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TAG, You're it!

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Tagged by Saga


1. Saga is my supermod


2. Saga worked on the Junjou project with me


3. Saga is born in the same month as me


4. Saga likes spying on me when I create designs (or so Saga said XD)


5. Saga gave me the idea to 'take my revenge' this way :p


I tag: Yojichan, Hama71, kyuhyun24

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i though you should talk about yourself key.. and not about saga.... hahha

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I was taged by Cherry.

1. i am a girl

2. i love chocolate

3. like wake up late

4. love summer and the sea

5. actual checking 9GAG


I tag: Paul, Hime, Aoi

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Oh my! So many facts to list, and that equal to.... (counts up people plus 5 facts each) 15! Oh boy....


First, I was tagged by Key:


1. I live in the united states.

2. I have lived outside the country before. (Ahh~ lovely place)

3. I have 3 half-siblings, all 9 years older and beyond than me.

4. Have lots of friends who are older than me.

5. Have a recipe that all my friends call "famous" which is my version of blueberry muffins. (now I want one. TT~TT)


Then, I was tripped into falling by animelenik(just kidding~):


6. My favorite genre of music that I listen to is rock, alternative, metal, and J-rock.

7. Currently a lovely female, but just loves to dress like a guy.

8. At the moment, I am not in love, but I like both genders.

9. My favorite holiday is Halloween because 1. I get a giant load of candy and 2. I just like to scare people on that day.

10. I am currently teaching myself Japanese from my cousins textbooks that she had in college.


Phew.... Just a couple more....


Lastly, I got thrown underneath the bus by Yurusumaji (just kidding~):


11. I have learned the saxophone since the 5th grade, learned how to play the violin when I was 11, and currently teaching myself how to play guitar. (slowly losing my fight to keep up!)

12. I have tried put for all of my school's theatre projects, but didn't make it into any. TT~TT

13. I am in my school's theatre tech crew, and learned how to use a nail gun for the first time. (YAY!)

14. Currently writing my own book called Broken Butterflies, and I am almost done with chapter 3.

15 .I have a gaiaonline account with the username vampireluvr97. (come friend me. :])


Alright, that's it for now, but til then-

C'Mon! I Choose You! -

Animelenik (for being the first to tag me)

Mitsukuni (I've seen you around, but I don't know much about you.)

Yurusumaji (because I felt like it)


Have fun guys!

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I was tagged by 현애 first:


1. I live in Arizona in the United States

2. My 22nd birthday was two days ago

3. I'm going to college to become an Archaeologist

4. I've always wanted to play in snow but it doesn't snow where I live

5. I recently started roleplaying for the first time and I am addicted


Then I was tagged by Nezumi:


1. I'm entering a cosplay contest at my college on monday

2. I hate America and American culture

3. I love to play my Xbox360

4. Sometimes I eat cake for dinner (like today lol)

5. I'm taking Kung Fu lessons


I tag:





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I have tagged by mangaaMaani (Thnk you )


1. I live n turkey but I was born in netherlands ^^


2. I have forgotten how to speak my mothertongue


3. My dreams s to become a english teacher or a korean transloter ^^


4.I like ice cream, cookies , junkfoood and more... but hate mushrooms :D


5.I hate doing cleeang or broom, to dust and more more :D :D


I tage in :

1.İvancedd (Because you are my new Friend HeHeHe )

2.Ajbro ( yo try it. it's fun Yeah )

3. -_Alice_-



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Oh boy... I was tagged by Saga, Bloodysadist, and Sailor Rishi.


1. At the moment I'm on yaoiotaku in class.


2. I am still attending middleschool.


3. I call my dad for monkey, cause karma is a bitch and now I am bullying him back for what he did when I was small. I am beating him,


4. I am a computer nerd, I play MMO's, internet 24/7.


5. I jealous of cute or pretty girls/boys.


6. I've attended ballet when I was 6 for a year, but what kind of shiz was that O__O;; learning how to sing daamn. >


7. I never get sick easily, only once had a virus/disease once in October and also on my birthday.


8. Orochimaru from Naruto is also having his birthday on my birthday but I am born on 11:30 PM in Japanese time I'm actually born on 28 October so actually on Kai's (GazettE) birthday :p


9. This is the first forum I ever been on for mooonths.


10. I am busy with my own manga :3 got to be yaoi,


11. I fall in first sight of love I noticed when I saw a girl on a festival... But I don't like to ''relationshippies' ;D


12. When I'm downstairs I walk to the toilet or open the fridge out of nothing. Brainfxck.


13. I like coffee with alot of milk.


14. I love vegetables and fruits.


15. I am a tomboy,


I tag: Saga, BloodySadist, SailorRishi.



I just love you all :p -payback time-

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Tagged by Rei... *__*


1 - I'm almost 30...

2 - My birthday is on the same day as Bella from Twilight, i used to be stalked by people cause the bday's the same and also the name's quite similar...*sigh*

3 - I love butter and bread... lol

4 - My favourite dessert is any kind, any form and way of making strawberry cheesecake...

5 - I'm gonna dye my hair blond soon... >>


Now for tagging...


Chiaki... Shirotsuki and wolfiechan ;p

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Guest FujoshiFTW

I hope I can come in :L


1. I'm actually a 13 year old girl that's currently in middle school. Yep.

2. Yes, I do have an account on AF...I'm not a traitor!

3. I need to sit with my legs crossed or else I'll get uncomfortable and start dozing off.

4. When I'm high on sugar I sleep.

5. When I'm not high on sugar I act like an immature child that's just gotten off of The Land of Ponies~


I tag: 현애, Key and hinata--chan

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I WAS TAGGED BY: Drkangel (SNEAKY! Beware of her.. once you invite her as a friend, you get tagged instantly! Hahaha.)


Five (5) Facts about Ced:



Fact 1 - I only joined This forum so that i could watch "Amphetamine". A friend told me to watch the movie so i Googled it. The only site that has a full subbed version was YO! But don't worry, i learned to love it here!



Fact 2 - I once got so drunk i was literally carried over the shoulder of one of my friends boyfriend to be taken outside the bar and taken home.


Fact 3 - Another drunk incident was when i was so drunk (AGAIN) at a party, and was given a shower by 2 of my friends plus 4 boys i just met at the party! I was butt-naked!!! Oh the shame!



Fact 4 - I made a deal with my female bestfriend, that i would marry her when we reach 40, and both of us has no stable relationship by then. And no, she doesn't mind that i'm gay. hahaha



Fact 5 - Whenever i go out for a movie, You'd see me eating a bag of Popcorn-flavored Jelly Bellies (Yes, They are Popcorn-flavored Jelly beans!) than actual Popcorn. It's just so yummy!



Now... who to tag?


I tag: Random people who's online! wahahahaha...


- Misaki-chan

- CamelliaMichaelis

- kimmerz000


Let's get to know each other a little better...


:hamtaro-005 (19):

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I was tagged by Yurusumaji :)


Alright then, here we go!


1. I have very strong instincts which border on psychic abilities.

2. I love to hike the mountains and hills and horseback.

3. I miss my childhood home and wish it still looked the same as back when I was little.

4. Healers and mediums have told me I have abilities to heal others.

5. I practice meditation to go so deep inside my own mind I can find memories of my past lives.


I usually don't talk about the whole psychic thing. Not everyone believes in that kind of stuff and it can freak some people out. :p


Now I shall tag






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I'm starting to wonder who is running out of facts on them.




:hamtaro-005 (8):

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Was tagged by Key


1: When getting to restless or frustrated I have a tendency to begin to clean or take the dishes


2: I'm turning 33 in april


3: I weigh myself 2 times a day


4: I don't like coffee, but drink lots of tea


5: I have a weakness for books, need to restrain myself so I'm not buying to many books each month.


I tag: Key, misakixusagi and Michaelis_sebby

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Tagged by °•Hizaki•°

1. I don't think I have Hizaki in my friend's list. =/

2. Hizaki liked my drawings XD

3. Hizaki was the first on YO to ask me about deviantart.

4. I like Hizaki's humor.

5. I think I found a new way to sneak away,lol.



You disliked my idea about revenge? It's like taking revenge on one who's tagged you. (:


I tag: Nezu,Cherry,Bel

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I was tagged by Rei and Amander123


1. I'm 21 years old

2. I'm an Aquarius

3. I live in Europe

4. I study Iterior Design

5. I caught a cold yesterday and now I keep coughing, so, writing this post took me more than 10 minutes hehe


I tag: DarkDjinn53, EvilVampKittyOfDoom, 382wish

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I tagged by Darkanqel, again.... :) (But still thank naomi for tagged me... )


1. I really sucks in sport --;;;

2. I have scar in my knee (both knees, because of my "clumsy-ness" ^^)

3. I can't swim (Oh even though I love water so much, but when I'm in swimming pool I just can do 1 style of swim. That's "stone style swim"... :) )

4. I love meat, chicken, fish & seafood but I can't eat duck & pork

5. I don't like horror movie (don't ask why, cause I'm not ready to see real ghost in real life & I never ever plan to do it in my life...)


Next my turn to Tagged then, I choose :

- Yojichan (again, cause I craving more about yojichan... ^^)

- yuri_chan246 (yuchan, I tagg you this time... ^^)

- Reiln (momo-chan, I want to know more about you... )

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@saga ohhh it was a revenge?? haha. funny!


so... i was tagged by saga...


1 i almost broke my finger on the car's door

2 im so cold that i had to miss job today

3 i have a nauthy tumblr

4 i need to improove my grades at financial class...

i have a lot to study but my head aches


i tag... hmm... bridget, yojichan and emizea

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I was tagged by Miro...


I love to read fantasy books.

I am a chocoholic. I don't care about other sweets just give me chocolate.

I am blonde but right now my hair is black and purple.

I have 12 ear piercings.

I love to spend many many hours surfing the web.


I tag babysky_intheice, panda16, Miro

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@ Saga

-voldemort- ... Clever... Clever, but beware...




I got tagged by Nicicia. lool.


1. A girl in my class whom I don't like sent me a lyrics of my real name on my mail, my payback was sending her a blue waffle picture.


2. I traumatized my whole previous class with let them search "Glans" (It means shiny in Dutch), and yeah y'know...


3. My sweet uke clicked thousand times on the same link named "Lemonparty"

I am.... I am... mother of the "karma is a bxtch" goddess!!!

4. I was the first one who asked Saga's dA here on YO.


5. I like Nicicia's drawings :3.

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Thanks for the drawing compliment. Cheers! :D

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Tagged by cherryyuri




1: My original hair colour is blond, but always dyes it


2: I have been going to Jazz ballet when I was younger, and for around 10 years


3: I have 6 piercings and 1 tattoo


4: I'm not so good with dogs (even that they always seems to like me, even that I don't want to have anything to do with them)


5: I love to workout at the gym and keep myself fit


I tag Phong Y, YAO(H)I_lover and rikucchi

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I was tagged by (BRIDGET and YAO(H)I_lover) so 10 this.....................oh my!



1) I have 3 sisters and 1 bro and every one are so older than me

2) I love Black, half of my clothes r black :D

3) I rarly fight fist by fist with people

4) I was ganna get kidnaped when I was a little, but my sister pulled me back at the last minute O,O

5) I'm VERY lazy person ~


6) I'm shy person

7) I'm very curuis person, but I do my best to control it so I don't annoy people

8) I'm 156 cm , very short I know =,=

gosh I'm running out of things!!~


9) haha when I was a little (around 6 or so) I peed in a Cola bottel and gave it to my older cusin XDD

god I can't forget her face when she tasted it XDDD

10) when I was a little I fall from the beganing of stairs to the end of it and I just got a little scratch !!!!


well, now time to TAG >:D Muaha


I tag dhi taemin

and cherryyuri




:D love u guys, so forgive me ~

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ok.. mixlol tag me


1 i never dyied my hair.

2 i keep sayin i will, but i never actually did. haha

3 i love kokeshis

4 i love watches

5 i'm done with facebook


i tag.... ueda_angel, brohne and KoreWaWatashiDesuXI

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I was tagged by Vampireluvr97 ^^


1) The first thing I notice about a person is their hair.

2) I really want to learn how to drive a motorbike but my parents are against that.. >_>

3) I don't like having my picture taken >.

4) Most people may not know this, but I actually smile a lot! except for the camera.. Evil O_o

5) I have scars and proud of it! XD


Now I tag.. Xyui-chan, Stranger000 and Saga.

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I was tagged by Jun "LAST_SKY",..(Thanks Jun, you always rock me out\m/,)..


Facts about Igo:(well Im Just going to write some necessary info about my existence..hahahha),.


1. IGO is a Filipino Citizen, a Junior architect and a designer. ( Since birth I love arts, that is my way of expressing my emotions, my fear, my anger, my boredom, my tension, my inspiration and whatsoever. This is my strength. The very usual thing about myself but very different for others.


2. IGO hates COCKROACHES. Any kind, size, color, texture of that freakin' creature will definitely annoys me. I hate it and I dont love fighting with them,.. They sucks!!!O___O,..


3. IGO Dances: Whatever beat, wheresoever place,, I dance as long as my atoms move into that groove!! I can rock the dance floor!!!^____^,..


4. I Imagine: CQ or Creativity Quotients is my foremost ability. Prior to that is my ability to conceptualize through my mind!!^^,...


5. I LOVE GOD!!!, GOD LOves Me So I Love HIM Too!!!^____^,..


(theres a lot of things to write but I dont have the luxury of time right now to type all of those. I am freakin tired because of work,..hehehehhhe,..^______________^,..So GoodNight!!^_____^,V

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