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Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost.

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  1. Given my family hasn't really told me much about my family history. I just go with what my dad's cousin jennie tells me usually. Or what my Gran tells me. I trust Jennies sources enough to count it as relevant to me in any case.


    Besides that most of it is just wow and guesses. Educated guesses.

  2. From what I've been told about the Jamaican whore, she lived a good life once she settled in Australia. It doesn't really bother me. I find it an interesting little fact but I do not believe I inherit more than fragments of genetic information from my ancestors. I could have Jack the Ripper as an ancestor and it wouldn't bother me... Actually, that would be kinda cool.


    It's neat that you're finding all these things. Can you verify the sources? I trust you but I don't necessarily trust the people you get the information from. It all sounds like you've got more than a proportional amount of somebodies in your history.

  3. Oh that is kind of depressing to know is it for you? Or you find it interesting?

    I found a few more celebrities, a fashion model/photographer someone that played nfl sports and a renowned poet painter and other things.


    And some hawaiian royalty.

  4. Now to trace you based on that information....




    I kid. I like a little anonymity online. I have Queen Victoria's lace maker on my mother's side and a Jamaican whore who was charged with stealing from her client and sent as a convict to Australia on my father's side. I've seen a copy of the statement from the trial and it really sounds like they had sex and she took what she earned. He was a whingy little bitch in his statements saying she overpowered him and removed his clothes. I mean, yes, it would be horrible if a woman did that to a man but the way it sounded was sus.

  5. Also the 5th 4th, 12, 2nd and 1st President of the mormon faith.

    I forgot to mention the numbers. So that's Brigham Young, Wilford Woodruff, Joseph Smith and Lorenzo Snow. among others. Quite the interesting folk.

  6. I have royals mormon presidents to my knowledge today. And charlie chaplin, oliver burgess meredith, carlotta montery and Paulette Goddard Levy. Most of the celebrities I am related to are from past gone, no recent ones. though I am second cousins with megan markle I discovered. Oh I forgot about the number thing. I'll add you.

  7. ^.^ I like talking to you too. *hugs* Sorry I wasn't on when you tried chatting with me. I feel bad that I wasn't there for you. I was on the computer on ebay looking for door hooks but then my partner remembered she needed a phone cover so she took over once I bought the hooks. I'll catch you next time.


    Oh! Neat! Do you have any villians, famous people or royals in your family? I've had aunts on both sides of my family research it too. It was really interesting to learn about.

  8. Sorry. There should be a 4 digit number behind your username. Mine is Rumpleteaser#9097. I have discord on my phone so I check it even in bed, on the bus and in the queue at the grocery store.


    Ya. I freaked out about seeing a spider crawling up on a spider silk the other night. I tried to reach out and grab it but it wasn't there and my partner told me it wasn't real. I haven't heard things in ages. Normally for me it's cockroaches, mice and muffled voices outside the window. I used to hear children when I was having trouble with a gang of feral bogan kids at one place. Most of the time I can go "okay, why would there be people outside my window at 2am? Go back to sleep" but the spider the other week freaked me out. Cockroaches always freak me out, whether they're real or imagined.

  9. My discord is Klown<3Kat and I am always on there outside of forums. I am not hearing voices as much but I am seeing things still which bothers me. But eh, life goes on and I don't let myself get down too much.


    I like talking to you, this will be good and the people I met in the past are always making excuses not to hang with me.

    Yeah that's my bad though its their issue, as I see it. Just been doing ancestor research in my spare time, cause I find it relaxing as well as fascinating.

  10. I'm HEAVILY medicated, which is the only reason I'm able to function. I swear by my meds.


    My brother and mother both have schizophrenia. It can be scary. Mum lost her children and became homeless in another state because of things that were happening to her that she could not control. *hugs* What I mean to say is, I understand how it must be for you. It's amazing that you can keep going. Great work! Actually, there's something you might like...




    That's a good way to look at it.


    Aaaah. Yeah. I go on Iwaku Roleplay a lot too. Do you have Discord or do you ever use the chat bar on this site? We can chat whenever I'm on if you need interaction. I love having people to chat to.

  11. Bother. I hate that feeling when people don't make time for you. I had a friend like that. They were always too busy but then they'd post pictures of them going out with other people on Facebook. She didn't tell me about a birthday party and I didn't know about it until I saw the photos on Facebook. I believe that if a person truly wants to catch up with you, they will make time no matter how busy they are. I mean, obviously some people are swamped with work or study and have a lot to juggle so there are always exceptions to the rule... but still. I have an aunt like that. I ended up giving her Christmas presents to her sister to give to her because I know I'll likely not see her for another year or so.


    It can be. I've dealt with mental illness since I was about 14 so I've learned to go with the flow. I hate it at times but I'm good at the moment. I've got bipolar 2, which means I mostly get depression type symptoms with occasional hypomania and other symptoms thrown in.

  12. Yeah and it seems everyone is too busy for me who I do talk to besides a few.

    Like I make time for peeps, they could at least do me that in return.


    Bi polar is hard to deal with from what I've been told.

    I have schizophrenia and that's kind of interesting but also scary and depressing.


    I will find someone time, just not my wave to catch yet.


    I am usually on another site now. Reason I don't post here much anymore.

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