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Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost. ×
Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost.


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  1. sad, depressed quarterlife crisis.
  2. For my hobby, I really want to write a novel. A complete one. But I suck with writing and all the stuff like that. I really want something taken from my experience be written in books lol. I've got some drama in my life haha. Regarding Miyo, I feel ashamed with him. I was so busy that I didnt get to contact him when he came here. Poor Miyo was expecting me to help him out with the ticket stuff which I promised I would but I forgot about it and just saw his DM when its too late. I wish I can apologize properly.


    Anyway, I'm single AF, broke AF, lonely AF... Thai Drama makes me happy though hahaah. Somehow I'm having wild fantasy of going to thailand settling there and finding my own thai guy hahah. Or maybe Korea... gonna start looking for my personal Oppa. <3

  3. About the team, it didn't last long. It was all good in the beginning, we were happy with whatever we do. But no one really want freshies like us. Even if we submit awesome portfolio we dun have connections and most big companies have inhouse designers or has contact of full pledged veteran studios. So We all left to join some of that big fishes, except me since I returned to school, well... a vocational school for design. A small scale at that. I want to learn more and make a printing business by myself. I think I can be happy with a small scale business like that since I can call it my own lol.


    When your child is bigger, u can let him join you with your hobbies. Maybe some painting or cooking. That mother child bonding will be precious.

  4. Heyya Aya, it's been ages. Oh wow, you've got a baby boy now! How time really flies. I hope your family is safe from the ongoing virus. My situation over here is manageable though scary. I'm just holed up in my room self studying some stuff and watching drama whenever I feel like it lol. How about you? It's been so long I forgot where u from OTL... was it Slovenia? Sorry if I got it wrong lmao, but yeah it's in europe right? I heard situation there is alarming. Be safe Aya. I'm not too worried about u since ur somehow in medical field and hopefully things will go for better for us soon.



    You don't have to do pole dancing now, maybe it's harder since you've got a kid to take care of now. Aren't there safer alternatives? Ohh.. I go to gym nowadays too.. So I always think you're amazing for being passionate about workouts xD I hate Burpees. But my coach has cute bum and his burpee is so cute. so yeah, i'm in love and hate relationship with burpees lol.

  5. I actually have a baby boy now, so I'm trying to build enough muscle to be able to pole dance again. I'm so pathetic now, can't even lift my butt up that damn pole. XDDD But I'll get there. :3 I finally picked up running again and it feels really good. :o

    Yeah I have a lot of hobbies but no time for them.. T^T Babies are so much work! I still try to be active with firefighters, at least a little. And I can read manga or books on my phone while I breastfeed so that's something. XD So what do you do as a hobby now? I hope you don't just work. -_-

    Oh Miyo went there? I actually need to write to that kid, we haven't spoken in ages! Well, guess he's not a kid anymore. ;D

  6. Teeeet! Whoa that's a long VM. XD No need to apologize as you can see, I'm no better at replying. XD I always miss new VMs, so I check them from time to time and only them I realize I have a new one. ^^"

    Damn dude, please be careful! I can't imagine how it must feel when you get a scare like that. :/ But I'm really happy the test came back negative!! You can be naghty, just be smart about it. ;D

    That sounds pretty amazing, even if you are small. I believe in you and that with hard work, you can get bigger and take on bigger projects. :D What kind of stuff do you do?

    Well being straight doesn't guarantee lasting relationships. I know a lot of coupes who are together for quite a few years but are still breaking up or getting divorced. It's hard to find that special someone, I imagine even harder when there aren't as many availiable partners.. :(

  7. Tetsu

    Hiii! ^^

    @Riki hello thanks for the welcome! Don't be sorry ^__^ hope to see you around
  8. If you have a spring break around now, hopefully you are enjoying it :D

  9. Just checking up on you to make sure everything?s okay :3

  10. >>> I bet their not enough to be called hobby. But College really ruined .. or changed for a better term a lot of what I do. I loved playing pokemon go. But because of college I forgot about it and I soon lost interest a year or so when i remembered I had it installed lmao.

    >>> Korean healthcare products... well, some shit that got famous here. it really works on getting your skin smooth and white but if you discontinue you'll get hugeass pimples. I stopped it. I feel like a good amount of soap and water is still the best.


    And how about you??? you have so much to tell too!! I actually missed Sai coming here in my country. I feel guilty about it but I wasn't the person he was meeting. I hope he had fun.

  11. >>> you have to be more careful with poles! You still do it now? I think I knew someone that fell not from a pole but from cheerleading. She fell and her face hit the ground and had blood pouring form her nose. that was scary. I hope you don't experience that!

    >>> College community, well. It was so and so. I'm not sure why I didn't out myself in college. But that barrier had me pretending the whole time and I got really sick of pretending to like this and that. In the end I distanced myself from acquaintances. But there were some genuine friends. I told them about myself. They pretty much accepted me and treated me no differently. Although they tease me "Gey" in our chats. They were also the ones who supported me on my hiv scare.

    >>> :o it's been years now, how was your ride? I bet it was a fun~ or are you still riding???

    >>> Hobbies~ I threw them all away. I even forgot to read yaoi manga til now. I love to laze but I feel like I'd suffer a consequence for being lazy.

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