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10 Weird Food Delicacies from Asia


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I don't think I can eat any of those delicacies. Especially that tarantula since I have arachnophobia. I'm a Filipino but I've never tried, nor will i ever try, eating balut. Just the thought of it in my mouth gives me a nasty feeling especially when i see how hairy it is. Or the thought of it going through my throat. =/ I've seen that Korean food beondegi btw. They also sell other bugs in sticks around the streets in Korea and when I see them eat it, it seems to me like they're eating something really delicious, but I don't like bugs either so I don't wanna try it. -,-

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Yay for weird food I will never eat!!


Durian.. I don't like to get near it 'coz of the smell. Put an open plate of Durian in your refrigerator and under an hour all of your other foods (that are exposed) smells AND tastes like Durian. I still can't eat it up to now.


Oh the Balot! A lot of people here in the Philippines like that. Especially the ones that sell by passing by houses yelling, "Baloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot~!" I can't stomach eating that.. It's hairy, black and it's a chick.. Though I like drinking the juice from it when you crack the egg and dab a few salt on top. ^ ^


Oooh I heard that live octopus from Japan! The one where you put a sauce on top of it and it dances! That's so coool~ but it gets stuck on your throat if it's still alive when you didn't chew it properly.. Isn't that scaryy


And also it's weird to eat insects and other amphibians but a lot of other cultures do it. And nutritionists say some are really nutritional but not that much. It's still yucky though..

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I think from this list I'd try the century eggs because at least they aren't alive or they don't have feathers. ^_~

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I never tried eating the underdeveloped boiled duck in a balut but I tasted the liquid inside that seems... I don't know, what that liquid is called and then I thought... the taste was... okay, I guess. BUT it took me hours before I was convinced to drink it. Just thinking that a boiled (not to mention that it's dead!) duckling's inside, i'd rather do a bungee jump 10 TIMES than eat the duckling.


And this one:






Tried eating it yesterday. I've been here in the Philippines since 2005-2006, I think and I haven't tasted this. It looks like long fat earthworms to me. They call it "Isaw". Isaw can be a barbecued pig or chicken intestines. They also have barbecue sauce for it. It tastes... fine. Ehe he he....

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