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Star Struck~ (Group Rp)

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Meet Eiichi a up coming model who has been molding for 3 years and is now just starting to become somebody. But everything gets very complicated when the all star famous boy bandStar Struck comes into the picture. All three members have "fallen" for him! He has a difficult time choosing who he likes and who he should be with when one of the boys gets a "bright idea" Why not just Share Eiichi? and so begins Eiichi's strange love "square" and he soon ends up liking all three boys. But are they only teasing him? Our are they seriously wanting to be his lovers?

Why have one lover- when you can have three hot, boy band, rock stars?

But of course the media can never find out that the band members are gay and all share one lover. And not to mention the boys careers constantly get in the way of there so called "love"


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This Rp May include







-And Cursing






Appearance: Has no tattoos, piercing, or scars.

He has light brown hair and Mich- Match eyes. Ones grey while another is green.


Name: Eiichi Aiko


Age: 19


Like(s): meeting new people, molding, music, soar candy , animals


Dislike(s): sweets, video games, rude/mean people, heights, and boats


Personality: Eiichi is a rather nice person, he's friendly and not really shy unless it's in bed, but he is the type to be stubborn and stand up for what he believes in. He can hold a grudge, and he becomes very shy,timid, and nervous when it comes to sexual activates, because he's sensitive.


Past: Eiichi grew up with a good family until his parents passed away in a car accident When he was 16. He lived with a friend who's father was a modeling agent- and since he needed money to move out and get his own place- He started molding. He's not extremely famous, most people don't even recognize him... He now has his own apartment and is just now starting to become a hit after 3 years.



Other: He's afraid of heights and does not like boats because he gets sea sick. Eiichi also doesn't drink alcohol , He has mager stage fright.


Catch Franz: "Your so mean!"


Beginning Post-

Eiichi held the folder hard againest his chest. His manger would freak out if he lost it! He was heading to M.B.C Recoding Studio's. Apparently his manger was good friends with the big shot there who ran Star Records. He was suppose you give the folder to Mr. Kyo, a famous music producer who actually discovered, managed and produced the all time famous Star Struck band. Eiichi himself was never crazy about the boy band like most girls were but he new of the boys no less. He stepped inside the M.B.C studio's and went to the front desk.

"Hey Nana. "

"Hey Eiichi, how's the modeling going? I saw you on page 27 on last month's issue of Now Stars"

"Pretty good and Yeah but Its nothing like being on the cover. "

"You'll get there"

The black haired girl winked at him.

"Thanks, is Mr.Kyo in? I got to give him this."

"Oh He is! But he's in a meeting with ( get this!) Star Struck! Oh there even hotter in person!"

Eiichi blinked a few times surprised but... he really shouldn't be. I mean Mr.Kyo was their manager.

"You like them?"

"Lots! Say...why don't you go ahead. I'm sure he's almost done. And you'll get to meet them!"

"A-Are you sure? I mean-"

"Just go! I'm sure it's fine, plus Mr.Kyo loves ya"

He nodded and went to the elevator, he stepped inside and clicked a button going to the top floor.


Nana was a very sweet and nice girl and has been rotting for him ever since he started molding at the age of 16. He met her about a year ago and she was a very loud,fun girl.

He reached the top floor hearing the cute Ding sound.

He stepped out and started walking down a very narrow hall way and stopping at Mr.Kyo's office. He knocked gently.



" Alexis! Yuuki! Toono! Are you three listening to me! I told you over and over that if your going to go drinking you do it at home! You guys clearly can't handle your alcohol! Seriously guys! Your gonna give me a heart attack! $24,000 dollars in damage for a stupid bar fight! Not to mention you missed your TV appearance on Teen's Live! Do you understand how hard it was getting you boys a spot?! I'm your manger not a miracle worker! You guys might be famous but your not above the law! Please... for me... this month just focus on writing for your new album. No party's, or drinking, or getting into trouble. You guys are killing me here. "

Kyo was going threw one of his "give me a break and be good" speeches once more. He loved the three boys. But sometimes they drove him insane! And since he started there career he could end it if he wanted..But he loved the boys to much to do that. He thought of them as family. He sighed running a hand threw his hair frustrated, when suddenly there was a knock on the door. He frowned.


"Who the hell could that be?"

He muttered to himself.

"Who is it! I told Nana no interruptions!"

Eiichi slowly opened the door.

"It's Eiichi..Sir"

The man quickly lit up.

"Eiichi?! It's been forever- please come in! I'm sure you've heard of Star Struck yes?"

He came in and walked up to Mr.Kyo's desk giving him the folder.

"Yes... Mr.Takishi told me to give you this."

"Ah thank you...I'm sure you don't cause your manger any problems"

He glared at the band mates.

"No sir...I try not too,"

He looked at the band members. They were indeed very hot...and very handsome. He smiled kindly at them.

"It's nice to meet you guys. I've heard a few of your songs... my friends little sister is crazy about you three"

Mr.Kyo's phone started ringing He sighed sitting at his desk.

"I'm sorry but can you four continue this out side. I really need to take this call. And boys! Remember what we just talked about! You better not cause me any more problems until that album is done! "

He warned. Eiichi quietly left the room. He actually hurried out of the busy man's office. The model was wearing a white loss shirt and a checkered blue and black jacket, along with long dark blue jeans...and a few sliver dog tags around his neck and sliver earnings. Not to mention the black beanie on his head.

"Oh um... I'm Eiichi by the way. Eiichi Aiko. And I kind of know who you guys are... I mean...who Doesn't?"

He smiled faintly. He acted rather normal around the famous boys- which proved he wasn't much of a fan of them.

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Appearance: He has a meaningful fallen angel wings tattoo on the back





Name: Alexis Sakurakouji


Age: 21


Position: Vocalist


Likes: Sex, everything that involves sex and everything that can lead into sex :3


Dislikes: Stupid people who are too conservative like having sex only after marriage and stupid people who thinks love is sacred and fun.


Personality: Flirty, frivolous, funny and childish. Alexis loves to be the center of everyone's love interest. He wants to be loved by all.. well, and he likes it with he get laid. And he's not the type to settle to a one person. He take on three or four people together as lovers. He frequently cheats on them as well, but he never really broke up with anybody. Since he dislikes pure couples, he always target them. He sleeps with either one of them and let the other person know the reality of love. He loves seeing the faces of the people whose relationship he has broken.


Past: Alexis once had a homosexual relationship in the US. He, together with his man, was happy together. He thought love was all about happiness and fun but reality suddenly slapped him in the face when he saw his boyfriend having sex with another man.


Alexis was unable to think straight. He was too angry that he cannot express his anger anymore. Alexis went straight to where the two was. The guys where shocked and the guy who his lover brought almost ran away nude. However, Alexis caught him... and he kissed him. He and the guy had sex in front of his lover. His lover eventually joined them. And that was how his twisted philosophy in love started.

Love is not something to be taken seriously. Why date one when you can have as many as you want. Love is just a game of life. A game where the person who falls in love loses.

Tired with american people, Alexis has decided to share his bed with the Japanese audience as he flew to Japan, his father's homeland. Not too long after settling in, he was scouted by an agency in the entertainment industry. Of course, he took in the job and that's how Alexis of Star Struck was born.



*Alexis is a quarter American and three-fourths Japanese. He stayed in the US though for as long as he can remember before deciding settling in Japan.

*Alexis' tattoo on his back is a pair of Fallen Angel wings. It's a very important thing to him. He had it made right after becoming the person he is now. Afterall, He considers himself a fallen angel. The tattoo is something that symbolizes how pure he was in love and how he had changed.


Catch Franz:

"You are just so sweet. It makes me want to lick you" -licks lips-

"Hey, have I seen you before? Well, Its just that you turns me on" -winks-

"what does it feel having your boyfriend see me pounding on you? Nii-san~" -thrusts-


"For fuck's sake, wont this old bag shut up? Hangover's killing me." Alexis muttered in English silently, cursing their producer, Mr. Kyo. They did nothing wrong. Someone provoked them and they we're a little too drunk to be forgiving. Yes, just a little drunk. There's really no point to waste time like this. They only fought a little, broke the offender's arm a tad bit and broke some glasses too. Just that.


"And here I thought Japanese guys love fist fighting to strengthen friendship" Alexis sighed as he sneakily took his phone, scrolling down a number of new messages from people he flirts with. He gave nothing but a glance to the boring ones, which includes "Hellos" and "How are yous". He was looking for something that could be of interest... and pleasure..


"Hmmn.. Jun huh" Alexis smirked as he looked at the email sent as he continued "He's such a slut". The guy is the current prey he had. He found him happily dating another guy. Of course, he made no pass at him. He quickly made his moves on him the moment the other guy left. After some flirting and touching, he did Jun only somewhere near the other guy was waiting. He took photos of him while Alexis' cock is ramming his ass. The scared look of him was very heart wrenching. And the moment he blackmailed Jun into meeting him again, his heart was beating so fast. He just can't wait to see the expression of the Jun when his lover saw Alexis pounding on him.


"Ahhh~ That turned me on" Alexis said loudly before covering his mouth. He forgot they're being lectured by their producer. However, the guy was not there anymore. And in his place, is a lost kitten who would be a very good prey. Alexis stood up and approached the guy.


"Hello there, Koneko-chan. Have I seen you before? It's because you turn me on" Alexis winked as he started targeting the guy. He looked pure. And pure people is what he hates the most. It's such a waste when this guy's pretty handsome. If things go according to his whims, the guy would be Alexis' favorite sex buddy"

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Picture: scale.php?img=Ny85LzYvMy8xLTgzNDgwMjQtNzk2MzE4My5qcGc&ctype=1&v=4&q=81&xs=620&ys=383&sig=5ab361693e2cad96d3304a9bb85f54f631219a40

Appearance: Wears a simple bracelet, which is his talisman. It’s made out of beads and has a small charm, in the shape of a star, on it.

Name: Yuuki Aoki (friends call him only Yu)

Age: 20

Position: Guitarist

Like(s): Music, his guitar, cute things, candy and sex.

Dislike(s): People who think they know everything about music, old fashioned people, bitter food, insects.

Personality: He looks cutesy and nice and he takes advantage of that, to get what he wants – people usually indulge him in everything, because of his looks. He isn’t a mean person, but when he really wants something, he will do anything to get it. He uses quite a lot of swear words and adores sex, which usually surprises everyone, since he looks pretty innocent. He isn’t picky about his partners, because sex is only a game for him, but he hopes to find his special someone one day.

Past: He led a somewhat normal life. His parents spoiled him a lot, until he moved away because of the college. He realized that school isn’t his thing, so he quit and decided to earn his money with music. He started performing on the street, to earn money for his rent, and that’s where an agent discovered him and offered him a place in the band Star Struck.

Other: After joining the band, he had his bracelet made, representing the beginning of his new life, dedicated only to music.

Catch Phrase: I really like hugs, because they are so warm and cosy..am..would you mind if I hug you? *puppy eyes*




"Blah blah blah..blah blah..$24,000 dollars..blah blah" Hmmmm, $24,000 dollars? I think that's our record.. Yuuki didn't really listen to their manager, only catching bits and pieces of what he was saying. He was too busy licking his lollipop. Mmm..tasty.. But he did nod every once in a while, making an impression that he really is listening. It's not like he will hear something new; this kind of talks were basicaly a routine already. And Mr. Kyou was such a party pooper sometimes. Drinking at home really isn't much fun is it?


Yuuki sighted, looking around to see what the other two members were doing. As usual, Alexis was on his phone, not paying any attention to him. No fun.. Then his attention shifted to their drummer and just as he was about to kick him under the table, someone knocked on the door. Yuuki turned towards the door, hoping it was someone who needed their manager, so they could finally be free and go do what they want.


He looked carefully at the boy that entered. So cute.. Yuuki liked cute things. He got this strange urge to hug them and squeeze them. He decided he will play a little with the boy. What was his name again..oh right, Eiichi! But just as he was about to go introduce himself, that moron Alexis had to get in the way.


Yuuki pushed the blonde aside a little, saying to him "Don't be such an asshole Alexis!" then turning to the cute boy, smiling at him radiantly, he said "Hello there! I'm Yuuki, nice to meet you!" He waved to the boy, acting all cute. "Soooo, you aren't our fan?" he asked him, with a pout. "Don't you like our music?" He tilted his head a little, waiting for the boy's answer, looking sad.

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Lady Murder


Picture: tumblr_n5r366796X1rd3g7po1_500.jpg

Appearance: he has two piercings in his left ear and

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tatoo in the end of his back but with a drumstick in the middle instead of the usual musical note, to represent his dedication to music. Oh, and he has dimples.

Name: Toono Keigo

Age: 21

Likes: strong coffee, good music, italian food, make friends, play his drums and take some naps when he's bored

Dislikes: selfish and rude people, sweets and if they put sugar in his coffee, and people that think they know everything about the world.

Personality: He's an extremely calm guy, who normally tries to find a solution for a problem instead of crying because of it. He's also very sweet with people around him and well-mannered, always greeting everyone with a wide dimpled smile. So yes, he's a gentleman. Also, he normally like to help people with their problems, but hates to talk about of his own issues. He doesn't get involved in too many relationships, just some one night standings and only about two long relationships, but he thinks that he has never fallen properly in love and really wants it to happen, since he truly believes in love. He's normally gentle with everyone, but on sex he's really fierce and passionate, being quite well-known for his... skills.

Past: His family always expected him to command his father bussiness when he had the age, but he never liked this kind of life for him and since middle school he developed a strong love for music, being interested in playing drumms. So when he finished high school and the pressure were too hard, he ran away from his parents, first living in another city with a bunch of part-time jobs, then coming back to his city and living with a childhood friend for a while, before finally gathering some money to live on his own by the success of the band.

Catch Franz: *ruffles their hair* Hey, I said I'm fine, you don't have to worry, ne?




While their manager was scolding them, Toono was trying to give him one of his best 'Sorry~' smiles. They might had went too overboard the other night, but, well... Mr. Kyo should actually be already used to it. Isn't like they had never done this before, is it? To be honest, I think our fans actually like this kind of behavior of us. With that in mind, he decided to just smile apologetically, which was more that he could say about his band mates, but well, things were usually like this.


As he already knew that speech of Mr. Kyo so well, his mind went blank and only came back when there were a knock on the door. A cute-like boy came in, called Eiichi, apparently, and greeted them. Toono smiled casually, getting, by the talk of the boy, that he wasn't exactly a fan. Which was strange, since cute boys and fangirls were pretty much their crowd.


He oppened his mouth to greet him back, but Alexis did it first, as expected, and by the way that talk went, Toono couldn't help but laugh to himself. Oh, the poor boy, Alexis is so gonna eat him alive. Toono tilted his head while watching Eiichi for a moment, deciding he should save him for now from Alexis' claws.


Before he was able to do so, though, Yuuki interrupted their vocalist, acting as cute as always, which always amused Toono, and he decided to let him talk. But when he started to put some pressure on the new boy, he decided it was his time to go in. Then, Toono approached, patting Yuuki's head.


"Ok, ok, Yuu, let's stop teasing the new guy, ok?" He then turned to look to Eiichi with a wide dimpled smile. "Hi, I'm Toono Keigo, it's nice to meet you too, Eiichi-kun. Don't mind these guys, they're awesome, despite all that." Then winked playfully.

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Eiichi had never heard Mr.Kyo yell. He figured the rumors were true about the boys. Out side of the man's office The band's vocalist approached him. He new this man was cocky. Very cocky. He could tell by the way he walked that this singer believed the world revolved around him.

"Hello there, Koneko-chan. Have I seen you before? It's because you turn me on"[/Quote]

Eiichi wasn't surprised. He tilted his head slightly. Giving the man a weak smile.

"Uh...thanks? But your pick up line makes no senses it's more like... 'Are you a light switch? Because your turning me on'. "

He laughed a little. Turning his attention to the next band member who appeared to be the purest. The boy pushed passed the singer introducing himself.

"Don't be such an asshole Alexis!" ..."Hello there! I'm Yuuki, nice to meet you!" [/Quote]

"Same. "

As the guitarist waved at him, He waved back.And to his surprise the boy saw threw him.

"Soooo, you aren't our fan?"[/Quote]

He blinked a few times looking down.

"What...makes you say that?"

He smiled looking up at him. His Mich-match eyes were intoxicating, he was quite... different. Like a rare diamond. But the other persisted.

"Don't you like our music?" [/Quote]

He watched the boy tilted his head a little, looking sad. What to say?!

"Your music's....good."

Suddenly the last of the band members came. And he seemed...quite charming.

"Ok, ok, Yuu, let's stop teasing the new guy, ok?" [/Quote]

Eiichi stared at the boys dimpled smile.

"Hi, I'm Toono Keigo, it's nice to meet you too, Eiichi-kun. Don't mind these guys, they're awesome, despite all that."

He winked at him. Eiichi actually gave this guy a real smile.

"I'm sure they are..."

He glanced down at his watch, acting as if he had somewhere to go But he didn't. He knew he should be happy... he was talking to Star Struck! But... he never really cared for the boys, or there reputation.

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"A light switch? muhahah~" Alexis laughed which just looked wicked. But his looks makes him the perfect hot bad guy. This guy's pure. Alexis just can't help but want to destroy the pureness of the guy with his own cock. His heart was trobbing wildly. It's like he's child who's given a big teddy bear and is excited to play with it. Alexis was about to do some flirting when Yu interrupted him.

Ahh.. the little spoiled devil.


He doesn't hate him... but he doesn't like him as well. Despite looking pure, he's actually not. And more than that, he uses his own pure-looking self to get what he wants. And what he wants sometimes overlaps what Alexis wants as well.


And then the good guy came and tried to interrupt Alexis again. Ugh... That's why he doesn't like hitting on people with the two. He's always getting interrupted. But well, he's not just about to give up right? The feast is waiting for him. Alexis moved forwards a little, looking like he was about to kiss the guy but actually went for the ear.


"A switch ehh... I guess you're right. Want to know what switch you turned on?"


Alexis moved back, winking before making the most charming smile out of him.

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Yuuki pouted, since his two band members apparently wanted the boy for themselves. But he wanted to play with him first! When he's finished they can have him. Every other person, would probably be fanning over them right now, happy of all the attention from the famous band, but not this guy. Yuuki liked that, he was bored with all the fangirls and fanboys already.


Waaa, what is Alexis doing so close to him?? Yuuki hold his breath, thinking that the singer will actually kiss the boy, but fortunately for him, he settled for his ear. This still made him mad, not wanting to let Alexis have all the fun. If he did, there won't be anything cute and nice left of the boy.

"Like hell I'm going to let you have him" he muttered under his breath, closing in on the boy too. He hang himself on his arm, making him tilt a little, away from Alexis. Yuuki grined widely, starting his attack. "Ei-kun! I can call you Ei-kun nee? Would you like to hear me play? I play the guitar! I can play anything you want. Oh and do you like sweets? I love sweets! Here wanna have a lollipop?" He offered him the one he was licking before, showing his tongue to Alexis. If the boy would accept it, that would count as indirect kiss. 1 for Yuuki, 0 for the other members of the band!

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Lady Murder

When Eiichi smiled back to Toono, the latter felt something funny inside him, which immediately made his smile get wider. There were something so naive and kind about the other smile, plus that awesome eyes he just had noticed, that started to make him more interested and curious about the boy, so he decided he would get know more about him...


That, though, started to seem a really difficult thing, since his two friends were now all over him, which made Toono wonder if Eiichi was even being able to breath by all that fuss. He, then, just crossed his arms and laughed here and there by te way the other two were acting. His eyes, though, never left Eiichi's, so he just kept observing the boy's reactions towards all that, with a small smile plastered on his lips.


But by the time that went going, Toono started to feel a bit bothered about it and bit his bottom lip for a moment, before deciding to casually stand next to Eiichi, not too close to make his move obvious, but close enough to turn his face to him, tilt his head a bit and whisper to him in a tone that only him would be able to hear:


"Having a funny time?" He asked and then locked his eyes on the other's. "Your eyes... they're really different. I like it. It matches with your look."

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Eiichi was a little surprised by Alexis's wicked laugh. But it strangely made him look like the perfect hot bad boy. He was trying to listen to the others when Alexis moved towards him a little, forcing him to turn his attention on him.

What is He...!!

Eiichi met the singer's fiery eyes. And to his alarm he thought the man would kiss him But instead whispered in his ear.

"A switch ehh... I guess you're right. Want to know what switch you turned on?" [/Quote]

Eiichi felt his body tense. A faint blush appearing across his face. Was this guy really...flirting with him?! He looked away, muttering to Alexis.

"T-that's inappropriate. "

But his heart had skipped a beat. What a strange feeling. He felt a little safer when Alexis moved back, but the man winked at him, and gave him a charming smile. What was his real motive?


Suddenly Yuuki closed in on him, getting into his personal space just like Alexis had. He grabbed his arm, making him force his attention elsewhere. The boy grinned widely at him.

"Ei-kun! I can call you Ei-kun nee? Would you like to hear me play? I play the guitar! I can play anything you want. Oh and do you like sweets? I love sweets! Here wanna have a lollipop?"[/Quote]

Eiichi was suddenly hit with a shit load of questions. He struggled to get rid of his faint blush, even tho a lollipop Was shoved in his face. He quickly untangle himself from the boys that had now seemed to have trapped him.

"N-no thank you. I uh... I don't care for sweets. And I'd prefer you call me by my name and... maybe another time?"

He gave the boy a frantic grin. Trying not to hurt his feelings. Eiichi was the type to want everyone happy. He suddenly felt another's presence next to him in his personal space. He had forgotten about Toono. Had he been smiling like this the entire time? Sure Eiichi could here him laughing in the background but...

Eiichi once again had his attention change. He looked at Toono with silently confused eyes.

Toono tilted his head and whispered in his ear so only he could hear his words

"Having a funny time?" [/Quote]

He looked at him, His gaze strong, He felt too weak to look away. Was that sarcasm? Was he mad?

"Your eyes... they're really different. I like it. It matches with your look."[/Quote]

"T-thank you... Toono."

He finally broke his gaze from the drummer when he cell phone rang. He pulled it out of his pocket and saw the caller ID.

"Uh... sorry. I have to take this"

And he turned his back to the three. Answering.

"Hey, Jun. What's up... uh-huh. Yeah sure. I don't mind. I'm not doing anything important..... okay. See you tomorrow....bye"

He hung up. Tucking his phone Back into his pockets- turning to the boy band.

"I'm sorry. It was important, and I have to go. It was nice meeting you guys, hopefully I'll see you around. "

And he was rushing down the hall to the elevator.

Star stuck....hmm... there not exactly what I pictured and read about but... there still all ungrateful jerks!

He thought to himself. Pressing the button for the elevator.

At least....it's over...

Or...so he thought.

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"Ughh.. Fuckers! Stop messing with me" Alexis yelled in English. He had his prey right before him. But the spoiled little fucker and the gentlefucker had to get in his way. Now his prey had left. It hurts his pride since this was the first time he had his prey escape. People would usually open their legs the moment Alexis wink... But because of the two fuckers, he lost his chance..


"Yuuki... Toono..." Alexis calmly said yet he was actually boiling inside. "Have I not said this before. What's mine is mine... and what's yours is mine! Stop picking on my preys damnit. And I was hoping I'd get the guy laid" Alexis pouted as he looked the guys eye to eye, from one to another.


Then an idea came to him.


"huehuehue" Alexis snickered wickedly, thinking about his wicked idea. Alexis winked at Toono and Yuuki, biting his lower lip with his teeth. He moved closer to the guys and seductively said.


"Neh. Let's have a bet. Whoever comes last gets to have Eiichi for one day. No other guy must interfere for the duration of the day. Hmmn... That's perfect" Alexis moved closer, his hands in motion trying to reach both of Toono's and Yuuki's cock.

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Aaaw, he doesn't like sweets.. Yuuki thought, shoving the lollipop back into his mouth, sucking on it. He watched Eiichi basically run away from them and he chuckled, finding the boy's reactions cute. Well, I guess we are kind of overwhelming.


Alexis started to bitch again, but Yuuki decided he doesn't really want to hear what he has to say, so he just looked at him, pretending he was listening. He catched the words "let's have a bet.." and that caught his attention. Bets are fun! And he especially liked this bet. It was a win-win situaton; even if he came first, he would at least get a good handjob, if not more..


He grabbed Alexsis hand, right before it touched his crotch, smiling wickedly at his band co-member. "Soooo, if I understand correctly, we will have a threesome and whoever lasts the longest, wins?" He licked his lips slowly, excitement already gathering in his lower regions. He loved any kind of sex and the more the merrier right? Threesome with this two, would definitely be fun.


He tilted his head and turned it, so he was looking at the other band member and he asked, "Toono, what do you say? Wanna have a threesome with us?" He grinned widely, waiting for his reply.

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Lady Murder

Toono tilted his head, while watching the boy run away and smiled faintly. Well, isn't like I didn't see this coming... I shouldn't have gone on the flow with those two. He turned to his band mates, not surprised to see a pissed Alexis, cursing in english and thinking that they couldn't understand him, and an upset Yuuki - Toono actually wondered if Yuuki was more upset about Eiichi running away or the fact that he doesn't like sweets.


Alexis started to complain with them and Toono just let his mind fly away while he was pretending that he was listening with a forced smile on his lips. He didn't want to go on this. The boy was there, and Toono did find him interesting, but isn't like he was going to hit on him before getting to know him better, so all that complaining was actually useless to him.


When Alexis started to laugh and talk about a bet, Toono raised one eyebrow to him while hearing what he had to say, grabbing his hand when it came next to his cock. He looked to Yuuki and he seemed pretty excited about the idea, which didn't surprise Toono as well, and rubbed his neck. He didn't want to go on that way, to be honest. He didn't think that coming first or not would make Eiichi be with any of them, but he knew this guys very well to know that they would go on on this wether he agreeded or not, so he just shrugs to Yuuki. "Well, I think Alexis was planning more in jerking us off than a whole threesome, but, well, I'm not doing anything else right now." He said, winking charmingly to them.

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Eiichi made it out of the building. He tried not to.think about the boy band. Any other person would be thrilled to meet them! They were a huge hit right now, and were do to go on there first world wide concert this year. But.... Eiichi didn't see much in them. And he had his reasons.


Eiichi had to ditch the boy band to pick up his friends little sister Molly. She was in 6th grade and was an adorable little girl. With long bond hair pulled back in a braided pony tail and had pretty big Brown eyes. She giggled- clinging to his arm as he arrived to take her from school.

"Brother told me you were coming! He said I was spending the night at your place! Yay! I want to watch Star Struck's opening night at the VMA's last week! It was so amazing! "

Eiichi smiled at her.

"Alright. I don't mind."

"Oh.. I'm sorry. I forgot to ask you. How was your day? Anything happen? "

He shrugged looking down at the little girl wearing her green and black school uniform dress. He didn't want to tell her that he disliked the boy band so he grinned at her.

"Oh I wish you were there... I got to meet Star Struck. "

The girls eyes widened and her jaw dropped as she screamed with joy.

"NO WAY! NO WAY! Where they as amazing as I dreamed they would be! "


He lied...

I wish... they are all jerks


Mr.Kyo stepped out of his office. Suprised to see the boys still here and in the hall way.

"Boys. What are you three still doing here?"

He looked at them....questioning. Knowing that the boys weren't pure men at all.

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"Soooo, if I understand correctly, we will have a threesome and whoever lasts the longest, wins?" Yuuki grabbed his hand even before it touched his cock. Alexis smirked at the question of Yuuki. That's one redeemable thing about him. Because oftentimes what he wants is what Yuuki wants too. It's not just preys...it also includes sex and stuff related to it. So when he asked for a handjob, he just knew that this guy would agree to it.


"Hmmn.. sex would be time consuming. I don't want Mr. Kyo to see you guys fucking me. C'mon give him some slacks. Handjobs should do right?" Alexis motioned his hand again towards Yuuki's cock with the guy's hand still grabbing him. He felt his cocked just a as Yuuki invited Toono.


"Well, I think Alexis was planning more in jerking us off than a whole threesome, but, well, I'm not doing anything else right now."


Well everyone agreed and that somehow made Alexis horny. He was pissed of at them because they messed with his prey. Oh well, they can substitute him instead. Alexis grinned and also touched Toono's cock. He's really itching for sex now, but they can't do so when Mr. Kyo would be around soon. And his guess was correct. Mr. Kyo did arrive just before they could begin a heated battle... of cums.


"Boys. What are you three still doing here?"


"Ohh.. Hey there Mr. Kyo" Alexis wickedly smiled at their producer. His hands were both on the guys' cock so he can't really make an excuse out of it. Well, It's not like he had to. Mr. Kyo knew very well what kind of a man he is.


"Well, we were a little bored and I came into a little contest. We're gonna do handjobs and who ever cums last wins. Wanna join?" Alexis said he poked both of the guys cock. It's already been two days since he had sex because of his busy schedule, he sure had lot of cum in storage. It's about time for him to release. He just hoped that Mr. Kyo would leave them alone so they can go all the way.








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"I don't want Mr. Kyo to see you guys fucking me." Yuuki tried to replay this scene in his head and he chuckeld. It would be funny to see what kind of face would Mr. Kyo make. But it was true, handjobs should do for now, so when Alexis's hand touched his groin, he rubbed himself against it, a rush of sensations spreading through him.


Toono agreed to do it too, but just as Yuuki wanted to pull the nice guy into a kiss, Mr. Kyo appeared. O-oh..busted! He started biting his lollipop, almost finished with it, letting Alexsis get them out of the mess. He burst into giggles, when the singer invited Mr. Kyo to join them. One day, their manager will give up on them; he had to gave the man credits, he was incredibly patient, to put up with them till now.


"Oh, by the way Mr. Kyo, could we use your office or some other room for this? It's probably not appropriate to do this here, right?" He grinned widely at him, knowing that doing this anywhere public, wasn't appropriate. But he loved to tease people. And it would be easier if they could get a room and some privacy. No one wanted some noisy people taking photos and sending them to the press, since that was bad for reputation and all that shit.


He was finished with his lollipop by now, so he aimed and tossed the remains in the dumpster, standing a few meters away, pleased with himself when the stick flew right into it. Why can't the manager just leave already, so they can get down to business..

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Lady Murder

When Alexis came closer once again a put his hand over Toono's cock, desire started to build up inside the latter, since he hadn't had some in while now. So he sneaked his hand to Alexis waistband and was about to pull Yuuki closer as well, when their manager suddenly arrived, making Toono startled. He immediately straightened himself up, not wanting to hear another one-hour-lecture, but the other two clearly didn't care about it.


Alexis actually asked Kyo to join in, which made Toono roll his eyes, knowing that would be some yelling again and he was already tired of having to listen this. Yuuki wasn't helpful either, which lead to Toono to try to save the situation and free the three of them of another tiring scolding.


"Mr. Kyo." Toono called, after sighing. "Please ignore those two. We were just... having some fun. But this is clearly not the place so..." He turned to the other band mates and smiled a full dimpled smile. Toono hold them both by the waist, being in the middle, and started to drag them with him to a private place, before going, though, he looked to their manager. "We'll be going now. Thank you for the hard work, we'll call you later. Bye~"


With that, he kept dragging them with him, while searching for any empty room where they could end their business. "You guys started this, now I want to see the end of it." He muttered, more to himseld than to them.

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"Ohh.. Hey there Mr. Kyo" [/Quote] The boy wickedly smiled at him. He could clearly see the young man's hands on both of his band mates cocks. He didn't find it funny.

"Well, we were a little bored and I came into a little contest. We're gonna do handjobs and who ever cums last wins. Wanna join?"[/Quote]

Mr. Kyo frowned, looking unamused and rather pissed at Alexis response. He was a married man. With a happy loving wife and a child on the way. He knew the singer liked to joke but he became very upset.

"Alexis. Please.. understand that I see you boys as family. But also understand that if you show me disrespect. I can throw you boys out of business."

His voice like venom!

" Oh, by the way Mr. Kyo, could we use your office or some other room for this? It's probably not appropriate to do this here, right?"[/Quote]

Now Yuuki Was joining in. Grinning widely. Mr.Kyo wasn't in the mood for his jokes too.

"Do It in your own homes. Don't dare do it in my building. "

"Mr. Kyo...Please ignore those two. We were just... having some fun. But this is clearly not the place so..."[/Quote]

Of course it was Toono who saved the day. Dragging then away.

"We'll be going now. Thank you for the hard work, we'll call you later. Bye~"[/Quote]

Mr. Kyo sighed frowning at the boys. What would he do with them. He felt as if Toono didn't belong with Yuuki and Alexis. He seemed to know when to push boundary's and when to just stop.


Eiichi Sat on his couch reading As Molly watched her favorites band on TV. Eiichi would occasionally glance up from his book to see glimpses of the boy band. He had three reasons why he disliked Star Struck.

1) They NEVER gave back to the community

2) They never think of there fans or the influence they have on them.

And 3) They make stupid choices. Example: the bar fight they got into recently which is all over the news. He sighed- trying to read again. Forgtting about the boy band.

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The two agreed to his invitation. Alexis' cock twitched every time he tought of the little contest. He'd feel good and he'd be able to date(?) Koneko-chan if ever he wins... well he has too. He has confidence with his sex skills. His cock is very well tamed. He knew that cumming so soon is turn off to girls and boys alike, that's why he always cum when the time's right. Toono tried to leave with them, but then Mr. Kyo talked something which got into his nerves.


"Alexis. Please.. understand that I see you boys as family. But also understand that if you show me disrespect. I can throw you boys out of business."


Alexis grinned and went closer to the guy. He didn't really give him much respect even if he earned it. He's irritating, commanding and he thought he owns them. Come on he's just a motherfucking disposable producer.


"Sadly. I don't feel the same way. A family? Stop giving me the creeps old man. You are nothing but a replaceable producer. A mere stepping stone for us. Stop thinking you owns us because you owns nothing but your own shit" Alexis swore as he turned around. However, before walking away, he commented...


"You know what Mr. Kyo... Fuck you. I'll give you the best fuck, a real hard and nice fuck and I'll bend that straight-like attitude of yours." Alexis spoke in English before walking back to his mates.


"Nee guys... where should we go?? Man I'm already itching..uuhhhh!!! let's just do it in the toilet" Alexis smiled but in his mind, he's raging. He just don't know why. He's upset of Mr. Kyo... and he's upset with his mates too... but it's not like he hates them.. they're gonna make him cum so they're friends...but Mr. Kyo irritates him though.

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Yuuki was starting to get uncomfortable. He was all for light teasing, but this was getting out of hand.


Toono tried apologizing for them, like he always did. He got them out of trouble numerous times already and Yuuki loved him for that. He saw him as nice and reliable older brother, although he wasn't as half as fun as Alexis. But right now, the singer went too far. They owed a lot to Mr. Kyo and although he was really annoying sometimes, he took good care of them. Any other producer would probably gave up on them already, after all the troubles they've caused, but Mr. Kyo was still here.


He thought of saying something to Alexis, but as always, he chickened out. He had a big mouth, but when things got serious, he rather turned and leave, than face the troubles head on. He fidget nervously, but in the end he just shot an apologetic smile to their manager, turning to the singer.


"Wow, you really can be a bitch, when you're needy, can't you Alexis?" he said, trying to sound playfull, although he kind of cooled off, after what just happened. "Come on, let's find someplace private and I can help you with your little problem." He started dragging the blonde away from the manager, looking back above his shoulder, shouting to Toono, "Come on, we won't wait for you! If you're too slow, you'll miss out on all the fun!"

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Lady Murder

As Alexis couldn't simply shut his mouth, Toono looked to him with a reproachful look, not believing he actually said all those things to someone who actually made them be where they were. He sighed, starting to get a little pissed with that. "That's enough, Alexis." He said through his teeth.


Toono watched Yuuki trying to light the mood after that and also trying to run away of this awkward situation, going with Alexis, in which Toono silently thanked him for that. Even though Yuuki also had his teasing jokes, he knew when to stop, which Toono appreciated. As Yuuki called for him, he bowed to their manager, muttering his apologies, before following them.


The mood was long gone, but Toono had now decided that he would go with that until the end. That model guy seemed to be too pure and too naive and he wouldn't let Alexis do what he always did with everyone he has been with. Even though he was his friend, and even though he liked him despite all that, Toono knew how Alexis were too well to let him win this bet.


He walked with them until the next toilet, closing the door behind him with a sigh. "Now, let's end this."

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Alexis turned a quick glance to Mr. Kyo with a regretful face. He can't explain it but for some reason, he just get pissed of at the guy. He knew Mr. Kyo is a good guy, and without him, they won't be what they are now. But he just can't help it. No one can. When you don't like someone, it takes a lot for your impression to change. And Alexis just can't like the guy. Thought he knew he went overboard, but he's not about to apologize.


Alexis always stands up for what he does. Be it the right or the wrong, he'll stick for every action he does. Such attitude had him going between life and death a couple of times, especially back in the US, when he encounter some scary mobs. Alexis then turned his head back and focused his attention to the two hot guys. He was reprimanded, but didn't gave a fuck.


Entering the toilet, and upon locking it, he pulled down his pants and his still hard cock was forming a big bulge underneath his brief...


"Here's a little show babies. I hope this can at least turn you guys on...", Alexis grinned as he pulled down his pants with his long cock full exposed. Alexis motioned his hips in a circular manner, repeating it as his cock moved like a helicopter propeller.


"Look at this babies... Helicopter dick... It's a helicopter dick!!" Alexis spoke in English, waiting for the reaction of the guys. He knew beforehand that the mood had changed... thanks to him. But he had to do something since his mood has not changed even in the slightest.

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Yuuki felt kind of disappointed with himself, thinking how he didn't even have enough courage to stand up to Alexis. But seriously..why did he had to go and ruin the whole mood??


When Toono said "let's end this", he thought of just quitting the game, not really feeling up to this. He already forgot that this was supposed to be a competition. But when the singer started screaming "helicopter dick" he couldn't help himself. He giggled first, then burst out laughing. His mood instantly improved.


"Alexis, you're crazy!" he said to the guy, getting closer, the smile still not leaving his lips. He got really close, so that their hips were touching. He wanted the singer to stop moving his hips and get down to business. As he tilted his head, he asked. "Sooo, do you want me to just touch it a little, rub it or put it in my mouth?" He flashed him an innocent smile, while the bulge started to form on his pants.

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