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Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost. ×
Attention! We are trying a last re-import in order to see if we can get all posts back. Allow us like 2 days more, and I'll be able to see if we could recuperate anything else that was lost.


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  1. You manipulated me in thinking i could be loved. That love existed for me when in reality you just wanted to make me weak. Take away my power and eventually kill me! he shouted looking at the priest like a complete crazy person. It was like he lost himself in the darkness that was surrounding him, acting like a crazy man. Ha, don't make me laugh, he chuckle before he looked down when he felt something stuck on his leg. Mister, please stop this...you're scary ... this isn't like you ... you're a good guy...please mister, said a child voice that was holding his leg in hope of him reasoning. For a brief moment Keiko stopped and looked at the kid almost like he was back himself but the darkness that was running now in him was more powerful thank anything. No .... please don't .... not the kid .... spare the kid ... he did nothing wrong ... spare the kid!! his mind started to react when he realized what he was about to do in hope that his body would react, but it didn't. NO!!!! he shouted in his mind but it was too late. His body acted like a puppet consumed by darkness and didn't cared who the boy was and just hit him with darkness, turning him into a living flame as he stepped away from his leg and more cuts spread over the kids body leaving him fall on the ground dead. For a brief moment Keiko looked at the body with no emotion whatsoever, till he felt something wet on his cheek. As he touched his face he felt wet, tears coming from his eyes. He started laughing. Why the hell am i crying like a fucking pussy?! HAhaha....This is stupid. why would i care for a human this much as crying....hahahaha. This spirit is pathetic....Darkness should had consumed you already....How are you still able to feel! Keiko was arguing with himself as he knelled holding his chest as the tears kept falling. Because i never wanted to kill that kid! I saved it damn it , from bullies like you! You're not me!! I am not like this!! I used to be that kid and i died because of things like you!!! Now get out of here!!! Keiko groan in pain as he was struggling with himself to take control of the body and control the darkness. You're a weak pathetic human. without me you're nothing. You're alone. You're not even loved. No one loved you. Everyone used you, he started to say to himself still holding a grip on his chest trying to get control back.
  2. Back at work Keiko tried to keep himself focused and doing the job right but his mind was still wondering around Hikaru and how he acted these two days. It was so different in a new sexy way that he really liked it and at the same time sweet and innocent. All that the other had told him kind of made sense but it was crazy at the same time. And he couldn't believe that he was actually believing it. But he wasn't feeling anything different, nor any problem whatsoever in their world. He was still him. So how could he be his guardian and protect him when he didn't even know how and from what to protect him. Argh! he screamed as he poured some hot coffee on his hand, not being careful as he was lost in his mind. Shaking his head and after bandaging his hand he tried as much as possible to keep his head at work. And he managed till the end of the program. When his phone buzzed he looked and read the message which made him smile. Text to Love Just finished wrapping everything up for tomorrow. Sure. We can meet up at the dinner near our house. The one with lot's of flowers around it. I'll be there in 20 min
  3. Keiko was consumed by the darkness and was filled with so much more power, like he was charged back with overload. The power that was given to him made him used the flute to call up the crows and he returned in town. This time, he didn't looked for the priest, instead he used his power through his flute and burned down the town, leaving the people screaming and running around as he was walking on the street smirking, loving the chaos he was creating. The houses, buildings even people were all covered in flames as they were running around screaming in fear, but they were green flames. He started laughing like a crazy maniac at peoples despair as they were running around and away from him and the terrible flames. The scene was making him happy as he could substract power from the chaos that was surrounding him. As he was walking through the crowd he felt the priests power getting closer. This was a way to lure him out of his hideout. Glad to see you could make it to the show, he said stopping and turning as he knew the guy was right behind him. But don't worry, you'll soon join them in hell, he added pinning the guy with his bloody red eyes, letting his frustration, anger, hate and all those feelings out around them. This time you will not be able to manipulate me again as I am more powerful then before, he said in a growl gathering the mist surrounding him and let it out on the priest along with his crows.
  4. AS he was layed down he gulp and looked at his master who was now talking and wasn't very happy. I...I got misguided. I' sorry, he said bowing his head not knowing what else he could say about that. He frown listening to what Magatsu was saying not believing it at first but soon those doubts were pinned in his heart. Was all an act? ALl a trap to get me in and see my weak spots? But .... what about what i felt ... what he felt ... what he said about all that .... was that a lie too? just to make me trust him so that he could kill me after? Lifting his eyes he could recognized the place immediately. It was his home town. the one he died and the one he became a demon and killed everyone. Now that he was remembering the revenge he felt before was starting to grow inside him again. Immediately his mind was darkened and all he felt before for the priest was slowly vanishing in the mist of darkness, consumed by it. His eyes widened seeing the bones of his former human body. Weak... humans are so pathetic and weak....i am not weak, he started to think still looking at the bones feeling tears in his eyes. I know who I am master and what i need to do. You don't need to worry. I'll be by your side as your loyal servant for eternity as I sworn here that day, he said looking up at the demon. Even if his eyes were glowing back blood red, they were empty. Like numb. Like he was a puppet consumed by darkness. This time i will not let that priest get away, he added with cold in his voice and with no emotion on his face.
  5. Keiko was half woken when he heard the mumbled and voices still a little dizzy from everything that happened the days before and yesterday, all being too sudden and intense. When he heard his name he turned his gaze to see the priest but all he could do was frown not understanding what was happening. But then everything made sense. As he was caught he looked surprised and at the same time a little afraid of what will happen, but he tried to mask it. He tried to get free from the tentacles but he couldn't. He was in big trouble and he had no escape from it. With one last glance at Hikaru and then they were gone. He just hoped he would survive what was going to come.
  6. Guess we do need a fresh shower, he said smiling grabbing his hand and help himself out of bed. After shower they spend time on the couch in front of tv, like a normal night. Both back fully clothes, they cuddle like never before, holding hand and never separate from each other no matter where they went. Even bathroom. It was like they both were afraid of letting go of their hands, thinking that they might not see each other again. As the movie was running and Keiko leaned on the couch with Hikaru in his arms, he felt the others body go numb and his breath steady. He smiled gently seeing him fast asleep and just kissed his forehead as he kept watching tv. I'm so happy your back Hikaru, he whispered resting his chin on the others head sighing. Eventually he fell asleep too, in that same position.
  7. Again his name being said by the other made his heart skip a beat each time, making small eke pain that he never felt before. Could it be because he never loved before and now that the feeling had consumed him unknowingly, all those changes where just too much for him to handle? Maybe. All he know was that he felt something for the guy from the moment they've meat. Something he never couldn't explain it. Something that made him spare his life when they first meat and after in his actions of defending him against those demons. Something that he was too. They were a connection that shouldn't happened. His moans echoed in the room and place as the priest pounded in and out of his body, making him feel that he was going to explode soon. Having his lips claimed again only helped at silence the sounds a little. He was still humming in the kiss which was enough to drive him over the edge soon after he felt him cum inside of him, making him break the kiss gasping as he soon after he climaxed again arching his back, letting his body shatter with the afterglow of the powerful orgasm. He felt weak and almost faint it as his entire body was itching. Hearing the groan from the other he looked with his eyes half open, still patting for air, feeling the warm in his hear spread in his entire body. His legs almost gave in, lucky he was still tight by the hands, as he leaned his head to his arms. He felt more weak then ever but nothing was hurting. Well maybe just his rear that was just fucked but it was just sore. That was normal. Or was not? He didn't felt like this before when he was so abusively fucked by Magasku. He felt almost like....Like a human. As the other got him down from the ropes and hold him in his arms, he leaned his head to the others shoulder, closing his eyes feeling sleepy. It's too scary, he mumbled keeping his eyes closed as the sleep was brushing over him and his body. He rested a hand on the guys chest as he hide his face between his shoulder and neck. He didn't want to admit it but that was how he felt about everything at that moment. He was scare of feeling something. He was scare of letting himself feel something. He was afraid of love.
  8. Another gasp escaped his lips when the other got behind him and whispered those words and said his name. It was so strange how his heart was racing when the other said his name. It was a painful but delightful way. He lifted his behind a little when he felt his erection on his behind, so ready as he was, throbbing against his heated flesh. He took a deep breath as he felt the other sink in inch by inch arching his back. He prepared him just right right and he managed to slide all the way in making him groan and moan, trying to hold his balance on his feet. Ngh...argh....ha...argh fuck...., he moan letting his head drop on the back, closing his eyes and breathing shaken. This felt so much more different than the times he spend with Magatsu in so many ways and levels. that it was messing with his head and how he felt. I never felt something with Magatsu. This is different. It feels so much more powerful and so much better. I hate to even think it, not to mention say it out loud. Never. The silent of the room was filled with his gasps and the sound of the thrust. H-Hikaru ... harder ... damn it ...ngh...argh....fuck...mmhh....mmhh.... he moaned biting his lips, trying to control himself but his body was feeling too good to be able to hold it back.
  9. Oh ... we will baby .... we will, he said smirking, resting his head to the others forehead taking a deep breath, closing his eyes for a brief moment to relax. When his lover spoke again he opened his eyes and looked down at him, still holding him close in his arms. Even if they were still sticky and all, he didn't cared. They had time to take shower, but right now, it just felt right to just sit and talk. Yeah i still remember, he said frowning at what the other said further, tightening his hold on him wanting to calm him down. Hey ...hey ..., he said wiping his tears away. He blinked a few times as he remembered the movie they saw before and how the story went. There were some similarities in what Hikaru had told him the past life experience was but he still found it hard to believe all that, although the connection was there. Love ... it doesn't matter how you managed in the past. I'm here now right? That means no matter what, i'll still find a way to be near you, he said smiling kissing his forehead and then his lips tenderly. Honestly, he didn't want to think about the past life anymore. They were here and now together and that was all that mattered for him.
  10. Keiko opened his yes suddenly and looked down at the priest feeling his heart stop. Fall in love???!!! With him!!!?? That's impossible!!! That was impossible on so many levels. How could this be actually happening? How could I fall for him when i have to kill him?! This is insane!! Though the way he was feeling towards the other couldn't be deny it. Ever since he saw him on that ale a few days ago he felt something twitching inside him that he couldn't explain it. It was like something clicked at the sight of him and he was in an instant swiped away and drawn like a magnet towards him. Thats why he couldn't have let those demons hurt him. That's why he stepped in to save him or at least protect him. Another thought flew through his mind. What about his mission? What about Magatsu? How will he react? What will he say or do when he was going to turn back to the mansion and he will find out that he didn't killed the guy? What will he do then? The mumbling voice of the other made him snap from his own thoughts blinking a few times realizing where he was again and what was happening. Looking down at Hikaru he took a deep breath as he locked his eyes for a brief moment with him before taking a deep breath and groaning as the other grabbed his balls tighter than normal. Before he could protest the other already made his way and lifted his leg, taking him by surprise and squicked a little when he felt his tongue playing around his rear and sliding inside making him forget what he wanted to protest about or say. Everything felt so intense that he couldn't explain. He never felt like that before when having sex with Magatsu or other demons. With him was different on so many levels that he was starting to be afraid to think more into it. His body shattered and he could feel something warm building up inside him, melting his walls down, making him vulnerable. H-Hikaru please stop, he managed to whisper his name breathing hard.
  11. Words just left his mind and mouth as the others mouth started pressing kisses down his body, getting closer and closer to his member that was not left behind with the given attention. His head dropped aback when his mouth reached his member making him close his eyes and gasp for air, leaving groans of pleasure behind. He was more and more surprised by himself and the sounds he was making and the way he was reacting. The guy was a priest and he should kill him, eventually, but he was enjoying his touches which were burning his skin but in a good way. Ngh....ha....what....ngh....what the hell did you do to me, he moan holding the ropes tight in his hands as he arched his back. I shouldn't feel like this .... I shouldn't like this....ngh....i should want to kill you right now and not ....ngh...ha..., he couldn't finish the sentence as his body shattered.
  12. Keiko chuckled containing his laughter as he looked at the priest, taking deep breath after every touch the other would give him as his flesh was itching after his fingers left. Was this a spell or something like that? He couldn't tell. All he knew at that point was that, whatever this was, it was strangely powerful enough to draw him more closer to the guy, wanting him more. And with every touch, his body reacted. This was so different then what his demon master would do to him. This was playful, innocent but devilish at the same time. He groan as he felt his lips on his chest and on his sensitive nipples that were now hard and played his mouth. What if i don't want to be saved? he managed to say through his clenched teeth, trying to hold back his moans. His body was reacting out of his control, making his cock full erected. How could this guy get him so worked up so quickly he just couldn't understand. As his hand reached his member and grabbed it he gasped a little, biting his lip as his body shattered at the touch. Guess i have ...ngh.... a weak spot for...ngh...innocent looking snowflakes...mmhh, he said in a cocky voice groaning as he was so close from cumming which was crazy. He was never worked like this before and it was scaring him and being cocky was his only defense mechanism. Or maybe i just wanted to keep you alive till our next meet up to have a fair fight with you, he added a new excuse. He arched his back a little, grabbing a hold of the rope to hold himself better as he groan again. Why did you heal me? he moan feeling his finger over the tip of his cock and nibbling on the other nipple. Or was it an excuse to see me naked? he smirked. You could just have asked. I would had given you a good time before our fight. Demon style, he kept his smirk on his face looking down at the guy.
  13. Keiko chuckled again at his words not sure what to think about the guy anymore. Damn, he didn't know what to think about his actions either. But what was done was done and he couldn't take it back. Isn't that the whole purpose of demons and exorcists? To vaporize one another? he said laughing but then cough a little more dark blood. The wound sting and it was hurting like hell. Healing it himself was going to be painfully slow. I thought so ... well, you got the chance to kill me now that i'm wounded. Guess i've been to stupid or something, he said groaning in pain as he tried to move but remained leaned on the wall looking at the priest ready to die. To his surprise the priest didn't do such a thing. Before he could say a word the other already had cast a spell on him practically turn him into a living stone, not able to move a muscle nor say a word. He tried to speak but only dull sounds were coming out through his sealed lips. what the hell is he doing!!!???? this is crazy!!! Put me down you damn priest with your stupid ideas!!! Put me down!! and lift his damn spell and fight like a man and not like a coward using childish spells like this!!! His mind was running with all sorts of words but he couldn't say one of them. All that was was his frown on his face which was the only thing he could do. What was the guy going to do to him? He was't going to heal him right? That only would make things worst. He should had just left him there. Left him alone. God damn it!! Why do i end up in this kind of situations?!!! Why did i jump in to save him??!!! Why did i want to protect him when i should had killed him in the first place!!!?? Damn you Hikaru!! What did you do to me!!???? No shit sherlock....I'm a demon, mostly black smoke...this body is just a vessel and his weight doesn't work like humans. ARGH!!! DAMN IT LET ME GO!!!! But no word was coming out. He was stuck, just leaving the other do whatever he wanted. He was going to have a more slow death than he thought. Maybe torture before? Who knew what the other was going to do to him. And being weak because of the blow before, healing to slow for his licking, he wasn't going to be able to strike back. Once they were in the temple and he left him down he looked around him as the other started to put different spells in place feeling his hear race in his chest. He was really going to exorcist him?? His eyes widdened in surprised at the others words, not believing what he was saying. H-Heal me? He is going to heal me? But how? There is no possibility to do that without harming him even more than i am. Did i hit you with something in the head before or where the hell do you get those ideas? I never heard of a priest healing a demon without vaporizing him! Keiko blinked a few times as he didn't took his eyes away from the priest as he started to chant something and suddenly he felt his hands being pulled up by some robes, being suspended on them and hold captive. He frowned when the other got closer with those glowing fingers and closed his eyes for a brief second thinking he was going to be vaporized, but instead he felt cold. When he opened his eyes he saw his body naked, being more confused then ever. He lifted his eyes and looked at the guy as he began to undress himself, revealing his white perfect body. Slim but muscle, he was like sparkling in the dark light of the room. His eyes wandered on his body and he couldn't deny it that the man was indeed very beautiful and perfect. He felt a little sting in his heart which started to beat faster when the guy got closer to him, not knowing what to expect. The simple gesture of him licking his lips made something inside his stomach flinch as he wanted to kiss those lips. He felt a strange urge to devour that pure body of his and leave his marks on it. But before he could know it the other came closer and as he felt the spell was lifted it was already to late as the other pressed his lips against his, making his eyes open wide. Blinking and not knowing what was just happening he looked shocked by the fact that a priest just kissed him. But then he felt something strange and warm filling his body. It wasn't like fire or anything. It was more like a warm breeze of the sun, covering his entire body from head to toes, making him relax. As the kiss deepened he couldn't deny it that he liked it. It was so different than the ones he had with his master. This one was gentle and warm that it was just melting him away. Eventually he closed his eyes and responded to the kiss as he was so drawn to it. He liked it. This was so strange for him to feel like this. Warm and alive. A moan escaped his lips as before he broke the kiss, being already close enough to the other that he felt his entire body on his. The tricky part was, that he got aroused by the kiss. A simple fucking kiss, but one think he did noticed. He didn't had any wound anymore and no pain. He was heal. Are you doing this with other demons that you want to save snowflake? he asked in a teasing voice opening his eyes looking at the priest but then lower them to his lips. Just looking at them and then back up to his eyes.
  14. He too moved his hips against the other thrust making him go deeper and deeper feeling him hitting just the right spot. His mouth was dry as he kept breathing in and out, moaning out loud, not caring who might hear them. The union was too perfect, too delicious to not fully enjoy it. He moaned softly in the kiss as he let the other claiming and exploring his mouth, tangling his tongue with his, feeling his body heaten up and small ticklings forming in his belly and even more down to his own member. When Hikaru stopped he groan in frustration not wanting it to stop. He was so close that it was hurting him now. Then he felt his arms being release and his fold from his eyes and imediatly saw his lovers eyes full of compassion, lust and love. HE oblige and wrapped his arms around his shoulders holding him close, running his hand through his hair, pressing their lips together as he was pulling gently by the roots of his hair, moaning. As Hikaru started moving his hips faster and deeper he couldn't focus on the kiss anymore. His head fell to the side moaning as he could feel how his body was going to explode. Fuck yes my love, he groan pinning their lips together in a needing kiss till he couldn't hold back anymore and finally groan loud as he climaxed between their bodies and right away he felt the other filling him up. He moved his hips a little longer wanting everything the other was giving. His body was still shaking when Hikaru sat next to him and turned to talk to him. Taking a deep breath he opened his eyes which he couldn't remember when he shut them and looked at his lover That was ... definitely something new, he said taking a breath out licking his dry lips while brushing his hand through his own hair. I really like that you are more open to this stuff than before. And the fact that you like it a little more rough, that's good to know babe, he said winking pulling him closer in his arms, kissing his forehead. You really are amazing, he sigh trying to calm his racing heart.
  15. Keiko's eyes widened when he saw the talismans coming his way with such power that he never seen before. Just what is this guy? As he thought that he managed to push the possessed body forward wanting to jump away but it was too late to dash the blow of the purified light. He turned and tried to do a barrier but the blow hit him full and throw him in the air hitting him hard through his barrier. Now on the ground he felt the pain in his chest and turned to one side to spit blood. That was a powerful attack and the guy didn't flinch a muscle. How was that even possible? How could someone such a power. Being able to breath again, holding his hand against his chest where the hit was he tried to get up but he was still dizzy. Keiko laughed at that remark. How the hell can i answer if i'm dead snowflake? he said managing to lift his body and lean against a nearby wall. That was a bad ass move snowflake, he said groaning in pain coughing blood again. Guess i was a fool thinking you needed help. I underestimated you, cough again as he wiped the blood from his mouth.
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