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D. Gray-man Hallow Set To Release July 4

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For D. Gray-man fans the wait is over this summer the series will continue! D. Gray-man Hallow will start July 2016 in the summer anime lineup.


Link: http://www.yaoiotaku.com/forums/threads/29991-d-gray-man-manga-get-to-have-new-tv-series-in-2016-with-new-cast





Ayumu Murase as Allen Walker

Yutaka Aoyama as The Earl of Millenium

Natsuki Hanae as Lavi

Takuya Satō as Yū Kanda

Shinnosuke Tachibana as Howard Link

Ai Kakuma as Lenalee Lee


Genres: Action / Adventure / Comedy / Demons / Shounen /Super Power

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I don't know if this was a spoiler or not but I noticed that Allen got taller in the new anime. He's taller than Lenalee, beansprout no more.


The anime's rocking the effects and I can't wait to see the fight scenes. :')

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