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SEP 2021_Our last song

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DEADLINE 30. 09. 2021



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Short story submission

Theme/title: Our Last Song

Word count: 600 words

Sing Bow Tie GIF by Cameo





“What’s with that title? It's so embarrassing,” Carmine striked out what I had written.

I took the music sheets back from him, wrote the word “Carmine” above the original one that had been buried under his scribbles. “No, it’s not. It’s the only appropriate title.” He insisted. 

“Why can’t it be your name?”

“Dude, my name’s Jethro. Why do you think I use my last name?” I looked at Carmine indignantly.

Carmine grabbed his stomach as he laughed heartily . To be honest, I didn’t think “Jethro” was a bad name. He calls me that when we’re together in bed, or when he’s in a teasing mood. It was rather special because most people knew me as “Duke”. Nevertheless, my biblical first name didn’t suit to be a love song title.

“Besides,” I continued where I left off. “It’s a song about you.”

“No, it’s about us.” Carmine corrected. “And by calling it ‘Carmine’, you basically name the song ‘Song’. It’s literally the meaning of my name.”

I was about to counter again, but was disrupted by a knock. “It’s time,” our manager told us. 

Carmine gave me a sweet, reassuring smile. I knew my face was looking grim, filled with worries. I squeezed Carmine’s hand in mine, not wanting to leave yet. 

“We can do this,” said Carmine.

I brought his pale hand to my lips and pressed a long kiss to the delicate knuckles. I wasn’t feeling nervous; I was outright scared.

“Come on, we pulled a lot of strings for tonight. We can’t chicken out now.”

I nodded before I bent down and kissed his lips one last time for courage. It was amazing how Carmine was the one who was going under the knife, but I was the one who feared for his life. 

“I love you,” I said, turned around and left.




The strum of my guitar drove the fans wild, cheering our names. Normally, I would be so hyped up on stage, but without the other half of the duo, I felt lost. I absent-mindedly played the intro of the song, the big screen was behind me, blaring white. It wasn’t done on purpose, it was the hospital being stark and practical. We had arduously begged the management to grant us this session, we didn’t dare asking for trivial things like strobe lights. When someone perfectly sang the first line of the song, our screaming fans went quiet.

Carmine, all scrubbed up and waiting in the prep room, was lying on the sterile bed, his back propped up a little so he could look at the camera. He was pale without make up, but he was naturally good looking, so it didn’t matter. When he finished the first verse and bridge, all the fans watching the live streaming were mesmerized by his voice. I joined in at the chorus and when I looked at the crowd, there were no dry eyes.

I had to continue the second part of “Carmine” alone since my singing partner, the love of my life, had to undergo a surgery to remove a part of his larynx - his voice box - due to cancer. 

Our duo had been together for years, busking together on the streets from our teenage years, then performing together when we got signed up as recording artists. It was always the two of us from the beginning. Although we both could do solo, neither of us wanted to sing without the other. It was our final performance before the curtain closed on our music career.

Regardless, our last song won’t be the end of our love story.





Sooo happy the contest is backkk. Thank you for having it again :Chuu:


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Poem Submission



Last Song

All things come to an end,

Like nature's leaves shift from green to red,

And mayflies breed and then come to rest.


Everything is but stardust,

Returning to the cosmos like ash,

Thus, what is it that remains, other than lust?


Eros is limited,

Love is eternal,

After everything is gone,

Only one shall remain;


That is why love is eternal,

Written from another era,

One last song of love shall prove our passion is forever.


My favorite contest is back! Or have I not participated in one for so long?:OTL:

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