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  1. In Ethan's mind, the plan was solid if not extremely simple. Step one, grab a book and get off the seat. Step two, walk up the clerk and inquire about the book, feigning interest. Step three, success. So, straightforward that literally anyone could do it. However, with as much confidence the blond stood up his desk, ended being as much awkward in front of the librarian. His glance fell to the cold cup of coffee, wanting to avoid contact as much as possible. Probably in between of hating himself and wondering how to appear less awkward. Though, for the moment, silence lingered. As the other asked whether he would like to borrow the book, Ethan instantly returned to reality with a trembling voice. "Ahh, yes please!" He replied with a nod and the brightest smile possible, embarrassingly caressing down his left arm as his eyes again travelled to the cardie, particularly the raised sleeves, finding the librarian's movements a slight turn on. Though, in his mannerisms, something felt odd. Was it how mismatched his appearance and personality were? Or how he slightly smirked under that nod, so talentful that only a few could see through. Well, for what his words lacked, his appearance surely made up for. Ethan had charisma and he knew it too well, often using it for his advantage. Whether it was girls, grades or just personal interest, he did not cared a bit for playing with the feelings of other people, often manipulating them. However, back to the conversation at hand, Ethan had actually picked up a math book, full of formulas and what not. Not really interesting at first, and totally boring on second thought. In fact, he had the same text boom at home since it was written by one of his class professors. Though, it ought to suffice for his plan. "Actually, do you also have more related books to this one?" He spoke up a bit more confidently, but still shyly enough to appear awkward.
  2. A sly smile formed on Yuma's lips, his ashen eyes looking to make eye contact as the Brirish avoided him and then chuckled. "Oh, I've been found out." He admitted while planting kisses on to the other's inner thigh with much mischievousness. Yes, his goal was to torture Theodore. It ought to serve him right for awakening these strange feelings from within that soon transformed into urges. Taking the foreigner in his mouth… No. Sucking someone for the first time, feeling their member pulse at each movement and taste what seemed bitter at first but as nectar a moment later. Yuma could shyly admit that Theodore's eagerness made him almost cum on the spot. Just the way that the, often prudish, British demanded him to take him whole right at that moment was exceptionally hot. Of course, Yuma complied and started to suck him deeper - to the point he could feel choking, but it only turned him on more. Especially when he could taste the brunette's overflowing pre-cum travelling deep down his throat, Yuma felt the sudden need to be soaked, if not filled, with that man's seed. At the mere thought of being at Theodore's mercy, Yuma's cheeks turned into a bright shade of red and then swallowed the pre-cum, turning to have his ass facing the foreigner. It would be a lie to not admit he lusted for more. After all, Theodore had showed him something incredible and Yuma needed to seek out more opportunities at initiating it. However, the ideas that had in mind during their intercourse seemed different, as indicated by how Theodore reluctantly started to suck his cock off in return. A soft sigh escaped from Yuma's lips afterwards, slightly turning his head towards the brunette with a raised eyebrow. "Surely there are better positions to do this… IF I wanted this. Which I don't." He said in a cheeky tone, figuring he needed to be blunt with this man. "I thought… We should try what you always had in mind. I know I refused but… it can't be so bad, right? If that's how between two men works…" The last sentence was uttered under his breath, wanting very much to somebody laugh along and reassure him everything would be alright. Or else, he would really cry. Yeah, it was scary. Horrifying. Like, he had taken a few hard shits before and they were hell. Imagine having THAT thing inserted inside of him. However, Yuma had mentally prepared himself for this exact scenario. Perhaps, now it was a good time to convert to that strange foreign God and pray it wouldn't hurt. With another, almost inaudible, sigh Yuma buried his tomato red face in his palms whistle retaining his doggy style position, with his asshole embarrassingly hanging open in the air.
  3. The Young Master's light eyes hesitantly met Cain's, as the latter explained that they needed to stay apart for a while. At least, he wasn't hated. "A-Alright." Jin replied with a mod, agreeing to not see each other until the omega's heat calms down. It was a reasonable request, he thought and rubbed his red, swollen eyes that refused to shed a single tear due to pride. The little that remained, that is. After Cain patted his head and then kissed his forehead, Jin forced himself to smile. Admittedly, parting away was the hardest part of their encounter and, moreover, the heat emitting a sweet flower aroma wasn't helping the situation at all. If he could, Jin would devour the omega in an instance. Well, he could... But he respected Cain. "Of course! I'll wait for you." Jin slightly smiled, this time naturally, and sensed they had lots to talk about. "Just... Don't take too long, promise?" Yes, he wanted a promise! Sometimes, he would really act like a child, but what could he do? He was desperate.
  4. Seiji's long and thin fingers findled with the cigarette lighter inside his left pocket, battling the urge to smoke indoors. To relax, was a feeling he hadn't felt in such a long time and, due to the company's hectic schedule in order to patch the incompetence, probably won't find the time any time soon. Moreover, a single cigarette isn't going to help. Just no. Seiji needs a raise and a long vacation. At any rate, his near future seemed bleak as the newbie started to ask questions. At least, they had reached the elevator after walking down the long aisle. "Let me see..." He murmured after being asked about the number of people working in I.T.. Why does it even matter? With a much dreaded sigh, he finally answered. "Around 7, I think? Though their contracts are short term for most, since its not a position they can climb to." Ah, of course everyone wanted to be manager,, director, CEO... Anything that offers a large figure as their salary. Seiji can almost bet that the new guy will leave as well. Nobody stays that long anyways. Its only a matter of time before the news break out that the Minamoto Publishing is no more. Another soft sigh escaped from his lips as he pressed the elevator button and then stepped in, quickly hitting the number 14 and the closed doors one. If anything, he despised sharing space with others. Maybe Seiji is indeed in need of vacation? "Anything else?" He then asked out of courtesy but really hoped there wouldn't be. Why must he be the one to do it? He isn't even that good of a role model. His elders peers exclude him in every company outing and gossip behind his back. But... Perhaps there isn't a need to wonder. Akira would definitely say it's because is his resting bitch face. That, and his ties to the Minamoto family.
  5. Jim didn't need to be told his actions were making the matters worse, as he could feel Cain's disapproval. Though, their reasons were different. He actually blamed himself for inconveniencing the other. Besides, who would want to work under a gullible and sheltered alpha? "I must have caused you great trouble..." Jin replied defeated as he dared not to glance at Cain, letting go of the omega hesitantly. The sweet aroma that had pierced through his senses was hard to let go. So sweet, so desiring. "Tell me." Jin then whimpered. "What must I do for you to come back?" Would he even get an answer? It is only then that he begun to realise his only form of contacting Cain is through Toriyama. Not to mention that he knows of nothing else about him outside of that apartment. It just clicks together that the omega perhaps isn't that invested as him in their relationship. However, why is Jin so persistant of keeping him? After countless thoughts that had clouded his mind, Jin finally reached for his wallet in his back pocket and started flipping through the banknotes. "Is it money that you want? Tell me a number and I'll give it to you." He literally begged. Anything. Any way. No matter how, in order to keep the omega close. How humiliating, he, an alpha begging to not be abandoned.
  6. Indeed, omega pheromones are too distinct, especially when in heat and this could be a potential problem for both if they won't take measures. "Are you not taking medication?" Surely the maid was capable enough to think that far ahead, if he were to work under a house full of omegas. Is it not? However, watching Cain being reluctant over remaining under Jin's wing, caused Jin himself to doubt his own ability to remain calm around an omega. Much more, this particular omega. When Cain suggested to leave due to the situation becoming dangerous, it felt as if Jin's heart was torn to pieces. A dread, a dark feeling that he could not shake off not matter clouded his mind. As if it was whispering to him to not let go. And so he did. Jin ran after Cain and then proceeded to hug him tightly. It was apparent that his primal instincts had taken over and substituted common sense. His breathing grew heavy as the omega's flowery sense was becoming stronger, however, he attempted to surpress his urges by taking a deep breath. "Please don't leave." He replied softly, almost begging the other to not leave his side. "I promise I won't harm you... Just this once..." Jin finished and then momentarily closed his eyes, taking in the sweet aroma the other man emitted. Being born into a family full alphas and isolated from the world, Jon hadn't sensed anything like it before and took his time savoring it. Though, deep in his heart he knew his words were nothing but a mere lie.
  7. In this world, reality is often disappointing. The world rather admire the superficial than the natural. The lie from the truth. There must always be a motive underneath somebody's actions. Ethan believes so. As if it is a universal fact. He has learned this way, ever since his father's fatal accident. Unlike his present self, Ethan was supposed to be a very intelligent child. His parents would always praise him for bringing straight A's home and in return, he would have anything he ever wished for. It would be a lie to not admit he didn't grew up spoiled, however, only as spoiled as a gentle and kind child from a middle class family could get. At least, that was the case until his father got involved in a traffic accident which resulted in him passing away a few days later. First, it was his mother who had gone mad. Then, little by little, it was Ethan himself. Ever since he was 16, for seven years, he was being tormented by his mother. What slowly started as denial, got developed to hallucinations and then finally into physical and verbal abuse. And Ethan, well, he was the recipient of them all. Soon, bankruptcy followed. With his mother having spent almost their entire fortune in order to bring her husband back. Of course, such thing is impossible. Alas, the years passed and Ethan got accepted into a university, majoring in chemistry. There is no special reason as to why he chose this particular career, but if there is to be an answer, he loves combining elements. What is surprising however, is that in contrast to his menacing appearance, Ethan prefers to stay in the shadows and avoid being the center of attention. And luckily for him, the scar on his left eye is enough to scare any possible friendships away. Guess he has to thank his mother for that one. But see, Ethan's reasoning is that he cannot afford to get engaged with other people, only for them to possibly end up like his mother. Or worse, him. There are trust issues underlying that are added to his ready conflicted self. Now in his fifth year of attending university, and a year fallen behind his classes, Ethan has discovered a very peculiar person that he cannot shy away from. The first encounter was triggered by his almost forced attendance to the library. The second, was to return the book he had borrowed. Ah, do not yet mistaken. There was nothing special about that person. Well, apart from being a guy that is. Yet in spite of this, Ethan's interest had been caught by that normal - if not boring, looking man. Unfortunately, he couldn't place his finger on it, but he would take his chances to find out. Today as well, he is lurking in the library. When everyone is supposed to head home and have a warm meal, he remained, since his own home was anything but a safe haven. His glance would sneakingly shift towards the librarian, under the guise of reading a book. Today, Ethan decided to speak to the other for the first time, outside of work. The only problem was how. As the clock stroke six o'clock, Ethan's eyes glanced up and then let out a sigh, realising he had been there for six hours already doing nothing. Today, he was going to strike up a conversation. He really would! As he had decided so, and with another inaudible sigh, he stood up from the desk and caught a random mathematics book before heading towards the counter. Only that his hesitation showed, evidently, by his slight tremble of hands as he pretended to caught in order to catch the librarians attention off the computer and towards himself. "E-Excuse me..." He stuttered and awaited for a response.
  8. Theodore didn't reject him. The fact made Yuma's expression light up, as indicated by the tiny smile that appeared in the corners of his mouth. "Of course I'd be if a man came onto me." He admitted in a playful manner as he continued leaving a trail of kisses to Theodore?s tender skin on his neck. Their difference in physique was apparent, however, despite having a bigger build, Yuma wasn't bothered taking the woman's 'role'. He had decided so after the English man unknowingly reassured him that intercourse between to people of the same sex is entirely normal, even if it goes against religion. Something that Yuma wasn't interested in the least. Their religion seemed cruel and he wanted to mend Theodore?s thoughts on it. And Yuma believed the best way to start, was to fish out of the brunet?s lips those very lewd words that he is avoiding to use. "Ah..." Yuma exhaled at the other's suggestion to do the very same thing that he was subjected to earlier. For a while, he remained silent as he continued giving soft kisses to Theodore?s body, each time getting lower until he reached the man's genitals. Then, a smirk followed at the thought of teasing him. "And which service was that exactly?" Yuma mischievously asked as he immediately stopped kissing the other once he reached the dark pubes. Oh, he totally understood what Theodore meant. It wasn't a misunderstanding. Though, he wanted to hear what the British wanted being done to him in his own words. "If you don't explain it to me... I might not understand." Yuma added and then slowly lowered himself onto Theodore?s lower part, giving soft kisses to his thighs in an attempt to tease him. However, Yuma wouldn't focus too much on the other parts, since there was a key member that needed immidiate attention and it showed. With no hesitation, his left hand gently cupped the other's balls and started to massage them, while the right held the erection and guided it towards his mouth. "Tell me, how do you like it?" As if Yuma would let Theodore off the hook so easily. Though, he did not wait for an answer as he immidiately took the tip into his mouth and with his tongue started to lick the hole. At the same time, his right hand begun to move up and down. Yuma had remembered every little detail of what was done to him before. How couldn't he? It was the most wonderful experience he had ever witnessed. Its only fair to let Theodore feel the same. Though, soon enough, his own erection started becoming needy of attention. A light moan escaped from his lips as he took the brunet?s cock deeper, wanting to touch his own erection as well that was already dripping precum. Yuma's ashen eyes glanced up Theodore?s emerald ones with a strong blush, suggesting that he needed to feel more pleasure. At this moment, he had remembered how the British told him to turn around so they would face the others member. And so Yuma did, without even being told. He turned around, with his ass towards Theodore while he kept sucking his cock. "I trust you..." Yuma mumbled with great embarrassment and tightly closed his eyes, ready to accept whatever was to come.
  9. Ah, this wasn't the desired result. Seeing Theodore sulk after being rejected felt like a stab to the heart. Yuma was unsure, however, he sensed an underlying issue with the nature of their relationship. Tiny bits from what he had heard, on how the British condemn such actions between men, and how the brunet seemed uncomfortable expressing himself with 'lewd' words. Apparently, they should have been struck by lighting for going so far. Well, Yuma's reasons certainly weren't religious. He took a deep breath and then slowly exhaled, turning and crawling towards Theodore. The poor boy was trembling from head to toe! And yet, he approached the other, his ashen eyes falling into Theodore's hairy chest out of embarrassment. "You are too forward?" Yuma admits, implying he is scared of the man's advantages. Moreover a man. "I've never offered my body to anyone." He then continued as he raised his arms, attempting to cup Theodore's cheeks and bring him even closer. "But I trust you. You've showed me so much and I, in comparison, know so little. Please? Do not take this the wrong way." Were his words enough? Did they even get through despite the cultural barrier? Yuma let out a soft sigh before closing his eyes and then attempted to gently press his lips against Theodore's. If words were not enough, then his actions shall be. If there was a positive feedback, Yuma would insert his tongue inside and sloppily lick the mouth's inner walls. Wanting to battle with the brunet's tongue and copy his movements. Slowly, but steady, he would then lower his lips to the others back and lick it. Once he would find a tender spot, Yuma would gently and playfully bite on it while awaiting for a reaction. How could he relay the message, that he is very much interested in the foreigner. So much in fact, that he is willing to do something 'dirty' in his eyes. "Instruct me."[/] Yuma ordered in a strict tone, as if demanding to be taught. His desire for Theodore was apparent. So was his erection, which had grew back. "Not the sucking thing?"[/] He felt the need to point out, since this time it was his turn to please the brunet. Whatever hidden problem was within Theodore's mind, Yuma would make sure to surface it sooner or later. It was obvious that the other feared something. Unfortunately, Yuma couldn't tell what. Instead, he decided to make the British man feel wanted if not needed. Not even once had he viewed their course as a sin. Not once did he regret their interactions. What he did regret though, was to momentarily reject Theodore due to his manliness. " What can I do for you in order to please you?" Yuma asked again because he wanted to make sure Theodore didn't feel rejected. This was but a mere misunderstanding.
  10. Of all the reasons he expected to hear, from being a soft alpha to an incompetent boss, Jin certainly did not expect Cain to reveal his true nature; that he is an omega. Suddenly, everything clicked into place based on this new revelation. How the 'beta' would oftentimes keep a distance, always airing the apartment... It all made sense. However, it took several moments until Jin could finally overcome the initial shock. "Do... Do my parents know?" Was the first question to come in mind, but quickly disregarded the question as he wanted to focus on Cain before it was too late. Later, a gulp followed while hearing the rest. Indeed, his whole family were alphas. Born from a prestigious line and only married into their ranks. Therefore, if an omega attended a room with his family that would prove troublesome the least. "You did your best." Jin decided to cheer up Cain while still maintaining a safe distance. "When others left, you remained. You are better than any beta or alpha out there! I mean... I don't know your personal reasons for lying... But you always accomplished what you were ordered. Always remained professional. That is good enough for me. Please.. Do not leave." Jin's words were honest, almost felt as he were begging the other to stay. Him, an alpha to an omega. What would anyone believe about him were to witness this scene? And yet the maid had enchanted him. Under no circumstances would he allow Cain to disappear.
  11. Under the scorching sun, with nature being their witness, their bare bodies making contact almost felt like committing a great sin in front of Yuma's ancestors. It wasn't prejudice. Well, the British may believe so -judging on what Theodore had told him about their culture, but what Yuma thought at the moment was completely different; A foreigner and him. As in, he, the Chief's only son who is supposed to be a good example for the whole tribe. For their prosperity, he should obey and marry another tribe's daughter without protest for the sake of peace. However, Yuma is doing the exact opposite of that. Perhaps, his thoughts are clouded by Theodore's capable techniques. Whether it was the brunet's fingers, hands or tongue, Yuma couldn't decide what was his favorite. He had been shown so much, and yet he knew so little on how to please the other. It didn't seem a fair trade at all. At least, not until Theodore proposed to him with a whisper that suggested they should lie opposite of each other. A whisper that, in the manner that was accomplished, sent shivers down Yuma's spine and caused his erection to be wanting more. The words weren't even vulgar. Surely, the British must have a word for their genitals, therefore, why is Theodore avoiding to phrase it? Yuma wouldn't ponder about it. As they kissed, he excitedly ran his arms to the brunet's back and hugged him, slightly pulling away in uneasiness at the other's teeth tasted his lips. If he were to describe it, Theodore seemed similar to a wild and hungry beast. And of course him, was the prey. On the other hand, Yuma was a romantic. His actions radiated that feeling, as he would carefully lay the brunet down and then gently kiss him on the lips, savoring the feeling. No tongue. That kind of kiss felt different somehow, yet he could not explain the reason. Though, when Yuma indeed knelt down with much anticipation to what would follow, he certainly wasn't ready for his body to spasm uncontrollably when Theodore would quite literally taste him. Numerous moans followed, many of which were suppressed by his own hand as he felt embarrassed. Yuma couldn't even begin to touch the other's organ; he simply closed his eyes tight and let his lower half free and at Theodore's control. Which, thinking about it, may have been a really bad decision. "Ah." Yuma audibly whimpered as the British man stopped taking him in his mouth after a while, leaving his erection hanging. Unsatisfied. Again, dripping pre-cum as he had to deal with the sexual frustration. "Is- Is this torture?" He uttered under his breath and just as he was about to turn and complain, Theodore dared to spread his arse wide, revealing his hole. At the action, Yuma's body immediately froze. Though, the brunet wasn't hindered in the slightest, he even begun to lick that forbidden place. "Ho-ho-hold on!" Yuma stuttered in shock once he realized the situation as he attempted to crawl forward in order to escape and then turned his head towards Theodore, with his ass still hanging on the air. "You can't do that!" He gulped and then attempted to explain his reasoning. "I... I am a man." Obviously. "I can't bare children! And that... that... that place. Um... It's dirty. You really shouldn't..." Ah, youth. Doesn't even know how corrupted the world is. Yuma's innocent mind cannot comprehend how sex between men works.
  12. Upon awaiting for the new recruit's introduction, the room fell silent once again, with each member of the board having their eyes on Hiro. However, it was obvious in their boorish expressions that they'd rather be somewhere else and not dealing with this ridiculous situation at the moment. Even Seiji let out an inaudible sigh as he kept playing with the lighter in his hands, finding the HR's demands of being in need of workers absurd. No, they didn't need new brains. They needed someone responsible, one that could lead and help rise the company to its past glory. At least, that's what Seiji believed at the moment. Once Hiro finished answering all the questions that were asked, Kirishima stood up his seat with a wide smile and then extended his arm over the desk, waiting for the rookie to shake hands. "Well, I am positive that you can learn a lot while working in our company! And you can always ask your seniors for help. We regard our workers as family." He replied, with perhaps a tiny hint of truth in his words. On the other hand, the rest of the board slightly bowed their heads and then proceeded to leave one by one. Until Seiji, Akira, Kirishima and Hiro remained. "Since you have experience in I.T., the financial department currently seeks help with their database. This is Seiji Minamoto, CFO, and his secretary Akira. I leave you to their hands." The Human Resources Director lastly said before exiting as well. "Pleased to meet you." Seiji greeted Hiro with a cold stare while he placed his hands in his pant pockets, although it was Akira who extended his hand for a handshake, introducing himself afterwards. "I am Akira, the secretary. We are very pleased to meet you. You are going to work in our department. The Director would prefer to guide you himself, but if you have any questions, you can always refer to me." The secretary explained and then turned towards Seiji, who signalled him to get back to work. "Thank you Akira." He nodded and then lowered his glance towards Hiro, momentarily fighting the urge to roll his eyes. Of a the people to manage the newbie, of course it had to be him. No, it wasn't due to trust or skills, it is because the rest of the board found training a hassle, therefore, they dumped the new guy on him. At any rate, Seiji somehow managed to withheld his frustration and even attempted to keep an expressionless cold grimace. Not that it required power, it was like a resting bitch face. "Ah," He exhaled. "Don't worry, I won't let you work on our systems yet. First I'll see how you handle small tasks. Then we can discuss on how to give you more important ones. Any questions so far?" He asked while adjusting his tie, though he preferred there were none. Meanwhile, he would start walking towards the corridor, where the elevator was.
  13. Just when Jin was about to check Cain's temperature by touching his forehead, the other's sudden scream, or rather plead, to not come closer instantly froze him, letting out a gasp in the process. It is after a short while that he overcomes the initial shock, since he hadn't witnessed the beta on such a state before. If anything, the housemaid was almost always calm and collected. Then, Jin reluctantly took a step back in order to give Cain space, since he didn't want to escalate the situation. However, Cain's explanation for his attitude raised even more questions, rather than giving answers. After a short while, Jin realises that perhaps this is not about a cold that they are talking about. "How will this be the end of everything?" He mirrored the beta's words perplexed, by raising his own voice. Nothing made sense at all. "Risk what, I am an alpha!" He then says, meaning that his position offered protection from many scenarios. But, as Cain continued to keep his stance, Jin let out a sigh, scratching his nape afterwards. "Just what did I do wrong?" He wonders. "Tell me and I will fix it… Please…" A soft whimper escapes from his mouth, as he feels he is about to lose the beta. Just when he thought he had finally found the one. "Whatever it is… is- is it about me? Do I give you much hassle?" Jin continued, always keeping a certain distance from Cain, all while avoiding eye contact.
  14. To imagine he would find himself in the arms of another man, much more a British, Yuma wouldn't have even dreamed of it. Men, women, it didn't matter. The anatomy is simple; nothing he hadn't seen before. However, this only applied to his own tribe. The physique, characteristics and culture between the British and the Pawhatans were different if not the opposite. What would his father's opinion be if he were to find out about his son's relationship with the stranger? Surely, it wouldn't be a welcoming one. Yuma believes that the Chief wants to get rid of the newly installed British men on the island, as they corrupt nature with their ways. Therefore, it would certainly be impossible to accept this kind of behaviour from Yuma. He was lost in such thoughts, until Theodore took the liberty to slide down Yuma's pants and uncover his erection in all of its glory; uncircumcised, dark and hairy. Again, finding no similarities between him and the brunet other than perhaps the shape of the organ. As their foreheads touched, Yuma unconsciously let out a soft moan while the other played with his erection. Had they not been kissing, he would definitely want to hide his expression behind his hand, as he thought that the sounds he was making were weird. Yuma totally felt like an idiot, whilst Theodore seemed to be a professional at this kind of engagement. The British knew how and where to touch, in order for Yuma to feel good. This gave birth to a new question; Had Theodore done this before with other men or women? For now, he didn't dare to ask for he was occupied with 'learning'. Honestly, Theodore didn't have to ask. Yuma would have explored the others erection on his own. And so he did. By slowly pushing the brunet away as the latter was teasing his nipples, sacrificing the small pleasure for the sake of learning. Then, he would attempt to gently push Theodore on the red woven carpet that served as protection from the ground's dirt, until he would completely lie down. "Whatever we want…" Yuma muttered under his breath, in reference to his earlier question regarding what happens next. Oh, but he had an excellent idea! He crawled backwards towards Theodore's erection and then glanced up to him before resuming back to the main attraction. His hand carefully attempted to grab the brunet's cock and examine it, realising it had a rosy colour in contrast to his. It left Yuma intrigued and then proceeded to copy Theodore's movements from before, wanting to please the man. With a steady pace, Yuma started rubbing the tip of the member in a circular manner, slowly moving towards the bottom. He wouldn't even dare touch the balls as he didn't feel confident enough in his technique, in order to not hurt the other. Alas, when a few drops of white substance started dripping out, Yuma raised his glance once again towards him and then took a deep breath. Oh, no. He wasn't done just yet. He felt this great urge to taste him, lick his juices all over and learn every inch of Theodore's body. However, he awaited for the brunet's lead, since he was the more experienced one.
  15. The only word that could possibly describe this day was disaster. Just eleven applicants so far, of which none was the least adequate. Had he set the bar too high? To the point it is unachievable, Seiji wondered. Years ago, before he had taken the reigns as CFO and was still learning the tropes from his father, he remembers a different image of the company. There wouldn't even be a hiring notice but people would flock the building with their resumes, hoping at having chance at working in the company. Now… It's different. Had the directors thrown away their pride, they would practically have to beg to hire someone. Just what exactly went wrong during these last few years, Seiji does not know. However, it is a well guarded secret within the shareholders and the directors that the company isn't doing so well at this moment. And Seiji, he is motivated to change that reality. Not only for the company's own good, but for his own reasons as well; to prove he is worthy and not a nobody that was appointed to a high position because of their family relations. "Mister Kawashima Hiroto is here, the last applicant." A female voice announced as she let the said person to enter the room and then closed the door behind her. At the same time, Seiji's glance was raised from the recruitment documents and carefully examined the man, noticing that he was a foreigner. Or at least, partially. He then caught the stares of the rest of the directors in the room, each silently looking for confirmation over their previously discussed plan that Akira had suggested. Seiji slightly nodded, giving the Head Director of Human Resources the signal to begin this interview. "Welcome to Minamoto Publishing." Kirishima, the Head Director of Human Resources and a much older man than the rest of his peers greeted, smiling at Hiroto. He was nearing the age of retirement, in comparison to the rest of the board that was averagely middle aged. "We are all very pleased to meet you." He continued and then gently picked up the applicant's resume from the table, giving it a quick scan. There wouldn't be many questions asked, as the board had already made its decision. However, some standard questions would follow, in order to not raise any suspicions in the new recruit. Last thing they want, is having rumours spread out that the company is collapsing. "Can you tell us a few things about yourself? Describe to us a few of your strengths and flaws perhaps? It is also stated that you've written three books in total. We would like to know what your goal in the future is." Kirishima asked with a smile, showing his gentle attitude. On the other hand, Seiji retained his cold state over the blue eyed man, finding him interesting. With a curious expression, he crossed his legs and awaited for Hiroto to answer. Well, it didn't actually matter what the other would say as the decision was already made, but he wanted to know with what kind of person they would be dealing with. The more naive, the better for their plans.
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