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  1. I'm excited. Drinking some mineral water while browsing around.
  2. 7 a cupcake to @crystaldfor being nice and let me have the 7
  3. This looks amazing. I LOVE it so far. Much faster than the old site.
  4. Hi there! How have you been? :)


    I just logged in today after a few months I think and I received a mention from that Valentine's event. That person who sent me the message, was that you?

  5. @AlphaZero Thanks, I feel better after reading your reply.
  6. @crystald That gif is funny! I also feel like doing like that sometimes.
  7. That sucks! So we won't have mobile chat anymore? *Cries in a corner* I use that the most.
  8. Ok, that sounds good. :D


    I was busy too since I had guests for the winter holidays. (Though I enjoy guests, at some point now I felt they are already staying a lot -_-)

    Happy New Year! :D Did you have a good time?

  9. Hahahaha. Nah, I don't have someone.


    I guess you were really busy! I was kind of waiting for you here. Haha. The last week was busy for me too. So many things to do before Christmas though it was really more of shopping.

    Yep, I do. How about you? Merry Christmas anyway!

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