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  1. An uke x uke yuri (?) BL Work Collection An omnibus style audio work, with 5 short stories. Start where you like! No sex, all penetration is with dildos. Tsumugi (CV: amaoto) An energetic character that loves collecting sex toys, and loves naughty business even more. Aoi Senpai (CV: Daisuke Shindou) A big sister type character. A reliable senior at work, but more relaxed at home. Gets very licky and thirsty after switching into lewd mode. When drunk... ------------------------ MEGA Track list (1) Nyan nyan at the office (2) Nyan nyan shaving play (3) Nyan nyan drinking at home (4) Nyan nyan double-ended dildo (5) Nyan nyan licking Total playback time: 41 minutes WAV / MP3 format Yaoyao is back in the house LOL This time let 's try something new shall we? Despite the lack of a seme, people who enjoy lewd uke moans are in for a treat with two insanely adorable uke-s NO REPOSTING and enjoy listening!
  2. [Story] Oochi Otoha is a highly skilled radio mixer -- but when he's off the clock, he's always so sleepy. Despite that, he can't actually get to sleep! He'll need a friend to sleep with him... One day after a nap in the station's break room, his sleeping partner makes a suggestion...~♡ [Characters] Oochi Otoha (CV: KappaGari) Age: 28 Height: 187 cm Occupation: Audio Director The station's quiet and beautiful audio director.. He's a bit too relaxed and able to fall asleep anywhere, but when it's time to work he's very serious. He's actually quite lonely, however, so he's always looking for people to sleep together with him. It often ends with him getting getting turned on from all the dick-prodding, though... He has a complex about his height. As a lover of soft things, Otoha tends to dress in soft clothes and has a bed that's covered in stuffed animals. Mikiya Seto Age: 25 Height: 175 cm Occupation: AD A senior assistant director at the station. He's very diligent, and there's even been talk of letting him handle a segment of one of the shows. He's been interested in Otoha ever since he started working there, but hasn't had many chances to make a move. Things started with an invitation to sleep together, but after imagining all the things he wants to do with his crush, the arrangement gets a little out of hand. MEGA [Track List] ・Track 01 (03:26) ・Track 02 (14:22) (Play: Falling asleep together, nipple teasing, blowjob from seme) ・Track 03 (16:16) (Play: Kissing, prostate teasing, vibrators, squirting) ・Track 04 (11:20) (Play: Uke blowjob) ・Track 05 (21:43) (Play: Penetration, squirting, multiple ejaculations without pulling out, huge loads) ・Track 06 (08:54) (Play: Sex, sleep sex, creampie) Spoiler: Track 05 is INSANE!! Volume 1 and Volume 2 NO REPOSTING OR SHARING OUTSIDE OF YO Forum
  3. Yuzu-kun is total slut. He admits it, other knows it. Even a simple kiss get's his body hot and wet... Even slow flirty sex gets him crying in pleasure. Enjoy a kiss-packed BL situation voice work featuring the beautiful blossoming of a cutie boy! * Contains plenty of lewwwwwd terminology. Not for the prude hearted. [Characters] Uke: Yuzuka Yuikawa (CV: Kappagari) Age: 24 / Height: 176cm Profession: Beautifician at a department complex. A young man who is very popular due to his looks and communication skills. A total slut in the bed, he is as cute as they come... and everyone knows it! As he enjoys his freedom, Yuzu is always looking for hook ups on various apps and prowling the usual gay hot-spots. Seme: Susumu Kawashima Age: 24 / Heigth: 186cm Profession: Successor to the family business (flower shop) A young man that Yuzu flirted with and 'picked-up.' The successor to a famous family business, he too is a talented florist. While at first a little sceptic about Yuzu's promiscuous nature, he sends flowers to him on a regular basis... and becomes attracted to Yuzu and his colorful range of expression. [Synopsis] One day a flower is delivered to Yuzu's workplace! It is for him and it's from that hotty at the flower shop. Thinking it'll just be a one-night-stand, he invites Susumu over for the night without much thought. But... a little dash of gentle here, and a tad of compassion there... throws Yuzu's heart into limbo! Is this love? Is it just the pleasure!? Ohhh, but it feels so good! Naturally, the two becomes sex-friends / FWBs, and begin to hook up on a regular basis... MEGA [Credits] Cast: Kappagari (@KAPPA_GARI) Illustration: Subaru Urashima (@URASHIMA_URA_) Scenario: mtk (@bisyounennohiza) Audio Editing: Yubinii Production: tiutiu (https://twitter.com/tiutiubl ) Contains fellatio, cowboy style, nipple teasing / cumming, penetrative sex, creampie, kissing, climax from kissing, finger fellatio, rimjob, and more! -------------0------------ Hiieee it's Yaoyao again! Tomorrow is my birthday so I want to share the joy with everyone by uploading this lovely work u3u ♥ I hope our community is going to be well-kept by members who have respect to uploaders DO NOT REPOST on any streaming sites! Have fun listening!
  4. God Bride ~Fluffy-eared Beautiful Virgin God Impregnation Sex~ Story In the present age when the belief in God has begun to fade, a sacrifice ceremony was held for the first time in 100 years in a village where customs still remain. The god "Amami" tends to pay no mind about the sacrifice, but for the first time in forever, the young man sacrificed to him confessed his feeling with a straightforward manner, and mysterious feelings began to sprout. And someday, the god of the Sun even started to think that he could dedicate what he had been protecting for many years since he went down to the world ... Character Uke: Amami CV: Kappagari Age: Appearance age 25 years old Height: 180 cm Occupation: God A god worshiped and enshrined as the "Sun God" in a certain area. He used to go down to the remote areas, but as people's faith diminished, he began to live away from those areas. Although he has a brother god, "Moon God*", he seems to be incompatible with that god and says, "We only meet once in a hundred years." It doesn't seem like they're on bad terms, though. One day, he married a man "Tomoya who has been sacrificed and puts him up in a mansion. At first Amami wanted to go home, but he became more and more attracted to Tomoya who liked him. Seme: Tomoya CV: None Age: 25 years old Height: 172 cm Occupation: Kintsugi craftsman A man who was selected as the representative of the village and came to sacrifice for the "Sun God". Actually, the first sacrifice in the village was the woman in his village, but Tomoya replaced her to help the woman. He had an "underlying reason" for it, and he decided to volunteer himself. MEGA *For those who are curious about the Moon God, check out this work about him and his own sacrificial bride here NO REPOSTING OR SHARING OUTSIDE OF YO Forum
  5. Story One day, Natsume Rui, a college student working at a host club in Tokyo, makes a promise to a regular customer that he will go to a hotel with them for 'after*' if he becomes the number one host. On the day he becomes No. 1 and fulfills his promise, he is scared of having sex with a man for the first time, so he secretly plants an aphrodisiac in his body before going out. However, the potion is more effective than he imagined...? All three scenes (first 'after', VIP room, and half a year later) are recorded in binaural on KU100 dummy head mic* (excluding cast talk). Character [Uke] Natsume Rui (Real name ???) (21) CV: Togai Sakato A third-year college student who works as a host because it pays better than a regular part-time job. He is a non-smoker, but has a habit of chewing up candy and tablets instead. He doesn't dislike the 'futokyaku*' , but he doesn't want to meet them outside of the club because they are just customers. [Seme] Futokyaku Oniisan (40) A regular customer who easily made Rui into the No. 1 host. Bisexual. He only plays with the money he has left over, so he doesn't really feel like he has to contribute much. MEGA Notes: 'After' (in host club culture) is when a host and his customer hang out after the club's business hour, usually for sex since it's banned due to Japanese law. 'Futokyaku' is a wealthy regular customer who spends money generously on the host they like to help their fav rank up quicker. KU 100 mic is the infamous dummy head mic used for binaural BLCD and otome CD, costing around $10,000 /(@[email protected])/ Togai Sakato-san's lewd voice automatically made him enter my fav R18 seiyuus list LOL I bought this one immediately after listening to the sample LOL (RIP wallet) Enjoy this high quality yet size-friendly CD cuz' it's just THAT LEWD XD NO REPOSTING OR SHARING OUTSIDE OF YO Forum
  6. Story Haruto missed the last train, and now he's stranded in an unfamiliar part of town! Luckily for him, there's a bar that seems to be open. He heads inside, only to find that it's run by an incubus named Noire! "What the... I feel like... I've met this guy before..." When he orders a cocktail, though, it becomes apparent that things are taking a sexual turn... Haruto's about to get drunk... on the sheer pleasure of an incubus' love! Characters Haruto Yumesaki (CV: Akitsuki Yuto) A pervert who loves porn manga. He's currently in graduate school. When he gets drunk, he gets more honest. He's never met Noire before... or has he...? Noire (CV: none) The bartender at a bar for incubi. He gets attached very easily. He also seems to know Haruto... MEGA BREAKING!! Akitsuki Yuto is hosting his own radio show on an app called Radiotalk (and it's for FREE), where he shares stories about his voice acting work and he also accepts ad-libs request from listeners. It's on air every Saturday at 11:00pm (JST), so feel free to check it out!! NO REPOSTING OR SHARING OUTSIDE OF YO Forum
  7. [Story] Rin is a maid who lives alone with his master in an isolated mansion, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Rin is also a cat monster who's more than 200 years old, but only his master knows his secret. He cooks, cleans, does laundry... but at night, he also handles his master's "other" needs. Though he can be a little clumsy, Rin thinks every day with his master is very exciting... [Characters] Rin (CV: Fuyuki Ui) Age: 222 Height: 165cm Occupation: Housekeeper A housekeeper who's been working for Fumitake for a long time. He's actually a centuries-old cat monster (nekomata). Many years ago, he got caught in a trap and was injured, but Fumitake rescued him. Now his loyalty to his savior is eternal. Though he can transform into human form, it makes him a bit clumsy. Even so, he works hard (including in the bedroom). Fumitake Saitou Age: 31 Height: 180cm Occupation: Author (Novelist) Rin's master, a popular and bestselling author of horror and mystery novels. Years after saving Rin, the catboy came back into his life and Fumitake simply let him. He's a bit weak to pressure, but if someone troublesome comes along. Rin's powers are more than enough to scare them off. He really loves Rin, but has a problem expressing himself. In bed, though, he tends to be a bit of a tease. MEGA [Track List] Track 1 (5:32) (kissing, petting, etc) Track 2 (22:53) (Nipple teasing, anal teasing) Track 3 (16:42) (Blowjob) Track 4 (16:22) (Sex, creampie) Track 5 (20:58) (⚠Urethra training ⚠, urination, tail masturbation) Track 6 (24:08) (Heat, anal orgasms, creampie sex) Fuyuki Ui is the new face of cute adorable uke voice >v< NO REPOSTING OR SHARING OUTSIDE OF YO Forum
  8. Story Ugawa Saki, a freelance dressmaker, is seemingly modest, however he is actually an influencer who is famous on SNS as "Bunny-chan in naughty underwear." He usually wears women's clothing and underwear for women, but one day he keeps pushing himself to work so hard that he collapses due to anemia. A neighbor sees that Saki's having difficulty breathing so he unbutton his shirt, only to find that Saki's wearing female lingerie inside... Character Uke: Ugawa Saki, CV: Pekemaru Age: 29 years old Height: 165cm Occupation:Seamstress He is a young man with an unassuming appearance who works at home as a seamstress. However, in reality, he is a popular erotic influencer who wears cute women's underwear and uploads revealing photos of his face. He usually wears cute and fluffy underwear designed to look like women's underwear. His loungewear is also cute, and he lives surrounded by stuffed animals and dreamy goods. One day, when he thought he wouldn't get caught because he was only wearing his face down, he was surprised to see a resident of the next room. But one day, the resident of the room next door happened to find out about his hobby.... Seme: Tanaka Kiichi CV:None Age: 27 years old Height: 180cm Occupation: Hairdresser He is a hairdresser who has recently started his own business and is a neighbor of Saki. One day, when he carried Saki to his room after he had collapsed from anemia, he saw the neighbor's secret and began to interact with Saki. Although Kiichi is as interested in sexual matters as anyone else, he is busy with his work and has not been with his previous girlfriend. However, when Kiichi sees Saki in his underwear, he "gets an erection" in seconds. MEGA (no key required) As promised, I hope you guys enjoy this cute work by Pekemaru I'd say he has a mid range voice, a bit different from my faves but it was enjoyable :3 NO REPOSTING OR SHARING OUTSIDE OF YO Forum
  9. - Hanabie - The chill returns when cherry blossoms bloom* (*In Japan, cherry blossom's blooming season starts from early March and lasts til' the first week of April. During this period, the weather gets colder although it's already spring time, aka chilly spring weather.) -Story- It was in the middle of the Taisho era. The head of the "Maejima family", famous for his noble clan, died of a sudden illness, and the young sergeant "Minato Maejima" took over as the head of the new Maejima clan. However, Minato, who does not yet have the ability as a master, strongly depended on the existence of the young man "Hisashi Shinoda" who supported him. The time that flows between the two people suddenly breaks the balance and begins to accelerate rapidly. -Character- SEME Hisashi Shinoda CV: Abyssmo Guerrero Age: 30 years old A young man who works for the Maejima family as a tutor and caretaker of the Maejima family, but was originally seen by Minato's late father. He worked in the shadow of Hanamachi in the past. He is an excellent young man with proper education. He takes Minato very seriously and is devoted to the new young master. UKE Minato Maejima CV: Haruji Okuda Age: 21 years old Maejima clan sergeant. He succeeded his late father to become the head of clan, but his ability is still not up to par. He spends his days relying on Hisashi who supports him. He still has a faint admiration, but he is swept away without a good understanding of whether it is a romantic feeling or it's purely out of respect. MEGA - Track List - (Track 5 and 6 depict fellatio done by each characters All track title is translated by myself, might contain inaccuracies) Credit: AKITOLET ---------------------------o0o--------------------------- *breathes in* THIS IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL AND ELEGANT WORK ~~~ I HAVE NEVER LISTENED TO ANY UKE LIKE THIS OMG SO DELICATE AND THE SEME'S DEEP AND GENTLE VOICE UGH ... I LIVE! THIS DOUJIN CHALLENGES MY LANGUAGE ABILITY AS WELL SINCE THEY USE MANY OLD VOCABS (oh well the setting is in Taisho era of Japan ; v ; ) NO REPOSTING OR SHARING OUTSIDE OF YO Forum
  10. ● Story The closet gay working at a boys' bar and single for as long as he's been alive, Kazushi Takasumi, can't resist immediately viewing the guys around him as romantic interests and is worried about how quick he is to fall in love. Recently, Kazushi has gotten close with the younger university student living next to him, Sou Isaki. Kazushi's heart quickly starts to pound for the ikemen Sou who makes food for him as an apology for being taken care of after passing out drunk. One day, Sou invites Kazushi to the hypnotic aroma oil massage salon he works at after learning about Kazushi's worries and proposes for him to undergo a special training in order to build up his resistance... ● Character Kazushi Takasumi CV: Kohei Amasaki Freeter working at a boys bar. History of not having a lover = closet gay for years. He has a friendly personality, but in his past experience he is traumatized in love. He is unfamiliar with romance, and he is worried about his love affairs. Sou Isaki CV: Haruki Ishiya A college student studying hypnosis. He has a part-time job as a body therapist. A neighbor of the same apartment as Isshi. He is expressionless and seemingly cool. ● Track list 1. Episode 1 2. Episode 2 3. Episode 3 4. Episode 4 5. Episode 5 ● Bonus track 1. 1. "Extra edition" ... An extra mini drama recorded on the bonus CD. 2. "Cast comment at the end of the book" ... Kohei Amasaki, Haruki Ishiya. Bonus cast comment recorded on the bonus CD. (C) Masaki Masaki / Ichijinsha (P) FIFTH AVENUE MEGA I was super impressed by Amachan's performance in Metro so I wanna listen to as many of his works as possible Also thank you DLsite for giving out discounts and coupons ; v ; Ya girl is on a budget these days ; v ; DO NOT REPOST on any streaming sites. Have fun listening!
  11. "A muddy 3P situation that occurs every night in a dormitory for single employees" Character Kotake Mikoto CV: Shindou Daisuke Nickname: Mikocchi First-person Pronoun: "Ore" Uptight but easy-to-mess-with type. The cute junior of everyone in the development department. Finally getting used to hard work. An Uke Switch. He truly wants to be a bottom, but there are quite a few cases where Azusa makes him play an Seme role. But in the end, either dick will come in, so he thinks 3P is good. Occasionally gets attacked by both Azusa and Hidenori til' the point he can't stand up straight. Since the departments are separated, there is no hierarchical relationship with the other two. Therefore he speaks to them without formality. Sawashima Azusa CV: Akitsuki Yuto Nickname: Azu Azu First-person Pronoun: "Uchi" Cute unisex little devil type. Sales department's Ace, he always gets the most contracts signed annually. However he's about to move to Makerting soon. Originally he's a versatile Switch who oftens matchs with his partner's position, but he tends to gravitate towards bottom role to mess with Mikoto. He's the one who gives Fujigaya and Kotake nicknames. He wants them to call him "Azu Azu" but no one does. The most senior in the company, but since the departments are separated, there is no hierarchical relationship. He doesn't mind Kotake speaking without formality. Fujigaya Hidenori CV: amaoto Nickname: Fujipon First-person Pronoun: "Boku" Laid-back Oniisan type. Belongs to the planning department. A very competent individual who is frequently headhunted by other companies. A greedy Uke Switch who loves getting his ass fucked. LOVES 3P SANDWICH SEX! He may looks calm and and collected but actually, he's the most erotic out of the three. Although he is the oldest, he is Azusa's junior when he joined the company. Since the departments are separated, there is no hierarchical relationship, but he personally speaks to everyone in honorifics. He doesn't mind Kotake speaking without formality. MEGA TRACKLIST 1. Clothes! Food! Housing! Sex! (7:48) 2. 3P sex whenever those three gather together (14:25) 3. "Seeding" sandwich sex for overtime fatigue (12:30) 4. Day-off at the single employee dormitory (10:26) 5. Full body healing massage (15:06) 6. Three-way blowjob competition (7:57) 7. Luxury sandwich "goes all the way to heaven" (13:26) (Names of the tracks are my own translation) -------------------------------------- Finally a 3P erotic comedy work featuring my favorite seiyuus <3 I bought this before my hiatus announcement so I'd still upload once more Please support them by purchasing on DLSite if possible NO REPOSTING OR SHARING OUTSIDE OF YO Forum
  12. FM 24lip Vol.2 Planning Division, Secret Ecchi Guidance! ~Senpai and Kouhai Continuous Stimulateous Cum~ Story Amakawa Hina (cv: Amaoto), who works in the sales department of a certain FM station, has a certain problem. It's been a year since he has had a sexual life with his first boyfriend, yet he's still worried as he doesn't feel much pleasure from anal sex. Hina inadvertently reveals his worries to Kitamine Miki (cv: Akitsuki Yuto) of the planning department, who has many mysteries even within the station. Would Kitamine sacrifice himself for the sake of his cute junior and his own desires ...!? MEGA NO REPOSTING OR SHARING OUTSIDE OF YO Forum
  13. Synopsis "I-I'm still...a bad p*ssy...ah!! P-Please...correct me more!" A push-over "bad boy" catfishes a guy via dating app, but some kissing, hugging, and violation make him forget all about how this was only supposed to be a prank... A lovey BL situation vice with lots of kissing! * Secretly sadistic man x easy bad boy Characters Uke (bottom): Mizuki Yuzuriha CV: Sametaro Age: 22 Height;: 170cm Occupation: None As he was born as the third child in an elite family, he grew up without expectations or obstacles. Living in an apartment his parent's own, he even leaves all the cleaning to his housekeeper. One day, he tries to play a prank together with his friend, and encounters Fumitake (top), who ends up sexual training him into a good boy. He actually likes reading books, and wants to work in a book shop, but he hides those feelings while trapped in his frivolous lifestyle. Seme (top): Fumitake Kitai Age: 25 Height: 185cm Occupation: University PR for a large university, A handsome and charming man that works at a university, and is adored by many women around him, including students. After getting catfished by Mizuki via dating app, Mizuki says something that sets him off, and it brings out his sadistic side. He takes Mizuki to a hotel, and violates him. However, he becomes attracted to Mizuki's stubborn and young, immature nature. He's been dumped by previous girlfriend's for being too persistent and forceful in bed. MEGA [Credits] Cast... ... Sametaro (@sametaro0705) Illust... ... Urashima Subaru (@URASHIMA_ZZZ) Scenario... ... mtk (@bisyounennohiza) Audio Editing... ... Yubinii Production... ... tiutiu Ahhh I just can't get enough with bratty uke getting a reality check like this one Anyone wants to get the non-Sound Effect version of this CD, drop me a message and I'll send you a link DO NOT REPOST on any streaming sites. Have fun listening!
  14. Popular doujin artist Misaki thought he was arranging an offline sex meetup with a cute cosplayer that worked at his favorite maid cafe... But when he arrived at the hotel, there was a hot guy waiting for him instead... A cute and sensitive virgin otaku boy gets pleasure teased by his first boyfriend in this kiss-filled 18+ BL situation voice! * Contains lots of dirty talk. [Characters] - Misaki Sakuchi (uke) CV: Yuuto Akitsuki Age: 21 Height: 170 A popular androgynous otaku doujin artist who dreams of having offline sex with his female fans. - Keiji Mikimoto (seme - no voice) Age: 25 Height: 185cm An office worker with great looks, but a dry personality. Having lost his parents to an accident, he became attached to his little sister, and after seeing her chat with a suspicious guy (Misaki) online, he decides to meet up with them... MEGA [Credits] CV: Yuuto Akitsuki (@akitsuki_yuto) Illustration: Subaru Urashima (@URASHIMA_ZZZ) Scenario: mtk (@bisyounennohiza) Audio Editing: Yubinii Production: tiutiu https://twitter.com/tiutiubl Hello, it's ya girl Yaoyao!!! If you are not a fan of whiny uke then this is not for you. Also if anyone wants to get the non-Sound Effect version of this CD, drop me a message and I'll send you a link DO NOT REPOST on any streaming sites. Have fun listening!
  15. [Story] It's been just three months since Subaru Kashimoto started his job as an AD at local radio station FM24 The LIP. He's been very busy, but he's eager to go to work every day. At his welcome party, the station's director Minami hands him something... Will Subaru be able to keep quiet during today's broadcast? Maybe... if his chief director didn't have an "ON" switch. [Character] UKE: Subaru Kachimoto (CV: Sametaro) Age: 22 Height: 170 cm Occupation: Assistant Director The newest AD at the radio station. He's a bit clumsy at times, but everyone likes him thanks to his motivated personality. Although he has a crush on the chief director, he cannot take action well because he is a boss and Subaru is a subordinate.Yurine is always touching his butt. SEME: Toru Ikawa CV: None Age: 29 years old Height: 185cm Occupation: Chief Director of Production Department Chief director of a certain FM station. A refreshing young man who is popular with female staff, and he is also popular with male staff at FM station. He has been worried about the newcomer AD named Subaru recently, but he haven't been able to actively talk to him because of the same sex ... [Other regular character mentioned in Vol. 1] Yurine Minami (CV: ???- to be announced in the next volume) Age: ?? Height: 175 cm Occupation: Director A veteran director who has supposedly been with the station since its founding. He doesn't exactly live up to the legend... after all, the adult toys scattered around the station are mostly his. MEGA [Track List] Track 1 (Play: Object insertion) Track 2 (Play: Vibrator) Track 3 (Play: Masturbation, blowjob, fingering) Track 4 (Play: Masturbation, penetration, multiple orgasms) Track 5 Non-H content Now a few words from Yaoyao hehe~ This time tiutiu production has blessed us with a series called FM24 THE LIP and made the first volume free on DLsite! As a big fan of this circle, I hope to continue uploading the upcoming volumes ♥ NO REPOSTING OR SHARING OUTSIDE OF YO FORUM ENJOY!
  16. The popular idol "Hoshitani Sonon" is an orthodox idol who is well-behaved and has no scandal. His only secret is that he has an important boyfriend ... and ... he's still a virgin, but he's really naughty ...!? BL situation voice with plenty of secret kisses! ★ Total time 79 minutes !! TV station security guard x popular idol ■ Character Uke: Hoshitani Sonon CV: Isakichi Age: 24 years old Height: 180 cm Occupation: Idol A young man who started acting as a child shortly after birth and started idol activities in his late teens. He is polite and gentle, probably because his personality has been crushed by the industry. He knows nothing about being humble because he takes it for granted that he is cute and cool. He rarely made ordinary friends because he attended a school where many performing arts students attended when he was a student. For that reason, he longs for ordinary romance, and he decides to fall in love with the guard who happened to protect himself and to associate with him. However, in fact, there are various habits that are secretly hidden ... Seme: Araya Junya CV: None Age: 22 years old Height: 175 cm Occupation: Security guard He is a young man who works as a security guard for a TV station, and he is very ignorant of entertainers. He originally wanted to be a self-defense official, but he injured his leg and still wanted to do a job of protecting people, and he got a job as a security guard. One day, he encounters Sonon, who is being cornered by a crazy fan, and when he protects him, he falls in love with Sonon and takes a slightly aggressive approach. His hobbies are exercising and walking dogs on holidays, and since he started dating Sonon, he has been having more home dates with Sonon. ■ Synopsis Sonon Hoshitani, a young man who has been active as a talent shortly after birth and is now a popular solo idol who makes girls all over Japan flutter. Being honest, mild-mannered, and putting his fans first, he had two secrets that no one could tell. One is the existence of the first lover who started dating thanks to a crazy fan, and the other is ... I can't even tell my lover ... . The tendency of masturbation while thinking of him is increasing... MEGA OMG I DIDN'T EXPECT THIS CD TO BE THIS CUTE YET STEAMY? NO REPOSTING OR SHARING OUTSIDE OF YO Forum
  17. Yaoyao81

    Omorashi. - Bedwetting.

    This traumatized sex slave boy pees himself at night due to nightmares. A BL situation voice drama where beloved master 'punishes' him for bed wetting. MEGA Tracks: 00: Beginning 01: Toy 02: Irrumatio 03: Dry 04: F*ck me more 05: Cumshot CV: Kouto Shimamura Illustration: Ronk Planning: Carbohydrate A word from the seiyuu himself, please support him by purchasing his works on DLsite if possible ♥ He also plays Suzu in the third volume of Love Idol (uploaded by aoii_tori) NO REPOSTING OR SHARING OUTSIDE OF YO Forum
  18. Story: On a spring day, Soichi picks up a beautiful young man lying in a dust box in front of his apartment. While leaving the young man at home without asking about his circumstances, the young man who calls himself Kairi begins to show interest in Soichi's body. Soichi begins to see that Kairi resembles a cat he used to keep due some of his behaviors such as observing Soichi's morning wood, touching muscles, and showing a behavior that not anyone can see Kairi and Soichi gradually begin to get closer to each other, but Kairi has a secret ... Character: Uke: Kairi (CV: Amaoto) Age:?? Height: 175cm Occupation:?? On a windy day, a young man was picked up by chance. He has a unique sensibility, and he obediently explores what he is interested in. He's as free as a cat and doesn't say anything about himself, but as he spends time with Soichi, his feelings begin to change. Seme: Soichi Shimada Age: 27 years old Height: 185 cm Occupation: Office worker An office worker who work for IT companies. His hobbies are muscle training, futsal and physical activities, and he is very ignorant of art and culture. He has a passionate personality, and the reason he picked up the Kairi was "I couldn't leave him alone." At first he resisted Kairi's interest in his body, but as the young man touched his innocent heart, he was swallowed by the atmosphere and embraced Kairi body. MEGA (format: WAV, big file alert T^T) Yet another adorable uke voice done by Amaoto, the one who played Tsumugi-kun in the lastest BL doujin I shared with everybody :3 NO REPOSTING OR SHARING OUTSIDE OF YO Forum Enjoy!
  19. -Synopsis- In a laboratory where artificial life research is being conducted with the best of biotechnology, there is a talented but distant doctor. He created a pure and curious humanoid homunculus named 'No. 3'. The doctor teaches him various things such as licking, sucking, sucking, rubbing, handling, poking, panting... ! A horny and fun heartwarming sex life woven by a perverted doctor and No. 3 who loves him ! No. 3 CV: Akizuki Yuto A human-type homunculus created by genetic manipulation, following the Inco-type No. 1 and Cat-type No. 2. The apparent age is about 20 years old. Basic language learning is completed in the culture and training device (mother), but he has little general education and knowledge and believes everything that the professor says. Therefore, he has no shame in sexuality. He is curious about human activities that make him feel comfortable and happy. The doctor who created himself is called "Father". He started to learn "lie" and "shame" from the doctor who had a sense of crisis about the purity of No. 3, but he does not feel like understanding at all ! Father (Doctor) CV: None He became a biophysical chemistry doctor at the age of 20. A self-proclaimed genius and other-named madman metamorphosis doctor who has obtained various doctoral degrees in the field of chemistry. Currently single in his mid-30s. He has made unrivaled breakthroughs in his homunculus research, and has received a great deal of attention from domestic and foreign research institutes and religious groups, for better or for worse. The research itself is sparse because he is currently focusing on the education of No. 3. He can't handle a cute embarrassed face as it is for No. 3 who responds to any play without question Then, with a sense of crisis, it is a future task to help the child learn about lies and shame. MEGA TRACKLIST 1. You are my father? (5:52) 2. Please teach me about kissing (18:24) 3. Please teach me about ejaculation (22:35) 4. Please teach me about blowjob (16:14) 5. Please teach me about prostate orgasm (16:00) 6. Please teach me about sex (19:38) 7. Report learning progress to father (4:14) Hey hey hey~ Long time no see~~~ This CD is very easy to listen to even when u only have beginner-level Japanese REMEMBER! NO REPOSTING AND HAVE FUN LISTENING >v<
  20. [All insertions are dildos] This time too, we will deliver a full-fledged "Yuri" bl! Please fully enjoy Tsumugi-kun and Aoi-senpai, who are flirting with increasing volume! □ Character Tsumugi-kun (cv. Amaoto) A kouhai who loves sex His hobby is collecting adult goods, and he usually invites Aoi-senpai over to try them out. However, those goods quickly make him feel good and he can't keep up with Aoi-senpai. .. .. .. .. .. But he loves his senpai so he can't refuse Aoi Senpai (cv. Daisuke Shindou) Unfussy older sister senpai A fluffy character who's a senpai at work but calls himself "Aoi" at home He feels good once the toy's switch is turned on. In the middle of his naughty plays, he isn't aware of his surroundings and he will play with Tsumugi-kun with pleasure MEGA □ Recorded track title (1) Nyan Nyan in a punishment game 11:25 (2) Nyan Nyan Playing doctor 16:41 (3) Nyan Nyan Hot lotion 14:35 (4) Nyan Nyan teeth brushing play 14:50 (5) Nyan Nyan at a love hotel 18:21 Bonus Announcement Drama Voice am + pm Total 2:44 NO REPOSTING Enjoy listening!
  21. The after story of the BL voice drama "LIPonLIP vol.3" Includes two tracks, one with Shinobu x Ataru, and another with Kiyochika x Ataru The main story was quite series, but this after story contains some details about sad past conflicts, and a higher degree of lovey-dovey. [Track List] Track1「とある小説家の恋」CP:大神清親×紫月陽 Track2「Spring has come」CP:狐塚忍×紫月陽 MEGA file format: .wav Main story CD uploaded by hoanequin92 First time uploading here : D Since I bought this on DLsite with my own money, please do not repost on any streaming sites. Have fun listening!
  22. Story A 30-year-old man got summoned to another world to become the healer for that world's hero. But the method of healing is sexual intercourse??! Character Nakadera Takahiro (CV: Abismo Guerrero) Almost 30 years old A bright man who doesn't hesitate to speak his mind. He has a longing for another world, partly because he was an avid gamer during university time. Yuusha - Hero (CV: Yamaguchi Kazumasa) 30 years old The hero in another world. Currently on a quest to defeat Demon King. A man who can pass any challenge if he wants. He possesses excellent magic and physical strength. Has interest in Takahiro. Saint (CV: Inugami Au) Looks like she's in her 20s. The one who summoned Takahiro for the Hero. She's a solid person, but she likes to look at the sight of Takahiro succumbing to the Hero's hand while peeping in the dark. MEGA DO NOT REPOST on any streaming sites. Have fun listening!
  23. [Chara & Cast] Takahiro Nakadera: Abyssmo Guerrero 30 years old (one year after the previous work) A bright man who doesn't hesitate to speak his mind. He returned to the real world once because the hero defeated the Demon King in the previous summons. He was prepared because the previous hero was forcible, but this time the hero seems to be kind and he's in trouble because he can not grasp the pace. Hero: Ataru Aoba Late 20s A brave man chosen in a different world 200 years later. He has good physical strength and swordsmanship, but has little magical power, and if he uses too much magic, he will collapse. He longs for the existence of Takahiro, whom he heard from the saint, and he pretends to be gentle, Yandere. Saint: Inugami Au 20's A woman who summoned Takahiro for a brave man. She's a solid person, but she likes to look at the sight of Takahiro succumbing to the Hero's hand while peeping in the dark. She seems to be the same in her appearance because she is a saint in the world 200 years later. MEGA DO NOT REPOST on any streaming sites. Have fun listening!
  24. "I've never cried in my life, and yet I am now... How did you do this with your touch alone? I want more... teach me more... there's so much I don't know." [Characters] Chiya (18) - CV: Akitsuki Yuto 167cm Occupation: Shrine assistant An orphan raised his whole life to be a sacrifice for a god in a village that still practices the old traditions. Thanks to essentially being treated as a sex slave, he sees himself as inherently impure. The only thing that keeps him going is thinking of the day he'll finally be at peace, the day of his sacrifice. He doesn't often display emotion unless he's being used for sex; that's when he moans loudly. His emotions start to return to him after the Moon God ends up not devouring him. The Moon God (appears about 20) - no voice 190cm Occupation: God A misanthropic local god. Even though the village he protects still clings to tradition, many are still moving away and belief is growing worryingly thin. After 20 years without a sacrifice, he instead takes pity when Chiya is presented to him, and decides to treat Chiya like a real spouse. He usually takes human form, but when he gets emotional he'll forget himself and change into a beastly shape. He's returned all previous sacrifices to the village, or sent them to the next town over. [Story] In the modern era, belief in the gods of old is waning. But in a certain rural village, traditions still live on. A young man named Chiya has been chosen as a bride (really a sacrifice) for the local deity. Abandoned in front of the village gates since birth, he was picked up and subjected to endless sexual abuse. His only hope was that one day he'd be devoured by the deity. But when that day comes, he's moved by the spirit's plight, and his feelings begin to change. MEGA (decryption key is in the hidden contents bellow) [Track List] Track 01 (04:55) Track 02 (13:42) (Kissing, blowjobs) Track 03 (20:41) (Masturbation, handjob) Track 04 (27:06) (Half beast transformation, creampie) Track 05 (23:57) (Display, sex, creampie) Track 06 (20:12) Hey guys, it's Yaoyao. I'm back with another amazing work by Akizuki Yuto. Man this one is a true tear-jerker *sob* Also please pay attention to how Chiya's voice changes from his first encounter with Moon God to the moment he finally learns what true love is *wink wonk* You know the drill, NO REPOSTING anywhere. I don't want to be discouraged from sharing with you guys at all ; v ; Have fun listening!
  25. Yaoyao81

    Zutto Zutto Daisuki Deshita

    Story One week before the graduation ceremony. Seiichi and Kei are alone in the seminar room. "You're very good at this, Seiichi. Maybe ... Have you had experience doing this with a man before?" "I'm embarrassed ... Me, doing such thing ... Ah ..." ----------------------------- Seiichi was invited to the company by a senior whom he had a relationship with only once in the past. A voice that can be heard by Seiichi, who worked overtime until midnight when creating a rough draft: "While being embraced by me, just call name as usual." "Seiichi ... I ... like ... you ... I...want ... you" "Shut up, I'm the one who's having sex with you right now, Kei! Look at me ... " Seiichi accidentally witnessed the whole thing . "Kuraki senpai ... I ... I ... I!" ------------------------------------------------------- Character introduction Yokoyama Seiichi Male / 28 years old / Interior designer Attribute: UKE CV: Akizuki Yuto ---- A designer who is buried in the talents of the surroundings is thinking about changing jobs. Kuraki, whom I had a relationship with only once in college, called me to work at his design office. Kuraki Kei Male / 30 years old / Interior designer / architect Attribute: SWITCH CV: Koto Nagatsuka ---- A young and well-known designer in the interior industry. He can't forget Seiichi, who had a relationship with him when he was in college, and he still thinks of Seiichi Terashima Hajime Male / 30 years old / Architect Attribute: SEME CV: Fukumitsu ---- Kuraki's close friend for 10 years and a good partner for work. When Kuraki became independent, he decided to quit the company he was working for and work with him. Yoko Terashima Female / 25 years old / Clerk CV: Erika ---- Hajime's younger sister who works at Kuraki's design office. MEGA [Included contents] ■ Sound: Sound effect 48kHz mp3 ■ Illustration: Jacket illustration (with and without logo) )       Icon illustration (only without logo) ■ Please read first (text memo) Helloooooo~! I'm back with another goodies from DLsite. This is the debut work as a starring role of my favorite seiyuu, Akizuki Yuto He's the one who plays crybaby Misaki in Sensitive Boy Gets Punished for His Interest in IRL S*x DO NOT REPOST on any streaming sites! Have fun listening!
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