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Noblesse has an ova!


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Noblesse OVA PV

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Eng subbed pv here


It has been revealed in the 17th Bucheon International Animation Festival that Noblesse is going to have a OVA, having 40 minutes. It will first be released as a DVD from Woongjin Thinkbig Funnism and later on in the form of a VOD, animated by Studio Animal.


The ova, tells the story before the main story starts, leading to what prompt the main protagonist, Rai to sleep for 820 long years. It is like a prequel to the main story. The two main protagonists in that OVA, one of them only came out at the recent few chapter, chapter 286.


Rai, the noblest of all vampires, wakes up from 820-years long sleep and starts his new life as a student in a high school founded by his loyal servant, Frankenstein. But his peaceful days with other human students are soon interrupted by mysterious attackers known as the "Unions". (Line Webtoon)


Genre: Action, Action, Comedy, School Life, Supernatural.


Some background information about Noblesse:

Noblesse is a korean manhwa, illustrated by Lee Gwang-Su, authored by Son Jae-Ho. It also has a novel, named Noblesse S (Novel), which the tells the story of characters personal life. (Currently on hiatus)


Up to now, 300+ chapters has been released for the manhwa, the raw can be read online

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on naver website which hosts webtoons, and the official english version can be found
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. This manhwa is initially taken up by several scanlation group, but since licensed, it is being continued, releasing in english in line webtoon.


It is a weekly manhwa, as the same with almost all of the korean webtoon found online, it is also a full color manhwa and typically displayed in a long strip for each chapter instead of pages found in Japanese manga.


Cast for this OVA:


Cadis Etrama Di Raizel (Rai) was voiced by YongWoo Shin


Frankenstein was voiced by SeungJun Kim


Muzaka was voiced by Han Choi


The Previous Lord was voiced by SangHyun Um


Ashleen was voiced by HyunJi Kim


Maduke was voiced by InSeong Oh


Gejutel K. Landegre was voiced by Kwang Jang


Lagus Tradio was voiced by GuHan Kang


Roctis Kravei was voiced by HoonSuk Jung


Urokai Agvain was voiced by DongHa Kim


Zarga Siriana was voiced by JunYeong Choi


Comment: This manhwa always never fail to bring a smile to my face. Almost every chapter, the jokes, intentional or unintentional by the characters always never fail to make me smile. It has its serious moments at times, but it also has its own comedy time. What attract me to read it is Rai to be honest, he is quite beautiful and the full color pages that is lack of in manga. Though sometimes the art is not really consistent and sometimes there is a need for break in between releases due to health reason for either one of person if they are ill or suffered from relapse, but overall, it is a enjoyable read.

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Added to what have been posted on the first page, there are currently one ova and one ona, the ova is called Noblesse: Pamyeol-ui Sijak, which is what the pv have shown in the first post.


Another is an ona (original net animation) is called Noblesse: Awakening. It is available in english subtitles on the following official link by webtoon

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to promote Noblesse webtoon.

PV underneath

It is in japanese unlike Noblesse: Pamyeol-ui Sijak which is in Korean.


Also, Noblesse: Awakening, as it is a promotional ONA, it squeeze in about 75 chapters in a 31 mins of ONA. Some story plot is changed, but not too major. The overall concept is still the same as in the manhwa.


Comment: I do hope if the ONA is successful enough to lead them further to have a anime/movie adaption on Noblesse in the future!

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