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Dangerous Truth

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It's a story about few detectives and one young boy,who is the key for a big case - Hwanhee's dead.

Ji Woo have to find that boy (Kim Seung-Woo) and to protect him,because the Korean mafia and the police want him dead. Why? Because Seung know too much about them.

In the same time the Japanese detective Otabe Mikado (who is Hwanhee's friend) want to find what really happened two years ago,when his friend and Ji Woo had a mission to find out for who are working some Korean mafia guys.But in the end they understand that these guys are working with the police in Korea.

Now two years later Mikado reopen this case again,going to find Ji Woo,but if he would be able to catch him?

What really happened that day,when Hwanhee died and if he really died?

Who is in real boy Kim Seung-Woo? And why the Korean police is afraid of him?

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As you may already know,the old fition system is back again,so I'll post the chapter here one more time.


Chapter 1: The case is reopened.


-Summer 2012-


"Ruun!They are already behind us!"


"I can't...My legs...are hurting me so badly..."


"Take a deep breath and continue!Come on Hwanhee."


"I'm sorry...Please leave me behind and run,Ji Woo."


"Forgive me..."






"Ha-ha-ha,don't worry about me,but...Find him,okay?He is our last hope and you know that..."




-Two years later.Tokyo,Japan(Tokyo's police central office)-


"Give me the documents about the case.We need to find that guy."-Mikado,detective.


"But,Mikado..you know it's too dangerous.Why are you still working on that case?Two years already passed."-Yukiko,secretary in the police office and Mikado's best friend.


"Why?Hwanhee was my friend.He was one of the best detectives in Asia,but someone killed him.I still remember his message":


'Not everything is like you think.In Korea are happening strange things now.I think that the police is helping them.'


"But he was with that detective...Ji Woo,right?But now Ji Woo desappeared?Don't you think that...he may be the one who killed Hwanhee?"-Yukiko asked.


"No...it can't be him,I'm sure.But really you're right...He desappeared right after Hwanhee's death...We have to find him!"-two years Mikado was working on his friend's case.Someone killed him,when he and Ji Woo were on mission.

They had to find who is helping to some Korean mafia guys,but in the end,just before to send the information that these two detectives found,the one of them was killed and the other one - desappeared with the proofs.


"Are you crazy,Mikado?Do you have any idea what do you think to do?It's like to sign your own death!"-Yukiko shouted.


"Because of it I'll go and search him alone.It'll be too dangerous if and the both of us go and search him."-Mikado explained.


"You such an idiot..Here the documents!Wish you luck with this crazy mission..."-after these words,Yukiko threw the paper with the documents and leaved.





"Hey,You are Ah Fu,right?"


"Yeah,but who are you?"


"Ji Woo,I'm Hwanhee's friend and I'm here to find some information about this guy." Ji Woo showed a photo with a young boy on it.It was the same boy that he had to find now.


"I don't know him."


Ji Woo grabbed the other male by the shirt,placing a knife on his neck.


"Think again.Are you sure you don't know him?"


"I...I...saw him!But...he..leaved...I..think he is in Japan now"


"You think or you're sure?"


"I'm sure!I'm sure! He is in Japan now."


"Where in Japan?What is his name?"


"Kyoto...his name...Kim Seung-Woo"


"If anyone come and ask for me or that boy...tell them that you don't know anything.Or I'll make sure to come and kill you immidiately" After these words,Ji Woo disapeared again.





"Oi,you the boy with the glasses!" few boys who were near Kim Seung-Woo's age sreamed.


"What?I told you that I won't give you money." Kim Seung said,didn't even facing the other boys.


"Bastard!You'll face us when we are talking to you!"one of the boys shouted again,running to hit Seung.But he without even turning to see the boy,knocked him down.


"Whatt!!" and the other boys ran to Kim Seung,but no one even touched him.The first boy where on the ground after being pushed against the wall.The second was trying to breath after a hard kick in the stomach.

And the last one - the leader was laying on ground and Seung's foot was on his face.


"So?Did you learn your lesson?Tell your friends from the other schools that if they come near me - I'll kill them!"-Seung shouted.


"I...want to know something..?Why did you came back?" the leader asked.


"For revenge." the young boy answered and kicked the other boy right in the back,then disappeared in the dark.

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Chapter 2: Running against the wrong person.




"Otabe Mikado,right?"


"Yeah and you have to be Jun Yong Hwa?"


"The same.So what are you doing here?Already three years passed after our last meet"


"I'm here about the case with Kim Hwanhee."


"What??Isn't it already finished case?"


"I reopened the investigation.And because of it,I'm here to find some information and you're the only one who I can ask."


"I want to see the ordinance,because if it was really like that - the Korean police had to be the first one who would understand about that."


"Here it is.Now do you believe me?"


"Okay,okay so what information are you searching?"


"About Ji Woo.I have to know wher is he now?Can you help me to find him?"


"Ji Woo?But he desappeared after Hwanhee's dead right?"


"Yeah,because of it I need information about him.Every single thing that can help me to find him.I'm begging you...Help me!"


"Okay,okay.I'll try to find something.Give me one day and you'll have the information."



-On the next day-


"Here the information,but you better here up.He was in Taipei,Taiwan few days ago.Go and search someone named Ah Fu."


"Thank you very much for the help."


Now Mikado had to start searching Ji Woo again.He was hoping that at least the other detective would be here,but no.He had no idea were Ji Woo would be now.

Just when Mikado turned to go and catch a taxii for the airport ran against against someone.It was a tall guy with silver hair.


"EXcuse me" the silver haired man said,ready to continue,but Mikado grabbed him by the shoulder.


"Ji Woo?" he asked.


Hearing his own now the silver heared guy,pushed away Mikado's hand and started to run.


"Wait!Stop!I'm detective just like you!Hey!" Otabe screamed,but Ji Woo continued to run,but Mikado started to run as well.The one was trying to catch the other,but the other was doing his best to escape.


"I'm sorry" Mikado run against an old woman.Soon the both reached the airport.Ji Woo went entered in it,going right in the wc.He looked the door and opened the window inside it and went out.

When Mikado broke the door it was too late.For few seconds he missed the other guy.


"DAMN!!" Otabe was really pissed off.What should he do now?The detective washed his face,looking at the mirror.He was looking so bad,because he couldn't sleep these few days.But he even tried to - he was dreaming Hwanhee's message.

Mikado looked for a moment the ground and saw a photo.Lifted it and what to see?There was a boy short brown hair around fifteen years old.On the back of the photo there was a name: Kim Seung-Woo.


But who was he?It couldn't be Ji Woo's soon,because he was only 26 years old.But then who?Maybe he was the key for this case.Here it was,the new mission - to find this boy.

Mikado had to call to Yong Hwa again.


"Yeah?" Yong Hwa answered.


"I need your help again.Can you find information about Kim Seung-Woo."


"How..?How do you know that name??Soory I can't help you about that.Please just don't ask about him anymore.He is..."before to continue Yong Hwa closed the phone.


"Oh?What were you going to saw Detective Hwa?" a male voice asked him.


"I..I nothing really!Please forgive me,boss."


"Didn't I tell you long time ago to not help these Japanese detectives again?You saw what happened with Kim Hwanhee,right?"


"Yeah...I..I'm sorry."


"The next time,I won't forgive you boy.Now go to watch your own work and give me your phone."





-in the same time on the airport-


"One ticket for Taipei,Taiwan please."


"Wait a moment.Please tell me your name."


"Otabe Mikado."


"Here the ticket,mr.Mikado.The fly is going after wo hours,please wait there."


"Thank you."

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Chapter 3: What I'm supposed to do now?




It was already the next day.Mikado just arrived in Taipei,but the problem was that he had no idea where to search Ah Fu.He didn't even know how that guy looked like.

Thanks god that at least he knew a little Chinese and it would be easier to find search information about him.


"Excuse me." Mikado stopped in from of a small shop.


"Come in,boy." an old woman said from inside.


"Good Afternoon,madam."Mikado greeted,entering in the shop.


"What would you like?" the old woman asked.


"I need some information.Do you know a guy maned Ah Fu?" Mikado asked.


The old woman looked at him a little surprised.She grabbed him by the hand and went to a small room,inside the shop.


"Why are you searching him?" she asked,while closing the door behind her.


"I have some questions to ask him."


"Are you friend of Hwanhee?You came here to ask about that boy right?"


"What do you mean?What boy?"


"Kim Seung-Woo,but let me tell that he is in danger,because of these Korean mafia guys."


"Kim Seung-Woo?You mean that guy?" Mikado showed the photo that he found.


"Yeah,it's him.You have to find him,if you are Hwanhee's friend.Please find that boy,before him."


"Who?What does that boy know?"


"Yong Hwa.You have to find Seung-Woo before him or everything..."-before to finsh her words,the old woman fell on the ground.


"Madam!Madam!" Mikado screamed,but when he touched her head - she was bleeding.Someone killed her,but who?Otabe saw one guy on the roof of the opposite building.

Mikado went out of the shop as fast as he could,but when he arrived on the place where he saw that guy - no one was there.Only a small message.


'If you continue with that mission the next one will be you.'





"So you saw him.How does he look like?"


"I don't know!I don't know!Just..he...he is really strong...My friends are in hospital now."


"I see.So the boss was right,we have to kill Kim Seung-Woo as soon as it's possible or 'that' guy will come.And then...we are dead"


"But how?I don't even know where does he live?If he lives alone?I know only his school."


"Then we are going in the school.Don't you know that there may happen some accident,like falling from the wondow or jumping ftom the roof,because you hate this world."


"Ah!Okay,okay.I'm going now to find my people and let's meet in front of the school."





"Yong Hwa!Your phone is ringing."


"Ah,yes.Detective Kim Yong Hwa on the phone."


"Good Afternoon,mr.Kim."


"You...Wait a minute." It was Ji Woo.Yong Hwa went out of the room,going out of the building,because he was afraid that someone may follow him.


"What do you want?" he asked when he was finally outside.


"I need some information."




"Kim Seung-Woo,you know him,right?"


"Look,why don't you just forget about that case and come back to work.Already two years passed,why are you still searching that boy?"


"Why?Ahaha..because of Hwanhee.You know better than anyone else that he is the proof that we need."


"I know,but...It's too dangerous,Ji Woo..."


"Look,just find some information,like where does he study or something and stuffs like that.I know that he is in Kyoto now,but how long will he stay...I have no idea.Because of it I have to hurry."


"But...the director..he cought me when I was searching information about Seung-Woo,yesterday."


"What?Why did you search information about him?"


"You know..that detective from Japan - Otabe Mikado.He wanted some information about you and that boy."


"What did you say??That...fucking detective!He was on way to catch me yestrday...Why did he even had to come..??"


"I told him that you may be in Taipei.Sio you better hurry up and go in Japan,before him to come back.Oh and he reopened the case with Hwanhee."


"Whaat!?Why?Is he crazy?If 'they' see that the case is reopened...'they' will go after me and Seung-Woo again."


"I know,I know.They will go and after me,because don't forget that I was the one who helped you two secretly,but in the end 'they' found somehow.."


"Ahh!That Idiot.After I find Kim Seung-Woo,I'll go and find that stupid detective as well."


"If you want,I can tell him about the plan...Because,Ji Woo,he can help us.No matter how funny it sounds,don't forget that he helped Hwanhee many times."


"Let's wait and see.You may be right,but after what happened,you know that I don't believe in anyone.I can't even believe in myself.I...I'm afraid that I won't be able to find Seung-Woo on time."


"Don't worry everything will be fine."


"I'll be waiting for information."


After these words Ji Woo closed the phone.But if he would be able to save Seung-Woo?




"Did you finish him,already?"


"He escaped,like Takeo said,he is really strong,chief."


"Hurry up and find him,because already two detectives are searching him.And the one - Ji Woo is coming in Japan soon."


"I understood.Please give us one day and Kim Seung-Woo won't be able to say anything again."


"I hope so."

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Chapter 4: Another victim.


-Taipei,Taiwan. 20:56,hotel "Taipei"-


In the end Mikado couldn't find who was the guy who killed the old woman,so he decided to rest for the night and to continue with the mission tomorrow.


"Good Evening,I want to book a room for the night." Otabe was already on the reception.


"Sure,mister.Please tell me your name and show your ID"


"Otabe Mikado.Here my ID"


"Otabe Mikado?Room 345,here the card for it.Have a nice time here,mr.Otabe"


"Thank you."


-in the room-


While Mikado was checking his email adress,he saw that yhere had message from Yukiko.


'You have to cme back as soon as it possible.The chief is really angry when he understood that you reopened Hwanhee's case.Also he want to work with the Korean police from now on.

Can you believe it?I think that something is happening here,but I don't know what.Please come back!




Mikado couldn't believe that his chief did something like that.To be one with the Korean police?It was unbelievable.Just when Mikado found a trace,he had to leave everything again.



-Kyoto,Japan 23:28-


Ji Woo was already in Kyoto.No matter that Yong Hwa didn't even sent him the information that he wanted,he has a feeling that something bad will happen.

Thanks god that it wasn't the first time that Ji Woo was in Japan and he knew few places where he could stay for the night.

Soon the detective was in front of a small traditional Japanese house.


"You're back." an young girl jumped on Ji Woo's neck,obviously happily to see him.


"Akiko,did you miss me?" the detective chuckled.


"Mm,without you around it really boring,but I knew that you'll come back."Akiko was 15 years old girl.She knew Ji Woo from one of him missions,where he was using her father as an informant.

Also he was using the house to stay in together with Hwanhee.


"Where is your father?" Ji Woo asked.


"He is...dead..-Akiko said starting to cry.


"Dead?But how? When?"Ji Woo was shocked.He felt that he lost his last hope to find Kim Seung-Woo now.Like someone was doing this on purpose.


"Two days ago...Few men went in the house....I...I remember that they were asking for someone,but my dad...he refused to answer and...and...they..killed him.-Akiko was still crying,squeezing Ji Woo's jacket.

The detective hugged her tightly trying to caml her down,but then he saw that the girl swooned in his hands.She was dying.Ji Woo saw a needle in her neck.


"Under...my bed...there is something...from..my dad." After these words,Akiko died.


"Thank you..."Ji Woo placed her on the ground for a while,going to find her killer,knowing that he was somewhere here.

After few minutes he found him,running and obviously trying to reach his car which was on few metres.Ji Woo started to run as well,soon catching the killer.


"So you're killing even children?"his gray eyes were lighting in the dark now.Such a cold and scary look that would make every single person to shiver from fear.


"Hahaha from when the detectives has feeling?" the other guy chuckled,taking out his gun.Ji Woo jumped back grabbing his own gun from the back of his pants.The both guys started to shoot each other,but unfortunately for the killer,Ji Woo shoot him.

After he went to see the other guy's phone and just then the phone rang.


"Oii,Okita!Where the hell are you?We are ready to go."-a male voice shouted.


"Okita is dead." Ji Woo hissed,then closed the phone.





"How is the mission going?Did you kill Kim Seung-Woo?"


"No,chief.Please wait just a little more."


"I understood that Ji Woo is going after that boy as well.Why?"


"He think that Kim Seung-Woo can help him,but I don't exactly know how."


"And about that detective...Otabe Mikado?"


"He want to find Kim Seung-Woo,because he think that the boy know everything about Hwanhee's dead."


"And you'll let him find that 'we' killed Hwanhee?"


"No,chief.I already sent few guys to kill Otabe Mikado and everyone who know something something about 'that day'."


"If something happen and Seung-Woo don't die - you'll take his place,understood?I want that boy dead as soon as possible.It took us already two years to find him."


"I'll do my best."

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Chapter 5: Finally found you!




"Yukiko,I just ariived in Japan where are you?" Mikado had to meet with his friend,but when he arrived the girl wasn't on the airport like she promised to be.

Strange,it wasn't typical for her,so the detective tried to call her,but she wasn't picking her phone.

Here just when he tried again,Mikado saw few guys in black walking all around the airport - something wasn't alright.In the same time his phone rang.


"MIKADO IT'S A TRAP,RU--..." It sounded like Yukiko's voice,but just before Mikado to ask anything,the person closed.


In the same time the men in black turned at Mikado and took out their guns - a trap,but from who?

Thanks god that Mikado could grab his gun on time and to shoot in the same time as the others.People were running all around the airport,screaming and crying.Other were praying for their lives and siome even ttried to leave the airport or to hide somewhere.

Most of the guys were killed by the detective.Now he was holding the only one who was still alive,glaring at him.


"For who are you working?"


"The chief wanted us to welcome you.Soon you'll understand who is he,but better firt think where to hide,beecause he won't leave you before to kill you." after these words the male died.A typical for these guys,Just before Mikado to ask him,he took a pill and now the result was another dead body in the detective's hands.





"Mom,no matter what happens,please take care,okay?" Seung-Woo said,running fast from the house.He knew that they were following him,so he had to escape,before to be killed.


"You think that you'll escape,little rat?" a male voice said,grabbing Seung by the shoulders and pushing him against the wall.


"Bastard,you better kill me now." Srung-Woo grinned.He wanted to live yeah,but seing that he was catched now and there was no one who could save him,he prefered to be killed.


"Sure as you wish.But first tell me something,what do you really know?"


"Me?Many things that you won't know in the rest of your life." Seung-Woo smirked,trying to hit the other male,but instead of that his head was hit in the wall and he swooned.


"You...." before to finish his words,someone shoot the male.It was Ji Woo.He finally found the boy that he was searching two years.


"And I tought that you are strong." Ji Woo mumbled,while putting Seung-Woo in his car.


-Hotel "Guren"-


It was already night when Seung-Woo woke up.He touched his head - it was bandaged.He softly got up,searching to see if he was alone in the room.


"Are you awaken already?" Ji Woo was sitting on the sofa right under the window with a glass with wine.


"Uh yeah.Thank you for the help.Um..but who are you?" Seung-Wopo couldn't really see the other man,because it was too dark in the room.Only the moon light was shining.


"Ji Woo,Park Ji Woo and you are Kim Seung-Woo right?"


"Ji Woo?Aren't you...that detective's friend?I think his name was...Hwanhee?"


"Yeah,I'm Hwanhee's friend.But wait don't you know that...he died?"


"Whattt? But how?When?He...he...could help me!Now..I....I'm all alone...What should I..." Before to finish someone shoot and broke the window.


"DAMN!They found us!Come here,we have to run." Ji Woo shouted,but Seung-Woo didn't even want to move.


"No.I'll stay.It's better to be killed now." he said.


"STOP BEING IDIOT!"Ji Woo grabbed the young boy by the hand and forced him to leaved the room and to go in the car,but was it even possible to run from "them"?




Mikado was hiding in an old and obviously leaved house now.He tried to find Yukiko,but unfortunately he couldn't only a message were left in his mail again.


'Go in Kyoto and find Kim Seung-Woo.He is in danger.



So now Otabe had to go in Kyoto?He couldn't do anything so he just went as fast as he could but this time in the bus station and took a ticket for the bus.Soon he had to be in Kyoto,if everything was okay.

The detective had enough time before to leave Tkyo,so he decided to change his look.He went to a hairdresser and changed his hair color from dark to blod one.Also he cut it a little.Ten went to buy some clothes and threw his usual ones.


-Kyoto,Japan,"Gigoku" forest=


"What are we doing here?It's even more dangerous then these who are following us here." Seung-Woo shouted.This forest was too scary right now,when it was night it was looking like real "Hell".Because of it the name was "Gigoku" - Hell.


"Don't tell me that you scared?" Ji Woo joked with the boy.He knew that near them had a house,but in this darkness was difficult to be found.Of course Seung-Woo didn't even answer to the question,but it was truth - he was scared.

But not scared from the house,no matter how dangerous it looked,but scared what will happen if "they" find him?What will happen with him after that?Few hours ago,he was on way to be killed and that made him even shivering just from remembering how close he was to the death.

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Chepter 6 : "Lotus" is moving again.



-Kyoto,Japan - forest "Gigoku"-


"Where are they?"


"I can't see anything,because of the darkness here,but I think they were there few seconds ago."




"I'm sorry,sir.Please,don't get mad.We'll find these bastards."


"Like you don't know that the one of them is Ji Woo.We have to be even more careful now."


"Sir,let me ask you something?"




"Why are you that afraid of that guy - Ji Woo?"


"Afraid?Ahahaha don't make me laugh please.I just hate that guy."


"Should I ask why then?"


"It's non of your business.Now go and find these two."


-in the old house-


"They will find us soon.What should we do?" Seung-Woo was really scared.


"Look,can you just shut up for a moment?I'm trying to connect with someone." Ji Woo was with a phone in his right hand and in the other hand with a gun.


"Ahh,Yong Hwa!" Finally he could call him.


"Um,Ji-Woo?Why are you calling me?"


"I need your help.Do you remember..." the phone was closed.Ji Woo took a deep breath,squeezing the phone.


"You!" he pointed Seung-Woo.


"I'll help you to escape.You have to find a guy named "Mikado".He is a detective like me and will help you."


"But how?...Uh..where to find him?"


"He'll be here soon.When you find him...tell him that "Don't truth in the police.They are working with a terroristic group called "Lotus",it's not only the mafia that is involved in this game."


"What will happen with you then?"


"I have no idea,but remember don't trust in anyone,because Lotus has people everywhere and if they find you - you're dead."


After these words,Ji Woo helped to Seung-Woo to leave the house,giving him his cellphone and a gun.After he was sure that the boy leaved the forest without any problem he came back to the house.


"Well,well...And if it isn't our best friend Ji Woo?" someone said behind the detective's back,placing a gun against his head.


"So you are alive after all?" Jin Woo chuckled.


"Of course.Don't tell me that you thought you can kill me that easy."


"Ahaha,yeah I thought exactly that.Unfortunately I couldn't kill you two years ago,but now..." The male didn't even wait to hear what did the other was trying to say and hit him with the gun,making him swoon.


"You'll see what a real Hell is,Ji Woo."


In the same time Kim Seung-Woo was already on the road,tired from all the running and with a gun in hand.He didn't even know where to go now.What to do?Who was Mikado?Where could he find him?And how?

Here a big truck was coming and Seung-Woo decided to stop it.Thanks god the truck stopped and Seung-Woo went in,first thinking to use the gun,but seening that there was just an old male-he hide his gun.


"Where do you want to go boy?" the old male asked.


"I...don't know.I don't have a place where I can really go..."


"Then come at my house.Don't worry I won't hurt you."


'Don't trust in anyone.' 'Lotus has people everywhere'.No,Seung-Woo couldn't trust this guy.


"No,thank you." was the only thing that the student could say now.


"Then where to leave you?" the old man smiled,but something in this smile said that Seung-Woo have to run out from here,


"Aa,here.Here is alright."


"Are you sure?"




"Okay,then...bye bye Kim Seung-Woo." the old man took out a gun and set it on Seung-Woo,but before to shoot the student took out his gun and shoot the old man.


-on Kyoto's airport-


Mikado finally arrived in Kyoto.It was midnight,but still it was full on the airport.Before to do anything,Otabe wanted to be sure that no one is following him.He placed his black sunglasses and touched his gun - like he was on operation.

No one was there this time.Unfortunately the biggest problem was that Mikado didn't know where to find Seung-Woo.He didn't even know how does the boy looked like.Just a second after that his phone rang.




"Mikado,it's me Yukiko."


"Ehh?How are you?Is everything okay?"


"We don't have time.Listen Mikado,Seung-Woo is somewhere around the forest "Gigoku".I heard the chief to talk with these Korean guys from the police.Please go and find that boy,okay?"


"Thank you."


What would happen now?What would Seung-Woo do now?Alone and already feeling bad for killing a person?What happened with Ji Woo? And was it even possible for Mikado to find Seung-Woo?

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Chapter 7: Finally a trace.




"What happened with the boy?"


"He...he escaped."




"When we found Ji Woo,the boy wasn't there."


"So,you're telling that,that little bastard escaped again?"


"Yeah.We sent the old masn,to kill him,but...in the end Seung-Woo killed him."


"Wait,wait...Are you telling me that even that man is dead,because of Kim Seung-Woo?"


"Yeah sir.Please forgive us.I promise..."




"Hah,see I told you that I'll kill you if you don't kill that boy this time and I did it."


"Oi,you there...Call 'him' now."






Seung-Woo found a place were to stay for now.Under one old bridge near the town.The boy had to connect somehow with Mikado,but the problem was how?

He couldn't just go back in Kyoto ands ask every single person if they know that detective.So his last hope was,Otabe to find him first.


In the same time,Mikado went in one small hotel for the night.If he only knew how to find that boy?The detective decided to search tomorrow,he had to sle first.But was it even possible?

Now,when he was laying,Mikado remembered the old woman's words about Yong Hwa.What did she mean:

'Yong Hwa.You have to find Seung-Woo before him or everything...' Then,the detective remembered that someone killed her,after that someone tried to kill and him.

There had something bad in this story,but what?Mikado knew only one way to understand what was happening.He called Yukiko,hoping she would pick up her cellphone.Thanks god,that Otabe first changed his number and phone and now it would be a little bit difficult to find him.


"Amane Yukiko on the phone." Finally she picked up.


"It's me Mikado."


"What?TW4?" Yukiko had to use codes,because someone would be able to hear us.TW4 was the name that she and Otabe decided to use when they weren't alone.


"F7,R5,C8,IMB Kim Seung-Woo." Another code message 'Floor 7,room 5,computer 8,Information about Kim Seung-Woo.'


"ARC? Y?" 'Are you crazy?Why?'


"LD." 'It's on life and dead'.


"UWHIFM" 'You'll have the information in five minutes.'


"Wait! INIWHN" 'I need information where is he now.'


"YWHI" 'You'll have it'.


"Thank you,Yukiko." After these words Mikado closed the phone.




"Someone is in our sistem!"


"What do you mean?"


"Oh my gosh!It's Amane."


"We have to tell the boss."


"Are you crazy?We have to go and kill her,before the boss to understand.Other way we'll be the only ones that will be killed."


"Let's go."


-in the central room-


"Shitt! Just a little more,just a little more." Yukiko was already sending the information to Mikado.Just 5% more and everything would be sent.But there,just when 1% left,she heard some steps coming from the corridor,

Amane took off her gun and hide behind the door,ready to shoot.


"Are you sure that she is here?"


"Of course.I saw it,I told you."


"But I don't see.." before to finish his words,Yukiko shot and the both guys.She went to check if the information was sent successful.Everything was ready,but now Amane had to delete every single information that would tell the boss that she was searching something in the server.




Mikado checked his email and saw that the information is sent.Thanks god,now he could find Kim Seung-Woo.


'Lonely bridge,near 'Gigoku' forest.'


Mikado didn't wait too much and took his jacket and leaved the hotel.It was already time for meeting with Seung-Woo.Otabe just hoped that the boy would be there,because other way - he had to start everything again.And he knew that this time he couldn't ask Yukiko for help,because now she was in danger like him.

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Chapter 8 : It's too late.




"Is he still alive?"


"Yeah,the boss told us to not kill him,yet."


"Of course he would say something like that.After all Ji Woo is his favorite toy."


"What do you mean?"


"Didn't you know? Ji Woo was in Lotus before."


"Eh?You're joking,right?"


"Hahaha,how can I joke about something like that?"


"But why did he leave then?And why is he still alive?He is betrayer after all."


"After Hwanhee's dead,Ji Woo disappeared and no one could find him.But even if someone did so - Ji Woo killed him."


"Is he that strong?"


"He had to become the new boss soon.Do you think that he isn't strong?"


"What? The new boss?But then again comes the question - why did he leave?"


"Because...we killed Hwanhee and to take his revenge,he killed the boss's father."


"What?He killed him?Waa he surely is scary.But now he is in our hands and we can kill him,right?"


"Don't even try it.No matter that we catched him - it's Ji Woo after all.You have to expect everything from him."



-in the place where was Ji Woo-


"Boss you came."


"How is he?"


"No matter that we beat him that badly,he still refuse to say where is Kim Seung-Woo."


"Give me the injection then."


"Yes sir."


Ji Woo was chained for the ceiling,his body hanging.He looked terrible - his body was covered with blood.But he knew - even if he had to die here,he shouldn't tell anything about Seung-Woo and also he knew that Mikado,will find him,so the boy would be feeling better with him.


"Well,well are you awaken,Ji Woo?"


The detective opened lightly his right one,to see who was talking. Yeah,it was him - the boss.


"I understood that you still refuse to tell us where is the little boy,eh?"


The only thing that Ji Woo did was to spil some blood on the boss's face.


"You're the same and that's really bad.Even before you was so free minded.That's the reason why Lotus didn't want you."


"Like I..care about you...and your fucking...organization." Ji Woo whispered,because it was too difficult for him to talk normal in that condition.


"Yeah,because of it you went in the police,right?You thought that there we don't have people,eh little Ji Woo?Or wait..should I call you - Fang? Like when you were still in Lotus."


Ji Woo didn't answer.


"Ahaha,I'll help you to start talking,don't worry." After these words the boss,injected "The cursed serum" in the detective's body.





Seung-Woo was still under the old most bridge.He even was fallen asleep,after so many things that happened.While he was sleeping,he heard a car.It stopped right over the bridge.What should the boy do now?

If it was the guy that Ji Woo mentioned?Or these people that were chasing him? The young boy got up immideately,squeezing the gun.If it was necessary he would shot again,but before even to react,someone grabbed him by the shoulder.


"I found you."


Mikado was on way for the bridge.He couldn't stop thinking about that boy.If he was alright?If he was hungry?Is Ji Woo was with him?What should he tell him when he find him?

Finally the detective arrived.He went out of the car and started to search the boy,shouting his name and even going under the bridge to see if he wasn't there.

There was no one.Was he late again?If he was in the right place?But then,a second after he started to think all these things,he saw few guys coming to him.


"Are you Otabe Mikado?" one of the guys asked.


"It's depends on who is searching me." Mikado answered.


"We have a message for you."


"A message?"


"Yeah and it's really simple one - DIE." The guys ran to Mikado and there had started a big fight.It was really difficult to fight with such a good fighters like these guys,but Mikado somehow could beat them in the end.

He grabbed one of the males by the shirt,who was still alive and asked:


"Where is Kim Seung-Woo?"


"I wonder." the male grinned.


"I asked,where is he?" Mikado hit the guy in the face,then lifted him again.


"I won't tell you.."


"Aa,really?" Just before to hit him again,the male's phone rang.Mikado smiled and answered.


"What happened?Is he dead?"


"Aa,so you're the one who tried to kill me.Well,unfortunately,I'm still alive,but I can't say the same for your folks." Mikado shot the guy that didn't want to tell where is Seung-Woo and asked one simple question:


"Where is the boy?"


"If you want to find him,come in Korea,but better hurry up or the boy may be already..dead."


"What?Korea?Where in Korea?"


"Keep this phone.I'll call you when you arrive." few seconds after that the phone was already closed.

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It was an interesting chapter! I almost forgot about this story! It was really nice to read again a chapter! *_*

Mikado is playing the tough detective! I like his personality! :)

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@Aoi Aah,sorry just didn't have enough muse to write a good chapter ^^ But I'm back,ahah.

I'm really happy that you liked the chapter. ^0^

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It was funny when Mikado got the message. What a long message.. "DIE" lmao

Now he has to travel back to Korea.. things are getting interesting ;D

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Chapter 9: Fang is back?




"Tao,where is Ah Fu?"


"In the house,why?"


"He has to leave as soon as possible.Lotus is in the town."


"What?But why?"


"They are searching him.It seems that Mao and the others opened their mounths."


"So we are in danger as well?"


"Yeah,but I'm more worried about Ah Fu.Oh and he has a letter from a guy called Ji Woo."


"Ji Woo? Isn't he Hwanhee's friend?"


"Yeah,I think so.But do you have any idea why does he search Ah Fu?"


"Kim Seung-Woo...it's because of that boy.Do you remember him?"


"How can I forget about him..?After all he is Yong Hwa's little brother."


"Hahaha,such an ironic fate,don't you think so?The one of the brother is the b..." -bam-




"Well well,he was always like that,ne..Kris?"




"Aaa long time no see you,my friend. Come on,let's go and find Ah Fu.I heard that he is in his house right now."


"Like,I'd let you touch him,you bastard!!!" Kris took out his gun ready to shoot,but it was too late.Someone stabbed him from behind.


"Aa,you came just on time - Fang."


-in Ah Fu's house-


"Ah Fu,hurry up or they'll catch us."


"Ahaha,okay okay let's go."


"Boss...Tao and Kris are dead."


"What?Who..killed them?"




"Fang? But isn't that..."


"Yeah boss,it seems that Ji Woo is back in Lotus."


"Noo,I can't believe it.He...he came here a week ago searching the boy,but...he didn't look like he is back in Lotus."


"Maybe he is playing a spier again?"


"Hah,like they'd let him do that again.They'd rather kill him instead of letting him spying the organization."


"Boss,we have to go now!They are near the house."


"I understood...Oh before to leave,did you do what I've asked you to?"


"Yeah boss,the boy is with Lay and they are waiting you in Seoul."





-Korea,Seoul,one day later-


Mikado arrived in Seoul with the first fly that he could catch.Of course right when he went out of the airport,the phone that he had to use rang.


"Well,well you're really fast Mikado-san."


"Where are you..?Tell me where to go!"


"Ahahaha,wait wait no one said that right when you arrive you'll be able to save your friends."


"You f*cking bastard!I'll kill youuu!!"


"Tc,tc,tc calm down,you don't want other people to be involved right?"


Mikado took a deep breath,trying to calm down,but was it even possible?That guy was playing with him.


"Did you calm down now?"


"Yeah...So what do you want me to do?"


"Well,first find a guy called Ah Fu.He escaped from Taipei one day ago.When you find him,I want you to kill him.Oh and I have a present for you."


The male placed the phone to Ji Woo's ear,hitting him hard in the stomach.


"Say hello to your friend Ji Woo,because it may be your last time when you'll hear him." he whispred to the other male.


"You're such an idiot,Mikado..Did you really believe him that Seung-Woo is..." the other male took the phone back,calling on of his folks.


"Prepare another injection and this time,please make it stronger,because it seems that our little Ji Woo can't keep his mouth shut.


Mikado heard everything and now he knew - Ji Woo risked his life to save Seung-Woo.And now,because of Mikado his sacrifice was for nothing.


"Oi,Mikado are you still there.Ahaha sorry we had a little problem with our favorite toy - Ji Woo.You..just ignore his words,he just doesn't know what is he talking."


"So,I have to kill Ah Fu and I'll be able to meet with you?"


"Haha,you understood everything right.I'll give you three days.You have to find that male and the to kill him.If you're late with even a second - Seung-Woo will be dead."


"Yeah.." Mikado closed the phone.Now he had to turn into one of these mafia guys' killers,eh?

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Mikado is becoming a killer? Hope not... XDD

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Chapter 10: The meeting.




"Boss,that letter arrived just now." One of Ah Fu's guys entered in his room with small letter in hand.


"Leave it on the desk." Ah Fu was a bit surprised that the letter arrived that soon.


'If you're reading this,it means that I couldn't protect him.I'm sorry for my rudeness the last time,just...I bet you know that I couldn't act other way.

Also,if you read this,you have to know that he is already in Korea and surely Lotus will tell him to kill you.Be careful! From what I've learnt for him - he can be even dangerous than me.

Please,I'm begging you for one thing - save Seung-Woo.'


"Idiot...you let them catch you so early.He is still convalescing and we will have to to do everything alone.." where the only words that Ah Fu said,squeezing the letter.




"Oii,did you find her?"


"No,that b*tch escaped again."


"WHATT? They'll kill us,idiot.Go and find her."




"I don't care if you want to or no.Also if it's needed you'll walk all over Tokyo,but we have to find and kill that girl."


When Yukiko gave the information about Seung-Woo to Mikado,she had to leave her work and now she was hiding from Lotus,because she understood that actually they are the bosses of the Japanese police now.

Now she knew why her boss didn't allow her to even mention the name Kim Seung-Woo while she was at work.


"Mikado...I wish,I could see you now..because it may be my last day alive." Yukiko wasn't afraid to die,but just before that she had to do something - to write a letter for Mikado and to send it to him.Thanks god,that she had her laptop with her.

Yukiko found one small dark alley and went there,sat on the ground and opened her laptop.


'Dear Mi-kun,

if you're reading this it means that I'm already dead.I wanted to tell you so many things,to hug you tightly,but it seems that I wouldn't be able to do it.Listen,I know who is the boss of Lotus.You won't believe me I'm sure,or at least you'll go and check first

Unfortunately I wouldn't be able to stop you,but after all I'm begging you - don't do this.So,about the name...it's Young Hwa.He is the one that organized Hwanhee's dead.And now he is the one that want to kill Kim Seung-Woo.

Please don't do anything stupid and listen to me.You have to find Ah Fu,no matter what.He is the only one now who can help you.Also..Mikado,when everything is over...tell my father,that the last time I didn't mean all these things that I said and I really love him.

Thank you.



-in the past-


"Please Yukiko,quit that job,see what happened,your hand is broken...You was on way to die,because of these mafia guys..I don't want to lose you!"


"Stop it,father.You was the one that told me to become a detective.So you don't have the right to tell me,all these things now.It's too late for me."


"It's not.I'll go to talk with your director.I'm sure he will understand me and will let you leave."


"Don't do that,father!If you go...I won't show myself again in front of you."


"But,Yukiko!Understand me,I don't want to see my precious daughter,dying slowly,because of her job."


"That enough,dad.Don't come again,did you hear me?I don't want to see you anymore."




"How is our plan going?"


"Boss,he doesn't want to talk.No matter what do we do,he still refuse to."


"Oh really?Then let's surprise him."




"Let him see how good we are with his precious Seung-Woo."


-in the room where is Ji Woo-


"Is he still alive?"


"Yeah...no matter that he has swooned again."


"Wake him up,I have a present for him."


-slips over some water to wake Ji Woo up-


"Ji Woo,sweetie,see the boss made a present for you,just watch okay?" -grabs Ji Woo's hair and pulls it back-


"Oi,start the video,please."




-starts the video-


"Hello,Ji Woo.I understood that you stil don't want to talk with us,no matter how nice we are,eh?So I made this present,special for you."


"Say "Hi",Seung-Woo."


"Ji Woo...I'm sorry,I...couldn't...escape." Seung-Woo was tied for one chair,his clothes full with blood.It seemed that,he was also beaten,like Ji Woo.


"BASTARD!What did you do with him??" Ji Woo shouted,hitting with his head the one that was holding his head and starting to kick everything that he saw around him.


"Hahahaha,you have so much strength,eh? You better use it to talk,because other way..." the guy that was talking took an bat and hit Seung-Woo with it.The boy fell directly with the chair,coughing blood.


"I'LL KILL YOU!" Ji Woo shouted again,but this time the guys that were with him,hit him as well,one with bat,another with bare hands.


"You can't and you know it." That was the truth.Ji Woo knew that to kill the mafia's boss was too dificult,even impossible.But he also knew that there was one guy that could do that,so he just smiled lightly and swoon again.



-in Ah Fu's house-


"Boss,we sent Akira to find him."


"That's good.Now we only have to wait and see what will he choose to do.If he'll decide to really kill me or he will let me help him? What do you think if he'll make the right choice?"


"If he is Hwanhee's friend,I'm sure he will do whatever its needed."

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Can't wait for the next part to see what he will decide to do ;D

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Chapter 11 : The secret is uncovered.




"Today is the day,right?"


"Yeah,are you still following Mikado?"


"Of course,I'm. But are you sure that he'll do it?"


"Well,he know what will happen if he doesn't kill Ah Fu so.."


-somewhere on the streets of Seoul-


Mikado was walking slowly,looking on every minute at his cellphone.Today was the last day and what was worse,it was already night.

Only few hours left.Mikado sighed,laying on one wall,looking at the sky.


"Are you Mikado?" one tall mall asked.


The detective jumped hearing the voice.He turned his head,ready to hit the one that asked him,but the other catched his hand on time.


"Calm down,I'm not your enemy.I have a message for you." the male gave Mikado scrap paper.Otabe took it and started to read.


'If you want kill me that badly,come to this address and then decide what to do,because I have something to show you first.


-Ah Fu.'


"Are you..from his folks?" Mikado put the scrap paper in his pocket.


"I wonder."


"Listen,I don't really like the idea to play games with you now."


"Who said that I want to play games with you?"


"If all of Ah Fu's folks are so annoying?"


"Go and find Ah Fu to understand."


"Why did he send you?"


"It's simple : Because he believes in you."


"He what?"


"You'll understand when you meet him."


"Tc,okay tell me how to go to the place."




"Hey,mom look there is a woman laying on the steet."


"Wait,Miko you don't know her,come on let's go."


"But,mom there is blood around her."


"Oh,my! The girl is bleeding.What should we do?"


"Let's call an ambulance."


"Mom,here is her ID - Amane Yukiko."


"Poor girl,what happened to her?"


-in the same time,on the airport in Tokyo-


"Boss,the job is done."


"Are you sure that she is dead?"


"Yeah,boss,we killed her."


"If by any chance,I understand that she isn't dead,you better run as far as you can,because if I find you - you'll be killed."




"He is here."


"That's good.Let him enter in,I want to talk with him first."


"But boss,he is.."


"I told you let him enter!"


"Yes,sir.Oi,Dong Kwon he can enter."


"Mr.Mikado,please follow me."


-few minutes after that-


"So,we finally meet,Otabe Mikado."


"You're Ah Fu,right?" Mikado was ready to take out his gun and to kill the male in front of him.


"I know what do you want to do,but let me first talk to you."


"I don't think that we have something to talk about."


"You're wrong,we have one really interesting topic.Follow me,I want to show you something."


Mikado nodded and followed Ah Fu.Just something in him was telling him to not kill that man.Also what could be the topic that they had to talk about?What was the other going to show him?


"Please after you,Mr Mikado." The both males were standing in front of a big door.What was going on?What was behind the door?Mikado,stepped forward and opened the door.His eyes widened,his body started shivering.



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I liked the chapter. I'm curious what will Mikado do now that he found Hwanhee!

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Chapter 12 : A new helper.






"Shh,calm down Mikado,he just fell asleep.Please let's leave him."


"You! How could you hide something like that? Do you have any idea how hurt everyone was?"


"WHAT COULD I DO,EH? To go and tell Young Hwa that his biggest enemy is still alive?"


"You could tell me!"


"To tell you? To you - the one that came to kill me for the sake of Seung-Woo?"


"If I knew,I wouldn't come to you."


"You're wrong.You'd come here,because I wouldn't let you take Hwanhee with you."


"What do you mean? And how did you find him?"


"You don't need to know that now.The most important thing is to save Seung-Woo and Ji Woo."


"You know Ji Woo?"


"To say that I know him a bit."


"A bit?"


"Tc,never mind.What will you do now? "


"Ah,damn it! I have less than two hours to find and save Seung-Woo."


"Okay,let's do that : You'll go and find Seung-Woo and I'll go and find Ji Woo,deal?"





-in the place where are Seung-Woo and Ji Woo-


"Ahaha,I can feel that we'll kill someone soon."


"Woah,it's my dream to kill that betrayer Fang."


"But...if we'll be really able to kill him?"


"Oi,you two come here quickly."


"Why? What happened?"


"He's gone."








"I...I thought he don't have any power left,but it seems that he was planning this long time ago.He even had a knife with him."


"A knife? Who was the last guy that was with him?"


"I think it was Dongwoo..."




"But...he really was Dongwoo..."


"Let's go and see the cameras."


"They are destroyed.I went to check them first,but.."


"Tc,I don't know how,but you have to find Ji Woo as fast as possible,other way you may have the same fate as him."





"Boss,are we really gonna do nothing?"


"What can we do,is the problem Hiroki."


"But,even your daughter...she..is dead."


"I know! These bastards killed even her.And everything is because of that idiot Mikado.If he was just staying quiet and didn't do anything."


"Isn't he a bit like his father?"


"Yeah..just like him.I wish that Yukiko and he could be together now.They could have children,if they only didn't start working as detectives."




"Call Ah Fu immediately.We're gonna help them."



-Seoul,Korea in Young Hwa's place-


"Hey you,are you new here?"


"Uh,yeah. My name is..."


"Oiii you're!!!!" -bang-


"Yeah,I'm Ji Woo and now you're dead."


"Ji Woo,how are we supposed to find Seung-Woo?"


"Don't worry Myungsoo,after all you're with Fang,don't forget it.Also,they made a mistake to show me a video with Seung-Woo.I know very well that room."


"Yeah,I already became a criminal instead of the best detective in Korea,because I'm working with Fang."


"Ahahaha,you know that I'll be grateful for the rest of my life for saving me,right?"


"I know,I know.Now let's go and save that boy."



-in Ah Fu's place-


"Boss,Tora-sama is calling."


"Tell him that I'm busy now."


"No,he know about the situation with Mikado and Ji Woo.His daughter...she is dead,boss."


"What?? Yukiko is dead?"


Just in that moment Mikado passed by the room where Ah Fu was,he heard what did the other say.


"YUKIKO IS DEAD?" He shouted.

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The story is getting more and more interesting. Good I could the latest 2 chapters :)

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(Sorry for not posting for so long.I just didn't have enough muse. XD But now,I decided to post 2 instead of 1 chapter ^^ Enjoy them~)


Chapter 13 - I found you.


"Yukiko is dead?" Mikado couldn't believe it.How was that even possible?She was such a good detective.Also,she didn't have any enemies,or wait...was it possible that someone from the police found that she helped him?


"Calm down,Mikado." Ah Fu patted his shoulder.It surely was a big shock for him to understand something like that,but they had work to do now and they couldn't let this stop them from doing what have to be done.


"How can I??These f*cking bastards!I'll kill them all,I swear!" It was just like Ji Woo said.Right now,Otabe was even dangerous then most of the agents in Lotus.More dangerous than Ji Woo.


"I won't let you go.You'll only ruin the mission.Stay here,untill we come back." These were the last words.After that Ah Fu and his folks leaved the house,heading to the place where was Seung-Woo.


-Seoul,Korea (in Young Hwa's place)-


"Oi,Ji Woo,don't you think here is too quiet?" Myungsoo asked.


"Uh,come to think of it...you're right.Usually here is full with Young Hwa's people."


"Maybe it's a trap?"


"No...if it was a trap,they would already show themselves.Something is happening outside."


"Maybe Ah Fu..."


"That idiot.I knew it was bad idea to write him,but I thought you wouldn't come in such a place,or at least not on time."


"You're the idiot here.You think that we'll leave you alone?"


"Well,many people leaved me till now."


"You mean,Hwanhee?"


"Uh,let's change the topic."


"Is it true?That you two..."


"If we were lovers?"




"It's none of your business.Let's hurry up and find Seung-Woo."


In the same time Ah Fu and his people were already at Young Hwa's place as well.The only difference was that they had another plan - first to kill Young Hwa,then they would save the boy.


"Are you sure that he'll be just sitting in his room?Wouldn't he try to escape?" one of Fu's people asked.


"No,he is waiting for Mikado.Also I'm sure he already know that I'm coming,he wouldn't miss such a chance to kill me."



-in Young Hwa's room-


"He's here boss."


"Ahahaha so he really came,that idiot."


"But boss,I have something to tell you.."


"What is it?"


"Ji Woo...he..escaped."


Young Hwa glared at the guy next to him,standing slowly from his chair."


"Excuse me?I couldn't hear you?" he smiled gently,grabbing the other by the neck.


"If he by any chance save Seung Woo,your family will take responsability."


"But boss!"


"You said something?" Young Hwa squeezed the ther male even harder.


"I..I understood."


"Good boy." he pet the male and let him go.


"Now you can leave." he sat back on his chair.waving with hand.


-in the room where is Seung Woo-


-Now,now tell me sweetie how do you prefer to die?Fast or Slow?"


"F*-c-k y-ou!" the student could barely talk,because of his condition.It was surprise that he was still alive.


"I can see you're a "sweet" talker.Then let me choose instead of you." Just when the male turned to take an injection,someone hit him from behind.


"I want to choose your death,can I?"


"Fa-ng.." it was strange that only one guy was with Seung-Woo.Ji Woo looked around,but couldn't really sense someone.


"Didn't I tell you to leave,back then?" he asked Seung-Woo while taking him in hands,because right now the boy wasn't able to stay on his feet.


"I...I'm sorry." Seung-Woo hugged tightly,his saver.


"Silly,I'm glad you're alive." Ji Woo smiled lightly.


"Well,well and if it isn't our hero?Long time no see you,Fang!" someone shouted from behind.Who was it?Another enemy or a helper?


- - - Updated - - -


Chapter 14 - I missed you.


"Chado...what are you doing here?" Ji Woo's fist co-worker,while they were still in Lotus.Also Chado was the one that managed to escape from there.


"Ahahaha,don't worry,I'm not working for them now.Ah Fu called me for help,but I can see I came too late." Chado grinned.


"Eh?You're working for Ah Fu?" Ji Woo was a bit shocked by that.He knew the other very well and he thought that the other already quited the detective job.


"Aa,no no. I just have a debt."


"A debt?"


"Ah,long story.Let's go for now."




"To Ah Fu's place.You'll be save there.Also,there is a person,that wants to meet with you."


"What do you mean?Who?"


"You'll see when we go there."


"What about Ah Fu?He is here,right?"


"He...has something to do first."


-a hour later,in Ah Fu's place-


"They are late damn it!" Mikado was walking around the living room,trying to calm himself down.He was really worried about the mission,also it was such a shock to understand that Hwanhee is alive,but Yukiko is dead.


"So that's his house?" that was Myungsoo's first time going in Ah Fu's house.It seemed like a castle in his eyes.


"Well,what was that I had was going to understand?" Ji Woo asked directly.


"First,let' leave Seung-Woo rest.Mikado is also here.He'll take care of him."


Ji Woo just noded going in the living room.When Mikado saw him he was on way to fall on the ground.


"You?You're the one from Seoul! Ji Woo was the name,right?"


"Ah,ah,am I that famous among the Japanese detectives?Yeah,that's my name.I have to do now,so I'm leaving that boy to you." Ji Woo placed Seung-Woo on the sofa and leaved the room,without even waiting Mikado to answer.


"Seung-Woo!" finally,Otabe met with that boy.He took one blanket that was placed on the chair and covered the student with it.In the same time Chado and Ji Woo were in front of Hwanhee's room.


"You can enter." Chado smiled opening the door.Ji Woo looked at him trying to understand what was the other thinking.He was somehow really strange the past few minutes.


"Ji Woo...is that...really you?" Hwanhee asked slowly lifting himself from the bed.


"H-H-Hwanhee??" the detective didn't even think,but ran to his friend,hugging him as tight as he could.


"I'm not draming,right?It's you?Really,it's you,ne Hwanhee?" it was such a big surprise - the best one in Ji Woo's whole life.He even cried from happiness.


-in the other room-


"Chado,what exactly is the relatioship between them?" Myungsoo was really curious.The story between Hwanhee and Ji Woo - he wanted to know it.


"Hwanhee is...Ji Woo's first love.They both were dating for almost a year,but then came that day - when everyone thought that Hwanhee is dead.It was suxh a big shock for Ji Woo that he even tried to kill himself,but couldn't.Ah Fu...he stopped him."


"If by any chance..Ah Fu is in love with Ji Woo?" Mikado asked this time.Before,he had that feeling when he asked Ah Fu,but he didn't tell him.


"I don't know for sure.It's possible."


"And what will happen now?Hwanhee is alive,but it seems that Ji Woo still love him,am I right?" Myungsoo was right.No matter that two years passed,Ji Woo was still in love with his old friend,but then what would happen with Ah Fu?


"Ahahaha,you think too much.Let's leave them for now." Chado smiled,going in the kitchen.He wanted to cook something fir Seung-Woo,because he was one of the victim tonight and was still young.He needed something to eat first and then,he had to rest.


-in Hwanhee's room-


"Ahaha,Ji Woo,I missed you so much.You can't believe how hard it was for me to live without you.But I couldn't contact you.Actually I was in a coma for the past two years.I woke up few days ago." Hwanhee,wrapped hands around his lover,sqeezing his shirt.

It wasn't a dream - not anymore.Now they both could be together again.


"You surely had hard time,ne?My sweet boy." Ji Woo took Hwanhee's face in hands,touching every inch of it.He stopped one of his fingers on the other's lips.They were so soft,looked so delicious.He wanted to taste its,no - he needed to taste these lips.


"Kiss me." Hwanhee whispered,biting playfully Ji Woo's lower lip.He just grinned not waiting a second more and kissing his lover passionate.How many times he dreamed about such a thing.Every time when he was feeling alone,when he was having a hard time,he was wishing for the other to be there,by his side right now.

Now when he had Hwanhee in his arms it was more than enough.It was like the time stopped for them.Ji Woo forgot that few hours ago,he was in Young Hwa's place,almost died.Now for a first time in his life,he was happy - he was happy that he didn't die there.


"A good kisser,like always." Kim joked with his lover.


"I'm learing from the best." Ji Woo joked as well,placing slowly Hwanhee on the bed and going on top.


"Ahahaha,can't we wait a bit?" Actually Hwanhee was worried.He haven't done it for two years which was the same as being virgin.


"Should we?" Ji Woo bit lightly the other's neck.He remembered very well that place was one of Hwanhee's sensitive ones.


"Ngh,you're playing unfair you know?" Kim shivered.It was indeed good,feeling his lover's mouth touching his skin.


"That's because I missed you too much." Ji Woo chuckled.


-in the other room-


"Any news from Ah Fu?"


"No...that's what I'm worried about."


"What if he is dead?"


"Don't even joke with something like that.I better die instead of him." Chado was serious.


"Let's hope he isn't." Mikado sighed,patting softly Seung-Woo,who just fell asleep.

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Some yaoi action :p I liked very much both chapters :p Waiting for the next ch! *_*

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I haven't posted from such a long time...I'm truly sorry guys!



Chapter 15: Who is he?


"Young Hwa,you haven't really changed all these years?Let me think..when was the last time we saw each other?" Ah Fu was already in the other's room,the door was locked of course.

The boss ordered to his folks that no matter what happens,they don't have to enter in.


"Ahahaha,funny as always dear Ah Fu.Did you miss me that much?Maybe you want us to have another night like the last one,two years ago,was it?" Young Hwa grinned.


"You still remember it?I'm so glad! How is your back?Is it there - the small wound I left back then?" Ah Fu,took a seat,knowing that the other male wouldn't just kill him.After all they knew each other too well.


"Why do you ask?You wanna heal it?" Young Hwa sat on his own chair looking straight at Fu.


"Yeah,with my lips." Ah Fu leaned closer,noticing the fear in Young's eyes.No matter how strong he was trying to be,it could be seen - he was afraid of him.That was giving the older man such pleasure!


"I bet you didn't come to flirt with me..So tell me Ah Fu,what are you actually doing here?You didn't come to save Seung-Woo,am I right?" No matter that he was younger,Young Hwa knew that behind this meeting was standing something much bigger than saving some student.


"I want you to leave them...Ji Woo and that boy Seung-Woo.In exchange,I'll give you Lee Hwanhee." Ah Fu was crazy right?He was talking nonsenses...How could he actually..do such a thing?Wasn't he the one who saved Hwanhee back then?


"You're joking,right?" Young Hwa was trying to believe what he was hearing..The guy,he thought he had already killed two years ago...was alive?Was with Ah Fu?And Ah Fu would exchange him for Ji Woo and the student?That was unbelievable.


"Do you think I'm joking right now?" that chinese male...he was full with surprises.


"I can't do that and you have to know it better than any other guy." Young Hwa sighed.


"Tc,you really don't leave me any other choose." Ah Fu,pulled the younger boy sharply,kissing him,lifting lightly the shirt he was with and taking from his own pocket a small knife.


Young Hwa,felt the cold blade and froze on place. "N-no.." he gasped,knowing what would happen next.


"Are you going to listen to me?" Ah Fu whispered,still holding the knife.


"Y-yes,I'll do whatever you want.." Young Hwa mumbled.He hated to feel weak,but when he was near this male,he could feel only fear..nothing else.


"Good boy!" Ah Fu kissed once again the other male,then leaved the room.



-in Ah Fu's house-


"Ah man,what is he doing?I'm really worried..That guy.." Chado was still awaken no matter how late it was.


"What do you think will happen next?" Myungsoo was also still awaken not really able to sleep after all this what happened tonight.


"I'm worried that he may do something unexpected." Chado sighed.


"He will,be sure.The problem is what exactly will he do..?" Myungsoo,noticed that Ah Fu is coming back and made a sign to Chado.They both went out to meet him.


"What happened?" Chado asked.


"Everything is going as it's planned.He is too afraid to make a move,I'm sure." Ah Fu seemed very satisfied.


"Are you really going to do...this?" Myungsoo seemed rather annoyed than worried.


"Don't forget,Myungsoo.. no one can opposite me,because I'm the boss,here.What I say is a law." How selfish Ah Fu sounded.


"You're the boss here,but there Young Hwa is the one who is the so called boss of Lotus,did you forget?" Chado said.


"You're wrong.The real boss of Lotus...is no other,but me.Don't you remember?" Ah Fu,smirked.



In the same time Seung-Woo just woke up and seeing the three males talking he decided to take a look.When he heard what did Ah Fu said,he ran as fast as possible to Ji Woo and Hwanhee's room,entering without even knocking on the door.



-in their room-


"Ngh..Ji Woo,deeper!" Hwanhee moaned.


"You won't be able to walk at least two days after this night." Ji Woo teased him,moving even deeper,finally reaching his sensitive spot.


"Aa-aah,I-I don't care.." Hwanhee hasn't been feeling this feeling from such a long time.


Just when they both were on way to finish with this,Seung-Woo rushed in the room.He turned red seeing the view: Both males naked,Hwanhee was squeezing the sheets,his head rested on Ji Woo's chest moaning loudly.


"I-I-I..I'm sorry." he bowed ready to leave,but Ji Woo told him to stay.


"What's wrong?You look so pale!Did you have a nightmare?" Hwanhee,stood up,wrapping around his body one of the sheets and kneeling in front of the student.


"I...just overheard something.." Seung-Woo started talking,but actually he wasn't sure if he should really tell them.What if they didn't believe him?


"You overheard?What?" Ji Woo placed hand on Hwanhee's shoulder,kneeling next to him.


"Ah Fu..." the student started again.


'Don't tell me he is...dead?" Ji Woo widened his eyes.


"No..he.." Seung took a deep breath.


"He?" Hwanhee blinked several times.


"He is the...real..boss..of...Lotus."

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Haha the scene when Seung-Woo rushed into Hwanhee and Ji Woo's room was so funny :)))))))))))

You didnt write for a long time on it and I missed this story! :)

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This chapter is special for

Please Register/ Sign In, in order to see the links.
,who was the main help for me to write the next chapter. : )


Chapter 16: I know what to do.


"Whattt?You're joking right?" Ji Woo said a bit too loud,which only made Seung-Woo get scared and worried even more.


"Honey..calm down." Hwanhee sighed,petting the student in front of him. "Tell us the whole story.How did you find out he is the real boss of Lotus?"


"I...I...woke up and..saw Myungsoo and Chado talking with him.He said that everything is going as it's planned,but it seemed that the other don't agree with what he is doing." Seung-Woo slowly started to explain everything.


"What are they planning?Could you hear?" Ji Woo was too shocked and didn't want to believe that his friend - Ah Fu can do such thing.


"No...but in the end I cleary heard him saying that he is the real boss of Lotus and what he says is law." Seung-Woo was so scared.What would happen now?Everything started with him..maybe if he just disappeared everything would be fine.

Only if he wasn't there that night...when Hwanhee was wounded,when...he saw Young Hwa and one other male...But of course! Now he remembered everything.The male that actually shooted Hwanhee was Ah Fu.Seung cleary saw him that night.Also he was the one with whom Young Hwa was making that big deal.


-two years ago-


"No one have to find out about me,did you understand?" Ah Fu was ready to leave the place when the deal was made.


"I did.." Young Hwa looked around to see if there wasn't anyone who saw them.


"Well then..." before Ah Fu to finish his words,he heard a car coming.


"They are here boss!" one of Young Hwa's folks shouted.


"DID YOU CALL THEM?" Ah Fu grabbed him for the shirt placing a gun on his head.


"Are you kidding me?Why would I do such thing?" Young Hwa shouted back,taking off his own gun and placing it on Ah Fu's head.


"Tc...you're right,let's leave now." he said,taking away his gun and going back in the car.


-a few minutes later-


"Damn it! What is Ji Woo doing here?" Ah Fu mumbled,hidding behind his car.

Hwanhee and Ji Woo started a skirmish just in a bit.


"Oii boss,what is that boy doing there?" Young Hwa noticed Seung-Woo,who just found a way to escape.


"CATCH HIM,IDIOT!" Ah Fu just killed one of the police men who were with the two detectives.



"Ooi,Ji Woo...that's Lee Seung-Woo!" Hwanhee ran to the younger boy,but just then,one of Young Hwa's folks was on way to shoot him.

Thanks god,Ji Woo noticed him and shot before the other guy.


"Are you crazy!? What are you doing here?" Ji Woo seemed really annoyed.


"I...I saw them! There were making a deal..but..but..the taller guy..I couldn't see his face.I only saw,the younger one." It was surprising how till now no one had found that Young Hwa was that "younger guy". Maybe it was because he had the police itself behind his back?


"Sir,what are the intelligencers doing here?" one of the police guys asked.The both detectives looked around and what they saw wasn't really indulgently.They were roundabout by the people that were supposed to help them.


"Traitors..." Ji Woo sighed.He was really angry at that moment. How could the world be so cruel with them?Weren't they humans as well?How could the police let such a big mafia organization escape so easy?Weren't they supposed to stop them?Wasn't that what the detectives were doing?


While Ji Woo and Hwanhee were shocked by how the things turned,Seung-Woo found one opened door and escaped from that place as soon as possible.He found that he was near the beach and that would help him to hide himself.These mafia guys surely wouldn't search him there,becase it was too obvious place to hide.

The student found few big rocks on the beginning of the beach and hide behind its,being able to see everything.


"Ruun!They are already behind us!"


"I can't...My legs...are hurting me so badly..."


"Take a deep breath and continue!Come on Hwanhee."


"I'm sorry...Please leave me behind and run,Ji Woo."


"Forgive me..."






"Ha-ha-ha,don't worry about me,but...Find him,okay?He is our last hope and you know that..."



Seung-Woo saw everything.The deal,the so called death of Hwanhee,Ah Fu...Young Hwa...Young Hwa! That was the answer! Seung-Woo had to go to Young Hwa and then...maybe then...everything would clear up.


"We'll take care of everything,ne little one?Just promise me that you won't do anything that can endanger your life." Hwanhee ruffled Seung-Woo's hair,smiling gently.


"If you're afraid,you can spend the night here." he continued.


"Uh..here?But you two..." Seung-Woo couldn't forget what he saw earlier.It was actually really embarrassing and he felt bad for interrupting them.


"Ahaha,it's okay.It's not like we are gonna continue all night,right Ji Woo?" Hwanhee turned his head,just to see how Ji Woo is pouting.He was so cute at that moment and that made Hwanhee and Seung-Woo started laughing.


"It's unfair.." he mumbled,taking one of the pillows from the bed and going to the sofa,sitting there and hugging the pillow.


"You!" he pointed at Seung-Woo. "Just touch him and you're dead."


"Yes,sir!" Seung-Woo grinned,but deep inside he knew - when the next day would came he had to find Young Hwa.It surely was dangerous and he knew it,but that was the only way to solve this problem.If he waited a little bit longer..It could be too late.

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