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  1. Girl, I was about to send you a PM after ages and after much debate on what to write I got 'Ayakashiu has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.' hahahha. So I'm left with no other option but to tell you here. ;D

  2. For my hobby, I really want to write a novel. A complete one. But I suck with writing and all the stuff like that. I really want something taken from my experience be written in books lol. I've got some drama in my life haha. Regarding Miyo, I feel ashamed with him. I was so busy that I didnt get to contact him when he came here. Poor Miyo was expecting me to help him out with the ticket stuff which I promised I would but I forgot about it and just saw his DM when its too late. I wish I can apologize properly.


    Anyway, I'm single AF, broke AF, lonely AF... Thai Drama makes me happy though hahaah. Somehow I'm having wild fantasy of going to thailand settling there and finding my own thai guy hahah. Or maybe Korea... gonna start looking for my personal Oppa. <3

  3. About the team, it didn't last long. It was all good in the beginning, we were happy with whatever we do. But no one really want freshies like us. Even if we submit awesome portfolio we dun have connections and most big companies have inhouse designers or has contact of full pledged veteran studios. So We all left to join some of that big fishes, except me since I returned to school, well... a vocational school for design. A small scale at that. I want to learn more and make a printing business by myself. I think I can be happy with a small scale business like that since I can call it my own lol.


    When your child is bigger, u can let him join you with your hobbies. Maybe some painting or cooking. That mother child bonding will be precious.

  4. Heyya Aya, it's been ages. Oh wow, you've got a baby boy now! How time really flies. I hope your family is safe from the ongoing virus. My situation over here is manageable though scary. I'm just holed up in my room self studying some stuff and watching drama whenever I feel like it lol. How about you? It's been so long I forgot where u from OTL... was it Slovenia? Sorry if I got it wrong lmao, but yeah it's in europe right? I heard situation there is alarming. Be safe Aya. I'm not too worried about u since ur somehow in medical field and hopefully things will go for better for us soon.



    You don't have to do pole dancing now, maybe it's harder since you've got a kid to take care of now. Aren't there safer alternatives? Ohh.. I go to gym nowadays too.. So I always think you're amazing for being passionate about workouts xD I hate Burpees. But my coach has cute bum and his burpee is so cute. so yeah, i'm in love and hate relationship with burpees lol.

  5. Congrats on the new family member! Doing good XD

  6. I actually have a baby boy now, so I'm trying to build enough muscle to be able to pole dance again. I'm so pathetic now, can't even lift my butt up that damn pole. XDDD But I'll get there. :3 I finally picked up running again and it feels really good. :o

    Yeah I have a lot of hobbies but no time for them.. T^T Babies are so much work! I still try to be active with firefighters, at least a little. And I can read manga or books on my phone while I breastfeed so that's something. XD So what do you do as a hobby now? I hope you don't just work. -_-

    Oh Miyo went there? I actually need to write to that kid, we haven't spoken in ages! Well, guess he's not a kid anymore. ;D

  7. Teeeet! Whoa that's a long VM. XD No need to apologize as you can see, I'm no better at replying. XD I always miss new VMs, so I check them from time to time and only them I realize I have a new one. ^^"

    Damn dude, please be careful! I can't imagine how it must feel when you get a scare like that. :/ But I'm really happy the test came back negative!! You can be naghty, just be smart about it. ;D

    That sounds pretty amazing, even if you are small. I believe in you and that with hard work, you can get bigger and take on bigger projects. :D What kind of stuff do you do?

    Well being straight doesn't guarantee lasting relationships. I know a lot of coupes who are together for quite a few years but are still breaking up or getting divorced. It's hard to find that special someone, I imagine even harder when there aren't as many availiable partners.. :(

  8. Heeey! Wow it's really been long! I don't check my VMs...obviously. ^^" So I'm sorry for a late reply. Things have been ok. We have a new family member now and he keeps us really busy. ;D How about you?

  9. Turn In Form - Yaoi Reading Challenge | edition 2019 YAOI MANGA TITLES TIER LEVEL ONE 1. Read a title that could fit the category "abandoned": Beautiful Days Quote: "I don't want you to have hardships, because you already have a lifetime's worth of sad memories." 2. Read a title that has the theme of "rebirth", or "time-travel": Zero Kyori Quote: "D-don't scare me. It's bad for my heart, I'm almost 30." 3. Read a title that is considered a doujinshi for each of the following series: i. Ao no Exorcist (青の祓魔師): Ao no Exorcist dj - Twins Quote: "So here, let me give you a hand to help you through this." ii. Yuri!!! on ICE (ユーリ!!! on ICE): Yuri!!! on Ice dj - Nemureru Ore no Ouji-sama Quote: "If you don't wake up, I'll do whatever I want to you, ok?" iii. Shingeki no Kyojin (進撃の巨人): Attack on Titan dj - Adagio Quote: "I'm attacking you in your sleep. But with consent." 4. Read a title adapted to Drama CD: Eigyou Nika! Quote: Either I pet you, or die! This is the state I'm in!!" TIER LEVEL TWO 5. Read a title with main color on the cover - "orange": Teruteru Bouzu Tere Bouzu note: possible alternative of color - "brown". Quote: "I don't want a friend I made at the height of puberty, to see this head of mine." 6. Read a title with a character experiencing trauma: In These Words note: psychological trauma, phobia or extreme fear. Quote: "What is the point of your ego and pride, when it's just you and me here?" 7. Read a title with a character considered with a disability: Corsair note: valid entries - amputee; cripple; mute; deaf; blind Quote: "If you're scared to be separated, stay within my voice's reach at all times. If you're scared to be dragged back by someone, stay close to where my hand reaches. If you're worried you might kill me, I'll be as strong as I can and defeat you with just one hand. So don't run away." 8. Read a title with a character experiencing the effect of aphrodisiac: Saikyou Yankee to Makeinu na Ore Quote: "Damn it, that bastard! Doing ridiculous things in front of public. Did he always act like that since middle school?" TIER LEVEL THREE 9. Read a title with a character who lied about something: Tonari no Usotsuki Quote: "If you think you did something bad, then you have to apologize like a man." 10. Read a title considered Manhwa: Sign Language Quote: "Haha just kidding, we were gonna take you to the hospital, but it was kinda a bother." 11. Read a title involving blackmailing: Ore to Joushi no Kakushigoto Quote: "Don't tell me that's my ramen..." "Well, I didn't get a chance to eat breakfast. Just grabbed it..." 12. Read a title involving demons or the devil: Heaven & Hell Roman Company Quote: "Tsk, I would have hit him at least once, if we were still at war..." "Twice for me." 13. Read a title you think it would be boring, challenge your gut feeling: Neko x Neko Quote: "Well...it certainly was shocking, like seeing what you thought was a teacp puppy grow into the size of a great dane." 14. Read a title involving blowjobs: Kurui Naku no wa Boku no Ban Quote: "If you think this is the usual, where things go exactly as you plan, then you are mistaken. It's my turn." 15. Read a title with a shy character: Nikushoku Danshi to Soshoku Danshi Quote: "It just means I've been using my brain!" "Please stop with the unbelievable excuses." TIER LEVEL FOUR 16. Read a title with a character considered a bookworm: Blue Sky Complex Quote: "Isnt she a great mom? She raised me on her own, she treats me like normal even after I told her I'm gay. And even though she complains, she still brings up tea." 17. Read a title which has in its title either one of the following words: i. Suki (Like) ii. Kirai (Dislike/Hate): Ore no Kirai na Senpai Quote: "I realize I like him too much, it's pissing me off." 18. Read a title with a character on the cover wearing a necktie: Renai Nante Yurushimasen! Quote: "Well, love is different for everyone. I don't care about it and I don't feel like telling anyone either." 19. Read a title with the theme of "school or college premise": Kimi to no Dogfight Quote: "I'm only saying this because it's Haruno, but...he's super cute you know. Somehow...uh...he's like a dog." 20. Read a title you can allocate and download on YaoiOtaku: Mamanaranai Mon de Quote: "I guess you just have a high tolerance for weird stuff.." 21. Read a title with a character with considered double personality: Killing Stalking note: valid entries - yandere, tsundere, psychopaths Quote: "It really broke my heart...seeing your handsome face wrapped in bandages all the time... 22. Read a title with a character considered lonely: Work In Quote: "...but the human heart is difficult to understand. I don't understand them. I'm so lonely." 23. Read a title someone else from the participants has read: Kyou Kara Omega ni Narimashita. Quote: "Then, do you want to become mates with Munechika?" "Eh?!" "No need to be so considerate~ Munechika-kun is so wonderful, so I'd feel sorry for him if it's Kanade..." 24. Read a recommended title: Yoidore Koi o Sezu Quote: "When my old man left, he threw salt with all his strenght after he left. And it was my most expensive rock salt to boot. He took...everything." TIER LEVEL FIVE 25. Read a title which is considered a short title: Mad Cinderella note: made of one to a maximum of three words. Quote: "I'm Ryota's fiance, Teijin Sakuichi." "Ahaha! It's so funny! This guy's a little slow in the head. Please don't mind what he said." 26. Read a title with the theme of "misunderstanding": Sensei wa Butchozura Shite Yatte Kuru Quote: "Of course I haven't been comming. Everytime I see you, something bad happens." 27. Read a title with the theme of "reunion": Kouzuka Kottouya no Akujiki Quote: "What a stupidly good looking face."" 28. Read a title with a character considered a crybaby: Okubyoumono ni I Love You Quote: "Also, I don't think it's that bad of a thing to be greedy. Anyone would want to know more about the person they like, don't you think?" 29. Read a title with a character consider noble: Crimson Spell Quote: "Standing in long lines, it doesn't suit me. I wonder if the line would go faster, if I blasted all the people in front of us away with magic." 30. Read one of the following titles: i. Tamnik (Addiction; 탐닉 ) Quote: "That's only after you've satisfied me." ii. Kikoeru? (きこえる?) iii. MADK (Ryo Sumiyoshi) ADDITIONAL TIER LEVEL 1. Read a title with the theme "martial arts". 2. Read a title with an alternative reality. 3. Read a title with a poor character vs. a rich character. 4. Read a title you were recommended. YAOI NOVEL TITLES TIER LEVEL ONE 1. Read a title that could fit the category "abandoned": Bear, Otter, and the Kid by T.J. Klune Quote: "I'll never understand why people just won't let others be who they are. It's not like it's affecting them in any way." 2. Read a title that has the theme of "rebirth" or "time-travel": Mo Dao Zu Shi by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu Quote: "Wei WuXian pondered, 'Does he like it, or is he scared of it? Or is it both at the same time?" 3. Read three titles that are considered a fanfiction: i. Poetic Justice by Limmet Quote: "So no clues, hints, or indications of any sort? It doesn?t have to spell out 'evil mind-control' or 'benevolent protection for puny Midgardian' word for word, but you know, something?" ii. In Your Dreams by VioletHyena Quote: "He nodded in slight approval and slid Wado Ichimochi back into the sheath. "I do look cool as a demon," he decided, but he wondered something. "Why am I naked?" "Can you at least act surprised," Sanji sounded annoyed with him and stared at him with a slight glare." iii. I Think I Missed a Step ('Cause I'm Fallin' For You) by mokuyoubi Quote: "Kids these days, so comfortable with their sexuality and showing physical affection--who the fuck knows, right?" 4. Read a title adapted to manga/manhua/manhwa: Spirit Hotel by Su Youbing Quote: "Can't we call for help?" "We could before," Antonio muttered softly. A flicker of hope lit up in Feisha's heart. "What about now?" "We can?t." "Why?" "Because Isefel only appeared thirty times," Dea piped up. Seeing that Feisha was still confused, Antonio helpfully explained, "And this is my hundred and first time being locked in here." "Three hundred and first," added Dea. Feisha looked on the verge of tears. "So you're saying that my first time was destroyed by you guys?" TIER LEVEL TWO 5. Read a title with main color on the cover - "black": Alan Lennox and the Temp Job of Doom by B. Olsen note: possible alternative of color - "gray". Quote: "I'll figure it out. I need something that motivates me as much as video games do. Real life should come with achievement badges." "It does," Dakota pointed out. "They're called paychecks." 6. Read a title with a character experiencing trauma: Nor Iron Bars a Cage by K. Harper note: psychological trauma, phobia or extreme fear. Quote:"I've never owned a garden." "You poor man. There's nothing more worth having. Well, other than books." 7. Read a title with a character considered with a disability: St. Nacho's by Z.A.Maxfield note: valid entries - amputee; cripple; mute; deaf; blind. Quote: "I was taking stock in St. Nacho's, making a new list of what I didn't want and, maybe more importantly, what I did. I liked laughing, I found out, and music. I liked nice people, getting up early, and working hard. I liked simple pleasures, like my toes in the sand and someone to kiss." 8. Read a title with a character experiencing the effect of aphrodisiac: Love stops rumors by Xiao Chen Quote: "Yes, you're not wrong, but," Wei Ru Song rubbed his face. "But... Nothing did happen between the both of us, I feel very wronged and judged." "If you want, something can happen." TIER LEVEL THREE 9. Read a title with a character who lied about something: The Marquess of Gorsewall Manor by A.J.Harris Quote: "The sort who thought going off to fight a war or climb a mountain would be a jolly adventure, although they would never do it themselves, and any son of theirs who returned and said otherwise was a fool or weak." 10. Read a title involving blackmailing: The Yakuza Path: Blood Stained Tea by A. Tasukada Quote:"Each step he took kicked rain onto his yukata robe, deepening the color from indigo to black. Blood used to stain his suits the same way and would kiss his skin like a welcomed lover." 11. Read a title involving demons or the devil: Shadow's Seduction by Kresley Cole Quote: "Are you ready?" Cas mimicked Mirceo: "I was born ready, sweetheart." 12. Read a title involving violent sex scenes: Building Bonds by M. Knight Quote: "You can say BDSM, you know. It's not like you'll conjure up the Bondage Fairy if you utter it out loud." 13. Read a title with a shy character: Call me by your name by Andre Aciman Quote: "P.S. We are not written for one instrument alone; I am not, neither are you." TIER LEVEL FOUR 14. Read a title which has in its title either one of the following words: i. My: My Partner the Wolf by H. Shiloh ii. Sweet Quote: "I guess when you reach a certain level of intelligence, you have to be interested in everything that's available or you'd be bored to tears all the time." 15. Read a title with a character on the cover wearing a necktie: You Boys Play Games Very Well~ by Yi XiuLuo Quote:"Xiang Jiao raised his head, his expression showing a hint of confusion: "You can have fun even if your gameplay is bad. It looks inspiring. Does that count?" 16. Read a title with the theme of "school or college premise": Everyone Thinks That I Like Him by Dashing Small Snail Quote: "We started as a misunderstanding but I'm serious." Shang Jin looked at Ye Zhou's eyes and said, "Ye Zhou, I really like you. Like this strawberry, no matter whether there is wind and rain or birds and worms between us, I will never give up..." 17. Read a title you can allocate and download on YaoiOtaku: Mr. Jaguar by K.A. Merikan Quote: "I'll be like a Disney princess, talking about your ass only to animals." Mike grinned as they approached the registers." 18. Read a title with a character with considered double personality: The Foxhole court by N. Sakavic note: valid entries - yandere, tsundere, psychopaths Quote: "I'm not a math problem." "But I'll still solve you." 19. Read a title with a character considered lonely: Eagle Man and Mr Hawk by D. Sister Quote: "I can't help thinking I might have made a mistake leaving him like this. He assumes I think he's useless. That couldn't be further from the truth. I think he's a lovely, gentle, but lonely man. I don't think he would have accepted me telling him that right now." 20. Read a title someone else from the participants has read: The Lightning-Struck Heart by T.J.Klune Quote: "You're a talking unicorn," I said. "Sometimes when you poop, it comes out as rainbows and smells like cookies. There is nothing subtle about you." 21. Read a recommended title: Don?t You Like Me by Lu Tianyi Quote: "He was currently standing in front of a window and the warm sunlight that passed through the glass illuminated the bottom of his eyes, making them glitter brightly like two pieces of chestnut brown stained glass. Lin Feiran looked into his eyes and was momentarily dazed." ADDITIONAL TIER LEVEL 1. Read a title with the theme "martial arts". 2. Read a title with an alternative reality: Guards! Guards! By Terry Pratchett Quote: "He turned a corner and there it was. The section. The bookcase. The shelf. The gap. There are many horrible sights in the multiverse. Somehow, though, to a soul attuned to the subtle rhythms of a library, there are few worse sights than a hole where a book ought to be. Someone had stolen a book." 3. Read a title with a poor character vs. a rich character: Very Irresistible Playboy: A Romantic Comedy by L. Monroe Quote: "That's the spirit. Just imagine you're stuck in a social experiment gone wrong and try to enjoy the chaos. It'll all be over soon.." 4. Read a title you were recommended: Fall of Giants by K. Follett Quote: "I think more people should shoot newspaper editors...it might improve the press."
  10. @crystald Thanks for recommendations! I see you managed to finish all the tiers. Awesome! *^* I thought I wouldn't be able to finish this year's challenge with a newborn, but I read the novels out loud to my little dude instead of children stories and I managed. XD I only have the additional levels to finish, but new year is comming up so fast! D:
  11. Hello xAkachix! It's good to have you back. (; Hope you manage to find all your old friends and get a lot of new ones along the way~
  12. Its been so long since I have heard from you! How have things been with you?

  13. >>> I bet their not enough to be called hobby. But College really ruined .. or changed for a better term a lot of what I do. I loved playing pokemon go. But because of college I forgot about it and I soon lost interest a year or so when i remembered I had it installed lmao.

    >>> Korean healthcare products... well, some shit that got famous here. it really works on getting your skin smooth and white but if you discontinue you'll get hugeass pimples. I stopped it. I feel like a good amount of soap and water is still the best.


    And how about you??? you have so much to tell too!! I actually missed Sai coming here in my country. I feel guilty about it but I wasn't the person he was meeting. I hope he had fun.

  14. >>> you have to be more careful with poles! You still do it now? I think I knew someone that fell not from a pole but from cheerleading. She fell and her face hit the ground and had blood pouring form her nose. that was scary. I hope you don't experience that!

    >>> College community, well. It was so and so. I'm not sure why I didn't out myself in college. But that barrier had me pretending the whole time and I got really sick of pretending to like this and that. In the end I distanced myself from acquaintances. But there were some genuine friends. I told them about myself. They pretty much accepted me and treated me no differently. Although they tease me "Gey" in our chats. They were also the ones who supported me on my hiv scare.

    >>> :o it's been years now, how was your ride? I bet it was a fun~ or are you still riding???

    >>> Hobbies~ I threw them all away. I even forgot to read yaoi manga til now. I love to laze but I feel like I'd suffer a consequence for being lazy.

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