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I decided to make a tour around all popular and interesting theme/amusement parks in Japan. But since I want to be detailed,I’ll separate the article in a few parts. Who knows? One day you might decide to go to one of them. They are all unique and breath-taking,of course,depending on one’s taste and interests. Today,I will introduce you the Edo Park.

First,let’s talk a bit about Edo era.


The Edo Period (江戸時代 Edo jidai), or Tokugawa period (徳川時代 Tokugawa jidai), is a division of Japanese history which was ruled by the shoguns of the Tokugawa family, from 1603 to 1868. What actually is ”shogun”? Commanders under the wing of the Great Emperor. But as a Japanese military leaders who ruled the country to the nineteenth centuries,the emperor in Japan, he was reduced to a mere figurehead. So,basically, the rulers. (:


The first Japanese shogun and the founder of these leaders was Tokugawa Ieyasu (徳川 家康 ).




Of course,we will bump into the so well known ninjas,shinsen-gumi warriors, and torikata police constable. The interesting thing in Edo period is how children were made into adults. Trained,not only psychically,but even a psychological aspect were applied. Their eyes would lose the sparkle of a kid, but gain the stone-like-look in them,of a warrior.


Popular Theme Park and Amusement Park in Japan


Children were with a mind of an adult. They wanted to follow the steps of the great heroes in this era. Edo wondreland theme park offers to the visitors a recreation how kids dressed as Shinsen-gumi warriors,ninjas,or torikata police constables. The idea was to gain some experience of these respective jobs.





Konya dyer’s shops can be seen as well. During the edo period, dyeing using indigo was widely practiced. How they became ”konya” dyer’s shops. Simple, ”kon” in Japanese means ”indigo” and ”ya”-suffix is added to shops,on the end of the word. So,here we have the famous ”konya” dyer’s shops. Visitors can dye themselves certain patterns on a white sheet of fabric,creating memories in the Edo wonderland. After washing the piece of cloth, they just have to wait for them to dry.




Edo-style clothing is something you can experience there. They offer a rich choice to their visitors, be it – become a geisha,a ninja, a shinsen-gumi warrior, shogun or maybe a samurai? You can transform into one of Edo era’s characters and walk down the streets of this wonderful wonderland! Personally,I want to be a shinsen-gumi *___* Oh,boy! I’m getting excited,lol. But,once a friend told me, ”you must have been a shinsen-gumi in your past life.” ;D Blessed to be his mouth,I better have been one! >_>


-ties the piece of cloth around head,living the shinsen-gumi warrior’s life… for a second- Okay,let’s move to the next part of the theme park, lol.






Theaters is something common in this wonderland. Each of them,and there are six, are separately unique. You can enjoy the beauty of the old Edo-life. Performers do a great job,showing to the visitors the daily life,traditional art and of course the Edo culture back then.


Grand Ninja Theater



Traditional Japanese Performing Arts Theater



Traditional Japanese Culture Theater



Ryogoku-za Traditional Theater



The Magistrate of Kitamachi



Nyan-mage Theater



How about the restaurants? There are plenty of choice,folks. The Edo Wonderland offers us different places to sit and enjoy your dish. The atmosphere is exactly recreated as it was back then. You can chat even with the beautiful girls,serving you the sake. Then you’d most probably hear the old Japanese,very formal and humble. It’s an experience that you’d never forget,if you are into the Japanese history. Well,and into the old Japanese. >_> Better grab the dictionaries,lol.





Chicken noodles,someone?

Yup,the tasty noodles can be found here. Sip,sip,as a real hero. ;D


Tenjiku to Miyako


Want to drink something? Sake,wine or shochu? Well,you’ll enjoy a tasty plum wine here,none left unhappy,only with a smile. Speaking of which… -opens the purse- … >_> Maybe some other time. -no money- >_


Yama Kujira


If you want beef rice bowl, this is your restaurant. Yup,you go,I’ll be lurking in the sake’s restaurant. >_> There must be some good people. ;D After all,I’ll play it as a shinsen-gumi….but jobless. >_>




S-so-so-soba noodles *____* Readers, do you have some cash?




The cafeteria of Edo Wonderland. (:

Don’t stare at the beauties there….for too long. Saga is waiting in front the sake’s restaurant…. still. ;D


Of course, the theme park have an amusement area,where your kids,or even you, can play some games,typical for the Edo period. Darts,anyone? Okay, stay there,I’ll do the living bait. No,not me,you. >_> You be the bait,I am precise at darting… most of the time. ;D


Joking, no living bait in the wonderland, keep your heart in chest. ;D


That was Edo Wonderland,folks.


The address is:

Address: 470-2 Karakura Nikko-city, Tochigi

Access: About 20 minutes by bus from Tobu Kinugawa Onsen Station.

Official site: http://edowonderland.net/


Pictures source: Official site

And,folks … I am still waiting in front of the sake’s restaurant. >_>’




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I wish to vist Japan for a long time. Now Edo park became one of the places I want to visit once I get there. For now I'm content with this virtual visit. :) Thanks.

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