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Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost.


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  1. Hearing his mate's voice talking at the phone he looked towards the door as he entered and finished his conversation. He looked curious as he got only a little from their conversation and didn't know what it was all about. But he was upset about other stuff. You didn't sleep here this morning, he said ignoring his request for the hug, not moving from his chair. He was also pissed that he was going to get out of the house in a bag like a damn corps. This whole thing amused him but it was a bitter amusement. Caring me out like a sack of dead body huh? he said with bitterness in his voice.
  2. He choke a little when he head that he was going to meet his father. He was still alive? If he was alive why wasn't he doing all the job instead of Hikaru? I'm going to meet your father. Why does this make me feel that it will not go well, he sigh as he sipped some water from a bottle that hey had from their last ride. I'll try my best to keep silent, but i don't know how he will react when he sees me. I mean, if he is like you, he will know right away, he added scratching the back of his head feeling that that meeting will end bad.
  3. How long did he sleep? It must have been quite some time cause he felt much better than ever as he woke up, still sleepy brushing his face with his hands. What a weird dream i had, he thought as he tried to move and his back was sore which made him realize that it wasn't a dream. opening his eyes better he got up, leaning in his hands and on the side as his back was still recovering from the crazy sex he had with his mate. Right ... it wasn't a dream. He looked in bed but he was alone. He looked around the room but he didn't saw him nor hear him anywhere. Why was he alone he couldn't tell as he remembered sleeping near him, cuddling. Looking outside the window he noticed it was already the next day. He must have sleep a lot. But where was Yukie. Looking at himself he realized he was still naked so he couldn't get out of bed. He noticed some his clothes on the chair near the window so he managed to get out of bed, taking the clothes and went in the bathroom to clean himself. It was all done pretty quickly, dressing up in his original clothes as he was returning to the room, drying his hair with a towel. He was wondering if the others from his pack were at home or if they were still alone. He didn't want to wondered around the house without knowing where he would end. So after he dried his hair he sat on the chair where his clothes had been and waited for him to return in the room. He should return at some point back in the room, right?
  4. He groan as he felt him fill him up with his seed, feeling his body do numb from the intensity of it all. He chuckle as the other thanked him, not sure for what exactly at that point, but he didn't say anything. He wasn't able to think anymore as he was still recovering after the blow his orgasm was. After his hands were freed he felt them numb as well like his entire body, but he loved the small affection of his kisses, managing to show a soft smile. Think i should be the one thanking for a mind-blowing orgasm, he sigh feeling his eyes heavy as he got more and more tired. This whole day had been intense. Their flirting, their first sex, the marking problem and now this. There was so much he could handle at once that this was just overwhelming. He felt comfortable near him, relaxing and feeling sleepy. Closing his eyes for a few seconds, cuddling closer to the other. Give me a few minutes to rest, he mumbled as he felt he was going to fall asleep any second now.
  5. Why does it sound that you only helped the wrong people till now, he said thinking about what he said he had done in the past, not for judging him or anything. He was not one to judge someone's actions as he hasn't been a saint. He laughed at his comment regarding himself. What can I say baby, i have this kind of effect on people, he winked and nodded when he pointed the tree for them to rest. I think there is still some food left for use till we reach the next town, he said sitting under the shadow of the tree looking for the food in his bag and handing one to Hikaru as he opened one for him. So what's the plan when we get to your home?
  6. AS his thrust became more feverish and faster he couldn't hold it more as he was reaching his end. Only a few more thrust was all that was needed for him to reach his end and scream in pleasure as his orgasm shattered his entire body, making his tremble with each wave of pleasure rushing through him. His heart beats were so strong that he could feel them in his temples. The orgasm was so intense that he was still trying to regain focus but his mind went blank as he moaned again feeling the other still thrusting inside him. His cock was throbbing inside him wanting his release so he squeezed him with his insides, wanting to milk him out.
  7. Ginto was patting as the other took the vibrator out feeling a like something was missing but he was to hyped on the chills that his body was feeling to even understand what was actually happening with him. Seeing him undress and his erected member being freed he felt his mouth went dry as he couldn't take his eyes away from it, wanting to feel him again. As his hands were hold tighter by the cuffs above his head he wanted to curse but as he felt him push inside him, and the egg sliding even more deeper then before, he groan letting his head fall on the bed biting his lip in pleasure. Having him inside it was just perfect. After a few moments that the other didn't moved he looked at him confused and seeing the fire in his eyes he kind of understood what was going to happen and his heart jolted in his chest. His body shattered as the egg started vibrating like crazy inside him, making him grab the chains in his hands and arch his back. F-Fuck! argh....god...ngh...ha...ngh....ha...oh god, ngh....move, he groan and moan making the last word a growled command to the other feeling like he was going to go crazy if he couldn't cum right away. It was there, just there. The beautiful bliss of his orgasm building faster and faster. Yukie .... Yukie ...oh god!...argh...ha...ngh... his body was moving like crazy as he was almost there.
  8. This whole thing was a tease and a torment but at the same time so erotic as he said. Being stimulated and watched was making his cock getting harder and harder and when he touched it it made him groan again, moving his hips wanting more. Oh god...ha..., he moaned loader than intended when the vibrator was turned on and started stimulating his insides making the egg vibrate more than he was already doing. His body was starting to move from side to side and up and down, trying to escape from the cuffs but it was hard to use his power in this situation as every strength he had was slowly fading away at the stimulation. Ngh...ha...fuck this is hard....ngha..., he groan arching his back, moving his hands as much as the cuffs were letting him. His cock was twitching wanting to get its release as his body was getting hotter and hotter, jolting from time to time when the vibrator would give him a jolt of pleasure in the right spot. C-Can i give up already? damn it! ha...ngh...
  9. Fuck....ha.., he arched his back again as the dildo was pushed inside him, reaching the egg, keeping it in place. His insides were burning wanting to move the strange objects and starting rubbing them inside but his mate was keeping them steady, teasing him, tormenting him. Ngh...is still not like the real thing ...ngh...but is something different, he said looking at his mate with a teasing smirk on his face but his smiled faded away feeling the egg vibrating against his sweet spot, making his body shatter a little. It wasn't too intense but it was enough to give him some jolts to his body. I see that...ngh...someone is enjoying this ...ha...pretty much ... ngh..., he bite his lip to hold his groans back, gasping from time to time when the egg was giving him another jolt through his body.
  10. Watching his every move he bite his lip as he felt him touch his entrance, playing around it with the lube then moan as he felt the lube running inside him, making his insides instantly heaten up, making him gasp. Seeing him using the lube on the egg he looked curiously as he layed his head back on the bed waiting for him to do the next step. Oh jesus, he moaned wanting to move his legs and arms but they were trapped in those cuffs which already he was starting to hate them, but this was only making him more aroused by everything. He started chuckling at the strange sensation that thing was giving him, placed there hitting a good spot, moving his waist a little feeling the egg move inside him and again the lube coming out of it as he squeezed it. Oh ... this feels ... strange ....ngh...good strange...mmmnnhhh
  11. That confesion went through him like thunder and even if it sounded cheesy as he said it , it strangely made sense to him and he accepted. Nodding he looked at the food table. Are you feeling satiable with the food? he pointed to it as he moved on the edge of bed before putting it on the bed side, sitting up and getting proper dressed.
  12. His skin where the other was touching him was tickling, but his eyes kept on him, watching every movement he was making. his inner wolf was enjoying this and the view was beutiful. Looking at the top of his head as his hands were also cuffed he frowned a little but he decided to keep it to himself and trust the other. Yes ... but, guess i will not be able to touch you huh? he smiled taking small and deep breath.
  13. He felt like an empty hole in his chest when he asked to thrust him but he decided to do it. Fallowing him to the bed he looked at the items set down and back at his mate. His heart was racing in his chest feeling like it was going to burst out. Okay, he said taking a deep breath as he took off his clothes again, remaining naked with only the collar on point. He then sat on the middle of the bed waiting for the other to tell him what to do next. He was feeling he was about to faint from the hear racing and the air that was so dense and filled with lust and desire.
  14. He listen carefully as he started explaining the use of those cuffs with the bar and as he got closer his blood started boiling. The tension was bigger now, as he could feel his presents right there beside him. He reminded himself to breath slowly. Don't like the rope in this scenario. The cuffs are fine, he said taking a deep breath keeping his body steady, not wanting to move as his entire body wanted to jump on the bed and let him ravage him. Looking at the other items as he spoke what each would do to him, made a sweet chill ran down his spine, making his cock more aroused than it was before. His stomach was tickling, like he had eaten butterflies or something like that. That sounded so good and appealing that he wasn't able to contain his groan when he whispered in his ear and nibble his lobe like that, making him lean in his chest. God, he wanted him so bad but he was too stubborn to admit it, even if his body was screaming 'yes'. Mmnhh...ha...he gasped slowly feeling his hand rubbing against the fabric of the pants, making his cock throbbing. This was too much for him to handle and to resist as it was turning his body on fire. Show me, he whispered gulping as he knew what was going to happen and his body was excited.
  15. I really don't see you in a dress or anything right now but ... he said reaching for his ear taking out his earing, lifting his hand and putting in his hand. I don't know if you have earholes or not but, if you can wear this then i'll be fine. The tickling sound of it will remind you of me, he said smiling biting his lip as he was so innocent in comparison with him. He walked pass him reaching the closet with the dresses and the other clothes, looking around to see what else he got there, moving his arm after over the handcuffs looking quite curious at them and then turned around. Let's say that ... this is going ... what would you want me to wear from here? he asked biting his lip playing with fire but he really wanted to try something from there, and seeing that he was acting very careful, probably not wanting to scare him or anything, even if he talked about it, he decided to act bold.
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