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  1. At a young age of 10 Ryuu knew the basics of Javascirpt, his fascination with anything that relates to computer systems made him realize that it was the passion he?s been lacking there of. The thrill of cybercrime doesn?t interest him much, not like he?d lounge at the dark web doing shady things. He calls himself the good guy, the one who cracks bad people, he convinced himself. Fight fire with fire, that?s why he?s been known from his peers as that ?mr. hacker?. It wasn?t unusual from the Information System and Tech Dept. to have students hacking from different domains, it?s like the most normal thing from the brilliant minds inside the campus. Ryuu Murakami on the other hand was different, he?s the best at such skills and people do hire him from it, with or without knowing his identity. Rumors has it, that he?s a member of a loosely organized hacking group but no one could certainly find proof that he was. ?My work here is done, Kusakabe-san? Ryuu tapped the Bluetooth earpiece, waiting for orders from his superior. True to Alexander?s words Ryuu can multi-task as he placed imaginary checklists on his head after spotting the real culprit from the leakage and the fixing of bug from Mr. Kusakabe?s game. ?Wow that?s fast as expected of such a prodigy.? ??? ?It won?t hurt to talk some, Ryuu.? The other man on the line teased but Ryuu have none of it as he stared at the screen boringly. ?いっしょにしごとができてよかったです? ?MATTE?OI RYU?? To say that Alexander wanted something from him without the hint of his usual conniving plans made him stare atop his laptop. His brother seemed to nonchalantly eat while conversing with Jules. It?s not a good sign seeing Jules cozied up with his younger brother, it felt like they were plotting something against him. They?d better cut him some slack; he had a full plate of problems here and there. A job from their family, it?s the first time he?d been ask to help since Irie and Lee refused to ask their son to do the dirty work from them, especially Ryuu who happened to be estranged from them since adoption. Ryuu was quite glad; he?d be of help to the Tsukishima?s since Irie wouldn?t even let him be involved with Yakuza trades and transactions. He easily busied himself into tracking Montreal?s bank transactions. Once people had gone online banking, it?ll be so easy to trace them up. Paper trails where harder to follow but as long as they?d stick to technology those juveniles won?t get away with it. The Internet was his domain. It took two hours for him to send the illegal financial reports together with their offshore trades. Ryuu stood in front of Jules and Alex who?re talking about something in a hush. He placed the stack of papers in front of his still topless naked brother. He grabbed another stick of bacon, unfortunately cold, and munched it away. ?Now let?s talk about that payment of yours, 1 grand, you know my savings account,? Ryuu pulled another chair in between the both of them and started to eat what leftover was in the table. His appetite was still voracious despite the fact that he?d only eaten 2 hours ago. ?What?s this ?I'll get what I want? I?m hearing? Seriously Jules just go home, Cole's been worrying about you? ?Is this you being a conversationalist Ryuu?? Jules teased, her eyes sneaking an emotion from Alex. ?No. This is me being nosy,? Ryuu placed his pancake down as he stare his companion within the table. ?Talk.? He calmly stated as he picked the pancake smearing loads of honey on top of it.
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  5. Wew bro i saw what u did for Darkness event. Damn nice ah the art as usual. And the Hell flower is a nice touch xD

  6. The task was pretty simple; find whatever bastard leaked the answer sheet for their midterms. His teacher had placed his trust at Ryuu to find the student who'd snitched the answers right under their teacher?s nose. It was a pain in the ass, insulting even, for three subjects that had its test answers leaked. The teachers quite caught a student and spilled the fact that they've got it from an email with an onion link. The guy was shrewd enough to use the dark web to hide his identity. Unfortunately for him, the teachers hired Ryuu to track the motherfucker down, it was easy for Murakami Ryuu. No one can hide a dirty trail even if he used tons of VPN's or use another domain entirely. He?d call the culprits anonymity bullshit and he?s almost tracked the unfortunate soul in about an hour. Ryuu might still be typing furiously on his laptop, a tip of bacon peaked from his mouth as he munched on it; yet something kept nagging on his head. He couldn't remember in detail what happened when smashed Cole on his bed but something tells him he?d forgotten something important as to that event. He can't be bothered to remember tiny details, he convinced himself. It wasn't that important if he?d forgotten it anyway. With Ryuu trapped inside his head, he didn't notice how Jules's mouth open with shock nor how his glasses slid to the tip of his nose as he stared blankly at his laptop. Ryuu could've sworn it took all his willpower not to jump from his seat. Nope, it's just Alexander, he?s not afraid. Then again he'd convinced himself for the nth time this time. Ryuu's coffee brown orbs directed his gaze atop his laptop with Alexander casually entering his room, with a laptop on his left hand and certainly topless. ---Is he doing this on purpose!? The older brother couldn't even hide the slight rose of his pierced brow. Jules, on the other hand, could use some popcorn as she stared at the sight in front of her. She'd swore she?ll never wink for detail might be missed. Ryuu audibly relayed his protest with a groan, displeased at the sight of his younger brother early in the morning. He met Alexander's gaze searching for deceit or any plans that could certainly compromise himself atop his bed thoroughly fucked. Literally. He couldn't even remember the exact day of how he started putting his guard up whenever he saw Alexander. He was the older one dammnit! Why was he afraid by his younger brother? --Keep saying that to yourself Ryuu. He almost laughed at himself, clearly, the leaf?s effects hadn't left his system. Of all the time he?d see Alexander, he?d rather not meet him when he?s kind of under the weather. Yeah high. He willed himself to ignore Alexander as he slowly stood up and went back to his forth, legs covered with soft cotton pajamas, stretched lazily at the thick comforter. Maybe if I ignore it, it'll go away. Then again, what intelligence Ryuu possessed might still not compensate for his lacking emotional capability. He should've expected Alexander bulldozing his way to his fort as he insistently pushed his laptop at Ryuu who was still busy typing on his device. He placed both his palms on his face out of frustration, ignoring the sting from his glasses. He bet he could flatten his entire face and Alexander wouldn't leave him be. "Fine." Okay, fuck it. No curse would suffice as to how easily he'd cave in when it comes to Alexander. No matter what unforgivable things his otouto had done, he still felt the duty to help his younger brother. "Details."He tiredly removed his glasses and lean on his comfortable pillows. He was tired and he certainly doesn't need to repeat himself just to clarify what that word meant. Ryuu could swear if Jules was nearer to him, the woman could've slapped his head at his inability to form decent conversation even with his brother. If there's one thing Alexander's best at, it was reading his beloved brother's actions without Ryuu's words.
  7. defeated the ender dragon, now what do i do? sips coffee*
  8. Since TinyPic has deleted tons of pictures prior to their shutdown, I decided to finalize my characters looks. And here's my lame attempt to recall their relationship with each other, or their connection. I don't know if I am doing the right thing Choco. TT Sorry for the lame arrow and penmanship i hate to align shapes and stuff in Photoshop so I just drew them. lmao @Choco Berry
  9. buzzfeed unknown is what feeds my humor rn. :')
  10. "Arsen? I need you to look straight at me. No looking anywhere but me. Just remember me, in this. On you." Those words never made past the shrieking static in his ears, the palpitations of his heart nor the irregular breaths. Lucca felt like he was torn open with shredded blades about to tear his insides. The soothing rubbing from a warm hand on his back and the undeniable pain Lucca experienced was like trapped in a limbo, fighting for dominance as to whose side?s going to prevail. Thankfully, the soft hands were starting to sear its warmness on his damp clothing as the pain slowly dwindled into nothingness, his glassy orbs refocused at Souji. A man that was lost in his mind had somehow found a pit-stop. It?s a small oasis, but still--- it kept him grounded, kept him from going in circles, never reaching any goal. Said pit-stop happened to be on his knees as it devoured his member like someone who does it 24/7. Tanaka Souji had to be an expert to have that certain skillset driven with a calm that could shame a professional prostitute. Arsen Lucca might not be used to portraying his reactions through his face but judging how he tightly clutched at Souji?s hair was a dead giveaway that he?s filling something more. It felt like someone trapped butterflies inside his stomach and burning them there, with their flaming wings grazing his insides, a certain contradiction of those blades he felt earlier. It was a maddening experience for the mob boss who?d recently knew emotions like a new-born babe. He?d done blowjobs and sex for those men in white coats but it was never this mind-searing, it wasn?t a torrential pull that could blow his mind away. Not like this, not like how the police officer in front of him religiously sucked his member dry as if it was the last thing he?d do before he dies. He never knew someone could slide a birth control material like that. He?d surely take note as he knew for a fact his member isn?t something to be taken lightly of. He?d heard praises of it before. "Promise me you won't ever look away or I will disappear again. You wouldn't like that, won't you?" ?No.? The tone neutral, but his ruby orbs portray a different set of emotion An animalistic growl almost escaped from his throat as the police officer retreated, his complaint wasn?t delivered by word but Souji, scarily enough, knew at that moment what he was thinking and silenced him with a quick kiss. A kiss he?d heard some part of his brain shout for another but decided it must be the thrill of the action and prompted it as triviality. The police officer remarkably prepared himself before, not that Arsen knew, as he slowly guided his hole down Arsen?s raging rod. The mob boss? girth was not a joke but Souji owned it like it?s like something he?d usually devour and slowly easing himself downwards. --This isn?t Master, this is ?that ?police officer?, he recited like a mantra, shooing away those memories as he battled on what to do with his hands. Arsen Lucca?s instincts told him to wrap his arms around Souji?s waist but that memory ceased all his inhibitions, with only his hands twitching before it mechanically dropped on his sides, his eyes cast down as ordered. --Master doesn?t like to be stared at. As his lips quivered, his resolve started to ease into non-existence, the fire inside of him snuffed out, his eyes turned glassy. Of course, he?s there to please, nothing more. And he was 'always' going to deliver. ?s?, signore? he mumbled unconsciously.
  11. I just want to hear Junichi Suwabe be a bottom for once. Damnit.
  12. @Choco Berry dfroppin this chara sheet. I added a few doodle.
  13. gin

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    updating some doodle XD I'm currently trying to practice coloring and linearts or something.
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