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Marjorie Haukea Williams

My Socially Awkward Adventures Lissie is BEST!?

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Hi this is Elisabet Wattanasin here, aka Lissie or Elisa... (should make that name shorter maybe?)

I am very excited to announce my first blog here on YO (Yaoi Otaku Forums)


I want to start the ball rolling with how my weekend has been shaping up.

Usually I don't do too much activity, I get over stimulated easily ha!

So I like to keep it simple more than likely.


I started hanging out with a friend again, I haven't seen or heard from in 3 years... (wow that's long as to be not known to someone) Thankfully he remembered bits about me.

Mostly that I liked rap music and was a twin.So seeing him again was a breath of fresh air, literally!

He has started his own lawn mowing business... Cool!

And also has dug into all this conspiracy theory business.

I am not against that, because I think not everything is like it initially seems, at first glance.


Anyways before that I was supposed to sleep over at my mates house, even when he was wasted from a few drinks. lol I thought the door was locked and so I went to get something to nom on after I visited him. Funny how I assumed that.


Food and drink for that day was energy drinks and chippies again -___-

I should cook something, darn it. But I have addictions it seems... shameful...

To conclude my day was a gay one and also a straight one. lmao

More gay than anything.


Lastly I was listening to at the moment. Tegan and Sara's 2016 venture "Love you to death" Nice!


Thanks for reading and see all you lovelies in the next adventure



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^ Thankies! I tried to wrap it around my personality a lot of the time.

I will write another entry later on, either by edit or a post.


See you then.




Hi again everyone! It's Lissie here on a fine Monday morning!

I just woke up so not much to report as such. Listening to at the moment,

Finnish Melodic Death Metal band "Children of Bodom"


they are quite good and have a knack to them, in terms of speed, melody and charm.

I am looking forward to the new mario party on 3DS, released on October 8th (not so long to wait)


I made a Saionji Hiyoko set last night. It turned out really well, for the expectations I had for myself.


Colours are pale pink, and some middle tone yellows, golden?


Well that's all from the mind of Elisabet Wattanasin


Over and out!

@Karin @DLeck6211 @Choree @fan_yaoi @Rebel Heart

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Almost the next day and I've been re touching signatures and avatars like a madman lol

Greetings to you from Australia, It's Lissie here once more!


Speaking about Australia. The wildlife here can and will do harm if you aren't careful.

Foreigners never seem to understand the warning signs unfortunately.


Anywho, my day was mostly spent sleeping today.

I didn't even leave my bed until 12:30 in the afternoon lol


Only real day I get off besides endless appointments with specialists and case workers...

Well writing this blog seems to de stress me, so that's always a positive eh?


I've been getting some mixed responses to my art from personal people in my life.

Not feeling the dark themes apparently, they should listen to the music I like then lmao....


Hope to see you little muffins nice and early tomorrow.


Bye for now


@Karin @DLeck6211 @fan_yaoi

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I haven't updated this in forever....


Hi there it's me!!!


I've gone and went through changes.

Much like the eminem song of the same meaning.


Life is good, haven't been this stoked since 2012

Which is when my bad times ended officially!


But Lissie is now Marjorie. and I am cooking heaps now!

Didn't think I was cooking much before and also

I am making new offline friends and doing GFX again.


I have classes next week at TAFE. (A secondary to university here)

And I am doing it three days a week, with also work experience volunteer at Red Cross in town.


Things I have cooked recently:

Carrots and Chicken with Wheat Biscuits and Malaysian Laska Curry Paste

Raspberry Jam and Rice with Spinach, Mushrooms and Zucchini

Hot and Spicy Chicken with Rice, Snow Peas and Shallots


Stay TUNED until next time.


Marjorie H. Williams \^o^/


This is gonna get crazy active. Unlike before...

P.S. Made a new banner for my blog for the start over. Or more or less continuation onwards...

@fan_yaoi @Rebel Heart @batista



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