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NAME: Eiko Kaminari 

<his name Eiko means prosperity - the irony> 

AGE: 26 going on 27  today

175cm | 65kg

BIO: born in a good familly all went south when his mother left him alone with his father who was lost in alcohol and gaming debt. He learned at a young age how to take care of himself and his father, taking job after job to be able to survive and pay off the bills and part of his fathers debt



Laughter. Kid running around the park or a playground. The cool summer breeze surrounding the place announcing that it will be a hot summer vacation. The scene is so peaceful and joyful that would make even the saddest person smile. Then something changes. The wind gets colder and the light fades, making room to gray clouds fallowed by rain and thunder. Screams and objects breaking around makes the sound echo into ones soul. Then all goes black.

Eiko woke up in a fright dripping in sweat trying not to have a panic attack. Taking short and rapid breaths he looked around the place, checking where he was. This dream or nightmare it has been bugging him for quite some time now but it never was this intense.

It was always the laughter and the joyful of children but never went so dark all of a sudden. This was new and not comfortable at all. Ever since he woke up in the hospital when he was 16, there has been a hole in his memories. Some did managed to return but some remained foggy and tormenting him. The doctor said it would take time to regain his memories but it has already been 10 years and they still didn’t get back.

Once he managed to calm himself he got out of bed and went in the kitchen to drink a glass of water. The sleepiness was already gone so he had to figure out what he was going to do till he was starting his shift at work.

Ever since he finished high school he decided to work and support his father which was sick, but apparently not that sick for gambling. The little amount that he was gaining was enough for them to pay the bills and try to live till the next paycheck. His mother left them when he was 10 and since then he was left with his father who, because of alcohol and his gambling hobbies put them in big debt with some not so nice people. But Eiko was trying his best to cover everything and not end up in a dumpster or anything. He was too young to have an awful death but his father wasn’t helping him much.

His 2 bedroom apartment was enough for him and his father but the living was hell. His father was still drinking even if the doctor told him not to anymore or he will end up singing with the angels. But guess he didn’t cared anymore. Sometimes Eiko felt that his father was like a parasite, eating him alive but soon as he was thinking that he was starting to argue with himself for being a bad child.

Life has been hard on him but Eiko never complained. He just hopped that his luck would turn for once for him too and give him a break to breath at ease.

The cold water has freshened up his body, drifting away the nightmare that he just had. Checking the time he decided to prepare early for his shift and also check on his pocket money, leave some in his secret hideout inside his bed mattress. It was the only place his father didn’t look around the house since he couldn’t afford to open a bank account.

After taking a shower and changing clothes, his usual purple jumpsuit that he had for work <the one in the picture>, he moved to make breakfast for him and his father, knowing that he was going to wake up grumpy and hungry. He left aside two sandwiches which were his work lunch and ate one before leaving.

Eiko was working at a convenience store which was paying quite good for an undergraduate studying. With only his highschool diploma it was hard to find a good job, but he wasn’t picky.

“Here goes another day at work” he said leaving home and heading toward work which was a few blocks away from his home.


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Aoyama Jun | 27 yrs | 180 cm | 73 kg


BIO: Since young, Jun had everything. Before he could even articulate his desire, he already had it. Being the only child and son, his parents spoiled him rotten and let him endure no hardship. However, while growing up, Jun was more interested in his father's business and the money's source, rather than staying idle and enjoying mindlessly spending. Moreover, his mother's death at the hands of a rival group over some turf dispute made his decision resolute. Hence, decided to take over the family business once he had reached an appropriate age. Only that this business involved money laundering, debt handling and trafficking among things, oftentimes showing no mercy.



A low humming voice echoed through the halls, similar to the latest hit song nationwide, and at the end of the hallway where the source of the sound was the strongest, two men were standing. Behind the closed doors, one of the men was staying still while the other fixed his tie. They appeared to be around the same age, though their personalities seemed vastly different. One was cheerful, the other ghostly white and impatient.

"Will you stop it already?" Jun demanded, not asked, in annoyance. Singing off-key an already irritating song was torture. Not to mention, his medical condition each morning doesn't allow enough patience.

Suddenly, the tie knot tightened around his neck to the point of almost strangulating him. Way too deliberately, as if the action was a response to his words, Jun thought and then released a long but inaudible sigh. Of course, he's being treated so rudely, all thanks to his father. Really, whose idea was it to run a business through nepotism? Is this really a viable option? In today's world, capitalism rules, which means, opportunity and skill hunting. Just because someone's father is a loyal assistant to his own father, that person gets to act friendly and disrespectful. Ah, the audacity of some people. The country should just revert to feudalism.

"Jun?" The other person called out upon realizing Jun has been lost in thoughts. As if his previous offenses weren't enough, he even took the liberty to call out his boss' name.

Jun returned a glare to his childhood servant and then raised his hand, expecting to be handed something. "Pills." He simply ordered and only spoke after ingesting it. "Really, you..." He continued while rolling his eyes in frustration, afterwards appearing less ghastly and more healthy. "Just... Whatever." He shook his hands, not wanting to reprimand his corporate slave this early in the morning. Besides, he didn't even get to have his coffee, or breakfast yet! "What is on schedule for today?"

Keiji, feeling proud of how meticulously he looked after his boss' appearance, pulled up his phone and started reciting like a robot what seemed to be an unbelievable enormous list of tasks and appointments. All fitted into the mere twenty-four hours a day has to offer. How convenient. Out of all, a certain case stood out to Jun; one of which he had troubles for months now. Apparently, it was an easy job. Simply collect the payment. However, the unfortunate man hadn't made a deposit since forever and according to the investigation, that money was all gambled away.

Walking right in front of the mirror, Jun examined his appearance and with a pleased smile proceeded to wear his luxury brown leather watch that matched his checkered brown and beige suit. "Clear the schedule. Today we are going for collection. That Kaminari case, we have to teach him what happens to late payments." He instructed while fixing up the last details in his appearance with a wicked smile.

Later in the day, an inauspicious black luxury car with no license plates pulled over an apartment building, followed by a van of the same color. Soon after, a dozen of men circled the perimeter and awaited for further orders. Jun was the last to walk out the car, having had his door opened by his personal assistant. As he stepped out, he was greeted by all the men in unison. "Same as usual, just wreck the place." Jun instructed them and was the first to enter the appartment, after confirming it with his date.

Behind him, all the men wore black suits and white shirts, properly equipped with weapons as well. Either bats, knives or simply their fists; whichever did the job right. And Jun, he wasn't one following formalities. Without even a warning, or a knock, he kicked down the door and was ready for business. Only that upon making the first step, he was met with an already somewhat empty place. "What's this? Did some other gang come earlier than us?" He disappointingly asked, losing the spark in his eyes and his mood for fighting. "Is there even anything to collect?" The assistant asked, to which the boss replied, "I don't care! Just ransack the place, find something to break or anything valuable to take." And made his steps towards the owner of the apartment that was currently dozing off on the sofa, noticeable very drunk.

"Yo, old gramps." Jun squatted down to be met with the man's level while his goons were wrecking the place. He then adjusted his tie, but ultimately decided to loosen it as he felt he'd suffocate. "We are here for collection." He added as he watched the older man, clearly showing no signs of waking up. Damn, was everything wasted on gambling or booze, Jun wondered and decided to poke the man. In reality, he wanted to make sure he was alive. "Hello?" And just then, the man opened his eyes and literally screamed murder, surprising everyone inside.

Seeing they could finally communicate, though unsure on what level given the man's drunkenness, Jun wore his business smile and extended his hand for a handshake, ought to introduce himself and make himself appear less scary. After all, proper transactions require proper manners. Only that his hand remained awkwardly alone and left hanging in the air. And instead, the old man hurriedly locked himself in the bathroom. With a sullen expression, Jun pretended to wave at the door in an attempt to not make it seem as if he was ignored. Of course, even if he hadn't, no one would dare make fun of the boss.

Just then, a loud laugh that was quickly cut short was heard. Keiji gathered everyone in the same room and teased his boss. "Whoah, don't scare him like that! He might tell us about any secret stash. We couldn't find anything of value, even after almost demolishing the whole apartment!" After finishing his sentence, Keiji approached the room the man was enclosed in, followed by another member that carried a barbed bat. He knocked on the door twice before exhaling. "Come on out, we promise we won't hurt you. We just want to talk!"

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Finally at work and not thinking about anything else, he focused his attention to fill up the shelfs and supply everything that was half empty or needed a few more items on it. It didn’t took him long to finish all that being lost in his thoughts but not thinking about something in particular. It was more like a blank moment where he did every chore mechanically. He did it so many times already that he knew where everything was supposed to go and how to look.

The hours went buy with no incident whatsoever, giving the neighborhood where he was staying which was kind of known for its disputes between gangs or low esteem people who were on the verge of losing it and they were already surrendered to the dark side of the world and ended up deeper in their own grave.

“Hei Eiko … what are you doing so early? And why are you in shift? Wasn’t it supposed to be Daiky?” asked the manager as he came in to check some papers that he had left on his desk from last night.

“Really? I’m sorry sir …. I thought it was my shift” he said bowing his head checking the squedule on the computer which showed him that he was free that day and the day after tomorrow. Cursing in his mind as he wanted to be away from his house, away from his dad and thoughts, but seems the universe and luck was not on his side. Little did he know.

“B-But Daiky is not here yet sir so … I’ll stay till he comes in” he said smiling gently hopping that the man wasn’t going to start yelling or anything and evoke all the frustration on him because of Daiky. Lucky the man nodded while sighing unhappy but agreeing to let him work till the other was there.

An hour passed while Eiko had helped customers when a dark haired boy entered the automatic doors running and out of breath.

“Please tell me I’m not in trouble” asked Daiki rushing behind the counter putting up his apron, tying it clumsily.

“Oh yeah you are” said Eiko rolling his eyes writing down what he had cash up to pass it to him so that he would know at the end of the day how to calculate. Daiky was a senior high schooler so he understand how hard it was to jog with all of the work and school activity. But it was not his busyness to argue about responsibility. The other need to learn it the hard way in order to get better in the future.

“Oh man …” the kid sigh checking the info the other left him and wave as he was leaving.

“See ya man” Eiko waved back as he left the store and started heading home with slow steps. Now that he was out of work his mind started to work against him. Going home … seeing dad all waisted on the couch as always asking for food and putting up a tantrum …. Why is my life like this ….


Lost in his thoughts he didn’t realized when he had reached home. At first he noticed the strange black cars and van but didn’t thought of anything suspicious. Maybe new neighbors moving in the complex.  Which was something normal given the cheap rent or price for the apartments.

Soon he reached his floor and as he was walking he started searching for his keys but stopped in confusion when he saw the door broken and heard voice coming from his apartment. His blood frozen as did his body, frowning at his apartment not sure how he should react. There was his father, probably drunk but he was helpless, and those were most likely robbers.

His body jolted to the side of the hall, hiding around a corner when he saw two big dudes coming out of the apartment and staying at the entrance, like guarding it. Fuck …. How am I supposed to get pass those guys? Those are no robbers … what the hell are those guys? Are they from some gang or something? But why to his apartment? And what about his old man? What did they do to him? What the hell is happening? Maybe is a good thing? He deserved the worst ….but he is still my dad … no … how can I think like that … I’m an awful person ... I need to call the cops …yeah …that’s what I need to do…

Lost in his thoughts, as he was looking at the guys from around the corner the keys fell from his backpack pocket, letting the sound echo in the silent hall. That sound made Eiko’s heart stop, realizing that if he heard it that loud, the others might have heard it the same. And he was right. Looking back one of the dudes yelled and bolted towards him. Instantly his body reacted and started running down the stairs trying to escape the guys.

Now that he was putting the pieces together, the black cars, the black van, the suits and the way they guarder his door. Those guys weren’t robbers. Those were from the mafia. He thought that he managed to pay his father debt but guess his father did something else with the money he gave him to pay it. Damn it old man!!

The gorilla was right behind him when he was almost on the ground floor catching him by the collar and throwing him against the wall, making his inner organs shatter and him groan in pain.


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Were his thoughts a prophecy, asking to have today's whole schedule cleared. As if Jun knew that this collection job would take an eternity. Usually, they would just wreck the place and beat up the debtor, leaving them half alive. Then, they'd usually beg for their lives and miraculously hand over their cash. That was the usual procedure anyway. Now, they are just stuck with an old man that has locked himself in the bathroom.

Jun closed his eyes and took a deep breath, running his fingers through his hair and eventually messing up his bangs. "What are you standing there for? Make it quick." He ordered his assistant and the goon, not understanding why they'd keep the formalities and not just annihilate that goddamn door that could barely be considered one, since it was practically a piece of thin wood.

In the meantime, one of the lookouts dragged by the collar what seemed to be a beaten up young adult inside the apartment. "Who's this?" The boss asked curiously with a smirk, and the man was thrown right in front of him. Not even waiting for an answer, Jun started to search the man's pockets and backpack, finding an ID and a cellphone. Victorious with his findings, he even showed off the newly acquired possessions as if they were trophies.

"Boss, we found this guy fidgeting around the building." One of the thugs replied, and Jun let out a loud laugh in response. "Why, look at you..." He examined the boy's sorry appearance as he squatted, and then proceeded to toss the phone on the floor without the slight hesitation. Immediately, his foot smashed the object, crashing it and utterly destroying. Huh, that would teach the boy to not be a busybody next time. Just the guts he had, to rattle on them to the cops. Today's youth is really fearless, Jun thought while nodding his head, agreeing with himself. Next, he glanced up the ID and upon reading a few mere lines, Jun's legs felt weak and gave in.

However, before he could recover from the shock and further inquire about the man in front of him, Keiji, his assistant, interrupted. "Boss, we got the old man out." He informed while signaling the thug next to him to toss the body on the couch. At the same time, Jun seized the chance to calm down and then stole a few glances back at Eiko, whose figure was now awfully familiar. Suddenly, an idea popped in his mind and even his expression changed. Jun turned towards the middle-aged man and grabbed him from the shirt, slightly raising the body off the couch. Yeah, fortunately he was still breathing. Though, it's debatable whether the man understands the degree of seriousness in the current situation.

"You were supposed to pay us months ago." Jun stated, wanting a pretext for his next actions. "And yet, there is not a single penny in here. Now tell me, what should I do? This ain't good business for the both of us." He continued, and then turned his glance towards Eiko, his mischievous grin only widening. In response, the man trembled. Quite possibly, he even uttered some words of an apology, but the voice was too weak to be heard. Moreover, the Boss wasn't interested at all in what that man had to say, as he had already made a plan. "Your son." Jun signaled, and his goons immediately understood the meaning. Without an effort, they seized up the young man and awaited further instructions while their boss approached.

His eyes trailed the man's face, neck and body, deciding to ignore the ridiculous purple suit. With each glance, Jun's mind turned more chaotic. It was simply unbelievable. Was it a coincidence? Or merely fate's idea of a joke? Still, Jun wouldn't let go of the opportunity. With a smirk, he took off his loosened tie and then wrapped it around Eiko's hands, successfully restraining him. "Consider your whole debt paid. In return, I'll accept this person as payment." He turned towards the middle-aged man one last time and then looked for his assistant. "Shove him inside the car. Don't let him escape. Restrain him further if needed, even cover his mouth. I don't care what methods you use, but you aren't allowed to hurt him."

Keiji, knowing Jun since young, didn't need to be told any other details. Even his friend's rare expression already told him that the kid was valuable goods. Perhaps he had a plan. Maybe they'd sell him elsewhere, since he seemed attractive. After all, there were many hungry wolves, looking to ravage innocent prey. "Take him in. Place him in the Boss' master bedroom." The assistant ordered.

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The beat that he got was enough to make him dizzy and feeling his body heavy, wanting to just die. Why it was all this happening to him? Was his luck that bad? Without putting up resistance he let the gorilla pull him back to his apartment. His strength had left him after the forth punch the dude gave him in the stomach, making him cough blood. That was where his body decided that it was enough if he was still wanted to live a little.

Groaning when hitting the floor his body tense when he heard the cold voice talking. Holding his breath and trying to keep his cool he looked up and saw him. A dark haired guys with eyes so cold that if they could they would had thrown ice blocks towards him. So he is the boss … fuck … I’m done fore now….

He took a deep breath, barely moving when the boss searched his pockets and backpack. His muscles were starting the shatter as he was trying to get himself up but it was hard. Every part of his body was screaming at him to stay still. But he wasn’t going to submit. If he was going to die there, then so be it.

Taking a chance of the boss distraction he looked around the place for his father but there was no sign of him. Where could it be? Did they already finish the job? Damn it old man.

When the boss spoke and tossed his phone on the ground smashing it with his foot Eiko wanted to speak out but all it came out was a groan of pain in his abdomen. Clenching his teeth he remained silent trying to take small breaths, keeping his eyes on the guy and the others.

From the corner of his eyes he saw other two gorillas pulling something with them to the couch.  His eyes widened at the sight of his old men with his face bruised and covered in blood. Part of him was happy as this mess was all because of him and his stupid gambling habbits, but at the same time he was worried for him. Why he was feeling so strange he couldn’t understand.

Maybe he could use the money under his bed? It was looking like they didn’t found them since they are arguing about the debt. It wasn’t much, but maybe they were going to leave him at peace for now. Just when he was about to mention the money the guy who was the boss spoke reffering to him.

“What …ngh?!” he said out loud without realizing in shock when two gorilas caught him by the arms and lift him up to his feet keeping him steady. His legs felt like jellow because of the beating but more of what the guy was saying. Taking him as payment? No! Why?! He tried to free himself from those thugs grip but it was impossible.

Breathing hard he looked at the boss that was now studying him from head to toe with a grin on his face that made Eiko gulp in fear of what they might do to him. Yes he could fight but not in this state and not with so many people. What could he do?

When the guy approached him he kept his defying eyes on him while he took his tie and tied his arms. His entire body was tense at the thought of being taken by them and of what they might do to him. In this situation he would had preferred to be dead than being a prisoner to this guys.

“No! Let me go!” he started to shout and trying to free himself from the dudes but they were more powerful than him in that moment. “I … I have some money left … please … just take them … as payment and … I pay the rest …just….let me go ..” he tried to reason with them but at this point it was too late apparently. “Damn it!! Let me go!” he started to punch the gorilla’s back when it took him on his shoulder, kicking his legs in the air trying to free himself. Another guy came close and sprayed something to his face which instantly made him pass out and surrender to the cold darkness.


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Rays of orange and purple hues filled the dark room, seeping through the heavy burgundy velvet curtains that adorned the enormous window. From above, a vast garden full of greenery could be seen, reaching the horizon. The estate seemed secluded, with no neighboring buildings or roads. Such a mansion could compete with a castle, or a palace. Only that it belonged to a Yakuza lord.

On the King sized bed, there was a person lying; Eiko, whom, upon closer inspection, seemed injured. His face showed signs of fighting and resistance. Full of tiny scratches and spots of blood. There was even some bruising, but the doctor reassured they'd heal within a week. Still, how could they damage such a pretty face, Jun thought. Considering, he even gave specific instructions as to not damage the valuable goods.

With a soft sigh, he dragged the white fur cushioned stool from the vanity and sat next to the bed in order to treat the man's wounds. First, Jun grabbed a cotton swab and doused it in antiseptic, carefully cleaning all the affected areas before placing ointment on top of the wounds. Truly, a piece of art; œuvre d'art. It's a pity to be ruined. If there is scaring, Jun will definitely implement corporate punishment.

At any rate, as soon as he finished tending the wounds, Jun put the emergency kit back to its designated drawer on the wall and then sat by the bed, next to Eiko. The sun still hadn't set, and the lighting added to the mood. Jun meticulously examined his old classmate's facial features, finding that there was something missing. After a few seconds, his right hand reached the pant pocket and took out a collar.

A collar that did not fit any domesticated animal, given its size. Therefore, it could only mean that it was meant for humans. Even the design was classy and fashionable, black crocodile leather with gold details. However, it was missing a name tag. In the beginning, Jun bought it by chance; as to pull a prank. Yet, on second thought, the accessory would look appealing if worn on a certain neck. Thus, he decided to use it seriously, and maybe instill fear in Eiko. After all, he still needed to find out that man's whereabouts all these years. The reason he vanished. The reason he did not acknowledge him.

Was it a farce, was there a greater meaning, Jun wondered as he began to shuffle Eiko's hair while he was still unconscious, staring with a wide grin on the collar that he had just placed on his newly bought property. Answers would arrive eventually, he was a patient man. Moreover, they had all the time in the world. For now, he simply waited for Eiko to awake.

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How long has it been since he was out? An hour, maybe three, maybe more? Eiko was questioning himself stuck in a black zone with nowhere to run. He just hoped, in his subconstient that all was just a bad dream and that he would wake up in his room, just like any other day and get ready for his boring life at work. But it wasn't like that. The sting of the wounds made him realize that the dream was real, that he was injured and that he really was taken by the collectors and God knows what they were going to do to him. Why was his life so misserable? Ever since he was little he had bad luck. he couldn't forget the time he was in the hospital for almost a month for falling down a cliff. What was he doing on that road he cannot remember. All be remembers is waking up in the hospital. 

The scent of medicine made his nose twitch and the sting of the wound made him groan, waking him up slowly. Trying to open his eyes he was surprised by the bright light that the room was covered in, so it was forced to closed them again, mumbling and groaning, trying to cover his eyes. But moving his hands only made his body scream  at him as every muscle was hurting like hell. 

"Ngh...." he groan in pain turning to the side, blinking a few times getting used to the light. The figure in front of him was starting to take a form and when he managed to focuse the image and saw the boss's face he jumped up in bed and moved away from him, cursing through his clentched teeth the pain that he felt by doing so. 

Looking from side to side inspecting the room he imediatly realized he wasn't in his appartment anymore. Where the hell am I? What did they do to me?! Fuck it hurts everywhere jessus, he pulled the cover over himself keeping a distance from the guy. 

"W-Where am I?" he asked trying not to sound to scary even though he just flew to the other side of the bed because of the guy. Checking the places where it was hurting him, he noticed the bandages and frowned, not understanding who took care of him since he couldn't see any doctor around. Looking back at the guy he thought for a second but ... neah ... him? no way ... why would he? looked back at his wounds and back at the guy still not believing as there had to be another motive. 

"You did this?" he said pointing to the bandages, hopping for a 'no' answer cause otherwise it would be too strange. 



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sorry for late reply 

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