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Japanese gardens

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Japanese gardens are very appreciated and known worldwide for their beauty, rising the price of a house with up to 120%.


When we think about a Japanese garden, we visualize a small lake crossed by a small wooden bridge, different types of colorful trees and exotic plants; but what many people don’t know is that there are different types of gardens, so, let’s see which they are. (:


Island and pond gardens (Chisen-shoyū-teien)


Pond garden is a style borrowed by Japanese from China. This style is popular in mountainous areas and therefore, it usually uses plants that are found on mountains. In the middle of the garden, there is a big lake with small islands.


Pond gardens are mainly chosen for large residences with two wings, each ending in a pavilion from where guests can enjoy the views of the garden and the lake.Visitors can also make tours of the lake in small boats.



The tea gardens (also known as Roji or Chaniwa)


Chaniwa gardens are related to the tea ceremony, therefore, they have a tea ceremony house connected. Tea gardens are very simple in decoration, the main elements being stone basins and lanterns.The main purpose of a tea garden is to create an atmosphere of loneliness and withdrawal from the real world, indulging introspection, meditation.



The rock gardens (also known as Karesansui or Zen gardens)


Japanese rock gardens became popular in Japan in the 14th century, when Musō Soseki (a Buddhist monk) built zen gardens for 5 monasteries in Kyoto.


Karesansui gardens have 2 main elements: white raked sand, which represent water and stones, which represent gods.


Some Japanese rock gardens are made only with sand and rocks, while others also contain trees and plants that change with each season.



The courtyard Japanese gardens (Tsubo-niwa)


Tsubo-niwa are small gardens which were originally made in the interior courtyards of palaces, so that they bring a bit of nature to the rocky areas.


The courtyard gardens consist mainly of a dry stream, small plants, a stone lantern, and of course, small water features and stepping rocks.


They can be easily ‘embedded’ in a normal garden, creating a beautiful Asian corner. So, which is your favorite type of garden? (:


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So, which is your favorite type of garden? (:

This is a difficult question. I really like the 1st type of garden with a lot of water, but that would be impossible for my current place, so I think I'll choose the rock garden.

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