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  1. Happy belated Valentine day!

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  2. Thank you! Sorry for late reply.

    Happy belated valentine day to u!

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  3. Update: In the official site: https://10count-anime.com/, it is updated that the anime will be in 2020! PV Trailer:
  4. In the Fuji TV Anime Lineup Press Conference 2019 event on Thursday, it is announced that Natsuki Kizu's Given manga will be adapted to television anime. Which will premiere on Fuji TV's Noitamina in July. It will be the first anime based on a boys-love manga" to air on Noitamina. Below is the PV and visual image [video=youtube_share;cxjXEIDbBxA] Characters: Synopsis: Ongoing manga currently released in Shinshokan's Cheri+ magazine, and Shinshokan published the manga's fourth compiled volume in December 2017 Given website
  5. @412Chie @M-jow For manga non-yaoi recommendation... hmm... Try 1/2 Prince, ReLife, Ai wo Utau yori Ore ni Oborero!, 07-Ghost? They will take a while to complete.. but it is nice! ^^ I love mdzs also~ Wangxian~~~
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  7. Username: lateChoco List Type*: Manga Page Note's Number: 1 Notes Link: Here
  8. Hi. This is off topic and not related to this anime. So pls request whatever u need here: https://www.yaoiotaku.com/forums/forums/35-Other-Yaoi-BL-Requests
  9. It is aired on every Friday 23:30. https://papashita.cf-anime.com/news/
  10. Hi @DarenZen From what I know, there is no drama cd for this series ^^ More detail about the author: https://www.mangaupdates.com/authors.html?id=2894 She is Japanese ^^ Yes it is categorize as Yaoi. The anime have "regular editions" that air on television and "complete editions" with explicit scenes that are available through ComicFesta Anime Zone. It is about 5 mins + per ep. And the completed version, in dvd is announced to be 50 mins, so around 10 eps? I cant confirm it though.
  11. 1. [began: 4.09.2018] [Finished: 5.09.2018] Read a collection of short BL stories: Bed Room Tour!! (01) Quote from corresponding task: "Even so, I was still glad that the person I loved was happy." 2. [began: 20.08.2018] [Finished: 21.08.2018] Read one completed manga with 10+ chapters: Tatoe Toraware no Koi demo (02) Quote from corresponding task: "That's certain because I... I realized that I like Kanzaki-san" 3. [began: 15.12.2018] [Finished: 16.12.2018] Read a title categorized 'psychological': ≠ - Not Equal (03) Quote from corresponding task: "'Your happiness and my happiness.. they're equal, right?." 4. [began: 6.11.2018] [Finished: 9.11.2018] Read a manga drawn by a male artist: Otouto no Otto (04) Quote from corresponding task: "Something like two men getting married for me, it's something like tempura sushi" 5. [began: 16.04.2018] [Finished: 17.04.2018] Read a manga released between 1971 and 1999: Ai no DNA (05) Quote from corresponding task: "I think it's the fault of our similar DNA" 6. [began: 12.09.2018] [Finished: 16.09.2018] Read a title which has been adapted to anime: Super Lovers (06) Quote from corresponding task: "That's why.. of all the people I've ever met.. Haru scares me the most." 7. [began: 10.09.2018] [Finished: 11.09.2018] Reread one completed manga title: Café Latte Rhapsody (07) Quote from corresponding task: "It's a feeling as if I'm drinking the universe." 8. [began: 15.11.2018] [Finished: 20.11.2018] Read a title serialized in magazine "ihr HertZ": Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai (08) Quote from corresponding task: "People are full of contradictions. They’re lonely. And then they’re not. They’re missed. And then they’re not." 9. [began: 18.08.2018] [Finished: 19.08.2018] Read a comedy manga: Ikoku Irokoi Romantan (09) Quote from corresponding task: "I.. I can't tell them unless I have to. That he was plated with and sleeping with a guy.." 10. [began: 22.08.2018] [Finished: 23.08.2018] Read a manga another participant has completed: Kirepapa (10) Quote from corresponding task: "It was you who walked right into this situation. Close your eyes a little bit." 11. [began: 29.12.2018] [Finished: 30.12.2018] Read a new ongoing manga title: Ai ni Chimayoe! (11) Quote from corresponding task: "Oh my. I don't know how to explain my emotions. "I love you" isn't enough to describe my feelings for you, Hiromi. If only I could show you my heart." 12. [began: 13.04.2018] [Finished: 15.04.2018] Read one webtoon manga: At the end of the road (Haribo) (12) Quote from corresponding task: "It's cute how you think you can protect people. And how even though you act tough, you're completely lost under pressure. It's also cute how you always try to win because you're so cocky" 13. [began: 19.09.2018] [Finished: 20.09.2018] Read a manga by an author you don't know: Ameshizuku by Shimako Wan (13) Quote from corresponding task: "A big guy. Both in heart and in body." 14. [began: 10.08.2018] [Finished: 11.08.2018] Read a supernatural manga title: My Little Vampire (14) Quote from corresponding task: "When night comes, I can hold your hand tightly again." 15. [began: 13.11.2018] [Finished: 14.11.2018] Read a manga which was adapted to CD Drama: Jackass! - Sawatte Ii tte Dare ga Itta yo? (15) Quote from corresponding task: "I think I'd be okay with you." 16. [began: 4.11.2018] [Finished: 5.11.2018] Read a manga about food, music or art: Yuuwaku Recipe (16) Quote from corresponding task: "Ueda-kun couldn't help but think, "Why is everyone here so thick?"" 17. [began: 29.11.2018] [Finished: 30.11.2018] Read a DJ manga released between 2000-2010: D.Gray-man dj - The Dog (17) Quote from corresponding task: "But hunting down a pet suits me better than keeping one. You certainly know your master's tastes." 18. [began:16.03.2018] [Finished:19.03.2018] Read a manga with Age Gap topic: Yume Musubi Koi Musubi (18) Quote from corresponding task: "I hope this happiness will continue forever." 19. [began: 23.11.2018] [Finished:24.11.2018] Read a title from our iShop titles (link): Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki (19) Quote from corresponding task: "When I become the fourth, I'll protect you!" 20. [began: 20.03.2018] [Finished: 24.03.2018] Read a title recommended by someone: Hinekure Chaser (20) Quote from corresponding task: "That's why I thought that I want to protect him. That's why I was so confused. It's all because of this feeling." 21. [began:21.11.2018] [Finished:22.11.2018] Read a manga with one word title: Season (ASOU Mitsuaki) (21) Quote from corresponding task: "I heard a small voice. Is it because of the wind? In a muted room, it was quite loud. A clear resounding sound." 22. [began: 19.12.2018] [Finished: 20.12.2018] Read a light novel: Finder (Novel) (22) Quote from corresponding task: "I want to take a picture. Now... this moment... this man..." 22а. [began: 17.12.2018] [Finished: 18.12.2018] Read a manga by an artist/author duo: Love Stage!! (22а) Quote from corresponding task: "We can take it slowly. As long as we can continue this love together." 23. [began: 11.12.2018] [Finished: 12.12.2018] Read a manga released the year you joined YO: Love Monster (MIO Junta) (23) Quote from corresponding task: "You're mine. So you should just pay attention to what I say." 24. [began: 17.09.2018] [Finished: 18.09.2018] Read a manga with first letter in it being a vowel: Erito Ω Wa Yoru ni Oborete (24) Quote from corresponding task: "No matter what, I'm a beta. And because of that, I'm no match for alphas." 25. [began: 10.11.2018] [Finished: 12.11.2018] Read one manga with no smut/sex in it:Seven Days (25) Quote from corresponding task: "Somewhere inside, I thought even if next week comes it'd work out." 26. [began: 25.09.2018] [Finished: 28.09.2018] Read one title which you always avoided: Koisuru Boukun (26) Quote from corresponding task: "Senpai, I.. for a long time, longer than you think.. maybe a lot longer... I've been in love with you!!!" 27. [began: 1.09.2018] [Finished: 3.09.2018] Read the sequel of a manga title: Bi no Kyoujin: Smoke (27) Quote from corresponding task: "I'm not longer a brat in my teens so I cant believe I'm getting all excited like this so early in the morning." 28. [began: 21.04.2018] [Finished: 24.04.2018] Read a title with the chara being super popular: Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu. (28) Quote from corresponding task: "He even stole my place as "the most desirable man", yet what's with his attitude? And you even want the best actor award?" 29. [began: 8.09.2018] [Finished: 9.09.2018] Read a oneshot for 15 minutes max: Oujisama ni Narenai (29) Quote from corresponding task: "There's also an effort in acting. Until you can control yourself, I think it's a wonderful thing if you can grant a girl's dream." 30. [began: 16.08.2018] [Finished: 17.08.2018] Read a title with the word "Kimi" in it: Saihate no Kimi e (30) Quote from corresponding task: "I want to stay with you... without you... it's hard for me to even breathe." 31. [began: 4.04.2018] [Finished: 5.04.2018] Read a title with its cover's main color "Blue": Binetsu no karute (31) Quote from corresponding task: "I was all alone in a large mansion with no mother. You and Masumi always stood waiting for me." 32. [began: 6.04.2018] [Finished: 7.04.2018] Read a hentai yaoi title: Too Drunk to Hard-on (32) Quote from corresponding task: "If we're gonna come here again... Next time I'd prefer to be in the passenger seat instead of the trunk." 33. [began: 14.03.18] [Finished: 15.03.18] Read a manga with main chara being poor: Bokura ga Tsugai ni Naru Made (33) Quote from corresponding task:"This bite, that was meant as a gift, only caused you pain." 34. [began: 6.09.2018] [Finished: 7.09.2018] Read a manga with main chara being rich: Royal Fiancé (34) Quote from corresponding task: "I won't let you escape for the second time. I can do anything to you, see? Don't forget that you are my future wife." 35. [began: 12.08.2018] [Finished: 13.08.2018] Read a title with a character with blond hair: Sayonara Alpha (35) Quote from corresponding task: "When I get older, and this time for sure, I will protect Chika-san..." 36. [began: 10.04.2018] [Finished: 12.04.2018] Read a title with a master-slave settings: Blood Bank (36) Quote from corresponding task: "It was the scent of roses.. and it led me here. And then I met you." 37. [began: 6.10.2018] [Finished: 7.10.2018] Read a manga which was dropped by the artist: Ore ni Koi Shite Dousunda (37) Quote from corresponding task: "I said, I did it 'cause I felt like it." 38. [began: 30.08.2018] [Finished: 31.08.2018] Read a manga which has under 2k views on YO: Blood Honey (38) Quote from corresponding task: "I had such a bad motive and yet you made dishes for me to replenish my blood. I was happy, but my body couldn't take it!!" 39. [began: 4.10.2018] [Finished: 5.10.2018] Read a manga with main chara wearing glasses: Back Stage!! (39) Quote from corresponding task: "If that's how it's going to be.. then I'll just help myself." 40. [began: 8.04.2018] [Finished: 9.04.2018] Read a title with a fetish topic: Senpai no Mizugi (40) Quote from corresponding task: "By the way, let's have sex before the wedding! The swimsuit again?" 41. [began: 5.08.2018] [Finished: 6.08.2018] Read a title with "sports" settings: Interval (Itsuki Kaname) (41) Quote from corresponding task: "I'm always watching you. Ever since that time, I've been in love with you." 42. [began: 27.12.2018] [Finished: 28.12.2018] Read a manga which was updated today: Junjou Bitch, Hatsukoi Kei (42) Quote from corresponding task: "But then again there are things that are okay to say and things that aren't okay to say." 43. [began: 1.12.2018] [Finished: 4.12.2018] Read a Korean manga: Totally Captivated (43) Quote from corresponding task: "I should've worked on strengthening my abs, had I known that my fox was so passionate." 44. [began: 09.03.18] [Finished: 10.03.18] Read a Chinese manga: Julian And Youth A Chinese Title:朱利安与少年A (44) Quote from corresponding task: "Life is movement, we can't just give up on ourselves because of our circumstances right now." 45. [began: 10.10.2018] [Finished: 14.10.2018] Read a title with "first love" settings: Sekaiichi Hatsukoi (45) Quote from corresponding task: "That's all I wanted to do. Turn a book into a work of art" 46. [began: 8.10.2018] [Finished: 9.10.2018] Read a manga with "cross-dressing" topic: Henshin Dekinai (46) Quote from corresponding task: "When I dress up like this, against my will, I'm forced to remember how I used to be." 47. [began: 9.12.2018] [Finished: 10.12.2018] Read a manga with a long title: Kikoushi no Mune de Otoko wa Oboreru (47) Quote from corresponding task: "That's all I ever want! To be indulged with your love." 48. [began: 7.12.2018] [Finished: 8.12.2018] Read a bara manga : Damatte Naite Irunodesu (48) Quote from corresponding task: "That's obvious, isn't it.. I'll be the one who's supporting you, after all." 49. [began: 12.03.2018] [Finished: 13.03.2018] Read a title with main chara having piercing/s: Kimochi no Yukue (MEIJI Kanako) (49) Quote from corresponding task: "It took me five years to make him step into the hallway on his own. Please hurry up and come in all the way. I don't care how many more years it will take you." 50. [began: 24.10.2018] [Finished: 26.10.2018] Read a manga/DJ with a short seme: Koitomo!? (50) Quote from corresponding task: It's too late for you to start regretting things, I mean you chose me knowing that I have this kind of personality, didn't you? 51. [began: 8.08.2018] [Finished: 9.08.2018] Read a manga with a number in its title: Ten Count (51) Quote from corresponding task: "I thought that if my mysophobia was never cured... that if I didn't list my 10th item... then you'd stay by my side." 52. [began: 21.12.2018] [Finished: 26.12.2018] Read a light novel with "supernatural" topic: Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation (魔道祖师) (52) Quote from corresponding task: "It's Emperor's Smile! I'll give you a jar, can you pretend that you never saw me?" 53. [began: 19.10.2018] [Finished: 23.10.2018] Read a manga with long-haired character in it: Crimson Spell (53) Quote from corresponding task: "I want to see what kind of expression the true Val would have if I were to embrace him." 54. [began: 3.08.2018] [Finished: 4.08.2018] Read a manga with a Bakaupdates' low rating: Kuroshitsuji dj - Red Zone (54) Quote from corresponding task: "And so, getting close to that man was part of the promise." 55. [began: 5.12.2018] [Finished: 6.12.2018] Read a manga with "classmates" topic: Doukyuusei (55) Quote from corresponding task: "Sajou is my number one. Always... definitely.. I can say it however many times." 56. [began: 27.03.2018] [Finished: 28.03.2018] Read a title with a cat's ears on main chara: Nekoka Kareshi no Ayashikata (56) Quote from corresponding task: "I don't care if it's you in cat form or whatever. As long as it's you.." 57. [began: 28.08.2018] [Finished: 29.08.2018] Read a manga untypical for you/your liking: Narippanashi no Ai no Kane (57) Quote from corresponding task: "I'll stay beside you forever. So that you don't have to remember any memories." 58. [began: 27.11.2018] [Finished: 28.11.2018] Read a manga with "childhood friends" topic: Hatsukoi Counter Attack (58) Quote from corresponding task: "The feeing you get after pulling an all-nighter, and then getting boiled in a pot of coffee.. That's how I feel right now." 59. [began: 29.09.2018] [Finished: 3.10.2018] Read a manga with 20+ chapters: Banana Fish (59) Quote from corresponding task: "I guess this is the last time I'll have to put up with his attitude." 60. [began: 27.10.2018] [Finished: 28.10.2018] Read a title with its cover's main color "Yellow": Ijimekko no Okada-kun (60) Quote from corresponding task: "I'm so happy that you waited for me here." 61. [began: 26.08.2018] [Finished: 27.08.2018] Reread a title from another participant's list: Child Epicurean (61) Quote from corresponding task: "In the end, I made friends with the bully behind me... And that night, I slept over at the house of the first friend I made in this new place." 62. [began: 15.10.2018] [Finished: 16.10.2018] Read a title with main chara's "first time" topic: Kunshu no Ai wa Yoru ni Hana Saku (62) Quote from corresponding task: "Now I know that I can't run away from my feelings because it would never change. Even if we get lost or die, my feelings would always remain the same." 63. [began: 13.12.2018] [Finished: 14.12.2018] Read a shounen-ai title from 2014: Labradorescence (63) Quote from corresponding task: "Perhaps now is a good time to be honest... about what we really want from each other." 64. [began: 17.10.2018] [Finished: 18.10.2018] Read a title with "trap" settings: Hanamai Koeda De Aimashou (64) Quote from corresponding task: "It's fine for me to remain the way I am.." 65. [began: 01.04.2018] [Finished: 03.04.2018] Read a title with main chara being a delinquent: Oshioki Gakuen (65) Quote from corresponding task: "I always wanted you to hold me normally. You finally noticed it, you muscle idiot." 66. [began: 25.03.2018] [Finished: 26.03.2018] Read a title that has once won our MOTM: Kuroneko Kareshino Arukikata (66) Quote from corresponding task: "This is something I'll only do with Kei-chan. That's what we decided on. Sorry, Rio" 67. [began: 29.10.2018] [Finished: 30.10.2018] Read a manga with main chara getting drunk: Ore to Joushi no Kakushikoto (67) Quote from corresponding task: "So I managed, to find my superior's weakness, but it's useless now." 68. [began: 31.10.2018] [Finished: 3.11.2018] Read three manga titles and pick one as the best: 1. Chara Cafe Relish ni Oide 2.Aishiteru (FUJITANI Youko) 3. Mori no Animal Company (68) Quote from corresponding task: "I can understand the beauty of the seaons. This joy.. is what Harumoto taught to me." 69. [began: 24.08.2018] [Finished: 25.08.2018] Read a title which you decided: Akaiito no Shikkou Yuuyo (69) Quote from corresponding task: "He's a nice fellow. I'm happy that he thinks so highly of me, but I'm sorry but I seriously cannot accept this connection!" jury status: ACCEPTED & CHECKED! message: check your error log so far. error log: none
  12. Task 10: https://imgur.com/a/rnxC5kG
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