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Guest OkataShin

~Vampire Knight~


~ Remake ~


Welcome to Cross Academy, a private school which is split up into two different classes, a day class and a night class. What most people don't know is that there is a reason for dividing the students in two groups... a secret about the night class, which almost no one knows of besides a select few individuals, such as the dean of the school and the disciplinary committee... the night students are actually vampires. Well it's obvious to those who know about it: they're all very pale, have a cold body and an overwhelming beauty. But the normal students just think that they're just good looking people who've been chosen to the night class because of their looks.

The reason why an academy like this exists, is to get vampires and humans to coexist peacefully together. The disciplinary committee, made from a few day students, knows the secret of night class, and protects the day students and makes sure that everyone obeys the rules. The most absolute rule for the day students is: Never go out during night time.

The school is "ruled" by Kaien Cross, the headmaster and a legendary vampire hunter who nowadays wishes to bring peace between humans and vampires.



One day, an order from the Vampire Council is executed: A new pureblood is put into the school, for what reason, no-one knows. After that pureblood appears, day-class students start to suddenly disappear and odd things are seen lurking in the shadows. Vampire Hunter association seems to know something about this since they immediately sent a few hunters to keep an eye on the academy. But even the hunters can't prevent the sudden disappearances of the day-class students. Suspicious people are coming to the school grounds to have "meetings" with this new pureblood, and Vampire Council's elders seem to have taken an action with something related to the peace between humans and vampires.



OOC and more information: Here



Players and their characters:






Hanadagi Shigure












(depends on his partner)



Night (and Day)






Student, and also the leader of night dormitory.


Vampire rank:

Pure blood



A sword made of ice, which comes out of his chest when needed. He doesn't necessarily have to use his hands to control the sword. He can control it with his mind, just like his other ice-powers.




Coming from a pure blood family, Shigure has always shown a great respect to the vampire laws and became a role model to many lower class vampires. Actually, he despises the laws made by upper class vampires, and isn't really keen of the vampire council. He keeps good relations with them, however, because he wants to maintain his power inside the school.

Ever since he was a child, he was taught that humans are equal with vampires, and he really likes humans. He dislikes vampires who think that humans are lower than them though. He actually has also got human "relatives" who got adopted to their family as cousins etc. And were later changed into vampires by his pureblood relatives.

He came to the academy because Cross Kaien asked him to lead the other vampires and show them how humans should be "treated". He also respects Kaien very much and thinks of him as a great man. Even greater than the vampire council or pure bloods.

He came to the academy right after the last leader of night class left and the academy got rebooted, and has been there for 50 years now,meaning that he has been learning the same things over and over again many times.

He got recently an order by Cross Kaien to keep an eye on the new pureblood vampire, Shirabuki, who came to the academy. They both are aware that there is something odd going on with this new vampire, and they want to investigate what it is.


Shigure has a crude temperament; he’s honest and blunt with his opinions,even when he doesn’t need to be. While honesty could easily be a positive aspect, it can be negative as well. He rarely gets into trouble because of it though, being a pureblood. Shigure also finds being gentle difficult, so used to hurting and destroying(mostly Level E's who have been roaming near to the academy),turning a soft hand isn’t the easiest feat. He’s widely open with his emotions though,not one to hide or bury them. His general personality is pretty friendly though, if you don't get on his wrong side.


Despite being able to act in some situations, he can also be quite awkward,especially around romance. Although he’s likely to not admit it,he’s hardly dated at all in the past. Put simply, he doesn’t know how to show affection, and what was acceptable etiquette. When giving hugs or any other physical affection, Shigure is stiff and unsure, making it better to be around those with confidence. He’s also worried that if he did date someone, he would screw up and do the wrong things, show his love clumsily. Shigure also avoids small, delicate things like children or tiny animals, as he feels he shouldn’t be allowed around them. The rough person that he is, he fears their fragility and believes it’d be better to never miss them, they’ll break anyways so why put in the effort?The love he does show is restricted to a select few.



Vampire abilities:


He is able to control, make and transform into ice. His powers with ice are pretty much limitless when it comes to controlling it, but his great weakness is heat. He can't really use his ice powers when confronted by fire for ex.

And also the normal abilities for pureblood vampires:


-Mental control over humans and lesser vampires.

-Healing touch.

-Fertile blood (can create new vampires, stabilize them and their blood can give extraordinary power to human servants -- or other vampires -- who drink it).

-Physically faster, stronger, and resistant to injury.

-Extreme regeneration.

-Superhuman senses.

-Immunity to normal poisons and human diseases.

-Low resistance to sunlight.

-High need for blood.

-Familiar summoning.

-Power sacrifice.




Red wine mixed with blood, humans, tea, winter.


Being alone, vampires who think of humans as lower creatures, vampire council, coffee.









Uehara Fuyuki

Age: 18 (Is actually 167 years)

Race: Dhampir

Position: Seke

Class: Night

Grade: 3rd

Occupation: Student/Vampire Hunter

Vampire Rank: Dhampir

Weapon: Twin anti-vampire daggers, and a normal hunting knife



Anti-Vampire Daggers - 2 of these (I know the picture's a bowie knife or something, but just pretend lol):


Normal Hunting Knife:




Background/History: Fuyuki comes from a long generation of Vampire Hunters, but he is the first Dhampir in the Uehara family. His mother, a Rank B vampire, was said to have died at childbirth, but many knew that she was killed by someone from the Uehara family. The event has never been a topic of conversation in the family, and if it ever surfaces, the conversation is always dropped – even with Fuyuki and his father. Both knew the truth, but both had never said a word about it, not even to each other*; but both seem to comprehend why, and often spend long hours sitting together in silence thinking about the lady of their lives. Fuyuki has never expressed anger or hatred towards his family – in fact, he had opted on his own accord to continue the family’s name and be a Vampire Hunter. He believes in duty, and necessity.


Vampire abilities (I don't know if these apply to a Dhampir)

- Physically faster, stronger, and resistant to injury.

- Superhuman senses.


Fuyuki is truly not angry towards his family, nor does he harbour any intentions of revenge. There are no suppressed emotions, whatsoever.

*note from above: The only time the two have ever spoken about the event is earlier in Fuyuki’s life when his father had decided to tell everything he knew to him. Everything else that Fuyuki knew that was not from his father, he gathered himself.






Ryuu Tachibana






17 years (170 years)






Seke (prefers the uke position, though)



Night Class



2nd year






Vampire rank:

Aristocratic (Class B)



Two Katana swords he carries crossed behind his back when leaving the academy




Ryuu is the eldest son of the noble Tachibana Family, a family who has always had a seat on the Vampire Council. Ryuu had a younger brother, who was accidentally slaughtered by the Vampire Hunter Association when found in an alley trying to prevent a Level E from attacking a human. Since then, he loathes humans and attempts to hunt them secretly without the Hunter Association finding out about this. Since his father is a Council Member, Ryuu is kept well informed of its activities and secretive missions undertaken to undermine the Vampire Hunter Association. Ryuu abhors the Purebloods and fears them being able to take control over him, prompting him to do things he is against. Against his parent’s wishes, he joined Cross Academy this year in the hope to being able to kill unsuspecting humans. His goal is to provoke the Vampire Hunter Association into openly attacking the Vampire Society, which could lead to a war between both races.



Intelligent, revengeful, tenacity


Vampire abilities:

Ability to heal faster, manipulate water (turn it into ice so it can be used as an extra weapon if he can’t use his Katana swords), speed



Ryuu, being revengeful, is prepared to go to great lengths to provoke a war between the Vampire and Human races and is searching for an important, courageous ally to help him overthrow the Vampire Hunter Association





Name: Ryota (Ryo) Hanatani








Rusty coloured eyes, blonde hair.


Age: 254


Race: Vampire


Position: Uke


Class: Night Class


Grade: 2nd (17-18 years old)


Occupation: Student


Vampire rank: Class B


Weapon: Has knowledge of various kinds of martial arts including Tae Kwon Do, Wing Chun, Jeet Kun Do and various karate styles.


Background/History: Ryo is the second eldest child of the Hanatani family, one of the aristocratic families that have dedicated themselves to serving purebloods, be it in any way they desire. Members have been in many positions (attendants, bodyguards, lovers) to the pureblood lines over the years, and are highly regarded within vampire society, the head of the family being a figure of the vampire council with the purpose of protecting the purebloods interests. In the absence of purebloods, they have been known to become to protectors of higher class aristocratic families.


Ryo himself currently is an 'unattached' member of the family, yet wishes to become so, as to uphold his family's prestige. Since childhood his father has expressed that he should be only ever bound to a pureblood, that no less would do for his direct line. So; he is seeking a pureblood to serve, which is what he was raised for. Ryou is not at all bothered by humans, he views them more as alternate beings than food. He understands the concept that humans are fragile, and their lives short, but he is rather fascinated by them. He came to the academy for numerous reasons, including but not excluding to the idea that he will be near humans, as well as the development of his relationship with other aristocrats.


Personality: Since his childhood, he has been greatly liked by a majority of people for his kind but cool attitude. He has been known to have a temper, and has a great belief in first impressions. He is a fairly warm person, who is admired but often underestimated due to his physical stature, and his kind exterior hides a fiery inner personality. Ryo has a rather dark sense of humor, and is rather fond of competition, friendly or otherwise. He is a curious soul, and this has been known to get him into trouble, particularly with those of a higher rank than him.


Vampire abilities:


Control over fire: The Hanatani family is one of the few aristocratic families to have control over an element; being fire. As such, he can control fire, but currently is having difficulty with the creation of fire (hence he carries a lighter).


Physical abilities: Enhanced speed, agility, and sensory ability. Advanced healing.


Other: prefers AB blood, carries a lighter but does not smoke, loves cats, loves dogs, hates birds. Secretly wants to write novels.









NAME | Jean Shirabuki

AGE| ???

RACE | Vampire


CLASS | Not applicable

GRADE | Not applicable

OCCUPATION | teacher


WEAPON | none



Mister Shirabuki is a breed from the Austrian-Japanese vampires which happened to be extinct as of the current era. He had the possession of the thickest blood-line among his lineage. Being the offspring of the usual pure blood normalcy's ; Incest relationship. He'd suffer persecution from the rest of his clan as to the main reason of him becoming the new Lord of the Shirabuki clan. After Sara Shirabuki's death he was claimed as the new head but had escaped such duty for unknown reasons. A strange fate in which he's not respected but cursed in a family where there's a long history of filial feud. Supposedly their lineage had ended at Shirabuki's death but was secretly continued with a little-to-knowledge of the unknown Lord which happens to be Jean. Hired as a teacher by the person that goes by the name, Cross Kaien, the male teaches both students from day and knight. Fomalhaut holds no personal grudges towards the vampire hunter's association nor vampire society; he's considerably neutral between the two.


He goes by the name Mr. Fomalhaut and had his real rank hidden in the public. Bearing restraints in the form of a cross tattoo at his back; Fomalhaut was recognized as merely a Rank C to the public. He's nonetheless a wolf in a sheep's clothing.



He's usually silent and usually scolds someone during the lessons. A bit of a level-headed but sometimes short-tempered. Has the most unbelievable mood swings that leads the students into confusion. Had no traces of delicacy and royalty with him despite his upbringings. And had obviously inherited Shirabuki's long traces of Sadism within their blood.



He had no weapons since he fights with different martial arts he'd learnt across the globe. He's fond of looking at gravure magazines while enjoying his stick of cigarette.


-Jae Hwa-







Name: Min-jae


Age: He is only 150 years old...(17 for appearances purpose)



Race: He is not a vampire, nor a human. He was artificially created in a laboratory as a weapon, but for classification purposes, he is a vampire with robotic parts.


Position: Seke


Class: Night


Grade: 2nd (17-18)



He infiltrated the hunter association under Shirabuki's orders, and works as a hunter. He is part of the group of hunters sent to infiltrate Cross Academy under the Hunter Association's orders and a second year student of the night class.


Vampire rank: He poses as a noble class B.



His weapon looks like a small pocket-knife, but is not a normal knife. It's a strong anti-vampire weapon that spills strong electricity voltages when it makes contact with the vampires. This is the weapon he generally carries around when he is acting as a "hunter". Other than that, his robotic body and abilities can be considered a weapon itself.


Background/History: Min-jae was the name given to him by Shirabuki when they met. Min-jae was the creation of human scientists, a failed experiment that had been going on behind the scenes of both the hunters and vampires factions. His "parents" were both vampiric subjects, tho giving him his vampiric abilities, but part of his body is robotic. The goal of this research was to construct a weapon that could destroy both factions. There were people from both factions involve in the humans' research, one of the reasons Min-jae hates them as much as he does humans. He suffered very much, till one day he single-handedly destroyed the lab. That's when he met the pureblood. Shirabuki offered him a chance to get revenge, a chance to have a purpose in life, and he took it, therefore becoming the pureblood loyal dog.


Personality: Min-jae is quiet but very straight forward. He speaks when he have to, but he hates talking nonsense and has a tendency to ignore "unimportant people". His loyalty lies with the pureblood, and he usually keeps a straight face not matter what. He can become quiet psychotic sometimes, and can be extremely cold and ruthless. He doesn't know the true meaning of "emotions", but he has learned about them throughout the years and learned to "behave like a human/vampire/hunter" through his observation skills. He hates long speeches before killing someone, and is a neat freak. He also hates the sight of blood, yet spills it every time on purpose.


Vampire abilities:


He have the usual vampire abilities such as strength, speed, enhance senses, healing. His true power lies in mind controlling, one of his robotic abilities given by his artificial eye, and he uses it to gather information. This ability can only be used in the same person a limited number of times, depending on how strong that person is. His eye itself is a computer making the gathering of information much easier for him. His robotic body give him extra protection from physical attacks, and abnormal strength even for a vampire, he is also rather immune to changes in temperature, but extreme temperatures weakens him greatly. He can go out during the morning since he is not a complete vampire, but the sun still bothers him. Other than that, he has been trained as any other hunter in martial arts, so he knows how to fight.


Other: He likes animal, books & sweets, and has sadistic and masochist tendencies.




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|since I am notorious at replying late, I'll just reply while there's still minimal time .|.


"No." As his obsidian eyes darted at the grandfather's clock, its pendulum swinging left and right, momentarily bringing a bore in his eyes. His day time student started to annoy the hell out of him, pleading him to give some pointers for the upcoming test. It was a pain in the ass repeating the lesson all-over again. The petite woman was standing in front of his desk, she was obviously waiting for his clearer response. But to no avail, Jean just continued staring at the clock behind the girl.


"But sir, just a clue for th----"

"Haine--" he summoned her first name like it was the most ordinary thing in the world. Couldn't blame the man since he's not really used at this Japanese-formalities they speak of. The student flinched at the sudden call of her name, his baritone voice still ringing in her ears.


"Like I told everyone of you, it's cover to cover. Enumeration , essay , definition---whatever." As his hands freely moved on the air, shooing the poor student outside his room. The male was teaching History at the day class. Obviously, he's a master of the subject for the fact that he'd live longer than the humans out there. It was completely easy as ABC for him.


In all honesty, instead of sympathizing and agonizing when his students had bad grades, Jean was entirely the opposite. He's basically fond of seeing them fail at his tests. Their downfall was somewhat his delight in some sorts. The twisted him is better left unknown to the poor students. Though most of them had a hint to this cruel side of him.


--All this teaching aside His eyes narrowed at the reflection of himself at the glass shelf at the right corner. His thin lips wore a snicker as his eyes glowered in crimson red.


"It's finally night time." his tongue tracing his reddish lips. The sun setting down, a breathtaking scene for the likes of him.






The sudden fast paced palpitations of his heart and pulse made him grasp for his chest. The thumping grew faster as his fangs grew longer.


"Tsk* lowering my rank is bothersome as hell..." as he rummaged his drawers while looking for possible blood capsules.


It was a price to pay for Shirabuki who had recently crossed and performed forbidden spells just to lower his rank. The level of restraints were barely containing the real him. His eyes glimmered in a fury crimson as bead-like sweats were dribbling at his clothes.





"I know you're in there. Fetch me a blood capsule--" he stated as he leaned on the couch.


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Guest OkataShin

He fluttered through the sky, his jacket flapping against his torso, the wind remorselessly whipping his face. His lips were turned up by the exhilaration he was feeling, soaring through the blue sky. He crashed onto bare land, the earth concaving under the force of the impact. He jumped again, launching himself upwards into the clouds. Steam was running from his body as he finally descended onto a branch of a tree, shaking violently at that impromptu landing. Shigure barely flinched when the branch broke, making a horrible sound, similar to ripping paper, but with violence and intensity. He landed on a bench and he broke that too, splinters flying everywhere, along with leaves and what not. He found it hard to move carefully now when he was so thirsty that it hurt his throat.




The vampire cursed under his breath, flicking the pieces of wood away from his shoulders. He looked around him, and got sad. There were no animals in his vicinity. If there would have been even one,he would have killed it and drank it's blood. With a sliding motion on his stomach (to get rids of any imperfections)and a stride of his feet, he left the site of woody carnage. He would have to stick with human blood, even though he didn't want to really drink it. He knew that they were from donators, but he still couldn't be sure if a human had been killed for that blood or not.


It was silent in front of the dormitory. Even a single soul didn't wander there, except for Shigure. He ruffled his hair with his hand, pushing the long locks behind. His pale white skin shimmered in the lukewarm light of the night dormitory's lamps as he made his way towards the door. His legs followed one each other, almost running over the other one. With a few swift steps he was already behind the door of night dormitory building. He inhaled deeply before opening the door and stepping into the large lobby. The next place where he was going to head to was the blood bank upstairs.

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Ryuu sensed the approaching pure blood and retreated into his dormitory, disgusted. How he loathed them, those pure bloods. Making their presence known to all simply because they had had the luck of having been born into perfect families. Fletching his teeth, Ryuu felt the familiar stab in his throat. He needed blood, but of course he couldn’t just walk out the academy and jump a human. Oh no, then that pure blood would somehow find out. And there were vampire hunters around the town near Cross Academy- his father had warned him to be careful and not do “anything stupid”. Making a face, Ryuu shoved a handful of blood tablets into his mouth, impatiently cleaning his Katana swords as he waited for the pure blood’s presence to disappear. He had exactly an hour before Professor Fomalhaut’s course and he didn’t want to be late. If he was going to make a move, it had to be then.


Slipping out the academy through the path that he’d painstakingly scouted out over the past weeks at Cross Academy, overly careful not to raise suspicions, Ryuu increased his speed, making it to the outskirts of the nearby town in under ten minutes. Calculating that he’d need ten to get back unnoticed, ten more to dress in the night class uniform and then join the others for class, he groaned inwardly: that only left him thirty minutes to do damage. Blasted pure blood.


Not paying attention to some human girls who began to giggle stupidly and over-obviously as he walked past them, Ryuu’s eyes sneakily searched ahead. Drifting towards the rundown section of the town he knew no vampire hunters would be patrolling around then, he had soon come across a ramshackle hideout used by two old, scruffy-looking homeless men. While the first man was dozing, his companion looked up. Opening his hand, Ryuu’s eyes flashed as he summoned up water, sending it at the man’s head. The beggar opened his mouth, about to say something, but before he could utter a word, Ryuu had frozen the ice around his head, blocking off all means of air. Ignoring the man’s desperate claws at the block of ice, Ryuu, concentrated on the body lying closer to him. Blood plasma was, after all, mostly made up of water and freezing the water inside the man was no problem at all. No flowing blood, no oxygen traveling anymore, no way of continuing to live.


Disposing of the bodies inside a nearby, shallow stream, Ryuu was careful to unfreeze the blood within the second homeless man and made the ice around the first man’s head sublimate. No traces remained whatsoever and carefully placing the half-drunken bottle of gin between the two bodies, took his leave. The human police force would be so stupid- they’d take one look at the scene and believe the two men had got drunk, had an argument and drowned. And the hunter association probably wouldn’t get it either. But when, little by little, more dead humans began to appear here and there…Ryuu smiled to himself as he sneaked back into the academy. Yes, he would have liked to have gone after someone more important, but slowly but surely he would achieve his goal. Slowly, but surely.

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When darkness finally arrived, Fuyuki awoke from his slumber. A soft tune from underneath his pillow had managed to find its way into the empty dream of the young Dhampir, and forced him back to reality. His posture was exactly as it was six hours ago when he laid in bed on his back, his hands, one on top of the other, resting on his abdomen. His eyelids flickered several times before fully stretching backwards, revealing a pair of pale-honey irises.


The soft tune continued to play. Fuyuki remained static on the soft bed as he silently watched the ceiling in the dark. The curtains were drawn and the lights turned off, but his eyes, accustomed to the dark, could make out the words that he had scribbled on the ceiling long ago. He repeated the words in his mind, once, twice, three times, and immediately following the final word, he snatched his phone from underneath the pillow and turned off the alarm.


At once, he got out of bed, and went on with his usual routine; he took a cold shower, and had a slice of peanut butter-jelly sandwich with a glass of milk. And when the clock strikes six, he left his room - not forgetting to lock it - and made his way out of the Moon Dormitory towards the main building where the night classes are held.


Silently Fuyuki strolled along the bridge that connects the main building and the dormitory. Some of the night class students had begun to emerge. His sharp eyes were always vigilant of his surrounding, watching every move that was within his visual scope, and his dexterous hands always ready to withdraw his weapons. Despite being a Dhampir, there was a lack of allegiances to the two different groups of beings residing in him. He could not identify with either side. He could not understand them. He could not bring himself to feel their lives. He is he; he is a Dhampir, and he is a vampire hunter, and he identifies with a Dhampir, and his allegiance is to the vampire hunter.


There was no comfort in walking among vampires. He knew they knew what he was, and he knew that some would not accept what he was. But as a vampire hunter, as an Uehara, he was bound by a code of conduct, and by principles.


Just then, something had caught his eye. A slight distance away, he saw a night class student with a pair of katana slung on his back walking back towards the dormitory. Fuyuki narrowed his eyes, and sniffed the air. He did not know the student - there was no way that he could know everyone in the academy - and he had not come across the face in his line of work, but he quickly made a mental note of the weapons and the face, in case it might turn out to be an important piece of information.


Turning away from the student, he continued on his slow journey towards the main building.

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"Father! You know that it is not my place to- to choose my master, you know this! I cannot just-"


"You shall, Ryota. Currently, Hanadagi Shigure is the only fore-known pureblood to be attending Cross Academy, and as you are un-bonded, if you wish to serve our family, you will push yourself to serve him!"


"You cann-"


"I can and I have, Ryota. Was it not you who expressed his wishes to attend the Academy? And now, I have found you a pureblood. So, you shall go."


"Father...there is more than one pureblood out there, what should happen if-"


"If it happens, you will pursue the strongest. Either way, I do not believe there would be more, we would have been fully notified of that. Now...you leave in two days. You live to serve; so do your duty."


"...yes father..."


Dark eyes fluttered open, staring aimlessly for a few moments at the ceiling of his room, the crystal chandelier tinkling gently from the light breeze through the open doorway. He turned his gaze to the balcony, seeing the curtains whip just a little around the glass, and smiled gently, sitting up. Long blonde hair fell over his shoulders, a few curls beckoning the edges, having developed during sleep. Either way, it did not matter...


...what mattered was this pureblood. He could feel the inkling in the back of his mind; they approached. Ryo took a glance to his bedside table and reached out to slide the silver lighter between his fingers, knowing he needed to be presentable should they meet... Ryo did not wish to bind himself to the first pureblood he met on his own terms. Or, not really on his own terms...but without the supervision of another member of the Hanatani family. Moving to close the balcony doors, he pushed his hair back behind his shoulders absently, realising that night would be falling soon. Time to head to class then.


Ryo had arrived not a week before, having been escorted here by Hanatani family sentinels and placed higher in the ranks of the Night Class. He knew of some who would be livid at that...but still. It was not his fault, it was his fathers. He let the curtains flutter back to their standing before he turned and moved to change uniforms. Classes would be soon begin, and they needed to get across the bridges first, and if there was a pureblood...that meant that they would all be there. Every Night Class student would be attending classes today.


Ryo felt a shudder run through him. No matter what kind of person Hanadagi Shigure turned out to be, as respectful as he knew he was to all purebloods, how was he simply supposed to push himself into his service? Nothing could be properly decided without the ritual, and even then that would take another member of the Hanatani family to complete...and then...the possibility of him meeting more purebloods in his time here was exponential, and while Hanatani were sought after greatly...was Hanadagi even interested in having one as a servant (or...whatever else he may want)?


Taking a deep breath, he changed into his uniform and with a practised ease tamed his hair, pulling it back, a few locks falling against the high collar of his Night Class uniform...either way, he needed to find out. Slowly...he couldn't be too reckless or demanding, they served purebloods, they didn't proposition them. It was at their whim, and theirs alone...


Ryo headed downstairs, slipping his lighter into his pocket. It was like a warm presence, comfort even, sitting in his pocket. Weight. He knew it was there, and he knew what he could do with it...

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-Jae Hwa-

A month prior the present time.


The sun was setting down, the soft breeze entering through the open window disturbing the figure laying on bed. Silver hair was spread on a soft pillow, and lashes were fluttering as yellow orbs open slowly. The owner of the mysterious eyes stared blankly at the ceiling with no intention of leaving the comfortable mattress. He had fallen asleep from exhaustion as soon as his body made contact with the inviting bed, and that had been early in the morning. He had been unpacking his luggage, when he decided to take the small nap. The silver-haired figure glanced to his side encountering the still half full bag laying there. Some clothes were neatly folded next to him, and some other had fallen on the floor from his soft movements.


The silver-haired hunter closed his eyes softly, flashbacks of the scene a few days ago making themselves present in his mind. He found himself in the Hunter Association's headquarters, next to a group of other hunters that seemed to be there for the same reason he was. The president of the association had suddenly summoned them, but he had provided no explanation as for the reason why their presence was required in headquarters. He had been given a date and time for further explanations of their new mission. However, Min Jae already knew the reason why this group of efficient hunters had been reunited in the same place, and he knew of the mission already. Everything was taking the course it was supposed to take, and this was but the beginning.


The president of the association had proceeded to explain to them the latest incidents involving vampires and level E. He had explained the seriousness of the situation, and had also revealed to them that they had absolutely no clue that could lead them to the mastermind behind the assaults.


"Humans had been disappearing in different places. Many of them are day class students from Cross Academy. We have evidence that some of these students have turned into level E vampires. Therefore, you will infiltrate Cross Academy and investigate the situation. Your mission is to track down the mastermind and eliminate him." The president of the association said to them, clearly agitated. Min Jae could tell that the man was frustrated with the lack of power he was lacking at the moment. The situation was much more grave than he wanted to let out. An unnoticeable smirk appeared on the silver-haired's lips as he left the president's office contented with the results.


He waited till night that day to set to Cross Academy. Despite being relatively unaffected by the sun, he avoided it. When the sun was finally down, he left his apartment in the middle of the city, and a few hours later he arrived at Cross Academy. The trip had taken a while, and soon after he arrived, the headmaster of the academy called out to him to sort out all the paperwork needed. The man seemed uncomfortable with the situation, but was dealing with it diligently. He had been assigned to the second year night class, the first step had already been taken, it was a matter of time before the pieces of the puzzle fell into place.


A month later....


Min Jae was sleeping at one of the tables in the library waiting for night classes to start. Unlike the other night class' students, the silver-haired had been awake since two hours ago. He headed to the library simply because it was quiet and comfortable, not many people roamed around the place during that time. He had been reading a book, but without noticing, he was soon fast asleep, his messy silver hair laying spread on the table. He woke up again by the sound of the bell announcing the beginning of night's classes. When he opened his eyes once again, he noticed the book he had been reading was no longer there, but didn't thought much of it.


As usual, he was the first one to arrive in class. He was about to walk into the classroom, when the strong sense of blood lust hit him bringing him out of his thoughts. He followed the loud thumps audible to his sensitive ears, and ended up standing in front of the door to someone's room.The hunter-vampire glanced around and noticed he was back at the dorms. Suddenly, a girl rushed out of the room. She was nerdy looking, and was seemingly flustered by the look on her face, probably very upset at the owner of the room.


Min Jae's elegant fingers wrapped around the knob of the semi-opened door, and before he could move, a dark velvet voice was calling out to him.



"I know you're in there. Fetch me a blood capsule--"


He heard the man ordered. Min Jae recognized the voice as one of his night class' teachers, one he felt particularly uneasy about. The man always had this mysterious air around him that made the silver-haired feel in danger, and unusually thrilled. The hunter hesitated, and finally his elegant fingers wrapped around the knob of the semi-opened door, as he entered the room. His eyes fell on the other figure in the room calmly. The man was a mess despite his fake composure. Min Jae's eyes followed the drops of sweats that ever so invitingly disappeared underneath the collar of the man's shirt. His eyes then fell on the crimson ones staring right back at him. The hunter took a step closer, making sure to leave the door open, his intuition telling him that this man was not to be trusted.


"You dont look alright sensei..." Min Jae stated amused, and took out a bag with some blood pills inside. "Are you looking for this?" The silver haired tempted, his tone a rather sadistic one, and his eyes displayed enjoyment at the scene in front of him. He moved the bag provocatively in front of the other man. He had his usual poker face on, but there was a glint in his eyes that was usually absent. "You should know better sensei than to drop this so carelessly. Someone else could have found it and made some improper use of it..." Min Jae stated, but there was a certain threat hidden in his tone.

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Yuuma Ichijo really didn't want to be here. He was tired, and he was anxious. If it was up to him, he would have been content staying at home, living both his mundane home life and the life of an actor. It was fun, really, he didn't mind at all. All of the commotion and flashing lights were a bit overwhelming at times . . . but it gave him something to do; a role to play.


Speaking of, he was on a break between films, now. The next film he had earned a starring role for was meant to start after a year — there were a lot of special effects and technicalities regarding animation that would take them quite a while to develop. He didn't mind much, his agent kept him busy by booking him a role as a voice actor for a game. So, in theory, life wasn't all that bad, right?




Cross Academy. A prestigious boarding school that harbored both humans and vampires in peace, although the Day students did not know of this. But hey, there was no fighting, right? Peace for everyone! Tch. This was where the noble vampire would have to live for quite a long time. He'd have to learn their rules, learn how they function, learn the criteria of classes, and learn how to interact with these people. And to be frank, he didn't want to.


Silver orbs glanced up at the sky. It was nearly night; soon all the students would be up and running around doing whatever Night Class students do, if they weren't doing so already. As the male stood there before the dormitory building, he let his eyes close. He'd be able to do it. And while he was here, perhaps he could get some answers. There was no way that all of his father's rules could still apply to him, here. He had his freedom.


A gentle breeze disrupted the stillness of his surroundings, lifting thin wisps of pale hair off of his neck. He must have been standing there for minutes now. Of all things to cross his mind, the song of the school seemed to resonate in his mind. He'd only heard it once before, but it seemed fitting to think of it now, seeing as he was about to start his life here as a student. Ah, how did it go again . . .


Our hearts clear up

By basking in the clear morning sun

The academy is our mother

The teacher we look up to is our father

Cross, Cross, ah our youth


Our time is dyed in vermilion

When the evening sun is loathe to set

We hold the quiet harmony to our hearts

And build a bridge to our friends

Cross, Cross, ah our youth


Well the sun had set by now that was for sure. At this point, he was sure that others were already aware of his presence due to his unique smell. Ah yes, he'd almost forgotten. He took precautions to prevent that. Not that it was anything extraordinary . . . but nevertheless, Yuuma had a constant illusion at work that applied to sensory details, creating a faulty, mundane but individualized scent. His father told him hat it was due to his previous ailments, and the last thing the male wanted was to be pitied, judged, or underestimated.


The sounds of voices from inside the building pulled him back into reality yet again, forcing him to push away his procrastinating thoughts. He knew what he had to do. He had to walk in, find the president, greet him, and ask who he was to room with.


His lanky form began to move as he entered the building, taking a look around, committing everything to memory.

"Damn, where the hell is this guy..."


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"Just hand me the vial--" his usual tone was a little rushed as he snapped from the teasing student in front of him. The silver-hair was starting to annoy the hell out of him, and why was he in that place in the first place? Shirabuki seemed to be listless, he was painstakingly trying hard not to let the other vampires notice him but he was a fool for thinking such; someone had unknowingly noticed it.


His eyes cast at the male in front of him, he was definitely something. Shirabuki could instantly know what specie he was. Definitely a unique one; to the extent of body alterations, he was an experiment. Taken a few tablets after snatching it from him forcefully, finally, a grin was evident on his face.


"I may look pitiful as of my current state but that goes nothing compared to your condition, poor soul are we?" his retort was calm, wiping the excess sweat away from his face. After his senses returned back to normal as the throbbing gradually diminished, Shirabuki Jean immediately stood and left Min jae; Jean couldn't waste his precious time with a vampire hunter and a vampire at the same time.





He was indeed a hopeless case in his current condition. The male had known he needed a new way to suppress his powers. Nevertheless, he was still hard-headed enough to put up with the show; struggling behind the forbidden spell he'd performed decades ago. Shirabuki needed a new one, he could perform the rites of turning himself human but that would be crazy; it's completely a death wish. Despite his enigmatic existence, Jean hated to be recognized as a pure blood. The respect that each Pure blood acquire to the rest of the vampire's society was superficial in his eyes; it was extremely useless. A useless matter for his plans...




"..." He paused from walking, as if he was on a verge of his Eureka moments.


"a sacrifice---" he chuckled as he playfully observed the night class students on the landing area. He's basically tired of watching humans turn into a hideous level E; putting them on the edge,driving them crazy. He needed something entertaining, he's an immortal with lot of time on his hands after all.



Walking casually at the dark hallway, he finally arrived at his classroom, slamming the planner atop the table.


"Oi! Level C you're still here!?" as one of his student welcomed him with such an extravagant greeting.


"Return to your seats--" --return while I still can condone such treatment... Trying to calm himself he ordered the vampire.


"HAH! As if." He dashed towards Jean as he slammed his left foot atop Jean's table, grabbing his vest tightly.


"Don't give me the lip kid. I told you to sit, so sit." His eyes glowed red as fury ran through his eyes, restraining his anger as he glared at the vampire.Another day with the silver-spooned brats, he needed the patience not to kill them and skin them alive in public. --what a life~!






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Guest OkataShin

A familiar scent reached the pureblood's nose as he entered the lobby. He had known the odour of Hanatani family ever since he was a child. It had been craved to the back of his head, deep into his memory. This was the scent of the family whose members had been serving his father and mother back then. It wasn't actually a pleasant scent in his opinion, since he hated to be served, but that scent of blood... That was a whole different thing. It ravished his sense of smell. Turning his eyes to meet the rusty-coloured gaze of two large marbles, his expression turned into a frown. This being looked fragile. Fragile was prohibited from him for an eternity.


'So this is the carrier of fire... Clash of contrasts. Like yin and yang..'


Shigure steeled his throat, the familiar burning churning deep inside his lungs and bronchus and taking over his eyes as well. There was just a small flash of bright, red light in his eyes before he took his thirst under control and focused his thoughts to the blood bank upstairs. No living victims, not fragile beings at least. Animals were a whole different thing, even though their blood tasted like mud.


"Evening, Hanatani Ryota."


Shigure gave the other vampire a nod, starting to make his way towards the other vampire. The closer he got, the more his throat started to burn. He needed to get to the blood bank soon, before his mind would go blank. He was rarely this careless with feeding himself. He seldom let his thirst grow this strong, because he knew what would happen after doing it. He didn't even notice the fact that his own eyes followed closely the gestures of the boy who was coming down the stairs, and it brought a film-like flash into his mind.




”Wherever you are, I will find you.”


Shigure whispered, and he knew that hedidn't need to yell for ”him” to hear those words. As his feetentered the old, dusty library filled with hundreds of bookshelves, he felt the presence of "that person" very clearly.His smirk vanished, however, the second when he started to search through the library with his eyes. There were thousands of places where to hide and it would take hours to find "him".

”Oi! This is not fair”

A small chuckle was given as an answerto his words, but he couldn't locate the source of it. The chucklewas echoing through the room, bouncing from wall to another and froma shelf to another. Shigure sighed. He was never going to find anything from this room. He cleared his throat in an annoyed manner, but the aching didn't disappear.

'Hey, not fair. Using your powers isprohibited.'

Shigure hadn't even noticed that a coldbreeze had floated into the room before he heard ”his” voiceinside his head. He shivered when the breeze touched his hand, but it wasn't cold. It was oddly a very warm and tickling sensation. And this ticklingsensation was straight in a connection with the burning inside histhroat. The young pureblood had felt this feeling coming before aswell, but never this strong. He felt the magnificent power flowing through his whole body, and starting to flow out from his hands. It was amazing.


The cold air filled the whole room, leaving no place without a covering of ice, and it all gushed out from that small boy in the middle of the library. Two red light bulbs were shining in the darkness which was left behind by the ice-cover, and a pair of sharp teeth flashed in the midst of it all.


When Shigure woke up from his intoxicated-state, he had the lifeless, small body of his little brother lying on his arms, covered with ice and red liquid. The small throat had been ripped open, and the fragile body looked just miserable with all the blood having been sucked out of it. Even the last drop of it. All that Shigure could hear from his shock was the playback of a horrified cry.




The haunting scream raised into Shigure's mind as he walked forward, and he suddenly stopped. The predatory expression wore out from his face and his red eyes returned back to their normal state. His preying-mode shut down that instant second and his normal calm self recovered. He shook his head hard, as if to throw away sleepiness, and turned his eyes to the ceiling. He then began to stride towards the blood bank.


'Fuck this thirst.'

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Ryuu tossed his head irritably as near the front Professor Fomalhaut continued to drone on about the history of some long forgotten war he didn’t care about. His dark black hair fell partly into his face, covering his left eye so that only his purple-black eye could survey the classroom around him. His white and black night class uniform hugged his body like a second skin, yet it was starched, so he couldn’t slug around in his seat as he would have liked to. Not caring for the lesson, Ryuu’s eye began to wander around the classroom.


There, walking past the window that showed into the courtyard below, was that blasted pure blood Hanadagi again. What was with that guy? Had he realized what Ryuu had actually been doing back there in the town? No, it was impossible- he couldn’t have. Ryuu’s father would have been so proud if, all his reservations regarding Cross Academy aside, Ryuu somehow managed to make it onto such a supposedly esteemed vampire’s good side. But forget it- the last thing Ryuu wanted was to become someone else’s puppet. And, as far as he’d gathered, Hanadagi’s interest in humans was diametrically opposed to his one. There was something odd about that pure blood and the less Ryuu messed around with him, the better.


The next person whose attention mildly attracted him was Hanatani. Yet another poor son whose family was proud to serve on the Vampire Council. Ryuu had met the second eldest Hantani son once or twice when their fathers had met together to council, but aside from one or two politely exchanged words, they had never spoken otherwise. Ryuu arched an eyebrow. He had once overheard that Hanatani let off a surprisingly humorous remark- he hadn’t expected…Ryota was the name, wasn’t it? To be so darkly witty. Hmm…perhaps someone he ought to keep a closer tab on. Perhaps it wouldn’t hurt Ryuu to be more social here and there, although he also doubted that Hanatani’s second oldest son would become a useful ally.


Min-Jae, another individual who so incredibly flashed on Ryuu’s radar that it secretly gave him the creeps. There was something about that vampire…all Ryuu’s instincts told him to hold his back around that guy. He believed Min-Jae to be powerful because he was so different- the question was only, could he help Ryuu in his silent quest for war, or was Min-Jae a human lover in disguise? He wasn’t much of a talker and Ryuu sighed inwardly: getting information, no matter how unimportant, would probably require took much effort and time. Of which he had neither, since he had a war to instigate.


Feeling safe that no pure blood was around which might be able to read his thoughts- could pure bloods even do that? Ryuu wasn’t sure and certainly wasn’t going to test this- he let his mind roam, drawing up images if the war he would help unleash. Rumors had of course reached him through his father’s ears. Some humans had been disappearing and what had excited him was the fact that even some day class pupils had vanished. He was living right there at the academy- how difficult could it be to sneak into one of the human dorms to steal another of those hated creatures away? Ryuu was so caught up in his daydreaming that the rest of the lesson passed by in a blur, not realizing that he was letting off a certain aura that, if caught upon, was rather telling.


Slouching back towards the Moon Dorm, Ryuu fell back more and more, the idea of paying the Sun Dorm a little visit taking more concrete shape. Glancing over his shoulder as he stepped into his dorm and seeing no one, Ryuu suddenly sped up. Changing into black clothes, he decided against taking his Katana swords with him, but covered the lower part of his face. Jumping out his bedroom window, he raced back o the Sun Dorm, his fangs lengthening at the thought of the tasty meal that awaited him. Reaching the bridge that would lead him directly to the human dormitory, Ryuu changed speed, becoming a blur to human eyes. Yet not to a certain third year student carrying twin anti-vampire daggers and a hunting knife.

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Descending the stairwell was proven more difficult, as the pureblood entered the doors. Ryo's steps seemed to slow as he took in the sight of the vampire; dark brown hair, fluttering around his shoulders from the incurring wind, sharp eyes finding him instantly, his hand placed on the banister as he moved towards him. Hanadagi Shigure...this was him.


A sharp tug pulled at his chest, the instinct to bow and submit more powerful than any, but Ryo didn't, his hand slipping into his pocket to slide over the cool silver of his lighter. Pushing back a loose lock from behind his ear, he noted the slight strain down to a frown...oh? Was this disappointment he saw? A small flicker of wariness passed through his mind but his rusty eyes remained strong, keeping their gazes looked as he just took a moment to take him in. Strength, yes; beauty, of course; he had an aura about him that all purebloods did, yet he seemed...outwardly distant. Yet this was none of his business


"Evening, Hanatani Ryota." A striking voice as well; but it always seemed their voices met his ears easier than others...


Ryo halted at the foot of the staircase, inclining his head to the vampire in greeting, just slight but all that was necessary. He would not show anything other than respect to this man, he couldn't show his detain and he couldn't show his...curiosity either. The closer he came, the more aware he became of his presence; the strainign in his chest growing harder, suffocating even. "Good evening, and welcome, Hanadagi-sama." Ryota replied, sliding a hand over his chest in the way Hanatani were to greet purebloods. If he wished for him to refer to him in any other way, he would tell him.


Turning his eyes up once more, he gave a small start, his lips falling open at the sight of crimson eyes, gazing hungrily towards him, the glassy stare easy to interpret. How could he have allowed himself to become so hungered? Despite it being against his inner wishes, instinct took over and Ryo stepped forward at the man as he suddenly halted his own steps, the red flickering away as if it had not been there. "You- Hanadagi-sama, you-"


His words were not registered, and Ryo wondered what he was actually going to say as the pureblood strode towards the stairs, the scent of power washing over him as all he could do was watching, and then in a sudden step he followed a few steps behind. This pureblood was in need of sustenance, and that was unacceptable for a Hanatani to see. One thing that his mother had always taught him was that purebloods needed far more than other vampires, and should never be allowed to fall into hunger. So...Ryota followed.


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-Jae Hwa-

Min Jae watched the head of the Shirabuki family retreat seemingly shaken by his presence. A glint of mischievousness filled the silver-haired's eyes as he watched the back of the pureblood as said man turned around the corner leaving him alone in the room. The hunter stood in the middle of the room staring blankly at the empty door for a few moments, his mind filled with silent thoughts about the teacher. 'Although they are from the same family, they are so different...those two, and yet so alike...' The hunter allowed himself to think, and passed a hand through his soft locks of silver hair. He glanced outside the window towards the day class dorms and his eyes narrowed darkly. He was already supposed to be in class, but the vampire had a secret agenda of his own.


He jumped down the window, landing perfectly on his feet, and headed towards the other building. He made sure to go unannounced as he made his way out the dorm and through the bridge leading to the other side of the school. The school was huge, even after a month Min Jae had trouble finding his way around him. His artificial eye activated and a small map of the school flashed. He had been collecting information on the school every night, while carrying his "investigation". The association wanted a daily report of the investigation the group of hunter were carrying out hoping for new clues. The hunter refrained himself from giving out too much information, instead using this as an excuse to carry out his real mission. So far, he had half of the school completely drawn out on the blueprints he had been working on, even secret entrances nobody knew about. The construction itself was so old, that many of the passages had been sealed, and many had forgotten about it, but they came very handy at times.


The silver-haired stopped once he reached the side of the day class' dorms, a passive look on his face making his thoughts difficult to figure out. He looked around making sure he was not being followed by anyone and searched the ground for something. His hands made contact with a round looking door made of old iron, he twisted it around then pulled it open. Inside there was a pair of stairs leading underground, and he took them. Once underground he walked through the many emergency paths that had been constructed mapping everything as he walked along. It took him a while to find his way to the exit, but eventually he did.




A shelf full of book laying against the wall was swiftly pushed open, revealing a secret door. The same shelf was pushed closed once again by the hunter, his eyes adjusting to the darkness once again. He heard footsteps coming down the hallway toward him, and hid at one of the corner quietly. Two day class students that had stayed pass their curfew were hurrying to their room. One of them was a girl, and the other one a guy, and they seemed a bit too close, giggling and holding hands like "lovers". Min Jae knew about the meaning of that word, he had read about it before and Shirabuki had tried to explain it to him before, but the robot had just stared at him blankly. The pureblood had even tried to "demonstrate" for him the way lovers saw each other, but as usual the hunter had shown no reaction to his disturbing behavior. A smirk crept to the silver-haired's lips as a thought occurred to him.


'They would have to do for now. I can't risk going further inside the dorm again, last time was a close call...I swear that man has eyes behind his back and the nose of a demon..' Min Jae thought referring to the headmaster of the academy. His last attempt at capturing one of the students had almost resulted in failure due to the presence of said man. Strong hands knocked out the two humans simultaneously. The vampire stared at their fallen bodies coldly and picked them up calmly and non so gentle. He stopped and stared at them both, then dropped the girl roughly on the floor.


"One will be enough for tonight's investigations...." He took out a needle filled with pureblood and injected the girl with it in the vein. The human's face twisted and she moved around a bit at the pain in her unconscious state of mind. Min Jae made sure to empty the needle and then stood up taking it with him. The blood he had just injected her would successfully create yet another level E and cause some chaos inside the school, therefore distracting everyone's attention from his real objective. He left the same way he came, taking the human male with him, but he didn't headed towards the night dorm, instead he headed out of the academy.



Min Jae dropped the human body on the cold floor. They were at a lab owned by the pureblood. The researchers turned around to look at the new subject and one of them smirked and approached the hunter. Said hunter glared at him, but said nothing letting the other man speak.


"You are quick to act. Unfortunately, the other human you brought in recently died again in the middle of the experiment. These humans are truly weak beings, I am thinking about giving up on turning them into useable weapons." The man explained as he examined the new body. Min Jae suddenly grabbed the man by his white lab coat and narrowed his eyes at him.


"Make this experiment succeed. I nor Master Shirabuki, will stand for constant failure. If you can't do it, then I'll gladly have you replaced." The robotic vampire threatened making the researcher's face twist in both anger and slight fear. The man grabbed Min Jae's wrist hard but the hunter didn't budge an inch, instead he waited till the message was clear to release the other vampire. With one last hard glance, Min Jae left the lab and returned to Cross Academy.



The silver-haired hunter made his way inside the night dorms. He glanced at one of the clocks inside the place and noticed that classes were still going, but felt no need to go, instead he headed back to his room.

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Ryuu made it to the Sun Dormitory without any problems. Remaining beneath the cover of the trees that bordered the dorm, his sharp eyes scanned the outside of the building carefully. Finally he found it- an open window. Stepping out from his protective cove and walking to the very edge of the building, Ryuu summoned water and placing it beneath his feet, helped himself to surge into the air, landing as light as a feather on the window sill. There was still no sound whatsoever outside, so quick as a flash he let himself enter.


He found himself, as luck would have it, inside the female sector of the dormitories. Right then one girl was sleeping soundly, the bed across from her untouched. Ryuu cursed inwardly- where was the second girl? If she was out sneaking around the Cross Academy Campus, the chances were high that she might return when Ryuu was finishing her roommate off. No, before he could do anything, he’d have to hunt down the missing girl. Crossing the bedroom silently, he carefully opened the door leading into the corridor of the dormitory, yet stopped almost immediately when he saw the slummed girl lying in the middle of the corridor, seemingly unconscious.


The pin prick which remained on her arm immediately caught his eyes as he stepped closer. Kneeling down beside her, wary to neither touch her nor let down his guard, Ryuu snuffed the air above her delicately, his eyes opening widely when he took in the unmistakable, albeit very faint smell of pure blood blood. Snapping his head downwards to stare at the girl, Ryuu’s heartbeat picked up: someone had actually turned one of the day class students, under the very eyes of Cross Kaien, into a Level E vampire!


How could this be possible? Ryuu’s blood began to flow faster, his eyes flittering around the darkened corridor stealthily for the slightest trace that might give him a clue as to who had been the perpetrator. Of course there were pure bloods walking around in the Night Class, but none of them would actually give their blood away so freely. That was a taboo and no one would be so dumb as to do that here of all places. But who had done this? And why? Ryuu clenched his hands. Could it maybe be that he wasn’t the only person at the academy who wanted to provoke the Hunter Association? Was there, against all hope, perhaps a confederate working, as Ryuu was, to undermine the fake peace treaty between vampires and hunters?


Frozen to the spot, Ryuu turned this new theory around and around in his head, coldly analyzing the new situation from all angles. If someone had created a Level E, chaos was sure to ensue. It might take some time for the girl to awaken as such, but once the Vampire Hunter Association got wind of what had occurred, they’d come down and their reaction would be immediate and lethal. There was reason to believe that somewhere out there a pure blood had taken it upon himself to destroy the fragile balance of society. When this new Level E awoke and smelled blood, she’d be unstoppable, her new vampiric instincts taking over for her. Ryuu began to smile sinisterly. So who said he couldn’t use that to his advantage?


Leaving the door to the girl’s bedroom well open, he lowered the black material covering his mouth and opening his mouth widely, bared his elongated fangs. Pouncing on the sleeping pupil, he bit her neck, arms, chest and legs with unnecessary brutality and escaped through the window, his eyes flashing crimson as the smell of her blood was carried out with the wind. Within seconds the inhabitants at the Moon Dorm would smell the spilled blood and all hell would break lose. He had to make it back to his dormitory immediately. Meanwhile, the new Level E was sure to awaken and when she smelled the blood…there would be no way she would be able to fight the urge. And when the cavalry arrived, the culprit would immediately be found…


Ryuu smiled a bloody smile as he jumped back into his bedroom, rushing to the shower remove all traces of his nightly outing. Let the chaos begin.

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Guest OkataShin

Shigure noticed that quiet footsteps were following him a few meters behind, but he pretended not to notice. He didn't really want to communicate with anyone now, when there was a possibility that he was going to explode anytime. He kept his steady, swift pace as he turned around the corner when he finally arrived upstairs. It had seemed like an eternity to reach it. He didn't want to use his vampiric-powers and arrive at the blood bank in just a few seconds. He didn't know what might happen if he used any of his vampiric-abilities right now. He had to take it slowly. The burning in his throat was becoming unbearable, and his eyes were starting to glow in a threateningly red colour.




A soft breeze stopped Shigure's movements, and that voice called him soon after. Next to him, a door of a balcony was open, and a slim, black haired woman -who looked like a boy- was standing there. Her head was bowed into a respective angle and her hand was raised to her chest, resting above the heart now. Shigure stared at the woman for a nanosecond, and it immediately calmed his whole being. The red in his eyes wore out and he became serious all of a sudden.


"Aizen. Speak."

Shigure commanded shortly, his skin getting even paler than it normally was. A brief flash of worry could be seen on his face for a second, but he quickly restored his expressionless mask and then nodded to the woman, obviously eager to hear what she was going to say. When the woman, Aizen, raised her head from the bow, her face could be seen. The left side of her face was just normal, a very beautiful face actually. She had perfect-shaped nose, beautiful lips and beautiful blue eye. But what was wrong, was that the right side of her face was covered in burn-marks and scars, one scar also running over her beautiful, flawless lips. She didn't have the right eye at all. The eye was replaced by a black hole and the seal of Hanadagi-family ran over it: A glowing magenta cross with white edges. Her face was completely expressionless, like a doll's. Even her eye seemed to be made of glass.


Shigure glanced at the boy who had followed him and then his eyes returned back to Aizen. His eyes squinted a bit, and Aizen gave a small nod as a sign of understanding the situation. Shigure didn't want anyone inside the academy to know about the situation which was going on. Well, of course it was unavoidable to hide all the information, but before he knew more, he wanted to keep it a secret as long as he could. He didn't want the night students to panic or anything. There obviously was something odd happening inside and even outside the academy, and no matter what he had to do, he wanted to keep the other students unaware about it. That was his goal right now.


"Number 4."


After Aizen spoke, Shigure's eyes flinched and became two tight lines from his squint. They had made a number-level about alarms inside the academy with Aizen, in case that someone else was listening to them. Number 1 meant that it was something minor which didn't have to be taken care of immediately. Number 2 was a call from Cross Kaien, the chairman. Number 3 was something urgent, like some kind of odd shadows which were lurking around the academy. Number 4 was a very urgent matter, something bad happening inside the academy, and this was already the 3rd time for it to happen this month. Number 5.... Well Shigure just hoped that it would never happen. But for a Number 4-level alarm to happen now... What on earth could have happened?



Shigure forgot all about his thirst and the approaching explosion which might happen soon, and nodded to Aizen. With that one nod, Aizen had flew out of the window as quietly as she had arrived, and with such a speed that it seemed like she just disappeared into nothing. It was amazing, that speed. Shigure turned his eyes to Ryota, staring at him intensively, letting his red eyes drill into those rusty-coloured eyes with raw might. He didn't have the time to erase the boy's memory, but he was pretty sure that the boy knew better than to go talking about this to anyone. Or at least he hoped so. There were no quarantees about that.


"Inform the teacher that I won't be attending the classes today. You should hurry there though. You're already late. Have a nice evening, Hanatani Ryota."


Escorted by those words, Shigure left the hallway, rushing towards the day dormitory. He caught up with Aizen pretty fast: As a pureblood, even such a trained vampire as Aizen couldn't overpower him in speed. It took it's tax though. Shigure's red eyes were glowing again, and his throat felt like it was really on fire now. His breathing came out as beastlike rasps and his fangs pushed their way out to the vision of others. Aizen noticed this, and opened her mouth. Her voice was full of worry.


"You neglected drinking for many days again, didn't you, Hanadagi-sama?"


"Don't worry about me. I'll manage."

Shigure answered, his voice sounding far from normal. He started to sound like an level E who could still speak with whole sentences. Aizen didn't dare to resist him, and with a nod she continued to run in silence, leading the way towards the day dormitory. Shigure closed his eyes in the midst of running, trying to fight against the thirst in his mind. Using his vampire-abilities didn't make it easier at all. With such a high speed as this, it made things seem like he was hunting, and it only made his thirst grow. The scents of living beings started to flow into his nostrils, taking full control over his sense of smell. It made his head spin. A quiet rustle brought Shigure back to earth. Aizen had stopped close to the day dormitory, and a smell of rotten flesh took over the scent of delicious blood as Shigure inhaled deeply in front of it. His eyes widened as he recognized the smell. Level E.

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The night wore on. Classes came and went. Fuyuki strolled in the darkness that lingered around corridors, and between trees, and under bridges, darkness that was feared by the warm-blooded, and darkness that provided cover for mischief, and misdemeanour, and misdeed.


Outside in the open space between the dormitories and the main building, he wandered about aimlessly, the gentle breeze brushing against his pale, cold skin. He was relaxed, yet his senses were on full alert; he had to be. There was no space to be negligent. Since classes have ended, the night students had by now returned to the Moon Dormitory, or were lingering about in the open space just like him. Fuyuki had never been known for being friendly or having too many friends - in fact, there were only two who could be called his friends. He was always on his own. It was much easier to work that way. No excess baggage.


For an instance, something caught his eyes. It went really quick. He jerked his head in the direction of the suspicious movement. Nothing. Just rustling of the trees. But his pale-honey eyes were certain that they had picked up the misplaced movements. He flexed his fingers, and brushed them against the two knives that were sitting silently in their respective sheaths against his thighs. He could feel the glow, the warmth, the force that ran through his fingers, his arms, and his body. His instinct told him something was not right.


The Dhampir slowly made his way towards the sensed direction, and just then his nose caught the scent. Level E. He wrapped his long fingers around the handle of the twin anti-vampire knives, and drew them out. The blades were glowing like ambers, just the way his eyes began to radiate. He took to his heels, and soon gain speed towards the Sun Dormitory. He had a bad feeling about this.

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Ryuu thoroughly washed himself, scratching and scrubbing away any traces of blood he believed could have stayed on him. It was imperative that no one would be able to trace the bitten girl lying at the Sun Dorm to him, otherwise he would be at a loss. For a moment Ryuu considered remaining most of the night inside the bathroom, but then tossed the idea aside. When it finally got round to the other pupils of the Moon Dormitory that a Level E had appeared within Cross Academy and everyone began to kick up a fuss, but only he remained absent, the suspicion might fall on him and that was the last thing he wanted. Turning the water off, Ryuu hastened back into his single bedroom and changing clothes, went to stand behind the door of his bedroom, straining his ears.


He didn’t have long to wait. All of a sudden, and just instances after he believed to have caught the sense of blood on the air, all hell broke loose. The sound of slamming doors as they were violently thrown open and smashed against walls, cries of surprise, delight, shock, curiosity, shouts of astonishment and gradually voices that began to go up, demanding an explanation, calling out to know what was going on, anger at this affront. Hastily stepping out his bedroom, Ryuu checked himself to look the perfect mixture between concerned, displeased and annoyed.


“This is uncalled for!” one of his classmates shouted furiously, slamming his left fist into his right hand. “I can’t believe Cross is allowing for a human pupil to bleed so freely! How can he expect us to remain right here and not wander out? This is against our nature!” “Maybe one of the pupils had a bad accident,” a girl ventured, her eyes flashing red as her bloodlust slipped, showing how badly she desired real blood. “Here,” Ryuu, ever the perfect gentleman, urged, offering her a small box of blood tablets. “You’d better take one before our pure blood notices.” “As if he would,” someone else scoffed from across the corridor. “He’s not here.” “No doubt he’s gone to check the situation out,” one of the vampires Ryuu knew for a fact had his head shoved up the pure blood’s ass all the way immediately defended Hanadagi Shigure. “I’m sure he’s already informed Headmaster Cross about what’s occurred.” “Yeah right,” the first vampire who’d spoken first scorned under his breath. “Or he’s gone over to take a drink.” “WHAT was that!?!?” the pure blood’s loyal follower shrieked, affronted. “Nothing, nothing.”


Wandering slowly around the corridor on which his bedroom was on, Ryuu carefully kept his face in check, stopping here and there to listen in to a conversation, looking at times concerned or furious. Secretly, he was smirking at the chaos he had helped unfold. The entire Night Dormitory was up by then, confusion reigning. Some pupils wanted to head out into the night to see for themselves what had happened, but Handagi’s dear followers had blocked the exits, claiming that the pureblood would take care of the matter. Some became overly aggressive, threatening to call upon their parents, while others stilled, obviously overtaxed with the situation. The level of noise steadily rose and the higher and angrier the voices around him grew, the larger Ryuu’s satisfaction became.


At the same time, his mind was working at full speed. One of his fellow nigh class pupils had to have been the original culprit. That one of the human pupils had infected that girl with pure blood blood was out of the question- it straight up didn’t make any sense. That only left the other vampires at the academy and Ryuu systematically searched the flushed faces around him, trying to single out possible suspects. If only he could get a clue as to who it could be, then he might be able to approach that person. Depending on how apt he believed his fellow classmate to be, Ryuu could either offer assistance, or decide to continue on his own.


On first inspection, only two possible course mates came to mind. The first one was Min Jae. The vampire who was kind of a loner only caught Ryuu’s attention because he kept quite silent while two first grade vampire females totally freaked out right beside him. This only struck Ryuu as strange when he was returning to his bedroom. On the way down to the common room, he hadn’t noticed his fellow pupil because latter had been angrily discussing with some other course mates, but right then he was staring off into space, completely ignoring the two girls, whom Ryuu had heard all the way down on the first floor. When the door they had been fretting behind flew open and the room inhabitant bellowed for the two girls to finally shut up, Min Jae simply turned around and entered his own bedroom. Everyone else standing inside the corridor right then either gasped at this rudeness, or showed their agreement by nodding their heads or whistling. Although this wasn’t condemnable behavior, it struck Ryuu as slightly off. Interesting.


The second person to attract his behavior was that of another loner. Ryuu didn’t know his name, but believed to have heard rumors about that class mate being a “crossover”, whatever that meant. It was only when Ryuu was back inside the confines of his bedroom that he realized that he hadn’t seen that class mate at all. How likely was it that, once blood had been spilled so carelessly, a vampire wouldn’t somehow show up and get at least a little excited? Hmm, interesting. But Ryuu was first going to have to gather more information about those two course mates before undertaking anything.

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The intensity of those eyes was near overwhelming; sharp red gleaming in the dimmed light of the blood bank, their eyes meeting for moments that felt like hours. The mysterious woman...he had no idea quite what to make of her, but from the way things were going; there was a code here for a much larger disturbance.


"Inform the teacher that I won't be attending the classes today. You should hurry there though. You're already late. Have a nice evening, Hanatani Ryota." Breathing in deeply, Ryota closed his eyes and as the two left, bowed his head, crossing his arm over his chest. Of course; he would obey his command...even if it wasn't quite a command.


Ryota Hanatani took a deep breath, and with a flutter of blonde hair, moved out of the room once more and descended the stairs, his pace quicker now. Obviously there was some kind of disturbance, he did not know nor particularly care what, but it was pulling the only pureblood he was currently in the presence of away from sustenance...which was a pure injustice by his family law. He opened the doors, and flickered from sight, using his speed to gain ground.


In the event of crisis, there was a highly-structured class system that took place within the school. purebloods were the highest authority along with their principal, however the purebloods of course took presidence, followed by those of aristocratic status directly under the purebloods. Ryo could only think of one other that may constitute to be near his level...but no. He was the highest authority currently in status under Hanadag-sama...


And that meant he was responsible for the calm of the Night students in his absence. As he sped across the grounds, he knew he was indeed quite late to class, but that was nothing of what he needed to do. Conflicting scents met his senses and he took a start; a...Level E on campus? What kind of security was this! With not only a pureblood, the majority of the aristocratic classes but also humans here, how could the faculty let such a thing occur? Blood...had been spilled, which meant that control was going to be difficult. Ryo swallowed thickly. It was hard for him to even imagine a Level E on the grounds. He had fought them before, as a few others here had; dealing with them was a part of his familial law, but stilll...


Giving one deep breath, he stalked through the corridors, slowing his pace as he neared the classroom. One hand curling around the handle, he opened it, and instantly felt eyes on him. Closing the door behind him, he started up the stairs, fully intent on moving towards one of the windows. His back held straight, sharp rust eyes slid over the room, every conversation falling silent. The aristocracy at least...they all knew who he was, and the silence drifted.


Taking one moment longer, he opened his mouth to speak in low tones. "I have come to inform you that Hanadagi-sama will not be joining us for class today, as he has business on the grounds to take care of. As you are all well aware, blood has been spilled this night; and there will be punishment for the perpetrator. Of that you can be assured. Hanadagi-sama wishes us to resume class activities, and as such; I suggest we do so." He turned his eyes towards the front of the classroom to where their sensei sat, and took one deep breath as he took in the man's form.


A shockwave settled through his mind, unnoticed by others, and he felt a tingle along his skin...but that wasn't right, was it? This man smelled all wrong, he didn't have the aura or the blood of one of them, it seemed, yet still...what was thi-?


"You're just going to tell us to get back to class?" A snarky voice interrupted his thoughts and he saw a young vampire, dark hair, condescending sneer, stand and look up at him with a little anger. C Class... "What the hell is up with that? Who do you think you are, telling us to just let it be? There was blood spilled; how can we just-"


Ryo placed a single hand around the vampire's throat, having crossed the room in a silent second, his grip gentle, but his hand heating and his eyes glowing with the fire that was held under his skin. His lighter, held in his fist, flicked to life, and he hummed once. "My name is Ryota Hanatani; envoy of the Hanatani family. And if I tell you to back off, then it's on the orders of a pureblood, do you understand me? I am fully aware that you probably want to sniff it out yourself; little dog that you are." He brought the lighter closer to his face and the vampire stiffened. "Yet...how about for your own sake that you stay right here? If any of you wish to leave this room before classes have finished, or we are told otherwise..."


Ryo let go of the vampire, smiling charmingly. "Consider this a warning; the Hanatani family holds the safety of all vampires dearly, and if one of you wishes to make my job harder...go ahead. I won't stop you. I'll just burn you."

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"You done fighting!?" His head hung as his cold eyes stared at the two vampires fussing over. In the eyes of Jean, they look like kids to him regarding their statuses. One more word from them and they'll end up dead. For a low-blood pressure lord like him, the mere idiots would risen his ire if they'd continue with their talk. He even had painstakingly discussed the key points for the upcoming tests and he ended up seeing two students fighting over nothing.



"Kay, stop with the burn talk and go back to your seats please. " He said sloppily as he continued scribbling some notes on the board. For the brats that didn't know despair, Jean had it rough dealing with them in a 'normal' manner. How he'd imagine them killed inside his head had better been left unknown. He's still on the working mode and by all means, he needed the lessons instilled in their very brains. Though he thought that no one's listening at him as of the moment made a bit of his nerve on the head popped. Who would? He's a lowly rank C, mere words of warn don't affect the students in front of him. His long fingers grabbed a folder at the desk, fanning himself as he continued speaking some of the important dates.


He preferred teaching the day class, they seemed so docile and terrorized with his spartan style of teaching. Unlike the night class who's always giving him a headache or two. Even the famous pureblood isn't attending his classes. Not that he mind though. Shirabuki should stay away from that famous pureblood, Hanadagi Shigure. The guy's so sharp and witty, Shirabuki should try blending in the shadows when Shigure's there. But to his delight, the young pureblood wasn't attending his class as of the moment.


He didn't really like to be meek but that's the only way, the pureblood crazed idiots would stop bothering him. He hated being worshiped or being adored. Such a strange gesture made Shirabuki leave the clan. There's no place like Cross Academy, the fun almost gathered at that place. It was his favorite playground and a place where he could have fun to the fullest. It's like he's taking a gamble where his enemy happen to be Cross Kaien.


Obsidian orbs then cast at the moon that was shrouded by the thick clouds. It's really a gloomy day for him. When will the usual 'fun' start?


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-Jae Hwa-

Min Jae stopped mid way through the hallway. The scent of blood filled his delicate noise and aroused the thirst inside him which he had kept under control time after time. His eyes changed color for a minute, but they quickly returned to their original color as human blood wasn't enough to make him lust after the nourishment of it. People ran passed him agitated, barely able to control themselves as the scent slowly started to spread all throughout the night dorms and classes. He could only imagine the headmaster's expression at the moment. He was very tempted to head back but refrained from it. 'They must be looking for the culprit already' The silver haired thought and a soft smirked appeared on his soft lips.


Suddenly, the speaker was turned on and there was an announcement. The hunter listened with amusement as the headmaster urged the night class' students to be evacuated back to the dorms and out of class.


"An emergency test is being run. Teachers please to evacuate all students back to the night dorm. I repeat, an emergency test is being run, teachers please evacuate.." The headmaster' voice echoed through the dark hallways of both buildings, loud and strong. No one noticed the slight shaking in his tone, showing his frustration at knowing someone broke through the school's tight security and the implications of the news, but the robotic vampire did know.


Min Jae took out the small empty bottle and crushed it in his hands till there was nothing left of it but shattered pieces of glass. He threw it on the nearest trash can and made his way downstairs with an indifference face. The massive door opened revealing the faces of night class students that seemed deeply affected. One of the students suddenly snapped and tried to run pass the security guard to make its way to the source of blood, but was quickly put down with a tranquilizer.


"You there! Where is your teacher?" One of the adults asked. Min Jae thought of an excuse to tell, but he wasn't too inspired.


"I was heading to class when the headmaster made the announcement and decided to stay and wait." The silver haired replied cleverly and made his way to the group of people now waiting eagerly for news. His eyes made contact with the teacher and he smirked. "If you dont mind sir, I would like to check out the situation. I am sure we are all very eager to know if it had been resolved."


"Situation? This is just an emergency test!" The man insisted and the silver haired stared at him a bit longer.


"Of course, of course. But it would be better to check just to be sure everything is alright and reassured the students. Dont you think?" He tried to persuade the teacher who by this point seemed completely lost in the vampire's gaze.


"Yes....yes...go.." The security guard replied and Min Jae smiled charmingly. "


"Hey Hey! what are you doing man?! You can't give that kid permission!" Another teacher tried to interfere to no vain.


"Shut up! I'll...I'll take responsibility for him! Hurry and help me get these kids to their room!" The man shouted angrily to his coworker.


"Thank you sir, I'll come back soon with news." The hunter said over his shoulder as he headed in direction of the day class' dorms.



Screams filled the halls of the laboratories, so loud was the voice that it penetrated the strong metal wall that isolated it from the rest of the building. Another horrifying scream was heard, and then it suddenly went quiet. Suddenly different screams were heard, the voices of five or more people, accompanied by the sound of things breaking inside the room.


"HOLD HIM! HE IS GETTING OUT OF CONTROL!" One of the scientist shouted as they tried to hold the newly converted level E down.


One of the technicians glanced at the head scientist worried and waiting for instructions. "Sir?" He finally spoke nervously. The head scientist seemed to be thinking of something. His face displayed frustration, anger, and he was biting his lip hard making it bleed slightly. He watched from behind the glass the failed experiment that was going berserk inside the lab.


"Try a tranquilizer on him, dont kill him yet." He ordered and the other man's eyes widen in surprise.


"But sir! There is nothing else that can be-" The man quickly shut up at the glare he received and did as he had been ordered to. A group of security guards made their way inside the room and held the level E down. They were modified humans, humans with robotic parts, a much less advance version of Min Jae, barely on the surface of the many changes his body had gone through. Two scientist injected the creature and he finally calmed down. His body fell on the ground with a loud sound and the room went quiet as the head scientist walked in.


"Dr. Henry!" They shouted relieved.


"Another failure..." Said man mumbled as he stared at the body on the ground. "Put him in one of the capsules. I'll run some tests on him later." He ordered and kept staring hard at the immobile creature as he was taken away.

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Guest OkataShin

Shigure's thirst was thrown to the side and it was replaced by fury and shock.There was an Level-E vampire inside the day-dormitory. How could have this happened under the all-seeing eyes of his and Cross-Kaien. How could something like this occur in the middle of the academy grounds without them noticing? Shigure was boiling inside. Moreover that they hadn't noticed it, there was even something more concerning which captured Shigure's mind next, and it captured it fully. The attack had already began. The enemy had given orders to their scouts inside the academy which meant that this one Level-E would be the slightest of their problems right now. But of course it had to be taken care of.


"Hanadagi-sama. Do you want me to accompany you? "Aizen questioned calmly, glancing at her superior who had seemingly stopped thirsting over blood and had turned up his nose in disgust. This smell of rotten flesh was drilling through Shigure's nostrils and ravishing his delicate mucous membranes with power. It was more than disgusting. It was horrible. There was also the scent of fresh,delicious human blood which Shigure hadn't became aware of just yet.Or at least not the deliciousness. He was too aware of the smell of that Level-E, and his concerned-self overcame the thirst which had been burning his throat earlier.


Shigure's eyes didn't even flinch as he nodded and lunged towards the sun-dormitory, or to be more precise, one window which was open on the second floor. That was the place where the scent of fresh blood was coming from and that was the place where he suspected the Level-E to be. Aizen followed close behind, almost like a shadow that belonged to Shigure. She was even closer than his real shadow, not showing any abnormal signs of reactions about his sudden charge, but actually she was tailing him so closely because she was worried that the thirst would take over him again. And that would be a bad thing in a house full of humans.


Inside the room there was a girl, likely sleeping in her bed and there was blood flowing down on her throat and neck. In the bed sheets under her, there was a small pond of red liquid which had already been absorbed by the sheet. There was the scent of death in air and no heart beats could be heard but there was no scent of a Level-E here. The scars in the girl's body were too pretty to be by a Level-E as well. If it would have been the work of a Level-E, the body would be in a condition where it would be hard to even recognize the person. This was made by a vampire. One of the night-class students.


"Are you alright, Hanadagi-sama?"


Aizen asked, but his question wasn't answered or probably not even noticed. Shigure was too focused in a certain smell. A familiar scent lingered in the room and Shigure was sure that it was someone he had seen before. It couldn't be anyone from outside of the academy. It was someone in the night class. That was for sure. But who... Shigure tried to think about all the scents he had confronted during his time inside the academy, but he just couldn't remember a person or a face. Just when he was about to get a blurry memory of a face, he heard a girl's scream coming from upstairs. His eyes blinked once, and he stormed to the stairs.


`I won't make it in time.´

When he reached the top of the stairs, in his vision was a dead body of a Level-E vampire, laying on the floor, covered in it's own blood. The floor under it and also the walls were covered in that same fresh blood which had been shed only seconds ago. Shigure's eyes flashed red immediately. Not because of thirst -If Level-E smelled like rotten flesh, then the taste of it... It was ten times worse. No vampire could ever drink that shit - but because he became alert. A creature which could have done this so quickly, with only one, and such an accurate blow... It wasn't a human nor a vampire hunter. Not even a normal vampire. Shigure took a small sniff from the air and then turned his head to the stairs which led to upper floors. There, under those stairs, was a darker spot in the shadows. Seeing that shadow and smelling that scent gave him goose bumps. His teeth gritted tightly together and Aizen, that emotionless girl who stood behind him, actually seemed shocked, or more like horrified. She took one step forward, proudly taking her place as a pureblood's guardian, but she was shaking. Not visibly so that anyone could see it, but mentally. She was afraid of that creature which lurked in the shadows. Even more afraid than of an army of Level-E vampires.


The shadow stepped to the light, away from the shadows, and Shigure's stance stiffened. He could now see the pair of eyes where the other one was ice-blue and the other crimson-red. That pair of eyes was more than familiar to him. The black hair and that creepy, same old gas-mask which was covering half of the pale-white face had stayed almost exactly the same as it had been years ago. It seemed like there were no changes at all. And that wicked, lunatic gaze which Shigure had always been suspecting had only gotten even more mad.


"Nice to see you after all these years, Shigure." The guy spoke, his voice sounding raspy and harsh under that gas mask. He was smiling creepily, taking slow steps towards Shigure as he spoke. This didn't help to ease the tensed position of those two other vampires in front of him. Not especially now when he was more exposed to the light, and his hand which was dripping from blood -which was not his own- got revealed. The culprit, or should we say operator in this situation, was obvious now. If it could even have been more obvious than it had already been.


"It's my pleasure, Tenshi. It's been many years indeed." Shigure's words were polite, and even his voice sounded the most favourable. You really had to know him well to be able to pick up the displeased sting in the tone of his speech. He was about to add something even more biting to his words, but he saw a small movement in the corner of his eye. Aizen had swayed an inch. Noticing this, Shigure corrected his position and eased his mind in under less than a second. He let the easing atmosphere flow into Aizen's mind, letting her now that there was nothing to worry about. Or more like hypnotizing her to think like that. Her gaze became blank and a pleased mask took over her face. After confirming that nothing was wrong with her, Shigure turned his gaze back to the other pureblood vampire.


"Enlargening your aura to overwhelm the weaker vampires? It's been such a long time since I've used it or seen someone else use it that I've almost forgotten about the whole trick. Without Aizen's shivering I wouldn't have even noticed it. You've learned how to use your powers better." The last sentence which Shigure spoke wasn't a statement. It was presented more like a question, which he didn't even need an answer to. He already knew the answer, and it wasn't pleasing him at all. The other pureblood uttered a laugh as he saw Shigure calm his subordinate. It came out as an animalistic grunt and didn't really even sound like laughing.


"I hope that you refrain from using that kind of tricks inside the academy. Others might be harmed, if you know what I mean?" Shigure said, pretending not to hear that jeering laughter and concentrating on being polite instead. It really took him a lot.


"Of course I will, my deepest apologies for that. It was completely unintentional. I just forgot that there were weaker vampires, other than us. I'll promise to abstain myself from now on." Tenshi spoke, but even though his words were, the tone of his voice wasn't apologetic at all. It sounded more like defamation than an apology.


Shigure muffled his growl. He knew that the other pureblood had used it for one reason only. Tenshi had wanted to see if he could already overpower Shigure. But no such a luck. Shigure had been training his mind very hard for this, and some petty trick like that wasn't going to even get him to hover. He had been trained for better than that.


"Apology accepted. And now, if you'll excuse me, I'll get rid of this dead body-" Here Shigure kicked the Level-E's body which was laying in his feet. "- and get someone to clean this mess up. You can make yourself comfortable in the chairman's office. He'll let you know about the customs which rule inside the academy." Shigure was just about to pick the body up from the floor, when Tenshi's hand stopped him. It was placed only gently onto his wrist, but it still made his whole body shiver. That was because the touch was ice-cold. It felt like it froze Shigure's body all the way to his veins and very well working brains. He looked up to this other pureblood, raising his left eyebrow questioningly.


"Shouldn't we let your subordinate take care of the things here and go to the night dormitory. I'm sure that there is a big fuss going on. The chairman already told me that there have been situations like this before, so I wasn't even surprised when I smelled the Level-E on my way to the dormitory. You have nothing to worry about. I'm sure that Miss Aizen can handle this situation very well, don't you agree?"


Shigure paused to think for a second, but then gave up all the ideas about staying here. If he said that he wanted to stay and do this by himself, Tenshi would have obviously questioned him about whether he trusted his underlings or not, and Aizen would have got hurt by his words. He didn't miss the grin which the other pureblood showed as he stood up, turned to face Aizen and spoke shortly:


"Get rid of this body and clean all this blood up. Don't forget that girl in the bedroom."


Aizen nodded in understanding, and with that short exchange of expressions, Shigure was already on his way towards the moon dormitory, having someone else than Aizen following him uncomfortably close. The thirst was again starting to take control of his mind, but he shook it to keep his head clear. He wanted to solve this situation as soon as possible. If Shirabuki Tenshi had already started moving, then he had to start moving too. And quickly. And to make things even more complicate, now he had to be extra careful with his operations, especially when the target of his suspicions breathed down his neck. Literally.

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