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25 Amazing Places in Asia

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From immense waterfalls and ancient cities to mysterious landmarks and natural wonders all around Asia, here is a collection of pictures (in no particular order) which is worth being looked at.

Some of the pictures are of all natural sights around Asia, while others have experienced human interference, in both cases, the sight is spectacular.

Feel free to share your favorites destinations.


1. Bagan, Myanmar


Bagan, Myanmar


Bagan, also known as Pagan, is an ancient city located in the Mandalay Region of Burma, Myanmar. It is estimated that in the 11th and 13th centuries about 13,000 temples and stupas stood on this area in central Myanmar, of which approximately 2,200 have survived until today. Marco Polo once described Bagan as the ‘Gilded city alive with tinkling bells and the swishing sounds of monks’ robes’.



2. Giant Buddha, Leshan, China


Giant Buddha, China


The Giant Buddha is located to the east of Leshan City, Sichuan Province, at the confluence of three rivers. As the biggest carved stone Buddha in the world, the statue is featured in poetry, songs and stories. It is 71 meters high, and has 8.3-meter-long fingers. Just its 24-meter-wide shoulder is large enough to be a basketball playground.


3. Illuminated Caves – Okinawa, Japan


Illuminated Caves, Japan


Okinawa’s largest cave is also one of the largest in all Japan. Gyokusendo Cave is at, actually under Okinawa World theme park in Nanjo City. Gyokusendo cave is estimated to be over 300,000 years old. Motion detectors control some of the lighting as you travel through the cave and throw an assortment of colors on certain key attractions and there are as well underwater lights.


4. Magic Forest in Shanghai, China


Magic Forest in Shanghai

Situated in Shanghai, China, at the triple intersection of Century Avenue, Pudong Avenue and Lujiazui Ring Road, the Magic Forest is basically a very beautiful park in the middle of the roads.


5. Gunung Mulu National Park, Malaysia


Gunung Mulu National Park, Malaysia


Located in Malaysian Borneo in the Sarawak State, Gunung Mulu National Park features some of the largest cave systems in the world.


6. Tianzi Mountains, China


Tianzi Mountains, China


Tianzi, which literally means ‘Son of Heaven’ are mountains located in Zhangjiajie in the Hunan Province of China. Comprising 93 square kilometers, Tianzi Mountains are a formation of thousands of art-like peaks, the highest being 1262.5 meters above sea level, all offering a spectacular view.


7. Ban Gioc Falls, Vietnam


BanGioc Falls, Vietnam


Ban Gioc Falls lays on the border of Vietnam and China. Being more than 200 meters wide, dropping from more than 70 meters on 3 different levels, Ban Gioc is considered the largest waterfall in Vietnam. Ban Gioc is the Vietnamese name, in China the falls are called Detian Falls.



8. Boracay Beach, Philippines


Boracay Beach, Philippines


Boracay Beach is the number one tourist destination of the Philippines. Situated 300km south of Manila, Boracay is a small island that was awarded as the best island in the world.



9. Panjin Red Beach, China


Panjin Red Beach, China


Liaohe River Delta, not far from Panjin City, China, contains a very unique piece of landscape – The Red Beach. The beach is covered with sea weeds, that in summer look green, but in autumn turn red like fire. The sea-blite plant grows in other areas as well, but never turns to the beautiful red color. Scientists believe it is due to the alkaline-saline soil that is found in the region.



10. Colored Volcanic Crater Lakes, Indonesia


Colored Volcanic Crater Lakes, Indonesia


Kelimutu volcano, situated close to Moni in Flores Island of Indonesia contains three striking summit crater lakes of varying colors. Tiwu Ata Mbupu (Lake of Old People) is usually black, while the other two lakes, Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai (Lake of Young Men and Maidens) and Tiwu Ata Polo (Enchanted Lake), that share a crater wall and are typically turquiose, green or red. The lake colors vary on a periodic basis. Subaqueous fumaroles are the probable cause of active upwelling that occurs at the two eastern lakes.



11. Aogashima Volcano, Japan


Aogashima Volcano, Japan


Aogashima is a small island inhibited by roughly 200 people. What makes it interesting is the fact the entire island is formed out of an active volcano’s crater. That’s right, the 200 people actually live in the crater. In the center of the larger crater there is a smaller one, called Maruyama and if you go close enough, one can actually see steam coming out of it.



12. The Great Wall of China


The Great Wall of China


The highly-known Great Wall of China is a series of fortifications made of stone, brick, tamped earth, wood built across the historical northern borders of China. The wall’s construction started in 500 BC and its final length, which took 5 years to measure, is 21,196.18 km (13,170.69 miles).



13. James Bond Island, Thailand


James Bond Island, Thailand


One of the most beautiful islands in Phang Nga Bay, sheer limestone cliffs that stand vertically out of the green water around, was originally known as Khao Phing Kan or Ko Tapu and found fame through the James Bond movie ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ in 1974. Ever since, the island became widely referred to as James Bond Island.


14. Temples of Angkor, Siem Reap, Cambodia


Angkor Wat, Cambodia


The ruins of Angkor are located amid forests and farmland near Siem Reap city, in Siem Reap Province. There are over 1,000 temples in the Angkor area, the biggest one being the magnificent Angkor Wat (literally ‘Temple City’ or ‘City of Temples’), captured above, which is the world’s largest religious monument.


15. Cliff Path, Huangshan Mountain, China


Cliff Path Huangshan Mountain, China


Huangshan is a picturesque location in eastern China and one of the most iconic locations in the country. For those who love thrill and want to take a death defying walks in China’s mountains, in the Huashan area there are a number of footpaths anchored right into the cliff walls. This is definitely not the place for those who want to get over their fear of heights!


16. Bimmah Sinkhole, Oman


Bimmah Sinkhole, Oman


Bimmah Sink hole is located in The Hawiyat Najm Park and was formed due to the natural process of erosion. The water in the pool is in a unique shade of vibrant turquoise, the pool is 40 meters wide and about 20 meters under the surface. In the water there are little fish that are known to nibble people’s toes.


17. Zhangye Danxia Landform, China


Zhangye Danxia Landform, China


Danxiashan Mountains are ‘rainbow mountains’ located near Shaoguan, China. Layers of different colored sandstone and minerals were pressed together over 24 million years.


18. Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan


Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan


Less than two hours from Tokyo, the Hitachi Seaside Park is a palette of colors, changing from one season to another. As summer changes to fall, all the green ‘cotton balls’ in the park turn a beautiful dark crimson color. The park is also known for its ‘river of flowers’.


19. Piano Bridge, China


Piano Bridge, China


The ‘Piano Bridge’ is located in Shishui Village, Taitaishun County, Zhejiang Province. It is named so because the bridge resembles piano keys.


20. Canola Flower Fields, Luoping, China


Canola Flower Fields, China


Luoping is a small county in eastern Yunnan, China, also known as the ‘Golden Sea’. That is because, in spring, when the yellow rapeseed flowers, also known as canola are in full bloom, all farmlands get covered in golden as far as the eyes can see.


21. Wisteria Flower Tunnel in Japan


Wisteria Flower Tunnel, Japan


Located in the city of Kitakyushu, Japan, Kawachi Fuji Garden hosts 150 Wisteria flowering plants spanning 20 different species. The garden’s main attraction is the Wisteria tunnel that allows visitors to walk down an enchanting tunnel of hanging multicolored flowers.


22. Taj Mahal, Agra, India


Taj Mahal, India


Taj Mahal, UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a white marble mausoleum located in Agra, built over the thumb of Mumtaz Mahal and Shah Jahan, her husband. The mausoleum took 22 years and the labor of 22,000 workers to be constructed.


23. Rice terraces, Bali, Indonesia


Rice terraces, Bali, Indonesia


In addition to beaches, Bali is also famous for its breathtaking rice terraces. The emerald-green rice terraces in the river Gorge, north of Tegallalang village in central Bali are generally considered the most spectacular ones. Jatiluwih, Pupuan and Antosari (Near Soka Beach) are also places you shouldn’t miss if you travel to Bali.


24. Sagano Bamboo Forest, Kyoto, Japan


Sagano Bamboo Forest, Kyoto, Japan


The famous bamboo forest of Sagano lies in the popular tourist district called Arashiyama, in the western outskirts of Kyoto, Japan. There is a walking path that cuts through the bamboo forest, offering visitors a spectacular view.


25. Seongsan Sunrise Peak, Jeju Island, South Korea


Seongsan Sunrise Peak, South Korea


Seongsan Sunrise Peak is a UNESCO Heritage Site formed by hydro-volcanic eruptions 5,000 years ago on Jeju Island. The volcanic crater is famous for numerous rare plant species, but it is best known for the magnificent sight of the sun rising over it, hence its name.


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So amazing! *___* I loved the beach in Philippines, the red beach, the flowers tunnel, the magic forest *___*

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The Magic Forest in Shanghai looks soo good *__* And the lakes in Indionesia *__*

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I love #7. Ban Gioc Falls in Vietnam. It looks so pretty and relaxing. It would be so wonderful to travel there and meditate with the water gently tumbling in the background- thank you for the post! I'd certainly never heard of most of those locations

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been in the bamboo forest, magnificent.. 10x beautiful upclose

Just an additional something here..my friends who've been in this place sing praises of it.. the locals said alot of hollywood film makers shoots at this location and say it's hawaii or something^_^


El nido, Palawan Philippines.

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Puerto Princesa Underground river , Palawan Philippines


The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park (PPSRNP) is one of the most important protected areas of the Philippines. It features a spectacular limestone or karst landscape withone of the most complex cave systems. It contains an 8.2 km long underground river that flow directly to the sea. The lower half of the river is brackish and is affected by the ocean’s tide. An underground river directly flowing into the sea, and the associated tidal influence, makes it a significant natural phenomenon. The discovery of at least 11 minerals, crystal and egg shape rock formations, and a 20 million year old Miocene age serenia fossil in the cave further add to its scientific value. The Puerto Princesa Underground River is declared as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature.


Before deciding to visit, make sure you make a year before reservation. Since the government is limiting the number of visitors per year in order to preserve the cave/river.



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Biei is my favourite place in asia. It is a town located in Kamikawa (Ishikari) District in Hokkaido, Japan. Only something like 10 000 people live there, which is pretty close to the population of my home town.


Here are few pictures from the amazing views of Biei's nature:


The Patchwork Road:



Tree of a parent and a child:



Tree of philosophy:



And then, to charm all the women here, I'll add a picture of their flower fields:




Link for more information.

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