before he shrugged her off and managed to quickly button his shirt back up once he had it back in place. "Interesting... so who is this Morinaga Tetsuhiro you belong too?"


"That isn't any of your business either! Will you just get out and let me sleep in peace god dammit!"


Tashi shrugged, "Fine, we still have plenty of time to spend together, I'll let you alone... for now." She smirked, but then her brows creased as the name of Morianga Tetsuhiro ran through her head again. "Isn't that the name of a man? Tetsuhiro?" She didn't even yet notice the crimson color that had spread over his face as she continued to mull it over. "Isn't that the brother of the man whose paying for this expedition?" Finally she noticed the deep blush that had appeared on her passenger. "Oh my, so it is!" She got up and left the room laughing, not even seeing the angry gleam in the blond man's eyes as she left.


Souichi had been at a loss for words throughout that, but he didn't feel as though he needed to explain himself to her. 'Maybe she'll leave me alone though... that's why I didn't say anything...' Even as he thought that, his hand rested on his arm, just below his shoulder bone as he closed his eyes and drifted back to sleep.


Tashi herself as she went to bed for the night, stretched her arms above her head. "What a fun challenge this one will be, but I've managed to crack a gay or two before," it was truly a lucky thing that Souichi hadn't heard that, otherwise he might have changed his mind about never hitting a woman, no matter how obnoxious they were.

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Alexia Featherchild



He did not want to bathe publicly even if it was a common practice among bath houses within his own country, but he didn't think those five were there to actually bathe. Everything that had been done and said since the moment of his conscious arrival to the island led to him thinking, no, knowing that they were there to try and please him. However they could not hope to arouse him, certainly not the women and not even the men. Not when his heart belonged to a man whom he longed to see and dreaded the possibility that it might truly be impossible to set foot off the island and return to him.


They smiled at him and spoke almost in unison, as if they'd practiced the same phrase, "Ou-sama, we are here to attend to your bath, please disrobe and we will help wash away the day."


He shook his head, "Uhm, no thank you, I'm used to bathing on my own."


Every single one of them had a pout on their face, but luckily he didn't need to say anything furhter as Takashi ushered the five of them out. "I will stand guard while you cleanse yourself Ou-sama. However, please be quick as I alone can not keep everyone at bay if they all decide to decend upon you at once."


With a small smile, Tetsuhiro gave a bow of his head, "Thank you... I think." Once Takashi was outside the door he undressed and slipped into the hot soapy water that had been prepared for him.


Although no one was able to get past Takashi, Tetsuhiro could hear them speaking outside the door. Some of the voices were rather loud even while others were hushed. Yet he could still hear most of what was being said, and as he did so, he sank down further into the water, so that for a few moments part of his head was also submerged.


"He is certainly Ou-sama. The prophecies foretold of his return, and he even rid us of that which has cost our people countless lives. That too was painted on the mural of our ancient brethren."


"Indeed, that is true, but how are we to return to the rest of the world? Do we even want to?"


"That is up for Ou-sama to decide."


"How can he, there's no way to get away from this island. Those whom have tried in the past, did not their bodies end up back on the shore, sometimes not even alive?"


"You know that the island has always been enchanted, it has aloud only one person to come and go as they please. Only when Ou-sama determines what is right may the spirits of this island then allow us the freedom to come and go as we too please. The spirits after all cannot control the will of Ou-sama."


"Many still wish to stay here though, they may not take kindly to the idea of Ou-sama wanting to leave or to have them go with him."


"Yet they still adore him, look how they have been offering themselves to him, be it as a guard or as something else, even those who already have their life-mate. Yet no one has yet complained of that problem."


Tetsuhiro could not distinguish between the voices as he'd risen up from his bath to dry himself. There were a number of voices, all clamoring over the others in order to be heard. Perhaps if there were a way for him to leave the island he could bring back others to send the island into the present, slowly though, to much at once could cause panic he felt certain. It was just a matter of figuring out how, and he wondered if perhaps there were a way to build a ship, yet he didn't know how to do that, it had never been in his field of study. 'I'll ask around and see if anyone knows, if they do, maybe then we can leave this island, not just me, but any who wish too.'


With a sigh he finished dressing and walked to the door and slowly opened it, and suddenly there was a hush over the crowd gathered outside as he pushed it open.


They stood there and smiled at him, one of them announcing that they could start the first course soon for dinner. Some of the dancers would be providing entertainment. Tetsuhiro really didn't feel like joining the celebration, but seeing as he was the cause of it, it would be rude to decline. Thinking that he allowed himself to be led outside to the clearing where the people of the village had gathered in honor of him.


It was going to be a long couple of months, whether or not he found someone capable of building a boat and building something took time. However if there was none who could, he could only hope that someone else would stumble upon the island who could help him return to the place where he felt he actually belonged.


With a smile he sat in the large seat which had been provided him, a guard on either side of him as he watched the people enjoying themselves, even the dancers were interesting. Yet none of them called to his heart, to the depths of his soul like the often angry and tyrannical creature that he still longed for despite everything.




Souichi woke up with a start, for a moment wondering where he was, and then groaned as he placed the pillow over his head. He was stuck on a boat with a most annoying female of his species. He had to wonder what it was about himself that attracted the very unwanted attention of others, though usually it had been that of homosexual men.


It hadn't been a problem before college, in fact it hadn't been a problem during his early days of college, not until that horrid professor had tried to... but no Morinaga had saved him from that fate, only years later had he tried and succeeded in doing it to him. But at least Morinaga cared, that bastard professor though... Shaking himself from those thoughts, not wanting to analyze any further he rose up. The noise from above was that of seagulls and other seafaring birds calling in the new day.


Rummaging through his bags, he found a change of clothes, a towel and a tooth brush. It was lucky Morinaga's brother had hired a boat with a shower, even if it was unfortunate in having the captain that it did.


Once beneath the spray of the luke warm water he sighed, for a moment closing his eyes to enjoy the moment of refreshment. However he jumped when he heard a knock at the door and that dreaded woman calling his name.


"Oooh Soooou-iiii-chhiiii, are you in there?"


"What do you want?" He growled beneath his breath, at least the shower had a lock, but then the captain surely had all the keys to every room. She'd better not dare.


"Oh, so you are. Do ya want some company, I could scrub your back for ya."


"No, thank you. I'm fine. Please just stir the boat and I'll be out soon."


"Shy hmmn? Alright then, maybe next time." She chuckled before returning to her post, turning the boat in the proper direction while the man below was lost in his shower. There was sure to be several opportunities over the next couple of weeks –- no months, if she played her cards right with the boat and its directions to add another notch to her bedpost of broken hearts.


Souichi, 'She's scarier than even Morinaga...' Yet he still didn't realize quite how terribly true that would turn out to be in the following days ahead as they continued to search for his missing kouhai.

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Alexia Featherchild



The days had dragged on and on, each one bringing more and more agony to the dark hair man whom had been stranded on the uncharted island after surviving a plane crash and being abandoned by his fellow passengers, the captain and his crew. An island where the people had believed and continued to believe that he was their Ou. He'd given up trying to dissuade him from that belief only a couple weeks after they had saved him from possibly drowning on their beach or getting sunstroke where he'd lain.


His head had healed, and although he no longer had headaches due to the injury, the nightly visitors he had caused him a great deal of stress. At least they kept him on his toes so that he didn't sink into a great deal of grief over the loss of the life he had been leading up until that time. There were moments where he wondered if perhaps the whole thing was a punishment for his behavior, but if it were, he was not the only one in the wrong, at least not always. Senpai after all had always had a violent temper, taking out his wrath on him, even before that first initial incident that had led to their unsteady relationship.


Even as the days had turned into weeks and the weeks into months, he could not forget him, nor could he allow himself to weaken and give in to those who tried their best to try and please him. Yet they did not stir his blood nor his heart in the way that Senpai had, even without the intention of doing so. On the island, he could not truly be happy, and the people sensed this and was perhaps why they tried in even more earnest to please him rather than backing off from their pursuit of him.

'Did Senpai feel this uneasy... with my continual pursuit of him?' That caused his frown to deepen and his heart to feel as though it had plummeted into his stomach. Yet there had been tiny little signs where he believed he really meant something to the man he so wished to call his lover, his darling. 'He'd probably hit me if I called him that,' He smiled for but a moment, though his eyes clouded up, for the man was not there to even test that theory upon and doubtless never would be there.


Releasing a pent up sigh, he suddenly stood, which alerted Takashi and Shirou, but when they saw their Ou-sama shake his head they did not ask nor did they follow him. Tetsuhiro was glad that they realized there were times he wished to be alone and he had become quite knowledgeable of the island in the short time he had been there. Although it didn't seem as short as it had been, for each day seemed like another agonizing eternity to endure before he could close his eyes and dream of his beloved Senpai. Dreams which were however often interrupted by one of the locals who were determined to help him, to comfort him, to please him.


Lately, he had begun to wonder if perhaps he should take someone up on their offer, but he didn't want to be misunderstood, because that wouldn't be love. It would simply be a release of his mounting frustration, and even doing it himself was less than satisfying. Not that he was able to do that much when there were so many to close to his door or somehow managing to get into his room. He had not wanted them to take that as a sign that he really did need someone.


He was glad no one followed him then, he wasn't in the mood to deal with anyone and it seemed as though the people realized when he most wished to be left alone. He could not bring himself to smile, nor to look up from the ground as he placed one foot in front of the other, following a well worn path that had been created mostly by his own feet. However when others were aware he was not on his usual path, they had no doubt been curious and explored the path they believed him to be so fascinated with due to his continual use of it.


When he came to a small waterfall he sat down on a rock nearby, to listen to the soothing sound of nature, which usually helped to calm him and to allow hope to rise within him again. He would not totally abandon his hope, nor his celibate lifestyle since winding up on the island. 'The only good thing about it –- is that no one judges people on their sexual orientation, as if it were a normal thing and not to be shunned, but to be embraced.' With that thought he feared the island being besieged by the modern day world, if only for its bigotry and hypocrisy.


'Perhaps... I might want to stay... if only my love were here.' The smile he managed was forlorn as he stared into the crystalline cascades.




He didn't know how he had put up with it for so long, that annoying Smythe woman just would not leave him the fuck alone. Plus it was taking much longer than he had ever thought it would to get anywhere near other land in order to search for Morinaga. Each day that had passed was like another knife in his heart, because the more time passed the more useless the search could turn out to be. It had begun to leave him feeling quite helpless, something he did not take at all kindly to.


He hated crying, even if it was only every few days, because of the fear that he couldn't quite hold at bay with his constant utterance, if only to himself that that idiot was still alive somewhere.


What enraged him however, was hearing over the radio that Smythe had on board, that the body had not been found, but the search had been called off after only two months. That had been a month ago, which had caused him to drop to his knees. When that woman had tried to comfort him however, he'd immediately stood and left the room where she'd been in. Hell she'd even snuck into his bed a time or two, completely nude. He'd been lucky in shaking her off.


What he didn't suspect as he showered, was two hands to sneak around his waist and slowly drift down. He'd been too startled for a moment to do anything, but when he realized that that woman had come into the shower he grabbed her hands and threw them back at her and turned glowering. "Get. The. Fuck. Out!" His face was red, more from fury than any embarrassment he might have felt.


Tashi backed away, she hadn't seen him quite that angry before, though she knew she'd incurred his wrath countless times, but he'd never been violent other than with his words. Yet he seemed on the verge of physical violence as his fists visibly shook as if he were trying to stay them from a most unfortunate path. "Oh, calm down Souichi. Nothing happened for you to get that upset about."


He'd grabbed a towel to tie around his waist and hide himself from her view. His words however were meant to cut deep and by the look on Tashi's face as he spoke them, they had, "You fucking sicken me you fucking whore. How many goddamn times do I have to repeat myself? I do not want you. I will never want you, ever! You're not fit to be a lady, maybe a prostitute or something like that, but never ever a real lady, going around chasing after any man in your vicinity. You just don't quit, not even when the man can't even respond to you in that way!"


His chest heaved as he finished his spiel, turning away from Tashi, not noticing the sinister glint in her eyes as she backed out of the room, saying nothing.


Tashi glowered at the door she had closed. "Just you wait Tatsumi Souichi, you'll regret ever having said anything like that to me at all." Turning abruptly around on her heel she marched up to the captains pit and turned the motor's speed up. Soon they would be at the land she'd spotted earlier through her binoculars, she hadn't been intending to mention it to him at all, but now she had quite the idea on how to get her revenge for the things he had said to her.


Smirking, she couldn't wait until they got there so that her plans could unfold, because no one denied Tashi so vehemently and got away unscathed.

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Alexia Featherchild

Tashi grinned, though it was far from being a nice one as it scrunched up her nose, one side of her mouth tilting upward more than the other as she chuckled sinisterly low, one brow arched as she anchored the boat close enough to the island. It wasn't one she'd ever come across in her journeys before and it looked deserted, at least from what she could see of it.


Soon Souichi had emerged from below, having finished his shower and dressed. At first he didn't notice the land, but did a double take. "Land?"


"It appears so, doesn't it?" The expression on her face had vanished, before she'd turned around to answer him.


"Finally, but do you know where this is?"


"Not really, can't say I've ever seen this island before, but who knows, if your friend managed to get a lifeboat he could have landed here at some point, right?" She'd paused a moment before speaking the last word.


Souichi thought a little while before nodding, that did seem possible, though he wondered if it could be true, it had taken them forever to get there. Still, there was a chance, no matter how remote, that Morinaga was somewhere on the island. Was he alive though was the most disturbing question, because it didn't look as though it were inhabited by humans from what he could see.


Tashi, "Well... since we might be here a couple of days to explore, I'll get a few things out of the boat, why don't you go explore?"


"I'll need a couple things first."


Rolling her eyes she shook her head, "Don't worry about it right now. I'll get whatever is necessary, you just go make sure its safe enough for us to even explore, okay?" She stressed the last words, "I am the captain after all, its not like I haven't done this before, otherwise I wouldn't have come so highly recommended would I have?"


He had to admit that was true, but with some disbelief that it had anything to do with her abilities as a captain. Some people could be led around by the nose too easily, however he shrugged and got down and waded to shore. Moving through the thick foliage he tried to make sure he wasn't getting to close to any poisonous plants or vicious animals.


Tashi just laughed quietly as she watched him disappear into the tall grass and weave behind a couple of tropical trees before she descended below deck to gather all that he had brought with him, a single bag with his clothes, a couple of books, journal, toothbrush and the like. Once up on deck she threw it onto shore, along with one box of food, she was keeping the rest. 'I'll call them and let them know where you are in a couple of weeks... well whenever I get home that is. That could take longer than a couple of weeks, we'll see.' With that she pulled up her anchor and turned the boat around and blasted off at full speed.


Souichi hearing the loud churn and buzz of the boat he turned around and began back in that direction. He couldn't quite believe his eyes as the boat sped away. That bitch had left him stranded on an island. 'What the fuck?' He gazed down at the small beach and saw his bag and a box, at least she'd left him that, but even so he was furious to the point that his body was shaking. He was shaking so badly that his knees gave way and he fell to the ground upon them.


He wondered how the hell he was supposed to find Morinaga, if it happened he wasn't on the island that that woman had deliberately set out to leave him high and dry him on. Burying his head in his hands, his eyes scrunched tightly closed as he tried to calm his breath and keep the tears of stress and grief from falling yet again he did not hear the rustling of the leaves behind him. His head had begun to pound from all the pent up emotions that he'd tried to lock deep down within himself.


A great large and burly man looked at another, perhaps they were twins, who held large spears in their hands as they communicated with one another.


"We have an intruder," one whispered.


"I wonder how he came to be here," whispered the other.


"Whatever the case, he doesn't belong," the two nodded in agreement and began toward the blond man who sat on his knees down the rarely used beach where they often kept guard. They'd only been gone a couple of moments to join in the second day of celebrations, but having taken their fill had promptly left for their post.


The blond suspected nothing and gasped in startled surprise as large hands gripped below his upper arm and lifted him from the ground. His bespectacled eyes gazed from one man to the other, 'They're giants!' At least in comparison to him they were huge, certainly bigger than Morinaga if only mostly in muscular bulk if not also their unusual and rare height.


After a moment, he had begun to struggle, his feet not even touching the ground. "Let me go you big idiots!"


They glared at him, both speaking at the same time, "You be quiet, you are the trespasser here. All who trespass will be killed."


That had Souichi stilling in there grasp, choking on a single word, "What?"


One continued to speak over the other, "That or they are sold on the auction block, it usually depends on the Elder Woman, but with our Ou, we do not know what command he would give."


'This has to be some sort of joke!' Souichi had begun to shake, in fright yes, but also in rage, because of everything that had happened since that day Morinaga had left for that conference. That day that idiot kouhai of his had stepped foot on flight 103 over three months ago. The plane which had crashed in the Atlantic, whose captain, crew and passengers had left him to die if not already dead.


It was too much, just too fucking much for him to take anymore, as the tears streamed down his face as he began to struggle in their hold, not caring, not even really aware of what he was doing, because if he was meant never to find Morinaga then what was the use. 'Don't get so worked up. There's still father, Matsuda-san, Tomoe and Kanako to think about.' But how was he to escape his current tormentors, would he have been better off with that bitch who'd left him on the island in the first place? Perhaps not, but she hadn't said anything about killing him like these strangers had with their strange old form of Japanese.


Suddenly there was a young woman there who stared at him. "Oh, what a pretty man. Do you think Ou-sama would like such a gift, rather than trying to kill him or sell him?"


The two giants looked at each other, "Hmmn..."


One asked the other, "Do you think it will help, he has seemed quite down as of late, more than usual."


"It's worth trying, but he has not excepted any other advances or gifts offered to him like that."


Souichi didn't know what was going on, but he didn't like where this was leading, not one bit. He wasn't an object to be gifted over to someone, not even an Ou. 'Where the fuck am I anyway?' Once again he struggled, but groaned in pain as he felt those strong hands tighten on his arms, if he weren't dangling there between the two. Perhaps he could kick one.


The woman noticing what he was about to do spoke up, "I would not do that if I were you, they both have spears and their reflexes are very good. We wouldn't wish to mar that pretty skin of yours."


Souichi inhaled, and exploded, "What The Fuck!? Who the hell do you think you are?" He glared at the two holding him. "Let me fucking go already. I haven't done anything to you! It's not like I wanted to be here anyway!" He tried to swing a kick at one anyway, but was stopped by the mans other hand which had let go of his spear. His twin did the same with his other leg and he was helpless in their strong grip.


The woman smiled, "Let us go bathe him and prepare him for Ou-sama. If he does not wish to have him, he is our Ou and must decide what best to do with this intruder anyway."


The two agreed and followed the woman, and Souichi could only wonder what the hell was going to happen, furious at not being able to free himself from the ridiculous situation he found himself in.

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Alexia Featherchild

It did not take very long for the guards to carry the very angry man to one of the bathing areas. The woman whom had led them there ordered everyone else out, other than a couple of the women.


"Everyone out, except you two," she pointed at those whom she wished to remain. "You're going to help us bathe the gift we have for Ou-sama."


Souichi glowered at them, as the woman pointed at him as if he had no say in the matter what-so-ever. "Don't go around just deciding shit like that!" He tried to disengage himself from the two large men who still held him, but only succeeded in their grips tightening enough to cause him to wince.


The woman, who was giving the orders turned around to smile at him. "You are on our land, without our permission. Be thankful that you were not killed or even maimed on sight. We do not take kindly to intruders here, and had Ou-sama not rid us of what he called the giant crocodile, you may well have been thrown to it."


Souichi could only stare blankly at the woman, but his temper boiled to life again. "What the fuck! You would fucking feed a stranger to some vicious man eating reptile all for just being stranded on your stupid island!" He managed to slip one arm free, but before his swing could land on the other guard who held his other arm captive, it was quickly captured again.


The woman sighed, while the other two females she'd asked to remain looked on wide eyed at the scene before them. It was true what was being said, and the thought that if he were to be a gift to Ou-sama then he truly was luckier than even just being spared the usual death penalty for trespassing.


The one in command turned to the two other women in the room. "Undress him, he's a little too feisty, so the guards will have to continue holding him. We do want our gift to Ou-sama to be well prepared don't we?"


The two ladies nodded, while the two guards snickered below their breath. All of this had caused Souichi momentarily to still in shock, but as the women approached him he tried to kick the grip of the men off of is legs. However they were quite strong and whenever he struggled their grip would tighten painfully. During the process the women had managed to unbutton his shirt, the buttons of which flew in every direction due to his struggles.


However he was soon out of breath, his body shaking from rage and the pain from the guards almost bone-crushing grip whenever he tried to break free of them.


There was a tug on his pants and they came down, the guards momentarily letting go of his legs to remove them completely. He aimed a kick, causing one of the women to fall back, which earned him a hard slap on the face from one of the others.


"You will behave yourself, or the guards will not be quite so gentle with you. Although already you've earned yourself a beating, but we don't want to mar your flesh that much when you're to be given to Ou-sama."


"I'm not fucking being given to anyone! What the hell is wrong with you people!?" Already the guards had all of his limbs immobile again. However he stilled when a knife was taken out from one of the women's stockings.


The one with the knife made a suggestion, "The rest of his clothes, why don't we just cut them off? If he moves he'll get cut, and there will be less chance for him to lash out, because then the guards wont even have to let him go for a moment."


When the others gave their agreement, the woman reached for Souichi's boxer briefs and cut each side, very slowly as Souichi trembled both from rage as well as a mounting fear due to everything that had happened since setting foot on the island. For a moment he had to wonder if he hadn't somehow wound up in hell, with that devil woman Smythe leaving him there to pent for what she believed to be his sin for not falling in with her plans.


The arms of his shirt soon followed, but he'd already turned crimson not just from his pent up rage, but, because his body was exposed completely to all of them. Soon however he was submerged in a hot scented bath, the guards walking into it themselves in order to hold him still. They'd let go of his legs, but not his arms, perhaps because it was more difficult to move well in water as it slowed ones movement down.


One woman stood behind him and two in front, each with a soapy sponge, not matter where he turned, if he were able to get loose, someone was in his way.


"Get the fuck away from me!" He couldn't back up, there was someone else behind him, he struggled yet again to get free from the crushing grasp of one large hand on each of his arms.


He was unable to prevent each of the women from placing the sponges upon him and washing him clean, as if he couldn't wash himself for whatever reason. They were quick however, but made sure not to miss anywhere. Finally they were finished, pulling the string from his hair so that they could wash away the salt of the sea from there as well. The soap and the shampoo were all scented with jasmine and lavender, but he was unable to relax at all.


The soap stung his eyes, causing him to close them and grumbled beneath his breath, he wanted to be safely back in his apartment in Japan. Except Morinaga wasn't there, and this whole situation was due to his disappearance, goddamn that idiot for that.


A bucket of water spilled onto his head startled him, causing him to jump, but there was no escape from the situation, but surely somehow there had to be a way to get free. 'And how will I get off this island?' Surely even if he did get free they'd be able to find him easily after some time, unless there was some kind of boat somewhere.


Suddenly one of the woman giggled, "Ou-sama is on his way back. We don't have time to dress his gift, so lets just put him in a very obvious place."


The two guards suggested, "We might want to chain this gift up though."


The woman who'd had the idea in the first place smirked, her voice filled with amusement, "I suppose you're right, after all that struggle, we don't need him to also hurt Ou-sama."


The guards lifted Souichi out of the bath water, the blond had been stunned by the suggestions he'd heard and yelled at them, "No fucking way!" But they ignored him, other than the guards making sure that they had a good hold of him as the women quickly dried them before taking him toward the chambers of their Ou. Despite all of his struggles they managed to get him to the bedroom and before he could open his mouth again, he was gagged.


"I'll find the chains," spoke the woman who had seemed to know from the moment she'd seen him exactly what to do. "You two, go get Takashi to get that box labeled adult toys, seeing as he knows about what they're for due to his mother being an outsider like this one. No one's been allowed to use them, since everything that washes ashore has always belonged to Ou-sama to deal with before anyone else."


The two young women giggled and turned to go get that which they'd been instructed to bring back, while the other woman rummaged through one of the chests for the chains.


Souichi was exhausted from his struggles and although he continued to try and break free, he had grown weaker both from over exertion and rising panic. He didn't want to be some gift to someone, or to be treated as though he were some sort of object to be gifted in the first place. Nor did he wish anyone to see him, to touch him. There was only one person he allowed all of that, the only person he wanted was... but he blinked, that thought unsettling him as much as the situation he'd been unable to break free from.


A hand shot up with chains, "Ah-ha! Found them, now to set up before Ou-sama gets here."

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Alexia Featherchild

'This could not be happening! It had to be a dream –- no, a nightmare!' Souichi started to struggle in earnest yet again, but those damn guards holding on to his appendages so tightly there was little he could manage. The only thought in his head was that he needed to escape and now he couldn't even scream the words he wanted too, all sound muffled by the gag they'd placed over his mouth. His heart thumped agonizingly inside his chest, it felt so tight there as he panicked, only able to guess at what horrid fate awaited him.


His eyes rounded when he saw the woman's hand lift up the chains which had been mentioned. Although he wished to scream, to kick, to punch everyone –- including the woman he was still immobilized and the words resounding in his head like a constant echo, 'No. No. No. NO! FUCKING HELL GODDAMIT NO!' Yet those words did not leave his mouth, it was too difficult to work around the gag, so the only thing that could be heard by others was his enraged sputtering.


The guards held him down upon the bed when the woman had indicated by simply pointing first at them and then to the mattress what they were to do. The woman was quick enough to chain one of his wrists to the bedpost, he'd managed to get a leg free at that point. However when his kick landed on one of the guards knees, he received retribution by having the other guard pull roughly on his hair, his scalp tingling painfully as he let loose a stifled gasp. The woman had then managed to shackle his other wrist, two hands on each leg to hold him now that they no longer needed to keep their grasp upon his arms.


Though he tried with all his strength to wrench his legs free, the guards grip did not loosen. In no time his ankles too were encased in chains that held his legs parted, his body far to exposed for his liking –- not that he'd have liked it at all exposed to anyone anyway. The chains held his legs up and to the sides, his hips not quite touching the bed thanks to that.


His body was flushed from the humiliating position he was forced to endure, if only he were safely back in the arms of... wait safe? 'When did I ever think of his arms being safe?' Yet it would have been far better than his current plight, chained up and gagged as a gift for some stranger referred to by the islanders as their Ou. Even as he struggled to loose himself from the chains, he heard the giggling of the other two women who had been sent to retrieve something.


Even when he did not struggle, for the chains were painful against his ankles and wrists, rubbing his flesh raw were he to continue, his body shook. He shook more and more from fear as it began to overtake his early and constant rage, so exposed and helpless. Such feelings he despised, but there really didn't seem to be an escape route for him at that moment - the only thing he could do was pray that someone would set him free or that he'd wake up from the fucking nightmare, if only it were one!


The women came in with Takashi who had carried the box for them, which was filled with things that through the years had washed up on their shore. Items that they had waited until Ou-sama's return to even peak into - as they, the people of the island, felt everything should be gifted to Ou-sama and he could do as he wished with them.


Takashi had not just come however to carry the box for the two women who'd been sent on the errand, but, because he was curious to see what this 'gift' was that was meant for their Ou. Placing the box down at the end of the bed he circled around to stare into the trembling man's flushed, angry and yes –- frightened face. However as he did so the man closed his eyes, perhaps out of embarrassment as though he could block everything out. As the man turned his head away, so as not to meet anyone elses eyes, Takashi caught sight of something on his shoulder.


Blinking he read it silently, 'I belong to Morinaga Tetsuhiro.' That name sounded familiar to him and after a moment it clicked, a smile spreading over his visage - a rare thing for he was usually too serious a guard himself. "We-ll, you certainly chose your gift to Ou-sama well. I am quite certain he will be very pleased, I have a feeling he's not going to turn down this offering."


When the others looked curiously at him, even as Souichi shot a glare in his direction, he pointed at the mans shoulder. Souichi was oblivious to what that indicated, having forgotten about the tattoo in his state of panic.


The woman, who'd had the plan from the beginning smirked at what was marked upon the blond man's flesh. "I see. However he's earned a punishment, he was most difficult and his language rather foul. Is there a blindfold among those toys you brought?"


Already one of the other women passed one to her, the two guards who'd found him holding his head whilst the blindfold was put in place. Souichi tried to lash out, momentarily forgetting that he was really unable to move at all, causing his body to bounce back the small bit it had managed to move. He hissed over the gag as he felt the inside of the chains rub roughly against his flesh. A thin sheet was thrown over his head, to hide him since they couldn't gift-wrap him.


Takashi looked out the window, evening was rapidly approaching and with it the return of Ou-sama to his chambers. "Quickly now, lets get out of here." He ushered them out, even the indignant –- and arrogant woman who'd no doubt take full credit for everything, even though it was too obvious she'd have needed help. Then he too stepped out as their Ou –- whose actual name was Morinaga Tetsuhiro opened the door to his room and stepping inside cautiously looked up.


'Not again' was Tetsuhiro's only thought, for nearly every night at least one person or another - if not more had tried to seduce him, not that it had ever worked. The forefront of his head felt tense, but as he approached his bed to ask whomever it was this time to leave he noticed something strange. The man was chained, none of the others male or female had ever been chained, and he had to wonder why this one was, especially when he was so obviously shaking.


For whatever reason his lips parted as he felt compelled to touch the man's leg, reaching out his hand to lightly stroke him just above a calf. That slight touch caused the man to flinch beneath his fingers.


He wished the islanders would stop trying to give him a gift they thought he might enjoy. That, because he didn't want mindless sex, unless it was with a person he loved and there was only one person he felt that way about and it had been so many months since he'd last set eye on him. So long since he'd last been able to touch him and as he thought this he absentmindedly ran his fingers over the leg of the chained man he sounded as though he were trying to growl.


Noticing then, that he continued to touch him he quickly removed his fingers from that flesh. His gaze roamed over the body, wondering why his face had been hidden beneath a sheet when everything else was exposed. The man's body was thin, perhaps a little too thin as though partially undernourished. With concern, even for a person he thought was a stranger, he couldn't help but touch the warm flesh again. It was a bit disconcerting, why did it feel as though he couldn't help but touch him.


During those moments and even before Souichi had struggled to remove the gag from his mouth and had finally succeeded with a lot of teeth gnashing and sharp turns of his head. "Don't touch me goddammit!" Yelled the somewhat hoarse voice of the man bound to the bed.


At that Tetsuhiro's eyes widened, such a hauntingly familiar voice, but maybe it was just his imagination, the constant longing to see and be with his beloved senpai again.


Without thinking he ran his hand over the man's thigh, up to his hip. Beneath his fingertips the man shivered, responding to his touch. His eyes watched as the one chained to the bed began to grow hard.


He heard the man gasp, "What the hell!?" causing Tetsuhiro's heart to flutter, maybe... just maybe it wasn't his imagination. Reaching up to remove the sheet, he hesitated a moment before grabbing a hold of it and closing his eyes as he flung it to the ground. Slowly he opened one eye and to his amazement his suspicions had been correct. He mouthed on a breath of air, "Senpai," though the man had not been able to hear as there was no actual sound that exited from between the dark haired man's lips.

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Alexia Featherchild

Tetsuhiro's heart seemed to skip a beat, his eyes wide with joy, for there before him was the man he loved and had longed to see. Too wrapped up in his happiness he failed to question how or why his senpai was there. So starved of the very sight, the smell and the touch of his beloved his senses seemed to as they had at times before fly away as his mouth descended to capture the bound mans lips with his own. Just for a brief second did the blond still and then try to turn his head away from those soft yet firm lips, his fingers moving over that lithe form.


Souichi didn't know what was going on, his body shivering from the fear of being touched by some other man other than Morinaga. He however was to nervous to try and understand the meaning of such a thought as he felt the fingertips of the other touch the chord of his throat and slowly drift down his chest. He gasped when he felt a tug on one of his nipples. His skin felt as though it had been set aflame, the aureoles around his pink nipples puckering as though begging for that touch. His face flushed, he couldn't see who the fucking bastard was who was touching him, and the man had not yet said one single word. Despite wishing to evade the touch that disturbingly caused his body to react in such a wanton way, he was unable to do so bound as he was.


The worst came when he felt teeth graze behind his ear, the flick of a tongue as it moved down his neck. He gasped in unwanted pleasure, unable to understand his reaction, a subconscious guilt for responding to someone else making his chest heave with anxiety.


He yelled at the top of his lungs, "Fucking St—-op! Goddammit D-don't touch me!" His body shook, his eyes stinging behind the blindfold, he didn't want what was happening - no matter how much his body responded. He wasn't a fucking homo, but there had been one man he couldn't help but respond too, but that was because he was special. A stranger on the other hand was an entirely different matter. He didn't even realize he'd cried out, "On-ly Morina...ga..." he sobbed on the last syllable, but at least those hands and that mouth were no longer touching him. He took a deep refreshing breath, though the agitated thump of his heart did not so easily cease, because he couldn't see what the other was doing - didn't know what was to become of him.


After a brief moment of silence he felt those fingertips brushing past his hair and he tensed.


Tetsuhiro had grown used to his senpai's anger in the past and his constant denial. However when he'd said that about him –- only his mouth had dropped agape and his eyes had rounded, the pupils large, leaving but a thin rim of the green irises. How utterly wonderful it had been to hear that, even under the circumstances, but after a stupefied moment he reached his hands behind his senpai's head to slowly remove the blindfold. "Senpai..." he whispered closely against his ear.


The dark haired man watched as the eyes which were tightly closed, slowly fluttered open and the clamped mouth opening into a rounded 'o' as if in disbelief. Those light amber-gold eyes staring into his green ones widely. It seemed for a moment as though his beloved were at a lose for words, but those beautiful eyes glared at him as his brows furrowed into an angry frown.


"What the fuck you bastard!?" Due to being chained and having suffered through that humiliation Souichi's relief was not the foremost in his thoughts, enraged that he'd had to face such an ordeal. He could think of nothing else to say at that moment, too caught up in his rage to recall all that had led up to that moment right then and there.


His stupid kouhai just smiled down at him, one of his hands trailing through his hair. How he would have loved to have sent his curled fist hurling at that moron's face. He could have taking the fucking blindfold off before touching him, then at least he would have known it was him and not someone else. He blinked, 'What?' he asked himself in disbelief, but his attention was drawn away as Morinaga spoke.


"Sorry Senpai, once I knew it was you... I couldn't contain myself... it's been so long since I'd seen you," he leaned his forehead against Souichi's. "So long... I thought perhaps... I'd never be able to touch you or hear you again."


Souichi had to swallow due to a lump that had formed in his throat, because that had sent the memory of the last few months crashing back. The day when he'd learned of the crash, the moment he'd heard his kouhai's name sounding over the television as he waited at the airport for any news. The people of that flight saying he was most likely dead, they who had abandoned him to die if he were not already dead as the plane sank into the depths of the ocean.


Tears glistened, clinging to his lashes, as he tried to blink them away, though a couple still streamed down as he yelled at the man who had on more than one occasion made his life a living hell. "Idiot! If you hadn't gotten on that fucking plane! They said you were dead! Dead dammit!" He gasped for air as his body shook at that, recalling the feeling of dread that had befallen him. At one and the same time he wanted to lash out with his fists and to wrap his arms around Morinaga, because he wasn't dead. He was alive. Alive! He could do neither, recalling as he tried to do one or both of those things that he was still bound.


"Fuck! Morinaga unchain me!" However he became nervous yet again when he looked into those green half-lidded eyes and that partially parted mouth. A look of awe and more-so passion. He recognized the signs, "Don't even think it!" He growled.


"Think what Senpai?" His kouhai seemed to purr as he leaned forward to run his lips back and forth over his mouth. Souichi couldn't back away, couldn't strike out. "That I need you? That I want you? That I love you? That I haven't been able to see, to hear or to touch you in so long? Don't you need it too?" He whispered hotly against his ear, causing Souichi to shudder. He felt one of Morinaga's hands cusp his erection and he could not help but allow a loud moan to escape from his lips, in startled need. No wonder his body had responded without him knowing who it was, on some subconscious level his flesh had recognized its master. 'What the fuck?' but he was unable to find an answer or to try as his senses were unable to focus on anything but Morinaga's presence, his touch.


"C-can... you at l-least... unchain me?" he gasped out between breaths as his kouhai assaulted those oh so very sensitive spots.


The reply he received was quick and sounded final, "No. Besides I don't have the key." The man's tongue ran over his abdomen, causing the blond's body to arch toward that touch. How he wanted to be angry, but he couldn't think, much less manage to converse as pleasurable sensations overtook him.


When Morinaga briefly stopped touching him, he stared at him as he panted, his eyes widening on the box the other man lifted up and read the label of.


"Mori...naga?" He gulped as the other contemplate the toys one by one that he pulled out of the box.


His kouhai simply turned a wide smile at him with a wink. "I think this should be fun."


Souichi could only manage to gasp, any words frozen in his vocal box.

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Alexia Featherchild

Souichi watched with escalating apprehension as Morinaga shifted through the items in that box of depraved horrors. That damn kouhai of his had just said it should be fun. Fun! Even that he was unable to word, so thick did his tongue feel as beads of nervous perspiration began to form upon his brow and along the base of his neck. One by one he watched him place on a nearby makeshift stand certain items that appeared to have caught the perverts fancy.


The chains rattled as he tried once more to free himself, despite how useless his struggles had proved to be earlier, but he simply could not give in to whatever wicked plan that bastard Morinaga was concocting. Right away he had to do these things! Couldn't he have at least released him from the humiliating position in which he was bound? No! He had to take advantage of the situation, the creep, and though he'd been relieved to see him still alive, well enough to contemplate playing rather than a simple embrace. An embrace he may well have welcomed, but instead bound and helpless to the whim of the one who had caused him so much worry and time - time that could have been spent back in the lab, focusing on his research. Recalling all of that the emotions within him were tangled –- anger, anguish, fear, confusion and relief –- all rolled into one catastrophe waiting to happen.


Yet the only thing the blond was able to get past his lips was a low and husky, "Mori...naga..." everything else he wished to say, to yell was stuck so that only his eyes and the trembling of his body could speak for him.


Tetsuhiro had concentrated on the box so as not to break down completely before his beloved, he could feel the tears sting behind his eyes. So grateful was he that somewhere there was a god, one who had allowed him to reunite with the one he loved, had loved for oh so long. His hands shook slightly as he placed first one thing and another on the stand, he wanted to confirm that this was no dream –- that indeed his beloved was there and not a figment of his imagination. He wanted to make him scream in passionate pleasure, a voice which had grown more and more difficult to imagine even if his features remained prominent in his dreams and fantasies. That which had brought him pain, thinking perhaps that never again would he be able to be so close to him again.


Hearing his Senpai voice his name, he turned to him with a teary smile, which earned him a wide-eyed gaze, his name whispered again questioningly on those tantalizing lips. A lovely mouth that could say such horrid things, that often tasted of tobacco. A mouth nonetheless that could almost hypnotize him, without the owner of them meaning to do so, even when slightly parted as they were. Without thinking he placed a knee upon the right side of the bed, leaning down toward those delectable looking lips. Although his senpai pressed his head back into the pillow, there was little escape to be found from Tetsuhiro's descending mouth. A mouth which took his prisoner, his hands moving behind his dear one's shoulders to embrace him as much as was possible considering the restraints.


He sighed into that mouth from which he'd been too long deprived of being near enough to touch –- to kiss, unable to keep from touching his lips to his beloveds yet again. For a moment he thought his senpai might lash out if only with his teeth, but instead he felt senpai's mouth part further, as though allowing him complete access without an outright battle. His eyes flew up, even while his tongue slowly and gently probed inside the moist interior of his senpai's mouth. Those lovely golden-amber eyes looked as watery as his had felt and still felt for having been reunited with the one he was once again able to touch and was touching with his hands and his mouth. He yearned to do more, to feel more, to hear more.


Yet those eyes, so rarely filled with tears cut him to the quick and on impulse he moved his lips from his beloveds mouth to place a gentle kiss upon his brow and at the corner of each of his eyes.


Souichi was too startled to protest, staring up at the dark haired man, the simple physical contact proof enough for him that his Morinaga was alive. 'My Morinaga?' He wanted to shake that thought away, though it was not completely –- unpleasant.


However when he felt that warm breath against his ear whispering those words that he thought he might never hear again, for dead men spoke no tales, crimson seeped into his face as he turned his head away. He was unable to voice a protest of any kind, unable to look in his kouhai's direction, wondering why that was so, but unable to find the answer. He felt those fingertips on the side of his neck, stroking through his hair and then a startled gasp.


"Senpai, what happened to your shoulder?"


Instantly Souichi tried to move his hand to cover up that embarrassment and cursing the damn chains that he'd, if only momentarily forgotten about. "It's nothing!"


However it seemed that Morinaga was determined not to leave it at that, much to Souichi's discomfort, as those fingers traced the kanji symbols, reading it out loud. "I belong to...Morinaga Tetsuhiro..." he cringed at the disbelief and amazement in Morinaga's tone of voice. Before he knew it, his face was captured between those two large hands and his mouth once again assaulted by those soft yet firm lips. A kiss so exasperating and filled with emotion it sent his senses reeling out the door.


However when his mouth was released and the younger man gazed down at him with that creepy yet goofy smile, he grimaced. "Morinaga, it isn't what you're thinking!" Always, always it seemed that his idiotic kouhai jumped to the wrong conclusions.


"Even if it were an accident, you haven't gotten it removed."


"There was no time! I had to find you, you idiot!"


Even that did not wipe the smile from Morinaga's face and before he could say more, the man had placed two fingers over his lips.


"Say no more Senpai, my love." And after planting another quick kiss upon his brow he turned back toward the stand to contemplate which item to begin with.


'He still doesn't listen!' Was the only thought capable of crossing his mind, especially since it looked as though he wasn't going to be let off the hook for what his kouhai had planned which he called fun.


Tetsuhiro was overcome with emotion, surely that accident with the tattoo had to mean something, even if it were at some subconscious level and his love had been worried enough about him to come search for him. Someone moreover who was often more interested in his research at the lab and yet he'd taken time away from that to look for him. It had to mean something –- it just had to. As usual though, as he'd learned to expect from his senpai –- he always had some excuse, no matter how fragile or ridiculous it might have been.


Staring down at the items he'd taken from the box he smiled, Senpai deserved such pleasure, sex could be quite a relaxant and the perfect celebration to their reunion.


Picking up a thing of lubricant along with a string of purple beads, which felt like they were made of some sort of jell, he turned back toward Senpai. He had decided to being with that, and walked around to the end of the bed, where he could easily have access to his lover chained as he was, his legs and hips not quite touching the mattress beneath him.


Souichi lifted his head to stare at Morianga. "Wh-what aare y-you going to...do?" Paling when he caught sight of what the younger man held in his hands.

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Alexia Featherchild

Tetsuhiro sighed, noticing how tense Senpai became when he caught sight of what he was about to use on him. That wouldn't do, because it had been some time since they'd been able to engage in any sort of intimate activity and if Senpai were not able to relax it could prove to be painful. Placing the items on the end of the bed, he placed his hands upon the blond's abdomen, the muscles of which twitched beneath his touch. "Senpai, please, relax."


"How can you expect me to relax! When...when..." he took a deep breath, "When I don't know what's going on in that twisted head of yours!" He seemed to flinch as Tetsuhiro's fingertips trailed up over his waist, his body giving a jolt when after a moment's pause those fingers gripped his nipples and lightly pinched and twisted them one direction and another.


The dark haired man noting the reaction, dipped his head forward over the chained man, his lips grazing one nipple, his tongue darting out, which earned him a sharp gasp from the blond. It was such a mewling breath, filled with startled pleasure, he could not help but wrap his mouth around one perky pink pebble, gently sucking the flesh around it.


Souichi –- without noticing, his body arched toward that touch would caused his flesh to tingle strangely –- hotly and incessantly. His breathing labored by the pleasurable sensation shooting through his veins, so warm that it felt as though he were melting. He was unable to focus on his anxieties, as each kiss, each time Morinaga suckled upon his flesh, every lash of the tongue, every caress weakened his resolve. Weakened it to the point he could no longer think or concentrate on anything but the sensations caused by everything the younger man did to him.


Only for a moment did he tense, slightly, when those lips skimmed down over his abdomen, the tongue tracing gentle circles over his balls and down the length of his shaft. His body shuddered, letting out a shaky breath of pent up need when those lips wrapped around the head of his penis. His cloudy from passion eyes rolling back as his lids fell down, his breathing so labored from his accelerated heart beat that he'd begun to pant in between his cries of pleasure.


He was so lost in the moment, his head thrown back against the pillow beneath his head that he didn't even notice Morinaga removing the lid of the tube of lubricant, rubbing it on the purple beads, one bead after another larger than the one before it. Though his hands might no longer have been touching him, that skillful mouth took his painfully erect shaft further in. He could feel the movement of that wicked tongue as it slowly –- teasingly ran up and down as the younger man sucked him, causing him to near completion with each passing moment.


Souichi realized nothing, until he felt something cool and moist probe the entrance to his ass, his eyes flying open as it glided in. "S-stop!" He managed to gasp, causing the other man to release his penis from that mouth.


"It's okay Senpai, its not going to hurt. Two of the beads are already in, and if you relax again it should be fine."


"I don't care! I don't want some... some damn... whatever the hell it is up my ass!"


"But, it'll feel good, trust me. Don't I know how to make you feel good?"


That question brought crimson seeping into his face again, not from heated passion, but from embarrassment. He wished to evade that question, but he could not ignore how his body felt and reacted where Morinaga was concerned. Still the bastard didn't have to use such perverted tactics on him!


His body shook in anger, how dare he do that to him and right after finding him like that –- after so long a time apart. Did the pervert ever think of anything beyond sexual gratification?


Just before his thoughts caused his fury to grow stronger, he was startled out of them by the gentle kiss placed upon the inside of his thigh and a murmured, "Senpai, I love you," from the younger man. His eyes flew to his, to stare into those loving green eyes.


"I only want to make you feel good, sex can help your tensions disappear, like smoking a cigarette or drinking a beer... you need it don't you?" with his free hand he wrapped his fingers around Souichi's cock, the thumb of which rubbed over the tip of the head.


"N-no!" He groaned out before shuddering at that touch, and in doing so he felt that weird thing move further inside of him. "Mori—naga! S-stop!"


"I said it would be okay Senpai, there's no reason to be scared, anal beads were meant for this purpose –- otherwise they'd be called something else. It didn't hurt did it?"


Tetsuhiro could feel that heated glare upon him, if looks could have killed - surely he'd have been a goner long before even now. Deciding to experiment and get his Senpai's mind off of the direction it looked that it was taking he slowly twisted the beads around and heard his senpai moan, "AHHH!" evidently he had managed to stroke that pleasure point inside him. He managed to press one more of the beads inside, but wasn't about to press his luck to far, plus there were other items he wished to use.


However he'd checked for batteries earlier for the jell like beads, and had lucked upon a pack and now the two he'd placed inside at the end of the toy was put to use as he turned the vibration on.


Souichi moaned, his body jolting as he felt that strange vibration inside him, rubbing lightly over and over again against that spot inside him. Morinaga damn him, always able to locate it, now even with some weird thing called anal beads. He'd like to kill who ever came up with it, but even as he thought that he panted from the sensation, the muscles of his abdomen tensing, but he wasn't quite able to cum and it was becoming a bit unbearable.


Tetsuhiro had walked back to the stand where he'd left out a couple other toys of interest he'd taken out of the box of delightful treasures. During the entire encounter he had felt himself stir to life inside his pants, which had become so tight it was almost painful. However he first wanted to give his beloved senpai so much pleasure before he would seek his own.


He did have to wonder if most of the toys in the box were purple, or if the ones that had interested him most just happened to be that color as he held in his hand nipple clamps with a vibrating feature. With two of his senpai's erogenous zones being so attacked, his hands and mouth would be free to seek other sensitive spots.


With that in mind, he couldn't help but smile as he turned back toward his beloved. He looked as though despite any of his protests, was enjoying himself, though he'd already noted that by the sound of his voice.


Quickly, before Senpai noticed what he was about to do, he set the switch part of the vibrating nipple-clamps to the side of that wondrous body, though it looked as though he needed to regain a couple pounds. That caused him some concern, but then just the thought of the reason behind that caused his heart to palpitate with wonder and love. With precision he opened the clamps and gently closed them over each of the slighter man's nipples.


That caused those eyes of such a lovely light shade of brown that they sometimes looked slightly yellow flew to him and then where his hands had settled next to the clamps.


"What the fuck!?" The bound man questioned, though his voice was hoarse and somewhat shaky from its very recent use.


Tetsuhiro simply bent his head to place a quick soft peck of a kiss upon the man's lips before picking up the switch end of the clamps and flicking it on. He watched as his senpai's eyes flew wide in shock before releasing another lovely moan.


Stepping back to stare at him, he gulped, he was even more painfully turned on than a moment ago and began to tear his own clothes from himself and soon he too was nude as any buttons went flying. There was some relief from the tightness he had felt inside those pants he'd been wearing.


Kneeling onto the bed he moved so that he had a knee on either side of his senpai, and with a thought wondered if possibly –- the slightly older man, in his state of arousal might use his mouth upon him. He just hoped he didn't try biting him –- not that would be more than just unpleasant.


Holding his erection in one hand he placed the other gently on his beloved's cheek. "Senpai, do you want to... taste me?" He lightly ran the head of his cock over those lips that were parted from continual panting and moaning.


Those eyes, still cloudy from the sensations caused by the two vibrating toys flew up to meet his and Tetsuhiro could only wonder whether or not he'd be willing to - even given the state he was in.

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Alexia Featherchild

That question had shocked the blond, "Wh-what?" He managed to get past his lips, leaning his head back away from Morinaga's hard cock. His face flushed from the disturbing pleasure as well as what the younger man had just asked him. That was something he'd never imagined doing, but leave it to the bastard to think of something like that, he was such a goddamn pervert. Before he could utter a protest or a string of obscenities he felt the other man press another of those weird beads inside him and twist it around, causing his body to jolt, "AHH!" He screamed as his body convulsed, his eyes closing.


In that moment his mouth wide, the forward movement of his head causing the tip of Morinaga's penis to graze the roof of his mouth. Souichi was too caught up in his orgasm to notice at first, but once he'd begun to calm down he noticed and glared up at the idiot. However the taste was weird, because it reminded him of coffee. Without thinking his lips closed around the head of Morinaga's erection, sucking on him with furrowed brows in his confusion.


His toffee colored eyes shot up when he heard the other man groan and ask in a voice that sent a shiver down his spine, "The lube was coffee flavored." That smile brought a brighter flush to Souichi's cheeks and unable to continue looking into those green eyes his gaze trailed down. As he did so he noted how well toned his kouhai was, blinking he closed his eyes, subconsciously running his tongue across the small slit at the tip of his kouhai's penis.


Tetsuhiro's eyes widened, still not quite able to believe that his senpai was doing –- that. However when he felt that tongue flicker over the head of his hard cock it sent a violent shudder of pleasure through his body, finding it difficult to breath normally as a deep and husky moan escaped him. His fingers wrapped around his senpai's hair, drawing him closer, gently easing his erection further into that hot mouth.


Although he was certain Senpai had never performed fellatio on another man, his tongue seemed to know instantly what to do to draw deep guttural groans of intense pleasure from him. No matter how many times he had imagined the older man giving him oral, he'd thought that that particular fantasy might never become a reality and now it was. Tetsuhiro could only pray that it was no dream and that he would not awaken again in a lonely bed in a very strange place where he was believed to be the peoples Ou.


Souichi as he took the younger man's cock deeper into his mouth, he let loose a muffled moan, unable to believe what he was doing, yet unable to stop. His body shivered as those anal beads continued to vibrate at a quicker tempo against his prostate. His nipples knew no freedom either from the continual pinching vibration of the strange device his kouhai had clamped upon them. Already he'd begun to grow hard again as his tongue slowly moved from one side to the other, running over the rigid veins that he could feel faintly pulsating along the length of Morinaga.


That which had been thrust inside him before, deep into his asshole, again and again assaulting that spot which had caused him to pant and moan. Another man's dick which had been capable of causing him to cum, yet another confusing aspect of what Morinaga had done –- was doing to him. However as he thought that, he shivered in what could only be anticipation, though he did not consciously acknowledge that.


The feint taste of coffee had begun to fade, but that did not stop him from sucking his kouhai off, perhaps to lost in the continual tingling that ran throughout his body. However he was startled when he felt something salty and slightly gooey in texture. Above him the dark haired man shuddered and removed his shaft from his mouth.


"Sorry Senpai, I'm too close and I don't think you're quite ready for that -– yet."


Souichi could only stare wide eye'd for a moment at the other man as if in disappointment, but it was quickly replaced by a glare, "Ready for what? What other perverted things are you going to try and force on me you asshole!"


When his kouhai said nothing and just smiled down at him, those fingertips dancing along his collarbone and ever so slowly caressing him as they moved toward where his nipples were held captive by a pair of clamps. Once they reached there, he felt him tug on the device and in so doing tugged upon his erect nipples, "Haahh!" His body jerked toward that motion just before those twin pink nipples were released, only to be lavished by the younger man's wicked tongue.


He could cover his mouth with nothing to stifle the keening moans that were continually emitting from him. He turned his head from one side to the other as his need continued to build up. His body seemed to jump from the bed, though the chains he was bound by sent him falling back to the mattress quickly as Morinaga pulled that vibrating set of beads out of him. It was so quick, so intense that his body once again convulsed in startled pleasure, causing the chains to rattle, something he did not want to dwell on now –- or later.


Tetsuhiro watched his beloved's face as it flushed with the intensity of the vibrations and the quick removal of the anal beads. How beautiful those wide and cloudy eyes before they had fluttered closed, long dark lashes fanning out as those oh so kissable lips parted. His senpai looked so delectable, and as he moved off the bed –- for the way Senpai was chained made it awkward as he pressed a kiss to those parted lips emitting such sweet sounds.


Then he stood up and walked around to the end of the bed, where he kneeled, suckling upon the inner thigh of the bound man, his tongue flickering over the slighter man's wet cock. He could feel beneath his hands and tongue the trembling of his senpai.


He positioned his very hard and pre-cum laden penis at the entrance to the blond man's body. Holding one of the shackled man's thighs, his other hand lightly caressed Senpai's abdomen. "Senpai." He whispered his name huskily. "Are you...ready?" His eyes widened in shock when Senpai's hips had ground toward him, enough that the head of his cock entered that tight hot ass, even before he'd been able to speak the last word of his question. Although it didn't even look as though Senpai were even aware of what he'd just done. Tetsuhiro thought it wise not to question him right then, taking that as a silent 'yes' from the man he adored.


Without further questioning, he grabbed the older man's thighs and thrust his painfully hard cock into that lovely ass of Senpai's. He heard the gasping, panting moans of pleasure sounding from a mouth that so well knew how to use profanities, but seemed incapable of doing anything more than voice his pleasure.


Although as with the last time they had been together, his lover –- for that was what Senpai was to him –- cried out his name again and again, Mori...naga...Mo...rina...ga..." However he could not leave those telltale marks upon his back due to being chained as he was to the bed.


What the younger man found most interesting, was that his Senpai's hips thrust to meet him movement for movement. The body of the gorgeous older man beneath him writhing in pleasure, the chains rattling again and again.


Tetsuhiro grunted as his own body shook as he thrust faster and faster into Senpai's body, after finding that spot which brought his lover into a higher state of arousal.


Together they screamed.


"Mori...naga!" cried out the blond.


"Senpai!" grunted out the dark haired man.


Tetsuhiro once his seed had been spilled into his senpai, unable to keep himself from holding back, he stilled as he began to grow limp. Then after several seconds had passed removed himself –- reluctantly from inside the man he loved. Gazing toward his eyes he noticed that –- as usual –- he had fallen asleep. However he couldn't blame him, obviously he'd not been getting proper sleep or nutrition.


Placing a sheet over him, so that he'd not grow cold, he used a cloth to clean himself before dressing to go find whoever might have the key to the chains. He'd take a bath later, hopefully he could talk Senpai into taking one with him. First however he had to talk some sense into the islanders for their part in how his beloved had come to be chained, bathed and nude.

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Alexia Featherchild

The man whom the islanders had taken to calling Ou-sama, although he was deliriously happy, tried not to show it, for he had to deal with those whom had set up his Senpai as he'd found him. He didn't care for the idea of someone else seeing or touching the man he cherished above all else in the world. A man whom he knew well enough to the point where he had no doubt there was going to be a backlash.


He couldn't say the islanders involved wouldn't deserve it, but even he felt a little apprehension given his senpai's pattern of behavior concerning their relationship. Yet even the slight nervousness he felt could not overshadow his jubilation that Senpai was on the island, that he was there, because he had been searching for him. Then –- then there was that tattoo, he was still curious about how exactly it had happened, but in the moment he'd been too exuberant to discuss it further.


He couldn't help but smile as he recalled how wonderfully Senpai had responded only a short time ago, but upon hearing someone speak he frowned at what he heard.


"Personally, I don't think an outsider could be good enough for Ou-sama ma'am. Especially not one with such a temper."


The woman scoffed, "And you think you'd be better, when he has rejected everyone else, and you as well. Yet you still insist on trying?"


"Ou-sama just has very discerning tastes and he's still lovelorn over whomever he was forced to leave behind. I'm sure eventually he'll give in –- to someone."


"And you intend that person to be you? Really Kou you're too much."


"So are you Rina! I'll be surprised if Ou-sama doesn't punish you for making things even more awkward. You even said it yourself, Ou-sama has rejected everyone else so what could possibly make a difference?"


Rina smirked, crossing her arms with a chuckle, "Oh, just a hunch..." she figured the blond had to know their Ou somehow, why else would he have the name of their Ou branded on to his shoulder.


As the dark haired man drew closer, his brows furrowed. "Kou. Rina!" He did not look pleased, in fact he wasn't pleased –- at all with either of them. It was Rina however whom he was more perturbed by, for it sounded as though she'd been the one to come up with the scheme of trussing up Senpai.


Kou turned around swiftly, while Rina shifted slowly to gaze in Tetsuhiro's direction. While Kou's face was flushed, Rina did not look at all abashed, with a smirk written on her countenance as though she believed he'd come there to thank her. While he was grateful Senpai was there –- and yes he had taken advantage of the situation it still did not mean he was thankful for her interference.


He scowled at her, a rare sight to see, but she had asked, "Did you enjoy your gift Ou-sama?"


"I do not see Senpai as someone you can just give as a gift, in fact I don't think anyone should be given as a gift to someone else, unless that is the individuals own intention."


That caused a frown to appear on the devious woman, where as Kou just snickered gazing at her from beneath his lashes as though he'd known something like this were going to happen. After all Ou-sama had never even taken to anyone else who had tried to gift themselves to him, yet what the dark haired man spoke next wiped that smirk off his face promptly.


"I do not like the fact that other people stripped the man I love, that they saw him in such a vulnerable position. You and whomever helped you to bathe, strip and chain him down will be quite lucky if he doesn't try to kill you when he's let loose." Even he had felt murderous after the initial shock and copulation with his dear Senpai.


Kou held up a hand, shaking his head, "I had nothing to do with it. Rina, two guards, two other women and Takashi all helped in some way, but I didn't do anything." Although despite the declaration of love towards the blond outsider still chained to their Ou's bed, he wasn't about to give up his quest to become the Ou's next lover. Having said that he turned to leave, no one stopping him as he went off to scheme –- now that he had competition for Ou-sama's attentions, one that could really ruin all his previous thought up plans.


Tetsuhiro let Kou leave, none the wiser to the young man's manipulative mind, filled with ideas of grandeur toward him even after he had made it clear that the outsider whom had been placed in his bed was the only one who held his heart captive. However his intense green eyes remained pinned upon Rina, whom had turned a few shades paler at the word kill.


Holding out his hand, he demanded, "Give me the keys Rina."


Rina muttered beneath her breath something unintelligible as she fished in her pocket for the keys. However before handing them over, she felt the need to ask, "If you love the outsider, why should you be so upset."


"Did you not just hear me? No one should have stripped him and seen him without his clothes. Neither should anyone have touched him and since he smells like soap and shampoo from the bathing areas here, well I can't see him having just calmly bathed himself in a strange place. Now give me the key," the woman was lucky he wasn't the type to tell the guards to chop of her head or some such nonsense, even if he'd find the idea appealing even momentarily. Senpai on the other hand he had a feeling might consider the possibility a bit more seriously considering what he'd apparently been through.


Rina reluctantly placed the keys in Ou-sama's outstretched hand, frowning for her plan had not quite gone as expected –- there was no praise, only scolding, even though that man seemed to truly belong to him already. Truly their Ou was an enigma that she doubted she'd ever be able to figure out. She couldn't even be pleased that Ou-sama had been reunited with the person he loved, because it had gained her nothing.


Once Tetsuhiro had the keys in his hand he smiled, though it did not reach his eyes, "Thank you." With that he pivoted around and hurriedly made his way back toward his chambers where his sleeping senpai laid, not having noticed the curious ears which had stumbled upon his conversation. Ears which had caught his declaration concerning the outsider, setting tongues a-wag, finally reaching the elder woman's ears.


"So, Ou-sama's love has made it here too. I must see this outsider, for it seems to be the most likely candidate for our Ou-sama's life-mate." She looked to her apprentices, whom hoped to someday take her place as the island's caretaker and leader whilst their Ou was unable to be there. "Start the preparations for the ceremony, within the week our Ou will have his Kisaki bound to him for life."


The old woman stood up as her apprentices bowed to her command, and did not move until she was down the path toward Ou-sama's chambers to begin the preparations. It promised to be the event of the century, none of them however realized quite what a walking time bomb their Ou-sama's love really was.

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