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    Re: 10 Weird Food Delicacies from Asia

    Related to strange foods:

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    I'd eat it.

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    Re: 10 Weird Food Delicacies from Asia

    I never tried eating the underdeveloped boiled duck in a balut but I tasted the liquid inside that seems... I don't know, what that liquid is called and then I thought... the taste was... okay, I guess. BUT it took me hours before I was convinced to drink it. Just thinking that a boiled (not to mention that it's dead!) duckling's inside, i'd rather do a bungee jump 10 TIMES than eat the duckling.

    And this one:


    Tried eating it yesterday. I've been here in the Philippines since 2005-2006, I think and I haven't tasted this. It looks like long fat earthworms to me. They call it "Isaw". Isaw can be a barbecued pig or chicken intestines. They also have barbecue sauce for it. It tastes... fine. Ehe he he....

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