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Viewfinder Animix 2 Coming soon on 28th August~

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It has been long awaited ever since it has been announced in April 2012, and now it is schedule to be release in 28th August 2015 this year!


The animix will be adapted from the 3rd volume of Viewfinder, Finder no Sekiyoku or AKA Naked truth and Loveprize 2: The Labor Cameraman Takaba's Wonderful Day!


The trailer~


More pictures under the spoiler...










More pics of Akihito, Feilong and Asami









Colored Panels of Akihito and Asami~ YA shared on her twitter~ It will be available with the DVD of the 2nd AniMix









Asami and Feilong~



For more information and those that can read japanese, can go search movic finder ^^

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._. I can sense the future project of YO (translation); XD.

Great news though I am rather unhappy that they decided upon AniMix instead of Anime.

But I think it has to do with the nudity. I mean, we've seen so far manga titles ruined when adapted.

The hot scenes are either removed or 'shortly-lived'. =_='


I guess the AniMix was the 'solution' for Viewfinder (else if they screwed it up, I bet fans would rant XD)

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although its only animix, i'm still cant wait for the release. :Excited::Excited:

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