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Alexia Featherchild

Koisuru Boukun: Island Enchantment (Morinaga, Souichi)

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Alexia Featherchild

Tetsuhiro paused outside the door to his chambers, the rooms he'd been given since the day of his arrival on the island with its strange beliefs and customs. Leaning his forehead against the door, he slowly turned the knob. He hoped that Senpai for the time being was still asleep, because he feared despite any tell tale signs of the other man's feelings would still be furious. Yet as he'd been chained, he'd been unable to resist the temptation and Senpai had responded so well -– despite any protests.


It had been too much for him not to enjoy a physical reunion –- because he had feared that the whole thing might have been yet another dream from which he'd awaken, depressed. Then before Senpai had known it was him, he'd uttered, "On-ly Mori-naga." How sweet that had sounded to his ear and then there was that tattoo which read, 'I belong to Morinaga Tetsuhiro.' Still knowing his senpai's pattern he continued to fret that he might explode, especially when he'd done things to him he'd never done before. Even when Senpai enjoyed himself he got all bent out of shape afterward trying to deny it.


'He evaded my question though, when I asked him if I knew how to make him feel good, he just turned red' Thinking that his heart thumped, a small smile forming on his lips. 'There's hope after all, isn't there?'


With that thought he walked into the room and luckily for him the blond man was still asleep. Quietly stepping toward the side of the bed, green eyes gazed down, a hand lightly running through the blond tresses. Tetsuhiro couldn't help but smile tenderly down at such a peaceful expression as his dearest one slept. 'I can't very well leave him chained up, though it might be dangerous to set him free.' Yet he was certain that if he didn't unchain him now the other man's temper would soar even higher to the point where he once free would be on a murderous rampage –- not that he wouldn't be when he woke up, but hopefully the damage would be minimal.


As silently as possible, Tetsuhiro used the key he'd demanded from Rina to unlock each of the four chains. When he unlocked first one leg and then the other he gently placed them onto the bed as they were no longer held up off the mattress. Then he made it so the sheets he'd placed of his beloved earlier covered him from neck to torso to toe and lightly brushing a kiss across the blond's forehead. As he slowly stood up straight, his slightly dewy green eyes wandered to Senpai's shoulder and lingered there where that tattoo had been etched into his flesh.


Senpai's forehead broke out in a sweat, turning his head with a cry as though caught in some horrific nightmare –- a sound so mournfully pitifully sad that it caused Tetsuhiro's eyes to widen in concern. However, before he could do anything his senpai sat up in the blink of an eye, his own vibrant honey-gold irises eaten up by the pupil as he sobbed.


Souichi gasped, breathing hard, holding his arms across his midriff as he shook. That same nightmare had plagued him nearly every night since learning whom exactly had been presumed dead on flight 103. A tear streamed down one of his cheeks, before using a hand to rub it away. Turning his head however in search of his glasses, he became confused as to where he was. Then his eyes widened yet again, this time in shock, when they settled upon Morinaga. With a hoarse voice he whispered questionly, "Mori...naga?"


His brows furrowed, still confused and wondering if perhaps he was still asleep. However his body felt too strange for it to be a simple dream –- which led to him wondering why certain parts of his body felt languid and tingly. Then as everything came flooding back, he turned an interesting shade of red before his eyes glinted up at Morinaga. "MORINAGA!"


Tetsuhiro wondered why at first Senpai had looked at him in shock, but he supposed it was because at times he could be a little slow to recall what had happened earlier. Yet it didn't take long for the other to glower angrily at him with a tone of voice that sent a shudder of fear throughout him. "Senpai, please calm down."


Souichi wrapped the blanket around him and sat up on his knees, his legs felt a little bit too much like elastic to stand, but with Morinaga right there he slammed his hand into his kouhai's chest. "What the fuck were you thinking! I show up and that's the first thing you do? And then...and then to use those...those things on me!" He stood up on shaky legs to slowly march toward where that damn pervert had landed on his ass, lifting one leg to kick out at him. Unfortunately the bastard managed to avoid it and he slipped on the sheet, falling to his knees over Morinaga. He could feel the heat of his embarrassment wash over his face, one of his hands curling into a fist.


Morinaga held up his hands in front of his face however, as he tried to calm the slighter built man down. "Please Senpai, calm down. It didn't hurt did it?"


"That's not the point!" Souichi growled at him, frustrated that he couldn't directly hit him in the face.


Morinaga placed one of his hands on the shoulder that had been tattooed on Souichi, "I'm sorry, but after seeing this... I really couldn't contain myself."


The blond man blushed even as the black haired one smiled gently up at him as he turned that lovely bright shade. "You misunderstood! It was an accident!"


"Then why didn't you get it removed? You could have easily done that before coming to look for me."


Souichi glared at him, pounding the floor on either side of Morinaga's head. "Your life was more important than that!"


Morinaga's hand clasped onto the back of Souichi's neck, startling him even before their lips touched, a tender brush of the kouhai's lips over his senpai's. At first Souichi's eyes widened and then they drooped down of their own volition. Then realizing where the situation might lead to –- again, the blond turned his head away. He wasn't about to give in, especially not for a second time that day.


"Idiot, don't keep misunderstanding me!" How could Morinaga possibly understand it, when he himself didn't. As he tried to get up he just slipped again on the sheet, but he didn't want to remove it and expose himself again. Not that he'd planned to do that before. He grabbed the lapels of Morinaga's strange getup, but he didn't have time to worry about that, "Where the hell are those islanders, I'm going to give him a piece of my mind," he grit his teeth together.


Beneath him Morinaga looked nervous, "Senpai..."




"I don't think that's... such a good...idea."


"And why is that?" His face loomed threateningly over him.


"I just... don't want them... to hurt you..."


That caused Souichi to frown, "And you think I can't handle myself?"


"We-ll... I know you're strong, but the islanders are... strange and they did manage to get you chained up didn't they?" He moved his hands away from his face to gaze intently up at his senpai.


Just for that Souichi arched his hand and slap the younger man across the face, sending the dark haired man's head whipping to one side.


Morinaga lifted his hand to where his senpai had hit him. "Jeez, Senpai."


"If you'd stop talking nonsense!"


Morinaga looked serious when he gazed up at Souichi, frowning, "It's not nonsense."


Before either of them could continue their conversation, someone opened the door and walked into the room. "Ou-sama, I heard that there is a stranger amongst the islanders and that he was here with you. Is it true that he is the one you mentioned before, the only one that could possibly be your Kisaki?" Then noting where they were, and that the stranger was straddling Ou-sama "Oh, pardon me, I didn't realize you two were..." she placed her hand over her mouth and coughed.


Souichi stiffened, 'Kisaki?' growing a brighter red at being caught in such a misleading position. He glowered down at Morinaga muttering, "And what exactly have you been telling these people!" He shifted his legs so that he was sitting on his knees next to Morinaga instead of on top of him. If only he'd done that in the first place instead of trying to stand up then the situation probably wouldn't have arisen for that old woman to be staring at him questioningly.

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Alexia Featherchild

Tetsuhiro wasn't happy about the interruption, not when he'd wanted to push his beloved Senpai for answers about everything. Why he was there, how he'd gotten there, how exactly he'd wound up with that tattoo. Yet as always the older student complained that he was misunderstanding him. Perhaps he was, but maybe, just maybe if only a little he had not misunderstood completely.


Not only that, he'd been worried for Senpai's sake, because what he had said about the islanders was true, one only had to look where it had gotten him, them both! Sure his loved one was strong, but he couldn't hope to stand up against an entire island who believed what they wished and did whatever they thought was in their best interests. They whom, no matter what he said to the contrary believed him to be their Ou.


He thought for a moment though, that perhaps that were a lucky thing, because of what might have became of Senpai. He shuddered to think, but as the word Kisaki sank in, his brows furrowed. What exactly was the elder woman thinking, he wasn't quite certain.


His green eyes flew to amber ones, which squinted toward the woman after growling down at him. He raised his hands, "No-nothing. Re-re-really." Although he was a little sad at losing that weight on him, but seeing him so flustered was too cute. He knew however that to bring it up would earn him a deathly glare and probably another sucker-punch to the face.


He heard his Senpai growl, "Where the hell are my glasses!" and Tetsuhiro recalled having seen them on the nightstand beside the bed and handed them to him. "Senpai, here they are."


Senpai just glared at him as he placed his glasses on himself proceeding to turn his eyes towards the old woman. Tetsuhiro grimaced, shoulders rising up, worried that Senpai might even offend the elderly woman having found them and what her words had implied. 'If only.'


The elder woman of the island smiled behind her hand, it was easy to tell how much Ou-sama adored the light haired slighter man who appeared to be wearing nothing more than one of the bed sheets. She rather thought he looked adorable with that slight tinge of red illuminating portions of his face. Before either of them could say one more word she continued, "Oh he hasn't said anything specifically about you, just that there was someone he loved. It really did disappoint the other islanders, not that it discouraged them all that much."


Tetsuhiro's eyes rounded, he didn't want Senpai to know about that, it wasn't important and he was unsure how he'd react. If he brushed it off like it were nothing that would hurt, but if he became enraged those caught in the crossfire might not be left unscathed. "He doesn't need to know about that!" He uttered in trepidation, earning him an inquiring look from a frighteningly scowling Senpai.


"What don't I need to know about?" Souichi growled out, wondering what the bastard was trying to hide from him that the old woman obviously knew about. 'Just what the hell has been going on here?' Something didn't feel right, he could sense it, causing the hairs on the back of his neck to feel as though they were standing up.


The younger man shook his head, placing his hands up again as though warding him off. "No-nothing, it's not anything that you need to know about anyway."


However the elder woman was not about to leave it at that. Before she'd decided whether or not this stranger deserved to be forever linked in life to Ou-sama she needed to know how he really felt. With a hidden smirk as she bent her head down for a moment she spoke in an ominous tone. "The youths of this island, both man and woman alike, even some of the older generations whether in a relationship or not have been plaguing Ou-sama. He's hardly been able to get any sleep most nights, because at least one or two if not more try to visit his chambers and sneak into his bed to offer themselves to him."


She lifted her head with a wane smile as she watched the blond's expression change from a scowl to wide eyed panic, his face growing pale if but for a moment before turning a shade of red his eyes squinting in fury as he turned toward Ou-sama.


Souichi couldn't believe it, the idiot had had countless offers during his time on the island. Maybe he hadn't wanted to be found, not when it sounded as though almost if not every single perverted life form on the island were making it known to him they were his at any time. The islanders an entire harem!


Tetsuhiro too had noticed the array of emotions flickering in his senpai's eye's and the change in his color, his expression. "S-senpai."


"You fucking bastard, I look all over for you and you're just sitting around playing!" He grabbed the front of the younger man's clothes, his arm swinging back. However the old woman had quickly walked toward them and gripped his hand.


"Ou-sama has not been playing, he's denied every single one of them." In her hand the blond's hand shook along with his body, his breathing slowly calming down.


Tetsuhiro was relieved that he hadn't been hit yet again, though he read the confusion in his treasured one's eyes as he calmed down before yanking his curled fist out of the woman's hand. "Senpai?" He whispered his dear one's honorific as he watched him bend his head down, his loose hair curtained his face from being viewed. However with that woman still in the room, he felt like there wasn't much he could do in that moment other than to wrap his arms around him and try to pull him close.


Beneath his hands the slender man stiffened, just for a moment before allowing the younger man to pull him into his embrace, his forehead placed upon his shoulder.


Inside himself, Souichi felt as though he were shaking, the relief of hearing he'd not accepted any of them too much for him to take in at that particular moment. So instead of dwelling on that, he concentrated on what the woman was saying, trapped against Morinaga as he was, since the others arms tightened when he tried to pull away.


"Now that you have your Kisaki here, we must have a celebration. This way the other islanders will have to realize that you are now off limits and hopefully will no longer try to tempt you with their bodies." At that Souichi stiffened again, both at being called Morinaga's Kisaki and more so at the thought of what the woman was implying. If it was to keep those idiots from sniffing around his kouhai like a bunch of bitches in heat then he'd allow it, they'd just have to get off the island somehow and soon. What did it matter if a bunch of backwards people believed whatever the hell they wanted too.


"Of course, being the Kisaki, you will have to wear the traditional garb." Souichi felt the woman's hand touch his shoulder and he shrugged it off, finally pushing away from Morianga. "Traditional garb? What is it?" He frowned, it couldnt' be any weirder than what his kouhai was wearing.


The old woman just smiled, "You'll see, but it is either wear the traditional garb at the festivities or nothing at all, and if you do not attend, then the islanders will believe Ou-sama to still be fair game."


Souichi's eyes widened at that, "What the fuck? Why the hell do I have to wear it or nothing at all? I don't even know what it is!"


"And you wont, not until the day you're supposed to wear it. There is a superstition that if you do see it beforehand that something terrible will happen." Then without warning she left the building to go help the others prepare for the upcoming event.


Souichi, "What the hell!" He turned to glare at Morinaga in fury and confusion.

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Alexia Featherchild

Tetsuhiro watched as the old woman departed, but upon hearing his senpai's words and the scowl on his face he felt somewhat apprehensive. He too wondered what the elder woman was up to, annoyed by her interruption. What exactly she was planning he didn't know, but in the meantime he had to find a way to calm Senpai down. "Senpai, don't worry about what she said." Even though he himself was worried that it might lead to even greater misunderstandings and he'd prefer not to get his cherished loves fury yet another outlet.


"Don't worry? How can I not, what the hell is she thinking. Your Kisaki? I have to wear some stupid garment for a celebration?" He growled, his hands curled into fists as he shook. "I don't know what the fuck is going on, but this place is... is just too damn fucked up!"


It didn't seem as though his senpai were going to calm down, but there wasn't much he could do, he didn't understand either what was going on. The elder woman and pretty much the whole island thought he was there Ou and now his dear Senpai had gotten dragged into the whole mess. Yet he was deliriously happy that he had. Not just because he was no longer alone in a foreign place, but he had the one he loved by his side, even if things weren't quite perfect between them as he would have liked.


Before the other man could move, Tetsuhiro placed his hands on his shoulders to hold him in place. They were alone and he didn't want the opportunity to slip before someone else just barged in on them without checking first. "Senpai." He leaned his forehead up against his.


It seemed as though he had startled Senpai when the other man tried to lean his head back away from him, but he used one hand to grip his chin in order for their eyes to meet.


"Tell me..."


"Tell you what!"


"What exactly happened when you got this..." He ran his free hand over his senpai's shoulder. That tattoo, just thinking about who it was on and what it said caused his heart to thump loudly, to his ears, against his chest.


He could feel the older student tremble beneath his hands as he heard him, "That's not any of your business!"


Tetsuhiro's eyes narrowed as he frowned, "Oh? It's not is it? Yet its clearly my name with which some tattoo artist marked you."


Souichi's eyes widened, gulping at that serious look upon Morinaga's face. When the other man looked like that, there was sure to be room for little escape. However it just made him all the more upset, his blood boiling just below the surface as he growled, "I was drunk you fucking idiot!"


Yet his kouhai only arched a brow in response, not letting go of him and instead asking another question. "And why did you get drunk?"


He tried pushing Morinaga away from him, but the younger man gripped his wrists tightly, tugging him back to him, waiting for an answer. He'd forgotten how strong the pervert could be when pressed. Unfortunately with his legs still tangled in the sheets he couldn't kick out at Morinaga to be set free. 'Why the hell do I have to explain myself to this idiot!'


Then came the whispered threat, "If you don't tell me Senpai..." the bastards hand slowly running across his adams apple to the center of his chest. His heart thudded against his breastbone, not wanting to acknowledge the tingling sensation he felt beginning in his nipples.


"You're...such a...jerk," he got out and then when he felt those fingers flicker over a nipple he growled, "Cut it out!"


"Then answer my question," came that husky voice, hot breath against his ear, turning red.


It seemed that either way Morinaga wanted his pound of flesh in one way or another. Using what strength he had he pushed the younger man away, though not far enough. "Fine!" He glowered up into green eyes before looking away. "Fuck..." he whispered agitatedly.


"I'm waiting Senpai."


He snapped his gaze to Morinaga's, scowling as he answered. "It was after the fucking news said that you were presumed dead. I couldn't fucking sleep so I went to a bar and got smashed. There, are you fucking happy now?" Before the bastard could notice it he turned his head, tilting it to an angle where his hair hid his face and the tears that burned the corner of his eyes just thinking about that horrible moment in the airport when he'd heard just that.


Tetsuhiro, hearing Senpai's voice crack, wrapped his arms around the blond and brought him up against his chest, squeezing him tightly in a hug. He could feel him stiffen, if only for a moment before he felt, heard him take a deep and steadying breath. "I'm sorry Senpai..." he whispered gently against the shell of his beloveds ear, watching as his ear turned red again.


He wanted to kiss his dearest one again, but knew that after the events which had occurred already that day that he shouldn't. Yet Senpai didn't resist his embrace, though the man still shook slightly in his arms after the revelation of why he'd even gotten drunk in the first place.


Souichi hadn't resisted when Morinaga pulled him up against him, his arms wrapped around him. Somehow that and his voice were somehow comforting. He was alive, he'd certainly proved that not too long ago, but just recalling hearing that over the news and how it had made him feel had rocked his sensibilities. Those warm hands, arms around him proof that he'd found his kouhai alive instead of a corpse. That image made him cringe as he turned his head, his eyes level with Morinaga's. Such green eyes filled with a tender light, eyes there had been a possibility of never seeing again.


Without thinking, he grabbed the material of Morinaga's strange clothing and pressed his trembling lips against Morinaga's mouth that had parted in shock when he did so.


Then upon realizing what he was doing, his own eyes widened and he dropped his hands away from the dark haired man, his face turning crimson as he tore his mouth away from Morinaga's lips. 'What am I doing?'


He heard his kouhai's voice, "Senpai?" but he'd already turned his head away again, trying to comprehend why he had acted so impulsively. It had happened once before, though he had tried to forget, the memories dim until something like that moment brought them racing back to the surface.


He didn't want to think about it, or to answer the question in Morinaga's voice, so instead he changed the subject. "I... I need a shower."


Tetsuhiro sighed, it seemed like Senpai were running away again, but if he pressed too much at once he was afraid it would make him run even further. It was like trying to tame a wild animal sometimes.


"There are no shower stalls here, only large bathing areas. How about we take a bath together?"

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Alexia Featherchild

Cat like amber-gold eyes widened behind long blond tresses, turning his head back to stare into waiting green irises of the younger man. He stuttered, "B-b-bath? With you? Fuck no! You'll just try more weird shit!" He didn't trust Morinaga one inch when it came to that, he'd been proven correct several times before already that the younger man would use any opportunity he could in order to gain access to his body. Taking a bath with him was certainly out of the question, because there wouldn't even be the protection of clothing between them –- not that that had ever stopped the perverted idiot.


However when his kouhai's lips moved into a strange smile, even if it didn't reach his eyes like a real smile should what he said worried him.


"Senpai, if its not me with you, others will insist on helping you wash."


Souichi slowly gulped, he didn't want to go through that humiliation again, then furrowing his brows as the corners of his mouth deepened into a frown, "Then tell them to leave me the fuck alone! If they think so highly of you, surely they'd listen to you!"


Dark hair fell over those green eyes as the other man laughed, such a laugh caused tendrils of apprehension to zip through his spine. "M-morinaga?"


Those green eyes had darkened with some a strange light to them, "You have no idea how strange those islanders can be. They wont listen to me when they think that they'd be doing me a favor. They certainly don't stop from disturbing my sleep by coming into my room, because they think it'll please me."


Souichi couldn't help but growl and arch his hand, though it didn't come down and hit Morinaga. "I don't want to hear about that!" He'd already been reassured that the idiot hadn't been playing the field, though why that should have mattered to him he wasn't quite yet aware. Or at least, not yet prepared to acknowledge the reason behind his relief or why just hearing it despite that caused him to become furious.


"However, if you really want to risk it, I'll just show you to the bathing area, although I don't have anything that you can wear."


'Damn it! I don't want to take a bath with Morinaga, but... the other option is even worse.'


"You can find me something after, that way once I'm dressed I can go kick those jerks from here to Timbuktu." Standing up, with the sheet still wrapped around his waist he glowered down at his now happily smiling kouhai. His free hand, which was not holding up the sheet curled into a fist as one of his eyebrows twitched in irritation.


"Bastard, don't go thinking weird shit!" He brought down his fist onto the perverts head before turning toward the door. "Hurry up!" He growled, despite the fact that his kouhai seemed a little out of it due to the blow he'd just received.


Tetsuhiro rubbed his head, 'Senpai, same as ever,' yet he could not help but continue smiling despite his aching head where the slightly older man had hit him. They were going to be sharing a bath. 'Perhaps...the islanders have some use... after all.'


Getting up he walked over to the door and opened it for his senpai, he could tell despite the man not wanting him to know –- that he was anxious about running into certain individuals again. 'Yet he wouldn't hesitate to hit out at them, given the chance.'


The slighter man gazed out the door superstitiously and walked beside Morinaga, he refused to walk behind him, but he couldn't very well walk ahead of him since he didn't have the slightest idea where they were headed. It however didn't take too long to walk down the hall and stop in front of another door that the broader shouldered man came to a halt at.


Tetsuhiro opened the door, "Senpai, you go in first." Although that earned him a sideways glare, but the blond went in before him. Following right behind Tetsuhiro closed the door and turned and placed down the board that would keep others out of the room. Still there were the windows that some people had always managed to get through, but hopefully no one realized where he and his beloved Senpai had gotten to.


Souichi had turned to look at Morinaga, his eyes narrowing yet again. "MO-RI-NA-GA," his voice was harsh as he cornered the younger man. "If I had known there was a lock you wouldn't even have needed to be in here! Get out."


Morinaga lifted his hands in front of him, nervously laughing. "But Senpai, the islanders have other means of getting in, there is no glass on the windows. There might be a lock, but it doesn't keep all of them out."


"And how the hell would you know that?" His scowl deepened and then as realization dawned he paled. "They even followed you... into the BATH!" What the hell was wrong with these people he wondered, they seemed even worse than Morinaga from his understanding of the situation, and it wasn't just one individual, but sounded like several. Perhaps nearly if not entirely the whole island! 'But that old bat said Morinaga never gave in to them, he didn't do anything with them.' He turned around to stare into the hot water that waited for them.


"It looks like the elder woman prepared this for us," he heard the younger man say.


'I need to stop dwelling on that, what does it matter to me if he did or not?' Yet just imagining that he had, irritated him, causing a sharp pain to assail him. Trying not to think on it, he let the sheet fall from his waist to the ground. He could feel as he had countless times before cum seeping out of his ass to run down his thighs. He quickly stepped into the water and sat down, the level of it coming up to his collar bone.


'That stupid pervert! He'd just better not try anything, otherwise I'll sock him, he's already done too much!' he thought as he watched Morinaga remove his clothing and follow him into the water. It was as though he almost couldn't tear his eyes away from the other man, which unsettled him.


He hadn't even heard Morinaga calling his name until the end of a third time. "...pai?" He blinked, giving a small shake of his head before staring into those emerald like eyes.


"What!" He grumbled, wishing he hadn't agreed to taking a bath together, no matter the reason.


Tetsuhiro smiled and held up an bar of homemade soap and wash cloth. "Would you like me to wash your back for you?" 'And maybe, if he relaxes enough I can do more than just wash his back. But... will he let me?'


He watched as his senpai's eyes shot wide, his face turning that lovely shade of crimson when he was either embarrassed or aroused. He had to turn his head away as large amounts of water was splashed at him as Senpai's hand came down, chopping through the warm liquid of their shared bath.


"Are you a freaking idiot? What do you take me for, a fool? I know what goes on in that perverted mind of yours."


The younger man sighed, wiping his arm over his eyes in order to keep the access water from stinging his eyes. "Senpai, I'm just asking to wash your back, I'm not going to do anything. It's only bathing, whats the big freakin' deal?"


Senpai continued to glare at him, but he kept his gaze steady as well, until the older student turned his head and muttered, "Fine, just don't do anything else."


Tetsuhiro's eyes lit up, "I...I won't!" It seemed that little by little, even if it was very small and so frustrating to continually be patient with the love of his life, he always managed to gain some ground. Admittedly it was never enough for him to be completely happy, but as long as things continued to improve -– no matter how agonizingly slowly then there was hope that one day, surely, everything would be perfect.


However his senpai noticed he hadn't made a move towards him to start washing his back. "Hurry up, before I change my mind!"


He needed not second prompting, he had to take –- to savor each small victory to winning the heart of his beloved Senpai. Shifting closer to Senpai he lathered the cloth with the bar of soap until the suds formed bubbles that flickered to life in the air before popping. With a shaky hand, almost not able to believe it he began to move the cloth over the back of the man he'd long been enamored of.

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Alexia Featherchild

Souichi felt the warm sudsy cloth that Morinaga stroked up and down his back, which every so often seemed to be moving in a circular clockwise motion. He wondered if the other man was just trying to be through in washing him, at least he hadn't done anything perverted. Expelling a sigh he crossed one arm over the other on top of the deep bathing tubs edge, laying his head against his arms.


The warmth of the water and the gentle rubbing of his back as the other man scrubbed it slowly pervaded through his muscles, relaxing him. Slowly his eyes fluttered shut, his lips parting as he calmly breathed in and out. Though he was somewhat surprised that the idiot hadn't yet to try anything –- usually he was all over him, and that's when they were fully clothed.


Thinking along those lines, the corners of his mouth deepened into a frown. Maybe the pervert had been satiated by what he'd done to him earlier and thinking about what he himself had done he felt heat rushing to his face. He buried his face into his crossed arms, not wanting Morinaga to realize the direction of his thoughts.


However when he felt the cloth gently rubbing his neck, Morinaga's fingers through the material he bit down on his lip to keep from making a sound. When he felt the younger mans chest brush his back he whirled around and shoved his hand into his chest. "Stop, that's enough."


Morinaga's green eyes were startled wide, "Senpai?" he questioned.


Souichi didn't meet those eyes, looking away as his hand laid flat against Morinaga's naked upper torso, "I... I can finish washing... myself."


However the older student was baffled when Morinaga pulled away, handing him the cloth which he'd been washing him with. "Okay, here." That caused Souichi to stare up at him, confused. It was never an easy victory over him –- he hadn't even had to punch or whack him at all. For some strange reason he had difficulty swallowing the lump that had formed in his throat.


'Does...does he not want me?' That question shook him, causing him to frown even as Morianga turned away from him and began to clean himself. 'What am I thinking! It'd be good if he didn't want me...maybe he's tired of me...maybe someone on the island...' He clenched his teeth, his hair curtaining his face as he felt a throbbing pain run through him at that possibility.


'If that were the case, he wouldn't have done what he did earlier... would he have?' He gazed at the back of the dark haired man, confused by his own thoughts even as Morinaga reached one of his arms over his shoulder to wash behind it. He saw the muscles ripple slightly beneath that movement. 'I suppose he's attractive enough to the islanders to make him their target, more so with them calling him their...Ou?' He grabbed a lock of his hair, unable to take his gaze off of him.


Souichi's eyes widened even as his face and ears turned a deep shade of red, his cock hardening. 'Fuck...I can't be...I just can't...'


Without realizing it he'd waded through the water and stood just inches behind Morinaga. His eyes seemed to be unfocused as he brought the cloth in his hand to his kouhai's back, which caused the other man to jump and turn his head around in order to stare wide eyed at the slighter built man.




Tetsuhiro couldn't believe what he was seeing, or feeling. His senpai was washing his back, the blonde's face red and his beautiful eyes looking somehow, somehow so very very sensual. He wondered if Senpai was even aware of it or the dangerous ground he was treading. Where the blond man was concerned, Tetsuhiro found himself too easily aroused and whenever the other man would touch him of his own accord it just made him grow harder.


It didn't seem as Senpai had heard him, so he said his name a bit more firmly than before. "Senpai!"


That seemed to snap the elder student out of it as Tetsuhiro turned around, his thigh brushing up against his beloveds flesh. Feeling that his eyes widened, mouth slightly agape, 'Senpai...is...hard?' However before he could reach out and pull him to him, Senpai backed away.


"I was just returning the favor. You washed my back...so it was only polite to do the same for you."


Tetsuhiro sighed, that didn't sound like Senpai at all –- but it did, always trying to find some excuse for his actions and reactions. Yet he didn't think there was any way the blond could place blame on him as he asked. "So Senpai... if that's all it was, why are you turned on?"


That caught the graduate student off guard, "Wh-wh-what!" He flung the still soap laden cloth at Tetsuhiro, which the broad shouldered man barely avoided as it whooshed past his ear instead of landing directly in the middle of his face. "Don't be an idiot!"


With a grim line to his mouth, and his eyes narrowed at a serious angle Tetsuhiro advanced. As he did so his senpai continued to back away until he hit the side of the tub, Tetsuhiro placing a hand on either side of him as he looked down into wide eyes and angry mouth. "I'm not going to let you run away from this Senpai. Why are you hard?" He pressed his own hips against Senpai's his cock brushing over his beloveds hard on.


Senpai's head turned away, his breathing not at all calm, his breath hitching as he felt Tetsuhiro's cock against his. "I...I...I don't know!"


Tetsuhiro wouldn't allow him to turn around or drag himself out of the tub. He pressed closer, one hand taking a hold of him beneath his chin, the other holding the back of his neck, gripping his hair as his mouth came down upon the blonds. The man gave a token struggle, a barely said protest, but as soon as Tetsuhiro's lips met his he felt Senpai's mouth open up easily beneath his.


Cat-like honey-gold irises stared into serious green, before closing, shaky hands finding their way to Tetsuhiro's shoulders, but instead of him being pushed away the blond held onto him.


Tetsuhiro's invaded inside his senpai's mouth, flicking his moist red tongue over Senpai's. He sucked on the elder University student's tongue, allowing neither of them enough room to breath properly. He couldn't tell whose heartbeat it was that thudded so loudly, that he felt beating against his chest. Perhaps it was not his or his Senpai's, but a united rhythm of both their vital organs as blood rushed to certain parts of their anatomy.


He could feel the blond tremble in his embrace, sinking back against the edge of the tub, trying not to slip, Tetsuhiro following after him.


The dark haired man released the others tongue, proceeding to suck the light haired mans tongue into his mouth, running his tongue over it again and again. Their intermixed saliva beginning to leak out from the corners of their mouths. Yet it was the blond whose mouth seemed to be overflowing as the drool dribbled down over his chin.


When Tetsuhiro drew away, breaking the passionate kiss, their saliva clung to each others, creating a bridge that continued to connect their mouths. Both their eyes half-lidded as they panted for air, finally having a room, a moment to breath.


Behind the blond, the black haired man reached for the deep royal purple robe before lifting the man onto the edge of the in ground tub, placing himself between his legs. Before Senpai could come to his senses, he flicked his tongue over one pink nipple while the pad of his index finger brushed up over the other.


Souichi had been startled when he'd been lifted out of the water, seated upon the edge on something soft. He'd started to lift his hands in order to ward the pervert off, but the bastard had quickly assaulted his nipples, causing him to throw back his head and gasp, "Haah!"


Instead of pushing Morinaga away, his fingers had gripped into his hair, holding him against his chest as he moaned, 'Why...why can't I...push him away?'


Beads of perspiration had begun to break out on both their bodies, though it was difficult to tell between the sweat their body formed naturally and the water that clung to them.


Souichi couldn't think straight as Morinaga stroked and caressed him, fingers running down over his abdomen. A firm gripping of fingers wrapped around his cock, stroking up and down his length. He cried out as he felt the pad of Morinaga's thumb touching the slit at the tip of his head, ever so slowly moving it in circles. "Mori...uhh...nag...ahh!" He moaned as his body shuddered, cum splattering against Morinaga's hand.


Tetsuhiro's mouth parted a pulsation of pleasure shoot through his body. He leaned over Senpai, his tongue darting over the panting mans ear, down over his neck. Those eyes of his dark with desire, a stream of drool still dribbling from one corner of his mouth as his head moved allowing the dark haired man easier access to the vulnerable line of his neck.


Using the hand which was covered in Senpai's thick, slightly sticky warm seed, he placed those fingers at the blond man's entrance. His fingers slid inside him easy, most likely due to having been intimate not even a couple of hours ago.


The green eyed man smiled down at the flushed body of his beloved Senpai, "Senpai," he whispered heatedly against his ear as he removed his fingers from him and positioned his cock between those thighs. He was startled for a moment as he felt the older man's legs wrap around his, and arms wrapped around him, fingertips gripping his shoulders.

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Alexia Featherchild

"I love you..." he grunted as he thrust into the hot and eager body, feeling the muscles within that tight passage clenching and unclenching around his hard penis. With each thrust he felt a new mark upon his back and shoulders, as Senpai panted out his name again and again.


As he felt the muscles of his abdomen quaver, he gave one last hard thrust into Senpai; the head of his cock brushing quickly over the blonds prostate gland. That movement causing his senpai's fingertips to dig into the flesh of his back as they both found their release together, gasping wide eyed as their bodies convulsed.


As they slowly regained their breath, Tetsuhiro pulled his then limp dick out of Senpai's body. For once the older man had not fallen asleep, but his head was turned away from him, his face red, his lips parted as he tried to breath calmly.


Neither of them realized that someone had been listening outside one of the windows, a young islander determined to gain the Ou's favor and take the place of the outsider. Kou stood and turned around, headed in the direction of Ou-sama's bed chambers. 'I'll make Ou-sama forget all about that outsider and then he'll be mine.'


Tetsuhiro had been too bewildered for a moment when his Senpai had stormed out of the bathing room to do or say anything other than, "Senpai!" It was the same pattern as usual he sighed wearily. Sometimes it really tired him out, trying to be so patient, always so persistent with very little leeway. Yet the older man's defenses were being dismantled –- if only brick by solitary brick.


He'd planned to allow Senpai time to cool down, before he'd approach him again. Although he was sure that he'd be able to find a comfortable place other than his usual room to sleep, he was certain there would be a price he wasn't willing to pay, that of the attentions of whomever would so kindly host him.


However, before he could do anything other than dry off and put on the pants of the strange outfit the islanders had given to him, of which he'd grown quite used to in the passing months without rescue, he heard a loud booming voice.


Tetsuhiro winced, he couldn't quite make out what was being said, but it was a voice he knew far too well. Without pausing to finish dressing he hurried to the his bedchambers where he knew Senpai had gone. As he peaked around the door and asked whether or not everything was okay he couldn't see that there was more than one person in the room due to it being lit but by a single flickering candle. He could just make out the shadowy outline of his senpai.


The older man however didn't seem to be aware of his presence, and he grew confused as Senpai yelled furiously, "What the hell do you know, you fucking homo!" Before he could comprehend what in the world was going on, he heard another voice, felt his hand and shoulder grasped by someone in the too dark room.


Kou's voice however was unmistakable, loud and clear, "Ou-sama! I love you, I am far better suited for you than...than him!"


Tetsuhiro was too stunned to move as what was going on slowly began to sink in.


The older mans eyes rounded behind his lenses as that disgusting islander moved and took hold of Tetsuhiro's arm. His eyes had gotten used to the dim lighting of the room. He shot up, holding the sheets of the bed wrapepd around his wasit, growling, "Get your filthy hands off of him!"


Kou pressed his nude body to the man he referred to as Ou-sama, pouting up at the wide eyed man who seemed to be paralyzed. "Ou-sama?" Then his pout turned into a frown as his narrowed gaze turned toward the outsider, "If my hands are filthy yours are far worse outsider," he spat the last word out at him, "you who are not at all worthy of being Ou-sama's Kisaki, especially if you do not feel for him as I do!'


Tetsuhiro's eyes were darting between the two men, he needed to find something to say in order to halt what he felt to be sure an impending doom. A doom that was not just for Kou, but himself as well. 'This isn't going to end well.'


Souichi could not formulate a response to Kou, what was he supposed to say and while trying to think of something to dash that horrid islanders hopes of becoming Morinaga's...whatever, he noticed something unsettling.


Morinaga had not yet pushed the bastard away, nor had he stepped away from the arrogant little shit, who seemed to be too full of himself and his own importance. His voice low, unknowingly agonized and worried, "Mori...naga?"


Despite the elder woman of the islander earlier dispelling all ideas of Morinaga having taken any of the islanders offers up, he was allowing someone else to touch him. Not just someone idling touching him either, but someone with heinous intentions and...his eyes widened as he finally noticed that the islander was unclothed. His heart sank as any number of implications ran through his mind.


It was in that moment, that what was going on finally and fully sank into Tetsuhiro. His green eyes wide as he slowly disengaged himself from the young islander, Kou and stepped toward Senpai. The slightly older man's head went back slightly as his honey-amber eyes met the emerald of his kouhai.


Tetsuhiro wrapped an arm around Senpai, feeling if only for a moment the slighter built man stiffen. However the man he adored neither pushed him away nor backed away from his hold.


Turning to frown upon Kou, "Kou, Senpai is the only one I love, and I would hope you would understand that. I have loved him for over five years, but it seems there are those on this island who have failed to understand this, even when upon my arrival here I mentioned this. I am tired of everyone trying to become my lover." He felt Senpai's forehead resting against his shoulder as he spoke to Kou.


The young islander's eyes widened, frowning as his eyes began to water. However not wishing to show any weakness, any hurt he snapped, "You are a fool Ou-sama! Loving someone so selfish all that time, tell me, tell me just what have you gotten in return from him?' His lilac colored eyes glared at the blond.


Tetsuhiro could feel Senpai's fingertips digging into his hip, could feel a slight tremble. He wasn't sure if it was from worry or fury, but he managed to reply to Kou.


"I do not have to explain myself to you. However here is something to remember in case you ever try something like this again –- with anyone; love is something that has no rhyme, it has no reason, it just makes its home in ones heart whether or not the person wants it to. No one can control who they love, whom they fall in love with, it just happens. It is a phenomenon that no amount of science will ever be able to understand or explain."


Souichi hearing the words that Morinaga uttered to Kou, caused the corners of his mouth to curve downward into a frown. 'Something that even science cannot explain...that one cannot control?' Somehow he did not care for that at all, because for him everything had to have an explanation, a meaning, a scientific truth.


Kou's lower lip trembled as Morinaga spoke again, "Kou, now please, get leave."


he islander knew when he was assuredly not wanted, however he said one last parting shot to the one he so degradingly called the outsider, as he picked up his clothes, "Don't think that just because he loves you that everything will go smoothly, eventually love fades away if it is not nurtured properly, just like a flower. If you don't tend to it, it will begin to wilt and wither."


Just as Souichi took a step toward the annoying punk, he felt Morinaga's grip tighten and the young fool fled the room.


The blond turned to glare up into Morinaga's face, "What the hell!"


A slight smile had formed on the younger man, "I couldn't let you harm one of the islanders, he hasn't really done anything."


"Not from lack of trying!" He snarled, but felt too tired to go after him. Pulling out of Morinaga's arms, he stretched one arm over his head as he yawned, a normal reflex when he was tired.


He heard his kouhai, "Well Senpai... I'll let you get your sleep and see you in the morning..." for some reason he didn't like the sound of that. What if someone else like that, whatshisname tried something again. He shoved Morinaga onto the bed, "Go to sleep," he grumbled when he saw those startled eyes of his, proceeding to push him over to the other side of the bed before getting back beneath the covers.


"If you try anything," he grumbled as he took something off the tray of food, that had amazingly not been thrown at that stupid islander, in order to settle satiate his hunger, "I really will have to kill you."


Morinaga laughed nervously, closing his eyes to allow sleep to take him. Tomorrow was another day after all, and he'd already gotten so much, it wouldn't be good to push his luck any further...would it, he sighed.


Outside of Ou-sama's island home, one of the guards whom had given him a tour of the island, and later brought a box of toys upon request to his chambers frowned as he saw the chestnut haired man storming away. His eyes widened as he realized that it was Kou and he was carrying his clothes in one arm rather than wearing them, using the other arm to rub his eyes.


'Why did it have to be the Ou who caught his eye?' he slammed the tip of his sword into the ground. He could only be thankful that Ou-sama had someone else, loved someone else whom a within the week would become the Ou's Kisaki, the official Kisaki of the island. Hopefully then, Kou would give up on his quest to win the Ou's favor. 'Then, there might be a chance...'

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Alexia Featherchild

The night had passed without further incident, for which Tetsuhiro could only be thankful, for both he and his beloved Senpai had needed their rest. It had, however been practically a first for him to get such a good nights sleep since arriving upon the island, where just about every one of the islanders wished to somehow please him. A task they preferred to do by offering themselves up to him, in his bed, in his bath, whenever and wherever they could. All of them however, he had turned down.


Only the man whose legs were tangled with his, sleeping on the pillow next to him, was the one he wanted, the one whom he loved - despite everything.


Slowly disentangling himself from the still sleeping man, he felt the arm across him tighten. At that he stilled until the grip on him loosened and he was able to free himself, before Senpai awoke and kicked him out, as he was prone to forgetting what had occurred the night before - if only for a moment.


However, as he stood up and began to change into his morning clothes, the sleeping man stirred, sleepy eyes blinking open. The lithe body of the half-asleep man stretching out beneath the covers, one arm over his head, "Nnn... Mori...naga..."


Tetsuhiro gulped, as the bed sheet fell to reveal one perfectly pink nipple. "G-good morning Senpai." How he wanted to bend down and kiss that slightly parted mouth, to move his fingertips over his senpai's pectorals. He didn't believe the other man would appreciate considering the events of the day and night before. Especially when those eyes came into focus, once the man had straightened his glasses on his nose and stared at him unsmilingly, as red crept over the mans face. The dark haired man was baffled by the blonds reactions, normally he would have been yelling at him or worse. His senpai however had covered himself with the bed sheet, turning his head away, not even looking in his direction.


'Is he angry? Then...why did he want me to sleep here last night?' As always, his beloveds actions confused him, causing his heart to ache at the possibility that the other was finally though - sick of everything to do with him. Yet Senpai's body had responded to him so eagerly, if only the stubborn man would admit to himself how he really felt. 'But maybe I'm just living an illusion, always hoping for something that I'll probably never get... but we have come far, there has been progress, albeit slow progress, but I love him. If only I could make him mine forever, make him realize that he's mine then maybe, we could both of us, be happy.' With an inaudible sigh he turned around and continued changing, slowly, his limbs feeling sluggish and his fingers clammy and clumsy.


Souichi's body ached slightly, rarely used muscles having been taxed the day before as he sat up in the bed. He couldn't bring himself to look at Morinaga, as his hands clutched the bedsheets, bringing them up and tucking them beneath his arms. The idiot was alive, none of it had been a dream and his body could attest to that, but what was more bothersome to him was the scene that continued to play over and over again in his head. That islander whom had been naked as the day he was born trying to gain the attentions of his kouhai. 'If he were interested in someone else, then I wouldn't have to put up with having sex with him...'


Yet the thought of Morinaga with someone else just did not sit right with him, hadn't he told the idiot to go find someone else, but the other man never had. Always, always he persisted, touching him, spouting words of affection.


He wondered what it meant, not wanting Morinaga to find someone else, when he himself always denied that their was anything between them. And Morinaga was able to provoke a strong reaction from his body too, he despised his own body for that, because he couldn't control it. His kouhai, whenever that happened, took advantage if he could. Back at the room in Canada, back in their apartment after their guests had left and then again when the pervert had found him chained to the bed.


Still, he was always kind, even gentle most of the time, unless he got really angry and then he was truly frightening, more so than just when he'd go into rut all of a sudden.


The air in the room was tense as he continued to speculate, to try and figure out what he should do, how he should act that morning. He was angry about the idiot taking advantage of each situation thrown at him, even when they'd been bathing and he'd become aroused. He closed his eyes tight. 'No, no, no! Not going there!'


Yet he also recalled both Morinaga's words and that annoying islanders at the end just before he'd left in a huff. Over and over again those words played through him like a broken record.


'No one can control who they love, whom they fall in love with, it just happens. It is a phenomenon that no amount of science will ever be able to understand or explain.'


Did that mean, that his kouhai did not want to be in love with him, that if it were something one could control then he would have washed his hands of him a long time ago, Souichi wondered. His eyes widened, holding his hand to his heart at the painful twinge he felt there. 'Why...' He frowned, wondering why all of a sudden there had been such a painful ache in his chest.


His mind wandered back to the islanders words as well. 'Don't think, that just because he loves you that everything will go smoothly, eventually love fades away if it is not nurtured properly, just like a flower. If you don't tend to it, it will begin to wilt and wither.'


Again that sudden and sharp pain zinged through his chest, where his heart thumped. Before he could delve further into his own psychoanalysis someone burst into the room. Startled he looked up, a scowl already in place in case it was the young man from last night or anyone else with the insane notion that they were going to get into Morinaga's pants.


The person whom had barged into the room, was the elderly woman from the day before, who had spoken about some ceremony and mentioned that he was to be a Kisaki. Still annoyed, he was relived that it hadn't been another islander and especially not that brat from last night.


Tetsuhiro had just finished dressing when the elder woman of the island popped into the room, what looked to be three young women following behind her, each holding some garment in their arms. He looked at them curiously, wondering what they were for. It didn't take long for him to find out and to worry over what Senpai was going to do.


The old woman smiled at the two, introducing the three women as her granddaughters. "Kyoko, Ryoko and Toyoko." The three women bent their heads, as they sat down upon their knees. "And they have brought some clothes for Kisaki."


Everyone ignored the disgruntled glare of the blond man who was still in bed, wrapped in nothing more than a bed-sheet.


Tetsuhiro hadn't known where his Senpai's clothes were if he even had any he'd brought with him, but he didn't think the man would accept wearing any of the three offered garments.


"Toyoko, show them the night clothes first," the old woman ordered her tallest granddaughter with hair cut into a bob. It didn't take long for the young woman to stand and shake out the two pieces of red silky material. It was far too difficult for any of them to think of a description for it.


Souichi's eyes on the other hand widened, before growling, "No fucking way am I going to wear that! I might as well not be wearing anything at all. And for your information, I am not some woman to dress up in some harem get-up either!" He slammed his fist against the headboard of the bed, causing Morinaga to jump and spin around to stare down at him with nervous green eyes.


While the elder woman did not seem phased in the least, the three young woman were nervous. Toyoko sitting back down on her knees next to one of her sisters.


The blond man wondered what the hell was in these islanders minds, were they all just sick!


Again the old woman ordered one of her granddaughters to show Ou-sama and Kisaki another article of clothing, "Ryoko, please show them the day clothes."


The girl in the middle, with shoulder length wavy black hair with a rose in her hair over her ear stood shakily as she closed her eyes tight holding out the selection she'd been told to show. Her wrists gave a flick and it unraveled. It was a very informal type of kimono. It's sleeves were long and billowy, but it was only if Senpai were to wear it, mid-thigh length.


It had a pretty sky blue colored background, with small patches of white that might have been clouds, with little branches holding pink petals while others fell as though the wind were carrying them away.


This time Tetsuhiro tried to hold his senpai down as he looked like he was about to get up and toss the elder woman and her three charges out. He however did not wish to offend them, besides it was just so hot just imagining his senpai wearing either of those. Still he didn't think the graduate student he so adored would ever be willing under any circumstances what-so-ever to wear either garment.


Ryoko returned to her earlier position, gazing at Yoyoko with a frown. However at that point neither of them talked, but they were both thinking, 'Kisaki is scary! Ou-sama loves him?'


Finally the elder woman asked her smallest and most fragile looking grandchild, whose skin was ivory and whose hair was pulled back into a hip length braid, though some of the hair in the front was loose and framing a tiny face and deep blue slanted eyes with overly long natural lashes.

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Alexia Featherchild

Kyoko held up the garment, it was longer than himself, being short as he was. It was a dark blue with lighter blue butterflies of various sizes and directions. His voice was sweet and melodic, "Please Kisaki, wont you wear this? I-I made it especially for Ou-sama's Kisaki... I d-don't know if it'll fit... b-because I didn't know... your size or what y-you'd look like." Those large blue eyes looked up at the startled agricultural graduate student whom everyone kept referring to as Kisaki.


Souichi had no idea what to do or say to the girl, having no idea that the young lady was actually a young gentleman, since all three of them were wearing identical kimonos.


Those blue eyes watered, "Please take good care of Ou-sama." He placed the garment on the bed. "He's been so lonely, and with you here surely everyone else will let him have peace. He's been like the big brother I never had, so treat him right, okay?"


The elder woman smiled as she saw the dumbfounded expression on both Ou-sama and Kisaki's faces, she bowed her head and left with her three charges, leaving each garment behind.


Souichi shook his head, "What... was that?"


Tetsuhiro was unable to comment, as he watched his senpai reach for the yukata that the young Kyoko had left behind. Apparently that one wasn't too revealing nor overly girly despite the butterflies for his senpai to outright refuse, especially when there was nothing else for him to wear than his naked skin.


It had been exactly a week ago that, he, Souichi had found himself stranded on an island after an overly long search on the high seas for his kouhai. He didn't know whether to thank that bitch, Tashi, or not. Just recalling her antics caused him to shudder. 'I wonder if shes going to tell anyone that she quite deliberately, left me on some island. Once we get off this crazy island I'm going to hunt her down and destroy her for being such a rotten old hag,' although he did realize she wasn't that old, he didn't care. She had tried to interfere too many times, and had taken revenge out on him, just because he'd rejected her ass.


He wasn't sure which was worse, looking for Morinaga, or being stranded on an island with the pervert, especially when each night, ever since he'd arrived they had shared a room, a bed. He'd only conceded to do so, because of that officious brat and the possibility of others trying to get away with it too.


Sitting up in the bed, noticing that the other side of it was decidedly empty, he frowned as he shivered. Holding the upper part of his arms with his hands, he rubbed up and down them as though trying to get warm. Although he didn't think the temperature had dropped, though it could have had something to do with the fact that he wasn't wearing anything other than the bed spread. He'd positively refused to wear that red garment that still waited in the bottom of a dresser drawer. 'Not like that would have been much warmer anyway. That thing is almost, if not worse than wearing nothing at all!'


The islanders and their weird ideas and traditions he could well do without. Though it had been difficult to sleep like that in the same bed as Morinaga. Countless times he'd had to shove the other man away, sometimes even kicking him off the bed if he tried anything remotely perverted. Yet he'd still been unable to let his kouhai sleep elsewhere, and so had begrudgingly let him back into the bed. Each morning, though, he'd wake up well before him and find the younger mans arms wrapped around him, one of his legs tangled with his.


He'd also found it more and more difficult to push the man out of bed for even daring to lay his hands on him. 'Am I getting used...to it...that need of his to...wrap around me every night?' Again he shivered as the cool air hit his flesh, as the bedspread fell into his lap.


Again the blond graduate student of Nagoya University frowned, wondering why he felt so fucking cold. 'Where is that stupid kouhai of mine anyway?'


Pulling one of the bedsheets off the bed and using it as a makeshift toga, he walked up to the door, and peaked around it, looking from the right and then to the left.


His heart constricted as he heard Morinaga's laughter somewhere down the hall. 'Did...did he leave in the middle of the night...t-to...' he stepped back, shaking his head, stomping over to the bed and flopping back onto it. 'No, he wouldn't do that. I mean, why would he, if he waited all that time... hoping to get off the island and come back to...me?'


Just then, as he was on yet another precipice, the door creaked open, causing him to quickly sit up and fix the makeshift toga that had ridden up over his thighs. His golden-amber eyes met that of emerald green, and felt his heart thumping erratically. Yet before he could think to himself, or question it, Morinaga spoke.


"Senpai, would you like a tour of the island? I know you've refused before, but hear me out this time, will you?" Tetsuhiro really hoped that the love of his life would listen to him for once since winding up together with him on the strange island that they currently inhabited.


He'd been amazed that his Senpai had allowed him to share the same room, the same bed with him. Although his beloved Senpai didn't allow him to have his way with him, at least he'd been able to sleep beside him, to snuggle him, even if it earned him a rude awakening most mornings. Although the morning before Senpai had just moved away, grumbling, and this morning he had awoken first with an idea forming in his head that would get Senpai out of the building.


Now had his Senpai wanted to stay in their room all day of the week, morning, noon and night for a different reason rather than to hide from the islanders, he would have been more than willing to oblige him. As that was not the case however, he had come up with a plan he was surprised at himself for not having thought of previously during the week that the man he so loved had been there with him.


He heard the blond ask, "Whatever," making a hmph sound as he gazed unsmilingly at Tetsuhiro, though the older man seemed to be refusing to look up at him.


Still the dark haired younger man managed to smile, "Well, you see Senpai, this island is filled with amazing discoveries that would astound the world of science."


At the mention of science, he noticed his Senpai's eyes flicker, the older man's gaze finally meeting his, questioningly through his spectacles. Tetsuhiro knew that look, his heart's desire was interested. He was certain that the older student would be only further intrigued by the vast number of discoveries on the island and maybe he wouldn't hate it so much, being stranded on some strange land with even stranger people.


Souichi was indeed curious, when his kouhai mentioned science. Although before he left the room, his eyes narrowed at the slightly taller man, "I need to get dressed." He lifted his hand pointing toward the door, "Out." When he saw Morinaga begin to pout, he growled, "Now!" Which earned him a chuckle before his kouhai stepped out into the hall, shutting the door behind him so that he could have complete privacy.


The only thing that was even remotely wearable, was the dark blue kimono with the butterflies which decorated it. The wardrobe he'd been offered was the main reason he had not wanted to set foot outside the building, let alone the bedroom and bath. He had not wanted anyone to see him. However he was too interested in these discoveries Morinaga claimed were to be found on the island where any number of strange and annoying people made up its population.


Once he was dressed, he pushed open the door, where Morinaga had patiently been waiting outside for him. He could feel his face burn as those green eyes trailed down and back up him. It made him quiver, which only manage to irritate him as he grumbled, "Let's go, show me what you found."


He watched as Morinaga smiled, taking his hand and hurriedly walking outside and down a well used path. Souichi himself tried to break free of Morinaga's hold on his hand, but the other mans grip just tightened, and he couldn't struggle very much else least he should stumble. Irritated, once Morianga came to a halt, he shoved his free hand into his shoulder, "Would you let go!"


The younger man whirled around to stare down into Senpai's flushed face, only to have Senpai avert his eyes. The only thought Tetsuhiro had was, 'Aww, he's just being shy. That's so cute, I want to...' he blinked, snapping himself out of it, 'No...he'd just get mad and I did want to show him this.'


The dark haired man sank down onto his knees, startling the blond for a fraction of a moment, as Tetsuhiro moved a few leaves aside to reveal a plant he'd found not long after he himself had first arrived on the island. A plant which should be extinct the world over, but there it was, growing, thriving on the island where the islanders thought him to be their Ou and Senpai to be their future Kisaki.


He felt rather than saw Senpai moving next to him, kneeling as well, the mans thigh brushing his side, and then next to his ear he heard the man speak.


"Is that Adiantum lianxianense?"


"Yes Senpai, I do believe it is. There are other plants and animals that have been thought extinct too, throughout the rest of the world, but they seem to still exist here."

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Alexia Featherchild

Souichi was amazed by the discovery, and Morinaga had been willing to share the discovery with him, rather than keep it hidden, as others might have in order to keep it to themselves and make some profit off of it. He himself did not really care about the money or prestige it could bring, but the possibilities were boundless, "This discovery of yours Morinaga, what if something here could cure some of the diseases, or at least slow down the degeneration of those with things like Muscular Dystrophy."


Though, as he thought along those lines, he sighed heavily, sitting back on the ground, legs stretched forward, hands holding him up behind him on the ground.


"Senpai," the concerned voice of Morinaga made him gaze into those worried green eyes of his. He was unable to stare at him for long, averting his own gaze from the intensity of his kouhai's. "Senpai? Is something wrong?"


The blond shook his head, "None of this will do the world any good, if we can't tell the world. Neither of us can help the world with this discovery without a fully equipped laboratory."


Tetsuhiro sighed, not having wanted to cause his dear Senpai to brood, but really the only thing the man knew how to do was research. Senpai couldn't cook nor could do chores. It was amazing to him how he'd managed to survive in Canada for those two months that seemed to be such a long time ago now. If only Senpai would put in so much time and effort where he was concerned. If only the older student loved him as passionately as he did his work, then oh how ecstatic he would be then.


Even thinking that however, he placed a hand on either side of Senpai, leaning down over him, his mouth not but one inch away from the older mans lips.


His mouth did not yet meet his Senpai's, as the man blinked, his eyes staring into his. He noticed his beloved's body tremble slightly, however when he began to back away those beautiful eyes of the other man widened, mouth agape.


Souichi had though that Morinaga had been about to sweep in and kiss him senseless, or at the very least try, but the man for once, startled him by pulling away before their mouths had even had the chance to touch.


The blonds brows furrowed as he frowned, wondering why he found the fact that Morinaga had not pressed those firm lips of his against his own, unsettling him. 'I don't want him to kiss me... do I? No... it's just I'm used to him being so aggressive... too aggressive... so whats with him?' He clamped his mouth shut, glaring daggers at the younger man.


Morinaga's brows arched, "Senpai," his voice questioned, "what's wrong?"


Souichi had no intention of answering the idiot, especially when he didn't know the answer himself, but before he could turn away and stand, his kouhai held one of his arms, his warm breath against his ear.


"Senpai..." the younger man whispered, causing Souichi's heart to pound against his ribcage, his mouth to run dry and his ears to turn red. His gaze flew to Morinaga's, but as his head turned in his direction, that demanding mouth sought and found his.


Lifting one hand up from the ground, he'd intended to push Morinaga away, and yet he found that his arm was wrapping around the younger man, involuntarily. His eyelids drooped, half-lidded as his pupils dilated, his irises darkening to a deeper shade of golden-rod brown than their usual honey-gold hue.


Just for a moment, though it seemed an ageless time had passed, both pairs of eyes closed while their tongues danced against one another before pulling apart. Souichi's breath came in tiny little gasps. Turning his head away he lightly pushed Morianga away and stood up, dusting off his ass in case any of the foliage of the forest ground clung to him. Morinaga followed suit.


He could not manage to even meet Morinaga's in the eye, it was getting more and more difficult to do so and he didn't understand why. Though lately, whenever he managed to look at the younger man, especially when their eyes met, he felt strange and unexplainably light headed.


The older student could hear the younger student sigh beside him, and then the same voice, which had spoken only a mere few minutes ago huskily into his ear, spoke almost mechanically. "Senpai, we should probably head back and meet the others on the beach."


At that Souichi looked up at the other man, "Why?"


"Because they're holding some kind of celebration today. It's a ceremony in your honor, so, I think it would be rude if we didn't show up."


He grumbled, "I don't want to go. I don't like parties, ceremonies, celebrations, whatever you want to call them."


"I'm sure that if you don't go voluntarily, they'll just send someone..."


At that Souichi glared, crossing his arms, "Ugh, fine! I'll go, I don't need some stupid islander dragging me around to places I don't even want to go. I don't know this people..." his voice trailed off, brows furrowing once again, trying to think of someway he could get out of this whole situation.


Morinaga just smiled at him, wrapping an arm around him, "Don't worry Senpai, I'll protect you." His hand found the spot on Souichi's shoulder where that tattoo still claimed as its home, lightly massaging the flesh beneath the sleeve of the kimono there.


Souichi stared up into Morinaga's face, his own lips parted showing his teeth as he glowered, "What the fuck, Morinaga!" He elbowed him, "I don't need your protection! I can take care of myself!" And so saying he stormed away in the direction of the beach; Morinaga painfully smiling after as he held his stomach, moments later managing to stand and follow after him.


It took only a few moments for Tetsuhiro to catch up to his Senpai, since as they neared the beach the older man had begun to shorten his stride. He didn't attempt to take ahold of the blond, not that he didn't want to reach out and touch him, if only briefly. 'At least I can hold him at night...if he falls asleep before I do.' Even the smallest, the briefest of touches, of moments where he could caress or embrace Senpai was like a little slice of heaven - even if it was no more than that.


Suddenly, his Senpai halted and he nearly collided into his back, but was able to put the brakes on just before stumbling into him, though his hands caught the older students shoulders. The dark haired man wondered for a moment why the lighter haired man didn't struggle to free himself of his hold, lifting his head up to peer over the top of the other mans his question was answered.


There laid out before them upon the sands of the islands beach was a colorful display of flowers strung around the beech nut, ficus and palm trees. Yet more flowers adorned the islanders hair either as single buds and blossoms or as a makeshift crown.


Everyone was too, were dressed in a variety of tomosode. For such a carefree people, it seemed rather formal. Tetsuhiro could not recall them dressing that way for when they had celebrated his arrival and the end of a crocodiles life, a beast which had taken countless lives belonging to that of the islanders family and friends. That too, seemed to be so long ago, though it had only been a few months. Months which had dragged endlessly, for he had not been able to speak with his friends, but more importantly, he'd not been able to hear, to see or to touch Senpai.


Even at that moment, he felt his heart swell with joy, even if the man did still push him away and deny him and his own feelings. 'Maybe I'm imagining it, but I think he's softened more toward me, excepting me more and more with each day that passes, whether I've been there with him or not.' He could only hope that was the truth and that soon the man would cave and become aware of his own hidden feelings. 'I just hope I'm not wrong...because if I'm wrong...how painful that would be...'


Souichi didn't know what to think of the display, as the strange islanders waved in their direction, several with smiles on their faces. However there were those whose eyes did not meet theirs, whose mouths were twisted into a frown or a pout. His eyes narrowed, all too aware of why they looked so decidedly unhappy, and finally becoming aware that Morinaga's hands held him just below his shoulders, he decided he could not shrug them off. At least, not with all those people staring, waiting for any sign that either of the two were displeased or unsatisfied with one another. 'They can't have him.'


He nor Morinaga were aware of just what the celebration and the accompany ceremony would entail, nor why the ones who were smiling were doing so. With their twinkling and winking eyes as they held up their cracked coconuts, they drank a sip from nature's rich and creamy milk white gift.


Lifting his hand up to take one of Morianaga's he walked forward from beneath the shade of the trees they stood beneath and out into the morning sunlight that glinted off the white sand, then let go of his kouhai's hand. These people, were not his people and so he tried not to feel remotely embarrassed by voluntarily having taken Morinaga's hand, even if it was in hopes of keeping them away from the younger student.


Before either of the two could do or say more, the elder woman of the island, who seemed to be in charge of the rest of the islanders, or to at least speak for the rest of them appeared in front of them. She'd turned around from speaking to her smallest grandchild, Kyoko, smiling in their direction as she approached.

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Alexia Featherchild

The elder woman bowed to them, "Ou-sama," she smiled from him then to Souichi, "Kisaki... today you will become the official Kisaki," her eyes seemed to dance as she lifted a hand, which brought forth little Kyoko. In the young boy's hand, though everyone, including Souichi thought Kyoko was a female, carried a folded up spring green colored garment.


Souichi was about to ask what was going on, when several other young women descended upon him, two women on either side of him, grabbing his arms and tugging him along after Kyoko and his grandmother.


"What the hell do you think you're doing! Let go!"


The old woman just smirked, "Such a feisty one, but you need not worry, we're not going to harm you."


The blond wasn't too sure about that, considering all the bizarre crap that had happened since his arrival on the damnable island with its islanders strange habits.


As he was tugged along, with a couple other women behind him, pushing against his back when he tried to drag his feet, he gazed over his shoulder wildly looking for Morinaga.


His eyes rounded as he saw a group of men of various ages and sizes surrounding his kouhai. He could only wonder what they were going to do to Morinaga instead of worrying about what the annoying female islanders had planned for him.


Only a few moments later was he shoved into a hut, the elder woman turning around to smile at him, her hands folded before her. Thankfully the other women had let go of his arms and stood behind him, blocking his exit.


"So, this day has finally arrived. We islanders are so happy that Ou-sama was reunited with you."


The man frowned, wondering what the old bat was trying to get at.


"And in order to enjoy the festivities, this celebration to its fullest, you, as the Kisaki, will wear the official garment that exists for just this very purpose."


At that Kyoko unfolded the green material he had been holding. It was in two pieces. The top was a bead sequin choli top with two inch arm straps. The bottom over the loins area also bead sequined and matching the top. Around it, extending from it was layers of spring green chiffon, a harem skirt. There were bracelets and anklets too that matched the sequined material, but the expression on the blonds face was priceless.


Souichi's eyes had widened, one could have sworn if they widened any further they'd just about pop out of their sockets. They expected him to wear that, he could only wonder what the fuck was wrong with these people as his eyes narrowed and he turned around to leave.


At some point, while Kyoko had been showing him the official garment of the Kisaki, a couple of men had stepped into the room to replace the women. They were the same idiots that had found him the first day when he'd been stranded by the devil woman.


Now, now he was fucking pissed and tried to struggle out of their tight grip. It was like a repeat of the first time they'd held him down while a couple women were determined to strip him. Although at least this time it appeared that they were going to replace what he was wearing with something else, but there was no way in hell he was going to wear that getup.


"Fucking bastards, let me go right now!" He tugged his arms, but their grip was so tight it just wrenched his arms, making them hurt enough that he hissed in pain.


Kyoko watched as his sisters began to undo the kimono that Kisaki wore, hoping that they would not ruin that which he had so painstakingly stitched together and dyed. His big round blue eyes gazed up at he who was to be Ou-sama's Kisaki. "Kisaki, please do not struggle so, it is a great honor to be the islands Kisaki, Ou-sama's Kisaki."


That did not help to calm the blond man down at all, but he couldn't very well take his irritation out on a little girl. It made him think of Kanako, whom he missed, that little sister of his.


Still he struggled, but to no avail, and once they had stripped him of the kimono they proceeded to force him into what looked like some belly dancers harem outfit.


He could only think of how to kill the men and women whom had dared to strip him down and then dress him up as if they had the right to do so. "You'll pay for this!" He managed to grunt, before they led him back reluctantly to the beach where Morinaga had been left to deal with a throng of men.


Seeing that, he gritted his teeth, all those other men surrounding Morinaga, just made his blood feel as though it were boiling beneath his skin. 'They'd better get their fucking hands off him and back away.'


Tetsuhiro had looked up when one of the men that had held him back from running after Senpai and the women who'd led him off the beach, pointed that he had returned. He didn't notice his jaw slacken or his eyes widen at the sight of Senpai, wearing that. Although he did look furious, but it seemed that that the two men holding onto him were strong enough to deal with any possible outburst.


Still, Senpai was beautiful, to him at least. Although when he noticed some of the islanders, both men and women eying his beloved Senpai, especially his bare midriff he felt irritated.


The elder women stood between him and Senpai as she walked up to him, the two men half carrying, half dragging the blond forward.


"Ou-sama," the old woman bowed her head deeply, before standing straight again and pointing to a place beneath two palm trees which were parallel to each other, bending toward one another. Beneath their overly large leaves a large number of red and white pillows had been splayed out. In the center there were two larger gold embroidered pillows. One of the men led Tetsuhiro to the pile and had him kneel on the one to the right.


He was confused as to what was going on, incapable of speech, bewildered as the stood Senpai before him, just behind that of the other golden pillow.


The old woman stood in front of the two bending trees, gazing out into the crowd as she flicked her wrist, moving her hand from the top of her head down to her side. "People of Kowaku, today we will have our official Kisaki, and then the the island will truly flourish and we shall prosper anew."


Many of the islanders cheered enthusiastically, while a few, including Kou looked on with detachment as they absentmindedly took a sip from whatever fruit, typically coconut, they happened to be holding.


Souichi didn't know what was going on, but whatever it was, he didn't like it. Everyone was staring at him, and he was wearing a freaking harem costume for fucks sake. He wanted to get the hell of the damn island and go back home, where life was normal, where the world was sane, even if he did have to put up with Morinaga's libido.


He glowered at the hands that were still attached to his arms, pressing down on his shoulders as they made him kneel on the gold pillow in front of him, as Morinaga was doing on the one across from it.


He didn't have the slightest idea of what these people were up to and it only annoyed him further. Even more so when it looked as though his kouhai, by the expression he was exhibiting, wouldn't be able to explain what was going on to him.


At least those stupid men who had held onto him while he was being changed and then brought back out took their hands off of him, he looked up to notice why. Morinaga had been glaring where their hands were touching him, on his bare shoulders as the thing they dressed him in didn't cover all that much of him up in the first place. But he wasn't some girl that Morinaga had to get all upset about, even if he himself didn't want some other idiots hands on him for whatever reason.


Souichi heard, as did the man with black hair and navy heighlights, the old woman of the island begin to speak again, while Kyoko kneeled on parallel to the old woman, on the opposite side of him and his kouhai. The young girl, though Kyoko was really a growth stunted young man, held up a silver goblet with emeralds encrusted along the side of the rim.


"Today our Ou-sama," as the old woman began, Kyoko lifted the cup to Morinaga's lips, so that he would take a sip of it. The man seemed dazed by what was going on and sipped from the cup, which Kyoko took from him and turned around as the old woman continued.


"and our Kisaki," Kyoko silently held up the goblet to Souichi's mouth. He was about to push it back, but it smelled somewhat like beer or wine, and he was quickly developing a headache. Taking the goblet in his hands, Kyoko still holding the stem of the glass, he chugged back the whole glass till it was empty.


"their souls unite..." she blinked as she spoke these words even as the blond man in one fluid gulp finished that which was in the Goblet of Unification. Among the crowd there was a collective gasp.


Souichi hearing the very audible gasp, looks up, staring at everyone, wide eyed, confused by the stares he received. He wondered if he'd done something rude, but damn it, he'd just wanted to dull his senses and the ache in his head.


Kyoko stood, cup still in hand, fingertips trembling, as tears stained his face. Souichi was startled, his lips parting, about to ask Kyoko, but the young person spoke first.


The young man's lips trembled, as he managed to smile through his tears, clasping the goblet to his chest. "Ou-sama is lucky, to find such a partner willing to be with him for more than this life time."


Souichi frowned, as he and Morinaga spoke at the same time, "What are you talking about?"


Kyoko giggled, "Already the unification begins." Noticing that the two continued to wait for an answer, he decided to answer. Apparently their unconscious desires were not yet known in their conscious state.


"When one drinks from the Goblet of Unification, wearing either the official ceremony garb for commoners or that of the Ou-sama and Kisaki, they are then wed."


Souichi hearing that paled. "W-wha..." He was unable to finish his question, as he began to tremble, whether from rage or something else one could not determine just by looking at him.

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Alexia Featherchild

Tetsuhiro hearing that blinked, wide eyed and turning to gaze from Kyoko to Souichi and back, for further clarification. If this was some mistake, some dream, he hoped he'd never wake up from it, or have it fixed. To be wed to his Senpai was a dream come true, though he hadn't been sure he'd ever be able to bring the subject up. "Is that even right, when we didn't know what was going on?"


Kyoko smiled, bending down slightly to gaze at them both. "It is here, for you already love this man do you not?" At Ou-sama's nod, he continued, "Then it is fine, because most brides whether they are a woman or a man have no say usually in the matter. The Elder of Kowaku and even the Island Matchmakers have determined you two belong together."


Souichi suddenly stood up, "This is stupid!" He whirled around, but those two men and several others blocked his path.


Kyoko sighed softly as he stood straight once more, holding up the goblet, "You drank from the Goblet of Unification, placing your lips from which Ou-sama himself sipped. To just take a sip is to belong to Ou-sama, as his life mate, for but one lifetime, but to drink the whole cup is to be his for eternity."


The old woman smiled, thinking that someday Kyoko would be the best to take her place as the Elder of the Island, did he so live long enough to take over. "What is done is done Kisaki.You cannot undo it."


Kyoko smiled softly up at the blond man, even as he glowered at them. "Kisaki, sometimes our consciousness will not allow our true and subconscious feelings to surface. Many a time our subconscious hides things from us that we may not be aware of, don't allow the truth to surface too late, because another life time could be very far away and who is to say that you'll ever find one another again in a different one." With that he walked away, leaving everyone else to deal with a very irritated Kisaki and a bemused Ou-sama.


'Hopefully Ou-sama will be happy, once Kisaki realizes the truth depth of his feelings.'


The old woman smiled after her effeminate grandson, "That Kyoko, always has been able to read other people, even when they couldn't read themselves."


Tetsuhiro stood up to reach out for Senpai's hand, his Kisaki's hand, but the man glared icily at him and turned to railroad in another direction, avoiding the grasp of the people he bypassed. Forlornly he wondered, 'What am I going to do?'


Even as Tetsuhiro wondered what he should do, he could not help the swelling feel of his heart, as warmth gathered there, as though he were sitting in front of a fire place on a winters eve. He could imagine the sound of a crackling fire, as he snuggled Senpai up against him, beneath a fuzzy blanket, sipping hot cocoa, more apt to be coffee. It felt like that, the warmth after wading through the ice cold snow outside.


Winter was a long way off though, but that really did not concern him, he just wasn't sure what to say or what to do. He just continued to stare after his beloved Senpai, whom was as far as the islanders were concerned, his Kisaki, his life-mate, in other words his spouse.


Though he felt some anxieties about where things would lead, especially if they were never to find their way off the island and back home, he managed to smile. 'Tonight...its like, or no it is exactly like... a wedding night.' But even as he came to that conclusion, as he slowly made his way in the direction Senpai had gone, there were those who still tried to catch his attention. Luckily it was not for the usual purposes, but to ask him a question, wish him well or offer a gift that he did not feel like opening right then and there.


'If he can't accept it, if he can't tell me how he really feels...this will be the end of it, because, if he really hates the idea of being tied to me then there is no sense in carrying on.' Thinking that, he paused amidst the crowd, inwardly frightened of the very real likelihood that Senpai, indeed would refuse everything, denying like always, his inner most feelings. He knew it was wrong the pressure the other man, and wrong for him to stay with him, no matter where they were, because it would only cause the both of them –- pain.


Souichi had stormed through the throng of people gathered amongst the beach, surrounding the pillows where he and Morianga had sat on their knees as yet something else bizarre occurred. He could only wonder with indignation, how they hell anyone had dared to do such a thing, especially to him. Luckily for him he'd managed to escape the entire crowd, or so he thought, but there had been at least one islander to spot him, who was hot on his heels.


Once he felt sure that no one was following him, he slowed, unaware of how some of the inhabitants of the crazy island, Kowaku, had been trained. Trained to use stealthy silence to follow after their prey, usually food, but sometimes a fugitive, or to hide from said fugitive.


The young man who had followed Souichi, suddenly popped out from the side right into the graduate students path, causing him to calm to a sudden halt.


The blond man was far from pleased, as his eyes narrowed, brows furrowing in irritation. He recognized the fucking idiot who had tried to lure Morinaga the very night of the day he'd arrived on the island exactly a week ago. "What the fuck do you want?" He growled with an icy edge to his tone.


Although Kou, himself could give a good a scowl as he got, if not better. His lilac irises had darkened with anger, annoyance, leaning a hip against the trunk of a tree, one arm crossed over the other. "You are pathetic."


Souichi blinked, curling his hands into fists at his side, "What was that y-you!" He sputtered, unable to finish coherently.


"I said you're pathetic," which only earned the chestnut haired youth a deadlier glare of death, but ignoring it, even if he was unnerved, he continued. "You land someone as perfect, as wonderful, as kind as Ou-sama, but instead of being happy about it you act as though you hate him."


"I don't hate Morinaga!"


"But you don't love him either, and so he'll only be hurt in the end."


Souichi had no idea how to respond to that, but this brat was getting on his nerves, just wanting to reach out and strangle him. The bastard just stood there all cool and composed as he spoke, which only irritated him further. However before he was able to lift his fist and hit the annoying islander over the head, he spoke again.


"If you don't love the Ou, you should have refused the drink, to wear the mating garment." He pointed at the spring green outfit that just for a moment Souichi had forgotten he was wearing. Just imaging how he looked in it caused his face to redden, all the way up to his ears. He took a step menacingly toward Kou, but the young islander was quick footed and leaped to the side.


"Wearing that, and taking that drink, you are the official Kisaki of the island," he scoffed, "and an outsider at that."


Souichi's eyes turned in the direction the little prick had moved, managing to dodge a fist to the head. "If you're so concerned about me being an outsider doesn't the same apply to Morinaga?"


"That is completely different. He is the Ou, we cannot control when and where he is reborn."


"That's just stupid!" He just wanted to get away from the brat, so he turned, walking in the direction of the building he and Morinaga shared. Behind him however the young man continued his spiel.


"You know, you should leave the island and never come back," Souichi could only agree to that, but it was the rest of what the island boy said that caused him to still abruptly in his tracks. "I am far better suited to be Ou-sama's Kisaki than you could ever hope to be."


Souichi whirled around to stare rigid with an anger so strong, he felt as though his blood pressure were skyrocketing through the roof. His words were spoken darkly with his barely contained rage, which was evident in the trembling of his body and the expression that crossed his face.


"Shut the hell up! You can't have Morinaga!"


One brown brow arched, before Kou leaned in toward the other man with a hideous scowl of his own, "But you don't want him, more importantly you don't love him nor do you treat him right at all!"


Hauling back his arm he sent his fist on a collision course with that of Kou's face, sending the boy whipping back, his ass hitting the ground with a loud thud. As Souichi's fist connected with Kou's face, he growled, unaware for several moments of what he'd just uttered, "I do too love Morinaga!"


The red faced and erratic breathing man, glared down at Kou with wild enraged eyes. Kou's hand slowly lifted to his red and swollen cheek, just below his eye. He was positively stunned that anyone, even this man, would dare to lash out at him.


Little by little Souichi was coming back to his senses, his mind playing through what had just happened. Where once his face was red with temper, it paled as his knees lost their strength and he fell on them, to the ground. "I...love...Morinaga?"

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Alexia Featherchild

Tetsuhiro had been irritated by the constant need for someone to grab at his arm, keeping him from following after his Senpai. However Takashi, noticing his dilemma was soon escorting him through the crowd of people who seemed bent on stopping him. He had no idea that Takashi, although he wished to help the Ou get to his Kisaki, he had an altogether different ulterior-motive.


It had taken awhile to catch up to Senpai, the man's legs were so damn long that his strides when in a rush were quick and lengthy.


What met his eyes first was Kou on the ground, rubbing his cheek, and he winced knowing what must have happened for him to get such a bruiser. He'd often been subject to the same treatment, though most likely for an altogether different reason. Next he had noticed how red and shaken his Senpai was.


About to step forward and take a hold of him, in hopes of calming down, the blond man fell to his knees, his pallor turning almost as white as a sheet. Yet that which caused his heart to beat, to feel as though some invisible hand were squeezing it, were the stunned words that fell from the unaware mans lips.


Neither of them noticed when Takashi helped Kou up and lead him, silently away.


At that same moment the only word that he, Tetsuhiro, was capable of managing in, he too unaware of his surroundings other than that of Senpai was, "Senpai?"


Hearing that all to familiar voice, Souichi tensed, his eyes widening just that little bit more as he continued to gaze down at the ground. He just couldn't turn his head or look up at Morinaga. Lowering his head further, his loose hair curtained his face, which felt overly warm.


'This...can't be...right...' The blond tried to tell himself, but it just kept repeating itself in his head, what he had said in his moment of outrage where that stupid islander was concerned.


He didn't know how he could face Morinaga, now that he realized, that which he most feared, loving another man. He'd long thought it wrong, unnatural and yet he'd just blurted out that he loved Morinaga, a man. 'No, I don't want to be some goddamn homo!' Yet even saying that in his head, he could no longer deny the reason why he wanted Morinaga to remain in his life, or why he feared for or worried about the other man whenever he was hurt.


Yet for no other man, nor even any woman for that matter had ever been able to keep his attention. 'What's wrong with...me? How can I...feel that way...about a...man?' He was struggling to come to terms with that which his subconscious had known all along, which his consciousness had refused to let surface time and time again. The stubborn man, had even been too stubborn to listen to himself and so, in the process had caused Morinaga heartache.


'How could he have put up with...me?' Souichi felt a throb in his temple, trying to think too much at once, about something he'd never wanted to think about at all. He could not however help these unspoken questions from running through his head.


'I don't know what...to do...' Ever since that horrid assistant professor had attacked him, though luckily Morinaga had arrived in time to stop the perverted man from reaching his goal, his hatred had formed.


As he thought that, his fingers curled on the ground, tufts of grass between them.


'Did I let...that...influence me?' He couldn't recall feeling such unabashed hatred toward homosexuals before that incident. The only thing he'd done before, was to ignore them, like everyone else outside his family circle. It hadn't mattered to him, until that damn assistant professor had tried to assault him, one of the students, even when he'd outright refused the bastard, saying that he wasn't into guys.


Then there was Kurokawa whom had taken away his little brother. Although Tomoe had seemed so happy with him. He could, begrudgingly at best, admit even that. 'And our old man, he accepted it so easily...' Just thinking about his family caused him sorrow, for he feared that he might never see or even hear them again, were he and Morinaga to forever be stranded on Kowaku Island.


Then there was the people of the island, who didn't seem the least bit concerned about who were heterosexual or homosexual, they just accepted it as love. No one seemed to question it or be the least bit upset about it. Yet the rest of the world wasn't that way. The islanders did not seem to worry at all about gender roles.


'I only feel this way...about Morinaga. Then...does that mean...I'm not a homo, if he's the only one...who can make me...feel this way?' Still he wasn't sure about it, but if Morinaga were the only exception in his mind, then perhaps he could accept it, those feelings he had toward the man.


Finally he managed to tilt his head up, to gaze uncertainly up into those wide questioning, but filled with hope, green eyes of Morinagas.


Tetsuhiro had waited silently for Senpai to look at him, and although he'd wanted right there and then to wrap his arms around Senpai, he had managed to refrain from doing so. His beloved had looked too shell shocked and tense to appreciate it, and he had wanted the man to think before either of them took any actions what-so-ever.


'Please...be true...' Was all he could think as he'd watched the shaken man hide his face behind the curtain of blond tresses, as his fingers had curled into the grass. As that prayer was continuously echoing through his head, his own hands felt clammy, for fear it was just a delusion or that Senpai would refute those words he had spoken only moments ago.


Despite his fears, he'd felt highly tempted just to glomp the older, slighter built man.


His heart went out to him, when the blond lifted his golden-amber eyes to his, looking at him so much uncertainty. He then stepped up to him and slowly knelt in front of him. His hand slowly lifted to cup Senpai by the chin, smilingly coaxingly even as he watched the blonds face flush.


Senpai's eyes had turned away, even while his looked down into the older students gorgeous face. As those gold-brown eyes of Senpai's glanced hesitantly toward him, his mouth caught the blonds in a tender kiss, filled with the overflowing love that had been partially bottled away for so long.


Still he was himself worried, least the older man push him away - as always. However with wide green eyes filled with amazement, he felt Senpai's arms lift and encircle him. He could feel the man he loved tremble, though as his own tongue snaked out to run across his Kisaki's lips, he watched the blonds eyes droop.


His own eyes took on a half lidded slant as his lovers mouth opened like a shy blossom to allow Tetsuhiro's tongue, like a honeybee, to probe for the sweet nectar within.


Then, Tetsuhiro broke the kiss, a string of saliva, like a bridge, still connected each other to each others tongue. Taking Senpai's arms in his hands, he disentangled them from around him.


Honey-gold eyes gazed up into his emerald green ones questionly.


"Senpai, was what I heard true?" At that, the older mans eyes widened, then turned his head away.


Tetsuhiro's mouth quirked into a smile, as he leaned in further, so that his lips were but a mere millimeter or two away from Senpai's ear. His warm breath causing loose strands to shift and that ear to turn a darker shade of red, "Do you...love me...Senpai?" His own voice felt slightly shaky, filled with the anguish of worry and the warmth of hope.


Souichi, had been unable to deny Morinaga's embrace, he had himself melted into it, but for Morianga to have heard that and then to ask, 'I can't say it...' He gulped, unable to gaze at his kouhai any longer. He wanted to sink into the ground, so that he wouldn't have to deal with the unwanted emotions or the probing questions.


However, his heart felt as though it had ceased to beat for a moment when Morinaga's next words hit him.


"Senpai, if you don't love me, tell me. This will be the last time... I ask you," when the younger mans voice trailed off, each word spoken sounding sadder than the last, Souichi's eyes flew to him.


"I...I..." 'Shit, I can't say it...' his face was a brilliant shade of crimson as he tried to speak that which would keep Morinaga beside him, always. He couldn't continue to maintain eye contact, so once again he looked away.


"Senpai...do you love me...or not?" Morinaga's voice to Souichi's ear was anguished and desperate.


There was no way he could voice out loud the words the other wished to hear fall from his lips, but he could manage to do one thing in response.


Souichi gave a slight nod, gazing at Morinaga out of the corner of his eye, watching as those sad emerald irises widened. It was an expression, a smile that Souichi had never seen before.


'He...looks so...happy...' His heart thudded against his chest as Morinaga stood and held out his hand to him.


The blond couldn't help but glower at him, standing up himself without help. However Morianga grasped his hand once he was standing and pulled him along toward their island home.


None too soon, Souichi found himself tossed onto the bed. It was irritating when all things led to this. Whether or not he felt that way about Morinaga, it still didn't give the idiot the right to do whatever the hell he wanted with him. So thinking, he sat up to glare at the younger man.


"Morinaga," his voice was deadly calm.


Tetsuhiro stopped in the process of disrobing. "Yes Senpai?"


"Did I say it was okay to suddenly go into rut?"


At that, Tetsuhiro paused, staring down at the gorgeous body that was still clad in the islands official Kisaki Unification ceremony garb. "I'm sorry Senpai, but when it comes to you... I just can't help it, and it is our wedding night after all." He smirked as he watched the older mans eyes widen, sputtering yet unable to form a single word.


"So just for once, relax and let me love you," having finished undressing he kneeled on the bed, slowly creeping up to straddle his, as the islands called him, Kisaki.

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Alexia Featherchild

Souichi felt paralyzed, unable to move as he watched the pervert undress and hover over him. His tongue peaked out from between his lips in order to dampen them for they had suddenly felt dry, as though they might crack.


He blushed furiously when those green eyes of Morinaga's dropped to follow the motion. His breath hitched and became heavier as he felt the younger mans fingertips glide up over his naval and beneath the sequined top he'd been forced to attire.


Arching into Morinaga's touch, his lips parted, expelling a moan of pleasure as the dark haired man rolled one of the blonds nipples between his index finger and thumb.


"Mmnnngghh, Mo..mori...naga..." he gasped and whimpered as he felt Morinaga's teeth nipping and nibbling his flesh just above his abdomen and around the center of his naval.


Heat pooled in his nether regions, warming him, relaxing him, as he allowed, without fighting, Morinaga to caress him, touch him, to...to love him... It was still difficult to work his mind around that.


He could however, wrap his arms around Morinaga, which was just what he did, unable to keep from touching the other man. Always, before he'd been unconscious of his movements, but no longer, which made him feel awkward and unsure of himself and what he was doing.


Although the gentle smile that Morinaga gave him, caused his tension to ease just a little bit more, even as he continued to wonder what in hell he was doing. Yet it felt...good. Souichi felt the heat rush to his face as he thought that, and then suddenly gasped, his body arching up as a moist hot tongue made contact with his skin.


It felt just a little weird to have Morinaga's tongue trail down from his earlobe to his neck, where he felt the younger mans teeth sink in just a little, while sucking on his skin. He tilted his head in the opposite direction, lifting one arm up to move his hair aside as Morinaga continued to nip and nibble on the skin where his neck met his shoulder.


His breathing continued to get heavier and heavier and his body it felt so overheated as he panted for breath as each little touch Morinaga gave him set his veins, his dendrites afire.


However he soon noticed something, that caused him to frown, "Mori...naga, ta-take this damn outfit off of me..."


Souichi's eyes widened when Morinaga's head lifted, there were tears glistening on the younger man's cheeks, clinging to his dark lashes. Forgetting his irritation with the annoying garb that he'd been forced to wear he whispered worriedly, "M..mori...naga? W-what's... w-w-wrong?" He felt a lump form in the back of his throat, wondering why the idiot was crying.


However his fears were soon alleviated when Morinaga answered him. "Nothing's wrong Senpai. No far from anything being wrong, everything is right and perfect with the world." As he said that, he lifted a hand, to stroke the back of his fingers gently against Souichi's cheek. "You finally love me." He took his hand from the blonds face to point at his own, "These tears you see, they're tears of happiness."


Once again Souichi felt his face burning with heat as he looked away, "D-don't be...s-stupid."


Tetsuhiro just smiled, silently as he looked down at his lovers face. Those words didn't sound angry at all, all's that was left was Senpai's embarrasment, his shy nature. It was that part about him that he found so adorably cute.


He sat back on the bed, just watching him, even though he was buck naked and painfully hard. Just being so close to Senpai, touching him and hearing him was enough to set him off, especially when they'd been sleeping in the same bed for a week without making love. It had been difficult enough to cuddle with the blond man, much less that.


His eyes trailed from the top of that blond crown, down over Senpai's chest, where he'd pulled up himself the top to reveal those delicious looking pink nipples. His eyes continued to trail down over the slighter mans naval and abdomen, a brow quirking as he noticed Senpai's cock rising, though it was concealed by the chiffon of the harem skirt.


"Senpai, are you aware that you're...hard?"


At that Senpai's eyes widened, his head whipping in Tetsuhiro's direction. For a moment, the blond was stunned before crawling up onto his knees and glaring daggers at the more muscular of the two. "Do you have a fucking brain Morianga! Don't say shit like that!"


Tetsuhiro continued to smile, even though he knew how Senpai felt, it was obvious he still couldn't take most of the things he said in the heat of the moment.


"Sorry Senpai." He shifted his legs till he was sitting pretty much cross legged.


The blond man continued to glare at him, starring at him suspiciously. Tetsuhiro just place his palm on his own lap and gave it a couple of pats. "Senpai, come sit here," when it looked as though his lover was about to hesitate to think it over, he pulled him onto his lap, with one of Senpai's legs on either side of him.


It didn't appear that his Senpai was pleased for the scowl was still there when he looked up into his eyes. "It's alright Senpai, just wrap your legs and arms around me."


With an annoyed mutter, Souichi tossed his head back, sending his hair flying even as he wrapped his legs around Morinaga, his hands on his shoulders. His eyes narrowed as he noticed that he was still wearing the damn Kisaki garb. Before he could complain, Morinaga's arms were around him and slid him closer against him. In the process he felt his ass glide over the younger mans erection.


Not wearing anything beneath the skirts, he whimpered, moaning into Morinaga's ear. Without thinking his mouth crashed down onto Morinaga's.


Tetsuhiro's eyes widened at the aggressive display, as he felt Senpai's mouth collide firmly with his. When he felt the blond's tongue skim his, he couldn't help but still in shock for but a moment, before his eyes drooped halfway closed. 'I've longed for this for so long...I'm almost afraid...its just a dream.' That had happened time and time again, progressing and then taking a giant leap backward with Senpai. Hopefully the same would not hold true - this time.


Beneath the onslaught of Senpai's demanding kiss, Tetsuhiro's lips parted as the blonds tongue invaded usually uncharted territory. His eyes rolled back as that tongue he had taught showed him exactly what it had learned.


Senpai's mouth pulled away from his, as they both needed a chance to breath deeply, saliva dribbling down from both their mouths. Tetsuhiro noticed through a haze of arousal how utterly sinful his Senpai looked.


With nimble fingers he quickly discarded the sequined top so that he could dip his head and run his tongue over the flat of one of his beloved Senpai's nipples.


He heard the older student cry out, his hold on his shoulders tightening, his fingertips digging into him. As Senpai arched his body against his, he felt the mans ass move again, nudging his own hard cock, while his bare abdomen felt how very aroused his Senpai was.


Taking the blonds arms, he had him wrap them around him. He placed of Senpai's arms over his shoulder and the other around his side. Tetsuhiro's own arms then wrapped around him just below the arms.


Carefully he positioned his lover over his hard cock, very slowly entering him inch by inch.


Senpai cried out, "Ow!" as he impaled himself all the way on Tetsuhiro's cock.


Tetsuhiro had intended to slowly invade him, but it seemed as though, for once, Senpai was the one who was impatient. He leaned his head against the blonds shoulder as due to their position the older University student was somewhat elevated. "Sorry Senpai," he kissed the man below his ear, waiting for him to relax and grow accustomed to having him inside.


Souichi hadn't been able to wait, too aroused to recall that Morinaga usually prepared him with at least his fingers beforehand, but hadn't even done that let alone used any lubricant as he had when he'd found him in his bed a week ago. It was uncomfortably painful as he'd taken Morinaga up his ass willingly. At the pain that shot through him his arms tightened around him, his nails digging into the darker mans back.


After a few moments of trembling, his grip slackened and his anal sphincter muscles loosened as his body grew accustomed to the size of Morianga's large cock inside him. "Mmmnnn, Morinaga..." he whispered barely above a whisper as their cheeks brushed against each others. Souichi's tongue flickered over the younger mans ear, gliding down to his neck.


That, gave Tetsuhiro a hint that he should start moving, whether or not that had been Senpai's intent.

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Alexia Featherchild

Souichi's head fell forward as he felt Morinaga thrust inside him, both of their bodies rocking back and forth as the moved their hips. Morinaga to thrust, Souichi to meet each thrust.


He couldn't recall ever feeling Morinaga buried so deep inside him, but he couldn't concentrate as each thrust he met of Morianga's sent him on a high and hazy spinning world as pleasure coursed through him.


Every time Morinaga moved, he felt the head of his cock graze by his prostate, sometimes too quickly and other times so hard it made him gasp outloud.


His body shook, even more when he could hear the aroused groans emitting from Morianga's throat.


On one particular thrust, Souichi fell back, his eyes rounding with pleasure, his pupils large and leaving only a very thin oval of gold around them as his body shuddered. He felt his cock twitch strongly, his face flushed with strong sexual arousal as he came, the sticky hot fluid spattering up onto Morianga's abdomen and chest, the rest falling onto both their thighs.


Morinaga followed him, with one last thrust, with Souichi's inner muscles clenching and unclenching at the orgasmic high he was still experiencing. He heard the younger man growl out his honorific like some mantra, "Senpai!" before he felt something hot and moist invade him.


Souichi as he came back to his senses glared at Morinaga, "Pervert..." but he felt too relaxed and languid to lift even a single finger to further reprimand him. After all, just because he had feelings of that sort for his kouhai, didn't mean he wanted him to cum inside him.


Morianga smiled so joyfully at him, that he couldn't stay mad, it was one expression that he didn't think he'd be able to win against if he weren't careful.


He didn't protest when Morinaga wrapped his arms around him and snuggled up behind him, spooning him in his embrace. However irritated, he pulled the skirt up over his head and flung it across the room. The pervert would pay for that humiliation later.


Right at that moment however, he was too tired, though as Morianga whispered sweet love words against his ear, his eyes fluttered closed, a soft smile on his lips as he fell to sleep.


Soon the two of them were fast asleep, snuggled beneath the covers, looking so blissfully at peace.


It had been months since he had broken his leg and had in his stead, sent Tatsumi Souichi to look for Tetsuhiro, his younger brother. Now that his leg had healed properly and he'd finally managed to get ahold of that woman Miss. Natasha-Lee Marie Smythe, he was determined to learn everything he could about what was taking so long.


Holding the phone to his ear his eyes widened, "What do you mean you lost Tatsumi at sea!"


He could hear the chuckle the woman tried to cover up behind a fake cough. 'Something's not right.' The brunette could not help but think that same thing, repeating itself in his head like a CD stuck on one phrase.


On the other end of the line, Tashi lifted her neon pink nails, lightly blowing on them as she held her foot over the side of the bubbly bath tub. "Oh, it was quite easy actually. He just disappeared and I couldn't find him after I set sail. I thought he was already back below deck. I would have turned back, except there was a storm brewing," she smirked as she came up with the blatant lie, in order to save her ass from trouble. Plus, if Tatsumi Souichi were never found to tell the tale, then people could speculate all they wished, but they'd never learn the truth.


However it seemed as though the man, Morianga Kunihiro whom had hired her was a very sharp individual, but even he could not be sure what really happened.


"I can't believe you would just leave someone stranded. You could have went back for him after the storm!"


The woman's eyes widened momentarily, then glittered with anger at the tiny little loophole in her plan being found so that her whole story's foundation was shaken. Taking a deep breath she tried to calm herself, before replying.


"Mr. Morinaga, I'm not sure how much experience you have with the sea and boats, but it was best to return home. I do have the latitude and longitude of the general area in which I lost Mr. Tatsumi." She didn't wish for the blond to be found, but at least if she were vague and played her cards right she'd be able to hide away until everything blew over. 'Just my boat, myself and some supplies. Mmn, maybe even hire a couple of cuties and sail the seas for a few years.'


"Well then, tell me where I should look."


Hearing the impatient tone of the man who had paid her in advance, she couldn't very well not tell him, it would probably seem even more suspicious than it already was. "The latitude is around negative twenty-eight while the longitude is around negative fourteen. I'm not sure that is completely accurate, but that is about the location that I believe I lost Mr. Tatsumi at." 'Too bad he wasn't willing to play with me, or he'd never have been left all alone to fend for himself on that island.' Sighing softly she hung up after the man had given his brusque thanks and goodbye.


Kunihiro leaned over to hang up the phone, running his hand over his face, when he heard the door creak open. Looking up he saw the man who'd been taking care of him while he recuperated from his broken limb. Turning his gaze away from Masaki, he related to him what had taken place on the phone just then.


"So you're saying that, Tetsuhiro hasn't been found yet and now his partner is missing too?" The blond asked as he hung up his jacket and sat next to him on the couch.


"Yeah..." he frowned, "I thought I hired someone competent, but it looks like I was wrong. Something just doesn't sit right, but now that I know and that my leg is just fine I'll have to go look myself."


When he felt the other lean into him, he was startled, turning his head only to find that Masaki's mouth was far too close to his. He could hear his heart beating, surprised that the other man didn't hear it as he leaned back, slightly flushed. "Don't worry Kunihiro, I'm sure they're both alive and that you'll find them. I'll help you find them, but right now..." his breath heated his ear as his mouth got closer to the shell like orifice.


When he heard the words spoken in his ear, his eyes widened staring into those intense eyes of Masaki's, but he didn't resist when their mouths made contact.


Tomoe frowned as Matsuda-san related all that had happened while they were overseas. Neither of them had told them what was going on, but Kurokawa-san had become suspicious, especially since they neither heard from nor ever managed to get into contact with Nii-san.


"Why were we not informed of this...earlier?" He asked as he lifted a morsel of the longed for Japanese dishes he'd missed while overseas.


Kanako tilted her head back, a hand over her mouth, "Well, Souichi Nii-san didn't want to cause you any unnecessary concern."


The young man's eyes widened at his sisters statement, "I don't see how this could be considered unnecessary concern."


Kurokawa had to agree with that, but couldn't really think of anything to add to it. "Tomoe-kun is right, and now, only to tell us when we come to visit, I think its more troubling."


Isogai sighed, "Now I have no one to go enjoy Karaoke with," he said in order to try and lighten the mood. 'Or learn just how much closer those two have become.'


Kurokawa laughed nervously, "Souichi-kun will surely kill you one day."


Isogai swirled the straw in his cup around, causing the ice to clink against the glass before taking a sip. "I don't think so," he smiled to himself.


Kanako shook her head, "Hmmph, I think Souichi Nii-san would have wanted it this way, not wishing to interfere with your work, but now that you're on vacation, I wonder if there's a way to go find them."


All of them wondered that very same thing and how to go about it, for it was not something they were used to or normally did, search and rescue.


When dusk had set in, Kunihiro awoke from his slumber with the scent of hot cocoa and gingersnaps wafting through the air, slowly sitting up on the couch where he'd fallen asleep.


The blanket fell down, and what happened earlier was evident by the marks left on him. With a small start he gazed up as Masaki placed the hot cocoa and gingersnaps down and handed him his glasses.


"Thank you..." he whispered as he placed his glasses on and was offered the mug of hot chocolate. Taking a sip, he wasn't sure what to do or say and it didn't seem like Masaki had the slightest clue either.




Looking up, he saw Masaki shake his head. Very carefully he set the mug back on the cup-holder and said, "Tonight, I'm going to go over to the apartment, I know they wont be there...but maybe someone who knows where the rest of the Tatsumi family will be. That way, if they want to come along, we can go together and find them. Plus they don't know whats going on and I think its important that they know."


Standing up with a sigh, the blond man smiled, though it didn't reach his eyes as he ran his fingers through his hair. "Yeah..."


"You said you'd go with me too..." he stared down at the floor, unable to make eye contact with him, his own feelings not yet settled, uncertain about where to go from that point.


"I did say that, and I will be going." He handed Kunihiro a fresh thing of clothes. "Shower and dress, then we can go do what is necessary. I know someone who can lend us one of their boats and a couple crew men."


The brunette nodded in silent response as he turned away to shower and dress, leaving Masaki behind in the front room.


Placing his fingertips to his forehead, Masaki asked himself, "What am I doing?"

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Alexia Featherchild

Walking in the direction of Tatsumi Souichi and Morinaga Tetsuhiro's apartment, Kunihiro and Masaki bumped into an older woman, though she still had luxurious wavy black hair. They'd caused her to drop her bags and spill their content on the concrete walk way.


Both Kunihiro and Maskai bent to help her.


"We're sorry ma'am, we didn't mean to bump into you," Kunihiro apologized as he handed the woman her luggage.


The woman smiled, "Oh, no, its fine. I wasn't looking where I was going either, but..." her voice trailed off as she sighed, setting the bags beside her.


The two men tilted their head, "Are you alright?"


The woman chuckled, fingertips to her mouth, "Oh, no not really. It's just these bags are so heavy and I couldn't catch another cab," she lightly pouted, fluttering her lashes. "Would you two gentlemen be so kind as to help me?"


"Of course ma'am," spoke the brunette as he lifted up one of the bags even while the blond picked up the other.


Cherry colored lips quirked into an appreciative smile, "Such good manners," she sighed, "so hard to come by lately."


Neither Kunihiro nor Misaki knew how to respond to that, but instead they asked, "Where exactly do you wish to go ma'am?"


The woman pursued her lips, "Well, I'm on my way to visit my son and his husband. They just got back from America and are vacationing here. I don't know why they didn't come see me first in Tokyo." She walked ahead of the two confused men as she led the way to the Matsuda's home address.


It wasn't long before they reached their destination, though the two had to wonder what the woman carried around in her luggage and she had been hauling it herself before hand. They couldn't see her at all as some weak and fragile creature.


Ringing the door bell, the woman started tapping the toe of her shoe against the floor. Finally the door opened and a woman a few years older than the one standing outside the door asked, "Who might you be ma'am?"


"Just call me Reiko-san please. You are Matsuda-san, if I'm not mistaken?"


Blinking, the light haired woman nodded, "Do I know you?"


"Only if my son Mitsugu has said anything," she smiled, waiting to be invited in.


Kunihiro and Masaki looked as though they weren't quite sure what was going on, however a dark haired man, with his arms wrapped around a shorter brunette appeared behind the owner of the house.


"Mother, when did you get here?"


Reiko-san rolled her eyes, "Just now, isn't it obvious. Really Mitsugu, sometimes you're even more dense than I've ever given you credit for," she stepped aside, "Oh, and these two gentlemen helped carry my bags for me. Wasn't that considerate of them? More considerate than a son who couldn't even be bothered to call me ahead of time about his plans?"


Kunihiro and Masaki both tried to deny it was more than what any normal person would have done.


Black eyes turned onto them, asking, "By the way, what are your names?"


The two men bowed.


"My name is Morinaga Kunihiro and this is..."


"I'm Junya Masaki."


Everyone else bowed as introductions went around, before Matsuda turned to Kunihiro.


"May I ask, are you any relation to Morinaga Tetsuhiro?"


"Yes, Tetsuhiro is my younger brother. Do you know him?"


Matsuda-san sighed sadly, "Yes, although he's been missing..."


"That we know."


"Souichi Nii-san is missing too," Tomoe spoke up, his brows furrowed and a frown marring his otherwise usually adorable expression.


Kunihiro, "Tatsumi Souichi?"


Everyone nodded who was behind the door.


Reiko-san glared at everyone, "What exactly is going on? Why don't I know anything about this?"


Kurokawa's breath was released on a whistling sigh, "We just found out not too long ago ourselves. We were intending to pick Isogai up from his conference and then head on our way to your place. However once we learned of the situation we didn't feel it would be proper to just leave. Although we really don't know what we can do..." his voice trailed off, even if Souichi-kun had been a thorn in his side, he didn't want him to be dead, after all he was Tomoe's brother.


Kunihiro and Masaki gaze at each other for a moment, before at the nod from the blond, the brunette turned back to the others, "Well, we were planning on taking a boat out to sea in order to retrieve Tatsumi Souichi since the person who was supposed to help find my brother just left him on some island somewhere in the Southern Atlantic Ocean."


Tomoe perked at the possibility that his brother was alive, although he still frowned, "I hope my brother is okay, but its Morinaga-san that was lost first and for my brother to get lost in the process, I don't think that would happen too easily."


Isogai came up behind everyone, "It was probably deliberate. Who was the person you hired?" At hearing the name his eyes widened, "Oh, I've heard a couple tales from sea-faring friends about that woman. She's the epitome of "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." It was definitely deliberate, that is if Souichi-kun had no interest in her. I heard tell that even if shes a bit psycho she's sexy as..." he smiled, allowing everyone else to fill in their own simile.


Tomoe's eyes rounded, "I wonder what happened then, but would it be possible for us to join you while looking for my brother?" He leaned up against Kurokawa, his eyelids drooping slightly, "Would it be too much to hope that we'd find them, both alive and well?"


Morinaga's older brother pressed his glasses back up the bridge of his nose, as they had slipped during the conversation, "I'm not giving up hope until their bodies are found whether they're alive or not. No matter what though, I think my little brother is a very strong person, so I'm hoping against hope that I'm right and that he's survived this long and will continue to do so so that we can rescue him and your brother too."


Masaki, "Tonight the crew we are borrowing from the boats owner is getting all the supplies ready, we'll call them and let them know how many others will be there so that we can leave at the crack of dawn. We at least have a general area in which Tatsumi Souichi was stranded."


That gave the others hope, but they wondered how long exactly that Souichi had been stranded and if it were a place that he could manage to survive. They held out very little hope for him since he was no cook, but if there was water and edible plants that could be consumed raw, then maybe all would be well.


Reiko-san, "I'll be accompanying you too. It sounds like a great adventure." she then proceeded to snicker, "It'll be so much fun too, seeing as its to rescue Souichi-kun." Hands to her hips, she laughed aloud, throwing back her head.


Kurokawa bent his head in shame, hiding most of his face behind the palm of his hand.


Kanako having overheard finally spoke her own two cents. "I want to go too!"


The adults all turned to stare down at her. Matsuda-san was the first to answer, "Kanako, I don't think that's such a good idea."


Tomoe seconded that, "You should stay here with Matsuda-san Kanako. It's not an undertaking for one so young, you should enjoy your vacation from school with your friends."


With a pout she snapped, her eyes welling with tears, "How am I supposed to enjoy anything when Souichi Nii-san might be... might be... and Morinaga-san t-t-too." She lifted the back of her arm to scrub her face with.


Tomoe sighed, "Kanako-chan, it's best that you stay here."


Frowning, Kanako whirled away and stormed off to the room she'd had use of ever since staying with Matsuda-san after their home had burnt to the ground.


Matsuda-san shook her head, "I think she's worried that if you all go, you might not return either. Don't worry though, I'll look after her, just promise you will return."


Tomoe smiled, "Of course," and everyone else firmly nodded their head. They all head inside, Matsuda-san having to pull out the futons they had available so that they could share them together at least the men while the women were going to use the bedrooms that were available.


The next morning, everyone woke early in order to be ready to board the boat, which was pretty large with just a couple of crewmen who were experienced enough to man it.


Little did they know that Kanako had snuck onto the ship when they weren't looking and had hidden herself in the storage room behind several crates. 'I wont let them know I'm here until we're on our way.'

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Alexia Featherchild

As the hours passed, everyone remained tense, though it was only been about four hours ago that they had set sail after a hurried breakfast. It was a good thing, noted Kunihiro, that Masaki had known someone who had such a large boat and reliable crewmen in order to get everything organized so quickly. Stretching his arms forward, fingers interlocked his mouth opened as his eyes rolled back sleepily. He'd barely been able to sleep throughout the night, too anxious to being the journey that would hopefully bring a bit of closure to them all –- one way or another.


Masaki walked over to where the brunette sat, holding out a glass of what looked like orange juice to him. Kunihiro smiled up at him, thanking him as he took the glass and sipped from it, while the blond sat down beside him.


Just then someones cellphone went off, but the two knew it was neither of neither of theirs since they did not have that particular ring tone.


Across from where the two sat, the other three men who had chosen to go with them on the trip had been whispering to one another.


The short young man blinked, then dug into the pocket of his light jacket and flipped open the phone. "Hello? Oh Matsuda-san..." his mouth deepened into a frown as he looked up into his husbands eyes and that of the short bright golden blond haired man. "Kanako is missing...?"


At that moment, the only woman on board other than one of the crewmen appeared. "Kanako-chan, you're little sister Tomoe-kun?" She leaned against the archway of the room that they'd all managed to congregate to.


"Yes..." the young man's eyes seemed to water with worry, his brother Souichi was already missing and now to have Kanako missing as well was perhaps too much for him, though Reiko-san had her own ideas.


"Well, she did want to go with us," her lips twisted.


Kurokawa looked up at his mother, "You don't think she..."


Isogai piped in, lifting a finger in the air as he nodded his head, "That's it, she must have stowed-away somehow."


Tomoe's eyes widened, his heart thudding, if that were true it would be somewhat of a relief. "But how... where would she hide?"


Everyone looked at each other, trying to think. It was Masaki and Kunihiro whom at the same time looked at one another as they both came to the same conclusion.


"The storage room."


The others looked at them and then Tomoe stood, saying into the phone before snapping it shut, "I'll call you back Matsuda-san, we're going to see if shes hiding on the ship."


Masaki, having been on the boat a few times previously, led them further below deck to the storage room. Opening the door and switching on the light they all called out, "Kanako-chan?"


When they heard something rustling behind a few crates, they all snuck around them from opposite directions.


Tomoe and Kurokawa heaved a sigh of relief, the others smiling at the sleeping girl on top of clothing that she had apparently taken out of one of the crates to use for a comforting pillow.


It was Kurokawa who helped Tomoe lift her up, but in the process the young girl woke.


"Tomoe Nii-san? Kurokawa-san?" She rubbed her hands over her sleepy eyes as she was set down.


Her brother asked her, "What were you thinking Kanako-chan?"


Kanako pouted, "Well you weren't going to let me go with you, so I had to find a way myself. I'm worried about Souichi Nii-san too and with everyone else gone I'd be too worried to enjoy my vacation at all."


All around there were sighs, as Tomoe blinked, "I'm sorry Kanako-chan...but Matsuda-san called and was worried about you."


"I couldn't tell her, she would have told you then and I wouldn't have been able to go," then furrowing her brows, she asked nervously, "You're...not going to turn around and...take me back are you?"


Kurokawa was the first to speak, "Whats done is done, but you need to apologize to Matsuda-san."


The young girl nodded, lightly turning red, "I know..." then looking at her brother asked, "Would it be okay to borrow your phone Tomoe Nii-san?"


Tomoe handed her the phone as everyone returned to the room, with Kanako following slowly behind as she apologized to Matsuda-san profusely about sneaking off and causing her any concern.


Reiko-san sighed as she sat down, looking at her son and his husband. "It's really a shame that I wont get to be a grandmother," she ran her hand through the back of her hair. "Same sex marriage isn't legal in Japan, so you can't even adopt. Although I suppose it might be possible for you to do so if you remain in America for long enough, but that's not home..." her voice trailed off as she looked out one of the circular windows out at the bobbing ocean currents.


Kurokawa held Tomoe's hand, "It doesn't really bother us Mother, Tomoe and I are enough family for one another." He smiled down into his husbands large eyes behind the spectacles he wore, watching as his young husband blushed even as he smiled.


Reiko sighed, "I guess its my fault for only having one child," she leaned back in the seat. "I wonder how long it will take to find that homophobic brother of yours Tomoe-kun."


Kunihiro blinked, turning to gaze at the woman, "Homophobic?"


Reiko nodded, although Isogai himself were looking out the window, whistling to himself. "I don't know how many times he's threatened my son or to tear his brother away from my Mitsugu."


Kunihiro was confused by this, as he'd believed Souichi to be his brothers partner. Lightly rubbing his fingertips over his forehead, he saw too that Masaki was confused, though neither of them asked. Perhaps, because they both thought it might be a problematic topic. People changed, ideas changed and they knew it due to their own circumstances.


The only thing they could do was to hope that they would find the two missing men of the Morinaga and Tatsumi families. Everything else was not imperative.


Kanako stepped into the room, closing the cell phone and handing it to her brother Tomoe, her chocolate brown eyes seeming to ask questions without words, though no one really had a proper answer.


Silently, tensely all of them sat within that room of the boat as it bobbed up and down on the constantly flowing waters of the ocean.


Kunihiro had been told it would take about ten to fourteen days to get the the location that Tashi had given to him with the engine that the boat had been built with.

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Alexia Featherchild

Smilingly, Tetsuhiro had lost track of time, gazing down at the sleeping figure that was his beloved Senpai and as of about two weeks ago his – life-mate. They'd rarely left their bedchambers other than to bathe and luckily no one had disturbed them, for which he was sincerely thankful. Especially considering everything that had gone on before when the islanders had clamored for his attention in hopes that they would one day become his lover –- his Kisaki.


Lightly he wove his fingers through the long blond tresses of the slumbering man. A man whom despite what had been spoken or implied on that day they were joined for life, no for eternity, which only made his eyes soften further, in many aspects remained stubborn.


Eyelashes fluttered, revealing amber-gold cat-like eyes, a brief smile that had Tetsuhiro's insides twisting at the sight. They were splayed out upon the spring green blanket so that sand would not cling to them as they'd napped on the beach. The dark blue yukata with the butterflies loose, revealing Senpai's torso.


There was also one thing that Tetsuhiro had learned during the past couple of weeks, and that was that when his husband, for to him the ceremony had equated to a wedding ceremony, was that whenever Senpai spoke his given name he knew what he wanted.


"Tetsuhiro..." and looking deeply into those still sleepy eyes, Tetsuhiro knew that Senpai wanted him. Although they had as yet to do anything outside and he wasn't sure that his beloved was even aware that they were still on the beach. 'But no one's around, it's just the two of us... so it should be... okay,' and so he dared to incur his lovers wrath did he become aware of their surroundings, as his head dipped down so that his lips firmly pressed against the blonds', just after he whispered, "Souichi..."


He noticed how his senpai's body shivered just at the way he spoke his name, even as crimson colored his beloveds face. Sure it was a name he could only speak when they were alone and intimately wrapped in one each others embrace without the older man angrily retaliating.


Neither of them had taken note of the small speck, no longer just a speck, which had been drawing ever closer to the island in the distance as the darker man slowly moved one hand up over the slighter mans leg, beneath the material of the yukata he wore. His hand stopping only when his fingers brushed against the very evident need the older student had for him.


Amber-gold eyes rolled back, eyes closing as the lithe body arched into the other mans touch, while their tongues danced an ageless ritual.


Everyone was below deck, except that was of course for the man who was at the helm and a short haired orange cream-blond haired man, who was leaning over the rail of the front deck. As they approached what he thought looked to be an island, he stepped back and lifted the binoculars to peer through them. There did appear to be land ahead and he didn't think it would take them long if they were going at the full speed which the ship was capable of.


As the ship gained on the land ahead, he removed the binoculars to blink, before staring through them again. It appeared to be at least one person if not two on the beach. 'Is it one of them or are they natives...but if its an inhabited island, why is it not on any map?'


He looked behind him and waved to the guy at the helm, and not too soon after the ship had been sped up, but once they were within five yards they slowed. The next time he looked through them, he smirked. That long blond hair and short black hair were unmistakably them. However he placed the lenses to which he was gazing through down, not wanting to watch – more. The couple were obviously enjoying themselves.


Quickly he moved below deck and knocked on all the doors of everyone, two couples of whom sounded as though they were otherwise preoccupied with perhaps something very similar to what he'd just seen on the beach of the island they'd been nearing. 'Why do they get to have all the fun?' His lips twitched, but he thought this would certainly be something they'd want to see, knowing those two were alive. 'Though they might get a shock...'


"Get dressed and get out here. We're just about at an island and you'll never gu~ess whats going on on the bea~ch~!" Silently he snickered to himself, but those two deserved it for worrying everyone, though he wouldn't have that little blackmail Souichi card anymore. But he was terribly bored and thought it might be quite entertaining when they, especially Souichi-kun was caught by everyone else on board whom were looking for him.


There was much grumbling, though mostly from Reiko-san who had not wanted to wake up, but had when Isogai had not ceased to knock on her door.


Isogai led everyone above deck, and into the two small rowboats, that fit three people each. Kurokawa, Tomoe and Reiko-san in one, he in the other with Masaki and Kunihiro. The only person whom he had not woken up was Kanako-chan, thinking that was something a young girl should not yet be witness to.


It took only a few minutes to row ashore, since they'd been pretty close, and there was also a small propeller attached to each boat, that didn't make a ton of noise.


Isogai smirked as he was the first to step onto the land, and waited for the others to follow before walking in the direction he had seen the two.


Everyone behind him stopped dead, gasping, as he called out, "Hey Sou~i~chi-ku~n~," he dragged out the mans name, watching as the two bodies that were entangled stiffened.


Kurokawa's eyes had just about popped out, Tomoe just staring blankly as though he had not yet quite processed what was going on. Kunihiro and Masaki didn't seem to be too surprised, while Reiko-san just stared as though she couldn't quite believe her eyes.


Reiko-san was the first to do anything, by bursting out laughing, which caused the corners of Isogai's mouth to twitch, finding the situation as humorous as he had himself upon first discovering Souichi-kun's relationship with his kouhai.


Souichi couldn't tear his gaze from Morinaga's, but he knew that voice and that laughter too, his eyes narrowing as he realized where they were. They were not back in their room, there were no four walls surrounding them so that no one, absolutely no one could see them. He felt his face heat with both fury and embarrassment, the latter he would never admit to as he became aware that they had started to engage in that out in the open. "Mo-Ri-Na-Ga," he pushed him off him sharply and wrapped the blanket around himself.


Before he could say anything the devil woman spoke, "My, my Souichi-kun, so this is why you disappeared ~ so no one could know that you, like your brother, likes a man."


Kurokawa had regained his senses, turning to his mother, "Mother! That's not such a good idea... to talk like that..."


Reiko-san just frowned at her son, "Any chance for revenge is a good one."


Tomoe blinked, finally understanding, "Nii-san... is..." before he could finish it Souichi growled, "Shut up!"


However Reiko-san continued, "And from what we managed to see, it appears that he's the uke," she snickered.


Souichi's hands curled into a fist, "If you don't shut up..." He lifted a shaky fist, although from behind him Morinaga grasped him trying to calm him down, though it was an impossible task.


Tomoe smiled, "Nii-san, if you're happy, you shouldn't worry about what others say, just be happy."


As usual, the often dense Tomoe sometimes could say things that made so much sense.


Dropping his fist to his side, he sighed, closing his eyes for a moment. No one spoke then as the graduate of Nagoya University tried to calm down, after pushing Morianga's arms off himself. "We shall never again...speak of this..." he opened his eyes, glaring at the group whom had gathered to gawk at them. Although he turned his head to whisper in his partners ear, "What is an uke?"


Tetsuhiro, not wanting to further flame Senpai's rage replied, "I'll...uhh, tell you later." Then he gazed at them, although he was annoyed at the interruption, the very fact that these people were on the island meant that they could return home.


"How did you find us?"


Kunihiro was the one to reply, "I managed to get ahold of that Smythe woman and got a vague location," it was at that moment Morinaga noticed that Masaki's arm was around his brothers waist. Neither of them spoke, although he could see the askance of forgiveness in his old flames eyes. They had both moved on with their lives and no matter what he hoped still that Masaki would be happy, especially now that he had his own.


Masaki was the one to ask, "How soon can you be ready to leave?"


It was at that moment, that Kyoko appeared, whom had been making his way toward the beach heard something from another islander. His grandmother was not well that day so she had told him to show the island that he would do well as her successor though her current illness was not so bad that it would happen any time soon. His eyes rounded as he stepped out onto the beach, "You cannot take Ou-sama and Kisaki!"

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Alexia Featherchild

Kurokawa blinked as what appeared to be a young girl, though in truth was a young man dressed as one, came out from beneath a couple of palm trees and declared that they could not take Ou-sama and Kisaki. "Who?"


Tomoe stared blankly at the islander as did Reiko-san, Masaki, Kunihiro and Isogai.


All of them were stumped. Yet it was soon made clear as Kyoko took a hold of Tetsuhiro and Souichi's hands, staring earnestly up at them. "You, you cannot leave. The two of you belong here, none of the others will accept it if you choose to go."


The corners of Isogai's mouth curved into a big goofy smile, "Ah-ha!" He snapped his fingers. "So Morinaga-kun and Souichi-kun have become idols on this island."


Tomoe's and his husbands eyes turned to stare at Isogai. Kurokawa and his mother were the ones to speak, "Souichi-kun? Impossible..."


Souichi glowered in Kurokawa and Reiko-san's direction, snatching his hand from Kyoko's.


However before anything else was said other islands had approached, the commotion and unknown voices having drawn their attention. They gathered behind Kyoko.


"What's going on?" Kyoko's two elder sisters Toyoko and Ryoko asked quietly behind him.


Tetsuhiro was the one to turn to the people, introducing his brother first, "It seems that my brother Kunihiro along with Senpai's family has come to take us home."


The islanders frowned, some of them speaking up.


"You can't leave."


"We don't want you to go."


"This is your home now, isn't it?"


"Why can't you all just stay here?"


Tetsuhiro sighed softly, capturing Senpai's hands in his, his green eyes gazing into amber-brown with flecks of a dark gold that were looking up at him questioningly behind a pair of spectacles as a streak of crimson displayed itself upon the blond's face. He felt Senpai try to tug his hands away from his hold, but he only tightened his grip as Senpai bent his head, locks of hair hiding his eyes from his view as he turned his own green ones in the direction of the islanders whom had gathered to protest against the very idea of his and Senpai's departure.


"We cannot simply stay here, the world should know we're still - the both of us, alive." Although it looked as though people wished to speak, he held up one hand as if to ward whatever they wished to say off as he continued. "We have friends and family back in our native nation, but not only that, I and Sen- er Kisaki have not yet finished our course at University, we cannot leave our goals unaccomplished like that. We have to return to apologize and explain whats happened." Although he wasn't sure they'd believe him in all honesty about the islands natives speaking old Japanese dialect and crowning him their Ou.


He did wonder however why Senpai remained quiet, not saying anything, not trying to make the islanders native to the island on which the stood understand their predicament. His gaze flickered over the older students face, noticing his brows were furrowed slightly. he wasn't smiling and seemed too, to be avoiding his gaze.


"We still have a lot of research to conduct, several things we still need to learn about the world..." his voice trailed off. Research was the one thing he knew his beloved Senpai, his Kisaki, his lover, for that was how he thought them to be, was obsessed with. It was something he swore the man lived and breathed, though he had taken the time to search for him, leaving behind his precious projects. Were it not for that, he might well have tried to remain on the island, but it would not be a perfect world, at least, not for Senpai.


The islanders however were murmuring to one another, while the outsiders that were not Ou-sama or Kisaki looked on, confused perhaps by this even if Isogai himself had came to the right conclusion, though the two were more than simply idols. They were for all intents and purposes, like a King and Queen of the island, even if they were both men.


Kyoko himself turned around again to gaze at Ou-sama and Kisaki, letting out a slow and steady breath, his hands held together beneath the over-long sleeves of his feminine kimono. "Seeing as my grandmother is unwell today, it is up to I as her heir-apparent to wish you fondly in the life you choose to lead. We will - all of us, miss you both dearly."


The other islanders nodded as they spoke their piece.


"We wish you great fortune in life."


"We pray for your safety, always."


"We love you both, Ou-sama, Kisaki." At that Tetsuhiro noticed Senpai's head lift slightly, his eyes gazing in the direction of the islanders even as his ears turned a slight shade of red. The hand he was holding was shaking. He only hope that Senpai wasn't about to scream at them to shut up in a fit of rage. However it seemed far from doing so that Senpai's eyes seemed to shine as though thick with moisture.


'Is Senpai going to... cry?' His brows furrowed, confused, surely Senpai was happy that they'd be leaving the island to return home to their normal lives, though he wondered if once they were there how things would be.


Kyoko smiled, his own big blue eyes watering, unused to saying farewells at all. "You are always, always, -– always welcome back."


It was Tetsuhiro's brother, Kunihiro, whom had been listening to everything, taking everything into account that had him piping up just then, before they'd even started to turn back toward the ship that awaited them. "Why not build your own research facility here... I'm sure with all your discoveries and being the Ou... you'll get enough capital."


Masaki turned his head to gaze at Kunihiro, smiling softly, it was true, Kunihiro really did have great ideas.


Tetsuhiro himslef was thinking exactly the same thing as Masaki in regards to what his brother, Kunihiro, had suggested. It was a great idea, but that would take time and besides it was an uncharted island filled with islanders that preferred to be isolated from the outside world. Thinking that, he sighed, shaking his head. However before he could manage to utter a single word, someone who had been unusually quiet decided to speak up, finally.


Souichi had feared that they'd be leaving right then and there. After all they had nothing on the island that actually belonged to them, other than perhaps his glasses, which he had with him. Everything else had been provided by the islanders whether or not it was made by them or found adrift on tide. Yet when Morinaga's older brother had suggested that his heart had skipped as if he were relieved to hear something so simplistic.


He wasn't thinking at all about the time it would take to build that type of facility, and unlike Morinaga he hadn't been on the island long enough to learn the quirks of the natives. He wasn't even that aware of their displeasure with almost anyone else outside their own small nation, if one could call it that, other than Kou's, the annoying little prick whom for some reason had not bothered them ever since the ceremony. Just thinking about that time caused him to blush furiously.


Yet when Morinaga did not answer his brothers query, he gazed up and saw him shake his head, his own eyes widening.


His mouth pursed, brows furrowing as his eyes squinted into a glare, glowering directly at Morianga, his free hand rising, the one that the younger man wasn't hold onto, hitting the dark haired man on the head. "Idiot!"


At that Morinaga blinked, staring at him, as though not quite able to comprehend the reason behind it.


With a huff of breath, Souichi avoided eye contact with the green eyed man, "It's a good opportunity... and... and..." he frowned, unable to say it, to even think it, yet knowing that if they went back to Japan they wouldn't be able to live so freely –- without worry. There, back home where only a week ago he had yearned to return to, everything they had experienced here would be... he didn't even want to continue his train of thought.


Tetsuhiro blinked again, watching as Senpai's face turned red, drained of color and then reddened again. He wasn't quite sure what he was thinking, but from what little he had said he could only guess. If it had been him to finish that sentence, he might have uttered something like, 'and if we stay here... we're married...' but he didn't feel like speaking it aloud just in case his darling tyrant decided it was time to beat the living daylights out of him, even if he knew he'd blush so adorably as he was doing even at that moment.


Still his lips twitched into a smile, before he spoke seriously, "Well, we are always welcome back, but Senpai we need to at least return to Nagoya, Japan long enough to inform the world and the University of what has happened... and then if you really think we can, and if the islanders agree to it, we can return and build that research facility that Nii-san mentioned."


The older students eyes met that of the younger students and they both managed to smile, even if the blondes was small and slightly tremulous. That was before he turned his head to glare heatedly in the direction of Isogai, Reiko-san, Kurokawa, Kunihiro, Tomoe and Masaki, whom had been staring at them and whispering to one another things that while he couldn't hear or understand them he had his suspicions.

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Alexia Featherchild

Kurokawa gave a nervous laugh before turning in the direction of the ship with Tomoe, whispering, "Let's go lock ourselves in our room." He didn't think he'd dare come out while Souichi was aboard, even if he was sure Morianga would do his best to keep him busy one way or another.


Reiko-san smirked, "Don't you two just look so cute together. I thought Tomoe-kun was cute, but I guess you can be too if one looks closely enough," she turned, laughing as she followed her son and his husband to the ship.


Tetsuhiro had to hold Senpai back from going after Reiko-san in a fury, "Senapi!" Which only earned him a nose-to-nose glare. With their close proximety Tetsuhiro couldn't help but brush his lips over the unsuspecting man who stuttered.


"W-w-what the hell do you think you're doing! Pervert!" He shoved Tetsuhiro away and stomped in the direction of the ship, while green eyes just twinkled after him.


Kunihiro coughed behind his hand, "I still wonder about that partner of yours, but if you're really happy..."


"I am, and don't think I haven't noticed... just don't hurt him." With that Tetsuhiro followed only a short distance behind the bespectacled blonde man he loved, leaving both Kunhiro and Masaki to gaze after him dazedly for a moment before they too followed.


Isogai was the last to leave the island and move toward the boats, after flirting with every female in sight that he could, even Kyoko, not realizing that he was actually a she. Kyoko had only smiled at him however and waved him off before turning to the others.


"We can only hope they return to us, so let us prepare for that day, and too I think it is time to open the doors to the world, as long as Ou-sama and Kisaki will be here to guide us."


Once on the ship, Kurokawa and Tomoe had gone below deck to their room. Reiko-san had gone to check on Kanako-chan who was beginning to awaken. Masaki had led Kunihiro to their room, both of them more at ease with Tetsuhiro's blessing of the relationship that had begun to form between them. Isogai himself was sunbathing on deck, wearing a pair of shades, though he may have only pretended to be dozing.


Tetsuhiro and Souichi however were standing hip to hip as they gazed down into the water as the ship turned around and headed back in the direction it had traveled from, its target location –- Japan. Tetsuhiro placed his hand on the small of Souichi's back.


"Don't worry Souichi," he whispered into the blondes ear, "we'll return to Kowaku before you know it." As his warm breath spread over his Senpai's ear, he noticed it turning red and how tightly the other mans hands held onto the rail that was around the ship.


He was surprised and delighted as his lovers lips whispered against his mouth, "Tetsuhiro;" the blonds lips gently glided over his, if only for a brief moment in time before returning to look down into the deep depths of the blue ocean.


Tetsuhiro's hand was on top of one of Souichi's as they both looked out over the ever reaching blue where the sky touched the sea.


Kanako, who had risen, walked onto the deck and froze, blinking before her mouth twisted into a smile. 'I knew it all along.' She was happy for them as she turned back below deck not wishing to disturb them.


Upon arriving home, some weeks later, Matsuda-san was overjoyed that everyone had made it back safely and that Morinaga-kun had not been lost eternally at sea and had come home alive.


Tetsuhiro's family had not yet been informed that their younger son had been found and that the funeral they had arranged for him was pointless. Kunihiro, while they'd been on their way home, had been unable to keep his younger brother from learning of just how cold hearted their parents truly were. It was at that moment that the two brothers had embraced one trying to comfort the other and now the two were in very similar boats for they each loved another man.


Just the thought of this depressed them both if only for a moment, but at least the two were no longer estranged and each of them looked as though even if the path they had chosen was difficult they had one another to lean on aside from their respective partners.


Now though, they were only to glad to be on their native soil, sitting in the living room of Matsuda-san's even if it was rather crowded.


Kunihiro stood up, sighing deeply. "As much as I would rather not, I think it best that I go to Fukuoka and inform our parents that you've been found, alive before the media gets wind of all of this." Masaki too had stood up, they both lived in that area themselves, both had work there that they needed to return to –- that was if their jobs hadn't been taken by others while they were gone.


Before anyone else could stand up, Kunihiro held up a hand so as to keep them from doing so. Then he turned to bow politely to Matsuda-san, "Thank you for your hospitality, we're sorry, but we must be going now."


Matsuda-san nodded her head, "That's quite alright, we were happy to have you." She saw them to the door and then they were gone. She turned back to everyone else and asked, "What does everyone else have planned?"


Tomoe, "I was going to call the company I work for and let them know whats going on now."


Kurokawa nodded, he'd be in the room too while Tomoe took the call in case he had any difficulties.


Kanako smiled, "Well I'm going to go over to my friends, if that's alright, so that they know I'm home and I can tell them that Morinaga-san is okay."


Matsuda-san sighed, hand to cheek, "I suppose that's fine Kanako-chan."


Isogai, "I'm going to head over to the hotel, it looks like my boss is over there right now from the text message I received."


Reiko-san grinned at Isogai, "Oh is he? Well then I think I'll go with you!"


When everyone else had left the room for another or had left the building altogether it left Tetsuhiro and Souichi in the room with Matsuda, who was watching them carefully. "I don't know what it is, but the two of you... somehow... look so much happier than I've seen either of you."


Souichi's cheeks flushed slightly, not daring to look at either Matsuda or Morinaga, even as he heard the other man laughing.


Tetsuhiro rubbed the back of his head, giving a nervous laugh, "I-is that so?" Had it been up to him he would have shouted to the world exactly why he was so happy, but a warning glare from Senpai kept him from blurting it out even though everyone else who had been in the room moments ago already –- knew.


Souichi decided that before Morinaga could blab everything to Matsuda-san, whom he did not want to know, it was embarrassing enough that his siblings knew, that Kurokawa knew, that –- that devil women knew. 'I'll tell her myself...sometime.' He doubted he could hide it from her forever, especially not when just about everyone else knew, who were important to him or his siblings. "Come on Morinaga, we should go inform the University that we've returned."


Morinaga blinked up at him, but Souichi refused to meet his eyes as he grabbed his bag and placed the strap of it over his shoulder.


"Uhm... okay Senpai..." the dark haired man stood up and followed the blonde outside out into the midday sun as they made their way toward the station that would take them to Nagoya University.


The pair had arrived at the University, obtaining a moment with the head of their department in order to explain everything that had happened. Well perhaps not everything, but enough so that one could understand why both Morinaga and Tatsumi had disappeared. Obviously due to the news they knew about Morinaga Tetsuhiro and the plane that had crashed so many months ago, who had been presumed dead. Yet he had stood there beside Tatsumi Souichi when the head of their department had entered the room.


Tatsumi had been the one to speak, explaining that he had taken a leave of absence in order to search for Morinaga, muttering below his breath that seeing as everyone else involved in any search had there been one were just idiots who'd give up too early.


He explained too that somehow he'd wound up stuck on the island himself with Morinaga and that their family members were the ones to rescue them both. Although he did not go into detail about what he and his kouhai had been up to, nor about the incident that had happened with that damn Tashi bitch. Just thinking it about it had irritated him. Morinaga, noticing this was the one to continue, explaining about the discoveries they had made on the island and that the islanders saw them as their kings.

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Alexia Featherchild

"And so, you see, Senpai and I, we plan on building a research facility there due to the plants and animals which we've spotted that should be extinct the world over, but exist there. The natives speak, while not modern, it is still a form of Japanese, and they trust us."


The head of their department blinked at them, before smiling as he stroked his black and gray peppered beard, "I see. I think, if the two of you write reports from there once its built you can still obtain your degrees. A discovery like that should ensure that, although I'm not entirely sure how long such a facility would take to build and whether or not you could stay there year round or not, but I see it as a possibility."


That idea had pleased the pair of them, especially Souichi, for he did not wish to drop school, wanting to finish in order to obtain the highest possible degree that he could. Tetsuhiro himself delighted, because then they could return to the island and his beloved wouldn't lash out at him so much in public for trying to show him his affections.


Once they were outside again and on their way home, Tetsuhiro asked of his senpai, "Would you like to go somewhere and get a drink?"


He noticed Senpai shrug, "Sure, why not?"


He knew the perfect place too, besides he wanted to let Hiroto-kun know that he was still alive and that even if Senpai hated public displays of affection, that he finally admitted that he loved him in return.


Souichi walked side by side with Morinaga, his hands in his pockets knowing that if they weren't that the other man would try to hold his hand, even when they were out in public. It wasn't that he hated sharing those kinds of moments with Morinaga, but not in public, not even in the evening as the sun was setting.


Though one of his brows twitched above an eye, hearing the man beside him sigh in evident disappointment, as the younger man turned into the bar he'd led the blond too.


Souichi upon setting foot inside frowned, recalling just when he'd last set foot, for the first time and he'd hoped the last time, into this particular bar. His eyes squinted, his brows furrowed as he glowered, "Mo-ri-na-ga, why the hell are we here!"


Morinaga turned large puppy-dog like eyes on him, "To drink."


Souichi grabbed Morinaga by the collar of his jacket and pointed to the sign which read Adamsite Gay Bar, "Why did it have to be here? There are plenty of normal bars you idiot!"


It had been humiliating enough when he'd accidentally walked into the bar without even having seen the sign. He also recalled that this was obviously a place which Morinaga frequented without him, the bartender obviously his friend. He had seen the man before too, back before the idiot had ever confessed to him. Everything had been so much simpler then, if he could go back, he grimaced at that thought. 'I don't want to go back to that time...'


He could hear Morinaga's sigh, as he eased his hands from the collar of his jacket. "Senpai, I just wanted my friend to know that I'm alive and well."


"Wouldn't he anyway? The news coverage is for tonight that the media jerks got yesterday." He didn't want to go into the bar, not just because it was a place for homos either, he didn't want Morinaga near that guy whom he'd ran into the last time he'd been anywhere near here. The very same night he'd wound up with that tattoo on the side of his shoulder, which he still had, somehow.


Morinaga turned around, dragging him inside.


"Morinaga!" He growled out, but was ignored as he tried to tug out of his hold. Really the idiot used that abnormal strength of his at the most annoying times as he was dragged along behind him up to a couple bar stools. The place looked practically empty, maybe because it was a Wednesday and it was still early evening yet.


The bartender turned around as he heard footsteps approach, his jaw slackening when he saw who it was who'd come in. There stood the man who had been thought dead for the past several months, his friend - the flame that never got the chance to burn with him. Not only that, the scowling man's hand he had hold of was that blonde senpai of his.




Souichi's eyes narrowed, "He's not dead."


Both the bartender and his kouhai laughed nervously.


The bartender picked up a glass to clean, "I know, it's just a nickname I gave him a long time ago."


That was something he didn't care for, as he pressed himself against Morinaga he glared at the bartender, whose name he'd forgotten.


Tetsuhiro when he felt Senpai lean against him, his green eyes widened briefly, before his lips curved upward and turned his eyes back to the bartender. "Hiroto-kun, a lot has happened."


When Hiroto nodded his head, Tetsuhiro sat, pulling Senpai down onto his lap by giving his hand a tug.


The dark haired man watched as the blonde in his lap turned various shades of red, while trying to pull away, but he wrapped his arms around him, trapping the others arms to his sides. The glare of death he received didn't manage to deter him. And when Senpai tried to squirm away he whispered in his ear, "Senpai, if you keep moving about on my lap like that..."


Immediately the slighter built man stopped, shooting daggers at him. Senpai really was too shy sometimes and didn't like to let the world know, though Tetsuhiro himself wanted everyone to know of their relationship.


"I love you," he whispered again into the blondes ear, now even those had turned red.


The man on his lap grumbled, "Whatever..." and Tetsuhiro sighed, loosening his grip, not wanting to cause his beloved too much upset, realizing that perhaps that he needed to give the other man space sometimes. It was just so...so difficult sometimes as he only wanted to hold him, to breath of him, always.


The two turned when they heard Hiroto-kun cough. Both of them now reddened, Senpai pushing off of Tetsuhiro to sit in the stool beside him.


Tetsuhiro thought that perhaps Senpai might use the room with the lock on it tonight, though he'd not used in the past week since they'd been back home. 'I should have removed that lock, just in case.'


The bartender leaned over to gaze at the pair, "Now, tell me, just whats been going on."


And so Tetsuhiro retold the story of the moment the airplane began to crash up to the point that Senpai had arrived on the island, leaving out the bits about what he and his lover had done. That, only because Senpai was right there and anytime it sounded as though he were going to start saying something about it he'd receive a glare and if that wasn't enough he'd get hit by a furiously embarrassed Senpai.


"And then, there was this ceremony..." he gulped as he was aware of Senpai's glare upon him, but he rushed it out. "It was like a wedding, between I and Senpai."


The older student stood up, but before he could lift his hand to swing, some other man had heard and walked up to them, drawling.


"I can't imagine Morinaga-kun married, that's going to disappoint a lot of the other regulars, who're always hoping that his attention'll turn their way."


Hiroto blinked, looking up at the other man, smiling softly. "Why hello stranger, haven't seen you in quite some time."

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Alexia Featherchild

Souichi's hand stilled in mid arch, falling to his side. He didn't want people knowing he was with another man, though Morinaga was the only exception, because he was not a damn homo. Yet the very idea that there were others, even here wanting to get into his Morinaga's pants made him wonder if it were such a good idea to hide it from everyone. They needed to back-off and stay away from him.


Tetsuhiro was only glad that he hadn't been whacked, yet again. It wasn't as often as before and not because of his perverted thoughts, well at least not while they were home. Well they had already taken a giant leap in their relationship and Senpai being the shy anti-social person that he was he supposed it would take some time before they could even easily hold hands in public without the blond getting upset.


He heard Senpai growl, "Lets go home!"


Tetsuhiro stood up, this time Senpai taking his hand to drag him out of the building, though had he used all his strength he could have stood stock still. However he didn't mind as he shot over his shoulder.


"We'll be returning to the island once things are taken care of here." Although it would be quite some time he was sure before they'd live there for more than a month or two a year. They still had University and it took time to build a research facility that hopefully wouldn't disturb the eco-system on Kowaku Island.


He heard Senpai grumbling below his breath as they made their way back home, but it looked as though someone had fallen asleep right in front of their door.


Souichi blinked, nudging the man with his foot, "Old man?" He didn't recall having been informed that he'd be paying a visit to Nagoya again. Surely Matsuda-san would have said something.


Green eyes blinked, widening as he realizes just who the middle aged man is whose sleeping just outside their door, it only being confirmed by the words that Senpai had just spoken. It really was Senpai's father. He wondered for a moment exactly what he was doing there, but before he could speak Senpai grabbed his father by his arms and helped him off the ground. Although Tetsuhiro doubted it was quite so much to help him as it was to reprimand him as he heard the graduate student of Nagoya University growl.


"What are you doing old man? Did you even let anyone know your were coming?"


Just for a second the older man sporting facial hair blinked, before standing straight, rubbing his hand over the back of his head. "I did send Matsuda-san a letter, but it might not have reached her. The postal system from certain parts of Africa aren't always that reliable."


His son continued to scowl at him.


"And I was just at Matsuda-san's, after hearing everything from her I came here to make sure you really were doing fine, Morinaga-kun too."


Tetsuhiro noticed Senpai's grip loosen, the somber man closing his eyes as he made a sound, "Tsk."


The dark haired man smiled at the pair and then shaking his head he reached into the pocket of his jeans for the key to their apartment to unlock the door. Opening it he turned to the two light haired men who happened to be father and son with differing personalities, though they both loved their family. "Why don't you come in Tatsumi-chichi."


Senpai gave him a warning glare, as if to tell him 'If you say anything, you're dead.' Just at that Tetsuhiro's lips twitched into a nervous smile as the two men walked in, he following after and closing the door behind him.


They sat down in the living room around the table they had there. Despite that warning glance that his beloved Senpai, Souichi had shot him only moments ago he simply could not allow this opportunity to slip. Standing up he said, "If you're excuse me, I'm going to take a quick shower."


Senpai nodded, "Alright, I can fill my old man in on what's been going on."


Tetsuhiro smiled softly, though he doubted for one moment that Senpai would reveal everything as he went into the bathroom to shower quickly, after digging through his closet for a rarely used suit.


He only hoped that Tatsumi Souijin, father of the man he loved, would accept him as easily as he had Kurokawa Mitsugu, Tatsumi Tomoe's husband.


Soujin whilst his sons kouihai was in the bathroom asked, "Sou-kun, Matsuda-san filled me in, but whats this about discoveries and building a research facility there?"


Souichi had pulled out a six pack of beer that they'd had in the fridge. He hadn't drank anything at the bar. Morinaga had had to open his big mouth and tell that bartender about the ceremony. This wasn't Kowaku island where things like that were normal, overlooked, even expected, it was Japan. And damn the governor of Tokyo anyway for making things that much more awkward. Though he would have been all for certain things the man said over a year or two ago, but now, no, as difficult as it was for him to admit that.


Opening a can with a click he took a swig, wiping the back of his sleeve over his mouth, as he leaned back against the couch. "Well, since Morianga and I are recognized as their kings we thought it would be good to build one there. Although it was Morinaga's brother who suggested it."


"Morinaga's brother?"


Nodding he took another long gulp from the cold Bud he had in his hand. "Yeah. Well there were many things that Morinaga discovered, since he didn't have much else to do other than..." no he did not want to think about all those pervets trying to get into Morinaga's pants. With a slight shake of his head he finished the beer like it was water and set the can down only to open another.


"What did he discover?" Soujin asked his son.


"That there are species of both plant and animal on that island, a few things I found while I was there that the idiot had overlooked, but it could be that there's something there that will help the world."


Soujin blinked, "Really?" He leaned forward, "What about insects?"


Souichi rolled his eyes, closing them as he sighed, "I'm sure there are plenty of those too, even ones that either have never been discovered before or have been thought to be extinct. Why just stop at plant and animal life?" Yet again he took a swig of his drink. He could only be glad it was something like this that his father had decided to comment on whether than asking about the islanders themselves. Those crazy islanders, yet somehow, they had helped to open his eyes, no matter how reluctantly or shockingly.


"When you go next, would it be possible for me to go with you?"


At that he just about dropped his can of beer, but nimble fingers quickly caught it before the contents spilled. "What?"


"Can I?"


"No!" If his father went, then he, he'd discover what he wasn't yet prepared for him to know. He couldn't keep all of the islanders from speaking to him and he doubted that Morinaga would be so willing to hold back there either.


Soujin blinked, "Why?"


"Augh, because!" He couldn't think of anything to say to explain, but when he heard his father sigh he glanced sharply at him.

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Alexia Featherchild

"Sou-kun, my son, you really are too stubborn for your own good. What harm could it do to let your father go with you and Morianga when you two visit the island again?"

If only you knew, thought Souichi, but it was something he didn't want him to know.


Yet at that very moment, Morinaga decided to waltz from the bathroom, in a dark navy blue suit and tie that matched his eyes, bowing down before Soujin, his hair still damp.


Before Souichi could stand and stop him, having paused momentarily in shock, the bastard had already spoken.


"Tatsumi Souijin, please give your son to me. I love him to the very depths of my soul." Tetsuhiro hadn't been prepared for this and felt as though the hair on the back of his neck were standing up either because he was sure he could feel Senpai's anger radiating through him or the fear of his request being rejected.


Soujin's eyes widened, but, he'd been through a similar situation before, so he wasn't quite so dense. However he asked skeptically, "You want...my son? Souichi?" The last was spoken somewhat incredulously as though he could hardly believe it.


The middle aged mans eyes turned toward his son, "Have the two of you been..." but his words trailed off as he noticed the angry glare that was directed toward Morianga, but too the blush that painted his sons face and ears.


Before his eyes his son has Morinaga by the collar of his suit's jacket, hauling him up to his feet and screaming at him.


"You fucking idiot! What the hell did you have to do that for!" He gave the man a shake, even as Morianga lifted his hands up as though to defend himself. What Soujin heard next made him feel a little relieved that this squabble wasn't because his son was in denial of the love he obviously felt toward his lover, "I wasn't ready for the old man to know!" but because he hadn't wanted it known. He knew why too, because his Sou-kun had developed a hatred of homos around the time he had met Morinaga, where before he had had a tolerance for them as long as they never tried to go after him he was certain.


Soujin smiled, his words halting Sou-kun's curled fist in mid swing, really this boy of his reacted too strongly, too violently whenever something upset him, "I gladly hand him over to you Morinaga-kun. I'm just surprised that he found someone to put up with him."


At that Sou-kun whirled around, slamming his fist down on the table, "What is that supposed to mean old man!"


Soujin chuckled, "Nothing, but you're often too stubborn, I'm just glad you weren't too stubborn to miss out on love. Your mother would be happy for you."


He watched his son blink, his eyes for one moment seeming to water before he grunted, whirling away and stomping into the now rarely used room, clicking the lock home.


Morinaga sighed and slid down in the spot that Sou-kun had left. Soujin could only smile slightly as he opened a can of beer and offered one to his new or soon to be son-in-law. The young man gratefully accepted it.


Obviously today had been too much for his eldest son and had gone off to sulk, but he was sure eventually he'd come back around.


"I asked Sou-kun if it was okay to go with you two when you next go to Kowaku."


The dark head bowed, "Of course, we'd be more than delighted." He took a gulp of the beer, he'd need it tonight, as he was sure to feel cold now that he'd grown used to Senpai's presence in his bed whether or not they made love. He looked up and smiled. "Kowaku Island, its the best thing that ever happened to me."


Soujin blinked, "Is that so?"


"It wasn't planned, we didn't see it coming, but the islanders had I and Senpai...Souichi married through their Unification Ceremony."


Soujin couldn't help but smile, "Do tell," and so the two stayed up half the night discussing one of the most important people in both their lives - for different reasons, while the person they spoke about sulked restlessly in his old room.


The news had reached Matsuda-san's ears by the next evening through her conversation with Soujin. Yet again she was surprised, but had found no fault with the relationship that Souichi had formed with Morinaga-kun. Although the elder of the Tatsumi siblings hardly smiled throughout the celebration that she and the others had decided to throw the pair. The blonde haired graduate student of Nagoya University sat back from the others, watching them even as he drank.


However Isogai was trying to get him to join in on their conversation, which had irritated not just Souichi himself, but his dark haired kouhai whom had always disliked Kurokawa's friend. For different reasons both of them wished to ring Isogai's neck. However with everyone gathered they were unable to fall through with their plans to do so.


That had been weeks, no months ago, Tetsuhiro recalled, thankful that Senpai had not remained so aloof as he had during the beginning of that evening when they'd stepped into the surprise celebration of their unification. At that time his beloved had glared daggers into his back and for several days afterward had refused to even let him get within a foot of him.


Reluctantly, he knew, Senpai had forgiven him for asking his father that which should not be spoken and telling him exactly what had transpired upon Kowaku island.


They'd worked their asses off too, Senpai remaining ever tyrannical in the lab, sometimes even more so than he'd ever been least he try anything as he had done. Senpai hadn't wanted everyone to know, especially not at school, but the slightly older man was so tempting, too tempting. At least at home, unless the blonde were furious, could he hold him, love him.


Now however they were approached the island, where they'd sent a message a month or two ago detailing the information for the building of a small scale research facility. A place which gave them more reason to return and to stay longer than initially had been planned. The two were already listed as the official rulers of Kowaku, an island that was gaining attention as an upcoming star among new nations. Soon it wouldn't be considered an island, but a country albeit somewhat smaller than Japan, becoming a now chartered destination somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.


At that moment his beloved was speaking with his father. If only his own were as accepting; he expelled a breath before the boat was anchored and they shuffled off onto the land where the Elder Woman, Kyoko and several others had gathered to welcome them back to Kowaku.


Kyoko smiled as he watched Ou-sama take Kisaki's hand to help him out of the vessel they had arrived in. He blinked as he noticed another man behind the couple leave the ship to set foot upon Kowaku soils. The man had hair and facial features similar to Kisaki's, though his hair was somewhat shorter and he sported facial hair. This was obviously some relation to the islands Kisaki, his gaze turned up to his grandmother before he turned back to the islands rulers and stepped up to greet them.


Kyoko bowed deeply to Ou-sama and Kisaki, "Welcome home to Kowaku Island," he straightened with a smile, "we, the islanders, have missed you."


Morinaga smiled, dipping his head, "And we too have missed you."


The young blonde beside Morinaga just muttered below his breath, unused to saying anything, just giving a nod of his head as though to agree with Ou-sama.


The older man blinked, bowing to Kyoko, "Hello, so you must have been one who took care of my son?"


Kyoko stared up, "You are Kisaki's father?"


Soujin's eyes furrowed, "Ki...saki?" Then he chuckled, "Oh, you mean Sou-kun."


"If he is the one who looks like you, then yes." He smiled, it was very much an honor to have Kisaki's father here among them, though he asked, "Where are your other children?"


"Tomoe is still in America with his husband and Kanako decided to take an extra course over her vacation so that she'll be sure to get into the high school she wishes too."


"I see," he smiled, then turned his attention back to Ou-sama and Kisaki whom were being swarmed by all of the other islanders.


Tetsuhiro looked around, his arm having been removed from around Senpai. He supposed his beloved was still too shy and unused to being watched by so many at once. Although they'd been here before and had grown close and able to show their affection easily, even if his love had at times protested less and less. However it had been several months since they'd been rescued, yet neither of them had been able to forget the people of the island or what had taken place on and prior to discovering Kowaku.


He then heard Senpai ask of one of the islanders, "How far has the construction of the research facility gotten?"


It was difficult to keep his mouth from curving into an amused smile, as always his Senpai preferred to talk about research. Although if it were finished and he highly doubted that it was despite it being just a small facility, then they could remain for longer periods of time. Still they need to complete University before they could permanently move and take over their responsibilities to the island and its inhabitants.


Kyoko whispered, "Has your son always been enamored of research?"


The older man whom Souichi took after chuckled, "Yes, I think he gets that from me."


"Though you do not seem as stubborn as he does."


"Hmmn, I don't know where that comes from, but I've always been interested in my research."

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Alexia Featherchild

"And what research is that?"


"Entomology and Botany."


"Oh..." he had no idea what those words were.


Tetsuhiro turned around to enlighten Kyoko as he had overheard, "Tatsumi-chichi is interested in insects and plants."

At that the young islander smiled, "Oh, well then you shall have a lot of fun here. We have many insects and plants. Would you care for a tour of the island while Ou-sama and Kisaki speak with the rest of the islanders?"


Soujin nodded, "That would be spectacular."


Tetsuhiro smiled, Tatsumi Soujin really did love insects, he was a bit eccentric, though had a different way of showing it than his son. He watched as Kyoko led Soujin off to introduce to a couple island guards who would be able to show him around while he prepared something special for the islands Ou and Kisaki. There were also a few other islanders whom were interested in learning more about their Kisaki's father and perhaps hearing stories of his early years of life and so they too joined the tour.


He had not yet realized that Senpai had stepped up beside him and watched too as his father went off with people whom he'd only just met. "He's probably going to bore them with insect stories."


Whirling around he blinked, smiling down at the man he loved. "Perhaps, but I think they're interested in learning more about you through him."


At that amber-gold eyes narrowed, "He'd better not tell them anything stupid."


"Well I'm sure he'll... get distracted by the insects and plants?"


Senpai continued to frown, then shrugged. As Tetsuhiro gazed into his beloved face he was oblivious to the scene behind him. Although something had caught his lovers attention for his eyes had rounded following whatever it was. One dark eyebrow arched in question, slowly turning his head around.


His lips quirked as he watched that which had caught Senpai's attention. It was none other than the chestnut haired islander, Kou being followed around by one of the island guards, Takashi. Every few moments the young man would turn and say something to the muscular giant, looking none too happy.


Tetsuhiro wondered briefly what was going on between them, but beside him he heard Senpai gasp, his own jaw slackening momentarily as they watched Takashi grab ahold of Kou's arm and lifted him off the ground. It looked as though Kou were struggling to free himself of the others grip, only to grab ahold of the guards shoulders when the larger mans mouth collided with his.


"It looks like Kou's found someone whom can give him what he needs."


It was then he heard Senpai muttered below his breath, glaring in Kou and Takashi's direction, "As long as he doesn't try anything with you," Tetsuhiro too noticed that the slighter man whom he loved had crossed his arms over his torso.


Placing his own arm around Senpai he smiled, "You don't have to worry, the only one I need, the only one I want, the only one I love is you...Souichi."


Sharp dark honey eyes gazed into green through a pair of spectacles. Tetsuhiro knew however how saying his beloved name affected him, telltale by the shiver that he had noticed Souichi have.


Those same eyes gazed down at the ground between him as his face all the way up to the tips of his ears was consumed by a brush of crimson.


Without complaint, Tetsuhiro took Souichi's hand and led him to their home which the islanders had kept prepared for them since the day they had left the island. Though Kyoko had gone ahead of them, so the the door was open and he awaited them inside to speak for but a moment, knowing that the two preferred to be alone.


Kyoko bowed as the islands Ou and Kisaki appeared, "Ou-sama, Kisaki, I and the islanders are honored that you chose to return to the island if only for a visit." He straightened as soon as he had finished speaking those words.


Tetsuhiro smiled at the young man whom many upon first sighting him thought him to be a female due to his stature, his long glossy black tresses and the feminine kimono's he wore about the island. "Kyoko, until I and Senpai are finished with obtaining our degrees from University and the research lab here is complete we can only visit. However once everything is done and we have our degrees, then I think we may move here permanently, though we'll still make visits back to our birth-land."


Deep blue eyes stared up at Tetsuhiro and Senpai, "Really?"


It was the blond man whom with a sigh and crossing his arms over his chest confirmed it, "Of course," even he still found it difficult to believe that this Kyoko was male as Tetsuhiro had once mentioned to him before their return to Kowaku. His eyes narrowed, "There's a lot to research on this island with so many flora and fauna thriving on it that cannot be found - living throughout the rest of the world." There was no way he was going to even admit, even to himself, that that was far from being the only reason he'd agree to move to Kowaku Island.


Kyoko however continued to smile, giving a slight bow of his head and then turned to one of the bedside tables and lifting a bowl of fruit filled with unusual berries and held it out to them. "May you both be blessed by Kowaku Island."


Souichi watched as Morinaga blinked before managing to smile at Kyoko, his eyes narrowed when his kouhai's hand, while taking the bowl from the young islander, brushed that of the one offering the bowl of fruit up to them.


Morinaga's smile did not cease as he thanked Kyoko, "Thank you Kyoko, for your words and this," he indicated the fruit lifting one small berry to his lips, but stopping short of consuming it. The tall dark haired man turned to Souichi and offered the berry to him, brushing it against the blonds lips.


Souichi's lips parted, Morinaga slipping the berry past them so that the tiny fruit danced on his tongue, the tip of Morinaga's finger brushing his lip.


Kyoko giggled then with a final bow he left the room, "I'll leave the two of you alone."


Golden-amber eyes rounded before narrowing as crimson rose to color his face. Souichi pushed Morinaga's arm away gritting his teeth, finding such a small berry was filled with a sweet and tangy juice as it was crushed. Swallowing it he growled, "Don't do shit like that in front of an audience!"


However that smile that widened upon Morinaga's face, the way the darker mans eyes stared into his with their intensity of love and desire he felt a chill, though not unpleasant, shoot up through his spine. It was irritating how his heart began to thud almost painfully against his chest as the other man set the berries aside, back on the bedside table, before advancing toward him.

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Alexia Featherchild

Souichi stepped back, forgetting that the edge of the bed was behind him, the back of his knee encountering that edge, falling backward onto the mattress. Over him Morinaga followed, one knee placed on either side of him. Already he felt his cock begin to stir to life beneath the material of his jeans, now feeling too tight as he whispered, "Tetsu...hiro?"


The man above him smiled down at him, the back of one of Morinaga's hands lifting to gently stroke his cheek and then he leaned down toward Souichi, his mouth ghosting over his.


Souichi's eyes narrowed as he gazed into the green depths of Morinaga's, his own arms encircling Morinaga, his fingers gripping into black tresses as he pulled him down so that their lips met one anothers.


As he tugged on Morinaga's hair, he could hear the man groan just before he muffled the sound as their mouths connected; his tongue darted into the younger man's mouth the tip of his tongue running over each sharp tooth. Exploring, learning again every detailed millimeter of Morinaga's mouth, his tongue swiping up and down the length of each inner cheek; pressing the other mans tongue back with a warning growl as he was not yet done with his exploration. He discovered that were he to use the tip of his tongue and slowly move it over the roof of the dark haired man's mouth that he'd be rewarded with muffled moans of pleasure and a tug of his own long hair causing both their mouths to open wider.


Soon Morinaga had removed Souichi's glasses from him, untying his ponytail so that his blonde tresses were freed and spread over the mattress beneath and around his head.


For a moment their mouths disconnected as he heard the islanders Ou speak in a deep and spine tingling tone, "I'm going to make a mess of you," and before Souichi could form a protest or reply of any kind his mouth came crashing down on his sucking his bottom lip into his mouth, while nimble fingers quickly unbuttoned and dispensed with Souichi's top, his pants and underwear following soon after.


Souichi without realizing it, had helped to remove Morinaga's garments, tugging his shirt off and unzipping his pants; then their naked bodies pressed against each other even as Morinaga's tongue delved further into his mouth.


Their tongues warred, wrapping around one anothers, sucking each others tongue first into Souichi's mouth and then into Morinaga's that they barely had any chance to breath, but for a short gasp before their mouths collided again.


Neither were able to swallow the saliva that had formed from their constant tongue play, each others hands wrapped in the others hair, holding the back of each others head. Each of their bodies heaving for breath as once again they came up for air, a thick bridge of saliva still connecting them, both their tongues peaking out from between their lips as they panted together.


Their pupils had dilated as they stared at each other. Had Souichi not been so intoxicated by the pleasure and sexual urgency he surely would have been embarrassed by his behavior. Lifting himself up his tongue darted out, breaking the bridge as the saliva dribbled down from his lips over his chin as he licked down Morinaga's neck tasting the salt of his skin, swiping away tiny beads of perspiration that had formed there.


Tetsuhiro stilled momentarily, his green eyes widening, but unable to keep from emitting a moan of pleasure at feeling his beloved's tongue move down over his neck. Despite how close they had become the slightly older man always somehow managed to surprise him.


"Souichi," he groaned against the other mans head as he felt his teeth graze his shoulder. One of his own hands began to trace an intricate swirling design along his lovers flesh as they brushed down Senpai's neck; lightly touching the base of his throat which caused the man beneath him to shudder, his teeth sinking further into his shoulder, leaving a slight puncture wound. A moment later he felt the blondes tongue sooth the small and insignificant shortly lived pleasure wound given to him by those sharp even teeth.


His fingertips brushed lightly over Senpai's nipples, his ears rewarded with the whimper of pleasure as that beautiful face filled with the color of arousal buried into the crook of his arm.


The sight, the sound and the touch of his beloved only caused his cock to harden further. He already wanted to slip inside of Senpai, his most treasured person in the world.


Yet before he could do anything he felt fingers curl around his cock, the older man refusing to look at him. "Souichi?" He questioned, trying to get the other to turn his head by tilting his chin up.


Souichi himself had determined that it was unfair that he lost control so easily in Morinaga's arms, though at times like these he could no longer think of him as Morinaga, his kouhai. No, instead he could only think of him as Tetsuhiro, yet no matter his name or title, he was the man he loved. Even now thinking that, he felt the heat suffuse though him to the surface of his face and ears.


Slowly his hands squeezed the warm hard flesh of Morinaga's cock, one hand stroking up and down his length while the other held him at the base, brushing against his balls. With every moan that he heard released from Morinaga as he stroked him with his hands he felt heat pooling in his own loins, his cock aroused to the point that it was almost painful.


He cried out as he felt Morinaga's mouth peppering kisses over his face, but moments ago he'd closed his eyes refusing to meet the other mans gaze. Yet his eyes fluttered open as those gentle kisses were placed across his forehead from one temple to the other, down the bridge to the tip of his nose, those lips brushing over each cheek bone, his chin, the corners of his mouth, before Morinaga's mouth met his.


As the pad of his thumb brushed over the head of Morianga's cock, swirling the sticky precum around his body jolted when the other man's mouth moved down over his neck and chest to a nipple, a tongue swiped over the hardened pink peak. He was unable to keep from crying out, "Ahhggghaaah!" his hand giving a jerk where he held Morinaga making the man groan muffledly against him.


Souichi made a sound of protest when Morinaga stood up away from him, losing contact with the warmth of his body, the cool air in the room causing him to shiver.


"I'm still here Souichi," Morinaga spoke before kneeling on the floor beside the bed, taking a pillow and placing it beneath his knees. Souichi leaned up on his elbows to gaze at him questioningly, just before he felt the other mans hands wrap around his thighs and slide him till his ass was near the edge of the mattress. Morinaga guided his feet to the ground, spreading Souichi's legs apart.


Souichi could feel the soft rug beneath his toes as he gazed up into emerald irises, "Tetsu..." he gasped when he felt Morinaga's fingers part his ass cheeks and caress his anus, "...hiro!" it sounded as though he'd hiccuped due to his breath hitching as he moaned his name.


Reaching to his side, where his jeans had been discarded, with his fingers, Souichi searched the pocket for the small tube and offered it to Morinaga with a shaking hand.


Once more Tetsuhiro that night was caught off guard, "Where did you get that from?" He'd not seen anything in the room and it was different than the one he'd brought with him still in the pocket of his own pants that he'd flung aside earlier. His eyes widened, dumbstruck, when he noticed Senpai's face turn an even darker brilliant shade of red, avoiding his gaze as he took the tube from his lovers hand.


'Senpai...Souichi...had this...himself?' He couldn't quite believe it, but there was no other explanation, his gaze softening and finally their eyes met as he refused to do anything until his truelove looked at him.


Senpai did not look best pleased as he growled, "What're you looking at!" That, however, was enough for Tetsuhiro as he undid the cap and lifted his hand up for his lover to see as he coated his fingers in the jell like liquid, wide dark honey-gold eyes watching.


Before Senpai could react with some harsh word or slap, he tossed the tube aside, not paying attention to the small thud it made as it fell to the floor. Tetsuhiro's lube drenched hand found its way between the blonds legs, stroking over his beloveds entrance, one finger dipping inside him.


At Morinaga's administrations, Souichi found himself moaning, his body arching to the other mans touch as his eyes fluttered closed the pleasure shooting through his body, his nerves lighting his dendrites afire.


It never took Morinaga long to prepare him anymore, his body practically begged, he thought momentarily with irritation, for his kouhai's attentions. He'd been able to admit he loved him, but it still annoyed him that he so easily got turned on by a kiss or a single caress by Morianga. He however did not mull long upon it as he whimpered at the loss of that wicked finger within him.


His eyes opened, his lips parted as he watched the dark haired man stroke himself with his still lube soaked hand. Knowing what was to come next, Souichi parted his legs further moaning the name of the one man in existence that he could ever contemplate doing things like this with.


Tetsuhiro positioned himself between his senpai's legs once he'd lathered his cock with the lubricant, grabbing ahold of his lovers pale hips and pulling him toward him as he thrust into his ass.


"Souichi...you feel so good...so hot...your ass is sucking me in."


"Nngggh...sh-shut up!" he heard Senpai grumble even as he moaned, his hips grinding toward him as he thrust in and out.


Every thrust Tetsuhiro was met with his lovers beautiful voice making such delicious sounds, moaning, panting, whimpering - every sound letting him know just how much Senpai was enjoying it, even without having to look down into that eroticly beautiful face.

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Alexia Featherchild

As he thrust into his lover, Tetsuhiro's lashes fanned against his cheeks as his eyes closed, tilting his head back in ecstasy as he drove over and over again inside his senpai, moaning breathily.


Souichi felt his inner muscles wrap around Morinaga's cock, his body quivered at the feeling of him inside, filling him, moving against that spot that he could no longer deny made him quake and want to scream with abandon at the pleasure. No way would he ever admit such a thing to the other man.


As he gave into the pleasure that swam through his blood stream, his nerve endings his eyes closed once again as those sensations assailed him over and over so strongly. Without giving it a thought, his hand of its own accord moved to tangle in his own mass of hair, the other brushing over one of his nipples. Giving it a pinch and twist he moaned again the name of the one that he'd become unified with upon this very island some months back, "Tetsuhiro!" his eyes watered slightly, dampness clinging to his lashes as he felt his kouhai's cock thrust deeper inside him, gliding across his prostate.


His hand brushed down himself, to wrap around his rigid weeping cock. His eyes opened, amber irises meeting green as his hand pumped up and down his length while the younger man thrust faster, deeper inside him.


At one and the same time they each felt their own abdomens quiver and clench, crying out together almost ferally as they came. Souichi's cum shot up between them coating their abdomens and Morinaga's lower chest.


Tetsuhiro's liquid seed seeped into his lovers ass and as he continued to thrust into him until Senpai's clenching and unclenching muscles had fully milked him, before even existing his cum had begun to leak out and down the blonds thighs.


Both their bodies glistened with sweat, saliva running down the corners of their mouths, most prominently dribbling from Souichi's.


Tetsuhiro pulled out and together they shifted on the bed so that they both rested against the pillows at the headboard, their legs entangled and their arms wrapped around one another.


Senpai hiding his face against one of the younger mans broader shoulders, mumbling, "You...never...learn..." he sighed.


Tetsuhiro smiled against Senpai's temple, gently brushing a kiss there before tilting his head up and lightly kissing him before pulling him further against him, his fingers playing through long light hair. "Rest now Souichi," and although the other man blushed he closed his eyes without complaint falling into a light doze, with Tetsuhiro following not far behind whispering, "I love you..." not noticing that one amber-gold eye opened and Senpai's lips had curled upward into a smile before that eye drooped closed again, snuggling up more against him.

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