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Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost. ×
Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost.


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    driving and target shooting.. reading.. and drawing doodles.


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    Professional VM spammer, Pro- Janken player, Pro-straight men shipper, Anime dork


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    Too many to mention all my faves. Just to cite a few:
    -sekaiichi hatsukoi
    -one piece
    -doukyuusei ( and all it's sequels)
    -totally captivated


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    too many. here's a few of them:
    -sekaiichi hatsukoi
    -one piece
    -your lie in april
    -grave of the fireflies
    -she and her cat (this is so cute. and sad. omg)
    -kimi no nawa
    -Yuri!!! on Ice


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    -takano x onodera (SiH)
    -kusakabe x sajou (doukyuusei)
    -kageyama x hinata (haikyuu!!)
    -law x luffy, zoro x sanji, sanji x zoro (one piece)
    -itachi x naruto, sasunarusasu, kakashi x iruka (naruto)
    -gintoki x hijikata, hijikata x gintoki (gintama)
    -Victor x Yuuri (yuri on ice)

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  1. yeah. we are experiencing the second wave of the virus cause people have been complacent about going out again, and not taking precautions for their safety. please take care there!

  2. oh man that sounds bad. Well im oki, must of my friends are online ^^ plus my family lives in other cities and on the country side so they are fine. I take my daly walks as i usally do and then i stay inside. it oki by me. but yeah. i hope people will be oki. seems nasty if u get sick. :/

  3. Hi,


    My LINE is updating. i thought maybe you are here so i'd let you know. and i am missing chatting with you here. haha

  4. Hello, just wanted to check how are you these days? are you somewhere safe wherever you are? In my city we are now experiencing the second wave of the disease.

  5. That's really a good point. I hope more people will be concious about the environment after this.

  6. I agree.

    Also I try to stay possitive, lots of new good things can be learned from this in beeing prepared for future, people will know what to do and take things seriusly next time, people will have more time at home ( well at least some will find it nice) Take a walk insted of buss or go by bike. Many studdies will be made in "human behavior in crisis" and such. So i hope there will be more good than bad.


    but yeah, its a bit scary atm.

    Take care u to, stay safe. ^^

  7. again, i am sorry. ^^'



    I see, well i'd rather be like that, early to action and a little bit paranoid, than going to action late and be a bit too late. I saw in the news that the USA didn't take the Coronavirus seriously in the beginning and look where it got. so sad for them. this is a very weird year. so much has been happening. and it's only been a few months sooo hopefully this is the end of it. *fingers cross*


    anyways, do take care of yourselves out there and let's all hope this pass soon!


  8. Haha yeah that was a long reply XD i had too go back and read previus stuff :p


    Well its oki here, we are not in quarantine. Our country in the beegining of all this told that not more than 500 people in same place, and after that pretty much every one started to work from home, not going outside and so on. So whne they the nchange and said 'no more than 50' even less people met echother, people started kinda early with "take a cup of coffe" with a frined over skype. so, we are hoping that there will be no need for quarantine. stores are open, but no one goes there , stores are empty and people order food and things online insted. so, its much less people out, even if there are some that need to go shopping things. but yeah, so far its oki. we are all waiting for the "numbers" to go up. waiting waiting waiting... its weird really


    Good to hear u are oki ^^

  9. I'm sorry I thought I send a reply! I apologize for taking so long. I'm such an airhead these couple of months.


    first of all - how are you? is your country in quarantine too? are you safe where you are?


    how are you with the discord now? I used that a while back for online gaming since it is faster during Siege and stuff for commands. But nowadays, using discord to play music when Spotify isn't available.


    been coming to work still since i work for a logistics company and can't really rest. at least my family is already in quarantine so I am relieved. how about there?

  10. hi! OMG yes a long time. those were the days

  11. Hello there old friend ^.^

    Came online after a long time, and just thought to say hello.

  12. HAha actually we usally joke about that outside the "town" where he lives is a Metropol and a centrum of all cities there is XD But in reallity it is probably one of the smallest "towns" there is, is more like a town square with malll lokal shops.

    There is an bakery.. somewhere and this year they opend up the first cafe' XD .. its called Cafe' corner... cuz its one the corner of the "town" square. That square is more like an parking place :p


    so there is not much to do here. so thats why im only staying for one week. im in need to see other peopel ahhhhh. i wanna see strangers, i need to see buildings. ahhh. :p

    Anyway, so far so good. trying to understand discord? a website.

  13. I see. That sounds like an adventure to be honest. ^^ and your Dad's place seemed like a good place to spend summer. that is if it's accessible to town or some semblance of city.


    Mine as well. AC is good and all but sometimes wind is welcomed. hehe


    Nice, I miss going to cafes. ugh, i wish for day shift soon D:

  14. Well I live in a flat in the city and my parents live in houses in different places. During summers I go visit them. Mum's house is by the sea and dads place by a lake so usually it's cold wind when there is wind ^^

    In the city at the street I live the wind doesn't always come through XD


    I'm a spring/Autumn person. I prefer the cold part of the year with just a little bit sunshine so u can have a nice hot coffee that keeps u warm when outside on a cafe. ^^

  15. Hi,


    Ohh. I like eating and I've lived mostly alone for a long time, so I cook and bring pack lunches with me. Eating out where I live is super expensive. I also like those instant kind. Japan has tasty instant Ramens. Sometimes it's nice to eat one.


    That's great! But, wow, based on your descriptions, it seems you live in a wonderful place.

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